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of the praising of lots of other, sending events, greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we stopped them too heavy for discussion about wastefulness, and extravagance. We've already mentioned those individuals who have ways to squander their wealth.

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In number theory in a nutshell,

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they are the brethren, the allies, the Friends of the devil, squandering wasted wealth. Thus, we find the dangers of immense wealth in general, that it needs towards unfortunately, at times, or many times that we can visualize the disobedience of a loss of the other. And this has been prophesized by the prophet alayhi salatu, salam, the wealth would overcome this Muslim oma and they begin to fight and fight over it, they will destroy it, and just like it destroyed the nations that came before, to such a degree that we find that in general, the poor people will enter many hundreds of years before the rich people into gentlemen, that doesn't mean that rich people won't get into

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Jin Jin. But this is simply

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a general description, that poor people have less responsibility, less to respond to, less than be asked about, on a day of judgment, as to whether the person possesses or more authority than a more questioning will begin to take place for that individual. And likewise, unfortunately, this excessive wealth leads towards idleness needs to waste in one's time does the person doesn't have so much work, they may not waste that much of their time with that much of their life. But more wealth that a person has the more they begin under disguise of enjoying their life, altering their life, living a good life, and they begin to waste their time. That is today's discussion, had it inside a

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book on maternity not born female Kathy romanes the two blessings that many individuals are unaware of these blessings, and see how to one fun have good health and spend time. That is sadly, the state of us. We don't seem to understand the importance of time, the value of time, we don't give enough importance to time, all the time that we remain upon this dunya upon this earth and as refined as Muta rockcliffe in Quran. If you study the Quran, in great detail, you find such a great importance of time is delivered inside the Quran alternations of the night, the day the sun, the moon will further or when Lane was chumps, all these various derivatives that we find inside the Quran, all

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speaking about the emphasis of time, the use of time, that's even towards the end of certain for the for the mentioned, and he's made time, night and day, even another

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dose of rebel to recommend servants of Allah Subhana Allah, that he's pleased night and day filled for them, that they alternate, they follow one another, even urata in the Quran, or the whoever wants to be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah who wants to reflect and ponder over that. This is all key elements inside the Quran of time, to such a degree that we find our own surah entitled The time, sort of two or three that we find and makansutra classified as one of the shortest sutras inside the Quran of the Sultan culture. A member chef we refer to Barry mentioned that when Xena had his surah covered in oma, Oh, come on, do not recommend to lay if this would have been sent down

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upon this Muslim Ummah, it would suffice them just one sorta sort of absolute surprise, this Muslim woman, this is known as the surah of salvation, the surah, of rescuing the surah of deliverance, and as you find an answer, whether or not the procedure mentioned an answer, carries four general meanings inside him.

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The meaning of just time in general, which occurred on age this as well has an insert in a deadly number called shaken but Cora has a time, a moment come over the human being, that human being was known for no existence, had no value had no respect. Then of course, placed in this human being the faculty of hearing the faculty of seeing this kind of give gay rights and respect to the human being but prior to this the human capital value is the one meaning of an answer is the time the input the time that we find the second medium but also that remember, I mentioned his

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his work on incense and incense and a lot of the time

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He will be able to add them, the lifespan of the human being upon the earth. That's classified as an awesome how long that a person lives. So that's the time of the individual. We'll call the 34 o'clock then after the actual time have answered the late afternoon, we'll call around there was nothing after that. And also he refers to the lead acid, acid and have been in such a Muslim that we find that the person who misses the answer is as if the individual has lost all of their family members, and all of their wealth. Mm. column of Hadith, not knowing him, a Muslim mentioned, why is it mentioned about synoptic? Awesome, why not another prayer that a person loses their wealth loses

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their children, because why this is a time where many people will retire, come back to their family members, or be engrossed inside a business. That's not an answer, it misses them, it overcomes them they delayed and likewise, you can see inside the environment in the winter days, how Salah is very, very close and many people may be on a regular basis, delay us or even miss us and ask this question, what should I do now entered into positive time, person should be wary, person should be vigilant. The person has lost all of their wealth. All they found him and everything had been destroyed or person who misses silicon awesome. But in essence, all these four meanings all carry

