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Continuing our journey with Soto Juma we support the alleged lump sum recite in the Juma prayer, along with Surah Tomonaga. Cohn and Irma mentioned, every citation of these two sources will be this will be the congregation of the believers and the hypocrites, because there's no way to escape for the hypocritical individuals, for these individuals to be exposed

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in a public domain, so he would give glad tidings to the believing individuals inside so to Juma that we find the blessings of who Allah the birth of will mean that the blessing of an illiterate prophet has been sent amongst them who teaches them the book The scripture, and it guides them to give them wisdom. And likewise, the awarding of those individuals just carry books, knowledge on their backs, like donkeys carry books on their backs, and likewise the warning of death that will come and befall upon all of us. And then a discussion about yomo Juma about the destruction of maybe business and teacher IRA. That may distract many individuals from not coming to offer the Friday

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prayers. And a stranger is then a loss Panther begins to speak about Munna fear cone and the loss panda you share that those individuals who left Ouattara Coca Cola Emma, who left you there standing in your mudroom as we mentioned, what rasool Allah is from Canada Jakob was given the hook when you find that when the tribes came or when the business trades men came with the caravans and some of the Muslims they fled. Thank you again to meet Miss our risk. Miss our business to the left the prophet Elijah, I'm standing there the only some rudimentary history of Sierra mentioned 12 individuals. So this could be no longer than no Mina NIFA dunya the all of us that we go into that

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the love of the dunya could derail us away from remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala and following Surah begins that this is an element of NIFA either Jaya Munna cone, that when the hypocritical individuals that they come in the gathering of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and aside by the end of the surah also ends your your leadin Amarula to Hichem. Allah Allah to come and Dequindre another warning again at the end of SoTL, Mona Thea cone, they don't let your children and your wealth derail you take you away from the Dhikr of Allah mean at times in I mean, I'm worthy Allah. They can fitna that sometimes in the min min Kapadia, Yunnan, that sometimes your children, your wealth, your

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property could become a fitna that takes you away from Allah Subhan Danna, the surah is contained 11 verses and to expose the hypocritical individuals because in today's world, there's many places for hypocrites to hide. I'm not trying to say that what today's hypocrites are worse than the hypocrites at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but you can see the benchmark begin to visualize their hypocrisy and see their attendance. That is why quite stranger, even being clear cut hypocrites can use Aluna or Nabil on a slab to slab they used to pray behind the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and not just pray behind him, they used to come for slaughter Fajr is to come there,

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because that's where you'll be sprouted out that whoever didn't make it for slaughter Fajr that is a clear symbol that this individual is a hypocrite because no one needs to stay away from the prayer behind the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, not even the Muna 15 Elijah Cana Musa Fearon. Okay anima Agoura and Omar Yvonne person was sick, or had a genuine excuse or was traveling, that all the rest of companions knew that this individual is no longer with us. So the hippuric is made sure that they attended the prayer behind the Prophet alayhi salatu salam does he find out soon africaine of the Laban obey saloon read about his sera Rajan ajeeb when a prophet and some would come to give the

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hotbar he would stand at the doors, right saloon Africa in the head of the hypocrites, and he said, This is your messenger, even though somebody might say he would say that as a form of Esterhazy mockery by his words with that come, come, come and listen to your messenger. Come and listen to his sermon. Listen to your Prophet, the words he's going to say whether a Sunnah 15 your comb, a mammal Bob, this the head of Hippocrates standing outside the masjid of Rasul Allah, standing outside his Masjid encouraging people come and listen to him, but inside his heart that we find was the clearest element of hypocrisy. So these individuals in this gathering had to be exposed and felt they are

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exposing these individuals and to warn them, that if you carry on traversing his path of hypocrisy, then what will the end of you be? Look at the Quran in great detail? The Quran begins with shorter Baqarah many of us may think that so to speak, but Adam kita rightfully so, by study in great detail. First of all, I had a suitor Bacara to have this annual meaning. The first four is speak about the believers, the following to speak about the cofactor disbelieving individuals, then a page or so more or beyond that 13 yet, speak about whom about a mood Alfie Kohn, about the hypocrites. Why is Allah

