Murtaza Khan – Tawassul Calling Upon Other Than Allah Sufism

Murtaza Khan
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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hamdulillah Hina don't wanna start a new one a stock photo

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when our older below him in shirazian fujinami and say Dr. Medina

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manga de long philomel de la

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was shadow

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Isla de Lago de la Cherie Keller,

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y shadow, Mohammed Abdullah solo.

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I'm about to fire in the cul de sac Kitab la

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will hire Allah Buddha Buddha Muhammad in Salallahu alaihe alayhi wa early he was Saddam

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was shot

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to her wakulla Desert in Baden wakulla be that in Bala not in Wakanda de la Latina.

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Frobisher, Ashley sorry. Yes, sadly, Emery will have to determine the Cerny Kohli,

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of the praising of loss of Canada Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations

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upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We find unfortunately there are many topics in Islam.

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Many individuals begin to differ upon them.

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And some of these topics

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one does not intend to enter upon them.

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But because some of these topics, a major topics, at times of possible deviation, and corruption, and moving away from the pristine orthodox teachings of Islam,

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Islam is something simple and pure.

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The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam came with a dental Hanafi osimhen

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came with a pure, orthodox, monotheistic belief in serving and calling only upon Allah Subhana Allah. That's the life of the Muslim becomes a Tucker robe is Allah He Subhana Allah to come close to Allah Subhana Allah in all of the actions as the Quran mentions call in nosler three one Uzuki balmaha Wilma Mattila europeen al Ameen luxury Keller, who will be on mute, we're under a well muslimeen say indeed my living my dying, my sacrifice, my prayers are all committed and devoted towards Allah Subhana Allah. So Islam, something pure and simple.

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There is nothing ambiguous or hidden inside Islam, something simple to develop and to carry out inside our lives.

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So we are simple Muslims asserting their best way to worship Allah subhanaw taala. That's amongst those topics that we find that some people begin to confuse other individuals

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is the topic of Allah sila, or tawassul

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ways of coming close to a loss of Canada under How does a person perform this action or carry this action out? That is our intent tonight. no malice intent, no intent to harm individuals would speak ill of individuals. But to highlight the evidence is from the Quran and the Sunnah, of what is the right way to approach or come close towards Allah Subhana Allah, all of our actions based upon the Quran and Sunnah. And especially when it comes to

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cooling or supplicating to Allah Subhana Allah. amongst the most strongest verses that we find inside the Quran, were about loss of power that I mentioned, where he does carry birdie underneath in the quarry, or the Buddha with a dairy that they're on for yesterday Bulli when you

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were either Salah kariba, the only this is placed in Saudi Arabia, which are talking about physical serum, or the feeling of Ramadan, about how we perform Ramadan and the rights and the regulations were submitted. And then we find this is mentioned if the server asks about me for any query

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Indeed I am close by to you.

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Have you studied the seal of the Quran? If and many questions are posed inside the Quran

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people ask many questions to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Yes aluna Anita Hill yes aluna and in Mohave. Yes Luna Canyon hombre Mesa. Yes A Luna kangaroo. They asked you about gambling, drinking alcohol. They asked you about the present. They asked you about the menstrual cycle. They asked you about the brain or the soul. All these questions you find the Quran always gives a response all

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the other say it's a home for the woman say there is harm in the drinking of alcohol and gambling. Say all here Moroccan polonez alternation the crescent is my way up. times of prayer and locations of the moon and the day etc. for the individual. That's a genuine answer. Answer the foreign Olia un cafe rune se, O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to the disbelievers all who have low Ahad say to these people, Allah Subhana Allah Allah is one. Yet we find in this ayah of last time that I mentioned what either cerca de unni. The seven asks about me, Allah subhanaw taala does not respond for call in a hurry. It doesn't say you owe prophet say to the people I'm close by Allah Subhana Allah said

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himself so behind on the other side in the quarry or the Buddha dairy that I am close by there is no distinction. Whether you are good Muslim, bad Muslim, sinful Muslim, many good action, whatever type of Muslim you are, for in Korea, indeed I respond to you. Likewise, you find in Surah coffee, we'll call it a boo Komodo oni as

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your Lord says, Call upon me and I will respond. So these are sorry have a clear cut idea which they need no tell we need no tafsir a person needs to begin to say that a way to come close to loss pounder other is to do or to have certain intermediaries to come close to Allah Subhana Allah. The two is inside the Quran, which talk about Waseda that we find does not prove what some individuals are trying to claim that we need to find a way to get close to a loss of one of the other. The first verse that we find is a sort of map that we find your your Latina Tacoma what taco elation was cedar was he doofy sippy de la la come to flow? Are you believe faith Allah Subhana Allah werchter who la

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in vasila find a means a way of coming close to Allah Subhana Allah azza wa jal he doofy Sabine de la la come to flee whole strive and struggle in his path that you may become successful individuals. This is the first iron bench in a word and Waseda. It's not suited either a fifth chapter of Quran verse number 35. We're going to see how people who have an incorrect belief begin to deviate from this verse to highlight that is open to seek a way of closest via the righteous individuals and especially the dead individuals obviously righteous individual living we're going to highlight this is something which is permissible. The other idea that we find inside the Quran, inside the same

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team sort of the poor answer is raw verse number 57. hula can lead the near the Runa tahuna inner beam with

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those whom you call upon, besides the last panda either those individuals that we find they themselves are seeking a means of coming close to Allah Subhana Allah, a you have trouble or your junior rajmata

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una addabbo in Arabic, Akina Maduro, these individuals who are calling upon besides the last time that they themselves are seeking it was simply a way of coming close to Allah Subhana Allah and ways of benefiting themselves and they are those individuals who say Allah Subhana Allah, indeed the punishment of the Lord is something a person should be fearful and worried about. If you go and read it to see this ayah

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you find the fear of the lybian was talking about this ayah this ayah is actually going against the concept of a zealot they want to create he mentioned that if you look at books of poverty and an abductor theory etc that you find Abdullah bin was rude mentioned they were individuals can unnatural minute ins yeah Buddha genus minocin. certain individuals who used to worship the jinn or anything else worship besides Allah Subhana Allah, but these Jin, they became Muslims. They submitted to a loss panda either. So they began to find ways of coming close to loss panda Anna, via doing righteous actions. That is that the seed of this verse

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This verse does not mean that you begin to seek the way of these individuals with the power of these individuals to bring you close to Allah Subhana Allah. But the Quran is blaming those individuals who turned to the jinn as a missionary who used to do to try to help them, but those gender become Muslims, they are trying to find ways of worshipping Allah Subhana Allah. And as you read the series of both these if you find gem hudl mufa series, a large portion of a series wallarah z cache, if you read the series verses are suited Magadha all go to the view that the only way of coming close to last panda Allah that mean this is a taco bell of noise.

