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Episode Notes

This is part 5 of a 12 part series on the demise of Rasulullah SAW

In this series I have covered the following…

The last moments of Rasulullah SAW,
His fatal illness
In whose house He was nursed
Who led the Companions in Salah during his illness
How He passed away and how the Janazah Salah was performed upon Him SAW.

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Maria Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen hobby al mackaninee Varma La La me Bella Maureen wanna sleep for Subhana Allah He led the hikma to who? Bernie Horton while mu z wanyama who was reluctant ella colusa z McCabe wanna shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de la sharika houfy in a Tirumala to me when a shadow NSA then our molana Mohammed Abu who was sudo la Donna BK Tabby money in a law he built in

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Salalah alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. My dermatological work he would deceive. I'm about to call Allah to Baraka wa Taala filled an image evil for carnal Hamid odo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, could Luna have seen the equal to mode sakalava laveen honorable scholars respected brothers elders in the esteem listeners, we will discuss in a very bit in an aspect with regards to the final days on the life of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we concluded in the last segment regarding the visit of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to the sacred and the blessing cemetery of berthier on heritage in the company of Abu Mui Hubba hora

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de Allahu anhu, in which nebulae Salam had informed a boom away Hubba that Allah had given him a choice between the treasures of this world and between meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala and he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam opted for the latter Illa Hina genome in kuraly the Infanta illa hoonah molal Jamie ray will happily Phil Medina Timo stocker one where is Khan from a different field but the real ala Hina. Gentlemen, oh my lord grant me deliverance from all difficulties and all anxieties for anttila una molal. Jamie, you are my guardian and you are the Sustainer of all who believe will Medina Timo stocker, one grant me a place and an abode in Medina. So my definite filbur

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theory and ultimately make me amongst the fortunate people who can rest beneath the soil of Medina and stand up to be deserving and worthy of the intercession of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam I mean, jambalaya I mean, we move on to the next Hadeeth in this regard. Woman How do you feel better

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to your loved one who called in the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Salah Allah, La vida samanya cynical movie.

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He will um, what? So occupied now, Amira, Gianni rhodiola, who said amongst the practices we observed in the final hours, days, moments of the life of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he performed a fresh prayer of janaza Salah on the desease, who were martyred in the campaign of God. So this is now eight years had passed since the campaign of 100. And since the passing on etc, but he sallallahu alayhi wasallam renewed a prayer and he offered a janaza Salah on them after eight years. The notion was that there will be almost bidding farewell to both the living and the disease. So we know that offered is very sacred tuna Vla Salatu was Salam has

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a bow. This is a mountain that is fond of us and we are fond of it. And he sallallahu wasallam had often give the analogy of offered in the Hadith as well, when a beloved numerous Rudra the Alanna sends a tree to pluck something, and then for another as Habu Ilaha machete satay the Sahaba observed the nature of his shin that it was thin, it was slim. And he was petite in his physique. So they had a bit of a chuckle. You know, sometimes you see a person's appearance, but you probably don't know certain aspects of him. And when you get exposed, you could be either surprised, perplexed or alarmed. So they found it to be very thin, weak and lean. And he said a lot he was sent

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him said Matata, Hakuna what makes you smile or laugh or chuckle Larry julu abunimah sarode ethical filmyzilla ninja Bella heard that on the day of the leg of Abdullah animus or rude will carry more weight then Mount Hood mount or hood. So there are many other Hadith as well regarding Mount Hood. So he sallallahu wasallam then came and he performed Salah janaza Salah, the funeral prayer, once again over the the martyrs have offered and giving off an ocean signal in a farewell what they are living up to those that were living and those that had moved on from Matala. I remember then he ascended the pulpit for call sallallahu alayhi wasallam then said in the banner ad confer up I am a

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predecessor for you

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I am a PDS so when a child passes away and May Allah grant strength to all those who have lost their children before the age of puberty and beyond as well, but just referring to the Tao of the messenger sallallahu wasallam Allah Masha Allah, Allah,

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Allah Allah.

