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In the interim that is done whether we want to step in on a stock pill when that rolls Damon sure audience will tsunami See, Medina may yesterday Hello fellow moving on I will further at the other

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end of the double there shall be

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a number hamedan

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stuck on a dTT Taguba hi Iran Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shotgun Mortimore to her cocoon Des Moines desert in beta are conducted at in Bala Latin vocal da da da da ting

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations when the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we find living in a time in the era of looking for role models or icons and symbols. You find that for some of us Muslims, we need to be encouraged to reminded the symbols of life are the personalities of the individuals that we need to follow. That they do exist. The ultimate personality being none other than the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whereby the Quran is replete with so many verses inside.

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Speaking about following the Prophet Mohammed Salah la sentiment following his life following his example, for mercenary finance, I saw to the hazard that Canada can feel sorry that he was threatened Hasina imechanica to lower Yeoman earthy with Dr. La kathira. Indeed for you to emulate to copy the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the best example. Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, I remember Allah Subhana Allah abundantly. Sometimes we find him occasion inside the forum. Whenever Allah Subhana Allah makes mention of the prophets of the Lord senemo praises him or speaks about him, also begins to speak about the companions or address the companions. So as if to

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make this a shout out this link is best individuals who follow the prophets of the law service none other than companions. This verse that are besides to mention that sort of reserved the 33rd chapter for an

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mentioning about the population or some also contains and ishara something towards the companions were about lamentable Molina region Southern Puma and la familia corbon Navajo minimum money on clothing

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dealer. So hey, Allah mentions me then we need a regional amongst the believers, there are certain men and obviously the men here that the firm is referring to is none other than the companions of the Prophet, some of them. So they become the benchmark of the ideal individuals fast to follow inside their lives. Every single prophet had his disciples or his followers, and all of them they achieve what they needed to achieve. But they may be, we can use the word basically a short form, meaning they may be certain things that they asked for the post, we can give them the ultimate criteria, which is given to the followers of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. For Muslim we

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find that the photos of Moosa and Easter Bunny Israeli January find a post a question. They said, all your moves that you're gonna learn, come along, and they have a Moosa make a deity, that just like they have a deity that they worship. And you read the context of these verses that you find off the chain, the very science of deliverance of being rescued, and coming to the opposite end of the Red Sea. They see that people begin worshipping whatever they may be worshipping at that moment in time. So they asked that make us a data that we can also worship it as well, and be like these individuals are in the home, Coleman techadon. Indeed, you are very ignorant people. Likewise, we

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find the foreigners or before that we find it mentioned that they said to musasa

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cuca for 40 lakh in Buena Park, do you in your load, go and find a way to remain here and remain standing inside this location. The followers of ACI they set out to classify this How are you? The disciples? That's Allah? Allah in general praises them? By Mensa you levina ambu coo ansara Lake Ama parlanti somebody I'm a little worried I'm and I'm sorry, bla bla. How do you believe become the aide and helpers of Allah Subhana Allah, just like the helpers of Isa are they sit on? When he said made the question I asked him who is going to help me help the deen of Allah Subhana

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Adana. But once again the disciples of Rizal Islam, they asked a question, the question that they requested is sending of a man either when a summer, they want you to see the table, the table spread sort of manner. The fifth chapter, the Quran is entitled after this, the end versus the conclusion, so to speak about this, whereby they also Allah sent down or Isa sent down upon us a table spread. So we can we can see the physical nature of the miraculous nature that's been given to you see, the miracle of food being sent down from the heavens being bought down. So this could be a shortfall that they're asking this question that were they lacks inside the man. Obviously, here we talked

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about it being basically noise, his question that he meant, but expressing the element that could have been some element of weakness inside the conviction. But compare this to the companions even said sort of matter that we find that the verse mentioned yet would lead in a manner that the salon usher in tubular come to sukham are you believe, don't ask excessive questions. If the response is given to you, it may begin to harm you. Meaning that more revelation may make them more aware, more prohibitions, more commandments, more obligation may come upon you. If you read it, the Seal of this verse, If I have to lead with a passage that's very important mentioned, that if we look at the

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questions asked by our youth, and the disciples and a nation of benissa, who came before with a continuous question, even a beginner or an sort of nakara that you find the whole theme of sort of Docker is based upon excessive questioning, asking about the type of high for the type of cow the color of the cow the size of the cow, etc, till it became more more difficult for them. If they only obeyed a lot of times during the beginning it would have been something very simple for them. Something very easy for them to take any cow and to sacrifice it. But excessive questioning led them that love panda made it difficult upon them. That's a lesson for this must've been a certain things

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are open they held on they allowed for person to do excessive questioning or nitpicking makes it to become difficult for the individual. That's when a man asked the Prophet alayhi salatu salam asked about Hajj I couldn't be admin, every single year. The procuring said we ignored him, never responded. And again, you asked the same question. Then again he asked the same question. He said if I said yes, overcome an obligation upon you. So perform had once inside your life, that's it, but as we find in our in our community, the moment excessive questioning is splitting continuously asking leads to difficulty upon the individual or they want to do more. This is what is classified as a

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Hulu. So even the whole sort of main the main theme of it is speak about Hulu, excessiveness, whether it be the excessiveness of your hood, or the excessiveness of of under Sora. And in the middle, you find what the delicate matter was about the middle nation to learn from these two nations not to go to the extremities. They had their best adventures or they loved Alabama. He mentioned that regarding this verse, or taking this verse into perspective, the companions they have a certain question as well. How many questions Do they ask? Inside the Koran? Does he find a certain terminal for unfolds the question yes or no? No. And in the head, yes. Somebody will miss it. Yes.

