Abu Bakr Zoud – Indeed, he who hates you, will be the one cut off (from all good)

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The loss of the physical and verbal forms of fear leads to sadness and the need for behavior behavior behavior. The central area of fear is the area of fear and fearless behavior, and the area of fear and fearless behavior is the area of fear and fearless behavior. The segment discusses the loss of the law and the importance of remaining aware of it, and uses the examples of the-the culture of fear" concept and the Orleans-Hearer's reference to the "weird culture of fear."
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The last air that we come with initially aka initiating, aka one up top. The reason of this was that enemy some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, only when he was in Mecca, married to hadisha. He had obviously the only four of the daughters. What were his daughters from Khadija? Sure they earlier now give him an order. Zainab was first

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on Cologne, and fell over. That's the order. That's the order. And then he had the two boys who are a possum Abdullah. And now vsam Allahu alayhi wa sallam, his two sons and Kasim Obama, as they died before the better in their childhood, except that Abdullah, and we say, it'll be a long one for the children of La salasar, shall we say?

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Allahu Allah. He died in the first days of death, which is when an additional Salam was appointed a messenger. He was, basically he died in the disease. And so

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when Obama was in the house, when we saw Saddam was residing in the house of Islamic law, he died in the House of Lords homosassa. Back then you need to understand how the houses work. The living rooms were stuck to each other. And pretty much in the living room, they will no ceiling, there is no need for a ceiling in the living room. It is only in the in the bedrooms and so on that there was a covering, and there was a ceiling from above. So nobody saw Solomon's house was stuck to the house of a Buddha. She's his uncle. It's stuck right there. So the only thing that separates him is a wall. And so whatever is discussed during the day, obviously that sound could be heard from your

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neighbor, because the living rooms open. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam son, Abdullah died, I wouldn't have heard it. And he walked out of the house and he was celebrating. And he was running running the streets and he's seeing how people say he's saying but Allah Mohammed but Allah Muhammad, Ali Muhammad's lineage has been cut off, and better and better. One of its meanings is when a person his boys, his male children die, they call him up top. Why? Because he's Carlos is mentioned is going to be dead. No one is going to carry his name after his life, no one will carry his religion after his death. And they call him a laptop for me. So Pamela, when Abdullah died,

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where a Buddha had came out like this, I mean that you can, you can understand how, how harsh This is let know, even even during enemies during a war during a war, if the commander his son died, the war would stop for a few days, and one side would send to the enemy a form of condolence. And if not, they at least they would respect that and not make fun of it. Here you have enemies on the lawn while your uncle, and that is also the easiest nephew. And he's not only being quiet, he's actually coming and he's celebrating the event. That was the loss of the law while he was send them son had died. Very painful from the resolve Allahu alayhi wa sallam for losses origin he reveals the soul.

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This is why I told you at the beginning, how did this sort of begin? It began with a positive message in context of sadness. And this sort of came down when our son lost a child ferlazzo jelly system what he gave him in ARPA inac, in context we took from you, but don't think about that. Keep focus on what we gave you in ARPA electrical Control Panel line. And because of the harshness of what the machete Kuhn said, and what wouldn't have said a lot Xhosa did not even mention it in the poem. He just said in a shady, one up top, Surely your hater is the one who will be cut off. And this shows the love of Allah Subhana Allah for his messenger sallallahu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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how his interviews are seldom supposed to deal with this loss. Allah azza wa jal tells him remember the favors and make mention of the favors I've given and confirm that is exclusive for you. And when you remember these favors of a large soldier, that should be enough encouragement and motivation for you to suddenly not be covered. Right. So you can see how some how a lot of the understanding of these as they come together in Apollinaire calcofluor for suddenly obika one help in national chapter. So this this area is a central area for so little Oregon. How is the central area of the soul? It's involved with the first day and it's involved with the last day What do I mean by this?

