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of the phrasing of loss of Canada under sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we find that in the previous few ahadees

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continuous nature

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of bad practice how one even practice or one bad moral value can lead on to another bad moral value and as a Muslim needs to be vigilant

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regarding the sins devices, their mistakes, because even one small mistake one small sin can lead to another sin and begin to magnify that sin then it becomes a Kabira

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sola mentioned that any minor sin

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that is Demerol continues nature to the human

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mind the scenes carried out in habitual practice eventually classified as major sins

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and they are no major sins not a still

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a major sins are wiped out a person makes makes instacart makes tober repaints back to the Sultana data. And as the person needs to be wary inside their life, when I consider

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a true for the pope when he wrote his lines of poetry. Indeed, mountains are made from pebbles from small rocks. As you begin to visualize a great big mountain, every single stone. Every single pebble has an impact upon the mountain. That is a paragon of sins of disobedience of Allah Subhana Allah, whereby we mentioned squandering one's wealth

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is becoming the birthright of the devil, which then led on to idleness and wasting one's time one's wealth, and today's Hadeeth and follows that same pattern, unfortunately, whereby the person is excessive wealth and excessive wasting of time, leads the person to excessive speech, lying, cheating, wasting away their life, it is all a pattern that begins to follow in the life of the individual. But at the same time, we find the opposite is true as well. have been have been trained in doing good deeds, continuous in good deeds. That is what Allah Subhana Allah wants to see that a human being will fall short will make mistakes. The end result is based on we can speak in today's

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language, what many of us have gone through exams, etc, the percentage, the average percentage, when a muscle belongs the highest example, a person doesn't reach that percentage has a lower grade, or even as a higher grade. But just to help us to understand the average percentage what the person is taken upon.

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Likewise, in front of Allah Subhana, Allah the average could be the average lifestyle. The average practice is what counts of the individual, not small moments, that now it's the month of Muharram, we do certain good deeds or project

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or Ramadan or just Yama Juma. It is a continuous practice of trying continuous effort and the person is trying to even if the person falls short, they are open not to the Wrath of Allah

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Subhana Allah,

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Allah is written down upon himself, that he's the most Merciful One. So panda was the other 101 look meaning and first it was the believing individuals and then towards the Muslims. The average Muslim allies afford is Rahim is a term and Afu is the one part into four games. Who blocks out since takes away people's mistakes. That is Allah Subhana Allah does it today's headed that we find the opposite for a good deeds and following bad deeds and a come visit

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upon you is to follow a life of truthfulness,

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of sincerity for enough Sitka Yeti even better, because truthfulness commitment it leads towards a bill towards piety. Good action encourages the individual to carry out good action for a number of years the internet and piety it leads towards paradise. Have you studied the idea inside the forum speak about piety you see that the end result? These are the actions of piety the person needs to carry out inside their life. And the end result will be gender will be given to those individuals who live a life of piety. Why am I sad? Oh Roger. Yes Doku fester continues to be Trufant. We have to Hara Mississippi Have a seat had

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October in the body shop de Pon de Pon

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present continuously strives to be true fun throughout their life always striving, trying their best not just once in their life as you become an always trying their best Hector October in Dumbo yoked up in the nurse

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written amongst people,

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all women in the bar, firstly in front of a bar said the first in front of a lawsuit Canada is written as a truthful individual, what happens then it spills over because of Canada then announces to all the money

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or firstly to cheaper in some in near hip uilleann I love such and such individual. Your brain goes and announced it to the rest of the in the angels. There are a lot of such and such integration. Then it's announced on this earth where will the moon or the outcome on some level a sudden COBOL is placed acceptance is placed with this individual on the earth. But we follow the opposite pattern inside our lives. We first worry about the people around us. Then Then we may worry begin to think about maybe the angels are visualizing us. Then finally, we worry about Allah Subhana Allah. Firstly a person should be weary, should be should be facing. What will American Asian American tumalo be my

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Dharma Luna Basim? He is with you wherever you happen to be Allah Subhana Allah. Allah got numerous passages in Santa Clara law schools, do you fear people, you can fear mankind over lots of panel data. That's what many of us have become inside our lives. It's a fear of people. a fear of flesh and blood that will perish that will resolve that will finish me this dunya really human beings. You're having a loss of Canada Adam, human beings only fear loss of Canada Adam, that's the only thing that falls into the heart their mind is the fear of Allah. Then after it may come to some later stage, what will people say? But it's a fun interstate for Boniva. It should be but

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unfortunately find out we're living the opposite lives that always been worried about what the people will say before what I was trying to say about each and every single one of us. Why here come Well, Kevin

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Kelly, the Elan.