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Subhankar beginning the Quran, this introduction to the Quran for what reason? This is something that many times we fail to understand, oh stupid Quran, the language of the Quran the intent of the Quran. The hidden, hidden in a meaning of the Quran to decipher the Quran is not just a recital, modal re citation of the Quran. There is a deep inner meaning how the Quran moves from one theme to another theme, one story to another story, punishment to reward to whatever it may be. There's a reason behind that is a deep inner meaning already added Quran Wa SUTA who only people of Quran will see that we see those trinkets, Allah's panda is trying to traverse inside his word subhanaw taala

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and there's a great flow inside that how Allah moves from one topic to another topic. So he begins by speaking about these Munna 15 Chef Alicia even Paymo Joe Zia, cutter varicella militant ro a whole reseller called Sefa, to Luna 15 characteristics of the hypocrites based upon his first 13 ayat of surah Al Baqarah in the Hadith as Carla and he said, If Sheikh restAPI Tamia maraca Ella, Jo Xia if every time Yeah, who's teacher only left one student at the face of this Earth only left even Paymo Josie that shows the knowledge of Sydney Tamia Rama to lay their shows he's standing because every time Oh Josie and he wrote Xeroderma AD. He had the hatred a bad one of the most profound

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works of sera speak about the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, how do you write this? Did you write it in a library with his books surrounded by teachers telling him or books around him he wrote it was traveling to the journey of Hajj.

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He wrote he was traveling to Hajj speaking about the Prophet Allah. It's not to say love is the most profound books speak about the seed of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Lian in laser share on QSB middle Kutub isn't to just be deciphered from books that we drink it from books, what toquilla What your ultimate Camila, fate Allah and Allah will teach you will illuminate you that's the Quranic sciences is because we're living in this world of just professing words and statements. You know, some of the companions they weren't so intelligent individuals, but what led them to excel, my walk Rafi Kullu behave that way existed inside their hearts. Hello, boom Tahara their hearts are pure,

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eliminating any element of the fog from the lives that's what the companions were, traverse through the Quran from Surah Baqarah. Inside Surah Al Imran, then you find the thrust of iron inside Certainly sir, in the Fourth Chapter The Quran. Then again inside Surah they chapter the Quran they recite Surah Tauba Tauba Surah Takita and also to the surah that exposes the hypocrites, many Ayat inside so to Toba speak about his hypocritical individuals. Then again inside so to Lhasa, the 33rd chapter of the Quran we find exposing the hypocrites speaking against the Prophet alayhi salam till eventually come to soar to new Nafi called the 63rd chapter the Quran Kulu Surah that's what really

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massive Why is it called Surah Surah munafo no other name for the surah Why is it strictly called Almunia Africana hypocrites, because may not be Daya Illa Neha, to have that added Muna 15, because from the beginning to the end, it only speaks about one topic. It speaks about hypocrites. And that's why we should be worried about this inside our lives. This mythical Icardi and the fact which is a higher level of insight, one's belief that one doesn't tolerate at all. That's what hypocrites are, they begin to display Islam, but within internally inside their hearts within themselves, they want to destroy Islam. Don't look at this excusal and don't look at this god that many of us we may

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dress this god that people think this is a symbol of Islam. That just one element Islam there's numerous elements of hypocrisy that we live inside our lives that we need to fine tune ficolo Be Maradona, facade, or Mullah Maraba, the sicknesses inside our hearts, and he didn't say a sickness. sicknesses exist inside the heart. We don't folk we're oblivious to the element of NIFA inside our hearts and Hisako Amelie insider dealings, insider actions omitted kappa B Sr. o de for every young man who said will not be alleged to salaam, who they will your man had the names of the 30 to 40 individuals who are hypocrites. He knew them by name. He had them he had to memorize who these

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individuals were. Look over marimba pub. Look at us look out audacity of what we claim to be flat to Sacco and Fusa como la movie money taka, we claim sanctity purity for so we came to walk around people that were people to Paradise, we deserve paradise, we're going to enter Paradise, we have a right our paradise, we have a right to condemn other people. They don't deserve to go to paradise.