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Allah make him one who goes ahead and paves the way, a predecessor for up who goes and takes care of all the affairs. So very much if you're traveling in a caravan, the one who would go ahead, find a location pitcher, then find the water etc, etc. I am your father. I am your predecessor, or an RA come Shaheed and I am a witness to you. We're in number one in the house. And the meeting point for us to meet on the day of the AMA will be at my pond. May Allah make us amongst those fortunate and blessed individuals whose thirst would be quenched from the blessed water in the sacred hands of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. I mean, you're Ballade I mean, we're in Nila Andrew la he and he

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sallallahu Sallam after sending the pulpit. He spoke about the pond and he said I can actually see the pond standing on this member standing on this pulpit of minds I can actually see that pond and we know that it is established in APA in our calculator. Although your co author and Alberto hate the opinion is given that this 26 different opinions of co author, one of it means the the pond of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Otherwise co author generally translated as hiren. Kathy, good in abundance. What an A FEMA caminhada I can see this pond while I am standing here. We're in need less to actually come into Jericho. And this is something for us to take heed to. The VNA Salaam is on

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his way out, right. You can imagine the emotions of a dying father. You can imagine the emotions of someone who's on the way to bid farewell. Um, contempt. Shahada is Hazara Cobell mode. If Talabani Mata Buddha, and I mean Bodhi, Allah sketches the image at the time of the demise of Yakov alayhis salam, when he summoned his children, and he said, Who will you worship post my demise? And they comforted his heart and they said now Budo ilaha illa Ibrahim, Are You Smarter either way is hard, but

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surely we will worship Allah, Who is your Lord, our Lord and the Lord of your pious and noble predecessors? When Ahmed Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah was in his fatal illness, Muslim Imam Abdul Malik said in the caf upon the Aqua Allah the Quran has almal you know, you've been a great ruler but you've denied your children wealth. And he said he soon he set me up. And then he said, My kids are of two types in Masada, Emma Polly, the one that's obedient and the one that's a delinquent, those that are obedient. Allah has said, well, who are you saying that they are in the care of Allah and those that are disobedient? I wouldn't want to leave behind well, to support the cause of someone

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who's going to disobey Allah subhanahu wa taala. And then he said to his children, I haven't left anything physical and tangible, but I've lived the life I've lived the life and this is meaningful. This is hard hitting. I've lived the life in Nakhon lenta Maru, big mineral muslimeen only the meta him in LA and La comme la him hochkar that if you pass by a Muslim or non Muslim, everyone will greet you salute you respect you and reveal you because of the legacy of your late father. And what did

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he say? He said, Sir, you don't know Messiah told me. Mamata mintaka mythopoeic. Mamata mintaka mythopoeic the father who leaves behind children like you and the teacher who leaves behind students like you has not died has not passed away he lives on. He lives on

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cadmatic alma mater Tameka, Remo Marsha Coleman, woofie nursey, m word to Allah ecoman in banno Arsenal albina. Right. Mamata mantra camisa. If you leave behind children like this, you continue to live, and of course the Nabi of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left behind a galaxy of Sahaba study all movements or revolutions. No one in the annals of history could turn a nation who previously could not be shepherds to a flock in a short span of 23 years, with minimum battles and minimum loss of lives, and mobilize them revolutionize them to a point that they did not only become guided, but they became inspirations for humanity tokuyama study all the movements and all the

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revolutionaries that came on this earth, and everyone else that came and made a powerful impact on this earth in whichever time period and era it's an insult to even begin to compare them to the legacy of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So he sallallahu wasallam said let's talk sha Allah and Touche Rico. I am not

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afraid that you would ascribe partners and associate partners with Allah in the shape Tanaka as a Yabu saloon features an Arab is an ally. Some said the devil knows that idolatry will not return here to Arabia but what I can fit the hairy Sheba you know whom he has changed his strategy and he's decided to create dissension and division in misleading you. So the devil changes things you know previously it was an idol, you take that same thing and you modify it and magnify it, and you give it a different form, shape or size. And today it's a guy it's an object it's it's it's a device, it's something else. But effectively just as that idle took them away from Allah, this is also