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It's been Armani salejaw is via the righteous actions like cardamom, shopee, Sham 18 is works. So I have the yarn bench is exactly the same view. These is an evidence that the way that one comes close to last time the other is via doing the righteous deeds or the form of tawassul, which is in the Sharia. So there was so that we find now according to Allah, it carries a meaning in our read one in there he was a tawassul vimana. And to COVID it Allah Subhana Allah of coming close to a loss from the other, seeking the pleasure of a loss from the other and seeking paradise, be fair, share our watarrka woman and who by doing those things that are lost and the other has obligated inside the

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Quran are those actions that are lost from the others told us to stay away from. So this is a bird and a bird here token fear, a bird that is restricted just that we learn how to pray, how to force all the actions that we do. Likewise, ways of praying and cooling upon the loss of one of the other is restricted. It is not an open door that any individual can make their own form of EBITDA, their own form of worship, their own form of calling and say this is the way to come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Likewise, you find that this is the previous practice of those individuals who tried to find intermediaries the soccer unmentioned those individuals, man, boom, inland yo curry

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buena Eloy Zulu, we only worship these deities are these individuals. Leo curry buena in Allah is that they may bring us close to Allah Subhana Allah the Quran is rebuking this practice. Now we see it's very dangerous for individuals to follow this practice of the machete code of finding these intermediaries who come close Muslim hunted Allah likewise the Quran mentioned where your coluna will a shoe for our owner in de la These are our intercessors with or towards coming towards Allah Subhana Allah Allah to Allah be malayalam system working well I fill out are you trying to inform a loss panda Allah about that which allows panda knows what exists inside the heavens and the earth.

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So Hannah who would

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usually call lofty is a last panda out of that wish to attribute to him regarding these actions of ship. So this comparing the last panda with the creation is one of a belief which is dangerous, because some individuals they believe the way to come close to last panda Allah is via an intermediary. So they make the should be, they should be behala they make a similarity between the creation and the Creator. And this is a form of Kufa a form of disbelief, Allah Subhana Allah laser committed he was Samuel bussiere you cannot resemble anything amongst the creation towards or with the loss of Hannah with Anna. So this use of intermediately begin to highlight to mesmerize the

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people the use of the language and ability. They say just like you have the meeting of a king or a queen or president or a minister, you have to find a way of coming to the person in position. And the only way is why was sila wasa in ways of coming close to that individual who would then listen to you and then respond to you. The essence of this is this analogy is boggling. Because you're making an analogy, that the creation is like the Creator, Allah Subhana Allah does not need an intermediary to intercede with him to come close to him, or need someone to come and intercede or ask Allah Subhana Allah. So this belief, this corrupt belief, we need individuals to come close to

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last Panda and just like we have upon this dunya These are things of the dunya don't exist in front of Allah Subhana Allah. So the only way that you find that the virtual machine or the allowed way of the worst so that we find, does not have doors of HD had the cool human habitat by any individual comes and opens up the doors of coming close to loss of Canada and there are three general formats of coming close to Allah Subhana Allah. The first format that we find is that our soul is taking the names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah to come close to Allah Subhana Allah as you find everything

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has been taught to us by the prophet Mohammed Salah Salim. He told us a un nurse lay some shade you caribou, Camila Jenna, there is nothing I will bring you close to paradise, except for inform you what to do. So the person has to follow those teachings, the conditions we laid out in Saudi Arabia, clearly, two conditions exists in the life of every single Muslim is firstly to be sincere. And secondly to follow the teachings of the sadhana that we find is at the end of the 18th chapter four and verse 110. That say I'm only a human being, like you individually except revelation has been sent down upon me, for men, can I hear juliaca or be foliar? mambalam saleha? Well, you should be

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prepared to be I had the weather spires in hopes to meet his Lord Allah Subhana Allah, let that individual associate no partners with him Subhana Allah, it really seriously Kathy, you find he mentioned there are two conditions for any rebar that to be accepted by Muslim Canada. First, it contains a floss sincerity and secondly, whatever it is according to the Sunnah, the teachings given to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Another is are the Quran that we find the beginning of sorted mold will lead the helical moto will hire Leah Blue accom a eucom sanwa mother is the one Allah Subhana Allah created death and life to see which of you is going to be best in action. If you

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pick up the zero moment buggy in the he mentioned exactly the same two principles that are action has to be Collison, Linda, he Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, your actions have to be sincerely for Allah Subhana Allah and secondly you have to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, there is consensus upon this, this creed and his belief that this is the only way they actually individually be accepted by Allah Subhana Allah. So if I was soul, by the names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah for our mentions will Elena smell Hausner, for the rupee her to Allah, Allah belongs the Most Beautiful Names and attributes call upon him via these names and

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attributes. So that each one of us Muslims, we make, we make supplication we find that we may ask you rub your ramen your food, your web depending on the situation or the one who pardons who forgives one accepts repentance person calls upon Allah spandana Forgive me my sins or mistakes, whatever it may be relieving my problems, my affairs, my difficulties, all these are ways which is is inside the shehryar to call upon a loss pounder Allah by his names. Likewise we find inside the Quran, while the Hindi be Rama Tkv rebetiko solane entamoeba Your mercy amongst your righteous servants. So a person prays we start supplications calling upon Allah, Allah we find many a hadith

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and in the end, you the one and only Allah, Allah had a summit, we were called upon such application these are ultimate the ultimate supplication that person will be responded to buy Allah Subhana Allah. So this is the first one with the Watson that we find which is js, which every single Muslims using inside their life, calling upon using the names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah to come closer to Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise you find in the draft, that we find individual uses the names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah, the second form of tawassul is built on a solid is via the usage of righteous actions, righteous actions the person does a person can use them, call upon

