Abu Bakr Zoud – The Believers 5 Relationships with the Quran – Part 01

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Our relationship with God. And what does that mean? And what does it entail? There is one Hadith and from that Hadith, I'll get on into the topic, but so we can understand the seriousness of what it means to develop a relationship with the Quran, and what is required from each and every single Muslim. When it comes to this book, love Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us hobbies. And maybe some of Mario salami says that this was

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in his sleep, angels came in, they took him onto a journey. angels came while he was sleeping, and they took him onto a journey. And they took him to any to see different types of how people are being punished in the graven in the fire. So he passes my along How do you follow thinking to the point, they pass him by so many people that are being punished in different forms and in different ways, until they pass him by a person in where he is laying flat on the earth.

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And a boulder is being picked up by an angel. And it's raised, and then he drops it on his head. And the person has had huge pleasure to watch the Hadith. In other words, his head smashes into pieces, and the ball that begins to roll. And so the angel by the time he goes and he picks up that same boulder and comes back, a law would have put the head of that person back together. So then he throws it once again. You saw he says he could just imagine it's crushed. And into pieces, it's gone. You can't even identify where the back of his faces from the front of his face. And then the bowler rolls and the angel goes and picks it up. And this is happening until the day of judgment for

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nobody. So the lower your Salamis with the angels, he sees that. So he says to the angels, what's this? What are we seeing is that person for they seem to panic and panic. Let's go. We got more of other to see. Let's go Hello, howdy. And they go. Anyway, at the end of the Hadith. They sit him down some aloha aloha Salaam. And they say now we'll explain to you one by one. Who are those people you saw? And why did they deserve the punishment? What you saw? So when they came to this person, they said Do you remember the one who you saw in where you saw it where his head was being shattered into pieces? That garage alone, alpha will follow and you fall off?

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This is a person who took by the Quran What does that mean? That means this is a person who understood what the plan was. He wasn't heedless about he knew the plan. He knew that this is the solution to the problems. He knew that this is the book that you're supposed to read. He knew that this is the book, you're supposed to develop a relationship with alpha double, and he knew its significance fell off. Although and what did he do? He neglected it. He put it on the side? Yeah, yeah, any any time you came in, you said, Brother, he comes in he complains of a lot of problems, your hands. And he said, your solution is read some Hold on. I know I know. But find me something

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else. Tell me about something else. This is someone I've known for a while. So the hobbies mentioned that after that, we'll call it follow, follow and look at the seriousness of it. And the second part of it. And the reason the more money you send him He says, Well, why don't you learn more on it.

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And he's the same person who used to neglect the fallen prey. He used to sleep straight through it. He used to neglect it in and out what I tell you in this hobby is that console and muscle alarm while he was alone, put these two crimes together. They're both as serious as, as each other one, the one who neglected the Polaroid. And the one who slipped through the photo is the one who neglected the photo it prayers. And the reason alone while he was in them grouped them together. They are both in the same category when it comes to the crime they commit they in the same hobby. That was the punishment of that person. Yeah. And so Pamela, what you learn and understand from this

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is that your relationship with facilidad your relationship with the PLO shouldn't be anything less than that. It should not be anything less than that. Yeah. And you see sometimes No, some Muslims, those who are weak in their email, right? But at least at the end of the day, they pray me even though he forces himself, he drags himself to solid. But he prays at the end of the day. Even if your Eman was weak, your relationship with the plan is supposed to be like that. force yourself and push yourself to it. Even though you're going to say well, I don't understand anything more when you prove that you understand anything and you're solid when you read. What's the difference between

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that and holding the Quran and re re being alive with with an intention that is pure and sinned? See Allah subhanho wa Taala will teach you what takumar

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fear alone and have true and correct fear of allowance origin and align himself will teach you know, I'm not the most merciful he's the one who taught the player. He did not use any of the name of his other than man, you got to use the Nazis as your bell and multicopter

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But none of that man to teach us that. Yeah. And it is by Hannah Montana that He will teach you some flat. so thankful that the laws are here to teach you the plan. But anyway, our relationship with the plan is supposed to be like your relationship with a solid and for you Baba, you and I pray. So this is the this is the relationship what is supposed to have a football and now that's the seriousness of it. Let me just speak to you now about our relationships with the plan B of the law. Now what I'm hoping in Charlotte, the other that we understand and get an idea of what kind of relationships are we supposed to have with the blind By the way, there are five, I'll mention the

