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Namo alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakatu brothers and sisters, welcome to ask most left today in shallow tada we're talking about Tip number four in your journey to memorize and quote and so what's Tip number four, stay away from sins as much as possible just avoid them as much as you can remember brothers and sisters sins causes us to lose our minds causes us to weaken our memories, and most of all we lose to fit in everything that we do. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala is constantly calling us to repent to him in the court and constantly like we're talking about dozens and dozens of verses Allah is always calling us turn to him to repent, turn to him to repent, we have to purify

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our hearts, we have to purify our minds in order to accept this light. Just like scholars, they've always said that sin is like darkness. And light is the blessings of Allah azza wa jal, and they can never come together. So you can't have one with the other at the same time. So you want to try to make sure that you eliminate the sins in your life as much as possible. I want to give you a couple of statements from the prophecy settlement as well as the scholars to think about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. One said that the students of knowledge who is sinning is like a candle that's being lit. At one time, the candle when it's lit, it's bringing light and guidance to people

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around you. So people can walk in, they can see where they're going. But at the same time, if the person is sitting, the candle is burning itself out. So here you are, you're helping others you're memorizing core, and people admonish you you want, they want you to lead the site, they want you to do all of these things. But at the same time, because of your sins, the blessings that you should be getting is getting equal to or deteriorating because of those sins that you're involved in. The second thing that I want to mention to you is always remember the famous poem of a mama chef, Rahim Allah, He once mentioned to his chef, he complained to him his chef work here. And he says to him

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that Look, my memory is a little bit off today. And what happened is that he was walking and he saw something, he saw actually the ankle of a woman, not her feet, or anything like that, he just saw a portion of her ankle, and that affected him, it affected his memory. Because what mhfa started doing is he started reading his book to his shell. And he started to slip here and there and the chef asked him like what's wrong with you, this is not like you to do this. And that's when the chef said to him that I saw this and I think it's affecting my memory. And his chef responds and says to him, that you will never be able to bring this light which is knowledge and sin, it will never come

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together, you have to separate the two. So it's really important brothers and sisters that we stop. And we look at ourselves not just for memorizing por en but just life in general, where sin is for you and try to eliminate and decrease it and decrease it as much as possible. You do that watch how the tofik of Allah has so much o comes into your life. But more importantly for those of you who are memorizing for n, that's when memorizing memorization starts to become easier for you. And it also stays with you. Just one last point that I want to mention is for those of you out there who might be you know, adults or getting older and older each and every single day married responsibility. You

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might be in your 50s and 60s and saying to yourself you know what I'm too old to memorize or learn. Well, one of the secrets to still gaining core and still memorizing it is simply staying away from sins as much as possible. Scholars they say that when you stay away from sins, the mind stays fresh, you're constantly being able to grasp and learn knowledge wherever it is, regardless of your circumstance. Remember that knowledge does not have an expiry date, it does not have an age limit. So with that, may Allah azza wa jal make it easy for all of you guys, stay tuned for Tip number six, or number five, right of how to memorize the Quran, just like hello Hydras and I'm wanting to lay

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