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Do they ask you about the soul the spirit they asked you about the women's cycle they asked you about the drink of alcohol, yes. And in Hindi, they asked you about the present. If you study these, these questions, you find these this questioning is something which is going to benefit the Muslim Ummah is going to benefit the people at large. These this questioning of delivering a bath mentioned that the companions only ask some tough questions other than that are called to submit now what I've gotten that we hear and we obey unfortunately towards the latter part is more we can see your call to submit now what I say no, we obey and we disobey you know that's why many factories It may sound

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very harsh, many factories are like unfortunately, because we know many things. We understand many things when we continuously begin to ask exactly the same questions that you find that most of the Quran in another forum yokoso Allah very easily actor a lady whom v telephone in a huddle on Youku Sala Bani Israel most of this Quran is only narrating about whom is narrating about Bani Israel in and mostly my indifference regarding any day affair. We find that the Lebanon has mentioned that this is the only question that companions that they asked inside their life. So this makes it in quite crisp crystal clear that the ultimate generation or the ultimate individuals are the ultimate

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disciples and none other than return when we say Hola, Nabi Salas and the men and the women the companions around the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to leave individuals, they become a role models, they become a symbol, they become people that we want to emulate, obviously, the Prophet and his son, no one can reach the level of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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where a person is trying to copy him and needs to get to some degree. And likewise the companions. They only the only thing that they've done inside the lodge is they emulated the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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We find the Abdullah minister when he mentioned that everything about about Islam has been selected have been chosen. He mentioned that Cabo was chosen that destination, that location is selected to be the final place of Revelation. The appropriate alleged asylum was chosen to be the final messenger, and likewise the companions to be around him. They were chosen, selected, because sometimes some people in the zeal and the passion I think, you know, why why were we not companions? Or why are we not companion? Why were we not born in that generation? A loss, Panda knows that if we were to be placed into that generation, we would turn back on our heels, we will come back comfort

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will come in shape, we will disbelief we would flee, we would run away. As of delighting Mr. Dimensions here that he knew a lot about, I knew that these are the individuals to be selected their individual to be chosen. So that's a lot of chose these individuals in place and to be around the profits of all of them. And the main concept about these individuals, as some of us may be thinking isn't excessive worship, is that excessive worship of the companions that gives them this dis prestige, many dependents have concluded excessive worship is one element of the companions, but more deeply Malhotra faithful obedience is the penetration inside the heart. This is what made them

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the companions, their devotion, the commitment within their hearts. This is what made them to become the companions to be around the Prophet sallallahu Sallam line called define. If you study for your life, you find total emulation, total imitation, every single inch, you find that the companions will begin to copy and to emulate the prophets of Allah seven. And as I began with a world of role models and ideas, if you look at an average individual, whatever they may celebrity culture, they may follow a personality they may follow, you will find that people begin to copy everything about the individual, then dress like that individual, then go find that individual asleep or that

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individual then they study what the individual eats, their face and expressions, their bodily expressions, their clothing, their dress is a culture that you see, when you use the person that they look up to, they will begin to emulate the individual, read about their life study their life want to be exactly that individual. But for some strange reason, when it comes to the profit on selling, and the companion we find it will never be trivial. We don't find that passion. We don't find that z that if somebody does do that we find a some form of extremity that if somebody's just just off the top of mind somebody wants to any dress like the profit if someone wants to grow their

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beard, like no one wants to wear a turban like him or somebody wants to eat like him or do something like we find it at the moment. Unfortunately, we find a blame we find it blameworthy. But if somebody begins to don't want to sound derogatory, to me and prefer a gaffer wants to emulate copy disbelieving individuals, then you know, maybe it's culture is the need of the people. There is no harm injury. That's why it's very strange, even some young brothers, even the way they come in, they adorn themselves in the house of Allah Subhana Allah and maybe when they're coming towards prayer, the way that they dress, the way they conduct themselves, we should make a distinction outside we

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did not learn how to be the early person how they want to conduct themselves, but at least have some demeanor inside the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah when you come to the house of Allah, Rhonda, yeah, Benny. Jose Neto come into the masjid. When you come to the house of Allah and I take your beautiful garments and adorning don't dress in a casual manner. When you come to the house of Allah Subhana Allah adorn yourself, beautify yourself with the attire write code, that you find that even COVID some of us we find a trivial it's the parameters Islam are very, very wide. But if you're wearing a garment whereby that you find your order is exposed, then you your Salah is broken, your Salah is

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broken. So we find many of the youth when they come to prayer, sometimes they share is not tucked in, they're not dressed appropriately, the clothing that we're wearing, then the rear of the back begins to become exposed is breaks your salon somebody they don't even know it. So when a person comes to the machine should attire themselves should understand. Some of us may sound a cultural perception, it's not a cultural perception, is adorning us are appropriately befitting yourself that being in the house of Allah Subhana Allah and these companions Didn't they did exactly that. You may think and they extreme inside their views. to such a degree. It wasn't just about sleeping and

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drinking and walking and talking with them. You find that even defecating urinating, you find to emulation if somebody came, you know some of us we may cave in somebody makes a joke or mockery that you urinate like this, you defecate like this, you know, some of us we're human beings, we may get taken aback. But when somebody said that to some man and Ferdowsi, you know, you mentioned the Jewish method, which even teaches you how to, to defecate how to go to the toilet as a mockery as a joke. He said, Of course, he told us, he told us not to face the problem. He told us to squat down he taught us not to use our right hand to use stones to use water to clean this up appropriately.

