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The importance of Islam is highlighted, including the use of sharia (the law of Islam) to avoid sinful actions and the importance of protecting personal health and wealth. The "ender" of Islam is the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will" of the "will"

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Rahim in Alhamdulillah in

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Stockholm, when are all below him in Cerulean fusina would say Dr. Molina may mid level for alarm will be Lola woman your little fella

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was shadow

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either a long long luxury killer with a shadow and Muhammad Abdul or a solo, a MOBA in stock Alhaji Tiki turbo or hiral hottie had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was more emotional to her, called the 13 beta wakulla with rotten rotten wakulla Bala now rubbish rally solder read? Well, yes, certainly Emery was melissani co co lead of the praising of blossom Hannah was there either. And thanking Allah Subhana Allah for guiding us to allow Islam as a last time that I mentioned since I saw the law Alhamdulillah a lady had done and he had American Lena, Teddy Lola and had done a law lay Praise be to Allah Subhana Allah Allah, who has guided us to this, the way of Islam. And if

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Allah, Allah had not guided us, we would have been amongst the straight individuals. So the blessing of Islam is a greatest blessing. Thus at times, it may be difficult to understand some of the teachings of Islam or the beauty of Islam, especially when we're surrounded by such so many different obstacles and views from the non Muslims and even at times when the Muslims at a time becomes difficult to appreciate. What are the teachings of Islam? So obviously our role is inshallah just to convey in our lake in del Bella, just to convey the message of Allah Subhana Allah And whoever once can take it we have a once they can reject it. We're not here to compel any individual

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ikura Dean, there is no compulsion inside Islam for Manisha and yuck for women and young men. Whoever wants to commit disbelieve, let them commit disbelief, wants to believe that they believe our task is only to convey the message strictly. Firstly, towards our Muslims and then the wider community. So certain things that we were mentioned today, some people may try to snippet them out and try to highlight that we are on an onslaught to bring the Shetty to whip people to torture people to amputate people decapitate people's heads to stone people etc. This is what some people try to extract. We are already trying to remind ourselves first the Muslims about the importance of

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the Quran and a large portion of Quran fulfil the Quran a third of the Quran is based upon

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rules and regulations even though there are only some 500 Plus is to maximum 600 verses which talked about regulations from approximately 6000 verses the Quran said Allah mentioned is one third of the Quran means because these are not repeated, which talks about rules and regulations of GM. So, we want to remind ourselves about these rules and regulations just as our Asia or the allowed to earlier I mentioned that if it was handled under straight away, sent down upon the Muslims that do not drink, then hardly any individual would have given up drinking, but you find that stages are delivered inside the Quran. Till eventually when the is the final yet inside. So till May the fifth

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chapter verses 1991 come down. You had leadin among enamel himuro while may zero on Saba Islam, red swimming Amelie shaytaan fudge tourney boo La La come to flown in nama Yuri to shake on when you are the Nakula de la Philharmonic one Mesa. We also document decree llevan Salah, for hell and to tahune so these are the most powerful is inside the Quran highlighting oh you believe indeed in alcohol and liquor, intoxicants in gambling, the sacrificing on the divine stones and throwing the arrows are all filthy handiwork of the devil. And that's when these if they came down, some individuals with the companions had the wine touching the lips, but they were waiting for this is because the Eman

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had been developed. So when these ayat came they gave it up, threw it away in some right that the streets of Medina flying flowing with alcohol in that day. So we want to don't say we have stages in our understanding of Islam, but we should begin to have targets in our life. Some of the things that we talk about a person may not be able to bear them

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may not be able to understand them as I mentioned or the wider context around us, but at least we can send these subliminal messages in the back of our mind. This is what the Orthodox Islam is. This is the pure teachings inshallah of the Quran and Sunnah that we all need to try to aspire and try to work in towards the law of Allah Subhana Allah that which is classified as maqasid nakasu sharee are the intent of the stomach, Lord many olema to deal with the stomach, we'll talk about what is the key element of the stomach law. They say that the Islamic law revolves around five any basic points, the Islamic law, the Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah you read the log becoming useful, Allah you read

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last time that I was easy for you and does not want any difficulty for you. So this Sheree of Allah Subhana Allah, Masha Allah Allah Deen even her Raj mulata Ibrahim will not be come Ebrahim. This is the Dean of a law spandana which has no heritage has no difficulties inside it the way of your forefathers Ibrahim alayhi salam, that is a sharing of Allah Subhana Allah. So the Sharia is these five basic points as we find HIV, HIV one NASA well, man, while we're knifes with Dean, the dean is based upon of preserving one's mind, any one's faith, one's wealth, one's honor, and one's any property. That is what Islam is based upon from any angle you study Islam, anything which is haram