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And the opposite which concerns us today will open you to stay away from lying, to be treacherous, to not be truthful. Because they need lying in and fool leads towards rebelliousness, wickedness criminality bad behavior that's what it leads to. We're in for Judah de Elena. And for Jews unfortunately leads a person towards gender towards enough and like an individual Mariah

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Carey the person is continuously lying continuously it becomes a pension for that individual, that their life throughout their lives. Have you ever Interlaken seven and 10 in front of it lots of panel data is written this individual is a perpetual liar have been trained continuous liar have been moved up multifocal Ali, as collected by Imam Bukhari and Muslim becomes continuous that becomes part of their life this bad moral value is part of their life, that every time they speak nothing but lies

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or bad speech, disseminate service individual, the end result, truthfulness leads to gender. This is the golden there's nothing wrong with a person having an intention of striving for agenda. Obviously, actually that that sincerely seeking the face of Allah Subhana Allah, when I'm going to be an alpha boy, a human being as being compounded with virtues, with blessings with needs, desires, Adam and a sudden, no pollution.

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Everything in general, remain internal. But he still decides something beyond that. It is either a spouse, it is our companionship, in a police claim. And even we split beyond that. There may be you're not going to reside here for eternity, it is all going to come to an end.

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These are all aspects of the nature of the human being. So to strive to ask for gender, or the desire for gender is incorrect. That implies it is actually the Indian identity. And I'll be giving this it's a generality you find it a human is given whoever avoid things of this nature, how long can a person is given those things inside gender will be given to that individual. And likewise, the whole concept of rescuing oneself of deliverance is saving yourself from the fire and being placed inside gender at the end of surah. Later on, we find

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Furman Zener and in nervy

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data tokens first woman to Daniela

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whoever is rescued, delivered safe from the from the fire

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will defeat identity entered into paradise faqad faza that's ultimate success that is success that on that day you are now it may look for big evil person may temporarily go into the Hellfire no one should hope and aspire for that. Once direct entrance into paradise is plucked out the Hellfire, Otto is saved from the Hellfire and thrown into paradise.

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It's the ultimate success, then I'll give a shout out about this

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one much higher to denier in the matter.

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This word is nothing but a great big deception. It's a great picc line is a deception that will take you away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah if you don't know how to use this dunya just the general concept is dunya it will derail people it will mesmerize people, or take people away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah won't give them the success till eventually find

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one after another

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movie that some people use the word

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they don't just leave that as losses they lose this world as well. And they lose the era and either is the most manifest loss that a person can face inside your life. Have you October in the light should deepen into a sick person is committed focus continuously inside they're not trying to be true for individuals become second nature for them. So a lot right this individual is a true for individual. We shouldn't underestimate the concept of truthfulness are assumed to sit on me as my own alchemy. kablam no Buddha before Prophethood was given two main titles aside, when I mean a couple of taxa before giving Prophethood before giving revelation he was known by the people.

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Everybody knew him as a trooper individually as a trustworthy individual at a later stage in their life, compared to the opposite to many of us. What an average Muslim is, are we known as true for individuals are we known as average Muslim society we are true for individuals. That is what we should be we should be truthful individually we should know us for truthfulness, transparency, and clarity are clearly clear clearance about us that this is what we are this is what we believe this how we conduct ourselves should be all clear. Nothing should be heated about a Muslim or treacherous about a Muslim.

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Woman you know what asuna whoever obeys a lot what a fool for Allah. For Allah Islam, Allah Deena and Armando la mina Nabina, who should be in our show today was Sonia. He wants to Nicola Rafi.

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whoever obeys Allah and His messenger. And this is the series that I mentioned is the field of the Quran. Who are those ones that Allah Subhana showed favor to inside? What we recite at least 17 times the inside sort of 31 Serato levina and under adding him Who are those individuals? This is your answer given that sort of Nyssa They are the ones who are going to earn the favor of loss of data will be with whom man have been overdone with the profits. What should the second is true for the individual was sure her day was slightly ahead, the martyrs and a righteous individual what has to not only incur a fee? These are the best comrades. These are the best friends. These are best

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allies inside agenda to be with the profits to be with a message to be really true for individual, what city what city or city. The leader hold true for individuals after appropriate la salatu salam is known as an Abu Bakar Shipley, that is individuals that are known.