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To conceal ourselves, the pencil was taken aback, that your profit and a seller has not left any stone unturned but he's told you what to do inside your life. We should be privileged with that. We should be privileged. Don't be surprised. There's people that even just by even though it's so nice to sit down and to drink even by person to sit down and drinking their water is impressed another non Muslim is raised concern is raised discussion is opened up the door to for them to begin to think that what is this, this religion or actually what is his way of life that you follow that everything you do is in coalification with what the Prophet told you to do inside your lives? That's

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what a Muslim becomes a role model about everything that they do. emulating the Prophet alayhi salatu salam inherited as Kalani, he mentioned that what is classified as a companion companion is not just one sword, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, because there are some companions who are blind, so he's very accurate inside this description. If you read notes to another Fisher

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alumina editor, Mr. Hardy three point explains not just one property,

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not just one who saw him when wrong when a caveman man na kabhi manabi he was the one who met the prophet Elijah that Islam who met him believed in him and he died upon that is classified as a companion. Whether he met him for a few seconds, a few minutes, a day or months or years, whatever maybe if that person lived at that time and believe there must be an unbeliever the Prophet alayhi wa sallam, and met the Prophet Alayhi Salaam and died upon that is classified as a companion. And as we find that we need to take our life into an organized manner looking at certain elements. To help us strengthen our email list for some of us, it may not be possible to read all collection of ideas

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or to go through them etc. But look at certain chapters, look at certain books to help us to understand what is our email, as for the companions, look at for biting the Sahaba look at the book or the virtue companion inside say Buhari inside a Muslim and the four books of sunon. But under under peek of it, read at least forgotten the Sahaba of Imam Bukhari and Mr. Muslim, when you find all the companions are those which they've collected, speaking about the football and the virtue, they help us to understand why are they so special individuals. And likewise for our email? We keep up with email, the book of Eman, the first book of Sahih. Muslim to understand what is email what is

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the beauty of email, likewise, as a side point v. Kita. But by the way, the beginning of revelation of Sahih Bukhari to see what revelation is. And likewise at the end of Bukhari Muslim we find we get up with Jana was referred to me earlier, the book of gender, the people of Paradise, and the beauty or the blessing that were given to this individual. If you read these few chapters, and you understand these few chapters, you'll understand what he meant is, you understand what your goal is, you'll understand what the perception is individually was, we have to codify our life, we have to codify our study, snippets of knowledge snippets of YouTube snippets of this is just a temporary

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feelgood factor. That's what it's become that people send snippets of this and this and that was said, if you want to strengthen your email, it has to be a technical approach. As you approach a tedious approach in every single day, it is approaching reading and studying and implementing understanding that that's whereby you finally begin to strengthen one's email. And in that reading that study, the key element is implementation. Because so many people there are many rewire they know many statements, and many facts and statements that we find. But as for his application, this is what some of us is Muslims that we lack. This is what made the companion so special, that all

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those minute things, all those trivial things that we may think are trivial for them, they will not trivial. For Mussina, we find 12 units of prayer in a day soon. And in a prayer that person reads them, you find that person will have what given to them house in paradise. What's a defect in us the defect innocent, we don't have done your thing. We don't have that certainty, we are told that we're going to be given a million pound house at the end of this city wide end of the week, you will find a different type of focus, but because this is an accurate because this is for us something far away. So to wrap your head or sooner becomes something difficult for us but took hours of standing

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and speaking outside outside the machine. Even in a day I wouldn't be surprised some of us will find that very easy to do some of that very easy to read debate in some way Speak up. So, we can just carry on and say until the cows come home everyone speaking with people, but these elements while they could be an element of weakness inside their heart to sooner before further for before thought to offer thought to ask the magnitude of the issue 12 somebody had mentioned that reading to before and after, after he had what is the common practice for because I find any I makes 12 when we reach talk so not in a day whenever house in paradise given to them study the life of the companions. Do

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you think that they were less busy than us

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You know, they they have an excuse, if they missed it, they would feel they would feel the impact of missing it inside their life. And that's why even a state of warfare they find what were they worried about? The first thing they would ask each other a question? Are we missing any sooner inside our life? Is there something we're missing to do inside our life that we need to catch up on? Is there any weakness inside that life that we're missing on? That's what they would encourage themselves with. That's what they would remind themselves with. That's what we need to do inside and I've encouraged us again and again, about the sadhana, about reviving the sun and living a life of