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the laws panda Allah, they making mentioned the actions to get close to Allah Subhana Allah. For example, we find the concept of a man. The concept of belief is an action. A lot of dimensions. alladhina Kowloon, Robin in

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the believers, those individuals say Our Lord, indeed we believe fildena nobuna joaquina Dubner so because of our belief, forgive our sins and rescue us and save us from the fire. So the person has using the righteous action of a man. You call upon a Muslim to Allah because I believe I've submitted save me and rescue me from the punishment of the Hellfire, like, cause you find Shaka to complain. If I'm such surah user, whereby you find Yahoo valet, Sara, Paula in homage to Buffy who's de la la la la mina la mulata. Moon Yaqoob said he complained to last panda Allah in the Moscow busty was the only complain my sorrow my grief, my loss Mahajan to you. So this is one way of takuro

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Allah Subhana Allah likewise you find Musa alayhis salam for sakala Houma. tomahto Allah Allah will he gave water to the two women that were there then he rested underneath the shade. And what did he say for color be in minima and delta la Ameen? hierin sokkia said oh my lord, whatever you sit down upon me, I'm in dire poverty dire need to offer Denise good actually serving them he's now calling upon the last time that you know my state is in dire need, like undefined, zekeriya Elisa

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The beginning of Sora. Maria mentioned karate in the movie was Dallara sushi. Did my bones become feeble, it become weak, my hair become green, become an elderly individual, while I'm akun couldn't be

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happier. And I've never been an individual who's turned away from making the art towards you. So this is a way of calling upon a time to enter via making mention of one's righteous action that the person does sincerely for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah. The evidence from the Hadith that we find is regarding the three individuals in the Hadith in Bukhari, and Muslims that will individually went out in the journey and they were traveling and the weather came, a stormy weather began to climb through the crevices, the valleys, etc, till eventually they rested, they came into a cave, a great big boulder, great big rock came and it blocked the entrance. These three individual go and study

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the wording that I had, this proves the concept of making a tawassul bR melissani her making a way of coming close to last month either via one's righteous actions, these three individuals said there is no way that we can come out of this blockage. The only thing that we can do the wording of Imam Buhari that we find in the third row bizarrely he can do, the way we can come up this difficulty is by calling upon Allah Subhana Allah by making mention of our righteous actions in the rewire of Muslim that we find on Guru merlon Amina Mohammed Saleh attend dinner he federal law be here, look at what good actions you've done inside your life, sincerely for the sake of a loss under under then

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call upon the last panda under making mention of these righteous actions just to refresh our memory, the righteous actions these individuals that mentioned so one of them, he would always come home and serve milk to his parents. And then he would go to his own children, his family members, when they return home, you find that his parents had gone to sleep. And he stood there waiting for his parents to wake up. And when they awoke his own children were asking for food or drink, etc. He refused them until he served to them. They drank and they went back to sleep. And then he gave the milk to his own family members, etc. and you find that this boulder moves slightly, but he paid to it last time

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that you know, I stood they sincerely made my own family members, my own children to suffer. But for my love for my parents and servitude to as my parents are done this action sincerely seeking your face all alone. So the bowler moves slightly but not enough for them to escape. The second individual he loves the daughter of his aunt, he had immense love towards her many times he made insinuations of passes towards her, but she refused him till one day she fell in debt. And she came in she asked him for some money, and he lent maybe fatherhood 100 or 120, whatever currency may be lent it to her. But he said, I will give you this wealth, if you allow me to enter upon you. And

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just when he's about to enter upon this woman, she said, Don't break the seal except for the Jew, right? That is where Fay entered into his heart, and he retracted himself. And you know, he said, Yeah, Allah, you know, this is the most beloved individual to me, but because of my fear, my devotion, I stayed away, to come close to you, the boulder move once again, the third individual was an employee who was hired, he went off, left his wealth, the person who had the wealth, he began to use that wealth, that wealth began to accumulate, became immense wealth. This individual came back and said, Give me my wealth back. The individual says, Whatever you see is your wealth, all the

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cattle, that beast animals only belongs to you. So Are you mocking me said no. He said, You left behind your money. And I invested it grew to this, whatever you see, take whatever you want to take, leave whatever you want to leave, what an individual do, he took everything, took it all away. It's in reverse individually, once again, making sure that you know that Allison say I could have used this well for my own purpose, but I gave it I returned it back to this individual. And then a bola was removed, they were able to escape and come out. So we find that this is a way of coming close to loss. And that third form that we find is Dr. Rajan assault, to come to a righteous individual and

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ask that individual to pray for you, if that individual is living. The most greatest example that we find is the living example of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the companions will come and ask him to pray for them. Hadees that comes to mind. You find a hadith in Sahih Bukhari, the hadith of Abu huraira rhodiola. Something you hear certain ahead, do you find them very strange, sometimes even other individual a quote and you think it sounds very strange. When you go back to reading such a hadith? It crystallizes inside your Eman And inside your mind. Abu hurricane complaining to the Prophet Mohammed some weeping, crying is it I'm trying to

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Call my mother to Islam. But she's refusing. She's even made some bad comments towards me. pray to Allah Subhana Allah, that she becomes a Muslim issue becomes guided. This is why the Prophet Mohammed says Miss living Abu huraira Hadith in Bukhari, he returns back home.

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Now he's trying to think what we'll get there first, will I get there first, or when they get their first visit to Nabi sallallahu, wasallam miracles of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, he comes and he knocks on the door. He hates the sound of water, somebody bathing, he knocks on the door, his mother says, Wait, outside, wait outside, he waits outside. When she comes out, she opens the door. She says what a shadow la de la wa shadow under Muhammad Rasulullah.

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Imagine that. You say we don't believe in the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad and these are living miracles, that there are travels faster and Abu huraira enters back into his own home. And he testifies indeed you are the Messenger of Allah and I submit to the teaching of Islam. Likewise on many examples, drought, suffering, hardships, companions came to the Prophet Muhammad some and asked them pray for us. Pray to remove these difficulties. The famous Hadith that we find in yomo Juma was delivering a sermon Open Day, bright sun, no sign of a cloud. And Arab walks into the machine says, pray for us. There is drought, there is suffering, everything's being destroyed. And the Prophet

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Muhammad began to supplicate raised a piece of his arms and the whiteness of his armpits was being visualized. And there was no cloud around us. All of a sudden, a cloud came and rain began to pour and water began to pour down from the blessing paid of the Prophet Muhammad Salah, and it carried and rainy, all the way till when, till the following week, early math had the dimension are the same person other person walked in, and what did he say? Pray now to stop the rain, everything has been destroyed, the valleys are full of water, the animals are suffering with hardship. So the Prophet did not stop the rain. He said make it come around us in the valleys in the open plane, we can

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benefit the individuals. So these are living examples of a righteous individual, the ultimate righteous individual is the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam likewise defined that there was so been a man there soon.

