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Part 12/12 – The Conclusion

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Lao salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam alaikum. Everyone. Okay? I don't think I'll give you another break.

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I'm not in the mood.

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Okay, so we're just gonna, like, do this. Alright, so we are in Section six. Before I start, I just want to give you an overview of what we covered. The introduction was about the Quran and the people who refuse to respond to it. The second section was I forgot.

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I forgot. What kind of history Do you remember what the

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the town and the three messengers and that lone believer? Sure, that's section two, oh, section three about

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the world all around you and how you're supposed to think about what is right in front of you. And then section four was about the people who just

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refuse to think of a section five about

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they say that there were how many kinds of warnings are there and what are they

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destruction, they have judgment.

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And in the middle of that conversation, a lot also mentioned some awesome stuff about gender. Right, but he put it in the middle of that warning, and then that passage came to an end. We are now in Section six. Section six is if you can just call it the concluding section. It's the conclusion. And in this conclusion, a level basically review all of the fundamental concepts that are covered in sections one through five, in one way or another one of those things will be repeated. Just so as you leave you leave with a good review of these guiding lessons and principles that Allah has been giving throughout this beautiful surah so we begin Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R

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Rahman r Rahim, Allah Allah who share our nihonga Lila. We did not teach him poetry and it doesn't fit him either. It's not becoming of him to do poetry in who are in the Quran walk or Anima bien It is nothing but a reminder is nothing but remembrance and a Quran that is absolutely clear. That is clear, crystal clear. This is not the work of a human being or of a creative poet. It is rather the Quran. What is this a review of guys?

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Where was that? Tenzin Allah Aziza Brahim or Anil Hakim in academia, masa Dena was in the beginning was in it. Now it's being repeated, repeated but now this idea of we didn't teach him poetry, I want to say something is about this idea of poetry. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not know poetry. He loved it, though. He really liked it. Actually, he had companions who liked it, who were very good at it.

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Who was the Prophet? Or rather what was the Prophet compared to in the surah? And what were the companions compared to?

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Do you remember that the son of law said it is not becoming of the son to catch up to the moon.

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Remember that lie young, you know, let's jump to Yamaha younger z. And the only other time younger he is used is Walmart I love now who shared all my young vallila we didn't teach him poetry, it doesn't fit him either. So the only two times the word young belly is used is for the Son, and for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the Siraj.

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Even that is correlated and corresponded. Because you're supposed to make that connection anyway. But it's done through the language also. Now, in this in this beautiful depiction, we didn't teach him poetry doesn't fit him. Which means what fits the sun is not the same as what fits the moon, which means what's appropriate for the Prophet slicer is not the same as what is appropriate for the companions. The prophets lie Selim could not do any poetry Allah did not let him learn it. He did not teach him at all, but the companions were

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very good at it. used to love listening to poetry. One story sticks out in my mind, because it has this ayah in it. The prophets, I seldom used to try to memorize poetry when you heard good poetry. He used to memorize it. Actually, in that sense, that's one of the one of the qualities of the profit slice that I'm that I get reminded of when I talk to my dad. My dad loves poetry.

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But he's terrible at remembering it, remembering it.

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He cannot remember anything about poetry. He only knows like one poem.

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And he tells it to me every time

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every time and he tells me, what I love about him is he tells it to me in a way that he's really convinced that I'm going to be shocked by how it ends. I

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can tell you the poem.

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Okay, it's an older sorry, for the rest of you. Just because the font or something

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he says issues not

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that our horses need.

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Gentlemen, he's not agassi horses.

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That's all he ever does.

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And then he chuckles and giggles and

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that's kind of prophetic that he just cannot cannot remember poetry for the life of anyway. So what happened was, in one of the one of the battles in the prophets life on the Sato Salaam, there was a new Muslim. And this new Muslim used to be a tribe leader. Okay, so there's a battle and this Muslim used to be a tribe leader, right? And before Islam, the tribe leader is a big deal.