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will take away your wealth, Your Honor, your dignity, etc, and destroy your deen and anything which is, which is Heller will preserve everything about you. So that's what Islam is about. Islam is preservation of the human being that is the intent of the law of Allah subhanaw taala to God and to preserve that the individual. And thus we find that even those actions, which are mundane actions that we all do on a daily basis, if they begin to lead towards Haram, or they begin to lead that the majority of people begin to practice haraam, then the Sherry intervenes and makes it harder on say, for example, grapes is something which is Helen, permissible it's a fruit that was bound to Allah as

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bestowed upon us. But if we grow the grapes in a vine yard, and these grapes are then plucked and they are used to make wine, then those grapes the planting of those grapes becomes Haram. That is the intended you know your contractual agreement that you will grow these grapes to serve them, whether it be Muslims or non Muslims, they will then turn this produce into wine, then the planting of that initial seed becomes Haram. Likewise, you find that education is mobile education something permissible. But if you're following the path of education, that the end result leads to a large portion of people carrying out haram actions or large amount of people doing incorrect actions or

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large amount of people any losing the dean, a large amount of people and he coming up with corrupt beliefs, then that education becomes haraam suffer traveling is is permissible. But if a large portion of people begin to travel to places have haraam begin to go to places which are more evil than even that traveling becomes Haram. This initially if you read the books of Allah, when they talk about solar tech, the principles of a solar cycle that we find is what is classified as any sort

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of sudden web

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of the full Masada

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closing the doors towards sin. So anything that leads to sin becomes sinful. So Islam doesn't say let something flourish let it grow, let it ripen and then go back to develop think tanks and organizations and Institute's to say that how can we now begin to stop this happening inside our society? Islam is the opposite. Islam says right from the beginning, uproot the problems, uproot them from the beginning, and do not let it flourish to a later stage. These are principles of Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah, that closing the doors to whatever any could lead you need. towards you need advice, so the deen of Allah Subhana Allah becomes any a prevention. As we mentioned previously,

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Alhamdulillah de las panda Allah knows the nature of the human being. Allah Allah man holla what we're lucky for hubby doesn't know Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah, nobody is created and he is the most Sutton the most aware. So Allah Subhana Allah has created the human being with certain likes, with certain dislikes with certain inclinations had that you find enough sir, a murder to be sushi in lemma regime or be indeed a time the soul if it's given the

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opportunity, it will go towards vice. If the opportunity is given the soul will go towards vice does this is inside surah Yusuf Ali Salaam, the 12th Chapter The Quran, you find the use of Allah Islam was placed in a very temperatures very difficult situation. Very difficult situation.

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Well hum maybe Bihar and he desired ne the wife of Aziz as well he designed her, but it was only because he saw the poor hand evidence of his Lord or limit the fussy dimension What did use of Alice and MC to stop him from falling into the sin? Because remember, if you read the whole sort of use of the 12 chapter Quran, you find that the whole of the environment was created for use of that I said that no one was there. She closed the doors, only she was there and use of Alice Salah

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obviously, except for loss of Hannah watching over them. So he's in a very difficult situation. shuttle Jamal half of beauty was given to use of La Silla that was given to him.

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What did he see or limit FRC they mentioned? Either the baby that happened to be inside the room we happen to be baby Some say it spoke. Some say he saw the vision of his father Yahoo ballet Salaam, telling him that don't do this action. Others right that he heard a voice with a voice of an angel born again, whatever it may be, but he drove himself out to that temperatures area.

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He rose above the inclination that he had within himself that human beings have any recognizing and fearing Allah Subhana Allah. So the same sort of mentioned in nomina taki warrior spirit and the the person whoever is phaselis Pantheon as patients. That is a key element, hopefully the last panel to Allah. As a prophet Mohammed Salim said to Mojave Jebel it tequila hi to macoun faith, Allah Subhana Allah wherever you are, that is what needs to be developed in the heart of the human being. That when the person reads those ideas inside of Quran, when Malcolm in American tomb will not be met maluna Basia la spandana is with you watching over you wherever you are. A lot panda is watching and

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visualizing all of our actions, that is developed inside the heart of the individual. When a person is placed inside a temperature situation or difficult situation. And the person remembers Allah Subhana Allah because hope taqwa is something that takes the human being out of so many difficulties, so many obstacles are made yet w. h and Logan Maharajah we are lukewarm and hateful a sip

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of water for who has who will face a loss parameter under the last contract provides a way out for that individual. That is a key element of fearing loss of handle. But there are other so the beginning and the end of this sin, we want to highlight this concept of free mixing inside Islam that we find that many people begin to find it something trivial, begin to not pay much attention to it, even in the Islamic arena. At times you find that all for the for the sake of the Islamic community or, or the spreading of Dawa, and organizations and institutes and learning whatever it may be. This is a good way for us to go forward. But they are dangerous elements. And likewise, in

