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Life individually the life of the believer,

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certain moments for individuals who repent back the loss of Canada

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or to increase

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their worship and the devotion and commitment

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whether it be a

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date of sacrifice and things that you find

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the blessing of Ramadan,

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or the local drama that we find

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their own time, the opportunities for the individual and the time for the individual to return back to the loss of the other

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fleabag colossal candor Allah.

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So the most innovative is time away opportunities

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for corruption in Canada either as a form of increasing one's blessing to come closer to most of Canada either. All these opportunities that we find, become an explanation, every aspect of time becomes an explanation for the individual, a seller in

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one way or another prayer, one tumor to another tumor, or Amazon.

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One prayer to another prayer when Friday to another Friday, one Ramadan to follow up on the next creation, whatever takes place between the two, as long as the person stays away from the minus.

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So the believers

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is trying to invade one's time.

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And to benefit manage time, the

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importance of time is paramount in the Muslims life, some of us will begin to look at research, academic books and management books on time, there may be some small element of faith inside those recent articles and books that we find to tell us to study inside our lives, about the importance of time and managing our time.

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The most complete open manual, which tells us about time and time management is a book of Apostle Canada, that there are many issues inside the book of I'm not

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talking about the system of time, the element of time, of night of day, all of this is pushing the individual to benefit their time, whether it be

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one day, or shams, one comma, all these elements and derivatives that we saw

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that night, the day, the sun, the moon and the moon will answer all of this that we find is focusing upon the element of time

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has been entitled The soul of salvation that we should be attributed

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to by adding to mention that it just sort of the answer was sent down upon you to surprise them. It would surprise us just to understand one saw that indeed by time, man is in a state of manifestos, except for those individuals who believe and do righteous actions and encourage one another

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and encourage one another.

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So the whole element around us the movement, the sun and the moon has been placed there for the individual to obtain the time to be focused towards a muscle panda Allah must replace the day per person to them the sustenance to end the race, and make the night as a form of events as a form of rest, and peace and tranquility. And to strengthen oneself for the following day. In 72, tours of muscle Canada, Michael.

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loss is the one who's played

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has made night and day to follow in succession. And a person that believer sees the movement of the night the day even above the crowd around

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wherever he wants to gain the benefit to gain the reminder and to be grateful to the muscle panel.

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State of Virginia to talk about

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the characteristics of the servants of

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servants of those who reflect over

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You have to reflect over a Universal Science and it needs to worship a loss of data in

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our work, you will help

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the area

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and Latina get

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So Canada,

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the nation and night and day in the heavens and earth science of understanding those who stand to bound on the street, remembering.

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And if we get to highlight propaganda

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while no you're not created in a state of vanity, there must be a possible there must be intent and the purpose of creating everything around us.

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medical health

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system and

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you think the patriarchal vanity, no cost no higher, Los Angeles decided to create the human being out of just emulate, everything will be created for the intent to serve lots of Canada, but medical have nothing to be created for just everything you create your reason, but lots of Canada. As for the very police individual suits button, all of a sudden his world came into existence, a human being painted existence, that you find the cliches around the during these days of Cooper disciplinary, that begins to fall upon some Muslims,

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they fail to understand what their intent is upon this dunya is individual their life has become home, play and amusement, eat and drink. That's all the time because that's not the way

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everyone had enough money, that there will be four things or five elements, the fourth of the son of Adam and Anthony asked about these questions about the elements of remaining.

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regarding your life, how you spend your life,

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regarding your body and your health, how you took care of it, or how you manage it. And

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regarding your wealth, how you earned that wealth, and how you spend wisely.

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And regarding the knowledge that you gain, what do you do with knowledge.

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We as Muslims become vigilant about every single second of every single moment around us

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mention about

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Indeed, I think accountability of my sleep, just like why some wide, wide awake every single moment of my day, when I'm wide awake, I'm cringing about spending my time and likewise a vigilant even regarding the amateur scene, how much the property needs. To be proven medically a good human being when it comes to certain age doesn't need much sleep. Those individuals who believe in lofty goals and lofty aspirations, they very rarely speak, they very rarely rest, because they have a great objective and goal you want to gain. Obviously for many of us, unfortunately, our goals and come very, very minimal inside our lives. We have minimal goals and aspirations and our life. And as most

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of us begin to waste our life, and unfortunately get to waste our time as well as defining the average quality of these lines of poetry.