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the sun. Yes, we human beings, we all we focus, we don't hold on one thing, we shouldn't do that as well at home in one factor, this person they features should be like this. So this means that this person should be a person too. So now, there may be some element of weakness externally inside their life. But internally, they might have so many other actions from the inside their life, they might have to run from mercy, forbearance, suberb, good etiquette, good behavior, good speed, good today, parents go to the community, they may have that other action sooner that existed, but we don't have inside our lives. So sooner is chairman Chairman, Chairman or something which is completed, we

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encourage each and every one of us to hone in to come closer and closer towards the impact of sadhana unfolding these righteous guided individuals, and that's in

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alphabetical order if I want the most profound Hadees that we find. And even when I read this Hadith, or when I first heard this hadith being narrated, I found it very strange. But when you actually go in and read the Hadith, then it begins to have a greater impact that you know, this hadith sounds strange. But this is actually inside Buhari. All right, because all the talk of inner race, and after he became a Muslim, but he narrates about what he saw about the companions when he was a non Muslim. So he was sent to negotiate in pseudo de BIA in the pact agreement that was made to dis make a discussion. After certain individuals selected and went to the mosque. He went to see

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and to meet with the prophet and Islam and to have a discussion with him to send out certain parameters, certain agreements are to be made within operation and the profits of the Law Center. So when he approached, and he saw the whole environment, remember, he's a non Muslim at this moment in time, he goes back and he narrates to his companions to his followers. He said that, you know, I've seen something strange.

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I've seen the leaders of Pacer and kisara and the joshy ISIS lead the Cesar Weber rules over the Romans kisara is cos that rules over the Persians tried to give them a ninja she's over ruled over Abyssinia. He said, I've seen these leaders, and I've seen the followers and followers are subjugated or forced to follow them. There's no real love. Just like the word today don't understand political, but we just you know, we show a love to our leaders or whatever it may be. There's no real obedience. There's no inside our hearts. We don't really have that affiliation towards them because they don't sometimes serve our cause. But these individuals, they have a deep love profound

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love for the for the leader and is visible. Rama is a non Muslim who's narrating this. He says that if the prophet Elijah was to speak, they will grab the saliva, they will grab the service to spit they'll grab it. If used to perform or do carry on through the battle, they would begin to fight one another to catch up. Before we do drops on the floor, they would fight one another to grab the widow and none of them will look at him directly in his eyes. Even the Rasul Allah to stand for immense reverence and love that we will never look directly mistakes. This will remember is collecting data for that and you believe that I'm exaggerating go back and read the Hadith yourself and see in

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context, that's what over a mushroom coffee narrates speaks about when he was a non Muslim what you saw about these foreigners? He says there's no individuals on the face of this earth can can be periban can be 11 when the followers of the prophets of Allah SLM even have been brought under Nagi and this also shows the the whiteness of Islam Do you find that the impact of Islam the companions has traveled to such a far journey and andalusi just as a two to three hour flight away from us, that we find Look at him as a programmer mm, to be even as a as an andalusi that we find many books have never seen our code to be that we find magnimous works of deceit that we find that used as

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benchmarks written by a llama existed in Arabic was a dead language initially in the Arabic should be a language initially This was joined this Muslim Ummah, that from one end to the other end, the medium of speech is the Arabic language. And as a side point, the way to dismantle this Muslim Ummah, is not just the belief aspect is also via aloha is by the language. You dismantle the Arabic language, you dismantle Islam. That's how simple it is. Go and study the Arab world at the moment. Go and look and try to decipher how many individuals

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Or how many countries Arab countries speak pure classical Arabic language is their main dialect. You'll be taken aback. Most of the countries they've fractured the language. So people's lack of understanding the Quran understanding muscles becomes weakened and becomes weakened concept understand the language the language will lead you to the Quran. And as a side point no one can understand the source of the Quran and Sunnah no one can be classified as a scholar. No one can be classified as a person understand the *tier without the Arabic language is a person may have the gift of the gab speak good English, speak good rhetoric, bring these back bring these fingers and

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ham that's a great service that they do. But to classify these identities become individuals who begin to champion the cause of Islam will begin to deliver the coalition that is a fallacy. That is a fallacy no one can ever be classified as a scholar until they do not understand at least the Arabic language because the Arabic language opens up the understanding of the new source of the Quran and the Hadith. The more weakly Arabic language, the more weaker your perception of the text, of deciphering the text. And this becomes Paramount inside a society that people in a freelance atmosphere whenever whenever they feel, I will begin to speak about texts, and speak about what he

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wants to speak about is very, very dangerous. When de PUE Allah He moneta Allah moon, you speak about a lot harder than what you don't know. And as we began with the deen of Allah from Danny's is something to be respected person should know the limitations should enter into every single thing if a person asked me intricate questions about marriage about divorce about certain rulings, I as an individual except my my weakness, I accept my deficiency knowledge and say I don't understand this. I don't know this that has no impact upon me as a personality. We're all human beings. Have a fighting family go to Korea no sooner. Hawaii 36 questions amendment in the great email, the former