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the same meaning, the importance of time, the importance of being focusing upon the time of their of their life upon this dunya that none of us will will move the foot of son Adam don't move until he's asked about about accommodation about four or five things. One what I'm only a normally females now, regarding his life, his time. How did he spend his time? How did I spend my time all of us, none of us will move on the Day of Judgment. This is going to be one of the prime questions that in your life, the prime of your life. How did you spend your life? What did you do with your life? Did you spend your life obeying the laws of hallowed Allah? Unfortunately, that we find many of us when it

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comes to the concept of time management, we find a weakness amongst us. We think that time is something which is relevant to what is the western one. The strange thing is that many much of the Islamic world sadly, you know, to some political, younger, they look at the West. They look at the West but the sad thing is the things that you take from the west, they don't apply them. They apply the few times things of the West. They don't look at the west of the management of time, the manager of the structure, the management of their life. Yeah, the moon about your mineral hierarchy. Tonya, Allah praises these individuals inside the beginning. So to whom Prentiss them? Yeah, Laguna neuroml

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Hi, atonia. They know everything about his extended world. For our travel food, look how accurate they are. In Japan, if a train is five minutes late, all hell breaks. loose. Certificates have to be issued to people on the train that when they go to work to show their boss that I was delayed because the train was delayed by five minutes. certificate official certificates are given you show it to your employer. This is what the reason why I'm late. This how accurate these individuals are. Is it like what you find we as Muslims, the least individually focused towards a life. And that's why they work and they rule over us. Don't be sad. And it's a fact. If you study historical data you

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find about these individuals, the Land of Israel that we find they got together in 1898. And they said, we're going to work hard and strive hard. And 50 years time, we'll have our own land. In 50 years time we have our own land is documented. These are facts that they wrote down. Lo and behold 1948 you find the State of Israel?

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Why does the law allow it? Why does the law like to take place now in in 1718

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we are we are lazy, we are sleeping. We're squandering our time. Allah now before reason to show is a factual document has been documented in 50 years time we'll have our own land our own state for our own people documented a lot of times it to them, because sooner or later,

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every individual laserline insanity in them as

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well. I'm not some young sofa euro, every man will have whatever he strives for. They strive as a nation, they strive as a people, they worked hard, politically, they lobby they did everything. They got what they wanted and yet we can cry. We can complain we can be just a few. We are actually a large in number day a few in number push us out of our own land, because why idleness wasting our time wasting our life. No structuring ourselves accordingly to defend yourself appropriately. So these things will happen to us and it carries on. Even today. People say that colonization imperialism has finished it hasn't finished

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on paperwork. It may have finished

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In a finished a still exists. Study in great detail. It sounds strange, African countries, Middle East countries for rich countries, we have no relationship with their language. No disrespect to their language in their culture. We have no relationship. But how can African countries be speaking in French? How can countries in the Middle East in the subcontinent speaking English to this day is the law is the Constitution is the prime case? How? How is it possible just a few individual a few million government rule over millions over us and need a stamp on our land to this day. And even you studying the British rule over us of the subcontinent. They used to go and retreat. Inside Shimla

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are similar to same cities different pronunciation which in essence, the name for the Hindu god that belongs to them when they used to go and retreat in this location, study historical data about these individuals, we may think that these individual indexical individuals, they're foolish individuals that were enjoying the summer. They were enjoying their lives. But they transported every single documentation by donkey to the mountain his range of Shimla to do one distinct governance rule over us.