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And as a disclaimer, whatever we listen to today about hypocrites. Please don't apply upon any individual. If you want to apply apply upon your own self. Don't go around seeking knowledge to apply upon the mass of the people around you does not in that we're sucked into this. A capacity in our mindset is only to gain into apply it to the people around us. Whatever we have, we say oh he must be a hypocrite. He must be a fantastic he must be offended. He must be a caffeine. That's not the intent of knowledge. That's not the intent the person first applies

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Everything upon their own self. They own life questions themselves. Where am I from this? That's our motive. A couple obstetrical data, he said is my name amongst the Manasa T in the Soviet who had imagined this emitted macmini who becomes a millionaire meaning leader of the believers. He's asking for David to be your man is my name in that list in that car, Emma, please tell me is my name de is he doing that to show off? Or is it really deeply believe inside his heart and his mind that possibly I could be amongst a hypocrite? That's absolutely true to the one occasion there was a volcanic Gita they knew obeyed know who there's a wall between me and him and or Monica was on the

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other side of the wall. And I heard almost saying bucking back in your armor. I had almost sanctums of wretched you are wretched you are that you need to fit Allah is not Allah will rectify your affairs, or will deal with you accordingly. This is America. This is what you call real leaders. This will be called Amira meaning because the hypocrisy don't enter the world. When the political is clearly in front of us. The hypocrisy arises when people try to hide behind it and say this isn't hypocrisy, hypocrisy becomes apparent. Allah doesn't allow epoxy to remain concealed. It becomes apparent just like this individual, these words became apparent, his tongue became apparent his

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hatred toward Islam became apparent because it's a disease inside the heart that needs to come out of the heart. And that's why when it was said to her differ in your man who had these names of these, these hypocrites, there you had the individual make the DUA Oh ALLAH expose the hypocrites. You know who David Miliband said to him, he said that if you if Allah has taught us to respond to your DUA, or to expose all the hippy hypocrites, you will be a single man walking on your own in the face of this earth, bat manner. There are all of us contain hypocrisy inside our lives, that if Allah destroyed all of us, because whatever hypocrisy that you have, there won't be a single one of

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us on the face of the earth. And we need to remove this hypocrisy from our lives from ourselves. Because this is the benchmark is inside the heart. The heart of the individual carries Eman and COVID. That's why in Makkah there was no hypocrisy. There's only Eman and Cooper. It was only this fifth element, or his fifth column that began to exist inside Medina because the hypocrites saw that if the Prophet he continues, in His mercy that we're going to be taken out. That's what many random I said that these are these 11 I had sent inside Medina at the time of bunny and Masonic. The cause was this, this warfare that took place against his tribe, and well of Al Mauricie. Marisa this way

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that you find it whereby the Companions it got to get a drink some water, and you find that a dispute began to take place with Alan Saad, while muhajir road and each one called his own footage just like today, when people dispute amongst one another, my group, my family members, my tribe, my people, whatever it may be, what did a prophet I said he warned his people what do you say to them leave these racist slogans these chants of Janelia of pre Islamic practice, in a hottie OMA TO COME ON button. Wahida one or boo comfortable doing this Islam is one way of life. One way of life one belief for every single individual, there is no fear there is no virtue that we traveled through the

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earth for them in Arabic. Jimmy, Jimmy Allah be looking at the word hypocrisy. When people say there's no hypocrisy, it's clear hypocrisy that they treat mistreat people, mistreat Muslims. And look how they treat disbelieving individuals. Not that we ever want that to happen, but look how they look at it the way it enacts in suicide society. That's clear hypocrisy, that people display certain things, and it sticks

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and they stay there but Islam is hypocrisy, to make a mockery of Islam to make joke about Islam to ridicule about Islam to make you stand up derogatory to look religious clerics look like they're backward individuals. They don't know anything about the modern world. This is what we exist this the real world that we live in, not from non Muslims from our own Muslims. This is the real world because this shows the hypocrisy inside the hearts and we haven't polished we haven't removed so when this fight when it breaks at each one close Causes The cause the old members and they begin to squabble amongst one another. I'm too lazy to obey a salute What is he said something Cal but yeah

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Coolock he makes his probably says that you you fatten your dog and he eats you. What does he mean by that? He said you allow these people. You allowed the Mahajan to come into Medina now they eat with you. They drink with you. They live with you. They take your food, your cultivation, your land your property. So it's your own fault. These are the comments that he made. And you find that there's a young boy who's standing there who heard this comment kind of who layman a young boy heard this comment. And he went back and he rushed back to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala November called Mr. o'mara standing there. And he conveyed this that this will Abdullah bin obey salute said

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everybody knew that he's a hypocrite. Don't be surprised they knew that but it was nothing there to clearly expose this individual. So they say that Allah may be this boy, he may have misheard the information. So when he called Abdullah with obey saloon, he comes in he comes to the province of giving these excuses weeping crocodile tears. I never said anything of the sort. Maybe the young boy heard it incorrectly. So the Prophet gives him the excuse.

