Jurayj’s Dilemma A Powerful Lesson You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. We begin by praising Allah Allah Allah mean the Lord of all worlds the exalted the majestic, and we asked him to send his choices to blessings and salutations upon the final messenger, our beloved Prophet Mohammed, Salah Watanabe was salam who I lay, his family members, his companions and every single individual who trades on the prophetic path with the class with sincerity until the end of time. I begin by reminding myself and then all of you all gathered here for Salah to Jumeirah to adopt a life of Taqwa. And that is to instill the consciousness of

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your maker during every single second of your lives into every facet of your lives. And you must do this if you wish to attain victory and success in this world as well as the Hereafter. May Allah subhanahu wa taala make us all from the people of Taqwa and may make us from the victorious and successful ones. I mean, many brothers and sisters, gather around as I take you back in time,

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to the story of an individual

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by the name jury.

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Now this is a story that unfolds the delicate fabric of devotion and duty unto one's parents.

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The story was narrated to us by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa salam.

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The hadith is recorded on the book of Imam Al Bukhari and Imam Muslim Rahima, whom Allah so it is an authentic narration. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he tells us the story, the story is laden with lessons is full of lessons for people who ponder for people who reflect for those who have intellect, may Allah subhanho wa Taala open doors of understanding for all of us, so who was your age?

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As per the story Jurij was a righteous and pious individual, an individual who dedicated himself to the worship of Allah, so much to the extent that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when describing him in the story tells us that he was an individual who dedicated himself to riba dedicated himself to the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. And he was an individual who had succeeded in mastering his self in terms of

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turning away from the distractions of this worldly life. He had fixated his focus on to Allah subhanho wa taala. And he used to spend

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his time his days in the worship of Allah azza wa jal. So one day Jurij is now deep in Salah he is deep in prayer, his heart intertwine with the

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recitations presentations, and being in the presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala because that is how a believer is supposed to be in Salah. Unfortunately, our prayers are full of distractions and our prayers are full of chaos. May Allah subhanahu wa taala help us to work on our prayers. But it is a conversation with Allah subhanho wa taala. So gerade is now deep in Salah, and at this moment, a voice familiar and laden with years of love, called out to him who was this it was his mother. His mother calls out yet your age, old your age, a voice, blended full of affection and need piercing through the silence of his Ibadah you had your age she calls up. But your age at that moment, lost

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obviously immersed in the throes of his devotion in ibadah. He now find him finds himself at a crossroads of choice. Yeah, Allah on me, was allottee my mother, or my prayer, my mother, or my prayer, he ponders now in Salah silently. And what does he do? He chooses to go on with his salah, and he did not respond to his mother, his mother after a while she leaves now her call unanswered feeling pangs of sorrow that her son did not respond. She returns now the next day

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And once again she calls out you had your age, old your age, and again your age wrapped up in prayer.

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He ponders again. Yeah, Allah O'Meara Salatin, my mother, or my prayer, my mother, or my prayer and He chooses to go on with her salah.

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My dear brothers and sisters, pause for a moment.

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Reflect, at times, our parents call us.

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You're in the middle of a meeting, and your mother's call comes through, and you silence it. Your father's call comes through and you silence it, and at times, you're annoyed. You're disturbed. Why? Because you feel oh, I'm in an important meeting. Why is my mother calling me? Why is my father calling me? Look at this story. Jurij is in salah is in prayer. And his mother is calling him and he chooses to go on with his bread.

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She once again leaves with the weight of unheeded calls, with the weight of not being responded. She comes now on the third day. And once again, she calls out to her beloved son, oh, your age.

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And again, your age, the worshipper Jura age, the one wrapped up in his worship Unto Allah. He remained silent, absorbed in his worship. This time, however, the old mother, she loses her patience, and in a moment of heartache, in a moment of pain. She cries out Yeah, Allah, Allah who may Allah to meet who had a young girl Rafi who do his movies.

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She cries out there Allah do not let him die.

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Until he sees the faces of prostitutes

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Allahu Akbar,

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do not let him die, do not let my son die, until he sees the faces of prostitutes.

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Now unknown to to rage, because Jurij did not know about this.

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affliction, the trial and now begin says the ball is set in motion. Why this is a Mother's Day Ah,

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my dear brothers and sisters, you have to understand the weight of this a mother's dua, a father's Doha, PSA straight up to the heavens, no bars, no barriers.

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So the trial now begins time passes. And there was a woman who was known for her ill repute.

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And she there are some reports to the effect that there was this talk about your ages, piety and his devotion. And she takes it up and says, Oh, he is nothing because she was known for her beauty. But she was also known for being a person of bad reputation

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of inappropriate behavior. So she says, with my beauty and with my seductions, I can seduce him. No man can stand my seductions I can tempt him, I can seduce him.

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So she takes up the challenge. And now she goes, and she attempts to seduce Jurij. But we highlighted at the beginning that your age had mastered himself. But unfortunately, despite mastering himself, this is a costly lesson,

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a powerful lesson, but he had to learn the hard way, because he chose to ignore his mother.