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They constantly revise our bunker city. They revived him, they curse him, they condemn him. They classify him as a disbeliever. You will burn in hell for eternity. admin shut him in at him. This is from their belief. Their core belief by the commandment is opposite. He's amongst a city. Like as I mentioned, in Houma. phulkari is your Cooley saw that in Montana in Sarasota Tobermory.

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Josie needs to see because he is Anita See? who is the founder speaking about in Houma, Aloha, Hector Nova linguistically in Houma aloha when both of the two were inside

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The case who is it referring to? is referring to none other than the Prophet Allah with Abu Bakar. Sydney is yaku he saw me he says to his friend,

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the purpose of speech to his comrade, his friend, he says to him, rather in class he said I want to reclassify

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the brokerage I said that I would have made you look acidic as a highly intimate close friend. But the reason why don't you call you honey is because Allah has made me he's honey and his friend.

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So I can't take anybody who's doing it to be a funny one I can so heavy, but you're my comrade, you're my friend.

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In the holy so I'm in Nevada, Montana, don't say don't grieve allies with us. Likewise, the reader to see the end of so

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many relevant capacities, am I speaking about him about none other than Abu Bakar, Sandeep, we should have find a trivial, we should have find it like, because symbols of unity will jamara Sahaba his love of the companions, praising the companions following the companions, because you don't think Oh, just for the sake of unity, that whatever person believes inside their life, there's certain things a person that they say can turn a blind eye to,

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amongst external pain and

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a person can maybe turn a blind eye to them or

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turn a blind eye to them

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or be acquired for belief.

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as it were such a belief that there should be a zero tolerance towards this, that we should all just accept everything in a melting pot that is all that Islam is.

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We are predominantly a Sunni Cree, a Sunni Sunni Shia nation of

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people. Sooner you have no no entrance amongst us to be resemble if people have sooner people who are repeating some form of honesty. We should be wary about this, about being acidic in the true for individuals, where you had

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concerns as soon as Kevin Yakumo, Calico when you attack the

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severe warning, be careful of lying. I'm not speaking the truth about Yankee you know for sure.

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Because lying needs to work for Jude wickedness. She's been on a mission

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inside Rio de Sala he mentioned women who are at a later panel Diana, present goes as for Judas getting away, exiting away from the obedience of Allah Subhana Allah doesn't for you is that's what I mentioned. Like I'm looking for a tune.

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for answers that disbelieving individuals, they're not just disbelieving individuals. They are unfortunate. They are wicked. They're rebellious. They even they carry on bad actions are under the USA displaying independence Koran is crystal clear. As you mentioned one thing leads to another thing is but it leads towards deception leads was treachery. He thought corruption leads towards haraam lead.

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Lead source for one lead towards rejection of alone leads towards over the three leads to life by the law medical the inner keytab for Jerry Luffy CG in Sarasota. notifii phenol sutra is speaking once about the giveaway live TV going to those who are treacherous individuals, cheating the scaling people will open such individuals record of those people will be those people who are continuous blind individual stretches individuals have been 16 or 16. kung fu Sera, Amma

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Johanna is either going to be lonely steps of Johanna for those individuals. Our teacher is a record that these record these individual will be prescribed or written down for these individuals. Likewise another place in southern elementary to Panama either when Fujairah Luffy Jain future rebellious wicked individuals will be inside Germany that will be the end of those types of individuals. May Allah forgive us from becoming from such type of individuals. It doesn't even have to your target Interlaken seven person becomes your continuous nature, speaking life after life, till eventually that person is written down as a lying individual.

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A pure liar.

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Well, Kevin minocqua

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lie in mineral cafe. If amongst a major sins so we should we should refresh our faith. Read compilation collections of Korra alphabet Amazon alphabet

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read is collected at the major sins. Likewise the contemporary work of Tamimi.