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They still enjoying their life, but it still does mean over us. They're rooting over us this How foolish we are a few hundreds of 1000 individuals, government and none of millions, even when they run axing, enjoying their life they rule over us is that less of us to begin to reflect on our lives. What is our life become gaming, idleness wasting time, even kroehner individuals cases that we do have grown up men, they through divorce danger family problems, because they addicted to playing games. These are shallow some of Muslims are just playing games, games like fortnight that we find what benefit is inside of many, many you spending hours on end IE wasting your time sports

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games FIFA code that we find grown up men don't have individual This is the aspiration a few maybe a short way hours on end. Even if I even watching sports boosters say Oh, it's something to entertain, to relax our mind. This relaxation of your mind if it needs you watching football, watching sports leads you to miss your setup built

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in the mistake in communication leads you to do that, that this itself becomes haram itself. And Muslims will do that. Don't be surprised. musi will miss salah and Gemma because why and football matches taking place. And these football matches they don't stop because one league answer another league one game after another game when you put together another game. So on a regular basis three to four times inside a week. Or maybe beyond that, you know, attend the question. Why? Because you're watching a football match? Don't you think you're going to be asked about a date judgment? Do you think I'm not going to ask about a match and not to disrespect the Muslim players because they

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do such stuff. That doesn't mean anything. That doesn't mean anything that some Muslims are ingested by a Muslim player such that that's good for him. He was in sugar, late Subhana Allah He wants to show his fingers up to him that doesn't in any way glorify Islam. That is in any way give strength to Islam. That is anyway give an excuse that this is something which is potentially which is correct. This should be the aspiration for us to do inside our life. That's what people are trying to say. These are things that give glory and honor these things don't give glory to Islam. They don't mean anything in Islam, they just futile activities, that you find that some of us are so

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engrossed inside of that our whole life revolves around it as Muslims, which is having very, a very sad state affair. We traveled through amongst us Muslim what we have become inside our lives that we find. And as you find even the disguise of tourism that we find traveling through the earth, and wasting our time and wasting our time is actually our loss. That's what many of the voluminous people there must speak at that time. And the loss of time they find the amount of hustle bustle you mentioned that a single tune breaks out to angels calling out Oh, son of Adam, I'm a new day. And I witnessed your actions. So make the best out of me, because I should never come back until the day

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gentlemen. Every day, two angels will call out to an individual that this day will never come back again. So make the best of of this day. Another statement you mentioned man is nothing but I bet you more of days, a cluster of things that put together and whenever a day passes, it takes what part of your body takes part of you away from you. That's what insanity is human being is a cluster of things put together. Every year goes fast is a drop of your blood. And your time this is extracted from you taken away from you doesn't come back. It isn't revitalized is taken away from just the end of that part of your body been taken away from you. Likewise, we mentioned I met people caring for

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the time, much more than we care for our wealth. Just don't be worried about our wealth. We were so accurate about our wealth, whether something is missing or something hasn't been given to us.

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When it comes to time, we don't worry about our time. We do spend hours on end speaking, even after sanada we find even Southern mustard outside the machine when we find ours and the person can speak only for 100 there are some isolated Muslim Muslim Indonesia Doing what? What are they doing? What benefit or a gain into themselves? Or who is most Amada be fine he was amazing man hustling bustling and young they fought well by more title every day is your guest and a guest eventually leaves you has to leave you what life yeah Monica oh you're

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a guest with either praise you or blame you, that's a guest only does well thank you for for entertaining him or her taking care of them. That's what everything is that they will either Thank you or you will be an evidence against your brand new that you wasted this day you wasted his time even prior to this disease he mentioned where the DNA working you so you should work in them, they are not they work in you they come into you, you need to work within them to benefit your day and your life. And prior to this we find omotola support whereby you find when he was becoming honey from Casa de advised him said to him, he said we have the duties you owed to a lot during the day

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that will not be accepted during the night is actually you need to do during the daytime there will not be accepted but lots of pantalla during the nighttime is actually during the nighttime, you have to carry out that will never be accepted in the daytime by Allah Subhana Allah unless we find unfortunate some some people come up with solder making of the phrase person may be working person may be traveling person may be doing something person thinks they're busy, I pray that they to stay Can I make a solid later stage. So some of the random have gone to the view when they leave sulla intentionally and meet up at a later stage is not going to be accepted for that individual is a

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statement exists amongst a football person, Mrs. Ursula intentionally will not will not be accepted in the media at a later stage. So this concept needs to be uprooted of Salah that some people have called it a believer pray your prayers at a later stage. Because we live in a western world in a Western environment. It's not appropriate to pray public or to pray at work. That was there for a reason.