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noun Sharma to Allah with you. And then after this, we work towards establishing and implementing these relationships so that we have the lab when we're at the doors of Ramadan. When we enter the villa, we understand the seriousness of a month known as the month of which our mother had our relationship with that month, and the envy of the lay dad only gets stronger after that. So our relationship with

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this stems, these are five and they stem from one area in which most of our data is isn't suited to football or color or pseudo Natoma taco has a EULA. And so that

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allows origin he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam comes on the Day of Judgment, and he has one complaint against his nation. one complaint. That's the only one complaint that a Sherman Napoleoni has against is Obama day of judgment against the people in general. He says What color was told we are up in a poem, it's tougher, who has an era Majora, he says, oh my oh my word. These people have made it the took this total ad. And they abandoned it

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very carefully. A lot did not say in nakoma. How people abandoned the Fuhrer. He used he said the word it does a loo. And just like that had if I mentioned that I should offer the we'll call it 404. Meaning This is a person that took by the pool. And in other words, he believed in it. He claimed he believed in it. And he understood it significance and importance and he always heard lessons we need to read we need to read we need to memorize we need to this and that. And he listened to all of it. He understood. But then what did he do? majula he actually Matura comes from the word has your visual, for example, you know, what is your initial migration go from one country to another. That's

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how he dealt with the poor and strike up that usually from local ad. Yeah. And he is so far away from it. Like he's someone that migrated from the poorer. It's like he doesn't even Yani in his mind. And I can read whenever I want. But he just doesn't read, right. And he keeps delaying tomorrow and tomorrow, and until he dies. And then he's finished that his relationship with the player is written for him as it was in this life. So it took us a while to mature. This is an abuse of the law, the US alone presenting a case on the Day of Judgment. Be careful, my brother that you're not from those who have been complained against and keep Steve far away from that, by your

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relationship with the blood. What are they have nothing in common law, he mentions under this five relationships that one is supposed to have with the bullet? How does he mentioned that he says that these are five ways in how people have abandoned them. So because these are five ways in how people abandoned the meaning, once we start implementing these five, then be a delay, tada, we've actually built those relationships were supposed to live with the plan. So he says number one, these are five points that we end with the five points he said number one

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has your author Idaho, they neglected the plan in terms of citation. That's the first and the plain and the simple one, they neglected it in terms of just opening a copy of the code and starting to read.

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Who you know so had a lot to understand clearly what this means our number one, the one who doesn't read actually the one who reads minimal and this is a sign of nifa. Allah Subhana data says in the Quran when describing the whatever he's saying, Well, if guru, Allah La parrilla, they do not remember a lot except little. And the best way of remembering Allah azzawajal is through the Quran. This is our thinking, this is the greatest form of ticket of remembrance. When whatever it was, a lot of soldiers described him by saying he does not remember a lot except little Yanni, even the one efac would read, but would read minimal for Yanni. Imagine what more is required from a believer

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What more is required from a Muslim. So resuscitation of the client is very important. Reading just picking up the copy and starting to read from this call. I also had a metallic he says at the end of solar, solar thermal data

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Why at the end

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of the Muslim very serious I don't want any I want to share with you this so you can understand what does it really mean to get up to pick a copy of the Quran read a lot of soldiers he says at the end of sort of the Muslim it he says early Muslims say a good omen kumanovo

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audibly up to Unum informally, let alone a party, Luna feasability lack of color, whoo mad, so I mean, a lot of storage. And he says, I know that some of you will be sick, mobile, sick, bedridden, nigari remove sickness and others will be traveling, traveling for business, whatever it is, yep, the owner informally led the traveling. And the third well Haruna you call it the Luna de Sevilla, and some orange haired feasts of at least three, three things are happening. Allah says I know some of you are sick. I know some of you are traveling. And I knew some of you are featured in FISA at length. So what's the advice? A lot of surgeon says, Ah, so let me teach you what your relationship