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the wider world as well, you find many of them. I've written a lot of written pamphlets and booklets talking about of working in environments, whereby there is free mixing whereby there is no barrier between men and women, whether it be the school environment, the college environment, a university environment, a work environment, or even a home environment that we find at times. And as you can see that at times the fittest and the facade that begin to take place. The destruction of even one's own home begins to be destroyed because of doubts and incorrect statements and may be made regarding any an individual. So what does Islam say about this concept of spiller about free mixing any inside

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unique society? First, we need to look at the beginning any of this and then we have to look at the end. The beginning is obviously a need the glance and the end is urgent or

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that beginning is the glance any and the end is either the lashing or the stoning. And as I mentioned right in the beginning, so no people, nobody can try to snip it out. We're talking about Muslims here. What does the Islamic law say? That doesn't mean we are not onslaught to bring the Sharia within this country and to begin to punish people etc. We are reminding our own sorts over and Firstly, what is the law of Allah Subhana Allah about being involved in these actions because as I mentioned, so many young Muslims, they find it trivial, it's become common norm for many people. Many Muslims are fortunate to think that this is something silly, something trivial. Everybody

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around the world is doing it everybody outside is doing it every other individual is doing it. So what is the harm inside this

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So we have to remind ourselves first and remind our blessing brothers and sisters, why in total thirimanne fill out you DeLuca answer builder. If you obey most of the people of the earth, they will send you a stray from the path of Allah Subhana Allah. So our criteria isn't what the people are doing. Our criteria should be the Muslim or the text of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed some What do they highlight to us? What do they teach us? A filler he shall confer to somehow what he will. Do you have doubt in the Originator of the heavens in the earth. That's what we're trying to do. We are trying to some people trying to actually question Allah Subhana Allah I

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tried to question the laws of Allah and Allah in the 21st century, as they say, what Allah needed as low as Sharia. We're not talking about slight tertiary issues of the type of material one where as a type of food one may eat, how it is cold, how is baked or whatever it may be. We're not talking about those issues we're talking about assess yet. We're talking about fundamental points that Sherry Latta here, don't change don't change over time and place. They remain steadfast the person tries their best to uphold these concepts. So as we mentioned previously, the nature of the human being the beginning was sort of Allium Ron z and Ignacio Boucher were de minimis a while Bernina was

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30 minute

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while highly musawah material and Jaime will have that little material higher or lower and

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so first you find the so you know, what is beautified to mankind for the human being is you need the luxury of women. Likewise, you find the Hadid mentioned the need for Viva la mina Tanya obtainable when Lisa was at Cobra to IDC Salah as mentioned by the prophet Muhammad says some Habiba Elijah, the most beloved things to me inside this world as I reside upon this world is a theme sweet smelling fragrance must ointments, whatever it may be perfume, and women, and the coolest of my eyes has been placed inside the prayer. So this is the Prophet Muhammad expressing this highlighting this is any the nature, the love of the human being, as we mentioned previously, as well humbly love them

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and rocking back and so nutty policemen were returned with my son de has got nothing to do with me. So we find that Islam, when the person has those desires, channels the individual towards the matrimonial relationship as you find the beginning of suta Nisa from get home at tarbela con Mina Nisa, he must know what polar bear for lm 50 elata delu for wahida any funky Houma La Bella can marry whatever you want from the women two, three or four. If you can be just afford the marry you need only the one. So that's what Islam says channel those desires. Whatever it may be towards you need the right in the right path. Likewise, meaning that we find a lot of lateral movement on the

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23rd chapter or an intervention those 1112 is talking about the characteristics of the believers. A mentioned will levena homely foru Jim happy Boone Illa Anna as well Jim oma Malika, a man known from Manipur hora de Luca Kula, eco Dune, those are the believers will Latina homely Fujian happy boy, those who got their private parts, except for upon their wives and what their right hand possesses wherever seeks any other way. Any other way for hula, hula, do they are the transgressors be Madonna or Bonnie moon, the wrongdoers so the only way that Islam expresses that person fulfills the desires is why the matrimonial relationship like wasn't suited for on the 25th chapter four on a mentions of

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a bad man. The characteristics were a bad man and Latina young Shona and the homeowner were either horrible moogerah eluna calu Salama, those are the servants of a lost Panda and a walk on the earth in a state of tranquility, humbleness. If the ignorant people say something to them, they don't get frustrated they johanne most people are ignorant, Salama, peace be upon them, till you carry on reading the end of the to the end of the surah talking about all the characteristics are those believers or those any those who don't well is known. They never commit adultery in their lives. That is the essence of a Muslim human being

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is to preserve themselves from falling into these actions. It is abnormal for Muslims to be practicing these actions. It is abnormal, it should not be normal is very, very, very abnormal, a very rare element that a person falls into these actions. That is something that we need to deeply understand within ourselves. And that will help us to refrain any from falling into these traps that people have laid out. This is neither common any practice. So going beyond the bounds, anything that goes beyond the bounds. Colucci, any teacher was ahead to us.