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they had that we find a common practice today some beach over all of them from Iraq, and came to Mr. Malik deadly Hydra and asked him some 36 odd question for kalama Mary magri, Maryland we'll learn them in Wayne de la mirdif. Shot Stanton. Okay, what am I going to say to the people money? Doesn't know doesn't understand. Allah knows best. And he mentioned knows best. I don't understand this. What should I deliver to the people who should I go and say that to the people of Iraq, about my money should go and deliver that to them? Go let them know. I don't know. For now. There's no harm done. There's no harm in saying I don't know I don't understand this. And even the context of the

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car you read the context of the Quran, all those that praise the companions all praise a certain generation in general economic deficit have mentioned these if that praise a certain group of personalities or individuals is always referring to who are willing to do companions. permethrin quantum Hydra, mutton or frigate leanness, Tamura bill Murphy buttonholed

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you the best people ever raised on at a later stage, he refers to his Muslim Mama, the essence of this ayah is referring to the companions. That's the essence if you are the best people ever raised up, like was to solidify this in the head inside the bamboo hottie hydro nurse economy, Somali Deena Luna, sama, levena. Luna, the best generation the best people is is my people, my generation, then those who come after that, and those who come after that. This is known as

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the best generation the best people. That's why the more that your understanding begins to drift away from the understanding of the companions and those who follow the companions that came after companions. The more you become freelance inside your interpretation, the more dangerous it becomes. And you know, sometimes we think that you know, maybe classical realm or they didn't understand certain things, you know, sometimes you read classical works, you feel that as they are speaking about our time today, you feel speaking about our time sometimes you think that works with us, it may not touch upon intricate matters that we live in today. For example, we find the word of music

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at the moment. Some people think that you know, the Quran doesn't really speak about it, or there's not much deceit about it. Look at the beginning, pseudo local man, that's not the first chapter of Quran verse number six, one with a nasty beneficiary that will be at your dealer and severely under. There's people who seek vulgar speech vain speech. Belay Aleikum, you don't know the music industry at the moment the word at the moment What is it? Is it not a vulgar speech? Is not vile speech? Is it not feel free speech? If you studied the words that I'm telling to guide you to study the word but if you if you were, we've come across some of these words, you think this is nothing but faith

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that this is what we've been our youth have been indoctrinated with this what they you've listened to on a day in and day out basis, no matter no one that they advocates have become like this, the one that they speeches become like this, the one that they behavior you become like this, because if this is what they are filling their minds with, then this becomes the repercussion. And this becomes a common practice.

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On a daily basis, but the point being if you go back and study works at the facility, you find the freedom I've spoken about these is what do these verses mean? And speaking about music and its industry that you find amongst youth inside his work to determine food, even before Amica theater speaks about him, unquote, to me as well, I am probably as well that you find that what licorice do what they're doing. They said to the people that bring the gills, to recite music and to sing and to dance, etc, to derail the people and to pour wine for them to take them away. Leo Diller and Sabina to take them away from the park of Allah subhanaw taala. What does music do today? What does it do?

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It divides people away from the profit loss from data available, Mr. Rob mentioned that two things can exist in the heart of the individual. So drama was sold to shape on the voice of Allah, man can't exist inside your heart and the voice of the devil, one would overcome the other Rather, he said it sprouts hypocrisy. One will overcome the other it will overcome the other eventually that you find a person eventually the voice that they say that the music will shape one will eventually overcome the indecision and lead them to the path.

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You know people speak about sweetness of email and how now we can even you know with the Punisher surrounded by music, they were surrounded by music but when they had the wind or the Halawa Quran has a sweetness has an impact. You find that narration speaker

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i'm not mistaken that they used to listen to the Quran. They used to listen to the Quran and in the morning when people used to see them they should say don't they say to another don't mention anything just quietly go home. Because when appropriate something we sit there recite the Quran they would sit there marvel at the Quran, listen to it. And then they promise one another in the morning don't come back. Don't come back The following night. But something dragged them The following night again to listen to the Koran. And again they will in secrecy listen to a Barbie to one another, and promised that don't come the following day. Orion had a great impact upon the media and the

00:32:02--> 00:32:06

supernatural. The 55th 53rd chapter on FM inhabited et

00:32:08--> 00:32:47

what Hakuna Taku anthem semitone we the end of the to see this is the impact. You find that every single individual who is there outside the carrabba when you heard these verses, all the way into frustration except for one individual. All licorice went into frustration, as I mean, how do you marvel at this or on you know, in today's context, you know some of us we marvel at we citation we citation is good, alleviates the heart beats the heart as it will tell you about Josie and speaks about the sweetness of the citation, etc. It's a good thing, but to condense our life that it just becomes a beautiful, beautiful marveling at the Quran. With the impact of Quran in your daily life.

00:32:47--> 00:33:22

ways that impact that the Quran to change you. That's what the Quran done to the companions, it changed him. It took them from mineral buruma It took him in the realms of darkness to the light of Allah Subhana Allah that's what the Quran done it if you don't feel that inside your life, when you read and you study the Quran, you don't feel a yearning desire inside your heart, you know, I need to change I need to better myself and to become a better individual. No one's saying you have to become a proficient besides the Quran. You have to become a Korean the Quran is not going to happen we have to be true for some of us that may happen we aspire that happens. But it means an average

00:33:22--> 00:33:59

individual. When they hear your current, he wants them to change. It wants them to have an impact on their life to become a better individual that will suffice that will suffice an average individual that they the impact of Quran begins to change in their life. And that's the point the dose is inside the Quran, who led by Dr. Phil who mean Allah sent amongst the illiterate ones. In general, the companions they were illiterate. We are people who don't count. I showed her in dinner. The professor he showed he showed symbols 1020 2930 days that is it. We are we are people who don't count.