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This is a basic principle in the religion that he failed to understand. And this is what the messenger is highlighting to us our responsibility towards our parents.

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So she tries many a time to seduce your age, but she fails, she is not able to seduce him. He does not fall for her traps. He does not fall for her seductions until finally she leaves him. And on the way back to the town perhaps she comes across the shepherd. And she indulges

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in what she was attempting to indulge with your age with the shepherd. So the shepherd sleeps with this woman, and eventually she becomes pregnant.

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She becomes pregnant. And she now goes around spreading a story, a rumor, a scandal that gerade slept with me and this is his child.

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So eventually, what happens the people they grow through furious

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At this, and now gossip starts to spread everywhere that GRH had slept with so and so. And the lady, the woman is now pregnant, the woman is pregnant. And there is a child now in the picture. The people furious, they storm, they come to drage, they destroy his belongings, they destroy his place of worship, and they drag him out to the streets, humiliating him, embarrassing him

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with your brothers and sisters that don't have the mother. And at this juncture, he looks at the face of this prostitute and he realizes, he realizes what a big calamity what a big trial. But at that juncture, the help of Allah comes. And he looks at the child, he points towards the child, and he tells the child or child,

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tell us all who your father is a child who is not able to speak, who cannot articulate words, tell us who your father is. And the child speaks eloquently with flowing words, the child says, My father is so and so Shepherd. Now this was a miraculous event and the innocence of Jurij was established. The people realize their mistake, the community realized their mistake. And they immediately sought His forgiveness. They wanted to rebuild, they even offered to rebuild his place of worship in gold. Why? Because they realized what a costly mistake they had made. And at that juncture, he says, No, I don't want it rebuilt in gold. If you can rebuild it the way it was, and leave me alone, that will

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be enough.

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And we come to the end of the story. In the last few minutes, I want to point out lessons from the story, my dear brothers and sisters.

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Lesson number one, the primary one being the balance between worship and your obligations. And this is why seeking knowledge is of utmost importance. seeking knowledge is of utmost importance, Islam, or Allah does not expect you to be in Sajida your entire lives. No, the role model of the prophet does not expect you to be in the Masjid 24/7 In Sudan, no. Rather, you have rights and responsibilities to fulfill towards your own body, towards your own health. You cannot abuse your body. You cannot say I'm not going to sleep after this. I'm going to only indulge in worship every single night. No, it is against the teachings of Islam, against the teachings of the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam, you cannot say I'm going to fast every single day and not consumed food. This is again, against the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you cannot say I'm not going to marry.

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Again, this is against the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We have a hadith where the prophet says, I sleep and I wake up and pray. Three individuals who came and said that they were going to do the same three things that I just said. He said, I fast and I break my fast there are days where I am fasting and there are days where I do not fast. And obviously I have married women. So a kneecap woman so naughty. So marriage is from my sunnah.

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So your body has responsibilities. Your parents, your mother has rights that you have to fulfill. You have rights towards her that you need to fulfill your father, you have rights that you need to fulfill your children, you have rights that you need to fulfill. So as you can see, Islam is a balance between worship and your obligations and to all these

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areas of life. So you cannot, you cannot get your priorities mixed up like Jurij did.

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My dear brothers and sisters I want to focus on this for a minute.

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Your parents a huge blessing from Allah, that we tend to take for granted. If you do not take anything away from me today. Take this. If you take a blessing of Allah for granted, Allah will test you through that blessing. If you take your parents for granted, Allah will test you through your parents. If you take your children for granted, Allah will test you through your children. If you take your spouse for granted, Allah will test you through your spouse. If you take your wealth for granted, Allah will test you through your wealth. If you take your health for granted, Allah will test you through your health. So do not take your parents for granted. Sit down. Many a person in

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the crowd

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have lost their parents sit down and listen to their lemons. Sit down and listen to their woes. Sit down and listen to them say How I wish I could go and massage my mother's feet now. How I wish I could go and see my father's smile. Now how I wish I could go and seek forgiveness from my mother for hurting her over a petty thing over a petty thing but I let my

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ego get in the way. And before I could patch up, I got the call that my mother has passed away. Before I could put things right I got the call that my father has passed away. If your parents are alive, too massive, those two Jana open for you. If you have one parent alive, one massive door to Jana is still open for you, it is not too late. It is not too late. So do not share with regards to your responsibilities towards your fathers, towards your mothers towards your parents, as you can see through the story, and you have to understand the consequences, the blessings and the consequences of securing your parents diets. Now, obviously, it is a lesson for parents as well as

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you can see in the story that you're not supposed to curse your children.

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At times due to heartache and due to pain, we lose our tempers, we don't realize what comes out of our mouths, but you have to understand the role that you play as a father and as a mother and the power of your donors. And this is why it is even said do not even scold your children using

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humiliating terms. You know, at times fathers and mothers scored their children

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embarrassing terms.

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Donkey Why did you do this monkey Why did you do this buffalo this and that. Even that can end up being a TA. In the sense. You should understand the power of names in Islam. Why do we suit good names? Why because it is a dua each time you call that person it is a dua so for example, if someone is named salah, each time you say silence silence it is a DUA or righteous man or righteous man, and especially from the fathers and mothers lips.

