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wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah Shafi mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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praise and thanks be to Allah subhanho wa Taala I will nourish our sustainer I shall La Ilaha Illa IV witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah. And we send our love our greetings and salutations to beloved Nabil Mohammed solara. They will send them to his pious impure family, to his companions and all those who follow him soon until the end of time. We pray to Allah subhana wa tada to bless us in this walk of Juma Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us of the shortcomings of last week and guide us in the week to come. mela except from us. I was sitting here in the doors that we make melograno Shiva to all those who are ill malegra Mark Farah and forgiveness to those who have

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passed away. mela grants access to our students were I think they exams your kids, my kids are all of them be successful him Allah subhana wa tada bless them in the future. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Last week, we began the series, getting the Baraka. And we said that it's a time that we can feel that everyone's under economic pressure. Financially, times are tough. And I even just noticed I was in the shop yesterday. And the lady behind me She phoned must have been her husband or whatever it might be and said, What's the budget? How much can I take, and she started looking already calculating in a basket, how much you can afford. And finally, people you can hear

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on the phone or arguing with the insurance and trying to reduce the premiums. So times are tough, and financially we are being squeezed. We know this is the reality. Unfortunately, I'll make it easy for us. And this idea of the series is how can we put Baraka and increase How can a last minute Allah? What guidance is Allah given us to make what we have grown, or what we have become more fruitful to us, we said last week, the first thing we need to do is to ensure to have Baraka in our money is that it must come from halaal sauce must come from halau means and therefore if your job entails doing anything, which is haram, or being part of a haram process, then you need to seriously

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look at that. And for most people we understand I can't work in a a brewery, for example, they'll understand that the icon be part of the IT department of the brewery, I can't be an accountant at SAP, we understand that I'm not going to work for breweries, I can't be part of the pornography industry. We know as Muslims, we can't be but the area which we struggle with is financial institutions. And based on that lots of questions came in, you know, I work at a bank is my money, okay, I work at an investment company. And some of us here might be in those kinds of industries and Alhamdulillah the fact that you have this concern is an indication of a man the fact that you say

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you know, I'm worried about this money, I earn my pension and a lot of questions my pension that I you know, I'm forced the company takes my money, they put it in pension, I don't know who they invested with, they might be investing with hat on products. Can I take this money when I retire? So these kind of questions we hope to to answer. But why this is sort of a shock to people is because what I find is we don't fully understand the seriousness of Riba

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before we talk about what transactions are haram and is this Riba based not river based? We need to be how serious it is. Because what I find is that if it's only the visit, question mark that look, this food might have poke in the ribs, I'm going to take the risk, I'd rather not eat anything. If this

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job has some kind of alcohol involved, then I stay away. But when it comes to the bite, we sort of have the attitude of how far can I go? And before you can answer that, how gray you need to know how serious the repercussions are. Then we can go and discuss the gray area and the seven I'm saying So today, we're actually talking about the river. What is the river? How serious is the river? What is the the repercussions of Riba? And we'll talk you know, and then hopefully next week in sha Allah will talk about the more detailed discussions about Riba transactions which are very technical area. So the word used for interest in the Quran or we talk when we talk about interest to the interest

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rate, repo rate whatever. The Quran uses the word Riba and linguistically, if you look in the Arabic dictionary, the word Riba yanbu means to grow. It means to expand, it means that excess it means that extra you receive over and above what is due to you. So Riba, was that extra part you received? That's not entitled to use octave above what was for you. So in the Sharia, initially, it referred to loans. We one person gave a loan and he expected more than what he

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loaned out. So I linked Mohammed 100 rent, I tell Muhammad after one month you give me 110 rent, the tenant is the excess, the extra that is Riba. So this is what the Sharia says. And the prophets of Salaam went further to even include and this is the complexity of Riba that any unfair advantage would also be constituted Riba. We'll talk about that.

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So in the time of Jamelia, the origin of this thing before Islam before the Quran was revealed, Riba was prevalent the people of Jamelia practice Riba and this is why it's called rebirth puja helia. And how it worked was someone who would loan the rich person would loan the poor person money, and he will say yes, 100 dinars pay me back that 100 in a month,

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when a month came when the man who lent the money so look, I can't afford to pay you have I don't have the money. This is no problem. We roll it you can pay me 200 back in two months, but now visa 10 grand

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next month came he's the man says look, you can pay me 110 next month, and then 25 and so and so forth, he told me that old and this is how it began.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala then of course began to forbid this thing. This so initially Reba was about loans. And this is the classical understanding. This is the understanding even in banks, it is the premium the excess the extra that the lender takes from the borrower, you pay the you pay back more than you loaned.