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And so if you go into battle, and you win, who gets the most chair, to tribe leader, but now he's just another Muslim. And when you go into battle as a Muslim, how much do you get

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equal share as everybody else. So he used to get the big percentage, now he gets equal share, so he feels insulted. The tribe leader even though he's Muslim, he feels insulted. So he basically makes poetry about how he's been humiliated. Okay, so he says him to Bain and caraga, in some part of his poetry, I was humiliated between the tribes of Accra and Alina, Accra and the two names of his tribes.

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So he says, between both of those tribes, my reputation has been destroyed because of Islam, because of Islam. And when he makes this poem, he's very good at poetry. So it spreads. But when Muslims hear this poetry, it starts hurting the morale of the army. So the prophet SAW Selim says, go pay him off, just give him some money. Because what is this poetry is hurting the Muslims.

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A few years later, the prophet SAW Selim saw this guy. He didn't see him face to face before, but he saw him finally. And the problem said, Weren't you the one who made that tone?

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And then the prophesies and try to repeat the phone.

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And when you repeated the poem, he took up Korea. And he flipped it over and said, Oh, you know what?

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Okay, so the two tribes, he flipped the names over. Does that matter in poetry?

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Yeah, cuz there's a musical rhythm to a poem. And if you don't keep up with the rhythm, it messes the whole thing up. It's not about the message. It's about the style, isn't it? So Becker rhodiola. Juana was next to the profit slice.

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And abubaker is very good at poetry.

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So he kind of quietly kind of taps the profits low, Sullivan says

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it was

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It was the other way.

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And the proposition so what difference does it make?

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You don't say that to a poet? Yeah. What difference does it make?

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So overcapacity says to the province isonem, you know, Allah spoke the truth when he said, Well, my alumna shadow my younger healer, we didn't teach him poetry doesn't fit him either.

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So anyway, I did not teach the messenger RNA Sato slam poetry at all. And it's not fitting of him because he doesn't have time to talk about those things. He's got too much of a tight speech to talk about the Hakeem Quran itself. There's no time for him to do this. So now he says in who I think it is nothing but a reminder. You know, in Hawaii lies a form of speech in Nevada and that's really powerful. One of the most you know, universal definitions of the Quran is that it's a reminder and the thing of a reminder that the the the reality of a reminder is something that needs to be repeated all the time.

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And you know, in the Quran, you learn that reminder benefits the hearts

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you know, the reminder is for the hearts Allah be victory law, he taught my inner loop. So thicker is for the hearts. Okay.

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And the cleaner we made his heart remember are thicker so the first thing the Quran is it's thicker, which means it's supposed to affect your heart. But then he says in Hua illogical Quran moving it's a clear Quran now clarity is not something in the heart, where's clarity? It's in the mind. So this this recital is supposed to be spiritual and at the same time, it's supposed to be intellectual. You know, the idea of Mr. Elena l bunnahabhain.

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Those two sides of it, again reviewed in just in who are illogic Ron Walker are no movie, Leone's yarraman Carnahan

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so that he can warn and so that the Quran can warn whoever has been alive. Obviously the Quran is there to warn someone who's alive but we are learning something that is being reviewed from section one. In section one Allah told us that in an afternoon he'll Mota we give life to the dead.

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Remember that and part of the meaning was you can give life to the dead hearts also. And at the end of it all he says, so that you can warn someone whose heart still has some life in it. Some good is still left in them. Men can wear have gone cold or idle caffeine, and the truth will become absolutely clear against the disbelievers. The word will become manifest against the disbelievers. You have called cola and caffeine. By the way, your head called toluene caffeine, this exact phrase came before when a lot

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lucky to have

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him celebrating the beginning. Now he's reviewing it at the end, so that the word becomes absolutely true against the disbelievers. There is a second meaning of Hakan Cole hakala he'll call. I'll explain that to you too. When you become deserving of something. Like if I say, I'm going to punish you, if I save it to my son, Willie, I'm going to punish you. I'm going to take your Legos away.

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And he says, Okay, what am I not supposed to? I said, if you don't go upstairs right now, I'm gonna take your Legos away, and he doesn't go upstairs. Then I take the Legos away and as I'm taking away I say, like a cold cold Radhika The Word became true for you. What are the warning became real? Okay, so how can cold doesn't just mean the truth has become clear to somebody or the words have become clear to somebody, but also means that they deserve what was warned that they actually became worthy of that punishment. Okay, so now you can count carefully means so that even the disbelievers are absolutely absolutely clear that this is the truth, even though they'll keep hiding it inside.

