Abu Usamah At-Thahabi – Dealing with the Whispers of Shaytaan

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of mental health on individuals and their bodies, including extreme behavior and the need for support. They emphasize the importance of not letting anyone's words trigger the woman to become divorced and stress the need for support in addressing mental health issues. They also touch on the negative impact of social anxiety and the importance of avoiding negative thoughts. The importance of shaky language and addressing mental disorders is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to read and write the Quran.
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may not matter to him and hamdulillah Al hamdu Lillahi wa Kapha salatu wa he was salam ala Nabi Nealon. Mustafa

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Why should one La ilaha illallah who are the hula Sharif Hello, why shadow Mohammed Abdullah who was who? Salah while he was setting a boundary

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last Sunday

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a brother drove all the way to another city to meet me.

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When I met him I can see he was in quite a state he was suffering from an issue that we want to raise the awareness of our community as it relates to this issue because in this masjid, a lot of people are dealing with it or a lot of our relatives are dealing with it and it is a serious problem dealing with mental illnesses.

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He was an he is suffering from with suas with swats everybody he has suffered from this was there's not a single person except that he or she has with suas.

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And with suas, which is the whispers that come from a shape bond.

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It has an assorted number of cousins and relatives under the same umbrella.

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So the person has speculation the person suffers some suspicion.

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The person has doubt has all kinds of issues.

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So he came all the way to that city and when I saw him I said yep, this brother has an issue and this is an ongoing thing. You deal with it all the time with people from our community. Not only that,

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but personally. I had two family members in Islam who suffer from with swats, my wife worked herself out of that. And in 18 years of marriage, that lady did not miss making the F car before going to bed and 18 years of marriage from what I saw. And now she doesn't have with swats at all.

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But everybody has with suas but the one who has some level of you know normality he can bring his Biswas in control.

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He remembers what the Prophet says Allah, Allah YT was salam, Yakuza Vanessa in the van at the will Hadith. Beware of speculating. Beware of being suspicious, because usually that's wrong. So when one of the people who is normal, when he starts or she starts to speculate and have suspicion, they push it away. And they say that's from a che Thun. And the Prophet said, Don't do it. And it's going to twist you up the mess you up. That's for people who don't suffer from with swas. As for the one who

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suffer with some Biswas, some Mosqueda.

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The brother is listening to me.

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One of us says to his wife, you know, I regret the day Marian you, I'm sick of you, and I'm sick of this marriage. And that's what he says. That's what you said to your wife. That's what I said to my wife. That's what your wife said to you.

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was how it is almost everybody in here who's married, you're going to say something that you didn't mean to your wife, that's hurtful, she's going to say something back to you. One of the two are going to say more, the other one's going to say less. But that's something that's normal, except for the one that Allah gave him or her Esma and we'll hit the Ilahi. I'm sick and tired of you and I'm sick and tired of this marriage. But for the one who has with suas this means that he's divorced.

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And he lives his life. I'm divorced, because I said that to my wife. i No matter what you say, you say you say to him or her? It's gonna be hard for them to accept it.

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So this particular brother, May Allah help us and him after going to 10 people 10 Do I show you 10

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I was number 11.

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He drove me home I listen to the story. After hearing the story, I said it's very simple brother. Are you done? Yes. I say you're not divorce. The Hadith of the Prophet is clear. And he knew the Hadith in a Mullah Lubin yet, I'm not even going to translate it because everybody knows it. That was natural Nia.

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And Allah mentioned the Quran. One day is a little insane, Allah Mercer when Messiah comes so for Europe, the human being will not get anything except what he desired and he intended and he worked towards it. And your efforts are going to be seen by Allah as say, like a side Bina between suffering medulla.

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So the meaning of sight as the is said, is what you entertain and what you work towards. Now if you just sit there and twiddle your thumbs and say I'm going to gently

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Angola Janna, and you don't do any work and you don't do any intentions. And this was what this is talking against. But the iron is applicable here, you didn't intend that you didn't mean that. When a person makes a sign between suffering Marwa, after finish, say, he's not going to say, I just made to walk around the Kaaba, aside, he is with your knee. And I was the 11th person who told them that.