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And What is Allah sent down these ayat sends down this whole Surah up to a level up to the, about the verse speaking about they want to expel you from Medina, the yoke region Nicola herdsmen and ASAN we they want to throw you out of Medina and they want to be powerful dominant themselves. So Allah exposes what the beliefs of these individuals are. If you begin from the beginning of the Surah, either jackal Munna code either Atoka yet to Naka, if they come alguna code, what are the Sefa to do nothing and what are the characteristics of the hypocrites that we should be worried about inside their lives and willing that we find a sunnah while they are to the sunnah to Illa,

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whom Kusa while you were home carry home while a tuna Salah no so tell him at either J aka when it comes to Salah they come to Surah kusina in a state of laziness. Laziness because sunnah for Muna 14. Ezekiel is heavy is burdensome for them, they find it hard to come for Salah that's all well sift a little money if you're paying for a sip of the hypocrites and Amelie every person finds it hard to come to Salah. They need to delve deep down inside their heart and other places in the Quran. Allah says that so Tanisha why the communist Salafi Abu Salah Euro una NASA What are your Quran Allah Allah, Allah Allah, why the calm will is set out to the stand for prayer. They stand in

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a state of laziness. Welcome Dalek. Allah says in the Munna Fatima, you heard the rune Allah, wa who are called the room, the hypocrites they try to deceive Allah and Allah is able to pick up their deception. And in the symbol of the deception, where the commonly sloppy come to Salah when they stand for Salah they stand in a state of laziness. And when they do stand in prayer, your own a nurse that people may tick the boxes here I'm on television reading Surah here I'm outside this locations and distributing heroin because I don't want to be exposed by the community Am I here for Salah and then Allah says the inner meaning. What are yes Quran Allah Allah kalila and when you do

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stand it inside their heart, Salah Al Sharif in Kullu a Salah is a inside the hearts have good sanity, they gradually your share of your slides what is inside your hearts, person gains a full reward only for if you stand equally inside salah. What excels one individual to another individual. It's inside the heart, the devotion the commitment inside the heart of the individual excels their reward. So when they stand inside prayer, while I yet guru Allah Allah Camila They only remember last minute amount minut amount then Allah speaks about these individuals. moves up the Bina Boehner daddy when Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Musa the beat their hair when it comes inside the

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masjid with the Muslims when they go outside with the people with their friends outside with them for neither here neither day or over here over there. That's what happens the Imam begins to waver all over the place because why they don't understand the essence of a salah they don't understand a Salah in the Salah Turner and in fact che well Monken well as equally Akbar Allah and Allah pasta rune in a sonata tinha and che you will conquer the impact of Salah inside a person's life. What's the impact of Salah This is a Silla Bay Nica we've been Allah this your relationship between your bond between yourself and Allah subhanaw taala you're speaking to Allah on a daily basis. shakes me

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Tell me Kenny your call. If you want to speak to Allah. You want to speak to Allah and stand in such salah. You want Allah to speak to you Dr. Al Quran,

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read the Quran, read the Quran, and Allah had to speak to you. That's when you read the Quran. You should always be pondering inside your life thinking this is applying to me. This is speaking to me. That's what Allah Ma said the Al Manasa code. Allah never mentioned the name he mentioned for Omaha man. He mentioned certain elements of gopher and disbelief, but he never mentioned and Munna code specifically by name inside the Quran li Mirza, because Allah wants us to stay away from the traits, the traits of hypocrisy, what are symbols of hypocrisy either either had data tatoeba if he speaks, he likes Allah to Ayatollah malefic Sonata, three signs of the hypocrite, the idea that we should be