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And it also becomes clear that now they deserve the worst punishment we can count on caffeine. The question though, is that punishment has a lead described it in the sutra. It began with them being blocked off from all pathways to truth, and then it leads them to be a destination that gets destroyed, which leads them to be on the Day of Judgment, which leads them into hellfire. You have cocoa and caffeine, our lamb Yamanaka, canola, Hama, millet, Idina? Didn't they look to what we created for them.

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From our own hands, what were our own hands did for them. What does that seem like a review of Didn't they look at what we made for them? What section was that?

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That was the third section wasn't it the world around you. And this time he says a an Armin will be made from our own hands, that is to say cattle cows, for whom the harmonica then they will go around owning it. They own these cows and cattle see that that time you talked about fruits.

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And he talks about you know, crop that you eat,

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and gardens and date palms, and now he's talking about cattle and how cattle has been submitted before you it's been humbled before you you know, in the Quran, Allah often talks about animals that you have control over horses, cows, camels, and there's a reason for that. in it. There's a spiritual lesson. Also, this is a physical image tied to a spiritual lesson. The spiritual lesson is you have animals under you that are humble. And you would not tolerate if they acted up. If your horse was going too crazy, what would you do?

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You'd put it down. If your cows start giving you stop giving you milk. It'll be a burger.

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Yes. So what you own when it doesn't do its job?

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is done.

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Shouldn't that be a lesson for you? Because I own you.

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If you don't do your job, then why do you think I don't have the right to do away with you?

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You see? So Didn't they see what we made with our own hands for them cattle for whom the harmonica and then they're in ownership of it?

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And then what Allah Allah Allah Who? And we made this cattle humble for them. Now that was important to mention. Because when the cattle has been made humble for their owners, how come you haven't been humbled? been humbled before Allah? Fleming Heroku humble manhyia Kowloon, and out of these cattle they also get rides for whom their rides exist, then we'll talk about rides before what two rides that he mentioned. Do you remember he mentioned the ship, he mentioned the camel that people ride or other kinds of rides that they don't even know about yet. Women higher Kowloon and from it, and from them they eat, they even consume them. Another sign of Judgment Day and your humility that you that

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you put in your mouth.

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And then voila, houfy, hamanasi, romashin. Out of all of these, these cattle, they have in them all kinds of benefits, they can get hide out of it. They can get skin out of it. They can use their bones for something or do all kinds of stuff will mash it up and they get all kinds of drinks out of it. A financial guru. Now how come they're not grateful, then are they not grateful? Then? Notice last time I talked about being grateful. He talked about food. And this time he's talking about drink.

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But last time we talked about fruits you can eat, and now he's completing the diet by talking about things you can drink. And the subject of gratitude becomes complete. What does a woman do in law he can land a home in saloon. They've taken other gods besides a law

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so that they can be helped.

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This is another criticism like a lover said Why didn't you Why didn't you look at the reality right in front of them. And we reviewed that again in now section six, but now he's going to go into their crimes. And crimes are similar to the crimes that other people have done in previous nations like in

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Section two in the history lesson, where people were expecting the shefa or the intercession of other gods. So he says they've taken other gods besides Allah, the unknown saloon so that they can be helped.

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Weren't they told it Tacoma Bina de como mahalo calm take precaution protect yourselves by using your minds properly take precautions from what is in front of you and what is behind you not from false gods. Why are you seeking help and protection from false gods

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lie yourself to

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these gods they're not gonna be of any help to them. They're not capable of any help for them. Well, hula hoop jundo maroon and they for them are just an army just like their themselves that are being made to present themselves in other words, unless paints the scene of Judgment Day, where all these machete cones, the people who worshipped idols and false gods are standing there, and their idols are standing there to

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their standing. You're here.

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You're supposed to be on the VIP section calling me over.

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Why are you here? Wasn't me. I was just an idle dude.

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I'm just gonna burn.

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And I will be used as fuel tank in Ranger fire.

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Because unless as well, kudos to NASA well, era, it's filled with people and stones, the stones that the idols were made of.