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Allah tawassul via belief towards the Prophet Muhammad and your obedience towards him. There is no harm in a person alone might be many be nebeker Allah because of my Eman with your prophet. What are Atilla who won't be here who is certainly is no harm in a Muslim saying, Oh I love because of my obedience towards your Prophet, my love towards him. My submission towards following his teachings and my love forgive me and pardon me, he suggests this form of gas application is permissible inside the Quran and Sunnah the teaching the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, and thus we find the element of the lesson that we learn is metabo that you find is following the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed

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Salah Selim. The Quran lays out the criteria for income from a boon Allah furtopia oni Habib como, La Jolla. Baku, Baku watlow for Rahim, income to the head boon Allah, save you claim to love Allah Subhana Allah is it shadow claims? Is it just becoming emotional and saying we love the Prophet Mohammed Islam? You don't practice his sudden inside your life? You don't read his deeds you don't implement them you don't teach them you don't disseminate them you don't apply them is that we love the answers given by Rooney make it to bear no it either make it Tibet follow the Prophet Muhammad says I'm not innovate and what will happen Allah will love you and forgive your sins Robin said. So

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the answer is given the question that this is what you have to do to gain the love of Allah subhanaw taala Ravana Indiana summit and amona de una de man or a lot we've heard a caller who's calling towards any man and me Nubira.

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A call is calling at the coal Believe in your load. And we have believed the cola is whom is a prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, but a burner for Lana de novena waka fantasy Athena, what the what further man abroad our load part in a sense our mistakes and discrepancies And forgive us and make us die amongst the pious individus Tina Turner Allahu seleka and give us what you promised upon the tongue of your messenger and do not disgrace us on the day of judgment in Nikola Tesla Forgive me, indeed you do not go against your promise. So these are all ways of tawassul mature ways of coming close to the Prophet Muhammad Salah via have to Allah Allah via the Prophet Mohammed by

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mentioned your Emmanuel believes your conviction and your application in your life, your daily life towards the Prophet Mohammed

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Allah Selim obviously comes now when is it forbidden or the forbidden form of the worst so that we find which is not allowed, just because certain earner, who respected agenda may have mentioned certain things inside their books, does not mean that this becomes totally evidence, because we are individuals and life is based upon evidence is not based upon personalities, or certain individuals, whatever is evidence from the Quran and Sunnah data for the individual has to follow. So for example, in matsuki, famous chef, a scholar he mentioned and the tawassul been a be solo soldier is frequently held public,

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puffy, higher tea, Obama tea, or any form of tawassul is allowed regarding the provenance before he even became into creation or came into existence after his creativity is alive, whether he's dead by the mot inside the person, whatever space of time, maybe it's all J's, you can call upon the Prophet Namsom to alleviate you to make the whistle any via that that we find. So amongst the evidences that some people want to use to prove the point, and only a hadith that we find that they use, in general, are weak, except for to detail we're going to quote when we mentioned the beginning, that Islam is based upon authenticity. If you have sound narrations, there is no need to turn to weak and

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fabricated narrations to base your foundation. That should be crystal clear. His principles of Islam have had the that which is authentic suffices to individuals, there is no need to turn to weak narrations. So we're going to be just unfair and highlight those narrations, those two narrations which are correct. And what is the meaning of tawassul inside these ahaadeeth As for the rest of the ahaadeeth if you go read the books that I've had these have all been made weak, or very weak, or fabricated, rejected, rejected or baseless. Obviously, time does not permit us to go through every single Hadith, that individual quote, but we did mention some of them which are very famous to

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handle freedom of Hadith and mentioned that our own interpretation person can say you interpreted this Hadith, but classical Allah mentioned about these a Hadith, the authentic hadith that we find the use of the headings inside the man Buhari regarding Rama, radi Allahu anhu and number two is this COVID Abdulmutallab that when there was drought you find a rumor began to use a bus and he the uncle of the Prophet Mohammed ism to in he called upon the people to tell him to pray to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah inaka Nana tawassul la Vina Bina O Allah wish to come close to you via the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem and used to give us rain, wind and tawassul la to be Amina Bina for

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spinner. Indeed, now we're making the reversal. We're coming close to you via the use any of the uncle of your profit, so give us rain or for use own and then they will given rain. So now people are using this idea that you can actually use the personality the rank and the owner of the Prophet Muhammad to make a tawassul that's what the debate is about using this Howdy. Not the door of the Prophet Muhammad but use his honor, he's ranked that we can now come close to me make it the whistle towards Allah Subhana Allah. Now number of points can be extracted from this Hadith, this hadith inside Buhari that we find to place in the 18th year of the Islamic calendar, whereby you find that

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there was severe drought, severe famine was taking place at that time was known as year of drought and famine, according to love Hadith, and at that time, historians say there is a dire, severe need of water to come down. So now, according to this concept, Omer is now asking about using the right the honor of our best because of his position, not him making the error, we can now ask the last time that I sat down rain upon us. So here we find Omer is turning away if he believes we can use the rank and the prestige and the dignity of the Prophet Mohammed some to make or to call upon the Prophet Muhammad and why does he turn to us? He doesn't need to turn to us because abas there is no

00:34:08 --> 00:34:50

equal to whom, to the Prophet Mohammed Salim. The Prophet is the one if you believe that he is the person that we use. He's right in his honor. Why does Omer turn to us? Why does it go someone less when we know that the companions would never ever tolerate any individual to stand were in the position of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim, when Abu Bakr is leading the people in prayer, what do people begin to do? They begin to make a noise, because we clap, make some ishara that the Prophet Mohammed is walking in. He's so engrossed inside his prayer, he doesn't notice, but eventually notice what does he do? He goes back, meaning the companions will never tolerate that any individual