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Have a double. at any stage if you go beyond the limits, it becomes the opposite. So even excessive eating and drinking, it becomes haram become detrimental to the health it becomes forbidden. So anything which is even allowed, you go beyond the bounds becomes something it's once again surely ISIS it has to stop. So amongst the things that could be, which are basically allowed for us is looking, looking at something a person may say, looking at the creation of a loss, and reflecting so we'll allow the solder Sherry on. But when does it go beyond the bounce? Does it Sherry says that the beginning of all of this journey is the glance is the look and not as you find in some

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narrations. Some of them are classified as weak, but we just mentioned anyhow, just to highlight the impact, that the glance is the poisoned arrow of the devil. So those people who tried to buy Dini, these days of any Valentine tried to buy a card with a cute kid, that Cupid is small angel is supposed to be the son of the God of love Venus, and he throws the arrows in it. The arrow of love is the person that you love. 1 billion Valentine's cards are sent out every single year. It's the highest number after Christmas 2.6 billion 85% of the gifts that are bought, are bought by who you know who by women

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85% of the gifts are bought by women searching for the Valentine somehow they still don't seem to find the Valentine

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the case in America i'm not mistaken whereby this guy had been sending to 2030 different women Valentine's cards and etc. and finally they all agreed to catch him and try to kill him. It means any spam your Valentine sending it to every single one. And that's what the nature to our respected sisters don't fall into the traps of many of the young boys around you, compensate you. And it'd be my Valentine. I'm your Valentine drive around the block and buy another packet of roses and give it to somebody else and say you're my valentine so don't fall into the trap of such shallow and ly love blinds. That's what is love blinds shallow understanding what love is love in Islam. As you

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mentioned Sherry art comes after marriage. There is no love before marriage How can you know everything about your partner, what they eat, what they drink, what they wear, what they smell what they want to do inside life How? How can a person know that's what people say I need to know the person before I marry them. Who said that you need to know the person before you married them but you know everything already so when you get married, you know everything about them. That's what the Sherry is

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because this world is teaching us in we have to find the ideal partner.

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Every day you begin to try from one child to another trial to another trial. Till eventually what happens search for the rest of your life to find the ideal individual. There is no ideal individual.

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While Julio can insert a new diary for man has been created a state of weakness

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there is going to be no ideal individual inside the dunya The only time gonna be ideal individuals were inside Jenna. That is whereby the person will become complete the ideal individual as for inside this dunya there will be many things slip by the person. So once you understand that is a person is thinking that's what the world is teaching us all this make believe world around us. So the fake world is a fake word to create that image that life will be happy with this. So the first thing they want us to do is to take the glance. Now as we mentioned previously Alhamdulillah the Koran begins by mentioning what the men were called Elmo meaning Yahoo do mean up sorry ma boo

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giovane say to believing men to lower the gazes to furuya home and to God they probably parts Delica as in Allah

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that is better for the purity. So that is the beginning of the Muslim man is to lower the gaze. And that's the Prophet Muhammad said to the one the companions lukan oola no mistake the alley or de la la la la se la casa Nia, you have any the first glance that may come accidentally in front of a person that doesn't mean person carries and looking systems still am a first glance. There's no way some people interpret it as the cannula you have the first glance, and then you turn your gaze away. Because that leads on to something else, that we find that the Arab poet he wrote, and he overlooked another tomato

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tomahto tomato

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first you find is the glance, then the smile, then the laughing then the speaking than the joking in exchange of numbers until the rest is all any history.

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So this is really the essence that we find that in Islam, what the eye does not see. The heart does not desire. Simple. If a Muslim woman is veiled appropriately.

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If she's veiled appropriately, then the

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I would not desire it. That's how simple Islam is. And honestly, we know that you have to be harsh at times. Unfortunately, when we know the Quran mentions that the woman has been bought up Guinea in what's known as La Jolla loves beauty, loves beautification. That's the essence of a woman. But a woman has to contain that beauty and not bring it out inside society, because that will lead on to any dangerous things that begin to take place. And then secondly is mentioned in the same sentence or so to know the 24th chapter for arms contains many ideas about conduct and behavior are called a minute Yakubu I'm sorry in Patna for Johanna then say to the believing women to lower the gazes.