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making you heedless and oblivious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I am not afraid that you would associate partners with Allah when I can actually come adonia I am afraid that you will compete with one another. You would make dinner for us. You would buy and compete with each other, that this is my fear. And tragically We are the victims of this fear of the messenger sallallahu Salama this prophecy of the messenger sallallahu wasallam malefactor Malhotra chalet can walk in any extra and to sit on a coma dunya Camacho Sita talamanca publikum fatahna for su Hakuna Matata for suha that the riches of this world will be leashed upon you it would be open up the well the embellishments of

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this world will be opened up when when

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some of the companions were sent out in an expedition by Satan Amaro de Alanis along duration even as a kid makes mention of it.

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And Hassan bursary says at a two modulation fee, Jamia and Basra I came in a gathering that was of Sahaba in the Jamia Masjid of Basra and amongst them was 100 days and for either theme and a few days, yet has yet to

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be bachlin warmer or the Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah him in Islam, and they were having this rich gathering and discussion about the victory of Islam and the food to heart and the prosperity that Allah gave in a long story. He said that we went in an expedition we were victorious we return and amongst the things we brought was some very beautiful delicacies from Iraq. And we had cleared and attired ourselves with the spoils of the war that we had received. And we then came to say now Maria, la Juan

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de la you can nimona Amaro, the Alanna gave us a cold shoulder and he turned away. So that became quite difficult for us to bear because we went in a campaign we were victorious we came back to report to you for I think not even who Abdullah we can talk to live now. Morocco namanas el amin, amin, el jefe, amin ameerul momineen. And we bounced it off him that say that Omar your dad gave us a cold shoulder and Subhana Allah you know what? The the sun followed on to the fruits of his father. in one direction in comes man outta tune ablenet phocoena ha be at the lab mean FM d minemining. Omar Yaga a cammo that has lost its little one in the desert does not look for the

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footprints of its baby more than how Abdullah Omar mimic the footsteps of his father.

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mana cotton above let Fossella be

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right it doesn't search more diligently or passionately than how Abdullah now Maria alano followed on to the teachings of Rama ribnica pobre the Allahu anhu and he said in the ameerul momineen Ronnie come lieberson lamea Rasulullah sallallahu Simeon so the reason is that Omar is not obscene, you were in things that the Prophet of Allah and Abu Bakar didn't when we came home, we changed we came back Omar embraced us etc, etc. The Allahu *a de la Allah him, we presented the booty and the spoils. And then we gave him this delicacies. And we said, this is something you must taste this. This is amazing. This is really finger licking. This is decadent. This is tasty. It's sumptious for

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the alcohol armor armor of the Alon who tasted it, and he found it to be very sweet and very tasty. And he said, Keep this away from me. Keep this away from me. So they said why Oh, Rama ribnica pub, he said to Lana Min como Ebony about who will hahahahaha Tom, I foresee a time tsakiris narration

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I foresee a time where a son would actually plot the killing of his biological father to lay his hands on these privileges. And a brother will slay his sibling to secure and procure this type of wealth and affluence. Go and give it to the the sons of the martyrs who strove with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but keep me free of it. May Allah make it easy for us. You know, this is the sad reality. Well, I can actually I can adonia I'm afraid that you

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will buy and it will consume consume you for color aka to alpha who is the narration the writer of the Hadith says for Ghana rotten Naruto ha la Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. That was the last glimpse that was the last site. That was the last time I seen he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after that I did not get a chance. Now it was just rapidly downhill and before I realized he sallallahu wasallam had moved on and the son of Naboo what had set is the man who salallahu alayhi wasallam a Umar Ravi Beatty, Arusha

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam seeking consent from his noble spouses to be nursed in the house of Sharia law vanha Let's again introspect your respected listeners.

