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Episode Notes

by Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various challenges faced by various people in producing novels and their strategies for the "back to the future" strategy. They emphasize the importance of being truthful and true to one's beliefs, while also acknowledging the use of cutting edge techniques and listening to GPS. The "back to the future" strategy involves not letting the crowd influence them by not allowing them to say the same thing, while also creating a campaign to encourage people to say the same thing. The "back to the future" strategy is seen as a way to encourage people to say the same thing and avoid unnecessary chaos.
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It's fine, you don't have to worry.

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We are alive. Hi, this will also want to somewhere else, we love it, he was happy as vain. So we're in my mom's living room because

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the internet went bad on Rena campus because they're doing construction and because Allah is testing our, you know, our will to continue educating. So we're gonna, the intention was that this this was supposed to be a dream student session we're doing a review of you know, some grammar that we've been learning since I was in October. Yeah, October Yeah, we're doing some application of grammar, which is obviously not for everybody. If you guys haven't been studying Arabic from the beginning, that's not for you. But the other part of what I was going to do with them in Milan was I was going to go over a really beautiful book. That's an Arabic it's called a tabula qurani by Dr. Fontan Saudi

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Assange is a physical copy of the book, that'd be a little funny. And I was going to start giving them examples about you know, from this book, and instead of explaining what this book is, I thought, I just read them the introduction and kind of translated line by line, it's a long introduction. So I'll probably do session one today, maybe 1015 minutes, and then probably do another one tomorrow, until we finish reading the introduction to the book, and then we'll just take some really cool examples from it and take it from there and inshallah, in the meantime, our internet connection gets solved on campus, and I don't have to stress out my parents with invading

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their living room. inshallah. Okay, so

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let's begin.

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And I'm just going to start reading.

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Yeah, so at that beautiful, chronic expression, so the Crohn's way of the style of Crohn's speech. That's what the title of the book is. Lastly, Lavina Raimi and the 30 rule for an interview for you don't feel really in fact let me share my screen so you guys can see the book to those of you that would like to follow now I've already shared it Oh, you watch it okay.

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Enemy and that we look for an interview Don't forget don't feel the way he was moving. There's no disagreement between people who truly have knowledge that will on style of expression is unique in how exalted exalted means how high quality and how high standard it is. Well, I'm not who I look at I mean, we're offering here and it's the highest form of speech. Well and the whole Baha louder and it bewildered the Arabs, they didn't know what to do with it, and I hadn't heard anything like it for them yet. Sati or Muna Buddha, and it will it yummy, baby beautifully, and they weren't able to come up with something that can compete with it or to bring something that's similar to it. My

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mother had done Oxfam in Morocco, even though it challenged them more than one time. So Allah basically said, Okay, well, if it's not from God, you should just be able to do it, do it. Make your own Torah. Lakota had the Quran raba so much me. So the Quran challenged the Arabs then it then it challenged all of creation be and yet to be honestly to produce something like it so much, but I'm not home loan yet to be mickley. And then it informed them that they are not going to be doing something like that they're never going to be coming up with something like it. Well, they'll kind of go home leaving the healer, even if they were to support each other and do a collaborative

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project to come up with something like that.

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Wouldn't be and yet to be actually so are in with Lee. So I challenged them first and foremost as produce at least 10 soldiers like it, when can we own a novel? If in fact, it can be your own if in fact they think or they see that it is made up? Meaning made up by a person for call. So Allah said, I'm yopu Luna Farah who this is the sort of food and this is ice 12 and 1314. I mean, a whole new NAFTA Who are they? Are they then saying that it's he made it up? Well, in fact to be Ashley Ashley sewaren basically, then tell them to produce 10 sodas I can move to Riyadh and made up also with Rome minister Dr. Mundo de la he in Busan up and call whoever you can other than Allah, if in fact

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you're telling the truth for a lobbyist ajibola calm and if they haven't been able to respond to you for no more than all of you should know another NCAA law that it has been sent down by Allah's knowledge, well en la ilaha illallah wa and that no one has to be worshipped in any way shape or form except he had to see the moon. So are you all going to accept Islam Are you going to surrender or not? for the month are who are committing Pooja to it him and when so when they were stopped dead in their tracks, and the case was made against them, but this Ahmed congeneric case was made against the means that they were told, hey, so if I'm wrong, prove me wrong, and they couldn't do it, which

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means they lost the case. And the way that said is the case was made against them when the case was established.

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against them. That means you definitely lost the case you got stumped

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the head down home, challenge them again, we have yet to be so rotten methley that at least challenge them again to produce at least one suit. I like it, something like it well known lamea final. And he also told them while challenging them that they're not going to be able to do so from Patara Avon and they were stopped dead in their tracks again.