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So let us not call them our children with insulting terms and our children in the crowd. You must understand the power of your parents do is secure your parents do as secure your parents happiness and if you do that, you are indeed fortunate because you're going to be blessed with a good life in this world, as well as the hereafter without a shadow of doubt. So strive, strive to please your parents strive to look after them, especially in their old age, just as how they looked after you when you were young, when you were small, they did not fast, they didn't go dump you somewhere.

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So look after them similarly with care with love and respect. So as you can see two powerful lessons from balancing our responsibilities and our rights and to Allah and our rights and responsibilities unto the creation starting off with our parents. And along with that the power and the impact of a parent's dua.

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And lastly, I conclude by reminding you of patience and faith during trials, as you can see in the story, because of his faith because of his devotion, eventually Allah helped him eventually it was a miraculous event that established his innocence. So therefore do not lose faith in Allah. Do not give up. Hold on to patience for sovereign Jamil. And one last lesson before I conclude, don't rush to judgments. As you can see, the society the community based on rumors, based on Gossip, they rush to conclusions and this is a mistake that

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many of us may

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be back bank, we gossip.

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We listen to some rumor. And we form an opinion in our heads. We judge people based on this leave the judging to Allah, what access Do you have? Look, they thought that your age was the father of the child. They destroyed his place of worship. They dragged him out to the streets and eventually realized that they were hasty in their judgment, they had given into the rumors they had given into the scandalous talk they had given into the gossip.

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So therefore do not rush to judgments leave the judging to Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he tells us mean Hosni Islam will mark a telco Humala Yanni, it is from the Herson it is from the son of the Islam of an individual, the excellence of the Islam of an individual that that he or she leaves that which does not concern them.

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In other words, we should mind our own businesses Stop poking your nose into the affairs of others.

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Submit your brothers and sisters. I hope these lessons especially in our fast paced world.

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I hope we absorb these lessons. I know these lessons can be challenging, but the story is a timeless remark.

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mind full of lessons, lessons that we should try and implement into our lives. Therefore, let us reflect that respond on how we can honor our parents in practical ways. Let us work towards listening to them attentively, showing them kindness, heeding their calls, responding to them, looking after them, bearing them with patience, especially when they are

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going through old age. And let us strive to prioritize their needs their requests, or slaves of Allah. Remember, neglecting the rights of your fathers and of your mothers can lead to spiritual and worldly repercussions if you are wondering why your business is not flourishing. If you are wondering why your life is not filled with Baraka, sit down and reflect. Are you fulfilling your rights with regards to your parents? Or have you earned the heartache of your parents? Have you brought tears to your mother's eyes? Have you brought a frown on your father's face? That could be the major obstacle in your life that is preventing baraka from coming into your lives. So if you

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feel you have wronged them, do not waste time, go immediately and seek their forgiveness. Don't think let me wait till your EAD comes and I'll go visit them with my family and seek their forgiveness. What if they don't last? Then what if you don't last then? So Let this serve as a reminder, may Allah subhanahu wa ala grant us the wisdom to balance our duties unto him and unto our parents, may He grant us the strength to uphold the rights of our parents. And may He grant grant us the guidance to walk on the path that leads to His pleasure and leads to Jana eventually, I mean, I conclude by making dua Allah make us amongst those who respect and honor our parents make us of

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those who are patient in the face of trials and steadfast in your worship Yet Allah Allah Allah bless our mothers and fathers with your grace and mercy Allah just as how they nurtured and cared for us look after them and cover them in your boundless mercy Allah bless them our parents who are alive with us yeah Allah bless them with good health I mean, bless them with long lives yeah Allah bless them with happiness they are Allah bless them with productivity in their lives they are Allah bless them with contentment in their lives yeah Allah, Allah guide our mothers and fathers on the path of righteousness. Allah bless them with the divine wisdom and knowledge and keep their hearts

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firm with fate unto you your Allah and filled with love unto you your Allah, Allah shower our mothers and fathers with your blessings protect them from harm your Allah protect them from Evalia Allah ease their burdens, grant them strength and patience in their trials in their sicknesses. Reward them abundantly for their sacrifices. Yeah, Allah, Allah those of us who have lost our parents show your infinite mercy upon those parents who have returned unto you yeah ALLAH forgive their sins yeah Allah elevate the Adonijah Allah enter them into your beautiful garden yeah Allah illuminate their graves or Allah make their graves beautiful resting places make their graves into

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beautiful gardens of Jannah Allah Ya Allah forgive the shortcomings of our parents here Allah replace their sins with good deeds here Allah, Allah be pleased with them and grant them the loftiest of ranks in Jannah Allah Ya Allah be merciful unto them as they were merciful unto us when we were young, we ask you to be merciful unto our mothers and our fathers yeah Allah accept their good deeds here Allah overlook their faults here Allah and be gentle with them in your questioning. Allah. Rob, Rob Durham Houma comma Rob baya Anna savara Rob, Rob,

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Rob, Rob Durham coma coma Rob Diana savara. I mean, I mean wasa you and hamdulillah here have been ILM in