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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea that hedge is not just a woman who can travel without her husband, but also her husband and her family members. The hedge concept is not accurate, as hedge is not a woman who can travel without her husband or her family members, but rather a group of people who are far away and are afraid of problems or danger. The speaker encourages families to travel together, but mentions that there are many benefits of doing so.
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How can a woman perform Hajj or Umrah without some aha?

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Where does this idea come from?

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It's interesting actually because a lot of people think that is the Hajj itself intrinsically that can't be done without Muslim Imam, by the way is someone that you can marry is haram for you to marry. Or that kind of confuses people too. So as someone who's an incredibly close relation, so your husband, for example, your father, your son, your nephew, your, your, you know, very, very close people.

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Now, the idea behind it, of course, is that when you're traveling and there could be some issues and stresses and some difficulties or some things that need to be done, then these are cosmic family members are the ones who deal with it. So it's a blessing, the concept is something of the center. And the purpose of life Selim said that it's that no believing woman who is not permissible for a believing woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day to take a journey over day and night, except with a male with a madam, a male madam. So at the head, he says that, and that's why the majority it can be argued, said that a woman is not allowed to make that distance travel without madam. There's

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no mention of hedge here. Okay, so you might say, Well, hold on. So where did this whole discussion complete about the hedge as well, because obviously, you have to travel you have to travel to do Hajj and Umrah that's why they said you can't do hijama. Now that statement is not accurate as as as I've just explained, because it's to do with the travel, not the Hajj itself. And it is possible, theoretically, of course, for a woman to be living right next door to the eventual harem. And she will do the whole act of hygiene without even travel, are they going to say that her hygiene is not is not valid? Of course they're not. So they're focusing more on people who are far away. And of

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course, that's the majority of us as well in the West. That is any questions being asked from as well. There are other scholars however, that said that this Hadeeth, which does not allow me to travel the distance of a day and night is actually restricted in this meaning it's actually referring to difficult times and to to times where there is a real fear of some kind of problem or danger. And this is because another highly authentic hadith narrated by Buhari as well, I'd even heard him about the Allahu anhu he came to the province of Lysol. And when they were sitting there, you know, there are people that were coming and complaining to the prophesizing of problems and

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issues. And one person in particular came and said, You know, there's bandits and these robbers and these, you know, whatever these criminals on the on the street are causing us problems. And the progress of myself turned to I'd even heard him and he remarked to him, yeah, Id eight and hero. Have you ever seen a hero, the CTO of a hero and the problem? And he said, Well, you know, I haven't seen it, but I have heard of it. And the province of Lyceum said to him, you know, our time is going to come if you live long enough to see it. All right, where a woman will be able to travel from the hero to the cabin, fearing no one in the law, should only

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fear Allah subhanaw taala no one else there'll be no danger, basically. And he himself was shocked, because obviously, number one and Hirohito 1000 miles away from the cab of South southern iraq region. And you know, the distance and the terrain, and he knew and he even said, what about those rivers? And what about those criminals, but obviously the prophesized alum has told him and someone who's spiders took this to mean that if safety can be assured, either because of the time and place, or because of the group that that's being taken, most hedge groups will be able to assure that they're believers, the Muslims that you're traveling with not non Muslims, that it is that people

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have seen values, religious values, and they've got trust and so on, and they will experience then it is permissible to do that. This is the position of the chef at your school, and even Tamia is the one who articulated this the best. And it is my position. Absolutely, very clearly I know that when I travel, then a number of sisters will travel without my home, in my heart and in my camera groups. And there's no problem with that. But saying that there is no doubt and that's why it's so important to clarify this, that I would much prefer as old scholars as a consensus would want women to travel with them. The mushrooms themselves give security they ensure that no doubt no fitness possible that

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everything is safe. It is the right way that marital discord and so on that it has no doubts over what's happening, what's going on. Also, by going together, you share an experience you build your own relationship. There are many, many benefits. And so I always encourage families and husband and wife to travel together. But if there are no husbands, for example, or divorcees or those who believe that it's never going to happen because of logistical reasons, that it is permissible as even taymiyah said, for a woman to travel to Hajj and Umrah in the absence of a Muslim as long as she is assured of a safety and I'm convinced of this opinion, and Allah knows best. Thank you for

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