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So Islam if we and again I'm trying not to be too technical, there are two types of rebar

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pay attention a little bit here. There are two types of rebar is a Reba called Reba and nesea which is the loan Riba we talked about you pay money. And because you wait for a period of time you pay back an extra so there's a delay. The province also lamb also included another type of Riba from the from the Hadith we find called the Riba model, which is basically unfair business transactions. And that's a little bit more complicated, more broader, and that's why it's, it's a bit technical, but most of us when we're talking about Riba, we talk about the classical Riba of lending where you lend money and you take back more than you loaned.

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So the prophets of Salaam mentioned this Riba of lending the first one Riba and he says solo Salaam, if a man loans to someone, he should not even take back a gift, so much so that if I lend you money, and you want to pay me back and you offer me a meal, I should not accept that meal. Or you offer me a left, I should not accept the left any favor? Any privilege, anything extra you receive, because of that loan is Riba unless of course, we are friends and it's normal that our offer you offer your meal, that's normal, then it's fine. But because slowly because you want a kickback a favor, okay? Yeah, I give you a loan, I'll pay you back 200 grand and yours to All Blacks tickets, that's Riba

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and it shows you Subhan Allah, the understand Allah subhanho wa Taala has

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the philosophy of loaning in Islam, you cannot make money on lending. Why? Because a man who wants money is in need.

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And lending is seen as an act of charity. It's seen as an act of charity, it's not business, you don't make money on lending to someone that is poor. That's the philosophy in Islam, and therefore, for you to take back more than what you learn is exploitation.

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So this is Reba amnezia. The prophet SAW Selim also mentioned Yeah, we see this when one person grants a loan to another and the borrower offers him food or a rather nice camel, you should not accept that because that is Riba. So very clear lending and taking more back is Riba whether it's for your house, whether it's for personal use today, people want to be technical. And it's not really technical for the sake of the HAC. It's technical to find loopholes and it's really dangerous. You can't cheat Allah, you can't structure your finances in a way to deceive Allah knows what's in your heart. So people will say, but that Riba in the past was for business transactions,

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that because it's a business thing, but not personal, I can borrow from my house or my car. No, Allah did not distinguish the way you borrowed how you use that loan. You just cannot receive or pay any extra on any money that you loaned.

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There's another type of Riba. We see the rebuttal further and this is more broader and this is in business transactions. So align the Quran separated that is Bay which is business and the Riba which is or other loaning lending, which is not business. So in lending this Riba and then of course in business, there are certain rules that if you break those rules, then it becomes Riba

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Just to give you a broad understanding of rebound further

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in the past we had what we called barter transactions barter meaning I don't sell you money I give you dates you give me raisins, I give you wheat, you give me

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milk, whatever that's called bar to the news money. So, in barter transactions is a type of Riba. Another type of Riba is where people unfairly bid up the price. So I say, Look, I'm going to sell this phone, you my brother, when I do the auction, you bid the price up until you don't want to buy the phone. But you just bring the price up. That's another form of of Riba, the prophecies of sees when you exploit an ignorant buyer or seller. So the Prophet would say it's also lamp, don't sell him do business with the beta one, the city people shouldn't do business with the beta ones not don't do business. What he means was, don't cheat them. Because the person living in the desert, he

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comes to you with a with a diamond, he thinks is a piece of stone. And you say, Oh, this stone looks nice. I'll give you this matter in exchange, and that's one of the colonial people did. They came to these lands and they said, Wow, look at this amazing thing. It's a matter it's worth billions selling your form. Is it okay? And you sold you sold? You didn't know the true value could be the buyer or the seller. That's rebar into the Easter maybe even if you have insider information, you know, something that no one else knows, unfairly? and therefore you get a big profit from that. That's Riba. So the prophet SAW Selim says, If you in a barter transaction, if you give gold, then

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receive back gold in the same quantity. If you give the same weight and the same quality, so a kilo of gold you give to someone it needs to give you back the same kilo of gold. Same with silver, same with date, same with wheat. But if you're transacting between two things that aren't the same, you transacting a kilo of gold, then yes, you can receive three kilos of silver. If you're selling one kilo of dates, you can receive 10 kilos of wheat, that's fine, but we the way the the the barter, commodity is the same. They can be no excess technical, we don't bother India, but that's just to be technical. So let's move on. The prophets of Salaam said do not inflate prices because this is Riba

