What will Weigh Heavy on Judgement Day

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swindler hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah by the early he was a happy human whatever but

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Hamdulillah. Today we were we are being honored to recite, and here Surah to the RAF, which is an amazing unique Surah of the book of Allah subhanaw taala. All the sutras are amazing and all the verses each letter, every word, what can you talk about? Quran is the oceans of meanings. But whatever just came to the heart. Now Hatha Raja Colby we call this horserace, whatever came into the heart was listening to the amazing recitation

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so far today.

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The Surah just starts with Alif Lam Meem SOT like, right in the beginning, Allah tells us what do you know about the Quran?

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Even so Surah Al Baqarah Alif Lam Meem Allahu Allah will be Marathi Hebei Dalek, no one knows the meaning these hydroflow Macatawa just tell us one thing, that regardless of how much you know about the Quran, you still don't know anything.

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The deeper meanings of the Quran, they are

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extreme to the level that not everyone can understand the deeper meanings of the Quran. But anyway, when we were reciting and listening to the Quran,

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each verse that came from that we were listening to I was thinking about this verse, this verse, this one has this meeting this one what can you talk about?

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And I'm still undecided.

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On the first page, maybe where Allah subhanaw taala says well was no yo mama even

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Samantha Buddha atma was you know that was in the ratio of Salah chef recited while was new Yama in a law firm and calculate was you know who, but we like a humble Muslim woman Halford who was you know who can Latina zero opposite of father has zero and foster home?

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Allah says Allah wasn't the scale on the Day of Judgment is hot. Is the truth.

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Don't doubt the scale, the Mazon that wasn't and this has been mentioned in many other places of the Quran not just this we hear in surah

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in the last use of the Quran, Korea auto ml Korea, Kamala Korea and then fermenter hola to zero for who fer Isha to Raja woman Halford who, as you know, for all Mojave, even there are talks about it and another place Allah says, one of the almos you look best leiomyoma We will place the scales of justice on the Day of Judgment. So these this lesson is how it's the truth. Imam Al Bukhari are the Allahu Allah and who? The great Imam of Hadith, the final chapter of his book.

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He brings this verse, not this particular verse, the other one about the scales. Baba Aldila heater either one of the old mowers in acquista leiomyoma chapter regarding Allah saying we shall place the scales of justice. So on your will piano they will be skills, we don't really know exactly how these skills will look like. All the descriptions we accept what's there in the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger? Salallahu Alaihe Salam, we don't need to speculate exactly how there are some narration is that there'll be really huge and gigantic and how will our actions immobile Buhari says after this, we'll earn our murder bunny don't want our home to them. The actions of Balu Adam,

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even in today's Surah are off. Many times here been here. They've been here. They've been here. They've been here. Like how many times so far we've had OSHA turnover them?

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Allah is talking to us. You know, when we listen to the Quran, we should take it like it's directly to us.

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take it personally when Allah says yeah, you Alladhina amanu

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think to ourselves, Am I a person of human? Yes. Oh Allah, talk to me. You know, this is really beautiful about a dress. Yeah. Are you Halina Ahmed, who is telling us all you the ones who believe in me, I'm talking to you. Or whatever says yeah, you Alladhina Cafaro Yeah, are you Hello, Armando. And then when Allah says that to us, we should pause for a moment. Yes, oh my Lord. Amen. Tobik I believe in you not telling you what are you telling me?

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And there's multiple places in the Quran where Allah says here you will learn you know, our Manu and the message or the address given we should take that so anyway,

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I was saying that the actions and the goal of the new album Yeah, so yeah, Bunny Adam. Today many places. Yeah, but here are the Mikado Xena taco left in America.

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Michelle Vaughn Wallace this was it you have been here

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in so many places the Children of Adam, everyone's the Children of Adam here Yes, Inshallah, yes, we are, we come from either

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your all the children of Adam, Adam with a banana, or banana to Adam. So this verse, the scale, we shall place the scales of justice and actions of the children of Adam. And the statements will be weighed how again, Allah knows best. Some of the classical scholars said that the actions and the state that statements will be given a body, and they will be placed in the scales of justice. Allahu Allah. Today we can, you know, weigh and measure and anything doesn't even have to have a body anything. electricity and gas and everything is weighed and measured and volume. And so

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even the actions that our Amal we do, and our statements, everything we say or write or our Q, articulate, every word that comes out from our mouth, it's going to be placed on the scales of justice. This idea today was new Yoma eternal Hawk Furman thokku. That was, you know, whoever scales of justice, whoever scales is, you know, the righteous deeds, the good deeds is heavier.