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Some time went by he relaxed. We stopped talking. I woke up, he brought it back up again. Am I married to my wife? No, yeah, actually, you're not married. And then I saw what the issue was. So I wanted to bring this to your attention. Because, like me, you have a community member that has to deal with the husband like that, the wife like that.

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Like me, I had to deal with that Brother, we got to deal with people like that.

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So I want to address this issue for people like him, and the community. Sharla second thing happened. On Wednesday, I get a call from someone in America, they reached out to me, they told me about an incident that blew my mind.

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The lady who I know, took her daughter took the son to the grandparents, happy to see the kid dropped them off, never came back to get the kid when they win what's going on? After so many days, the lady was there in a house blew her brains out. Why did she kill herself with suas.

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With was not schizophrenia, with suas she couldn't live with the WIS was in her head. And that's another thing. This issue of WIS was when the person is in the room that were suas is not under the bed. This was not in the cabinet in the dewlap that was was is in the head, it's in the heart. And it's not okay for you to come and say get over it. Come on, it's just shaped on can't say that to these people. Because they are not processing things and thinking and analyzing. Normally they have

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an issue.

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Worse than that, or just as bad as the isolation. They come to our community. And it's naive to have anything to disorder. Although the vast majority of people in this Masjid have some kind of mental issue. From severe to mild.

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Everybody in here, from severe to mild, except for the one that Allah gave him, his HIV al Isla he. So one of our community members, they go to the doctor, and they are afraid to say what happened. Because they feel a I can't talk they're gonna think I'm crazy. If I start saying to the doctor, you know, can zip keeps coming to me in zip, what's that, that's the one who comes to you makes you a suas when you're praying, now I'm a doctor is gonna diagnose him or her as someone who's

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hallucinating schizophrenic, so the person just suffers in silence.

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Big muscular in our community is a big issue. And it creates all kinds of issues. For the people who have with suas, whether it's severe, moderate, or just what most people have shaped by comes to you and he makes with swas there are a number of things that you have to try to do. Now my wife, my other family member, who is not doing these things, if you're not doing these things, think you're blameworthy. I'm gonna tell you right here on behalf of your wife, you're making life difficult. How

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in the world do you expect your wife to live with you amicably? How do you think she can live with you with Sakina and Melinda, when one word would trigger you, one word will trigger you.

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So because the person says, Get out of here to his wife get it here. He thinks she's divorced. So the word out if the wife says I'm getting it all, and you expect that lady to be able to live with you.

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She won't be able to live with you, there's gonna come a point where she can't take it anymore. So the people who suffer from this, you can't be a poor bunny rabbit and just sit back and say, everybody has to love me unconditionally. No, I'm here on this minbar saying. All of our community has to support these people. Don't laugh at them. Don't ridicule them. Don't make them isolated. We have to say in our community, our messaging is here to help you. We're here to help you. You're the

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topic of today's discussion, but you have a level of responsibility. Because I cannot be patient all the time. There are going to be times where I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. There's gonna be times when it's hot out here. There's gonna be times when we're dealing with stuff

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And if you don't try to do some of these things, then you are blameworthy. And from those things that we can do, and that you should do, and at the top of the list is what the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tremendous Hadith. He said, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam in Allah to Jai was mad at my HUD deferred B and Fusa Ha, my limb Tarmin out at the Killam Allah will forgive all of my ummah, all of my community, when they think about things internally, when they think about

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whatever it is, is dirty, it's nasty. It's crazy. The normal person may see it in a dream. He's doing something with someone that is out of his world. He wakes up saying I want to be let he just thinking about it makes me want to vomit. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah will forgive you for that canal that goes off in your head, your dreams, you're sitting in, you start thinking crazy stuff, and you're awake. He said, As long as you don't talk about it, and as long as

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you don't act upon it. So if someone comes to you say, Hey, I saw in a dream, I was smoking weed with my mom's. Alright, now you're in trouble. Now the angel writes that down. But as long as you're quiet and you don't act upon it, you're not responsible, just like the one who's fasting and he drinks it eats, why he's fasting. That's how his knifes is like the one who goes to sleep, and he doesn't wake up on time for Fudger and intentionally lie you can leave Allahu nevsun intervals. So I