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do not cheat the other way seller or buyer because Riba

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so rebound for them, is really what we're talking about. And that's the one that we are most of us are affected by the Riba in loans, the Riba in loans. And as we said last week, whether you're receiving that Riba is haram, whether you're paying the Riba it's Haram, whether you are initiating that Riba it's Haram, you're calculating that Riba is haram, whether you're signing someone up, it's wrong. You're the lawyer, that stem said it's haram anyone in the process, the prophet is equal in that sin. Now how serious is the sin of Riba? and and you know what, it's we should never speak like this. You know, people will ask, okay, how big of a sin is this? That's a bad attitude to have. That

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just shows we don't have the

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honor of Allah and he's upsetting or angering Allah becomes small for us. Well, how big is the punishment? That's not we should never ask the question. But without the doubts, Riba is one of the most serious sins and I'm going to show you some of the I act without my interpretation, just purely the wording of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you can understand a lot of answers,

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whatever you pay as interest, so that it may increase the wealth of people, it does not increase in the sight of Allah, meaning Allah says, Whatever you earn in Riba, it will deprive you of Baraka that Riba will contaminate your wealth, it will take away from your Baraka in some form or the other, it will have no prosperity from that anyone who is profiteering on Riba or his investments come from Riba based or haram means there is no increase in that your wealth will not increase. Lots of answers yet you will lilina M and O you who believe do not devour Riba making it double and redouble. And be careful of your of Allah, that you may be successful.

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Avoid Riba and you'll be successful in buying Riba and you will fail so Allah swans already telling us that any business any economy, any person who is running his business on the rebar means or has rebar in them, then it's at greater risk of failure.

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Allah says, Oh you who believe Be mindful, have caution of Allah and give up what remains of Riba. If you are believers. If you have a man, you will let go over the bar. And if you do not do so Allah says, then receive a declaration of war from Allah any sort of soon

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Then we'll be happy man, Allahu wa. Surely this is a very serious language or doesn't use this word for Xena was stealing. Allah says the one who transacts in Riba, you either stop doing it, or I declare war on you and it also declares war on you. But if you repeat, you shall have the capital that you've loaned out to if you're a lender you've laid someone that you will get back your capital. You do not deal unjustly and you're not dealt with unjustly. Allah says you will not be cheated, so don't cheat anyone else. You will get what is due to you that Riba was not due to you. So the wording here that prepared for a war with Allah, any sort of very, very serious. A lot of

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violence is I live in a Karuna Riba, those who eat ribeye those who take Riba will stand on the will not be able to stand on the day of kiama except like the standing of a person being beaten by shaitaan leading him to insanity What this means is, there are some people mela Grantham Shiva in this dunya shaytaan is able to physically touch him and when the he does this the mines it leads to a type of madness a type of epilepsy. So Allah says the one who takes Riba will be like an epileptic mala Graceffa to those who are sick, but the most scary thing is not Shay Tanya, the scary thing is anyone who uses sells and buys and embeds Riba on the day of kiama he will stand like someone having

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foot's of madness. That is because they see they justify, when they lend or they take out a bond. They'll say, trading is only like Riba. It's the same thing. Money profit Riba you just using fancy names. So Allah says they will say that whereas Allah has allowed business trading and he has made Riba Haram. So who ever receives a warning? A reminder from his Rob, stop eating Riba shall not he will not be punished for the past and his case will be with Allah but never returns to such things. Then he will be the dwellers of jahannam they in forever. So serious language with regards to Reba, the last one continues in the Quran, Allah will destroy Riba and He will give an increase in your

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wealth in support and Allah and Allah likes not the disbelieving sinner.