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So the idol itself is standing there like, wait,

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this can't be good.

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You know, well, hold on john McDonnell.

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what they say shouldn't make you sad. Who's he talking to?

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their statements should not make you sad. This is constellation from Allah to the prophets. Allah loves them. Which section did we have consolation from Allah to the prophets I saw them in the first section in the kilometer more serene. Allah salata, Masaki, once again, and in the second section rapala nyla economo saloon in the second section, the history our master knows that we are we have consolation from him. We don't need validation from you. And now I'm gonna give you some validation you don't have to worry so much about what they say and not not

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only do we know what they make open you we know what they make public and we know the thing or rather we know the secrets they keep and we know the things they made public. This is also a review because the truth was made clear deep inside their hearts. Yes, sir. No. Naka Takako Allah, at very him. So Allah says, I know the secrets they have. And I know the opposite truth or falsehood they announced What am I really doing

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now while I'm urine insano but before I go to that, why did they reject the message Why did they keep things hidden and not say what they knew to be true pride wasn't it so let's go now going to attack pride

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because he's going to come at really the real problem didn't the human being see and now HELOC now home Windows button that we created him from a dirty fluid, a drop for example, Cosima movie, and then all of a sudden he's constantly making arguments openly.

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Who does he think he is? You know, the surah began by telling the nation of kurush Who do you think you are? And Allah says, who does the nation who does this human being thing he is you're just a dirty fluid. And you get up all big and now you start making arguments. You know, this is not this really well we make this line we use this line against our kids when they get loud after them Barbara Delgado Ha ha ha.

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Now you're really big. Mashallah, you heard that one? I was actually using that one on the crush. Oh, are you all grown up? Now? You want to make arguments against the law? Do you I see. Wonderful.

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And this idea of a dog who was even he's he all of a sudden he starts making arguments. This is not the first time we're learning about arguments. maka, you know, Allah says in Canada, Allah subhanho Luna, Allah subhanahu

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wa homeologous the moon.

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There's not going to be it's nothing but a single explosion they're going to look at while in the middle of their arguments. And the less as you think you have the room to make arguments, you think you get to be this obnoxious.

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Now, what kind of arguments does he make? Allah says, well, bla bla, Matalan, he gives all kinds of examples for us. He starts making theoretical scenarios for us, which by the way, he already made in this sutra, a moment now Yasha Allahu Allah, Who should we feed someone Allah could have had himself.

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If Allah wanted, he would have had him himself. He's theorizing about allies and he, Allah says he starts making theories about me giving examples about me when nesea hulka when he forgot his own creation,

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by Rama, Rama here, amin he has the audacity to say who is going to give life to bones when they have been reduced to dirt.

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I mean, Rima in Arabic is dirt othera Moto E othera.

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So he said the guy says these decayed bones are going to be brought back to that who's gonna do that? questioning the

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Power of Allah, the height of arrogance, you forgot what you yourself was were made from much more pathetic than dirt.

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Poor he had lady.

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Tell them, the one who gave it life the first time will give it life will give it life again. The one who brought it up the first time, is this a new concept a level of grip life to the dead, or did this come up before? Again, we're inching towards that review. Well, who will be called the Hulk in alim. And he knows about all kinds of creation. He's always knowledgeable about all kinds of creation. In that one statement, Allah knows about all kinds of creation is a review of the entire third section, where all the intellect created, where he just captures all of it again, what people have made with their own hands, what they have, what they couldn't have made with their own hands,

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what they eat with their mouths, the animals that they that serve them, and let the Java Community Medina and this is epic. Right here. The one who made out of the tree, the green tree, he made fire for you.

00:21:06--> 00:21:09

five and two men who took a dune you light up those fires yourselves from it.

00:21:11--> 00:21:14

Is this the first time we're learning about a tree in this era?

00:21:16--> 00:21:18

Can anyone remember where the tree was in the soil?

00:21:19--> 00:21:23

palm trees. Palm trees were a reminder of what

00:21:24--> 00:21:27

Jenna and this tree

00:21:29--> 00:21:35

is used to make fire, which should be a reminder of hell.

00:21:36--> 00:21:37

Isn't that incredible?

