The Greatest Generation #06 Umair Ibn Al-Hamam

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The speaker describes a fight between the Sahaba and the United States, where the United States wins and the Sahaba wins. The fight is about finding a motivational speech and building a trust in the troops. The fight is a trustee fight, where the troops are given three dates to choose from.

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Rahmatullahi wa barakato before the beginning of the battle of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was sitting with the Sahaba. And he was giving them a motivational speech before the battle.

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And at the end of which he mentioned gender he said, como ella, Jonathan,

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you know, stand up and join this battle. And gender expansive which is equal to the heavens on earth is waiting for you.

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If you give your soul for the sake of Allah in that battle, and then supine Allah

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Almighty, Imam, one of the Sahaba he said, agenda

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And what does that mean? Back in bathroom? Arabic doesn't have a translation in English, but like when you're so excited, so like, yes, that's exactly what it means is like yes, Jen. And then the person said, Why did you say this? Oh, wait, he said prophet of Allah. I love Jenna. Agenda, what stands between me and Jen.

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And the President said nothing fishy during that battle. And last pilot decided you will be a martyr your agenda. So he looked at three dates in his hand.

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And he said, By Allah, it's gonna be a long life. If I live till I finish eating these three dates, and he throw them and he joined the battle. And he passed away.

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Why did all my do this? Because Jenna is alive in his heart.

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But to me, Petunia was a trustee in his hand. Those dates represent the dunya. So if we want to be good or mayor, and have the same reward like our mayor, we have to develop this fact in our hearts, whatever Allah has given us. It's a trust in our hand.

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In our heart, the first level in our heart is Allah, His Messenger and to please Allah and in the in the company of the Prophet engine.