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is supposed to be with the bullet for all matters. Solomon, read whatever you can read from it. Danny, Danny sapan ally, even the one that's sick, that read and he can't move is about to die in a few days. And when you sink them close stories, I'll reduce what I want from you read whatever you can from it, for all matters, Solomon, and if you were to ponder over these three situations, the the these are three situations in worship, it starts to listen like the sick, he can pray while sitting or he can pray while he is laying down. And he can do them so yeah, Gary shehryar reduced on him. The traveler also reduced his solder to fall a guy becomes still like God, he doesn't have to

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pray the sooner relative those before and after the solder. He's got several concessions in where he can wipe on his socks for three days and three nights and reduced and the machine feasibility lab also has his own cap he's got something called solid health when they're on the battlefield For example, I have one more guy and when they play this on it, or any another solid itself, but it's in a different style, why the gap are reduced because of the situation narrated by for those three people when it comes to their relationship with the blood. What is it supposed to be out of all our gamma Sherry are the only one a lot chose to speak in the Quran in this area was Don't forget to

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read some of the Quran before it it was called Clomid. Now here for pro Matta Solomon. You can read the whole Quran never be because you're sick in your situation and read some of it. And he had a lot. Yeah, and if the Sikh again, I wasn't removed from him and he wasn't given concession not to grab a copy and read table. What does it leave the person that is like you and I have been in love you are healthy, or what has your energy and your capacity and your and your intellect is with you. And hamdulillah you can you have a copy of the cloud in your phone when the cow in the house and we'll measure a lot and you still unable to pick it up and read it as often as you're supposed to do

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we got a problem that for the first relationship we're supposed to have with the lab is to grab a coffee and open and start reading, opening the whole idea why it is not. It's not the journey. It's not about one out of 10,000 at polar, that's the result. Don't worry about that lost origin records it for you. He keeps it in store and keeps it in check and he won't go anywhere. You'll see it on the Day of Judgment. But between you and I the re citation of the opening the farallon closing it is the difference between the paradise and the fire. This column could be the same reason for why you enter the paradise. And it could also be the same reason for why you enter Jannah. And the reason

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the levada you send them he says in the Hadith, while

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her Jetta laka or Alec, that the Quran is either a witness for you. In other words, it'll drive you straight to the paradise, or it's a lake or it's a witness against you, and it will drive him straight to Jannah we need to understand our first relationship with the planet is reading this whole ad. Even our best will be alone and have a final point on this point. He says when he resides quality data for more than a spell. So if you lean Illa, levina mullewa middle solid head. This is a duration of duration that when our best of all the loved one we mentioned, you know the head in the plant a lot of Zoysia he says he said if you accelerate up when we created the human being in the

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best of fashion in the best of form, and then it says football on the network as well as every one of the strong tafsir in our demo as well as aphelion meaning we returned him to old age. So that means he was created in the best of form. He grew old, 6070 whatever. 80 years old, whatever he lived, but then as far as safely meaning rather than hula avillion or more. We're returning to old age in where he became like a child now. He doesn't know how to eat by himself. It does not relieve himself by

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himself, right? He needs so much help just like a baby he becomes a Moses except those who believe and did righteous good deeds are best all the alojado He says, Why musoni had Mankato and an amulet that Illa Allah, very noble, have also here have ever not best will be alone. He said the one who recites the plan will not be returned to that age in where the person becomes. Yeah, and he loses it right? in that age where the person loses his mind loses his ability to move and any any function and carry himself ever I burst a little bit low. I know he says, I'm in a sonnet How did righteous good deeds here means that the one who read the plan will not be returned to that age and where he

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needs care and help a lot Xhosa will preserve it will take care of him. So how to love when they said he among color, a man have

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to memorize the poet, the one who committed it to memory and had it stored in his heart and his intellect and in his mind. And I burst along with a loved one who understood the situation. back then.