00:34:00--> 00:34:34

We don't have this systematic approach. It's really simple people that we are even inside the Koran mokulua shabu eat and drink until the white bread becomes apparent from the black friend. You know I've even had him What did he do look as simple as individuel he took a white thread and a black thread he placed underneath his pillow and the time before for the month of Ramadan. You tried to look at the difference between white gray and a black thread when you can make the distinction he understood this the beginning of the beginning of sia to stop eating and the beginning of fasting begins until the last set down the end of the I A million forgery when we talk about know how to get

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

a sweat white thread from black thread is the horizons of dawn but look at the simplicity. How simple individually this is what they used to do this how they understood life. Simple individuals and look at their achievements. Look at their achievement, look at where they where they went. they conquered and they rule and they govern is because Malhotra people who've been in the lead the Nakamura Boone Allah Tomas Docomo that another

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:02--> 00:35:22

in the lobby, Nakamura buena, those who say a lot is Allah, Allah then they remain steadfast upon that. Who is that primarily referring to? it's referring to the companions they say we believe in Allah that they remain steadfast upon them in them and Lena Lena either do Kira know what did Apollo moon why there Juliet adding to that email now I never have been

00:35:23--> 00:36:05

a believer that those individuals that when they remember a loss of pounds or their hearts begin to quiver their hearts begin to shake shake why they're too late to if I recited upon them what happens to them that email Quran increases the many men and what else while there have been yet avacado practical application doesn't just become that, that weeping and crying over the Quran, why not Amitabha calm you find the strong. The strong focus inside the lab nothing overcomes them, total reliance and de Vaca la semana de Allah that is the impact that the Quran had upon this ultimate generation. Likewise the descriptive nature of these individual continues and that the Naoki Masada

00:36:06--> 00:36:50

woman Baraka, like Amina, ha ha, they're the ones who established a prayer and they give this data and these are the real believers. Now, there are 200 Momofuku, what is contrary, there is grades that were given to these individuals and great provision were given to these individuals. We need to see the Eman of the ultimate generation the end of the first just sort of bucket that we find an admin we miss the man meant to be a dictator, if you believe as they believe, you will be right we guided believers, believers what the average person believes around us or the people are telling us to believe you need to find the right belief of a Sahaba that you find many if not all of the books

00:36:50--> 00:37:02

have appeared on people they study a fine but it they think is condensing upon where people deviated where the corruption from etc I find theology that we find seeing Allah Subhana Allah believe in a lot of other

00:37:03--> 00:37:38

details that we will need to know there's no doubt about that. But you find that towards the end of these books of belief, you find busaba you find love for the Sahaba Why does unima pencil in love for the Sahaba in books speaking about belief about drop doctrine, why have they placed it there at the end but method and cesari 10 years works on either to was supposed to be the end of it, you find a hobo Sahaba will be leveled the companions, love of the followers of the prophets of love of his family members for what reason? Why do we place that there because dismantling of our guide isn't just from deviation.

00:37:39--> 00:38:17

This manual of God is also from corruption being attributed towards a companion raising question about any individual who poses a single question about any single companion tries to find a deeper insight and knowledge deeper in terms of narration or something they may have sent which is plausible because they are human beings as individuals they can make mistakes as a consensus as a Gemma they are infallible companions are infallible as a group of companions give a verdict and that is to be followed. If a single one takes a view and that is to be excused, Abdullah material may have taken a view where by placing his hands and knees was not the right way to pray, you place the

00:38:17--> 00:38:51

inside his knees, that's his view, Abu huraira we'll make more do we wait all the way up to the forum, there's a view that he took all the way up to his shank up to the shin. That doesn't mean that it becomes so now this interview that he took and he practices it like that doesn't become that doesn't become sooner, even somebody be very careful. Some people deviation corruption will take a single view for companion and said the companion allowed for example, we start to call upon the dead individually, okay, that food or done this action, that dessert become puja. That doesn't become evidence. A single practice of companion is not evidence that we use it as a symbol to judge Islamic

00:38:51--> 00:39:24

law by it's a consensus of the companion that we need to follow inside their life. If they agreed upon a consensus of a view that is something needs to be followed. That's what Imam Shafi he mentioned. Where do you find the consensus of the companions inside the Koran when you show up with your preferred member the method below Buddha was a bit of a recipe remote mini knew when he met me Jana masirah, some verse 100 or so inside, so to nice if I'm not mistaken, you find whoever contained to that message after the evidence has been shown to that individual and follows a path other than the way of

00:39:25--> 00:40:00

the question here arises who are the believers? And we we laid out the benchmark. Whenever the Quran speaks about the believers, it goes back to him to the companions with the goals again way against the way the companions will follow a path leading to agenda. What's the most you know what an evil refugee will be? Some of them have narrated and mentioned that Imam shivery, he read the Quran 100 times, till eventually he found this is the verse that shows consensus of the companions. And this goes back to the Quran is a deep ocean that put under the deep ocean principle and read the Quran many times