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Well commented on January when the case was made against them another time. But Allah Allah said we're in control V Robin and if you have been in any doubt in my lesson that other idea or you have if you've been in any doubt over what we sent down onto our slave fat to be sold out immediately then produce a single surah anything like it with the Rocio had a comb and call your witnesses your experts in doing it. Any besides Allah in quantum Saudi pain, if in fact, you're telling the truth, by lambda follow? And if you're not able to do so, and if you haven't done so well enta Phi Mu, and you won't be doing so. But the who not then protect yourselves from the fire and let you know what

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the fire who's fueled by or whose field is fuel is people and stones. Basically lava fire is being fed by stones. That means it's turning into lava. Right? All right, that will calculate it has been prepared for those who disbelieve

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well accurate that I had the because he and he then reinforced that challenge with another statement. And what's that statement all in HTML in single gender either and yet to be missed the handlebar, tell them even if the human humanity and all digits, the human species and the gen species all of them got together for the one purpose of producing the likes of this quad. Like to not be weekly, they will not be producing anything even close to anything like Well, I'm kind of our only valldemossa healer, even if they were to be reinforcing or supporting each other that are under our law and yet to be so let me Miss Lee. Now the author's continued that was by the way so 7983

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quoted the URL for Alibaba and yet to be the sort of thing misleading the Quran invited the Arabs to produce a suit I like it. Well, yes man who had the Hadith Bishara swag. And this challenge included the shortest sutras comma yes or no. And just like it included the long swords. For what I had done, be sure to go for the floss. I was attained unnecessarily after Quraysh Oh, I had it sooner than

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it should have been sorry. You have to aluna so he says he challenged them to sort of go for it now. There's just so short or make something like go to the class or you know call Olivia will follow up in our live webinars or why he went on the LRP parade. These are short Sooners, right? He's like, okay, you can come up with Baccarat. That's too much of a project for you 50 pages. Why don't you just, you know, just so the concept

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or any show that they can choose

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or be done by aluminum? How would you want to follow that? And it's already known that the Arabs who didn't believe they didn't even try to do it. For God, can we have a Lula example? Because they already knew their inability to do so. But I owe a nurse and a civilian helper Dima, with the Jimmy Zod I saw where I lay him when macabre theater had the music, he says and they knew they saw that the path to take up war with the prophet to spill blood their own also, and to gather all the tribes against Islam was easier for them than just making a Sula. Like look at what they did to stop Islam. Allah says you want to stop Islam just make us up and just say, look, it's as beautiful as this one.

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It has the same effect it transforms people the same way. What's the big deal? Anybody could do this? You could just do that you didn't have to go to war you'd have to spend millions You didn't have to lose lives you didn't have to you know create that all that still sacrifices because it's not just Muslims who sacrifice the operational sacrifice right? But Alyssa You didn't have to you could just prove her wrong. And then you didn't have to make the sacrifices let me establish another political encounter Yahoo I think by Ania and it's established it's proven that the Quran just took a hold of them with an with an all but we know it by any by any sorry below it by with the with the

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audited grab the attention that it grabbed with the way that it talks well in the home loan liquid and for some answer, Mary, and they couldn't even control the people who didn't believe in it. They couldn't even control themselves from listening to it. When he danika Sao Paulo by no karate was smart enough. And that's why they their campaign to stop Islam was to get between themselves and the between the Quran and the ears of people meaning how can we get people to not hear the Quran because it has too much influence. What's the ILA and jasola level?

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Hold on and they tried that we tried they tried hard that it won't reach yours the unknown we are alone and now Java will slowly heat a summer you if you have enough see the we and her it was certain aneesa because they knew that just listening to it just somebody's ears getting the coordinate is gonna cause an echo that shakes them from within. And it's gonna cause a tremor that's very powerful a forceful tremor is that then I'm Eva Walker the heck a lot who I don't know how that goes smooth. And Allah then described this campaign that the this this, this, you know, strategy that they adopted to stop Islam will kind of live in a cafo This isn't also to say that we're caught

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under the NACA follow data smart rule. He hasn't Karani Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, fee, the inelegantly bone. And those who disbelieved, said, Don't listen to this one, and make a lot of useless noise around it, so that you can win. In other words, this is really important, the enemy of Islam realized in the time of the Prophet, that these people, if they, if our people actually hear the Quran, it's going to transform them. So our biggest campaign is to keep people's ears busy with something other than the Quran. So they won't pay attention to how powerful it is. If you think about that, that's a really incredible thing to internalize. That means the most powerful force for

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the transformation of a human being is the word of Allah and even the enemy realized it. And that's why they actually put a lot of money in mcca into the concert and music industry when the Quran came down, so that there will be lots more on the street concerts and noise going on. Because back in the day, obviously, nobody's on their mobile device getting entertained, right? Yeah. So you got to go outside to get entertained. So outside people were hearing on and it was influencing them. So they wanted the media waves to be flooded with entertainment, so that people wouldn't have the attention to listen to the phone. now realize what that implies for us and for the for our like, we are