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And look to the same time is like a sword. For

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Tonka, either the strike is very sharp, or you will strike the sword or you'll be able to manage your time and be able to control the sword. Unfortunately, many of us have been struck by a sword very many, many occasions. And the believer is the one

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who did not retain the believer is never ever stung from the same old twice. And I spent a long time in my life furnishing over this handy. What does it mean that the believer is never ever stumped on the same boat twice? What does it mean? We don't get stung twice or thrice? We did many many times in the same location. So what is the meaning of

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the meaning have been eventually became crystal clear? The answer is quite simple and basic movement. The real believer is never ever sample the sample twice what he imagined inside that image is deficiency in a devotion is efficiency in our commitment to efficiency as a real believer will always step up. We will always recognize a mistake and never make the same mistake again. But because we haven't reached that level of Eman, that level of your team and level of certainty somewhat we think we're believers, we reach that level. So we are far away from the real concept of being believers towards a loss of Canada and likewise require when you said to one of the writers

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scholars stopped I may speak to you. He said oh conditions is

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Don't stop the sun, they'll have time to speak to you. Because many of us, we're just busy wasting our time. And many things that we ask or things that we want to do is wasting everyone's time inside our life. So there is once upon everything, every single word is precious, every single moment is precious. Every single second is precious those people around us who govern and control us at the moment, go and study that in great, great detail. Don't read, don't read this tweet. Some of you don't read history, you haven't conquered a ruler, in a matter of seconds is the year of strategical planning, and plotting and committing themselves that it gets to that end goal. When we begin to

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celebrate and entertain and rejoice and celebrate, they begin to conquer and grow and take over. That's how simple it is. There's many things that we mentioned Southern particles inside the inside the tree, what they believe in, they strive and struggle, and the last 100 give them respect, give them leeway. give them what they want to have, for the sole purpose to show us individuals, that you don't live to that dream. You don't believe in an aspiration, you squander Your time is funding your life. So the blessing of Allah under Allah has been removed away from you on a daily basis, unless you find it easy to be around. Everyone is teaching about striving and struggling with focusing upon

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their life, without striving and struggling all about history know that the common of the day, gentlemen is like these two fingers. That's the distance as a prophet

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closing in close proximity. But once again, I like because what's the distance for me divided by a timeframe to establish when it's exactly going to happen, there will be

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a blinking of an eye the final day.

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So an individual has nothing as a conviction. And last day, the individual begins to strive and struggle for the last day. That does not mean the individual does not plan does not plot is not organized oneself. But some individuals like to come and say, organize yourself, and make you structure your life in the way of disbelief. You said that's the way

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that a judgment comes in is seeds inside your hand. Don't throw them away, put them inside the ground. That's what the prophetic tradition tells us. So that there is no one

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who carries on striving and struggling until up

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until the believer needs his dunya well,

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then Vietnam, whoever strives in our path, we will guide into the path of success, the path of Felicity of bliss, the path of happiness, but if you don't strive and you don't struggle, there will be no happiness, it will be a pop of glory, but

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wherever they go, indignity disgrace upon them wherever they go. And the so think about this deeply at the moment, the people who live underneath the disgrace of us, and at the moment, it sounds very, very critical. And very harsh, is none other than that no one who's speaking

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at the moment, or living under the disgrace that this case of so and so and

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that is a moment is displaced, thrown down the corner.

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Because of our lack of devotion and commitment to the bottom line countrywide, that everything about the believer in their own faction, the concept of solid that we find a uniform in

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Canada, what is the most beloved action to Canada, either a solid

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prayer is trying to function time, appropriate time many individuals that come and it took about this one requirement, and this will help us and this will benefit us, they fail to understand how glucomannan Islam has to come in Asana, you state your condition, your shield is the institution of the prayer. That is time management of the believer, as mentioned in the Sonata can add a mini Nikita folder in a prayer except for believers at set time. So some of us we pray we feel like we fit into the right place when it suits our desire and our need. So Quran mentions four ways, way too late to Sunday. vote on those individuals.

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And let the neg assume those individuals who delayed a predator or prey the players at the end time will come to their prayers in a state of your own and net.

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Come dragging their feet don't remember love often have a very nice idea prayer. So praise the key elements that manages everything about the individual inside their life that's appropriate. I imagined

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the most beloved things of being from this dunya one of the most beloved thing is prayer. He made the coolest attendance of my eyes. Does he find where women can

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work with Tetris whoever be fazed come to the prayer.