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

But sometimes versus common person, this is certain verses and things as it is the first time they hear these verses, or the understanding these verses, that's what the Quran is. And that is the impact the Quran had upon the companions that we find. And likewise, Mr. Malik, he mentioned about if you were to make a distinction about who are people and the Sunnah, and who are people who deviate from and the sooner, hello sooner or those individuals who praise the companion, who loved the companion to speak one of the companions, that's a symbol of Allah Sunnah. That is one of the main symbols and the sadhana any person who revives the companions, speak ill of the companions,

00:40:35--> 00:41:12

that is classified as a person who's away from the methodology of the companions, or what we know in general terms, what is known as a sheet in today's terms, or rafidah, or is not actually at the 12 verse, or the extreme issue that we find, because they creed, you know, some people don't say maybe you could bring the benchmark closer between Arizona and the sheet that we find, you know, the people of sooner that you find me maybe points of effect, that person may differ, there may be some elements of a pie, the person may differ, as long as evidence has existed, you find a person is tolerant towards that, because it's not just for them, there's even competitors, you took certain

00:41:12--> 00:41:47

views of certain things that matter in your mind. And now, in our piano era, we find that certain faces that they will be rolled, radiant and glowing, when they see a lot of spandana. Some companions went to the view that the Prophet did see Allah Subhana Allah, it's a minute view, there's some evidence for that even the most accurate views that no one can see a loss of data on the face of this earth, then the minima begin to discuss how back in one sleep, some random have concluded, have collected that some people have seen a loss panda inside they sleep. It may sound strange to us. But these are works of a car that discuss this. But the ultimate view of a loss Panda

00:41:47--> 00:42:19

and it will be inside there will be given to the believer. So mostly when they read and they study, they become tolerant towards it. Because our problem is as young individually that we read snippets of knowledge, rich snippets, and we begin to be judgmental with the people around us. You know, the companions when they ask the question, they'll say go and ask the next individual go and ask the next thing we go and ask the next individual enough next interviewee came back to them. That's a competitive, hasty, they weren't rushing to display the knowledge and the understanding and the pretense that they had they would pass it to another individual to eventually come back to one of

00:42:19--> 00:42:51

the senior competitors, then the answer does have the competitor, even in the in the welfare in that case, you know, some of us young individual, we may have heard about these stories, we live these stories, you know, when they when they're dying in a battlefield, they're passing by water is given to one individual, you know, it was one of us and agreed would come out, when we just drink and not worry about another, another individual, you know, I'm suffering, I'm dying, just worry about my own son, combined to go and give it to my friend, when he walked to the second interview, second, give it to the other companion. When he walked to the third individual, he's passed away, it walked back

00:42:51--> 00:43:08

to the second individual, he's passed away, they both walk back to the first edition individually passed away, they've all passed away, because they all worry about their brother, you're worried about the other individual, as well as the every individual is worried about the answer. or worried about that, you know, I am the person who's going to go to Ghana, or

00:43:09--> 00:43:37

what was he worried about? He was worried that the last person to go to Ghana would be myself, the first person to go into the Hellfire could be myself. This is one of the most prestigious of companions that we find, but he is overwhelming. He always is always asking that was the what is the end result going to be to myself. And that's what we mentioned. And these are regional. They're to leave the European Union and the creme de la Misato, et cetera, these men,

00:43:38--> 00:44:15

nothing derailed them. Nothing disturbs them from the dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala. That's what we need to codify our life because I want to mention this. Because as many of us we get excited in certain things that we do. And basic fundamental principles. We don't follow them inside our life. I'm not saying we shouldn't worry about Palestine. We shouldn't worry about Syria. We shouldn't do this. But don't content your life that you live just become moments of outbursts or burning of effigy burning of flags, chanting outside parliament and talking coming outside embassies, whatever it may be burning out. You know, don't be surprised. I know individuals who don't even pray five

00:44:15--> 00:44:15

times a day.

00:44:17--> 00:44:44

They don't pray five times a day, but they have this burning rage and they'll text me and tell me why you know, outside the embassy why you're doing it while you're participating. I know they don't pray five times a day. But you have such a rage for this. Okay, your rage is good. Yeah, the belief is good. You won't have you done so, but you don't pray five times a day. Put it in perspective. I'm not saying don't worry about it. Even many of our youth center is not in Asia every single day. Oh, I'm busy. I'm tired. I'm eating.

00:44:45--> 00:44:47

If you're eating don't come to Salah or every single day.

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

effect is a reality. We see this we noticed every single food was so I'm implementing the Hadith once in a while. But then men should not praise

00:45:00--> 00:45:26

Hello home caddies in Abu Dhabi. I would like to appoint someone else to be the Imam Who is this the perfect solution. He's saying I want to appoint someone else a man can someone else be the man? Can someone be the man what was the preparation is leaving no. But he wants to appoint someone to be the man. I want to go to the homes of those men. I want to go to the on the don't join the congregation and burn those homes. But because there's women and children there, I don't want to do that.