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of Tibet that we find, collect your what are the main major sins, to to oppress yourself to because many things that we carry out inside our lives we we think that the minor sins or they might you see so they have no impact. But rather when you read through such work you find that some of these actions we carry a major sins that we should be wary about inside our lives. It doesn't really mention this, this bad moral value has become second nature for some of us Muslims, whether on a micro level, or a macro level that we find, we lie to one another, we live for one another. It's become common, unfortunately, is what we have become symbolizes. symbolize inside a society. And

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then they say that the whole world is based on a lie. What does it mean the whole world is based in a line, there are two ultimate lies that you can say that they govern, and they rule this world. If you can use such language, one is politicians. And second is lawyers. So that the world is facing a life, because then they turn everything upside down, to lie about everything to make the whole world see that the whole world is lying. And it only true for individuals. We shouldn't be taken aback by that is a fact. There's numerous facts and evidences whether you study the concept of democracies or Kenya to get 2016 saw that took place by two fractions. In a democratic system, lying and cheating

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in the ballot box that we find that approximately 1000 to 1500 people were killed 500 to 600,000 people were displaced millions of dollars of loss of wealth, income of damage taking place while because of lying and cheating. That's not too long ago. And likewise, we are surrounded by the moment. But we've always asked we requested some Muslim so shallow that they can't see beyond beyond their own eyes.

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W MD weapons of mass destruction, yes have gone by. We're still waiting for evidence. But it's been proven. It was one of the biggest lies in history, to engage in war on Muslim lands a country and to destroy people.

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Former Prime Minister this country himself accepts the fact it was a great big lie. There was no real evidence that the Prime Minister of this country declares himself who accepts the fact it wasn't just a lie, a lie to take 1000s to war and lie to take kill millions of innocent individuals. A lie that leads the people of Iran white phosphorus born in a state of deformity handicap is a pretty big life. It's a pretty big lie. But the rarest of individuals is the Muslims. You know, there's 15 or so Muslim politicians that sit inside the comments at the moment. Not a single one of them speaks. It takes a Sikh individual to stand up and speak about the plight of Muslims to use

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that such derogatory words. They speak about Muslim women. They look like bank robbers. They look like dustbin miners takes a non Muslim to take the courage to stand up and say, respect Muslim women.

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May Allah guide this individual that we should pray for that non Muslim standard. Our play while we like to the teeth, we like to the tee for what purpose? For our own personal interest, my own seat, long, consistent long people around me long purpose. But as we began, we don't have the courage. We don't have the courage anymore to speak about anything that concerns us. Rather, we can continuously live with the world alive by the lie of terrorist threats. It's a pretty big life. It's a great big myth. It's a great big favorite, that the first people Saudi has to be said the first people be sucked into it is the Muslims in the first people get sucked into is the Muslims? Is the bandwagon

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every other Muslim that we will live inside this environment can do not how many terrorists Do you know, amongst Muslims in our community? How many do you know? How many have you engaged with how many of you may have you seen in all honesty 1% of a person who may have a radical view. We don't we don't deny that fact there may be Muslims who have a radical view. We don't deny the fact we don't hide about it. We accept the fact there could be individuals who have these views. We will tackle these views will address these views. We will paint an open brush that every other Muslim is a terrorist. Every other Muslim has a clock to blow up this country to destroy people to harm people

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to kill people to go into pillage and carnage. And an average every single Muslim is a law abiding individual is a law abiding individual is a safe individual. That's what a Muslim should be. That's what we should feel. We should be proud of that inside our lives. We should be proud of

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That we shouldn't fall full prey and cave in. I think what the media present this is what Muslims alike this was the action of Muslims up inside the future that we find and likewise you find that the concept of authority that we find that we find that people in authority people who lead us

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people should be wary, we find

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a Muslim that we find

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in or he mentioned on his on his deathbed.

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He said if I knew that I was going to live there, I would not know writing this is what I know is the end and my life so cute man with a Nikon concealed knowledge. I can't hide knowledge. I had these words, the proper time to convey them. After you mentioned out what the words are, Allah put someone in charge of a group of people others and a person cheats his subjects and he died without repentance. Allah will forbid paradise for him gtcys people neglects his people, doesn't take care of his people. There's a make Toba had even such a Muslim, then that person is forbidden to go into paradise should be something was to ponder and to reflect upon. And as you find that the corruption

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around us, as you mentioned, micro and macro level is all day doesn't shy away from the fact that say there is no corruption whether amongst non Muslims or Muslims, there is no corruption amongst us. We are wholesome sound community, a wholesome environment that we are though the Muslim world is at peace is at rest. Who says that peace and rest. We're living in a strange time is costing almost never vision before it was taking place. There have been moments in history where there's been hardships. But it's such a degree that we find various locations, hardships and difficulties that are placed in Audacity, some people to say, just to laugh it off that what's taking place inside

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Syria to laugh about it. But this is what happens when you pick a bone with the leaders.