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But we're like a one off your own. These are the people are further higher Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Mahmoud, these are the people of success. That's now this is this is the this is a test on the oval piano when we see yes, the scale, the right side is more weighty than Alhamdulillah. That's for the woman half foot. If it's the other side, then this person is in severe loss. How do we make our actions and our statements?

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This is the point and I'm just going to end with this point. It's not actually you know, a scale is not about how much is in the scale. A scale is about how

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how heavy

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someone might have two actions. But collectively that's lighter than someone's one action which is more heavy.

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The scales we are able to make our scales on Yamaha Yama heavier by what? By

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what makes an action heavy loss. This is why if you look at sahih al Bukhari, Imam Buhari Hebrew last chapter Babu called Allah He Tada one of the Omar was in Bucharest who unarmored a vineyard and Makoto Tucson and then he carries on and then he brings the Hadith

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I decided to call the Hadith and I'm humbled even further in and Omar, Abdullah kaka and Elisa Alta and Abby Herrera Radi Allahu Anhu the chain of transmission called Akkad interview Salallahu Alaihe Salam Kalamata Annie Habiba attorney Illa Rahman. Coffee for attorney Allah Listen, listen, subpoena attorney, Phil Misa to statements beloved to a rock man, very light on the tongue. They're very easy to say. But therapy law tiny, extremely waiting on the scales of justice. What are those two Subhan Allah he will be handy Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah and even you know Modan try to make a habit. Continuously Subhan Allah he will be hunting Subhan Allah and I'll be very weighty. And the point is

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that if you ask him all Buhari, that okay,

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the there'll be scales of justice, how do we make our actions with our skills, weighty and bring weight? Remember, he tells us go to the beginning of my book,

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The first Hadith in NA Malama Lavinia actions according to intentions. So, in order to make our actions, weighty, it's all about the intention.

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If I am giving this talk here, Hydra, if I have a class and sincerity, for the sake for the pleasure of Allah, then this will bring a lot of weight on my scale. But if I have some other motive dunya, emotive worldly motive, I can give a two hour talk, you know, wait,

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if I am the Imam and I'm a leading here, if my loss is there that I am praying for the sake of Allah for the pleasure of Allah. You recite one verse, it brings weight into the scale. But if I am leading, and I want to get the praises of the people,

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then that brings no weight, because it's for the people. If I'm writing a book, if my class is for the sake of Allah, if I am an Imam, if I'm a hottie if I'm offering Salah we

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You're offering Tarawa area.

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Loss is the be all and end all of all of our deen. That's why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lists are Malacca, Yak fecal amyloid allele, small, less actions, but with sincerity, the very weighty

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you don't have to do too much. Of course you have to do the obligations. That doesn't mean too much like okay, mother, it was too. It's okay. No, it has to be three. But

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after the obligations, you do less to the care of Pamela tahajjud with the last is better than eight or 12 or 15 or 16. There's no 15 Year 16 or 18 or 20 or 2026.

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Yeah, last sincerity what does that mean? focus the mind on Allah. We pray, we pray for the sake of Allah. The hadith says Manansala Euro II *a Ashara Kabila the one who prays to show off is actually committed shed combiner type of *. We fast for the sake of Allah, we any good deed, even outside of worship,

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even outside of worship.

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We do read the MA We serve the community. We have the believers, we provide your spa we go and give someone a gift we visit the ill we visit the sick, we go to the hospital, we anything in the community, we need to ask our hearts is this solely for the pleasure or the pleasure of Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala once we make this request, a bit of, you know, effort, focus, that I'm not doing it for any other ulterior motive other than to please my Lord and my Creator. When we have this loss, this is why enamel ama Lu Binya actions according to the intentions if the intention

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for men cannon he's allowed to who it Allah He was truly

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pleasure to who Allahu Allah suited if it's for Allah and His messenger that is for Allah, His Messenger, the dunya you see, you see whoo ha O'Meara Tian Qi Hua, that is for the dunya so make the intention exclusively for the pleasure of Allah, that this is what I want only to earn the pleasure of Allah then that will bring wait wasn't in our action, once it brings wasn't then on the Yom Okayama when it's put in the scale that in sha Allah, the scale in the right side will be way t and will

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that will add more was you know, oh like almond mafia only will give us further and success in sha Allah Allah. May Allah allow us to have a class and sincerity in everything we do. I may Allah make our scales. Heavy on yarmulke Yama Baraka, la phaeochromocytoma