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This is what it means. Getting a lot of social begins we gave you a lot. The question is how do I think a lot the answer is pre and sacrifice by VIP. This is the other situation in where a lot of socially synchronous Arsalan you have haters. Shani. Shani, aka is the one who hates you your enemy. You have haters, you have enemies

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that attack you physically and attack you verbally. How do you deal with it? How do you deal with them and how do you remain patient and not

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Allow the insulting effective for so little bigger and help you see how the only the central area is right in the middle, you deal with it by suddenly the optic I would have as Allah subhanaw taala he mentions in more than one place of the Wanaka Nanaimo. Osaka moku we know that your chest becomes tight, it becomes irritated by that which they say, what are you gonna do? Do you concentrate on the hate, and you'll begin to find them and begin to argue with them and waste so much time. He didn't say to him that he said for some hamdulillah because he did. While Buddha had a colloquy Don't waste your time. When you waste your time arguing with your hater, and with your enemy, you're really

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losing time of worship. From our social you said no communist says he did

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have to remain like this. You benefit. Now what benefit would you take from when you when you argue nothing other than you become enraged and angry, and then come down at the end of the day? How are we going to call this person and now we feel solid, you're going to find coolness, you're going to find peace and tranquility. Why? Because it's a direct conversion with Allah subhanho wa Taala as opposed to speaking to the shell beam that are outside that attackee there, you will find the coolness of your eye, the solid This is why Yanina vsam Allahu alayhi wa sallam when he described the solid, he said during that goodlet ye Sala that I find the happiness and the coolness of my eye

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in the delight of my life. I find it in a solid itself, because it's a direct conversation with a loss of data for Selenium because initially I can shanika as we said, shediac a mobile robot, the one who hates you,

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which a noun shediac is a noun. In other words, it implies that this is a permanent quality of a person. He continuously hates almost almost all Allahu Allahu wa sallam. This person that he to allow surgeon said who will none but him will be an uptown uptown is the one that is cut off Subhana Allah, that, literally,

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it is the tale of an animal that is cut off. And let's say there's a sheep that had a tail and its tail got cut off. And that is a sign of humiliation for the animal. When the animal's tail is cut off. It's a sign of humiliation for a large socialist thing to polish, but not only limited to polish to anyone who hates also muscle Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And I'll tell you in depth what that actually refers to. But anyone who hates almost all loss or sell them, then his ending is going to be as embarrassing as the ending of an animal whose tails being cut off, initiating a call up to the end he'll be humiliated at the end of the day, he's the one who's going to be embarrassed in now

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plein air can come up for suddenly they'll be gone have initiated one after and after also,

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they say

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the one who all forms of goodness has been cut off from him. And so she for the stem of the Tamia Dalai Lama. He said and understand this meaning, he said that the enemy of law has been cut off from all possible goodness. So he begins to count. He says they cut off absolutely cover from number one wealth. And in other words, there's no Baraka and they were cut off from the family. On the day of judgment, their family runs away from them. So that is a cut off Shirakawa laptop in this life. And in the next Allah subhanaw taala. He says, even if they had Wolf and children in this life, even if they did, then allows origin will not make these children and Wolf a source of goodness for them.

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Rather, he'll make it a source of punishment for them. Alonzo shall he says federal government alohomora odo in lieu of

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dunya Don't be amazed by what wife and children they have a lot of social only wants to punish them with that. That is also included in the meaning of an avatar and up top meaning your own family and what have become your enemy becomes a form of punishment. All this because they hate it Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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who an uptown uptown means that they cut off a large social cups of their hearts. In other words, they will never be able to have a good intention. Why? Because they develop the hate force homosassa What if a heart hates in the Resource Center? How can a good intention be included within that same heart for who will meaning even good intentions are kind of a cut out of the life, they're not even able to make a good intention. So Pamela, they said she assembled the team he said

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it will never be inclined for them, nor will they ever develop a passion to know who allows origin is nor will they ever love him or love the profits or even love a man or love the good deeds. All of this will be cut off from them. And even if they had good abilities, they will not be able to make use of them. You know, most of whom are Dallas pleasure and on the Day of Judgment helpers and

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supporters and their allies will be cut off them will come away from and I mean mean mean what else are the opinions even Shafi

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says that they don't have any helpers no protectors no house No one will come to their aid on the Day of Judgment all of this is in the meaning of an abductor because they want they hated interviews on the law who Allah He was in love willingly initially. Okay, who who an apt up

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