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You know, we can go deep into some of the some of these leaders they bury is crystal clear.

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The Bashar was he regime in such Syria, it has no aesthetic principles. Now once you try and try to defend something, their belief is a belief which goes outside the fold of Islam.

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And you can consult with any scholar that whatever it is, whether the son of his father, when a police work and what they believe in. And even in visualize it, visualize it might even make it makes people come down and make sense that in front of him and says Who is your

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Who's your God down? These are the type of evil people we're surrounded by.

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That's what we surround even people that we're surrounded by. We don't even have that compassion that mercy. It hasn't been filled up. yet.

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Don't even know that compassion, mercy, showed mercy to the people around you. And a person, Allah, Allah will show mercy to that person.

00:28:08--> 00:28:29

showed mercy to your own people. Your own lineage, your own culture, your own language, your own homeland, shall show mercy to that. displaced your own people and visualize, go and look at the state of the country. Look at it and look at what's happened in this country, I'll be totally destroyed in the range of what

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in a range of one power of glory of mine.

00:28:36--> 00:28:38

And as we should waken up.

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People speak about Tony Tony isn't just speaking about his reformation. His change is visualizing that change, bringing about that change. We're not living in a modern period. We're living in a state that whereby we have to wait continuously wait and wait and wait. 1400 years have gone by fujinon OTS, we will know the Sharia is we will know what it is what needs to be said. But we find a culture a cultural shift within ourselves of glorifying people,

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glorifying people.

00:29:13--> 00:29:23

This is no one minute shake, as you began with a person face no one except Allah Subhana Allah Rasool Allah salatu salam, Nakano.

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The progress of never like any individual stand for him.

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he disliked it.

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He hated it. If there's any individual to stand up for a B for a profit or a shut up to sit down, that's the only individual now even our parents or even our loved ones, only are foolish enough to sit down. And maybe you all have been with me, Nina mean unforeseen. The profit is closer to the believer, than even the own cells, their own blood. They own veins.

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That's what is allowed inside of Sharia. That's the only person that is not allowed. That excessive praise, grammar words that said, all of this leads towards what? To an element of worship of the human being of you beyond just blood and flesh. Simple things that we find

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that Monica, Dayton

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Fie, Calhoun, Walla, sola, you find that an angel never enter home.

00:30:31--> 00:30:40

The angels of mercy never entered a home whereby there's a dog inside that home, or there's pictures that aren't displayed. Basic ID, instead of hiding the Bukhari that we find is there are

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other ratios that we find we find a plastered all over the Muslim world.

00:30:48--> 00:30:50

Plus, you know, the Muslim world Lima that

00:30:52--> 00:31:02

chick Salah cousin asked about pictures being displayed about leaders of people. He says that the seventh it has an AMA, don't become lazy and complacent about this event. It's not alone.

00:31:03--> 00:31:06

It's not whatever the people that are watching the justification may be because this is

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this is shining. It's a glorification of a human being.

00:31:12--> 00:31:17

showing respect that leads to what this person is an all mighty individual,

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that no matter what happens, obedience and everything lies towards this individual, no matter what happens, then life

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is a sad thing that we find out in life as filled out. lies are made

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about people to do what

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we will a simple, simple Muslim, that a Muslim is a simple individual, a simple life. A simple being a simple truth, as they say, leaving aside the macro side returning back and we are only, as many earlier mentioned just a reflection of the global world all around us. That whatever we do just reflects one another that we find that what is what is our realm? What is our conduct inside our daily lives that we find lying and cheating that we find?

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We find in that transaction, you can find the notion of a subpoena.

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Whoever cheats us is not from amongst us

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without context of his hobbies whereby an individual places the good substance on top of places, the wet substance of the bad produce inside the middle. Then he comes to serve the customer and give takes puts his hand inside the middle and gives it to the people. And that's the purpose of interest is present inside. So what is this wetness of the grain?