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

leader in the prayer except for whom the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim. So how can now Omer, accept a companion, whether it be the uncle of the Prophet

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

use him to come closer last Panda and why does he not use the Prophet Mohammed directly, because why he knows we cannot use the honor and the dignity of the Prophet rasm to get to that position, like was defined in his Hadith, that when there was continuous drought, because here you find Cana is brought many occasions, he done this action. So this also goes against their creed today, but he did try to make that we'll have this hadith and say that Omer was trying to teach the people. So Omar done it on one occasion to teach the people he's allowed to make the word survive the rank and the honor and the dignity of a pious individual. This is Bob Dylan, this is false to attribute this to

00:35:40 --> 00:36:22

remember it more more head strong in his archive, in his belief, a person stood for the for the truth will now turn to something else and try to teach the people and likewise you find the action of other companions, that they only use pious and righteous individuals. And they intended by these individuals asking them to make dua to Allah Subhana Allah not to use the rank or the owner of the individual, the Hadith itself, you go back to fraternal birdie, you find what is the daughter of us, and that will clear up this confusion that some individuals trying to create above the weather and birds that we find a llama and no lemons will be a Bella Bella elaborates on been on Allah. Any

00:36:22 --> 00:37:04

problems or hardship difficulties don't come upon the people except for via sinfulness or disobedience. While I'm Yorkshire elaborado Bertie. The only way to remove these difficulties is via Toba wakatobi combi imechanica Indeed, the people have turned towards me because of my position and my relationship towards your Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem waha de Idina la cabeza, no, these are hands raised in front of you, sinful hands raised in front of you, when there was Sina, Elijah vetova. And our necks in a fall locks are there in front of you making Toba? Any towards you, and send down the rain upon us? So this is the best way in this is a proof that our best just by his

00:37:04 --> 00:37:46

position? Why does the owner come to Him and ask Him then, the intent of this hadith is Omar is asking him to make the art just because the word is missing is what becomes ambiguous. But according to the Arabic language is something is missing, the meaning is clear. Either they're asking to honor the dignity of the prophet to come close to La spandana or they're asking via Dora and the action companions throughout the life is to make any to earn. Likewise, the Arabic language you mentioned was in he was Korea was Korea was in Korea, I asked the village, can you ask the village? would you ask was Korea asked the people of the village. So sometimes in Arabic language, certain words are

00:37:46 --> 00:38:22

taken out but the meaning is there. So when he's asking to make the earth he's asking a bus to intercede or to make Waseda he's asking a bus, our bus because you are the uncle of the Prophet Mohammed make dua with us a pious individual and likewise we are going to make the error and say I mean upon that that rain is sent down upon us. Likewise when the actual other contains more Aria, even a B Sophia that we find what the heck even if there was Salah, which is even us with a Jew Roshi. When these two individuals they also asked this Turnberry to make their own for them. There was drought they were suffering, they turned to this individual asked him to make their own for

00:38:22 --> 00:39:02

them. By the one year he found that he was known as a pious weeping individual. So they asked him to pray for most of the other Aloma in the stash. ferulic Bihari now of delina. Allah we intercede, we pray and we asked you why the best and the most virtuous amongst us. So now why does Maria turn to disturb URI? If you believe that I can ask directly via the honor and the rank of the Prophet Muhammad and why does he turn to a turban he Why does he do that mistake? Or if the oma dimension Rama did not know that Hadith the blind individual, so all the commands are silent? Why don't they sit at home and just make by the rank and the honor and the dignity of the Prophet Mohammed rather

00:39:02 --> 00:39:44

we find no such narrations. You don't find any authentic narrations that any of the companions just sat at home or just sit by the position and the rank of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in his favor famous Hadith the second Hadith which you find is authentic is the Hadith of the blind man. And man if you have an urgent or even a Nabhi for color or doula and you are fit for caught in a hot little ohioan when she doubt, a blind man burried came to the prophet and said, Pray for me. Pray that I may be site may be given to me. What did the Prophet Hamza mentioned to him? He said, If you want I can pray for you. But if you delay that is something which is any better for you. color

00:39:44 --> 00:39:59

for the room. Pray for me, color for Amara when you're taught that for yoshimoto he commanded Okay, I'll pray for you. But I command you to perform will do and offer two units of prayer. While you're there will be had an M make supplication with these wordings.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:47

My name is Luca who la Cabeza de Vaca. Muhammad, Allah I tend to interface you via your Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam Naboo Rama, the prophet of mercy. Yeah Muhammad in need to be either a beefy Hagerty or Muhammad indeed I'm turning into my lord via my need and Mahajan, a different finding for taco Daddy, then you need to bring a end or result on answer, a decree upon what I'm suffering or what I'm going through a long mush of fear or fear or shall fit any fee and most other even Hakeem Allah accept my intercession for him, and except his intercession for me. What does it mean? Is it possible that a person can intercede for the Prophet Muhammad's Islam, the meaning of

00:40:47 --> 00:41:27

here, Shiva, hoonah, vimana Dora according to Arabic language, he's saying, oh, Allah, accept the door of your profit for me. And I am going to make the route that becomes something which is plausible and something which is possible. So this hadith goes against the intent, right from the beginning to the end of the Hadith. The individual is saying, old Prophet, pray for me. It doesn't say, intercede for me in a manner that I'm using your position your rank, if it means that why doesn't this blind individual sit at home and say all I'm calling upon you, via the honor and the dignity and the rank of your profit to cure me from our blindness? What happened? this individual

00:41:27 --> 00:41:27

was cured.

