Do We Deserve to Be Part of the Ummah

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This is the verse of the Quran that Allah azza wa jal reminds you and I that we are a blessed nation. Some translations say we are the chosen nation.

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Normally, you would hear Muslims talk about this verse, when they sit and reflect on all of the problems and struggles that are happening within this ummah. And they'll say things like, you know, we're supposed to be the best of nations. We're supposed to be the chosen OMA of Allah azza wa jal.

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So that's one way you can look at it, that this is our reality, but this is where we're supposed to be. Now, another way you can look at this verse is, and this is the way that I prefer to study and reflect on this verse, is when Allah says to you and me that he has chosen us to be part of the best Ummah or the best of nations. Do I really deserve that?

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Do we really deserve to be given that title and that honor, to be recognized as the best of nations, ILA your milk pm until the Day of Judgment. Because what that does for me when I reflect and look at it in this particular way,

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it allows me to also criticize myself

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to reflect on my own efforts and contributions to this OMA, what have I done to serve Islam? What have I done to serve this Oma? If Allah takes my life today? Would I be pleased and happy to meet him? Or would I say to him, oh, Allah, I still needed more time. I wasn't ready to come and meet you. Yeah.