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So anytime that a woman feels attempters desire looking at something which is incorrect and women have feelings is when they should lower the gauges as well. And God the private parts that you find handy for both a man and a woman man yet man NEMA Bane AlLahi wa Bane adage lady, Ottoman nahi Jana you know some of the prophetic traditions the Prophet Mohammed Some are very deep

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are known as Joanne or tell him concise words that even today these words are very, very powerful. For the we study the Muslim world, you find that we can just observe this teaching will be successful, whether it be the religious people, good Muslims, or even the average Muslim, wherever God's that which is between the two Jaws, meaning their tongue we have a God that piece of flesh and God's the piece of flesh between the two legs the two thighs I guarantee for that person a place where in paradise simple so either take the Muslims can't guard their chastity or take us Muslims can't guard our tongues. So I the way that this sums up the Muslim or medicinal quite simply so

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people who got the chesty may not guard their tongues. People who got their tongues don't guard their private parts wherever can do that inside their life. They have been guaranteed by the prophet Mohammed Salah place in Paradise, what more can a person ask for a place in paradise guaranteed by the prophet Mohammed Salah Salah.

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So we find that then the ayah they continue to mention that the women What are you Dina Xena tahuna illa malvar Amina while you are to rip Navajo Marina Allah do you begin? So let the believing women take any don't reveal any of the beauty unless that which becomes apparent without any any intention and let them throw the femur the veils over Guinea their bodily parts.

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That's what the Quran is telling us the Quran is not saying in his remaining period, we're just a scarf that reveals your neck.

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That's not his job is to wear scarf over your head and it reveals the rest of your body.

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And how do you begin? You can go back and read these ideas in Sarasota note 24 chapter 10 verse number 31. That's specifically what it refers to it's clear crystal clear inside the Quran. What this is referring to how the women should wear their hijab and wear their scarves etc. Likewise find a way of believing women Yeah, a un Ibu only as well deca webinar ticker, oh prophet of Allah subhanho wa sallam say to you your wives and your daughters inside suta Nisa, verse number 59. So obviously, some people like to say, look, this is just talking about the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam, and his wives and his daughters. But let's stop there because the ayah continues to mention

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when he said meaning and the believing women. So if you classify yourself as a believer, as a Muslim, as a minor as a Muslim Ummah, this ayah concerns you that those women use Nina la hinda minja Bibi when they should cover themselves with the correct government over the body parts. So that command is not just for the wives of the Prophet Mohammed Salim is not just for his daughters when he said it meaning it is for for the whole of the women believers who claim to be believers. So we find many of these footsteps of the shape on to follow you need a glance with another glance. As we find Quran mentions yeah you will Latina woman who to shape on are you believe don't follow the

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footsteps of the devil or manga who taught to shape Ani for in no mobile fashion?

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Because indeed will follow the footsteps of the devil he only encourages that which is fashion. What is fashion loosely can be translated as immorality, lewdness, promiscuity, wickedness, sexual misconduct, immorality, that is the meaning of fascia, while longer and even any actions. So that is the way you need to have the shape shape on to your knee. encourage people to you need follow the glance with another in a glance. So if as we mentioned, we find some strong ahaadeeth for any woman who comes out of her house in a state of beautifying herself and wearing any perfume in the Sahara even Hepburn. That woman is a woman

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Nia workqueue aliens Nia, that woman's adulterous woman who comes up in that manner and every single I once again we're talking about Muslims here in every single either visualize her is an either commit Zina that's in a hadith of a Muslim, that a fair share of Xena has written upon the son of any of the children of Adam Ali Salaam, that an angel new testimony, the icommand sinner, what is the Xin of the eye looking hand with the zenith of touching legs means you know walking as you know, hearing the tongue from his Zener etc until I personally love a great commits any the total any action, the board reports any testify towards the end. So, the dimensions matter up to any Body

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Fitness and other gallery jelly milanesa I have not left a bigger fitness upon this, Omid in the fitness journey of women. Never had these defined for taco dunya with taco Nisa, for the world and fear the temptation. Any of women say hey, we're not trying to follow Western word may try to say oh, well, the woman is the essence of all evil. That's not what we're trying to highlight. The woman is not a devil.

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The woman is and he is the best commodity a person can possess. Inside this world. As you mentioned previously, to Sonia, righteous woman is the best thing that a person can have any insight you need this word. So we're not following the concept that the woman any is attempt just individually because that's what the Bible preaches. The Bible writes that, however, at least 10 tempted Adam to eat from the forbidden tree, and thus they were both thrown out the paradise. And because of her initial temptation. If you go and study Christian belief, they say that is why the woman goes through the menstrual cycle. That is why the woman has to go through child labor and pregnancy as a

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form of What punishment upon for eternity. That's Christian belief. You know, even not too long ago, three 400 years ago, there was debating whether a woman is a human being. Okay, if you go back to look at the medieval times, and I try to always talk about any barleywine Afghanistan wearing the burqa this time, you know, we're trying to liberate women Tell him to go and read their own history, called read the history what they used to do what used to be classified burning witches.