00:45:27--> 00:46:07

lucasta we talk about the rage of the Muslim ummah. We talk about the passion, the Muslim Ummah, slaughtered further the same young individuals sleeping. Sleeping is a rage. It's a burnout. This is the real rage within yourself companion to the misfortune in Gemma they would hide in the crevices they would hide in the wall, they will concede themselves that no one sees him or Miss fudger in the morning. They will feel like the whole mount is a collapse upon them. What the * about God in my life? I wasn't there for virgin. What do we think of it? Oh, it's no big deal. It's not a big thing. If I miss Jamaica, Mr. Massad, the population throughout his life, preserved the guardians of the

00:46:07--> 00:46:43

companion. They were conquering, they were ruling they will champion causes they were wounded. There was suffering and hardship didn't have a small flu and stay away from the machine. Or it's raining now this way you can find out what given straightaway it's raining now *. Can I combine my prayers because I implemented howdy? How badly Is it raining? How bad is it raining? I'm gonna combine my prayers. It's a weak nation. It's a weak oma it's a weak concept within our hearts, where we people that we boast about the companions were weak individuals, that the smallest of tests in our life we begin to crumble even as sisters what they find no, no disrespect. There are women who

00:46:43--> 00:47:18

may have suffered. They may be an article that goes up. Somebody mentioned something on the news, right? I'm not going to wear my niqab anymore. I'm not going to wear my hijab anymore for the greater good. These fatawa are specific for an individual if a woman's been oppressed, she's been harmed, she's been abused, a specific scholar will give a specific verdict and say to her, that you may be this exemption belongs to you exception belongs to you. It doesn't become a common practice. That willy nilly, whatever we think that my feelings are, you know, I think there's hardship. I don't really want to do that inside my lab and look like a strange individual. So I don't want to do

00:47:18--> 00:47:57

that inside my life. No, we as we began with your role model is your role model is for my husband, not many wives of the Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet. That's your role model campaigns, our role model? Don't you think that the Quran abused them in a sense Didn't they say nasty words to them? Then they say disgusting words to them, they step on the job and try to reveal themselves don't you think that existed 1000s of years ago, and that will always exist in man his strength, strength of your image stem from what you believe in You are a personality, you are an identity that follows the Quran and the Sunnah identity in yourself, you're not a crowd formula. You don't follow what

00:47:57--> 00:48:34

everybody else tells ya into the experiment. You can submit Allah, you obey most of the people around you, that lead you to where lead you to the hellfire. So this any hate to use the word is wishy washy Islam that we find an old for the greater good, whatever, and to display ourselves. humbleness is all praiseworthy, humbleness all good. All of us. Muslims should be humble in approach humbling side of life. That doesn't mean that you wash away your traits in your belief. It doesn't mean that you cave in you wash everything about you the way that you did your attire. So as a Muslim display yourself, if a few individuals displayed themselves in an even manner, does that mean that

00:48:34--> 00:49:05

now we as Muslims, that we should change our whole attire about ourselves? Some Muslims may not die, they may have done something wrong, we'll do something wrong inside their life. Does that mean that we drive ourselves away though, because that Muslim dunda I don't want to be represented. I know most Muslims are not represented that manner. Most Muslims don't behave in that manner. You know, even though the companions they're surrounded by the courage, the courage to dress that the companions, they behave that the companion says extended they were exactly the same. So they didn't say the companion say Oh, because they're like us because this you find a new logic and concept of

00:49:05--> 00:49:40

modernism that you find a spread inside of the Muslim Ummah, is that because non Muslims do this, so we need to defend ourselves from them. So if, for example, I don't know that if Muslims, if non Muslim began to grow their page, then we should say that bit that's what this basically means. If non Muslims, you know they got circumcised and we should circumcised they do circumcised we shouldn't say that. That's what this concept means really, if you study in great nature, that we should differentiate ourselves from those people. We were they agree with the text. And as soon as we began, which is their follows of mu salesianum. And the teachings there are the same teachings

00:49:40--> 00:50:00

that belong to Islam today and the teachings of the Prophet is Islam and he endorsed them, then we follow them as well. We don't say we defer ourselves because they happen to be on your own life was under Sora is teaching inside there, which are unanimous with our deep teachings. We take them on board, we follow them inside our life and whereby we're told to differ from them, Holly for Yahoo, the oneness,

00:50:00--> 00:50:35

are different from the Jews and Christians regarding this or regarding that, or regarding these advocates or regarding distresses or regarding this, that we should give them mentorship that will come in for women who will begin to emulate the people and when she becomes like them. So May Allah give us all the strength and the ability to begin to emulate these individuals, because I have other role models. They are the role models was that we begin to look at them and begin to MBA and to be with them inside this dunya and I call it a messenger, what rasuluh ficando messenger is with you, what does it mean? The correct interpretation This is not a given interpretation that is physically

00:50:35--> 00:51:06

comes in, he attends etc. The meaning is that he is with us in his living spirit of his sadhana. The revival persona is amongst you, and whoever revives you so now we'll be with the father and a son inside the Accra, Allah COVID the companions before the Sunnah, now the founder and he was on the topic and ability to follow these individuals whilst we're living and likewise more so to be rejoicing to be with these individuals inside of Sarah mahalo calm. That was stuff for the lovely welcome only Jamie and Muslim enough istockphoto in order for him to come