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Monica shanafelt a subpoena with a cheetah is not from us. Are we not Muslims like this, that we cheat other people. We cheat in our project we cheat to the way that we conducted those people had these insert Buhari that we find when you make a business transaction with another individual, both individuals they highlighted there may be any discrepancies, any deficiency, any need to work, whatever it may be, they highlighted the truth to one another. And they shake upon that.

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Takapuna, coffee man, if I'm pressing is placed inside a transaction, but the opposite is also mentioned. So the idea that one is treacherous, another one lies the other one deceives the other, then the mercy, the blessing is lifted from the transaction. So that we can complain about as I mentioned, the world politics we live this every day. We do this unfortunately a daily basis, that is becomes a characteristic that we find. And likewise, what is the punishment of a person who lies who spread lies, who entertains lies, all forms a lie like an amoeba, gossiping, slandering, backbiting that we find Chinese whispers that we find that common only spreading inside our society.

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We the heavy the long journey of Russia will be around where the progress is shown before the punch will be given to them. We fight when a person is placed inside their cheek, and it rips their mouth all the way all the way to the back of the cheek today today, hello,

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and appropriate. So he asked he asked what is the descriptive nature Who are these individuals who can be facing such a punishment? Is it this is Elia the person is known to be a lying individual and the lie that they say spreads. This continues to happen to the individual know inside of here inside. Inside jahannam Allah mentioned is going to be either in the cover. This is going to be the punishment of the individual inside the grave will not protect us. From your plan you will find a window of the grave as you find information on Coca Cola in

00:34:36--> 00:34:36

the shadows

00:34:37--> 00:34:49

to make the final decision or to seek refuge for the Great Wolf on the bottom foot along the road to becoming a double cover. To seek refuge in a polygraph is found in the partner for

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

Allah Al Shea highly recommended, but it was a complete surprise to seek refuge for the punishment of the brain because this is the beginning of the journey.

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

This is the end of this world and the beginning of the new journey. If the brave person is successful individual, one after the other

00:35:10--> 00:35:18

and then rest inside the grave beauty inside the grave, paradise inside the grave pleasures inside the grave for my

00:35:19--> 00:35:29

enemies even more beautiful for the individual, but infested exposed inside the grave. There's nothing worse than wasting waiting for an individual. And now you're not an

00:35:32--> 00:36:00

elephant, either. It's that sort of offer that we find evidence of punishing the grave that person the people have been exposed to the five day and night in a day judgment are going to expose to even greater fire what is a greater fire if they're already exposed to the fire? The fire inside the grave? Every morning every evening? I think judgment a greater fire will be given to those individuals that you find a conclusion and even Buhari does you be wary of

00:36:01--> 00:36:01

the moon

00:36:03--> 00:36:19

if the moon signs of the hypocritical individuals, some had mentioned three signs I mentioned four signs or one concerns when he speaks he's habitual in line. And likewise Another common factor inside a community that you find I mean,

00:36:20--> 00:36:22

to make people love

00:36:24--> 00:36:26

entertainment make people love

00:36:27--> 00:36:40

tonight to make people love such severe warnings that we find lying is not good. Whether in seriousness or joking, have these sort of a sound Hadith authenticated Paddy Shan Shan Nasir De

00:36:41--> 00:36:45

La Nina has eaten tsunami de una refined Waylon even had

00:36:47--> 00:36:51

no formal way to know while we're on that people who likes to make people

00:36:53--> 00:37:08

laugh well upon him, and again go upon him. Destruction be upon the individual who lies to people to make people love to amuse people. Is the evil trick for a person to have. The Muslim as you mentioned, Ganga Latina, de la ku, Baku, Masada

00:37:09--> 00:37:37

Are you please say Allah Subhana Allah and be with the true for individuals in such at the top of s 119. Another place inside the Quran quite strange is it such a diverse 119 as when Allah mentions call Aloha, the young, young sadena Singapore, this is the day that the true for individuals, they seek the truth and it will benefit them down to

00:37:38--> 00:37:46

earth for these individuals will be God as a parent that will be given to these individuals. Underneath that you find rivers will flow carlina Fie her