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worried inside as we speak, we lie and we're entrusted with somebody betrayed that trust. And we make a promise we break that promise we're entrusted with and we break it and this happens either be man or a steamroller. I'm going to disclaim I mentioned that it happens once in a while person doesn't apply it continuously. In your dealings with a person these things begin to exist. Then the symbols a person should be wary, there is a symbol of hypocrisy upon His person inside their life. And likewise, we mentioned about listing the Sunnah mockery, making a joke about Islam. You know, these Muslim comedians that we find who make a joke about Islam, Islam isn't a joke. Islam let's get

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this clear inside our minds. It's not entertainment. You know, people said we need entertainment inside Allah. Islam does not give a substitute. Islam is a way of life as entertainment.

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Something totally separate from Islam, that if you want to enjoy yourself in any form of Halal entertainment, keep yourself fit or whatever recreation whatever it may be, or enjoy yourself. Don't mix it with Islam. Don't try to shroud it with Islam that this is a stomach entertainment because Islam is serious business is not about entertainment anymore. You can see muscle ups today what's happened in muscle AXA, as we believe is that entertainment we can see inside India was taking place at the moment and we believe it's that entertainment we can see through the world. We must be baffled inside a man that we still think that yeah, it's all about entertainment inside our lives.

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You call to be men men are serious inside their life inside Sudha Bala mentioned mini mini in our region alone. For monks are believers they are men what does it mean to be men Regina alone isn't just a physical format of manhood is core to Iman. Look I believe in Mossad he had he had skinny and thin Shin shins he had when you climb the palm tree, they will laugh at him. They will love look at skinny this companion is what a prophet is upset about this individual that the weight of these individuals heaviness scales.

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So somebody not all the companions were ferocious and strong. But what did they have? They had Iman they had Eman inside their heart. And that's why look at where did Islam spread all the way to the boundaries of this country all the way through Al Andalus. It was their Islam is their spread east and west. What how do these people Bedouin destitute barefooted individuals traverse the Earth? We have billions today, billions today we can't walk from one location to another location and separate them telling us what to do inside of us that you move from here today. You do this from this to that you should say this and say that what kind of Islam is that? What kind of clear hypocrisy is that?

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That your karada your motives and your words in your statement is all registered from people for other people who give it to you? And they tell you they tell you don't delegate to you? This is how you live your life. This is what your Islam is. How can you come into support me and tell me how to live my life. He could tell me how to walk on the streets to cross the road. Stop at traffic lights. He can't tell me what's highlighted was haram. That's only for Allah Subhana Allah. That's an insight sutra. He mentioned when he led to a little StudioLive Momineen well attended Munna Athena Allah and the moon, glory and Isa belongs to whom it belongs to Allah, then the messenger and to the

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believers, believers will always be successful.

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And to always be successful, there's no doubt about that even believer, leave this dunya siru in our cupboard go and see the grades go and see the end of these people go in and see the end of their life. How much is this life anyway? 60 years, 70 years, 80 years of life, whatever it may be, let them have whatever they want of this life as a short term poor life that's going to be given to and the hypocrisy in the day of judgment and even before the end is dunya will be exposed. And that's what we should worry about inside our lives. We find amongst the hip Munna via code, you find a sharp inside the tongues inside the speech that makes smiting comments, rudimentary remarks that it

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will make to the Prophet and they serve to the Companions, these old symbols of hypocrisy, and likewise that symbols a toxic person should be worried about ostentatious pride. Arrogance. When a person looks down upon other individuals, that is hypocrisy. What is given and somebody asked a professional is Gibberd is arrogance to dress well to look well. No. Arrogance is what a giver accompanies us. A battle will help welcome to Nurse Kim arrogant is to reject the truth and to despise and to look down upon the people around you. That's what real arrogance is. So these elements ostentatious and pride leads to what hypocrisy. Like what if I shook her head was

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shattered, doubts and desires lead to hypocrisy. The more you travel the path of doubts about Islam. You read why debut about Islam, you redeemed material about Islam. How many of us in all honesty, have read the book of Allah subhanaw taala cover to cover? How many of us have read in a language that we understand that we know that Allah is how they speak to us this what Allah is telling me inside Allah is you know, I don't want to say this to sound derogatory, but as people who speak fluent Arabic language man yesterday, Your Honor your Quran Quran, they can't read the Quran

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is born. They cannot read the Quran. And just the other day as a young individual who is moving his finger through the Quran, and a person asks him, he's had talent, the Quran,

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Accra, but to allow him to shine. He said you don't have to read the Quran because it's what I'm reading to consider if you know Quran he said, I don't know how to read and write. I was never given the opportunity to read and write inside my life. But all that I do is I moved my finger and every single line La Ilaha illa Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah

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we are called Imitate me I had a bad

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Liana menma, Indiana took Taleem person doesn't have the tools to learn.