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And Lenny Noma Ancelotti owner of shahina Angela has fallen asleep or forgotten a prayer or the trap from offering the crown. As for what general people excluded again, he's not accepted under Sharia but lots of pellet adder of making these actually like what Ramadan, the person if they have no Jimmy excuse you can't come and try to make Ramadan at a later stage. Unless you're traveling with genuinely sick or, or mother etc. Do you think come and make Ramadan at later stage. This is what the Sharia base would have just said set a set time set location person has to go and perform Hajj at that time can't make it up at a later stage and travel to another location. Another place or

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another time as I'm performing hajj. Now, for our last panel, Jana does you find that time is precious, every set time a very precious for the individual, so many different problems that are intimate, that they can connect and talk about time. Time is not just gold is precious. It's a precious element that we find that many of us we fail to understand I'll walk to the safe for a long

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time is that the sword? If you don't strike, it will strike you. There's a time is, is sharp is Swift. We don't learn how to handle a sword appropriately. You can only smite the sun, you only harm yourself you only cut yourself. That's what time is. A person who's intelligent individual knows how to use their time, how to use your life to gain the maximum benefit that we find. And likewise the opposite. an idle mind is the devil's workshop. an idle mind is the devil's workshop. How many of you either mind wasting your time in the language that you were just crunching? wasting their time as mentally mentally shut down environmentally friendly hours and speaking back whatever they may

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claim to be world politics, systemic politics, just a waste of time, creating a gap of time wasters. Creating a generation regeneration and raising going to be what is it like

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in a saloon in surprise, we pray five times a day my Isha in the Salah. That's all that they have. I'm too busy. I can't work. I can't study. I can't fin yet I think there's been millions. They've been billion before before you can use alone who used to pray, used to earn a living is to take care of their family used to have a good life. So what's so special about you that I just pray five times a day that said sit down on the door. take money from the government. What are you teaching your children? What do you teach the people around you? To be lazy to be stagnant? Then can you speak about the problems in Muslim Omar This is one of the problems of Muslim Ummah stagnation, laziness,

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not being bothered about anything else.

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tend to be bothered by other things, you weren't this woman to rise, then the hand that gives a stronger hand that takes everyone inside your life. the hand that feeds you will never rise against the hand, you'll never rise. It's a fact. It's a historical fact, whoever fed you, you'll never rise up against them, because that's your master, that's your leader that should nourish. Or when people are self sustained by the permission of Allah Subhana data, they don't need anybody's wealth. They don't need influence of people. Because the world at the moment is full of influence. That's what is full of people influence people, they want to, they want to brainwash people with a certain

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methodology with a certain life with a certain concept. So people can be free to do whatever they want to do, but you are clouded, you are trapped. You only live your life in these parameters. But the rest of the world the rest of the people do whatever they want to do. This will only become inside our lives. No aspiration, we had to do naoya, even a Shabaab. So it sounds so harsh, even the word look at a statistic about education, literacy, education, look at the statistics of Muslims, the highest rate of ethnic minorities of religious minorities, it's a prison at the moment, his name is Muslims. Muslims, this is what we become this will become in Saudi society, no value, what do you

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want to become? study what mostly give it take it and questioning? And as many of the bodies they're like, what do they want to become, just wanna have a fast car, have money, have a good life. And whatever means that means that we find amongst the biggest drug pushers inside our community in a moment in sudden new Tower Hamlets, red British Muslims. That's a shame on us. Muslims 20 years ago, what a respectable people that we were hard working, taking care of our environment, taking care of our people taking care of everybody around us now, what do we look at? What do we aspire to be are many of the Muslim youth aspired to be trafficking drugs, selling drugs, supplying drugs, being a