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Therefore, women were devils.

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Even the main preachers had classified that women are not even human beings.

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And you can go read about the torch and the Dark Ages what they used to do to women for they come and tell us about we are trying to liberate women and give women rights what women rights are you giving How have you liberate liberated women? Look at every other billboard that's liberation for you. Do you call that liberation? Every other billboard is what self pornography and you're saying this is liberation, we're liberating women. Is that really liberation of a woman? Does a woman really feel she's been liberated? Is that what she really feels that liberation for her

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claim is understanding what liberation is. what freedom is that that is your freedom. That even the clothes that you wear are designed by the men who are trying to liberate yourself from all of the fashion designer labels are designed by primarily by men. All of them are designed by men, telling you how to even dress, how to smell, how to live your life, everything. And that's when Islam we know that Islam doesn't prevent a woman from having a likes and desires. But Islam says that any of our respected sisters who imitate women who are immoral, who live a life of immorality, they fashion designs, they hate cuts, they're dying of hair, whatever it may be tinting of hair, something very

00:33:30--> 00:34:11

specific, that that that is the common fashion of immoral women. For millennia, Jews not allowed haram almora forbidden for Muslim woman to imitate immoral women. Men the Shabbat have been common for women whom we've imitated people eventually becomes like them. So that should be a harsh lesson given to too many verses that even adorning the hijab adonys with the jibber don'ts with the niqab, yet they still fail to understand, that is not just about adorning yourself with these outer garments, adorn yourselves with the inner garment as well, that makes sure that nothing of your resemblance resembles an affair. He shared an area

00:34:13--> 00:34:16

a moment immoral women who are dressed yet naked.

00:34:17--> 00:34:58

That should be inside the hearts of every single woman. Why do you want to imitate these women? Why do you want to keep good dress sense like them? Why do you want to keep your hair like them? immoral individuals they are? How can we give them respect, read through the tabloids about their lifestyles, about the etiquettes about their behavior, and we begin to role model them, we begin to emulate them. That's not befitting for a person who has a grain of Eman inside their heart to begin to take those individuals as their benchmarks and begin to look upon them. So we know what this society is all about displaying of one's nudity displaying any women etc. to say that this is any

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

some form of any freedom for them.

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

The second element that we find is as we mentioned in our column, many speech once again Islam has strict advice that a person will need when they do speak any speaking any to the wives of the Prophet Muhammad and likewise that command comes upon the rest of the women. Any further call for your lady to call me Morocco Nicola Rafa, do not be any deceptive any inside in your speech.

00:35:27--> 00:35:31

Do not be deceptive inside your speech. Do you find Oh, I didn't really mean that.

00:35:32--> 00:35:47

Isn't it? Is it? Don't you find that that's why, but you're being deceptive in your speech. You're being any two faced in your speech. In your conduct. Any flirtatious behavior is not allowed in Islam.

00:35:48--> 00:36:14

flirtatious behavior with a person who's non Muharram is not allowed excessive speech. Because even he has mentioned, we're calling a cola, Rufus a good word you have to speak be blunt. Be direct to the point and that's it. There's no need for excessive speech that begins to take place inside a society. Where you from brother? What can I do for you? What are you studying? What do you like this, then that just goes on. Sometimes I even think I even think myself

00:36:16--> 00:36:31

that, you know, there's individuals who don't know much about Islam, but they know when they see somebody wearing the hijab, somebody with a beard, they put their head down, and they, they humble themselves. But we're giving so many strange messages. We give you so many different messages you're supposed to be taking Well, the best of

00:36:32--> 00:36:49

the best of the best of piety, of humbleness, of humility, of staying away, you know, the words of the Prophet Muhammad Ali said, when we used to walk used to come up for slaughter, they look like black crows. And when they walk, they rub themselves against a wolf.

00:36:50--> 00:36:52

That's how they would walk.

00:36:53--> 00:37:00

Today we walk we have to move out the way because the women don't want to move out the way we have to move out the way because somebody want to be so boisterous.

00:37:02--> 00:37:32

That's not the way these are not the etiquettes that should be instilled within us. The etiquettes, of modesty, of humbleness, of shyness, that is what should be instilled within us. That this is the way that we conduct business, obviously, when is the time for a person's right and the needs is different. But as this becomes common practice, that's something that we should be worried about. So we find that this type of a lowering speech and is something that person should stay away from point number three, that we find an halwa.