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Didn't have the tools ability to learn for Who am I for he's excused

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But he says I sit down I read the Quran move my finger all day till I finish the Quran

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and we know the Quran but we don't recite the Quran. We don't ponder over the Quran. We don't reflect over the Quran Kitab Allegra avoiding GUNDAM THE MOON around goes behind our backs already comes out and when a certain disputes, how many disputes do we deal with our people when it's to do with money or issues? Then people say bring out the Quran

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or problems inside Family Feud, bring out the Quran. That's just what the Quran is for in this month of Ramadan. It's a spiritual impact of focus inside the Quran of reading Imam Shafi Fie, Ramadan Gani, Actium 16 Quran and I'm sure if he would complete 60 cut out of the Quran in his month of Ramadan. We're nucleon Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah Arbaeen Imam Abu Hanifa Rahmatullah footie recited the Quran inside his month of Ramadan. So where are we from this and I recited the Quran. If you can't do it, at least read the language that we understand the English language is Allah is telling me to do inside my life, that we complain about our problems that society because the more because

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this Quran Hadith he Muslim, this Quran, this Quran, it lifts up people and it defames people that's what this Quran is. And somebody at random of Quran they said that the Quran no one can overcome the Quran. That's why the quarry the Imam up Yan and Phil Cara, that's why the Imam he makes a mistake inside his Cara because Allah Quran, Quran said what? The Quran is something that cannot be conquered.

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You can never ever say you've conquered the Quran. I've memorized the Quran from cover to cover and I never make a mistake. The Quran conquered over every 1 million don't Kalam Allah subhanaw taala because he's a speech of Allah, is a speech of Allah say conquered over everything to show the NOx and a deficiency of the human being. These are words of our Rahman Words of Allah subhanaw taala. And how do we approach these words inside our life? How do we give reverence to the words of Allah Subhana Allah inside our lives, and inside our daily practice, to highlight the difference between email and Gopher, or imminent and the fact that we find and the fact that we find that logo to the

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enemy of describe the NFL is like a tunnel, whereby that many beasts or animals who live underground they make two tunnels, so when when they are attacked by whatever it may be, they able to escape via another escape route. That's what enough a Nefab is Logan, is to conceal something falsity, to delude people to trick people. That's what enough is Nefab is and that's why every single one of us should be worried about that. As the Quran begins. We're speaking about your card the rune Allah will Latina Manu Wamba Runa Illa unfrozen warmer Yeah, Sharon, they tried to deceive and trick Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and those who believe, but they only deceive and trick their own selves, and

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they don't even perceive it. That's how the Quran is beginning with people who be murdered and facade whom Allah Who Miranda in their hearts is a sickness and Allah has increased that sickness inside their hearts. And so we should be worried about that. And the sprouting of hypocrisy we mentioned a Shewhart was Shaohua doubts and desires lead to a poor cracy inside a person's life. When person follows their desires eventually leads a person to enter into hypocrisy to abandon their Salah to enter into certain things. And a third element is some earlier mentioned about hypocrisy. What sprouts hypocrisy. As mentioned by Abdullah bin mustard is musi called music, where we find in

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the modern world around us at the moment that these types of music and we find out what does it lead to? Why are so many of the Shabaab away from Islam? Why they drifted away, because if day in and day out, those are the vile, vulgar, foofy language that they listen to on a daily basis. What does it sprout into their hearts? Does it really Mao said two things can't exist in the heart of the believer. You can't have words of Allah you can't have so to Rama and was so to shape on if enough silcon you can't have the voice of Allah from the inside your heart and a voice of shaytaan inside your heart, one will overcome the other media lead you away from ALLAH SubhanA Dannah so this is