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say to the person with the West wise slide that the kalam don't talk about it to the best of your ability, make jihad the knifes and keep that stuff inside, to the best of your ability. Secondly,

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a vicar, the vigor of Allah. Allah mentioned in the Quran in the levena Taco, either a Messiah who taught you for many shaytaan Tibet guru for either whom oopsy rune,

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those people who are touched by the devil, they get mess by the devil, which was I mean, whatever they get touched by the devil, if they remember ALLAH, lo and behold, they can see right? So the Prophet told us of Allah he was selling things to do. From this was a Cleany we have this person has in his sadness, zand sadness, it comes as a result of the bad experiences in the past, you saw something bad, something bad happened to you, you heard something bad. And as a result, you're now

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in today, you're suffering because of what happened in the past. But then there's the things that are going to happen in the future Inshallah, and they create anxiety. Those things create a link to depression, because she's worried. That's it. She's worried what is she worried about? If I die, will my kids were become would they stay on his lap, and she worries herself to death. Her stomach is big and bloated. She can't sleep she has pain. And she has worried about something you should

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worry about that. Will your children remain Muslims? May Allah give our kids the bat that die with death. She should worry about that. But not to the degree where you can't sleep you can't eat. But that's what she has with suas

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puts her stomach like a pretzel. And you are the one who loves her. You come and say don't worry about that. Allah has the word kill Allah azza wa jal is enough as a hassy. Don't worry. It's not like she's against that. You tell that brother, as if he wants to hear he's divorced. I'm the 11th one your brother what you want to be difference? Allah says in the Quran, when I test a share and

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don't ask you about those things. If they were to be made apparent to you, they're gonna cause you harm. Do you want to be divorce? No, he doesn't want to be the divorce. He doesn't want that. He just can't help it. It's difficult for him. So if he or she, they're making wudu at the basin, and you see them and you're there to make Morocco, Baba, you tell them after they finish, Hey, you did everything and you did everything correctly. And three times they're going to say to you, no, I

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didn't want a bit of copper. You have a condition. So as the husband, the father, the brother, the sister, the Imam, as the neighbor, the distant relative, that certain people have to support them. Never argue with them about the issue, because they're talking to you from a place that's dark for them. Now you get upset and frustrated and you're arguing with them, and that causes the problem to escalate. It's not the way we say to that person. You have to make the vicar of Allah and from the

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vicar of Allah. Every night before going to sleep. The Prophet may rakia

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he ran it to cracy he read called who Allah Who? And the last two sores of the Quran and in the last tour of the Quran, you're seeking an STR the help from Allah against the sheikh five min Shari Alquist worse and her nurse Alevi West with Sophie so during nurse that seeking refuge and Allah from shaper lesson on Mateen Islam I will not be in our Rasul Allah such strand came with a religion and he taught us certain dua that are divine protection and one of those

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do eyes that do offer this stuff. Now, I'm not gonna go through that a whole dua but I'm gonna ask this person in our audience you hear this cookbook, and you said hungry love finally you hear this hook but I want to ask you, did you memorize the dua of which was it didn't memorize the DUA did any Muslim here memorize a dua which was because in this dua everybody is affected and what this guy is saying when a Sabo Hmong, Allah, Hmong men Isabeau hormone them for later we'll be happy can you

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make anyone who was afflicted with anxiety? Or he's afflicted with gloom and doom, and he's down anyone who has this worry anyone? If he makes this dua in a Go away, easy to Allahumma in the eye of dukkha webinar. I'm a ticket to the end. Now see a TBS DECA Maldon see a hook mukha I balloon fear Kedah. Tremendous Hadith and I make you an teacher. Don't feel sorry for yourself for your wish was because Allah is I didn't. He's just and what he decreed on you. And your forehead is in Allah's

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hands. everywhere in every place. Allah wants you to go and what to happen to you or not. That's with Allah and that you will be and it's been written that with swas hits you so don't say well, it was me I'm the poor bunny rabbit. Save the DUA and learn this Blanc. Part of that dua Allahumma in the US ello kabhi policeman who Aleca some meet the BNF Sikka Oh alum to Adam and Celtic. Oh, and Zell to FICKY tidy. I will start with the beefy elemental vaping and touch a little curar be kalbi

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B. We're neurosurgery.