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More is on Riba, Allah Subhana Allah says, Truly those who believe and do deeds of righteousness and perform a solid and give zakah they will have any award with Allah on them shall be no fear, nor shall the grief oh you will believe be afraid of Allah and give up what remains of Riba. So stay away from it. So from this ayah we see Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised war. He's promised destruction is promised fire, insanity, serious words with regards to Riba. Now we know in Islam, that there are certain sins which are described as the Cabal in the major sense, the serious sins, there are many sense there are minor sins and major sins. And we know that the prophets of Salaam

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said In fact, the Quran says, Whoever stays away from the major ones, the big ones, then you come to Allah on the day of karma with only small since you allow forgive all your sins, all your sins will be forgiven if you have no major sins, if you come to Allah with major sins, major sins like Xena major sins like murder, like stealing like karma, like Riba, it's a major sin, then you then we are in a big problem and kiama because then you are liable for a punishment. Now how big of a major sin is Riba? So we know it's a major sin. But to understand how big of a major sin it is, the Prophet Solomon says, avoid the seven most destructive sins, the seven most major sins, the Sahaba see the

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yellow suit Allah What are they so the provinces is number one to come to worship someone besides Allah, the worst of the major sins? Number two, to practice sorcery to work with Jean Dooku sangoma Hazaras all the second major sin number three to kill somebody that Allah has forbidden you to kill number four, to eat up a diva to invite Riba number four. Number five to take the wealth of the orphans number six to flee in the battle in Jihad you run away as a you know, scam you run away, and number seven to accuse a chaste woman of adultery. A woman that didn't commit adultery to accuse her of adultery. Even Xena is not on this list. Even Homer is not on this list, as Mohan Allah.

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We will look at someone that commits Zina and think what a terrible person that is. a drunkard was a drug addict. What a terrible person is, but yet the Rebbe is above that from this list. more serious than that. more serious than that. Sometimes people will say, Chef, this person I'd like to marry this boy, this girl

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Should I inspect if they do this? They should dress properly. Yes, it's important, but we never ask, do you take rebar? Do you work in a debit transaction that is just as bad if not worse from this list. The profits also Lance's are one night he was, he was sleeping. And he was shown of the other of the cover the punishments in jahannam. And one of the punishments he saw, he saw people drowning in a river of blood. And as they were in that river, the angels were throwing them with stones and they were swallowing these stones these hot stones, and he said we're in the process of what is this I'm looking at. So this is this are the people that eat river, this is the punishment they are

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receiving. The mission general loss also lungsod is a Muslim curse is the one who accepts a Riba and the one who pays it, it's a curse, curse, meaning they are cut off from the mercy of Allah. The prophet SAW Selim says, of the signs of piano is the widespread usage of Riba that even the one who doesn't even sell or buy take rebuy op Riba, you'll be touched by the slope of the river.

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This is very serious once upon Allah. The prophet SAW Selim says imagine Riba has 7570 types of Riba the least serious one of them is like Xena with your mother.

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Serious column. Now again, when I say people will ask the gray area of ribeye and there is a lot of gray area, you need to understand this. So when the doctor tells you I'm going to operate, and he sees these some side effects, you need to know what those side effects are before you can say yes or no. is the operation worth it? Am I ready to deal with the risk? Now, if you're on the wrong side of rebar, you need to understand the repercussions. You need to you and I we need to understand that the repercussions and the reason why. So we said yeah, Allah, why have you made the rebar? So such a big deal? We shouldn't ask. But we also it's okay to ask what's the hikma? What's the reasoning

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behind this thing? I just, you know, loan some money, I paid my bundle for me to get out. It's not like I'm selling drugs. So I'm thinking, why is it so bad, because it's a form of zulum. It's a form of oppression. It is the means by which the rich oppress the poor, and the rich remains the rich and the poor remains poor, who gets poorer. It's a system based to keep honest people down and keep unjust people on top. And if we look at statistics, for example, many, many countries, the poorest of the poor countries that need the most help, so they can't afford to build hospitals, the carnival afford to build schools, so they need to lend money. They lend that money, build one school, and

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they end up paying yours that loan back because it just keeps doubling and doubling countries, for example, I mean that we did this while ago, Kenya in 2005. They paid more in terms of Riba then building schools, and hospitals and roads, all together, all the money they spent was less in terms of infrastructure was more to pay back the loan used to build that infrastructure.

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So something to think about, just if you look at houses, just yesterday, I logged on and I said, I want to see how people you know, selling and buying things. You go to some furniture places, I saw this lovely couch sweet 16,000 Rand cash, or 60. That's a lot of money. Let's take off, you know, that's like, three, four months of paycheck for somebody, right? cachaca 16,000 to pay off just like that on a furniture seat. No problem. You can pay 800 grand a month, that's okay. That's manageable, 136 months. Okay, how you know, you realize after three years, you paying that thing off, you've paid 31,000 Rand, almost double the price you've paid for that same chain,

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the houses that you are that we are bonding, and paying back over 20 years, you're paying back more than double our house that was valued 1 million Rand, you'll end up paying almost two and a half million Rand that one and a half million is Reba, the house is only worth a million, you paid more than double of the value of the house in interest. Now, you ask from the lender. What did he do to deserve that money? What did he say? He did? So you have Mohammed who's buying from Mohammed? Mohammed is selling the house, Mohammed is buying the house? Why should the bank receive more than double the profits for doing what? Nothing?

