Smack of justice for Macron

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The French President, Mr. McCrone, has expressed anger towards the Muslims who have been vaccinating against him, including President Macron and President Macron's supporters. He has also addressed the issue of freedom of speech, which he claims is the responsibility of the president to protect the Islam. He has addressed the issue of being humiliated and warned of the consequences of his actions.

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hamdulillah one amazing day, when French president McCrone gets what he deserves a beautiful smack to the face. And why is it smack to the face, so satisfying to see, because this is the individual who allowed our beloved prophet Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, to be slandered, even though he knew how offensive this was to the Muslims from France from his own society, and for the Muslims around the world as they expressed their outrage. But he said, This is freedom of speech. And we all know the reality of this claim of freedom of speech. If we were to use this same analogy, talking about another religious minority in France, or around the world, where we have the same freedom or another

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group or movement around the world. Well, we have the same freedom of speech. And now the question comes for Mr. McCrone, this French citizen who expressed his anger towards you, you've done a horrible job as a president, you've ruined the economy, you ruin the relations that France had with the Muslims around the world. So he expressed himself freedom of speech, freedom of a nice slap to the face. So is this going to be freedom that's going to be allowed as well. And why is it so beautiful because a smack you couldn't get something that's more humiliating than a smack to the face? That's why you see an MMA when you have people like the DSSD the Stockton smack and they look

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at their opponent because it's smack It's humiliating. And Allah tells us in the Quran, Subhan Allah, when you look in Surah Al Hajj, where may you he left who for mela whom in MU cream and whoever Allah humiliates the no one can be still honor upon him. And Allah told us some sort of code about the ones who slander our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in Shanika, who will tell you that indeed your enemy, they're the ones who are cut off. They're the ones who are cut off from all forms of hair, and all for all forms of good Alhamdulillah the DUA the prayers of Muslims all around the world has been answered, to see this individual who tried to humiliate our beloved

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Prophet alayhi salatu was set up to see him humiliated in this life. We all know that if he doesn't repent, in the Hereafter, he's going to receive either and Maheen the humiliating punishment in the hereafter he'll get what he deserves in the Hereafter, but it Hamdulillah he got what he deserved in this life.