00:37:33--> 00:37:58

What is an halwa and halwa is to be alone with a woman, and no one is there. But if you happen to be a commonplace standing at a bus stop standing in a library, he said there's not really hardware but if you're sitting on your own and speaking then that can be we just happen to be a public place in the market, you have to buy some exchange something, take something from the shop that's different, it's an open area that everyone can see what you're doing. But at any stage you become intimate

00:37:59--> 00:38:36

with even being a building where you're working and that's your office. And you don't leave the door open if there has to happens to be needed someone of the opposite gender has to come there, that becomes called one because in our heads that we find that not a man or woman sit on their own, the third is who shape on. The third is shape on so a person should be weary any about this person shouldn't think that this is something belittling because how many times this has led on to so many different problems and issues I've written you need inside our society iya come with the whole Annalisa upon us to stay away from entering upon women, strange women and mentioning is going to

00:38:36--> 00:38:53

enter into strange strange women Yakumo who don't enter in a place where is a place any any for women. So this call whether we find what is the modern call, because obviously once again, find a modern world, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, that's all modern way of

00:38:54--> 00:39:13

exchanging pictures of one another. If a Muslim man or Muslim woman is not allowed to see the opposite gender in the flesh in the blood, we have to lower case. So now How can I not looking on the screen in front of a laptop in front of me, I can exchange whatever I want with you and and it's all permissible.

00:39:14--> 00:39:21

Who said is permissible? That is the essence of halwa that is pure 110% halwa

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

that 110% halwa because you are on your lap on your netbook or whatever it may be exchanging messages, there is no intermediary. There is no intermediate pictures as well. I'm not against any the use of technology, Facebook and Twitter and Social networking. I'm not one of those dumb clerics who don't know what these things are do know fully well what they are. But as a began my lecture when that which leads on to her arm becomes haraam. If you don't have to use it, it becomes dangerous. And that's what people are doing. exchanging these pictures in his images. One another here are him standing outside the car outside the brain.

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

Inside my bedroom,

00:40:02--> 00:40:03

waste of time,

00:40:04--> 00:40:05

waste of time,

00:40:06--> 00:40:10

is that all that you've got time for that sale? Here I'm having my cereal

00:40:12--> 00:40:15

is that what a Muslim life has become an exchange with

00:40:17--> 00:40:43

exchange, this goes, travel distance distances traveled all across the world, literally. And so person should be vigilant about this. And there's no need to exchange images with a person of the opposite gender, or then to come with this card. But this is the this is for marriage. This is for marriage exchanges. Do your parents know about it? Does your family know about it? Does somebody in authority in your family know about it? If they don't know about it, then it's Hanwha.

00:40:44--> 00:40:56

They don't know finish End of story. So we should be vigilant about the need the use of what we find around it likewise, many times in Africa, I'm shy myself dimensioned when parents are coming to us and saying to us look, you know, my son doesn't come out of his bedroom.

00:40:58--> 00:41:03

All day long. He just on the computer, I'm shy myself to say to him Uncle Did I say to my father,

00:41:05--> 00:41:09

get that computer off him. Take that computer off your child.

00:41:11--> 00:41:22

The rest of the I'm sure you all you're sensible enough that this has destroyed many individuals, this film, this corruption as destroyed individual.

00:41:23--> 00:41:44

And most of them should pray to Allah Subhana Allah to stay away from these things, from these type of images that we find that instilled inside a community, destroying the heart, the mind, our soul, the level of conviction of our Muslim youth, weakens them, destroys them, and crumbles them apart. And we talk about lofty goals.

00:41:46--> 00:42:21

And we talk about lofty goals and we can't even break the less than desires that we surrounded by. That's what we do rise about Firstly, is to take all these things that a wider community is suffering from take them out of our hearts, to once again continue that journey towards Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, we find any relationship many, many people try to be smart and say, well, where does the Quran talk about girlfriends boyfriends, and everybody who's tried to come and say, give me from the Quran chair, girlfriend boyfriend, is if you try to be clever, well, here it is inside the Quran. For those of you take it down, you can go and read it the series of sort of inner,

00:42:21--> 00:42:25

the fifth chapter, verse number five, will definitely be done.

00:42:27--> 00:43:10

Men who the women that they want to marry, don't take them as a ban. Don't take them as their girlfriends. So to either the fifth chapter, verse number five, go and read the translation read it to see and there it is inside the Quran. The people that you want to marry him she's talking about Al Kitab People of the Book, women of the book, and even then it mentions conditions. You know, people say well, she you know, she's a Christian. The Quran mentions, while more sanity, the women who are masana What does it mean to be more centered, or limit FRC? dimensioned. masana means the woman who washes herself after uni, the cycle etc. And she's never been involved in any

00:43:10--> 00:43:14

relationship. How many Christian women today fulfill that criteria?