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accepting courageous strategy for not letting the crowd influence us by they don't have to pay for musicians. And, you know, for entertainers to keep our ears flooded, so we don't pay attention. We're doing that for the we're paying the musicians or paying them to keep ourselves entertained and stay away from put on so boorish would have had a much easier time in our times, like Oh, these are these people, these are the people of crime. You don't even have to distract them. They're distracting themselves, you know, we'd have to worry because even they're going to be sold drowned and like zombied by entertainment, and even when they come to the crowd, they're going to be like,

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oh, get it. Right. You guys understanding this so far? Yeah, it's a little bit more. What kind of fun Saturday or Sunday to operation. We're at our home

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mojarra button. Leah Basu, Lisa law, how do you know what I should do home paid and when a lemon who I am the Buddha and for some and summer he and the leaders of the place and the most arrogant among them? The most defiant among the ones who went out of their way to be at war with the messengers and the ones who made the worst kind of schemes to try to get to him.

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They couldn't help themselves from listening to the Koran.

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For kotkaniemi for Kanika lumen Abby, Jacqueline Wahby, Sophia Allah. Wallach nasugbu, at Yahoo, Luna Soho Hill certainly summary for lately. We're also loafie, beta healer, algo mechanic, so Abuja, each one of these people, these were three of the millionaire and like political like, leaders like Mayor governor types, right was Abu jahaan mo Sofia was a Muslim at the time and not even sure it

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was right. They used to grab themselves see slyly like leave the home secretly to listen to the Quran in the middle of the night while the prophets I said I was reciting the Quran in his home by praying to Hydra and the Prophet doesn't know that they are where they are. So they're outside his wall kind of putting their ear to the wall, listening to the Prophet recite the Quran because in the daytime, they said don't listen to this. But the electrons are coming on listen. So good, though. And so they go and they'd listen to the Quran. Right? When I know I have a minimum, the mechanics are heavy, and none of them knows that the other one is on the other wall. So they're each they came

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from their own on their own. And they're all listening to the fraud. And they don't know that the other guys on the other side listening to

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Hector inocula and the federal the federal court until morning time came now they're going to get spotted right budget came. So they dispersed the left had that Elijah Matsumoto de la mo until

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The road they're going to exit from is the same road. So they run into each other as they're sneaking out of the profits, you know, outside of his walls.

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So they start blaming each other. What are you doing here? What are you doing here? About what they said to each other? Let's do this and don't come back for Lola, our convertible sofa icon, the old cartoon vfca. She

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says they said if some of if some of the fools around meaning the young people and the you know the common people, they call them fools, right? Because they're the elite. They're the millionaires, so they call the public fools. If some of these fools sheet See you, then you'll have put something in each of their souls like, they're like, oh, they're listening. We should listen to three months off. So the left had died in that calculator, Sania until the next night came the second night or the cooler Roger Lehman humbler much Lee say each one of them returned back to his own city spot and outside the hustle the profit to listen about the SME owner who so they spent the entire night

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listening to him had died after the alpha Roger. Roger came the former Pooja Matsumoto and then they morning came they don't want to get caught and they're heading back on the road they caught it call each other again for Carnival going live and they said to each other, Miss Lamar, Carla O'Meara to masala foods, so they said the same thing. Don't come back to you Come Okay, yeah, Got it. Got it. We're not coming back. And then they left had I counted later to Sally's until the third night came. Asada kulula. Julie Melissa off about yesterday. You're on a low budget pajama to purrito sakalava Boulevard oh my god they call each other the third night in a row. Save Exactly. So they're like Yo,

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this isn't working. Cuz you know politicians lie, right? They're like yeah, I ain't coming back. userguide coming back at the tournament's, don't check.

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You stay home.

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So they're going to the three nights in a row. So they find this Allah Deborah who had done a da da La, da de la Naruto, Fatah. hadoo and Atlantic Sumatra for Rocco. So they said we are going to continue doing this we all listen let's be real Okay, nobody's here so we can just be real you know, we're going to keep doing this until we make an oath we need to take an oath that we will not come back and so they took an oath on each other because the ultimate a big deal back then. And then they they parted ways for us but Allah who and the media will be having Emily so Allah told the Prophet what was going on because the Prophet had no idea what's happening right now who Allah will be my

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SME hola Lake it SME home that lake away from Nigeria, India hollowbody Muna into tabula rasa, we know better, what they listen to carefully when they listen to you. And when they have their secret meeting, when wrongdoers finally come out and say, Oh, no, no, they come out to the public and say you're just following someone who's been enchanted. You're following someone who's a victim of magic. Well, Margolin will either Google Veera they serve and what political mohila said secretly. This is the last thing I'll share with you. How could they stomach either Hinata Roman coalition. So a group from Quraysh gather to the way the Molina was there. Like he was like, their, you know, Fox

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commentator, and he was really well spoken very aggressive, and like, anybody who's going to come on his show is going to get humiliated. Right, so nobody talks over him. He talks over everybody, right? So and he's very well spoken. so intimidating. So they said, we should we should get him to shut Bahama down because we can't shut down but we this guy, man, he's gonna he's a pitfall he's gonna go after him. He's gonna wreck him. So they, they a group of them came to him two years ago.