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drug dealer, being a kingpin carrying a piece inside their pocket, gunning down someone stabbing someone shooting someone This is respect. This when you deep down inside, you think this is your life, that this is going to be something and you can see the end result of many of these youth. Many up it was down to us madisonian it was down to us we will not pray upon these individuals to send a strong message that people who carry such evil actions, there's no need to prey upon these individuals. Because people are permitted to make excuses. Exclusively these people and these people, they do nothing wrong, there's nothing wrong with them, we don't have these problems. Our

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head is so dug deep down inside the sun. Many of our parents, many of us, we can't even seem to understand. We have some serious problems inside our community, serious problems of Muslim or non Muslim taking their lives, shooting and killing one another over what this this is supposed to be. This is glory. This is a sanctity of time sanctity of life. But this what we become inside our life, we don't know the value of time, we don't know the value of life that begins to take place. And thus you find when a person will come say How I wish I could find some good inside my life, you accumulate any

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person will say on that day, well upon me, if only I send something forward for my life. In other places I look around noon, person will say, or a pretty rude

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person say Oh my Lord, let me come back to this dunya let me come back upon this earth and carry out some righteous actions.

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Under response can learn in kenema to work on these only vain words empty words, finish, as you find a very strange Hadith inside Buhari that we find that a person almost kind of takes a person not alone to accept excuse of any person whose moment of death is delayed until he's at the age of 16. At the age of 16, had these exact same body allow will not accept the excuse of an individual who reaches the age of 60. What does that mean? It means that Allah has given this person a long life, a good enough life, to recognize that this is what I need to do inside my life. That person goes beyond 60 and still disobeys Allah doesn't pray, doesn't worship Allah Subhana. Allah doesn't carry

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out the rules and regulations in accordance with Heidi, there is no excuse for this individual condemn.

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Look at the mercy of panel data that we find in general, that the average agent is Muslim woman, as mentioned by the prophet Elijah, some famous 16 was somewhere in between 60 and 70 of the people died before that people don't ask that. But the average age of a Muslim on this earth is going to between 60 and 70 years, which is ample time, ample time a person to nurture their life, to reflect over life to see their life.

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should be before that person shouldn't just say reach one foot inside the brain and then then begin to reflect upon death and then begin to reflect upon their life. Because how many individuals they never thought about death, but then came to them and took them when they least expected it. No matter who you recommend mode. Welcome to Fuji Machina wherever you are deaf will come to you. Even after Episode 45 palaces like another patient of Quran for no moolah painful death is going to meet you. Wherever you are someday is going to meet you. There's no escape from it. But a person who's taken value of their time, value their life, if it's been a short life, as they say, but it's Baraka

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inside their life, they hope to meet a lot. they aspire to meet a lot because they know that in a short span of time, they've exerted themselves to do as much as possible to meet a lot. So can we find a time moments and places that we find time to do an extra value and resignation decider begins to mention about the certain general timings that we find and specific religious occasions a moment where By that time, it becomes precious for that individual and a person needs to avail that time to increase in the doing of good deeds, increasing obedience towards Allah Subhana data, like a month of Ramadan that we find the last 10 nights of Ramadan today little condo that we find

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that we find the first 10 days, the days of Hajj that we find all of these are moments for the individual to avail that time, or his patient places location with by a bird that is multiplied many times over the individual. And likewise in explicit month shandra likes to Canada and the blessing of Allah moharram that we find the first month of the stomach calendar that we find is a blessing moment that a person has to obey this time that they have Ashura that we find the 10th step Muharram that we find was the day that was delivered was rescued that we find. And as with the prophet Elijah, he entered into Medina and the Jews were fasting on that day. He said, we have more right to

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Musetta nice people. And if I leave you for the following day on first day alongside with the ninth, so does it become so not default that ninth or the 10th or at least the 10th, or the 10th and 11th, and some works of unbelief that we find in mercury that we wind fast all three days. The ninth 10th and 11th, especially at the moment times, difference of opinions about the sighting of the moon, to the safe is a probably first all three days to ensure a person gains that reward from Allah Subhana Allah. That's why the test of fasting after Ramadan is the first thing in the month of last month, the month of Muharram in a heartbeat essentially Muslim life was