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I'm going to ask the person who suffers from this was I'm a revert. I memorize three or four is Surah of the Quran? Am I exempt from trying to help myself? Is that an excuse on the river? My wife is a river. She doesn't know Arabic, but she had with swass.

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So in that dua against what Swanson against this issue. Oh Allah, I beg you and ask you make the Quran the spring of my heart and make the Quran make it the newer of my chest. So that goes to show the Muslims should be reading the Quran you got this? Why spend time with the kingdom of Allah?

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How much time have you spent with the book of Allah? And that's a question to all of you. That's the question to me. That's the question to you. Go Go, go go go. How much time do we spend with the Quran? So now that we have these mental disorders and listen from the SRA to saya Rasul Allah told us, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam tunes that rule of cool new at 30 VALIC is the man, the majority of the people close to my piano, the majority, their minds will be gone.

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Their minds will be gone.

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That's the condition. So maybe you don't have what suas you got something else. But that dua it shows us where that hadith goes to show us the importance the importance and the role that the Quran has, and it plays Rokia and other than that, Apolo Cody Hatha was stuck for Allah Lee welcome. When I saw Allah to Allah, the bat was Sudan.

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Ceylon hamdulillah was set up Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah.

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Last thing I want to mention to everybody here is a che Fon is a big fitna and the big problem. But he said in the Quran, and Allah mentioned a mini iron in ribeye de les Seleka. Lay him Swapan. Hey shaytani bliss Allah says, My sincere servants You don't have and you won't have any power over them.

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shaytaan said to the human beings, Allah promised you and I promise you but I broke my promise. And I can't do anything except call you and make whispers shaytaan can't grab anybody here by the neck and say, I'm gonna stop you from praying. He can't grab anybody.

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Hear make him roll up a spliff and smoking. He can't do that. As a matter of fact, if you close the door he can open it. If you put something a towel a piece of paper, the pot over the top of the pot if you put the lid on he can open it that's how weak he is. If you say I will do bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim he's gonna get into when you read surah to buck and he's gonna get into when

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that Sheikh Thun so we have all of those ayat of the Quran in the mass will Tanner who are the levena Yet the willow know his strength and power and ability goes over those people who take him as a friend. How do you take them as a friend? You don't pray? You are key the first of all your key that game you want to Hocus Pocus, culturally slam Rasul Allah didn't die housing laws and that kind of stuff. You are straight up real golly, his be above a strict no. Just beyond your religion. Easy

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religion of Al Islam is the religion of Islam. So as it relates to this issue, I want to say to the community members very quickly two brothers told me 20 minutes get out of here we got to be done. But because of the nature of this issue on matinee, slam your relatives who are suffering from this, you got to go on the internet and you have to learn clinically and technically how to deal with the people. A lot of times we're not educated and we don't have the wherewithal or the professional, you

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know, ability to deal with these things were emotional.

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This requires someone who knows the deen and he knows the importance of being patient being easy, and it requires someone who has read up on this stuff to deal with our brothers and sisters who have with swats and concluding we want every Muslim in this masjid and in other than its Masjid to new at GLM, we're not perfect, but we're people we're trying to be on the Sunnah accord, an understanding of what those companions were upon me a lot be pleased with them. And we're trying to address and

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take care of the affairs and the knees, of the Ummah, internationally, nationally and locally to the best of our ability. So that means if you fall anywhere in the scale of these mental disorders with swastikas that our imams are here for advice, and our community is here to raise awareness like today. We are here to support our community members and from this member on this day and concluding this hospital Joomla I asked Allah azza wa jal by his SM and our VM to give shifa to all of our

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brothers and sisters and youngsters who are suffering from this with swats to give everybody Sabra to deal with it from both sides and that Allahu Taala if he chooses in his infinite wisdom to leave the West swats on people, Oh Allah we asked you to give us the subject and the with with the wherewithal to be steadfast and patient with it. We ask him that and only he can deliver that for us and make it happen for us and we accept from inshallah Huhtala upcoming Salah Yahama Kamala

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