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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alikoum by now most of you seen the viral video of the cat jumping on the Muslim imam leading the Ramadan prayers for those of you who haven't let's go and take a look come back derive some benefits and then I got a free gift for you at the end

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know you're

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the host Oh

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are you?

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so what we're doing now is volunteers helping us to do please help us

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with the hard work of Edie. This is more than just a measure that's being built. This is more than just another data center. So we are transforming this from people worshipping the creation to worshiping the Creator Allah bless your efforts, Eddie.

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The first thing I want to point out it's quite a difference in the way the mainstream media has portrayed the Muslims nice for the mainstream media to show the kind side here like you're seeing here with the cat. And one point to note is that in Islam, there are people who will actually literally going to the Hellfire for abusing animals and granted paradise for showing kindness to animals, such as cats and dogs. I bet you didn't know that. Now that's for animals. Imagine how much more kindness is emphasize towards human beings. Now the next question is what was he reciting? In the prayer? The answer is he was reciting the Quran the verbatim words of God Almighty, the Creator

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Allah and it's amazing how Allah the Almighty use the cat to deliver this just like I'm doing here with you right now. If you didn't know he was reciting Surah six of the Quran Chapter Six of the Quran called an Am I out or verse 147 to 149. In those verses, ALLAH is talking about those who took partners alongside with Allah, and the towhee, the pure monotheism and I love for you to read those verses in details and others that came before and after that, and that's why I want you to hang around because I'm gonna give you this gift at the end. Now the Quran has roughly about 3% of it that deals with the commands prohibitions punishments, but the majority of the Quran teaches ethics

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the relationship between God Almighty and His creation with you the purpose of life why you've been created why you're here? Is it just about sleep, eat make some money and die? Are you just like an animal? Or is there more to you morality, the hereafter paradise hellfire, detailed descriptions, the history of previous nations that passed before us how to be successful in this life and the next signs and proofs that established that indeed, this Koran is from the Creator of the heavens, an earth and not manmade like other religions embryo in the grand cannot be based on scientific knowledge in the seventh seventh century.

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could not have known these facts about human development in the seventh century, because most of them were not discovered until the 20th century, these facts could only have been revealed to Muhammad, but no one no one who knows all about it. And all this in a book that was compiled over a span of 23 years during the life of the last and final messages sent to mankind Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. It is indeed a miracle for the one who approaches us sincerely asking the Creator heavens the earth for guidance, examines the book and I want to give it to you as a gift, the English translation, you can go to D Get your free copy for me to you. And if

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you have any other questions, any questions? Call this number. You want to know what Islam is? Does Islam oppress women, jihad? All of the other terms that you've heard out there, they've been thrown out there, and you're confused. You've been

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misled by much of the hate propaganda a lot of the hate provocateur is a lot of the lies and misconceptions that are out there. You've been affected by it, but you've been led to us here. So go ahead and call 1-800-662-4752 One 100 662 Islam Tom Eddie sent you and ask your questions don't be shy and we'll see you next time here on the D show don't forget to hit that notification bell subscribe if you haven't already, until then, Peace be with you as salam aleikum.

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should I do Allah

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the semi aside give a tour of the V center

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transforming this from people worshipping the creation to worshiping the Creator now Allah bless your efforts Eddie

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all right so you can see we're getting to work and we need your support. So, go ahead and help us to get this where it's top notch inshallah


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