00:21:38--> 00:21:56

The two times he mentions tree one should they make you think about gender the other should make you think about? No. But what he said about not is remarkable. He said he made he provided the ability for a green tree, perfectly green tree to be turned into fire. But it doesn't turn into fire on its own.

00:21:57--> 00:21:59

The fruits come out on their own.

00:22:00--> 00:22:12

The beauty of it is on its own, but the fire doesn't come on its own. For either gentlemen who took it on you have to light it up yourselves. You have to take this perfectly good tree and turn it into fire.

00:22:13--> 00:22:45

What is the lesson? He's saying the path to deny is natural. But you go out of your way to destroy the nature that alert created you on and you want to build yourself the fire of hell. A lot did not put you in the fire of hell. You lit it up yourself. For either gentlemen who took it on? How incredible is that? What a complete picture like you don't look at a tree the same way anymore. between those two. So what was left open in the beginning is now closed, closed full circle. And so he says oh na sala de Kanaka sama wa t well

00:22:47--> 00:23:07

then isn't the one who created the skies and the earth because they're completely capable? Allah And yes, Luca misma. Home that he can create the likes of them. Bala, of course will who will Halekulani. He is the one who creates over and over again and knows everything. Now here's the thing about this. I am the one who created the skies and the earth.

00:23:09--> 00:23:10

How many skies are there?

00:23:12--> 00:23:13

How many you've been to?

00:23:14--> 00:23:15

You've been to one?

00:23:18--> 00:23:23

Well, you're taking a flight went to a little bit of one, right? Can we see the seven skies?

00:23:24--> 00:23:34

Do we know where one begins and one ends? No, that's from the unseen. The one who created the unseen and the seen, isn't it? The skies are much of it as the unseen

00:23:35--> 00:23:36

and the earth is seen.

00:23:38--> 00:23:48

The one who created the world of the unseen and the scene is the same one. Every time you create something in the scene, he makes you think of something from the unseen Hala personality

00:23:49--> 00:23:51

is any capable to make you again.

00:23:52--> 00:24:06

Because just because you are so obsessed with the scene, that you start doubting his power in the unseen by law, of course you can call on him he's the one who creates over and over again has all knowledge in number

00:24:08--> 00:24:08


00:24:09--> 00:24:32

the only thing is decision, his decision all it is when he intends to do something and he akula Hogan, that he says to it be come into existence be fire Kuhn. And it just happens. You know what this is about? This is telling you know previously Allah said it's not that hard to destroy your people. It could just be one explosion, you'll be done.

00:24:33--> 00:24:40

Now he's saying it's even easier for him to recreate you. All he has to do is say one word coin and you'll be brought back to life again. If

00:24:42--> 00:24:51

you think I can't create recreate you that's just as easy as saying the word. That's all it is for me. So Panama. By the way, the word of Allah brings life

00:24:53--> 00:25:00

brings life in this is which is actually amazing because the Quran brings life to the dead heart to which is also the word of Allah.

00:25:01--> 00:25:15

So it's two different dimensions of the words of Allah that are highlighted in these items. And now that you understand that, now that you understand that that power of giving life and the power of pairing the unseen with the scene, by the way, every time you find pairing,

00:25:16--> 00:25:28

Allah created things in pairs, then he steps back and says the only one that doesn't have pairs is he he's too perfect for that. So the suit is concluding our lay for some high analogy via de melaku to Konishi.

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Then how perfect is the one in whose hands alone is the kingdom and ownership of everything. He has the ownership of everything. By the way, even the ownership is a review because you own cattle,

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for whom lahmacun their cattle owners. And Allah says actually, you own nothing. He has the the ownership of all things. And then he adds what he told Joe and unto Him alone, you will all be returned. Now when you will all be returned. This is actually also a review because remember the man who was killed?

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You know what he said?

00:26:06--> 00:26:14

He said, For tyranny when he told john, he made me and you're all going to be returned to him also, but when he said that they killed him

00:26:15--> 00:26:17

when he said that they killed him now alive.

00:26:19--> 00:26:24

I'll tell you myself, you will be returned to me see what you can do about that.

00:26:25--> 00:26:27

You can try to kill my believers, but I'll tell you myself.

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