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He sallallahu wasallam was divinely exempted from maintaining fairness between his spouses and his consorts. And this was a divine privilege conferred upon him and Allah given right to him to J man Tasha una de la commande Tasha tourism and Tasha

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Tasha la come into shop. Obama's awesome you can stole any spouse and you can draw any spouse clothes, or money better later, man Manasa. Fellow Gina Holic and if you seek the partnership in the companionship of any of your spouses, whom you had put on hold momentarily, further, Gina Holic, there's no harm on you, there's no sun on you, you shouldn't feel bad or guilty about it. If you had excused yourself from a particular spouse or your loved one for a period of time, and then you felt the need to approach her. This is perfectly fine and amazing. While we're on the topic, Allah says exempting you from maintaining fairness between your spouses. This was in your interest as much as

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it was in the interest of your spouses.

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Like we all can see, this is a benefit of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And this was a privilege for him. And this was easy and concession for him that he had the multiple spouses or the advantage would get in exposure to his private and intimate life. Each one of them were relaying this to their immediate family and beyond. And he sallallahu wasallam is intimate and private and family life has now been captured by multiple spouses and filtered through different tribes, and of course, recorded documented and preserved till the end of time. But Allah says that, the NA and Takara you know, who na, na and Takara You know, when this is closer for their eyes, to be comforted, when

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and so that they do not grieve and they are pleased on what you give them. And the scholars give the beautiful explanation. How does this fit into a source of comfort for the spouses or their loved one, when is that often in life? When we raise expectations, we predispose ourselves to disappointment. What they say in the English language, people don't disappoint us. Our hopes in them disappoint us, our expectations in them. So they don't, it's like I'm getting you getting married and you're disappointed, right? No, I really thought she's like this. And I thought he's like this. But then Who told you to think, how's job? No, it's okay. I thought they'll give me a bonus. You

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didn't even work six months. I thought I'll get leave. I thought I'll get this. That's the thing. We raise our expectations. So we pre expose ourselves to disappointment.

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So Allah told us that the prophets Allah has been exempted. So now you're not anticipating whenever he comes, you're happy. You acknowledge Him, you're grateful. You're appreciative. You're reciprocating, because you know, it's not his duty to come on any time. It's his favor. Of course, this was exclusive to the messenger sallallahu sallam. But yes, this is the point I want to impress to myself and to one in all. He sallallahu wasallam is given a divine right by Allah. He did not abuse it. That's that's unimaginable. Nobody's awesome. Never ever abused. The word abuse and exploitation doesn't feature in the blessed life of the messenger, sallAllahu wasallam. There was

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nothing like abuse in his entire life. He did not even use the faculty of the facility. He did not even use the concession abuse, it is out he didn't use it. And if there was a time when he he could exercise it, given the circumstances was his terminal illness was his fatal illness, because now the health did not support him to move around from one spouse or the law to another. So all he had to do was like refer to verse, this in the 22nd use of the Quran in surah Azhar and I'm Kevin to Viola Juana, and please excuse me, my house doesn't allow me. No, he sallallahu wasallam requested consent and other than that,

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Another than another then. So tomorrow is who stands tomorrow is so until tomorrow is whose chance it's so and so, Alanna, Lisa would repeat the question and they would answer any would repeat. And that would release a hint that is asking permission to be based in one place, because it was very, very modest. He said Elijah was very modest. So he's sensitive to the other spouses as well. He has a sense of attachment to our south african law, and he wants to base himself and he shall be alone. And of course, this was an honor and a privilege that Allah had conferred upon her, and nobody could snatch this honor and privilege amongst the many honors and privileges that Allah had exclusively

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endowed upon our issue of the law was the fact that yamabushi the law at Aqaba, mohammedi, fell back into Beatty, when the Macondo makhani in the houses to Allah Nisa, mohammedi this without the Berlin Doctor Who nominee or sebata tahuna Elphaba eloquently. Ha for Saba Posada,

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nanny, Mariana bu Amata Bina Tara AB Mariana bu Amata Bina Tara AB folio Valeo mo Yomi was zemana Zamani, zoji rasulillah salam O Allah was a Virginie B he will Habana

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amino B Swati Daniel McDowell Hina, Ronnie LA City, I'm not gonna go into the detail. Suffice to say, she says the day Alon decided and decreed and ordained for the demise of the messenger sallallahu sallam. It was my night. It was my house. It was my lap and it was between my chin and my chest. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Let's just briefly go through this hadith and then we would wrap up today's discussion.

