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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the controversy surrounding the sexualization of children in the United States, including the use of explicit language during the global pandemic. They emphasize the need for everyone to contribute to making a positive environment for children and their families. The speakers also address issues related to the pandemic, including the lack of testing and the lack of official guidance on when schools will reopen. They acknowledge the challenges faced by children and emphasize the need for transparency and guidance.
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is a little weird that we split people by male and female in this way college wrestlers, but the average woman is not going to be able to take the average woman wrestler is not going to be able to take down you when you were in your PK, maybe female

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like I see only woman and men glazes like * really is binary there's no question about it. You're either male or female pushing that agenda onto kids and confusing people in gaslighting that hey, xx, who knows maybe x y? Who knows when you start talking like that with facts. And you're a respectable scientist. Not only do you sound delusional, but what you sound like is someone like Leon black that somebody has something behind closed doors on you that's blackmailing you that you have to now agree with these positions? For somebody to say How the * did you go from being a respected scientist to all of a sudden seen one day I can wake up feeling like a female one day I

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can wake up feeling like a male? And why do you for those that don't know Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, author and science communicator tight Tyson. He studied at Harvard University, the University of Texas, so he's pretty much a man of science. And he was one of those who are saying follow the science. And now he has this to say I'm gonna get your reaction point is apparently, the xx x Y chromosomes are insufficient. Because when we wake up in the morning, we exaggerate what ever feature we want to portray the gender of our choice.

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Either the one you're assigned the one you choose to whatever it is, and so now here, so So now just tie a bow on this. I say to you, somewhere I read somewhere, I think I read that the United States was a land where we have the pursuit of happiness. Yes, suppose no matter my chromosomes today, I feel 80% Female 20% Man, I'm gonna I'm gonna put on makeup I'm gonna do tomorrow I might feel 80% now. I'll remove the makeup and I'll wear a muscle shirt.

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Why do you care? Yeah. What why? What business it is it of yours. To require that I fulfill your inability to think of gender on a spectrum. Is that other brother with you? What's his name? Zhi. SHAN Yeah, he's here. Zhi Shan where's he?

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Where's my brother? Zhi. Shan. He's here the man with the plan. If you can't, nobody can. How are you doing, brother?

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Bro, how are you? Okay, yeah.

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How you doing? Background How you been? Yeah. 100 illallah Cooley Hall, bro. Yeah, just just trolling the deen show, you know, trying to get famous.

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So have you guys both heard this? Neil deGrasse Tyson. I watched it yesterday. I'm actually that's why when I was watching it. I was a bit confused because I went to Zhi SHAN I said, is he pro or against? Because the video? It seems like he's against the beginning. So I'm confused. I'm like, is he against the Pro? I'm still confusing to me. No, he's actually pro LGBT, which is pretty amazing. Because he's supposed to be a scientist is supposed to be academically intellectually honest, a lot of people when they're atheists, they, they say, look, you're when it comes to science, it's subjective. And you know, we can take care. And, you know, we rely on it over God and over

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testimony. So hey, you've got a scientist. Now, that's using the same framework. And he's arriving at the conclusion that you can wake up and you can be a man, the next day, you can wake up as a female. So it'll be interesting to see what these atheists have to say, frankly, * really is binary, there's no question about it. You're either male or female. And it's absolutely clear. You can do it on gamete size, you can do it on chromosomes. To me as a biologist, distinctly weird. People can simply declare, I am a woman, though I have a penis. It seems like now this is this is anti God, obviously anti science. They just teach basic biology. That's all I teach. Let's talk

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about one particular day when you're in the middle of your lecture, and you kind of noticed that four students have gotten up and walked out of your classroom. What were you teaching that day that appeared to trigger them to cause them to exit the room that day was teaching the chapter on human reproductive system.

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So, in when I teach human reproductive system, I emphasize on the fact that male and female

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or the maleness or femaleness are controlled by two genes. So you know, we're all our cells we have 23 pairs of jeans. I

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and sort of chromosomes, chromosomes. So the 33rd pair is that determines the * of a person. So if that 23rd, a pair of chromosomes are x and x, it is a female. And if it's x and y, it's a male. And I mentioned in the class that that's what makes male and female not our thinking is satanic rhetoric, and is a great statement that the only thing necessary thing for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. So we're trying to do something, to combat this. And obviously, this is coming from people who you would think, you know, would come out and speak up but against this, because they're scientists, but they're actually speaking to speaking towards this.

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This whole, what do you want to call it? I mean, this is madness.

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You know, you know, the most, it's hopefully won't be a shock to most people. But the way things are at the moment, the LGBT are heavily there, especially the LGBT lobby is heavily funding two aspects in particular. And one is, of course, education. That's why they're on the board of a lot of these

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universities, especially in the US. And then they're funding the what is it the medical industrial complex with which some argue is actually more prominent than the military industrial complex, because that's where most of its going to happen. So there's a lot of big bucks to be had,

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from, of course, peddling this LGBT thing, and they've definitely got the kind of eggs in the in the right basket, and they're leveraging people like this, frankly, you can't necessarily be an academic who wants tenure, who wants credibility, who now will openly go against LGBT? I mean, that's what we've seen with with NIDA deGrasse Tyson, we're going to see he's going to be one of many. And no one can kind of make this claim. I don't think so. That science is objective. And you know, we can use it to determine x and y. So I don't think anybody in their right mind does I leave you agree. When I say x and y, we're talking about X and Y chromosome Yamaji. Okay.

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What's the situation there in London where you guys are? Are, there's a big Muslim community there? Is there a good push back against a lot of this in the schools, because primarily, you know, this is, what's happening here, is probably happening over there. They're pushing this the sexualization of the children in the schools, so that they're having this pretty much * content for four or five, six year olds they're showing. And then when, for instance, you have someone who stands up and shows this stuff, and starts reading from these books at a board meeting, even the board members are like, Hey, slow it down, we, you know, what are you doing? And then the person is

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like, hold on, you can't even hear me reading this. But you want to show this to the children? Or they're actually blurred out on the news, but they want to show this to the kids. What's going on over there in your part of the world with this? I mean, over hair? I mean, it's unexplained. Well, you can't say it's unexpected, but the only kind of religious group that's actually coming to the, to the front are Muslims. And you'd see even the people that are anti Islam like the the far right and the right wing, even they are appreciating the fact that we're coming forward. But the problem is that because we're the ones with the loudest voice, it gets turned into a religious thing. And

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unfortunately, not much gets done. I mean, we saw it in Birmingham, as well remember, when you know Muslim parents had the they had enough? i We even saw in Canada as well. And there was a Canadian pastor that came forward, we put on SDJ, that he came forward and he said, You know what, thanks to the Muslim community, but the thing is that I mean, Muslim community comes with a sort of kind of stereotype and a propaganda and the media loves to kind of bash us so for for for it to be more effective. We're gonna need the Orthodox, Jewish and Orthodox, or just the Christians in general to come forward as well. It's going to have to be a team effort. But I don't know if that's

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going to be happening but rest assured the Muslims will will not take this lying down, frankly, and that's what we're seeing over here. There is constant challenges by parents. There is a pushback by unfortunately as sadly we're seeing UK I mean, tag along with what's going on in the US as well. What do you think

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Alright, thank you for the input on that guys.

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