00:41:29 --> 00:42:06

More jeiza Linda beets are a miracle as a member, they have been mentioned in the Latin the Buddha given to the Prophet mannerism, that he This interview is cured via the the supplication of the Prophet Muhammad some not the rank and the honor and the dignity of the Prophet Mohammed some likewise In other words, we find that if you are in support, if you are patient, what is this hint to define a hadith in Bukhari that any individual is trying to Abdi be happy but a, if I test any individual, with the two most beloved things that are individual, what are two beloved things, one's eyesight, the person is patient that I've taken away the eyesight, I will give that person return

00:42:06 --> 00:42:42

nothing less, but what paradise so the Prophet has encouraged us individually have been patient, and you'd have paradise, but it's individual signal, I won't say the Prophet hasn't fulfilled his promise, if you want, I will make the app for you doesn't say use my rank, and use my position. So the Prophet prayed for this individual and this individual was healed by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah, likewise find the prophet to encourage him to do what to do righteous actions, perform will do offer two units of prayer and likewise I will make them for you as well. And like what you find here the wording that we find it becomes something very difficult for his inability to

00:42:42 --> 00:43:21

respond. And to highlight what do these words means we mentioned a lahoma shift fear or fear or light except in in my intercession for him and his intercession? For me, these words are very difficult to respond to in the Arabic language, what does it mean? Because no one can intercede for the Prophet Mohammed Salim has been given the intercession which is clear. So the mean this we had these this wording is that except his prayer in it towards me, like or define this shafa this intercession is something cos he will take it on face value, this is something specific for the prophet and that he prayed for this individual. And this individual Danny was healed or something

00:43:21 --> 00:43:55

that was for him, and we find him in bed. And Hosea, let Elijah total chaos. These are from the specific things that no chaos, no analogy is allowed to be derived from these actions. These actions are specific to the Prophet Mohammed Salim, because we take this hadith literally, as some individuals are doing then that means you any individual who is blind today, can sit in their home and say, Oh Allah, via the honor, the rang the dignity of the messenger removed my blindness.

00:43:56 --> 00:43:58

Does it happen? It's never happened.

00:43:59 --> 00:44:36

This under individual understood the only way to get that direct To be honest, it has come to him to the Prophet ours and while he is living, and his chances that that there are will be accepted and responded it was responded to Allah. So this Hadeeth goes against them doesn't prove the view that a person can ask by the rank and the dignity in the position of the Prophet Mohammed Sodom. Likewise, when other wordings that you find why incarnate has written for admin sudanic if you have the need, then you should do likewise, this edition that we find lm have had these had mentioned this addition is fine is not acceptable. That's what they're trying to point whoever does exactly the same thing

00:44:36 --> 00:44:59

with via the rank of the profit and loss of that individual be cured, or whatever they asked him for will be responded but last time I've had neither talked about as me Tamia mentioned under the zyada vissuto. Me Tammy rejects this this addition as being something which is going against that which is your new authentic, and obviously some interviews going to come and try to prove the point that hammered is a reliable narrator used by

00:45:00 --> 00:45:35

Mon Bukhari and Muslim so how can we come along and say that the narrator of this additional wording is somebody is not uni acceptable? There are works of aroma and which are what are the ranges that you find you go and study the work. So for lemma Hadith, there are principles that they've laid out, which are time don't concern that our as we began with our concerns to give a general message, which is easy for people to understand if things are ambiguous or hidden or difficult to understand that's not what Islam is. But just to be technical. And to be clear, what are the realm I mentioned about this individual hammer that we find? There are conditions that the narrator does not contradict one

00:45:35 --> 00:46:13

who is more reliable. So this narrator of this hadith contradicts those other people are more reliable. So I have no record mentioned that these are conditions that whoever is sick, whoever is reliable, somebody comes along with weakened an individual is not so reliable and contradicts that person is more reliable that renumeration becomes shares becomes any rejected, like isn't a medallion Misa highlights about this individual reliable but commits errors have been hijacked in a mockery we mentioned reliable worshipper, but his memory deteriorated towards the latter part of his life. And even this edition was authentic. What does it mean? All it means is come again to the

00:46:13 --> 00:46:27

prophet in his lifetime and ask him to supplicate. That's the possible meaning of this edition if we go into accept any edition. Then we find after edition Earth man even affirmed his other wording that we find the story of a man who came to New York

00:46:29 --> 00:47:09

and use the prophet of Islam as a means that there was set in order for his need to be fulfilled. And Jim sahid and Kabir have a memory of Ronnie osmani. But who knows if he mentioned that the man used to go to a family when our firm for some need, which he had an earthman paid no attention to this individual. So this individual became upset and he came back and he complained to this to this mannequin who knife and automatic knife was individually attended. According to this Hadith, the blind man what the individual is told to do. So he said to him, Go, perform or do read to us a prayer call upon the last panda Allah, saying this door our last interview by means of your Prophet

00:47:09 --> 00:47:37

Muhammad, the prophet of mercy, or Muhammad, I turned by means of you to your Lord, the mighty majestic, that so that he should fulfill my need for me. Then he walked to him to Earth man, even our firm or smile even affirm them began to ask him what do you want listened to him and responded to what he wanted. When he came out? He may not even one eighth and he thanked him and said I thank you for making the Watson intermediary going and speaking to Earth might have been a fan. He said I never spoke to him.

00:47:38 --> 00:48:15

He never spoke to him. So how come there's never been a fan responded to you because I've done the action you told me to do. So how is that possible then Earth man even when he narrates that this is what we saw the Hadith of the blind man. So he's trying to prove that way to get close to last panda just by making mention of the Prophet Muhammad the way to get close to Earth man, even our fan responded to see any individual if you go back to the work so LMS Hadeeth once again regarding is been here till Madden, from in terms of his wording that we find you find the wordings or miss missing Aloma for sure fit rufiyaa which should fit any fee. That wording as mentioned before, or

00:48:15 --> 00:48:54

Allah accept my draft for him and he's doing it for me that's missing, meaning that the person knows is not possible to make such wording except for to whom to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Likewise find even this is true, a single action of companion does not override the majority of the companions. Even this happens to be true, it's not possible that one single narration of one companion overrides the rest of the belief in the action the companions, like or define in terms of mutton Roseman very questionable as man was known as a generous, a kind, a shy individual. Even the angels are shy to come in front of him, he was humble, he was soft hearted, how can we describe

00:48:54 --> 00:48:58

according to this Hadith, that earthman, La Jolla, la he

00:48:59 --> 00:49:30

can be he never turned to him, never looked towards him, was arrogant towards him, down looked towards him, is that possible? These are siefert of Earth man, is that possible according to all the characteristics, we know for a fact that he turned away from him and did not respond to him? Likewise, you find me now at center that we find an array of shebib that we find his weakness in his memory, the difference in his from the various people are writing from it, it contradicts those stronger narrations that you find who don't narrate the story when they're writing the Hadith that is addition that you find element of concrete This is something which is rejected. As we mentioned,