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Call it eyeshadow viola, Allah Masako, la Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was that who who when the pain intensified and increase and it now became very agonizing. Is that as an as Raja who fee a uma Ravi Beatty, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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asked consent asked consent from his spouses, understand my respected listeners. I just Marvel I marvel you you're not well, you're going through an illness you're on the verge of leaving. Yet at that moment as well. He Salalah is something of this I was reading and the reason he needs to leave in the cover of night. From mocha, mocha Rama and go to Medina. This is challenging circumstances. This is not easy. It's not. You relax, you phoned in everyone in the cover of night suddenly the command has come. Abubakar is an assault by rasulillah visa, some said yes, let's move. You have to flee because the intelligence of the kuffaar want to intercept you. And they've offered 100 camels

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for the assassination of nearly sallam. But even in that moment, he is not oblivious of the amarnath and the trustor. in his possession. He arranges for this alley, this goes to this person those goes to that person and he appoints a dinner earlier of the alano sometimes you caught up and something happens in you consume and you leave. How many of us would in that moment of emotions have the mind and the capacity, the balance and the composure? To you know what report absent at work or to drop a message or even a text message in today's time, but you're so caught up by the circumstances and the sequence of events and that unfolded so rapidly, that momentarily you lose or forget your duty,

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responsibility and obligation, but yes, it was he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that followed up on each detail, appointed Satan early and said each one must be discharged. So behind Allah he seeks consent, you remember in better when, when his eldest daughter zenobia law had sent ransom and that was a necklace which was given to her by honey jar Viola Anna, in lieu of the release of her husband, Abul acid Nairobi, who was the son in law of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, and whenever you saw seen this, he teared he became emotional, it was nostalgic. And then he wanted to return this necklace. He was it was perfectly within his prerogative and right to do so. He asked the

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Sahaba would you be fine if I return this? Would you be fine my words my word. And paraphrasing the the narration just to wrap up he sallallahu wasallam then takes the permission and each one of them consent for hora de La Hoya Bay Nora julaine. The hook to Regina who Phil are the main obverse Roger and Arthur, he said lrsm is supported by two Sahaba is blessed feed our dragon and dangling on the ground.

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And he then entered into my house is about the Alanna says is that the word guru

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That the word Yahoo. You talk about a dignitary in a president and he's in a private clinic and he's in the, you know, state clinic and is a state visit. And it's, it's been televised. There's no words to describe the emotion behind this these last moments. This is the greatest human, the most catastrophic moment in the annals of history. He sallallahu wasallam enters into the house of Sharia law. I asked those who harbor antagonism and enmity and animosity against my beloved sacred revered mother IE Sharia law. How do you reconcile How do you reconcile that Allah subhanho wa Taala affords her with this privilege that he sallallahu alayhi wasallam departs from this world in the blessings

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and the sacred lap of our era the love and how what more do you need in the honor of our shadow the lava on the hub? Apart from the fact that the Quran is replete and brimming with her praises? Carla a hurry to Allah yummy.

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Lamp lol ogia to hoonah lolly Elena's, he said pour upon me water from seven containers are seven containers contains the the seal of which has not been broken. So seven containers the seal of which has not been broken, take water from there and pour water over me. Perhaps I might come out and make an address to people. And I would like to, you know, communicate and address them for agilus now houfy Miss Bobby Lee hafsa.

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Alana said we managed to support the messenger sallallahu wasallam and get him into a makeshift bathtub, a makeshift bathtub. That's what's mentioned in the hatia as well. And we managed to put in a viola in there. We got water from seven containers. And then we bought the water over here. sallallahu wasallam, somatostatin and

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Tara, and then we started gently pouring the water over nebulae Salatu was Salam Hata takayoshi Elena ba de uncut fowl tuna. They said that's that's sufficient. That's fine. That's done. Okay. He said