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Who knew,

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then the coming of success will be taken away from the individual that is a form of revival for the Muslim Ummah, for the Muslim nation, about their punctuality inside, they pray, the devotion inside they prayed the commitment that will begin to manage everything about you. That's in our workplace and everything that we do. Everything revolves around the prayer, Lord, everything revolves around the words or your commitments, and in some way, or somewhere along the line is not in your prayer, the most important thing is to say that my prayers are suffering, my to my suffering, I cannot pray the right time to delay just needs to be done for a second, the answer is a simple answer. It's

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every single day, you're facing the difficulties for upon us to change your job, we need to change your career, change the environment, it is happening on a daily basis.

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Second, we'll be back the element of the prayer

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has not been commodified, and not be done appropriately, no, there will be no success, the individual not in such an ideal

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life or defined the whole, the whole his life becomes

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becomes a planting ground for the hereafter. Yes, at times a very crucial one some elements of bad timing, because by nature, we all need some form of strengthening

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those individuals

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to encourage them that the popular trading is the right path. But in deeply the view believer just continues yesteryear, having gone striving and struggling

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to return back a lot. So that's that which we attribute it to that incident whereby you mentioned envy that night and the day, I like to treasure boxes. Look what you place inside a treasure box, you only place the best of your items. The most precious of your items are placed inside a treasure box that will benefit individuals life at the moment, hustle and bustle you mentioned about him, or you mentioned, and you're moving forward every single day is a question of

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every single guest. And eventually, I was the guest to maduka

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against will either praise you or a guest will blame the guest take his time, every single day is either going to be your own it

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will be a day for you or a day against you. That's how he will seize every single day that he will follow the life

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and life of accountability for some of us, Chinese to sit down and be single day, every single night to assess us all. What do I pray today that are praying on time? Did I make the right the right supplication?

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What actions What can I do to better myself, if all of us have server that accountability on a daily basis inside our life, we can begin to see the fruits of trying to better ourselves, see the fruits of trying to benefit from the time which is replaced around by qualified

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to blessing. Many people are unaware of the presence of

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a famous Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad

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when he was only beginning to recognize the value, and when we begin to call in, when blessings are taken away from us, then we begin to remember thoughts of Canada. And the reason I believe believer is the one that remembers of love and the other he has been in a state of Felicity in a state of happiness that believe it

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is no longer

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in a state of difficulty. And those who still respond to individual, but I really believe is the one in happiness, you always remember.

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And like when you find one for many of us individually, when time is taken away from us, or spent time that we have look at many of us individually begin to waste our time. And that's a blessing that we have given to us. And there's no coming back of time. Once that time has been taken away from us, some of us are going to begin to say

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Oh my Lord, give me give me the ability to come back down to the studio and begin to do some righteous action the fragment can carry but

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these are empty words, as opposed to lead this is I see you've left this is no longer coming back to say to your daughter or my daughter, he come back now, let me available opportunity. Let me unveil the time. Let me do this. Let me do a good deed. Let me present these in front of a lot of data. You will also have an ample time upon this linear algebra in Santa some scene Center City Center. For some reason, you have to to 50 years 60 years.

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You had 70 years of your life because the average Muslim oma dynasty team or something will be between 60 and 70

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Most of us will have the ample opportunity inside our life to do as many good deeds as we can do, we can begin to visualize, it still avail the opportunity to return back to

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the time last contract activity upon every single one of us. Rather, we find that most of us have a general sense that we find who mean well, the people who govern us, or people who have government appointed people to authority, or below us, that we, unfortunately, that you find not to sound too political, most of our life is just spent upon life

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is spent upon play and amusement, to build a palace to build a stadium to be involved in this to be involved in that, could you shaking

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your head to us?