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Yes, Luna. And so they came to him. And they said, We need to come up with one.

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One campaign slogan that we will distribute to the masses, your holiness, Phil Mickelson, especially because the festival is coming. What all the people are going to get together, we need to have a campaign where we all say the same because what happened was, some people were calling the prophet or he's borrowing from the Christians and the Jews. Some people were saying he's alive. Some people were saying he's a magician. Some people were saying he's insane. Some people were saying he's a mind reader. So all of these are contradictions, right? Because he can't be a magician and a genius and insane. And, you know, and getting it from the gym, and you know, and a Christian energy at the

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same time, you can't doesn't work. Right. So when they kept making different kinds of accusations, those accusations started cancelling each other out. Because people were like, these people are just desperate to try to say something about him. Because they're not saying the same thing. So they said we need to have one. accusation, we stick with it. And we all say the same thing. And it sticks on him. So and especially because a huge gathering is coming. We need to have that blanket campaign so that because if everybody says it, it'll feel like it's the truth, right? That's how propaganda works. If enough people are saying the same thing.

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And you feel like that's what the truth is. Right? So, so some of them suggested maybe we should just say he's a good poet. And other words said, He's just a mind reader. And others said, No, no, we should call him a magician. And the another one said, No, we should call him insane. For kinda you want to have a call while you're funny to her, so he would he he would meaning or even mohila is the head guy, right? He's like, he's the one that's going to broadcast it. He's like, No, that doesn't work. That doesn't work. Oh, that's dumb. That's a dumb idea. Don't call him on it. But why? Because he had heard the Prophet. Right. So this is what he said to them. Some of them became

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awesome leader and they told us they said he said this. In one lie, he I swear to God in the nikoli. He had our one allele holy, what am I swear to God? There's no doubt about it. His speech has a sweetness in it. We're in LA Hina pallava and it's overrun with beauty well into who they are and why you're here and what it only overpowers, it is never overpowered.

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That's when he didn't really it was private meeting what to say about the Quran. So he ends this passage by saying in the middle Karani famennian, who Infineon Matsu, Quranic expression, is an expression that is artistic and purposeful. Could you love Latin, but kulu whorfin fee will be our word, Infineon Matsuda, every word in it, all the wording in it. In fact, every house in it, every letter in it has been put in a place that's very artistic, beautiful and purposeful. So there's two things that that we look for Annie, that's this is a really nice way of summarizing his book. He's saying the way Allah speaks is always beautiful and purposeful. Two things at the same time. So

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speech is both beautiful and purposeful. The thing is, when you're in a class, the teacher can speak purposefully, but it gets boring, right? So it's purposeful, but not beautiful. Or you could enjoy poetry or a song or music or whatever. And it's really beautiful in some way, but it's definitely not what purposeful. Yeah, so the Quran is beautiful and purposeful. At the same time, the knee and Matsu the style is funny and muscled. Well, I'm Tara, if you haven't, what is the HA, what a saltwater balloon if he hadn't watery, a tabula rasa you could do. So he's saying that this wasn't taken into consideration. Not it wasn't just a single idea alone that was made beautiful and

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purposeful, or a single Sula that was made beautiful and purposeful. But this was the Quran itself, the entire colonic expression was made in this style, meaning the whole thing was Allah took into consideration making it purposeful and beautiful. All throughout of rap. So that's the the premise of his book. And then he's going to go on and he's quoted some things like say that they've been a sham. These are some of the sources, but each allow I'll read some more of this to you guys tomorrow, because it's a long introduction, and some fun things. But yeah, I wanted to do a little geek out with you guys. It's a nice introduction. Right? I actually like

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Yeah, yeah. Yeah, he's very interesting. And the book itself is just really unique. It's very interesting work. So inshallah we'll we'll look at some of his examples in class. And even though this wasn't a public broadcasting, this was actually meant just for my students. And I figured some of you might enjoy at least you know, getting a taste of what, why it's important to study Arabic to for the purpose of connecting better to the political lobby when it comes to them article.

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So I'm going to run right through your rest and I'll do the rest of you guys. Have you ever done yeah, ramadan ramadan ramadan

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right now. Okay. Welcome back.