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The one who has the money? And and we know in our context in this country, those who have, how did they get it? unfair advantage privilege. It was taken and stolen. And now still it's used to subjugate those who don't have we have all people of all countries can see the effects of the system that does not work. It may it will keep the poor, poor poorer, and will keep those who are privileged, who received that privilege unfairly will keep them in power and have wealth.

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So on an economic perspective, something to think about GDP you hear this on the radio, what is GDP GDP basically tells

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You how big the country is growing how rich The country is getting. So GDP, our GDP growth is like less than 1%, meaning

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our country, all of us together, our wealth is only increasing by 1%. That's how much we increasing month on year on year 1% or less Listen, it might even be recession negative, meaning the country's getting poorer, but interest rates is 10%. Now, what that means is if a man puts his money in the bank, you will get 10% return on doing nothing with that money. So who is actually earning money on interest those who have money already. So the rich are in they are getting wealthier at a percentage 10%. Right. Whereas the rest of the country is only growing at 1%.

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So the poor only increases by 1% each year with the rich increase 10 times. And we want to ask why are we still such a such a big difference between the haves and that why 90% of the wealth is owned by 10% of the people. This is why this is exactly why it also means that if I went to our country needs jobs, we need people to do business, we need people to open factories and companies, why would I do all that if I can just put my money in the bank and let it grow without me doing anything.

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The ones who want to open business and provide jobs, you take all the risk, you can lose your house, you can lose everything. Plus, you must pay back the bank that linked to that money. First. You need all the work, you take all the risk. It doesn't make sense. And that's why we see these ups and downs and this system of rebar. It was designed by those who have to remain rich and to remain prosperous. And until we move away from it, this will not change and that's why Allah is so severe in this in this thing. It destroys people, it destroys countries, it keeps rich countries in power and slaving of poor countries. So just let's list these punishments. Allah says those who use Riba

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they will not increase these no Baraka in the wealth, they might see their bank balance goes up, but Allah is going to take retribution in this dunya your health is going to go your family is going to go something which is more valuable is going to go

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you will have no success in the dunya Allah says in this world that Riba that you earn will just be a detriment to you. How many people Subhan Allah, they have so much but this calamity upon calamity befalling them. Why? Because the money is of no benefit. Allah says he declares war on you, and there are so declares war on you. They will stand on the day of pm like someone who is mad, Allah promises that will be Riba if this in your wealth destruction. Allah specifically says for them his eternal fire, the one who eats Riba, each of the seven most destructive sins, the least of it is like Xena with one's mother. The sun is shared by everyone involved. Everyone takes a sheet of the

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sun. The burqa is taken out of your money. We know the Hadith of the man, the professor says a man will come and he will cry and beg before Allah but his food is haram his drink is haram his money is hard on his flesh is haram. How will Allah answer this man meaning you'll do us are not accepted at all? No acceptance of

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rebar results in economic instability. financial crisis in America affects me. Why does my Why do I lose my job because of lending done in America? 2008. Why? The city but it's like a disease that affects the entire world. It's a form of modern day slavery.

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It keeps the rich rich and the poor poor. It encourages stagnation. It encourages you not to use your money to hold that money to keep it in the bank. Because it's growing. If you realize that Subhanallah I put my millions in the bank if you if you have millions, well hamdulillah like I said last week, having money is not a sin. It's not Haram, it's good if you use it properly, or it can be the means of your punishment. If you put your money in the bank and you realize after 10 years, this money is like putting it under the mattress is not going anyway. You're going to be forced to use it, to put it in the economy, to build businesses to give jobs. So Allah is preventing you from

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coding, this is the thing that it does. So if you're having Riba it encourages stagnation of wealth, it's because of that, that you see how braid the price you know, when are small betas they will tell you 205 and 100 is brain what what difference is the brain I ate 10 years ago in the breed today, why does it cost 10 times more? It's because of this inflation. If you had no Riba you'd find that inflation also would not be it would not happen.