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Every single thing that goes to the parameter that goes to the limits, becomes the opposite, excessive play and amused according to the Sharia, and it goes beyond the bounds and becomes something which is haram. And don't study the Muslim world in great detail. Because I'm not one of those individuals who sit there on the side, I read the Muslim world. And I study in great, great detail. When people come and say, don't talk about this, don't study this, don't look at it, if you begin to study the Muslim world at the moment, you begin to see and you begin to realize that shouldn't put hammer on

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me at the moment. They're drinking alcohol is widespread in many Muslim countries, the moment they open up the door for these people come into our country, to get drunk to entertain himself to get drunk going into his nightclub and his filthy publication and don't drink and prostitution. In fact, most if not all, will

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open the door of play and amusement. This is the reality of Muslim countries, the results that we have inside our country, the fields, the results that we have is people don't entertain themselves in other areas. And we turn silent about this. People say don't talk about it, don't rock the boat. They do some pain. They've been one machete and the end the 1000s of prostitutes inside that environment. One must justify prostitution in a Muslim land, one must justify

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a Muslim ban, what

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would he say about these people? What do you

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what do you have to take place

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in a blessing environment. So when people say turn a blind eye to this element is all a form of entertainment to bring people close, you turn these things closer people who

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are willing to sing and to dance and become instead of nudity and to swim or participate in sports. in television. This brings us closer together. We are simple individuals, simple people, our time is restricted. Our life is restricted to the restricted, every single available.

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Every single Muslim is a prisoner. Before we enter the prison we already represent we don't mind entering into any prison upon this dunya COVID. In the prison of a lot under either

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mentioned, whoever is enter into the agenda of this dunya

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will never ever enter the practice of Paradise is right inside. As you mentioned about

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the most prominent student mentioned

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what can my enemy ever do to me in my life, they can never rip me apart. They can never break me apart. Oh my god Am I proud of

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shocker, execute me to to be

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a sidebar

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to the people around him. You can never ever dismantle me. And you can never ever dismantle any individual who's devoted the

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pace of the change, restrictor. Do what you want to do. But when a man's chest is full of paradox,

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you can never ever prayed that all day long. either. I teach a PhD dissertation. You can write articles, you can create whatever you

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like, but what I entered into a man's heart, you will never ever be able to dismantle the individual. That's the journey that we have every second, every moment of our life become precious to serve us and allow us to be

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in a state of devotion. That's the type of believers we want to be read about somebody that

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they strive and they struggle, what happens

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time, and a life of integrity and devotion and commitment. They die. They say they kill that short. For what purpose to alive.

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individuals will begin to highlight What's our purpose? What do we want to serve? We're serving Ghana, every single life about

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Every single breath of mouth had been designed and created to serve.

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So these individuals, they don't rest. They know the objective. They know they go, they know the vision. And they remain committed upon that vision until they meet the end goal. And likewise, we will strive, and we will struggle to meet the end goal. And describe them just go on strike and they are ferocious, they are committed, they will persevere.

00:25:28--> 00:25:41

They will face harm that you think hard, they will strike that you strike, they will struggle that you struggle, they will fall like you. But what's the difference? The difference is, what do I mean by

00:25:42--> 00:26:06

this is the difference. The difference is we aspire to be above some kind of Ghana, they don't aspire for that. There's five, there's five, there's five elements of everything around them. That is the key distinction, we fail to understand our journey and our commitment, and our time is returning back to Canada. And that doesn't mean we don't have opportunities to enjoy

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Juice companion, this is a time to refine antivirus. So our risk is based upon the

00:26:21--> 00:26:50

look at the elements and sooner how to spend that time. Among those elements that you find is learning a skill that would benefit the individual, any form of skill that you find, whether it be a form of martial art or combat or wrestling, any physical sport that you find is some form of benefit or benefit individual and benefit the Muslim community swimming, archery, horseback riding, or the the athletes are assuming that we have been instructed to carry

00:26:54--> 00:27:33

over a whole pool of training of ability when it comes to meeting certain individual inside Yola, that's how Muslim is a corpuses of him from every single angle. The masses of Muslim youth that define what skills do they have, what education Do they have, what ability they have, likewise, to take care of your family, to show love and devotion towards your children. They show love and devotion to play and amusement when your wife is not her. That's not wasting your time to build a bond with your community we find most of the problems we find inside of society are what problems is that our society of not knowing how to take care of our family members, life as you find.