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what we surrounded by. It sprouts hypocrisy inside the inside the heart of the of the individual, keep them away from Allah subhanaw taala. And we see the symbol what is Amen, I believe and obey, son All right, so I'm gonna feel pain when now he's been discovered. He's been discovered that he's the head of the hypocrites. These ideas have come down about him in an Omaha Pub is standing there. And he says that he says that either one summarizes let me strike his neck. Or he says to another individual another comparison let this individual go and kill this individual for being a hypocrite. The prophet Elijah often says no, because people will spread this message that he kills his

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followers and some early Matsuda they mentioned it Nutricia mentioned that he sera that one month later Omen a kebab? He says, I knew I then understood that the program he was right in his verdict. Abdomen obey salute his son whose name is also Abdullah. He's the opposite. When he hears when he hears the

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

I had a sent down about his father. What does he go into? What were Mortman he's a believer. He goes and he stands, stands at the doors of the Prophet ism just like his father stood there to make a joke ridicule about a professor. He stand there and prevents him from returning back into Medina because when he returning back from that because of bunny or moose Dalek that took place in the 60s here today the man shakes the field of man by food, he and his Syrah are akin to me mentioned and the sixth year in a month was shut down. So when he stands there prevents him from entering. He says I'm just I'm your I'm your father. He said I'm your father. Let me enter into Medina. He said I'm

00:30:37--> 00:31:18

not going to let you enter into Medina until you don't apologize. He Sunday's preventing him. This was the difference with iman and puffer and the fact is, because Eman has no blood relationship in normal movement. Hoonah watan Eman is what gives brotherhood that's what gives brotherhood inside Islam. But if people have that same affiliation, that moose and how rude he made to Allah guide my brother to Islam, that he began to strive for me to be with me that becomes known Allah nor Light upon light. So there has to be a benchmark a differential that needs to be made of people of Iman and people have network and then the end if it begins to hide a concludes that we get distracted

00:31:18--> 00:31:20

with this dunya your your lead in Amarula to become unwell.

00:31:21--> 00:32:03

zikr Allah, don't let your wealth and your children derail you from Allah subhanaw taala and the Karela remembering Allah Subhana Allah Allah and spend, spend from the wealth that Allah has given to you. You know, this mindset at most has walkabout it's my empire, my wealth, my property, my life, my money. This is nothing but the father of Allah is the virtue of Allah, every single thing that we possess inside our lives. Is this from Allah Subhana Allah wa be combinate mutton farming Allah nettement that you have is from Allah Subhana Allah Allah read surah Nahal the 16th chapter Quran the other name of suta, Nahanni Surah, to name everything inside the surah speak about the

00:32:03--> 00:32:46

blessings given to us Muslims. All these blessings given to us Muslim by Allah Subhana Allah Allah so what should the individual do? Return that gratitude via obedience and kindness to the people around us? Spend this wealth that Allah has given to you mankapur yet Dr. Hadoken note for our cooler up below 120 in urgent curry that a person is oh Allah give me respite. It Nicosia in sadita City mentioned this respite is mentioned many places inside the Quran in surah Ibrahim, when he said give us time to come back. Najib Dawa taka when a tabula rasa we listened to the code and we follow the messengers did not know cold come to you. And likewise it's a two minute cholera build your own.

00:32:46--> 00:33:28

The only man who saw the hand FEMA turret can lead in Kalimantan, Waka elucha, Wyoming, walla imberhorne, ala yo me, Yuba thrown inside so till noon, the person say, Oh my Lord, let me go back to this dunya let me go back and do some righteous actions. Allah says these names these are empty, vain words, Canada, inner Kalimantan, who are called elucha, these are vain words. You add, now there is going to be Bursa, there's a barrier interspace a seal. There's a lock now between you and this dunya you want to won't be able to go back. One Hadith encounter by a friend as implicated in the race is weak, but the meaning is there. The meaning is that the only way every single individual

00:33:28--> 00:33:35

respite to come back to this dunya and the only respite there'll be given to the individual is when Allah de