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And it's it's a fact that the Torah and the Injeel that the religions before also forbidden Riba it's not just Islam. usury was haram even to the Christians even to the Jews, even before that. It was understood universally. It's something which is haram. But the

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With modern times we've changed. And as I said, not for the betterment of mankind, but to enslave the wrist. And now when we look and we see the seriousness of Riba and you talk about your job, and I talk about my job as an accountant, and we do transactions, and we involve somehow, in some way in this transaction, maybe you say, I'm not the one taking the money, I'm not the one that is paying the money.

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The Hadith is clear. And this, this is just for us to wake up and ask the question, the prophets of Salaam says, The curse of Allah is on the one who benefits who takes the Riba, the one who pays it, the one who writes it down, the one who witnesses it, they are all equal in this everyone who was part of that transaction with your husband, your car insurance, whether it's your pension that's in a firearm based savings, these are questions I'm not saying, I'm not saying that you might be hamdulillah. You Hallelujah, there's no problem. But you we, you and I, we need to ask that question. We need to do an internal audit of ourselves. Because we don't want to stand on piano with

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us. Especially since we're the ones paying very by most of us. No one here is a bank. You're not benefiting from the Riba. In fact, the Rebbe is crushing you in the dunya. And still to get the punishment in the Akira swana law we can do without that Alhamdulillah we have alternatives maybe not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction. So I know there's a lot of questions people have mailed me, and they've said, Look, this is my job. And part of this and part of that. What about my pension? I have, you know, I didn't realize the seriousness. I'm in alone already. I'm paying 20 years my bond off my car off. What can I do now? Alhamdulillah we begin with Toba and it's

00:31:44--> 00:32:27

that far. And we know Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive if we are sincere, and then we do what we can to remove to get out of the sun. So we'll talk next week inshallah on specific questions around interest, we will ask how to move away from this and how Allah subhana wa Taala. And we and what we and what I what I leave with, is remember yet one, as I said at the beginning of the series, don't look at the risk. Forget about the money in your bank, look at all wealth belongs to Allah, if you please Allah, even if it doesn't make sense on the balance sheet. We know if we please Allah, he's gonna sort us out. Allah will give you a level ensure that you will have prosperity in the dunya and

00:32:27--> 00:33:08

in the ISS, who ever loves a good righteous life you do what Allah once of you, he promises you will give you a good life in this dunya and you will have the reward in the era. So don't feel scared to do the right thing. That is a man that is what it means to be a Muslim. We submit even if it doesn't add up in terms of the calculator, the spreadsheet, Allah subhanho wa Taala is above that some Allah bless you and bless me now money May Allah grant that our money is pure and halal. And Allah grant us increase in what is good if we've committed sincere Allah forgive us purify our money, remove us from any transaction which is haram save us from that. Yeah, Allah Your mercy is what we hope for

00:33:08--> 00:33:32

and what we depend on Allah bless us, please Allah we plead that you uplift the poor. And you granted the rich the tofik to use the money correctly. May Allah be blade May Allah Allah bless us and have mercy on us. I mean, for any questions if you have specific questions, I'm open to you know about your own personal discussions if you want you want to discuss with me, you can mail me with [email protected] also just an announcement

00:33:33--> 00:34:11

next, this Sunday, fourth of November, change gears now. Fourth of November insha Allah we having a course on marriage, I know some of some of you might have kids if they're not writing exams, we'll try to have another one after the whole after the exams or after the holidays inshallah, but there are some getting married in November in December. Even if you're not even if you are married or marriage is not on your mind, it's a good course to attend. To understand how to find a spouse. If you are married and you have certain medical and medical issues is normal. attend this course myself and monaci guildwood discussing this. There'll be this Sunday nine o'clock the morning at our

00:34:11--> 00:34:50

nursery school inshallah Burano house. Then we will see this women around the messenger Episode 26 this coming up this week. If you'd like to be part of it, then you can join our WhatsApp line and the 19th of November will be molded Nabhi I will not be unfortunately. So inshallah we will try to have some program I'm sure there will be. And then of course the ladies there is a ramp eastney program ramkrishna. For the ladies, I assume it's only for the ladies that have never attended the ramp each night. I don't know if the brothers want to do some ramkrishna that's something you can do personally, but that will be on Sunday the 18th of november two to 630. Again, if you'd like these

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lectures, put [email protected] or wait for triple to 13. Exactly. Solomonic library cutter