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Man, have you ever met he memorized the whole ad? Yeah, and you can just understand what kind of relationship you're supposed to have when we say read. And when we have the lead when one reads something over and over again. When we have the lie he memorizes it but who at the end of the day, it's Allah subhanaw taala that gives you the ability to memorize this is they consider that part of the miracles of this book is that it's the only book on the face of the earth that can be memorized from cover to cover. Who never underestimate yourself, but never say that at a very far away from it. I tried 10 years ago impossible right now would be a vanilla Stein millennial that does just

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like indivisible mahalo your solemn gives advice to the Sahabi when he teaches him about certain good deeds. He says to be Stein biller seek a lot of help what charges and the last thing you should ever do is give up. Nothing. There's nothing in our Deen called giving up giving up. Yeah, look what happened to us. Allah has set up when he gave up from his people in terms of the Dow you know the story, and he walked off on him. He said, I can't deal with these people anymore. He went what happened to him, he got swallowed by a whale. And he remained in that belly for some limits. Three days, seven days, 40 days, 40 years. There's some durations, whatever it is, but the point is, what

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did he say in the belly of the whale? He said La La lanta. sukanta. In the continent of Bali mean, I was from the wrongdoers. In other words, giving up makes your own door. He gave up on his people. He's now acknowledging and saying I was mystified I mean, I was from the wrong doors. Because I, I gave up on a good deed. Don't give up when you give up you oppressed yourself, you wronged yourself or now for them know when I can get on for some of the more common social did not wrong, anyone. You're the one who wronged your own self. When you give up on certain good deed for starting BelAir take by the advice of a loss of loss. Seek the Lord's help in every matter that you do, whether it's

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a righteous good deed, or whether it's staying away from a car, whatever it is, seek a loss of habitat is help when most of had our data will help you reach that goal. And so Pamela there was a woman that they mentioned in Saudi Arabia, that she had this

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intention that she wanted to memorize the plan her she was about 80 years old. And one of the ad blocker he mentioned in the story. So he says she was 18 years old and she comes to one of the colleges of the plan. And she says I want to memorize the follow up they said to me all I need to 80 years old now it's very difficult to have students in the class and obey the law will reward you for attention Oh my god. She says I'm coming to memorize Yanni Well, we're gonna have it's gonna happen.

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And negotiation or they will send you someone to your house. They are going to memorize here. pay your bill. Anyhow house they got embarrassed to turn her away. So they said all right. Now let's let's start there. My sister. She said in the comments. They gave her a copy of the Quran. She opens it and she opens it upside down. They see that. She says, I don't know how to read your law. What's his problem? She's coming. She's either read it, she's got the full on the other the other way around. So they said this is how we put it this way. So she puts it this way. And they began to teach her how to read. So she learns eight years old. She learns how to read. She finishes how to

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read. She memorized the two years she was finished. And at 83 she died. She finished the program in two years and the year after she died. Yeah. And it is as though Allah subhanho wa Taala had seen the sincerity, you know, and had seen that intention. You know, what was the one that made it truthful? She memorized before she left this unit? Yeah.

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That was supposed to come to her before she leaves so that she means a loss of Hannah Diana. She's actually she so that she's buried in her grave with a poem in her heart and that she's raised

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Deal with gamma with a full add in our heart, and that she's predicted of the horrors in the terrorist of that day with the glare in her heart and she stands before along with the last thing she did in this life was the Quran in her heart, Yan is such a person, I love what but what happens to him and what happens to them even in the paradise as well what kind of level they elevated to don't understand that the Paradise is one level, so different. And the difference in the Paradise is according to how much Claudia had

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and he says

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latifi dunya for intimacy lotta kinda Ltd adding content.

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That the thing that you're told on the day of judgment in the paradise read and ascend and recite for your level in the Paradise is with the last area you used to continuously recite in this dunya used to continuously recite, and you used to have and memorize in the levels in the paradise, according to the number of errors in the plan 6636 out that is the levels in the paradise. Where are you from that for this is what you're supposed to measure and try to reach as much of it as you can, for this is why we're seeing the first one is reading the column, memorizing as much as you can from it. That is the first relationship that the people are supposed to have with the bullet. I'll give

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you one more relationship and Charlotte, the other will leave the next for next week. The second relationship we're supposed to have with my brothers

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had been payable to him online, he says how's your ethnicity, ma la, they neglected it in terms of that they don't listen to the whole This is another thing besides reading. And another thing, another relationship you're supposed to have with the poorer is listening to the poor. And if I said to you listening more than you read command, that's true as well, listening more than you read. This is a tsunami of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he used to listen to the Quran, for example, in the Hadith, in when

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he goes to

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LA, and he says to read some Goliath for me.