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fine. I never saw the message I'm not so keen to force any day and give priority over it. Other than this day that they've Ashura this month, meaning the month of Ramadan over Ramadan had eaten Bukhari the emphasis of positive Ashura, the 10th Day of mahananda be fine for 14 days, I shoulda said How did you say Muslim? I hope that our Lord accept him as an explanation for the sins that went before the previous year. Those amongst the benefits that we find, as well these people they begin to celebrate, or they begin to limit during the days that we find these old phones. These are old, these old false positive beliefs that we find.

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We find these individuals naturally and we find a belief is totally corrupt. No Sunni Muslims report pray and say for the concept of unity, that we find that we share certain things with them. We don't share anything with us individually. A Sunnah

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telefoon they differ from us regarding your prayers inside the additional hood, because they revolve around the law and who am I as part of their friends that we find wanted? They believe the Quran that we should neither read is altered is not the right or the real Quran, it lies with them. These are the beliefs, concept of deception that we find. So a person shouldn't think that Oh, what do you mean like we should be light hearted to these individuals, the amongst the most clearest of enemies of Allah Subhana Allah, it was clear his enemies to assume that he will gemera towards the people. So now, as a matter of venture, you want to recognize who a person of sooner is and who and who she

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is. People as soon as those people alladhina Medina Sahaba una Sahaba they love the Sahaba they praise the Sahaba Why hello, Shia Arawa they're the ones who a curse because the Sahaba Omaha to me because the mothers of the believers adamant Aki that he does not want to take it lightly. I think this is a tribute of a curse the mothers of the believers because the companion is a

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twofer. Most of the companions and disbelievers in front of them so person should be wary about it.

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keep a distance from them. Even dialogue with these individuals, as a person has a strong appeal and assume that nobody

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don't dialogue with us individually. Because their intent is to create doubt shut down, ask questions where we're such as as companion, we refuse to bring a pen and writing utensil to the professor because he wants to write something why they will not refuse? Where was this time? Where was also at this time? It was only and he was very worried about the depth of the population. At that time, only superhard that we find they throw them into the mind and the sooner to do what do you create discord to create that there may be something wrong with Sahaba? as to how the loom or do all this? Or have they ever had an Escalade mention all of the Sahaba also have that trustworthy,

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honest, are infallible. If you put them all together infallible, it matters to have everything if one is a consensus to be followed. These people want to dismantle that these are symbols of as soon as all the books of abolition, the final chapters always speak about

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their own speak about the love of the Sahaba, the love of the companions, that none of the family members, what reason to refute these individual refute their beliefs. And as we should we should strengthen our time in learning about what our beliefs are. So many of us we don't know what our beliefs are, that when wherever the wind takes up, wherever somebody says something that we believe, person should be drastically after 20 plus years to be strong inside firm inside everybody. Know what a belief is? What the tenets of belief that no matter whatever comes in, funded by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah able to speak, this would I believe is there's a waiver, there's a

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one done, there's a crumble, doesn't make excuses, doesn't say well, they should be like this, it should be like, this is the Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah you take it or you need it. We're not imposing upon any individual. But I would only come when people begin to focus upon their time, especially young individuals. The future this Muslim woman lies upon young individuals or the men are dying out. Is prophesized Allah will die out that we find. And in every The only filling gap will be people, young, individual aspiration, to learn the Sharia laws and to go and learn his religion. They will never own their will once young inside their life. But they spent their life

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studying the deen of Allah Subhana Allah what the Hello you're aluminum love, Fear Allah, Allah and Allah will teach you when you go to Iran can be Iran.

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Whoever is given wisdom and given immense goodness that's what we need to create inside a society that the youth are full of a yearning of desire of application study of Islam, we almost 100 years for the topic and ability to evade to benefit from these days benefit from our life benefit from our time that it becomes an evidence for us and I ever get evidence against us.