Emotional stories from the earthquake

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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The transcript describes a group of characters, including a woman wearing a hat, a young man, and a young woman. The group discusses various stories and their potential impact on society.

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Subhan Allah Minmei used to Fadiman heavy and Khadija from the things that we benefit from this catastrophe Keyfit domestic and nurse will be robbing him in the Shaddai aid, how the people they become attached to the Lord at the times of difficulty. Well had the he had fitrah and let the Holy qualia and this is the fifth row the natural inclination that they were created upon.

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reflect on these different stories with us, and how the amount of time and will send this elderly lady to fold and topology intact and elaborate hijab, she refuses his elderly lady to come out from the house which has been collapsed until she wears her hijab.

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Well have you sawed up in this picture?

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Another woman, technology fantastic. She's coming out after the buildings collapsed on top of her beat Nickleby her wearing her niqab. Rafi I 20 a day her raising her hands had della yell Meza. I had min original Ellen cod, so the workers don't touch us. You say I'm okay. Okay, I know because you're gonna behave. Well. Hadley Muhsin and this elderly man have Moho his concern public hoods before he leaves there to save him who wants to cuddle him who is concerned is a salad is prayer K for Axel Alma at the woodland is solid How can he get water to make more ball for his slot the citizens

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to clip be

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missing man

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well had the sort of era and this young girl Hama her concern my let me her she's in pain her and Mr. solid volume her concern is that she hasn't prayed for the entire day

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on the ruler has awarded a severe and look at this young boy do mera beta who his house has been destroyed. LACMA silver Sydney even when his young age fickle to be lamp his putting us trust them to Allah and Allah so you I wonder who higher on Minho that Allah is going to give him better in return.

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I should try to dish out

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oh my god.

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What are the Rajala who have you Hannity he? Well Jada owns the Houthi kill me Robbie. And this man in this difficult situation is in he felt ease and the color of his robe in the Quran.