00:33:36--> 00:34:15

is via his children. That's the only respite. So when his children carry on doing righteous actions, these are the actions that will be delivered, given to the individual when they leave this dunya that's when you find a three year saleha to pray for righteous progeny, good progeny, good genealogy, good family members, good children, obedient children, obedient or when Allah Subhana Allah Allah, and then secondly towards their parents. Any person whose cyber Quran student or Quran look read through the Quran in great detail. Every time Allah speaks about a belief in Allah Subhana Allah Allah will come straight off as many of us have forgotten inside our lives were called darbuka

00:34:15--> 00:34:35

Allah taboo. Illa iya who have been worried they need a Santa, your Lord has decreed to only worship Allah Subhana Allah and to be good to your parents. If one of them or two of them come to an old age, the Quran says further to Coloma often will attend her Goomer Wakulla Houma Cole and Karina don't even say off.

00:34:37--> 00:34:45

Off is not even a word in English language. But off in the Arabic language carries a deep meaning this sound

00:34:46--> 00:34:49

the sound that you utter from your mouth Mina cupbearer

00:34:50--> 00:35:00

is amongst a major sins. To just say that to your parents, and even your parents or disbelieving parents are in the mindset a TA was saying who Moffitt dunya

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

Mr. HuFa, even a disbelieving parents, you've obeyed them,

00:35:05--> 00:35:42

obey them and everything except for that which is disobedience towards Allah subhanaw taala because that will lead them to Islam that your thought or your obedience, your love towards them. Why would Allah What are two should be che our bill? Well he they need center worship only Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and shall goodness to your parents and then from their goodness to your family members. You have these social problems we find inside that society why do they exist? Because we traverse away away from the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah is not to SLUB McKenna yet who obeyed Canon to who? De sabula This is a prophet Allah. It's not to say that, you know, some people say it goes against

00:35:42--> 00:36:13

your ruler your manhood if he entered his house, Danna Yeah, don't debate, he would serve the house. He would wash, clean, sweep the floor, take care of the house, do everything that needs to be done. Why there's so many other if you had to abandon you'd leave everything. This is who this is our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the statesman, the leader, the warrior, the fighter, the politician, the King, the ruler. 14 and 40 434 43 years have gone by.

00:36:14--> 00:37:00

I've gone by and still the only leader on the face of this earth who still dominates and rules is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and Nabhi you owe me Nina may not foresee him. That message has posted a believer that even their own cells every single day, when I'm sat in Alexandria, salah upon the Prophet Allah Islam day in your mid second minute, hours, 1000 100 Millions remember him? Because he is the ultimate individual that we focused around. We flushed around, we base our life upon Him. We read through his Syrah day in and day out, read his Hadith read his life, to want to emulate him to become like him. Because maybe why that some dust of goodness may come to us. Some

00:37:00--> 00:37:27

dust is of conquering once again will come back to us inside our life. May Allah alleviate all the suffering the problem is taking places that is Muslim Omar and his blessing month of Ramadan make dua for those individuals suffering in hardship in poverty and difficulty we eat every single day, every single day we eat well, we drink when we live well. Just a one small moments when you break your thoughts. Think about that. A person who has a drinking contaminated water with mud.

00:37:28--> 00:38:09

i Mother boiling potatoes, giving it her children to eat every single day. Just think about that. This is a hypocrisy inside alive that we don't seem to have an affiliation and love for Muslims around us. The suffering of a Muslim is every single one of us suffers. Remember I read see Ebola but maybe 1520 Odd volumes. Read about his reads about the life of Aquila cannula. You know Munna belaid they never slept at night. They were worried they said what what's the problem is that issue that you're not sleeping at night, because we've heard that so and so in such a such a night is suffering is going through hardships. They're going through hardship, so It troubles me. So you

00:38:09--> 00:38:45

should trouble us inside our large traveler, travelers that we awaken to do something to help them at least a culture make dua for them, even secrecy because do I become a political climate at the moment? They shouldn't make dua for these people. What kind of deen is that? They you don't make dua for these people if you're allowed to make them caffeine, you're not to make dua for disbelieving individuals. Why can't you make the Alpha Muslim individual? You're not to make the Alpha person disbeliever the prophets are made to do Alpha disbelieving individuals to guide them to come towards Islam. So why can't you raise your hands in secrecy McDowell for the Muslims and its Muslim Ummah to

00:38:45--> 00:38:46

return it back to the state of glory.