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His shock is he says jasola alcoholic? How do I read on you? And then came down on you getting Anna, what do you what do you mean, I read on you? He says

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What other choice does he have? He begins during this villa for him. And he starts with sort of the new set hearings a couple of pages until he reaches only the other four gave her either hit nermeen Coulee or met him before he or she now began with a shahida and that really touched the heart of was almost it affected him a lot so surely seeing in the eye, how is it going to the imagine that they in where we bring all the generations and all the nations from the time of when we created Adam and Eve set up until the last person that walked the face of the earth was nabek and we bring you as a witness against these people. Again he terrifying the heart of

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the duration says that also about seven months road hospital stopped enough. So there have been Miss road says and I looked at also lasala for either I know who he began to tease a long while ago suddenly began to cry because of this area. Now.

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They said listening to the poor

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has a much deeper effect on the person than him reading before listening to the polite you are more effective in listening to Napoleon than reading the first preferred was look, and maybe some of Arvada yourself is crying as a result of listening to the plan for listening to the plan is one of the reasons for why one is touched by the plan. And one is actually affected by this poll and listening to it. The loss of Hannah Montana it says in soula Tila an unfair and unfair he says what he that Juliet Ali

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said to me tominaga he says when the ads are recited onto them, and if he recited onto them what that what makes them what what does that make him the listeners? Well as a result what happens listening to the client what happens? He said that to me manner, it increases the amount for what we conclude is listening to the plan increases the man listening to the fallout from that how do you would actually penetrate through the heart and even how to love how many people listen to the non Muslims or non Arabs that don't understand a single word. And they move by the Quran just by listening to it. And they begin to cry, and they feel something with this. And as a lot of Xhosa

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describes the

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jewelry they have shown on a bone that the skin even feels it and the hair stands up. This is mentioned in the club as a result and an effect of what happens to people that listen to the horror. No doubt no doubt listening to the plan is a tsunami of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and it's one of the relationships you're supposed to have with the plan listening to the plan.

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The other results of it is that it's a source of mercy. Allah Subhana Allah says in the way the query and plan for STEMI or

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pseudo what's the result that I'm looking for hormone that when the Quran is being recited, then is stemming. Listen attentively, one super one don't say a single word, and super In other words, complete silence and complete attention. And if you listen in that manner and the attitude, what's the result? Now look into her mode so that you may have a loss of data, or remember a man or a woman.

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You want Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to learn. Listening to the Quran would bring you a loss. And as a result would bring you even closer to memorizing the Quran. Why don't I share something with you personal another way I memorize the fallout was by listening to it. I did not know how to read at the time. And if you gave me those have I can follow but I can't read and the first time I read the Quran, only the first time I heard it was the first time I memorized it. Very simple. Wireshark Yes, it is with us he probably has another story as well, where everyone that memorize the Quran has a story with it for listening to the Quran. This is essential very important, and those who have

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children make sure that they listen to the Quran from when they are from when they in the court when they in the bed but what what's the kid doing when he's in the bed

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I'll put some color for let him listen over and over 24 seven doesn't matter just keep it up in the car. You only have a CD allowed inside listen to it. On the phone Yanni change everything of what you have of audio, put it in a put put the Quran on it just wherever you go, wherever you come, listen, listen and put on one line listening to it. It brings so much visual to the person more than Hebrew reading the Quran, more than him reading the poem. As

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mentioned, this is any very logical because when you read, you're busy reading, you're busy, you're working out the word after and the letter after what is read will not gammon and so your whole concentration goes for that. But listening to the polarity of sit or relax or you're listening properly, you're listening perfectly. And all you have is only half time to is just to concentrate on each closer to understanding and contemplating this. These are the two relationships my brothers that we're supposed to have with the number one listening reading. And as much as you read as much as you listen as well for you anyway. And with that being said the Irish next week, I will continue

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with the other three relationships that we're supposed to have with the polar and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala lahoma the Cricket Cricket has a magnetic whilst colosso had more data to give us a personal a close relationship with the planet. We asked him subhanho wa Taala to make us people of the Korean people have the sumo for Sumo muscle alone to sell them in order to delegate Furthermore, they also love on cinemavilla Garland, IBM Hammad, vada and he also happy as many

In this lecture Sh Abu Bakr Zoud discusses:

1 – Reading the Quran
2 – Listening to the Quran

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