00:49:30 --> 00:49:59

we cannot base our Hadith our belief upon discrepancies upon weak and fabricated a hadith and say this is a form of the vessel which is inside the sharing of Allah Subhana Allah, our evidence is that we find Haddad there was an Adam b nebby Solo Solo under the oxygen Hakeem we find a famous had either more the statement if I may have mentioned is you find that there was sort of Adam, the use of Adam or Islam to come close to Muslims via the usage of the name of the Prophet ma

00:50:00 --> 00:50:44

Southern whereby he made that scene then he said Yara, Luca be happy Mohammed, Allah asked you by the right that belongs to Muhammad. And then you find a loved one to mention that any unknown lab will have a layer or the only be happy he his most beloved creation towards me, call upon me any environment love towards individual and I will forgive you when Allah Muhammad nasaka if it wasn't for Mohammed, I would not have created you even Adam. Just because Imam and Hakeem is Mustafa mentioned this hadith is say, and that's it. Anybody who studies the science of Hadith knows that Imagine if he makes had these say, his big question marks that's what the UK Abu Dhabi mm hmm he

00:50:44 --> 00:51:20

blamed him for trying to make this narration to be authentic as the rest of them have had they rejected it Ah, slow is mobile is a fabrication to say this is something which is any except to imitate me I mentioned I've been hired as Attorney mentioned this as well. Likewise, you find whoever goes out from his house for the prey and says, oh, Allah asked you for the right of those who asked you and I asked you about the right of those of this work your mind says I do not go out for wickedness or pride in a lot turns his faces individually. So once again, is saying via the rank and the prestige and the honor of an individual in the hadith of Muslim Imam ashmit. And in the

00:51:20 --> 00:51:58

sunon of urban magic, we find that image no we meet a mere among the hubby or declare the narrator appear as being something weak. And it's not just weak it goes far beyond that we go and studies individually we look at takato dc book we just talk about people who make at least at least you find two types of techniques. One is a person becomes ambiguous about who they narrate from any unfallen or unshaken from the sheer from so and so you don't know who the chef is. The chef could be Sudoku could be true for could be a liar could be a fabricator could be what bar somebody who invents and you don't know doesn't really matter anybody makes 10 nice, that person be rejected, then you find

00:51:58 --> 00:52:40

that a harsher level of sublease, whereby the person makes that this was not at least to show you is hiding the shares is not revealing the true identity of who they are narrating from is trying to confuse the people. To find out who you are this narrator he uses used to go to a person by name of Kelby Kelby was an individual fine, who used to generate fabricated narrations used to make false statements. So he used to say about Kelby. I've heard this hadith from Abu Salah read. When you make the statement, we look through this hadith. Somewhere along the line you find that Abu Saeed Al hodari is doing what is narrating the Hadith. So when he says I heard this hadith from Abu sorry,

00:52:40 --> 00:53:21

even people now think is narrating the Hadees from Abu Sidon is not being crystal clear. This is the most harshest or the most severe form of at least that you find. If anybody is caught doing this is classified as a lion the narrations are to be rejected. Because this person is full of deception is not clearly narrating I had this hadith and here are who the shear happens to be. And this form that we find unfortunate exists that many of the beliefs those individual believers belief will begin to bring false narrations fabricated innovations to prove what they believe in. Like what if I make the reversal by means of my status for my status where law is very great. ultimo, luffas aloo bhujia in

00:53:21 --> 00:53:47

Nigeria in the RV, if you asked and asked why my status and my rank in front of Allah Subhana Allah, we find that this every Tamia mentioned is totally baseless, totally basis This is not me now that we reject the position the rank. Of course we know an average Muslim we all know that the Prophet Muhammad is in a far superior rank in this dunya what a foreigner Latika we raised how you remember it, inside this dunya and even more so inside the Hara.

00:53:48 --> 00:54:22

In Canada, Allah is the Prophet Mohammed Salah, Salah, that is that may be becoming derogatory, will becoming rude, we become emotional. we're highlighting these are the evidences that show us how to worship Allah Subhana Allah, how would you be do rights that belong to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Likewise we find the people suffer from drought in the time of Roman. So a man came to the grave of the Prophet Mohammed sysm and said, O Messenger of Allah, pray for rain for your oma because they are being destroyed. So someone came to the man and dream and said go to Allah. So now we find coming to the grave

00:54:23 --> 00:54:59

of the Prophet Mohammed Salim and asked him praying day, or asking the Prophet Mohammed to respond. This is a very any a week you need narration, like this one, the people in Medina suffered a very severe drought. So they complained to Asia. So she said, See the grave of the Prophet Muhammad says make an opening the roof above it, so that there is nothing between it and the sky. So either you find that blessings can come down the rain to come down. He said, so they did so and we were blessed with rain such that crops grew and camels became fat and swollen. It was so this was called the year of increase in me Tamia mentioned about the statement that this is weak and no false no such opening

00:54:59 --> 00:55:00


00:55:00 --> 00:55:44

Above the house of the Prophet Mohammed ism at that time so all these had either were here or questionable are all open to discrepancies open too much any any questioning about these identities individuals any are trying to use to come close in the form any of us so you find any conclusion there was a little bit dairy that was said which is an innovative form of the Watson that you find at there was to be that in a B solo salon or BJ e or some ally B to begin to use to honor the rank of the Prophet Mohammed ism to come close to loss panda Allah by saying such words alone that was so elated Bina deca make the Watson a taco robe across your law via the rank and position of your

00:55:44 --> 00:56:30

prophet Allah Medina Vika will be held in Abuja, Allah by your prophet or via the right of your prophet. Remember, no creation has a right over la semana de la know even the Prophet Mohammed Salah. So it's dangerous to use such words, we have been a beaker by the right which belongs, I asked you to forgive me or to pardon me is something which is not allowed in the Sharia sent down upon the Prophet Mohammed. So seldom, we take an oath only by the name of almost any other taking of oath is not allowed inside the Sharia. Likewise, you find sudden, any surgery or closing the doors of that which leads to the major shift. Yes, this form of diversity is an integrated form, we're not