00:37:47--> 00:37:52

residing for eternity is that paradise or the yellow onion What are

00:37:53--> 00:38:07

they they are happy with a please with a loss of Allah and Allah is pleased with them, then you can fulfill our Deen that is the most magnificent, greatest success without individuals is a puff of sin. That this is the end of sort of

00:38:09--> 00:38:13

the fifth chapter economy. Can you speak to that? Peter Sutton and

00:38:14--> 00:38:55

the Christians you know sometimes in in our culture, speech and educate we don't sometimes give non Muslims a Jew right meaning they are good people from amongst them. Imagine this individual spoke the truth is good enough individually amongst them Allah Allah can sometimes you can use an incorrect person to speak the truth to Allah the truth just be documented. And as Paulo proves going impossible, what should our role be towards the people around us? If you study certain manga that you find alarming, just clearly, amongst the Christian there are certain individuals that they cry and they weep and weep because they're very diverse is a true fantasy that I have a lot of data that

00:38:55--> 00:38:56

we've about it

00:38:57--> 00:39:00

will not allow us to be rude, arrogant individuals.

00:39:02--> 00:39:04

Generally individuals compared to as Muslims

00:39:05--> 00:39:07

in the way that we engage with people.

00:39:08--> 00:39:20

It's very strange. The way that we conduct so to speak, the etiquettes of directing you towards people is not humbleness. It's not humility is granting his rage.

00:39:21--> 00:39:59

If we even know the concept of many young people, they flock to Hyde Park to give that one go go and study the video go and watch and look at the non Muslim etiquette. sacrament is preparing to look at a Muslim etiquette. The Muslim is just ranting and raging, shouting and screaming, condemning vile speech. vile challenges while words how the coloca saputara is to advocate a person that one person of Hulu have characteristics. So many times they're able to overcome the argument that people see how other people conduct themselves because a Muslim

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

Attorney just filed a silence, just by the silence that everything about them, we shouldn't fall into this culture that said, the truth was said the truth was delivered, the person was condemned, the person was silent. Not everything needs a response.

00:40:16--> 00:40:28

Your task is just to deliver, to remind them to reflect, they will think, likewise, our Muslim society as well. We have many things which are incorrect about our Muslim society, we are people.

00:40:29--> 00:40:52

Whenever people have desires of loss of innovation, how do we engage with them? How do we treat them? How do we live with them? We have members in our own family. Now you salute you don't pray, we don't force. We have attacks of non Muslims upon us. We have atheism spreading inside amongst us. We are people who come from good Muslim homes, good Muslim education, say, I don't believe in Allah anymore.

00:40:53--> 00:41:29

And then on top of that, we have the rest of the culture around us that we're facing. Are we really individuals? Are we really just individuals? Or do we just have a head buried inside a book and we know that the world is a perfect world, a Muslim rises to challenges, Muslim speaks about challenges, Muslim responds about challenges. A Muslim doesn't just sit there and says, let someone else do the job, then let someone else teach your children, let someone else teach your children to take drugs and to serve drugs and to sell drugs. Let somebody else teach your child to go on stab and kill another individual. Because you can't be bothered. You can't be bothered, and it has

00:41:29--> 00:41:43

spilled over into our community. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We should be worried about ourselves. We as parents should be worried. Numerous parents have spoken to every single night, every single night.

00:41:44--> 00:41:52

Without any exception. They're worried about their son or their daughter most of the sun, if they're going to walk through back through that door at night again.

00:41:53--> 00:41:59

Many parents spoken to every single night they are worried what are we living in them?

00:42:00--> 00:42:39

What what are we living in everything is safe and sound. These are challenges we need to respond to how many Muslims are involved in criminality, lying, cheating squandering full effect. Statistics have proven that in fact, many times we mentioned the various of people involved in haram activities, the Muslim youth and today the highest scale of people in trafficking of drugs, corruption, Vice is unfortunately who is the Muslims perpetuem become continuous because we don't want to speak about him. May Allah give us a tofik and ability become those individual alladhina Jamar una

00:42:40--> 00:43:12

una in monka terbesar capacity Allah God forbid the evil we pray to Allah and Allah to rectify the affairs of this machico Mahajan, the difficulties and to place upon us people who will be who would be who would be full of full of compassion and mercy to the subjects whatever sins may exist inside their private life place in a tion doesn't concern us, but which comes out in the public domain of creating the harm harm inside our society to worry all of us spill over to our community affect our community.