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The host of Islam Basics discusses three pillars of Islam: actual Islam, prayer five times a day, and the option to be hopeless. The host also mentions the importance of Sn Sn, the option to take one year to be hopeless, and the importance of helping others. The host concludes by thanking viewers for their time and interest in the future series.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah. Go to my viewers Islam. And welcome to Islam Basics. I'm your host, brother Allah. We're going to talk about three pillars about Islam. First one is actual Islam, then Eman and SN, which means Islam in itself, submitting your world to God. And we'll talk about that in details in the series in sha Allah, then Eman, believing then the articles of faith, then SN and excelling and doing your best in every aspect of life. So the first one is Islam in itself. So they say it is the actions that is manifested, that is apparent outside the pillars of Islam, which is that declaring the testimony of

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faith believing there's only one God and the messengers, Prophet Muhammad meet this morning. And the second one is prayer five times a day. And we're going to go into details on that one too. And the third one is alms, the obligatory charity where you can give two and a half percent of your one year that is passed over for the poor and so on. We'll talk about the eight categories and fasting in the month of Ramadan. What's the wisdom behind it? And why do we do it? And what is the benefit of it and the reward for it. And lastly, Hajj pilgrimage, once in the lifetime for every Muslim saying and that one that reached puberty if the conditions are fulfilled and so on so forth. So that Islam is

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really what talks about the or action outwards manifests in the parent ones, and Eman is that what she believing in the hidden or unseen and these are the six articles of faith, which will allow you to go to be hopelessly when the Omen alpha, I'll call that you will codify the ocean which means believing in Allah Quran I'm gonna be like, Oh my like he is angels, also the messengers and prophets, and the books or the divine scripture and the hereafter the Day of Judgment, and the divine decree the good and bad. That is our six pillars of Eman, meaning faith, even the difference is the one that is apparent and this one is believing in because it's in the heart more actions and

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deeds, not just that actions of the tongue, and that limbs. So that is what we know in the unseen in the unknown. And the last thing is Sn Sn is the one that actually takes you above and beyond the one that excels and doing everything that you do, and the definition of that, that you worship Allah as if he sees you. And if you see him, and if you don't see him, indeed he sees you. And that's how to get to the best of the best. I ask God Almighty to make the series beneficial for everyone, including this poor slave of Allah. And I asked you to continue watching so we can learn. And hopefully the ultimate goal is to be together in Jannah in paradise with no accountability, I mean,

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like I don't want hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi intervie. If you like the content, please subscribe and hit the like button and share because you will get the reward for everything that we do. It's a sadaqa jariya ongoing charity and beneficial knowledge that hopefully will help everyone. You have also suggestions about the future series, any topics or anything that you want to talk about. Please leave the comment below and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. We also appreciate any positive reinforcement, or the constructive criticism or anything else that you want to add to improve the series. We certainly appreciate it and we thank you for

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your time we will talk to you later. Chudleigh Zack on the high level Santa Monica