00:27:35--> 00:28:07

Companies, protecting us or helping ourselves from a belief is such a way to better yourself to follow a line of sustenance. I like always, to take care of yourself, to nurture yourself to provide for yourself, the best thing an individual can do inside their life is trying and struggling with their own two hands. Look at the Muslim youth at the moment. Look at their life and they become defend with your own hand. When a prophet of Islam enter into Medina, he told them

00:28:09--> 00:28:12

to strive and struggle with their own hand. They

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chose the market fate It was a tool, it was an equipment we fend for our own self. This is burrito fee. This is to seek your own sustenance, don't rely on people don't rely on the society around you don't rely on any individual

00:28:30--> 00:29:11

element, which is deep enough to use these words, become beggars inside society, you will never ever arrive with a hand that feeds you remember that I mentioned the way of coming to the doors of the Buddhist cup and you can tell quickly swiftkey will change you away. And as you can begin to visualize that today. Whether it be in front of those doors, or the doors of the fukumura that we begin to pray of the case of the duck feet of the position that take us away from the pool of data when a person doesn't need anything from each individual person as a free mind, a free ability to enjoy the life to say the truth without any restriction. And I've got two people coming late. This

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one is not from Tony to say anything.

00:29:18--> 00:29:27

He said your wife Brittany got to sign the form. I'm a single mother with four children next to her raise that from Islam. Yeah, correct me if I'm wrong from Islam.

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I'm a single mother of four children and

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they came out of wedlock. You check that right down to your children out of wedlock.

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You will

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he was the he described the struggle inside your life. He came to life here to make our work

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In all elements, you only make an omen. When you make the oma within yourself, you stop and you struggle upon your family, your children, you automatically make an oma, you don't make it all by sitting out by correcting the whole world around you.

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for yourself, you can't fend for your children, you cannot fend for your wife, you cannot wait for your favorite coffee, then you will come and told me at this time when

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you come

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to the oma is the whole domain is the nation. It's your home.

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Everything around, so it becomes easy to throw pebbles or other individuals.

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And it's very difficult to control those pebbles. Today those pebbles. So that's the value is the one that begins to go and reflect that my journey is to love

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my belly and the highlight of the establish a breath test you will want

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to give up quality, critique this person critique the critique, critique standard.

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Sit there all day long, pretty critical, every single one in the world? What's your striving? What's your? What's your struggle? What's your element? What have you done?

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The one who accept and the one who rejects has nothing Akash he's the one that will accept and he's the one who can reject if your action is sincere, and you're falling in love, and I will accept it or he will reject it and no one can ask under Allah. So Albury is one of striving and stopping

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gold and silver coins.

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gold and silver coin just come down from heaven.

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And then your is going strike going struggle. So this whole the life of the believer, begin to focus on your life. Individuals, no longer a waste of time, waste the effort making constructive content inside your life. What do you want to gain or you want to achieve and no perfect and even you never ever make that achievement. And most of us will possibly never ever make that achievement. But we don't want them inside our hearts and our minds that alone can

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never ever let the email of any individual ever go to waste, no slip

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of city

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and focus to the love from the other

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have lost control never ever let the individual ever go to waste. It will be documented with a loss of data. Those are the fruits those are the seeds from inside our society, that community as

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Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, every single soul, look for what you said for tomorrow. So each one of us has to do, what am I set for for tomorrow? What am I sent home for the holidays, all of us will come up with a template

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as a single entity, as a single individual, only, ensuring all is gonna be left behind.

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The only thing that remains is Amazon is your right to action. That's the only thing when we remain on every single one of us. And as the person needs to make that effort inside their life upon the student that they make that they make the effort they make the ability, that when they return back the loss and return back into the grave. When they stand in front of a loss. You begin to see the small elements inside this dunya how Allah will be bountiful, will begin to magnify will begin to increase it will begin to multiply and a bad piece of an individual how God Allah will begin to diminish, begin to belittle It begins with destiny. That is, of course, the Allah that is

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manifesting a lot from the island. So we are all adults into the village. Whatever remains upon the moment. They become devoted and committed individual begins to take lessons of those mistakes that we made inside of life. They'll slip up inside our life, those lack of devotion, become more focused in challenging yourself to become a better individual. Sincerely see the face of Allah and Allah following the son of the Prophet.

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And you take that lesson, to want to lie to a family member to your children, through people close to them. And by that begin to encourage that certain of focusing and defending encouraging ourselves to make that wider community have been committed to the past

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and to show the wider society around them.

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How many times have you stopped complaining, as we become good at time management and the things that we do, you know, somebody individual

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in the house that was individual or somebody, they are punctual, they are accurate. They're committed in what they want to do in their life. And once you begin to take lessons from that, that we have something special, where is that special essence inside and I think we begin to impress upon those individuals that we put something special. We share those common factor that you have, but there is an extra element that we have, that we're able to impress upon you. So we have a lot of thinking ability to reveal the impression upon our own self and the people around us a wider community.