Nouman Ali Khan – Lessons From A Bird

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan shares with us some reflections from two places in the Quran. One of them is Surah An-Naml, the 27th Surah of the Quran and the other is Surah Al-Qasas, the 28th Surah of the Quran. 

There are different kinds of proofs and different kinds of manifestations of Taqwa. Taqwa means recognition of Allah’s presence, which means it changes our behavior.  Taqwa is also manifest on our conscience and consciousness of Allah is also manifest in how we interact with each other. How humble, how respectful, how courteous we are towards each other is also a sign of what kind of Taqwa we have of Allah SWT.

We learn from the Ayat of Sulayman AS and the stories that are mentioned in the Quran. They are about the bird that was called Hud Hud. Who asked for the bird? When did he ask for it? What position is he in and why would he have to worry about a bird?  What transpired in this story? What lesson can be imbibed from this?

Sulayman AS is the leader of an army. So he does show anger as recorded in Surah An Naml.

“I’m going to punish that bird, I’m going to come at it if it’s late. Where, why don’t I see it?”

What is he doing that for?

Now the bird does show up late and he needs to hear an explanation. “ What were you doing?”.

The bird shows up, and it says, “I have come across knowledge that you don’t have”. 

But Sulaiman AS is a prophet. What’s his reaction going to be? What’s he going to say?

Listen to the mesmerizing lecture that makes us ponder over the story.