00:43:15--> 00:43:25

Most are not. So even Islam says that you can marry an Akita. That's the prime condition that is a prime condition they are pure chast women

00:43:27--> 00:43:32

they are pure women that's what the Quran is saying. If you do decide to marry someone from Nikita

00:43:33--> 00:44:07

so this is what the Quran is telling us that you stay away you need from these types of unique actions. But we know that our own people saying afraid you earn ultimate Korea to come in no Mona Sonia Tata her own get rid of the people of loot the work to be purified people, our own people, Muslims, you know, we need this, this mixing we need these relationships it creates Rihanna when we were studying some of the students say it creates creates good feeling in the heart competition between men and women in education. You know, God bless any United States of America.

00:44:11--> 00:44:13

You find that the moment they are developing

00:44:15--> 00:44:32

separate gender, universities. Did you know that separate gender universities are being developed inside the United States of America? Because they know that if we want our nation to excel, then we need to have the men in one Institute and the women in the Institute.

00:44:33--> 00:44:37

That is what they're doing. My god bless this action. They're

00:44:41--> 00:44:42

170 universities

00:44:44--> 00:44:45

Mashallah, see.

00:44:46--> 00:44:59

That's what they're doing. Once we are getting we're taking two steps back. We're the one taking two steps back. This is going to be something beneficial in the way that we're going to educate ourselves. The Quran mentions Jani. The eighth thing that we went to the

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

fourth point you want to come to is Xena.

00:45:03--> 00:45:51

You find harsh words inside the Quran listing in the major sins through Mahara. mirrabooka maliko comm let me narrate to you what Allah Allah what your Lord is made haram upon you. While Takara bullfrog HML Bahar Amina woman button Don't come near to any morality misconduct loneliness promiscuity. Mel Bahar Amina wa botlane whatever is a parent and whatever is hidden when I was powerful versus I sort of for Carnival not miss mistaken also so to draw any wallet caribou center in know who can officiate and was sebelah when a duck Rosina, don't come near Xena. They didn't say well at ANU corradino saying don't do it. understand the Quran no saying don't do it the Quran

00:45:51--> 00:46:02

saying wala Tok Prabhu, don't come near Xena rumble hamdulillah began with anything that leads to haram becomes what? haram?

00:46:03--> 00:46:04

You're all intelligent enough.

00:46:06--> 00:46:48

Because my job has become now in my life is just to deliver the message. I'm interested in arguing with anyone about modernistic approach of Islam, or the orientalist approach of Islam. Martha's gonna just become is to deliver the message. You're all intelligent enough to understand what it means what a duck Rosina. So we don't want to have any fancy questions about this, that and like this and like this and like that finish. The believers are those who say what call to say, what we hear me obey, not submitting our are saying that we hate and we disobey. So in conclusion, find this sin and he leads into what the danger, any of adultery that we find the punishment we highlighted

00:46:48--> 00:47:23

look at the beginning of suta. Note, like I mentioned, this is a sin that destroys you inside this dunya Firstly, and then likewise, this other era, and inside Elisa will Mirage at night, essentially the journey the Prophet Mohammed said we find Inside we find that the Prophet Muhammad SAW people in the state of nudity coming out of the furnace, and they've been burnt. And jepara Allah, Allah Islam said, These are the people who committed adultery on the earth, that would be the evil chastisement given to these individuals. Likewise, you find that these people age that we find STD at the moment, you find that people try to pretend that you happen with a gorilla with an ape and they're

00:47:23--> 00:47:43

transferred to human being all rubbish. Rubbish is rubbish that is infused in this manner, scientists done this and done that. When a people begin to fooducate like animals, then a disease will come upon the people whereby there will be no cure. And a large portion of aroma go to the View, that disease is AIDS.

00:47:45--> 00:47:52

What's the essence of AIDS? Okay, it's not just holding a glass and drinking water and you get it. It is STD.

00:47:54--> 00:48:30

That's what it is. There is only that is the main way and other there's other methods, but that is the main way that it is any path from one individual to another individual. So Muslims should be very, very careful about their life, as I mentioned, will destroy you if you're going to study the whole scientific build up, and the destruction of a person who suffers and dies from AIDS. of the one thing I don't want anybody to snip my words and say that I'm rebuking as individuals, but it is a dog's death. The whole your system breaks down the whole your system breaks down till eventually you die in a bad manner.

00:48:32--> 00:49:09

That is the end result of what many of us may think something which is trivial, so not alive, why on earth as soon as you move away from the powerful last time that Allah then you will open up these calamities before any point the people so May Allah make us become individuals who have shame about the deen have a lot of shame about us or not become boastful about these actions to pray to Allah to keep us away from his actions and likewise to give sincere advice to our fellow brothers and sisters to stay away from these actions and May Allah Subhana Allah protect all of us are full of Holyhead there was stuff from Ludhiana from, give me muslimeen for stuff you know