00:56:30 --> 00:57:15

going to go around and label whatever it may be, but this can open up the doors that individuals can begin to do what go and make the major form of tawassul which is a form of shit. And unfortunately, we find that is common inside a society that people will begin to make asking tolerable hijab men who suffer loss and we begin to ask their needs, removing the difficulties, their hardships directly from him from the Prophet Mohammed Salah that is a colossal which is the opposite of shake. That is a reversal, which is forbidden in the Sharia sent down upon the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that these individuals are trying to really highlight what we believe in and what they had in

00:57:15 --> 00:57:26

Messiah, and that we should pay attention when we highlight these concerns. We are not trying to degrade the honor and the rank of the Prophet Mohammed Salim. The Quran tells us that I'm Nicola kamina. Like

00:57:27 --> 00:58:07

there's no way I can do so, in a hadith in Sahih Muslim that we find when he called all of the individuals and he called his own family members and told him there is nothing I can do to help you upon this dunya Why is he making such statements are these statements trivial? I could not benefit you in any way any insight. Here I can only make that supplication any etc. So you find also if a person is living is possible that person can help you Moosa and a salon for staccato Hola, dementia de la la de Mina de you find the person came and asked me to help him. That type of Jakarta is allowed persons living and is able as the means that's possible. But once a person leaves this dunya

00:58:07 --> 00:58:53

it is not the creed of Allah Sunnah, to come to the grave, the righteous to come to the grave of the prophet to come to these individuals when they left this dunya to come and ask Allah Subhana Allah via these individuals. If this was plausible and acceptable, we do not find a single companion, coming to the grave of the Prophet Mohammed Salim and asking the Prophet Mohammed, we may think to navigate through many hardships and difficulties inside our life. The Companions went through far worse difficulties and hardships inside their life. You don't find one single narration mentioned the companions came to his grave and asked, oh, Prophet, rescue us, help us, aid us, sustain us.

00:58:53 --> 00:59:33

Give us deliverance, give us victory, give us help. You don't find that you don't find them sitting in their homes and asking via the right of the Prophet Mohammed says, the actually the remedy is clay. He comes to pious indivision asks him pray to love and I just I wish to come to the Prophet Mohammed asked him to pray for us, we asked you now being a righteous individual, to pray any for us. So we find that all that we are trying to do is we are trying to prevent the people from opening up these doors are these avenues. That should be the task of every single Muslim. It's not a personal agenda, or person issue. We can see inside a society that many of the average Muslims are

00:59:33 --> 00:59:59

carrying out these actions and are very confused. So our task is to deliver the right message, the right message authenticity, this is what we need to do. And inside our life. We are not calling any individual, a mushrik or a disbeliever or person like this. That's not the intent of a Muslim. The Muslim is an individual who calls to Allah Subhana Allah with fair preaching with admonition Why?

01:00:00 --> 01:00:37

And acid rucola amendments that are in the body where Amina sada makalah International muslimeen, who is the best individual kudos to him to Allah Subhana Allah and submits to a lot of time that I say I am amongst the first and foremost individuals Submit. That's our code. That's how that works. It's not a code of what happier or Nigeria or certain group of individuals or to discredit Shaykh Abdul Wahab they try to read many books highlights that this is his own agenda. He killed people. He slayed people who read three books in great detail. That's not what is authentic, that he was in a rampage to kill individuals or to harm individuals who have been these graves etc. These are all

01:00:37 --> 01:01:21

attacks which are placed there are people trying to create a sample of animosity or hatred. So we are trying to create a disrespect for the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, that is not our intent that we find and the ayah that we began we should focus upon that inside our lives. The IRA we began from certain Merida EULA Dena Amano cola worked Oh Allah He was Sila wacha he to FISA bien de la la come to your home, or your belief in Allah Subhana Allah and find ways of the carabiner Lysa Panda and then what should we do? What can he do FISA p Li, strive and struggle in his path in the last time that we become successful individuals. Kathy Mensa is tafsir. Jihad did the Muslim world Kufa will

01:01:21 --> 01:02:01

either to fight and struggle can satisfy legal the Muslim code, etc. Fight against him to come and fight against another Muslim. You don't agree with another Muslims views. He highlights his views his evidences The Book of Allah is clear, the son of the Prophet is clear. Give a rebuttal of these evidences from the Quran and the Sunnah that we find. Likewise, one may quotation that some of the the alum of the HANA Villa, Imam Ahmed may have quoted this, like I'm so key from the chef Andrea mentioned this, oh mm, Chef, that which has been attributed to him that used to come to the, to the blesser grave with Abu hanifa, etc, that we find these are all these are all false wordings that we

01:02:01 --> 01:02:37

find or some of them may even be true that you put them and he's mocking he talked about certain elements, does that become evidence for us? Our life is not based upon a single individual single scholar, scholars are forgiven for the mistakes a human being and certain things that they write. We are fully aware of the books that you wrote mm Suki that he wrote, at the end, Mr. della highlighted certain things we don't pick up on this. We are individuals who accept something which is authentic, something is rejected, the evidence is clear. That's what we follow inside our life. Likewise, a large portion is individuals they follow the Abu hanifa Rama to go back and read he's read his view

01:02:37 --> 01:03:16

about individuals taking intermediaries or making pasila via the Prophet Mohammed Salah via the pious individuals that we find if you look at some of the books that we find most of hanifa in his book, a total monster book on faith that we find read the quotation we mentioned there likewise, you find al Fatah al Hinduja. Likewise, you find a kadoorie a Shara Kersey, that you find v these books are famous enough enough, how they have reviewed those individuals to such a degree that even mentioned that person is a disbeliever who carries out such actions so that there isn't a trivial affair, that led any individual worship Allah Subhana Allah how they want is just love and emotion.

01:03:16 --> 01:03:54

Your love overrides you to do certain practices. Our love should not override us. Our love should be based upon the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah. And that has been a journey and throughout our lives inshallah is only to present the evidence is whoever wants to believe and listen let them follow and believe and listen we have risen in alayka in led by Allah upon us is to convey the message of loss panda Allah and we'll find that in this dunya and inshallah even more so inside the earth era, the truth become crystal clear who the individuals are what is the truth that has been disseminated inside the community world around us and that which will be proven on the day of

01:03:54 --> 01:04:05

judgment as well who probably had the worst stock for learning welcome what a misdemeanor for stock flew in November for Rahim supernova behind the shadows. Like the undisturbed Furukawa tabula

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