Mina Stampede, Death and Tragedy

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Learn from the last lotto sama Rasulullah. This is your brother Rajendra. A few thoughts on the tragedy that took place during Hajj. As you may have heard more than 700 people lost their lives during a stampede during Hajj. And this is an enormous tragedy, there is no other way to put it. But some people have asked the question, why did this happen? How come God is punishing these people? Who came to please him? Why did the die such a horrible that? And the answer is in two parts. The first part is that, in Islam, a death is not a punishment. Death is a stage of our lives. Our lives you see began before we were conceived, we began as souls from the progeny of Adam and Islam, then

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we were conceived in the womb of our mothers, and that was the next stage of our lives, then we were born and we are living in our present day lives, then there is the state of death. And after the state of a stage of death is the life of the grave was called Alberta. And finally there is a resurrection. And then after that eternity, so these are the stages of life, death is what one stage. Second part is that death, or any bad thing for that matter, does not mean that Allah subhanaw taala hates that person, or a loss partner hates the family of that person. If someone dies, it is not because Allah subhanaw taala hates them. It's because their time is up like the

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prophets of Salaam would say when he was consoling anybody who passed who lost a loved one he would say in the lilla he might have whatever a lost partner has taken was his when a woman Otto and whatever he gives, is also his will call Lucia in the who be ajilon masama. Everything that happens is in the record of a loss patata has an expiry date, a jelly masama with pollution in the Hobi agilan massamba. So Subhanallah This is in fact, the reality that everything has an expiry date when their time is up, their time is up. That's what happens if someone dies, is because their time is up. It's not because Allah spot or hated that person. If someone loses a father or a mother, for

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example. It's not because Allah zmodeler hates that person. So he took the life of the father or the took the life of the mother. No, it's because the disease their time is up. And this difficult situation is a test for those that the deceased have survived. This is how we view calamities and tragedies in Islam. This is how we view death in Islam. Now, this is exactly the situation of those who lost their lives during Hajj that their time was up. And this difficult situation now is a test for those who have survived. Well, that's what the law says. Whenever lukumi Sheree will hide the fate now we're in a Natarajan. In fact he says kulu nacinda echo to mode one of Luca Misha, he will

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hide it now Elena told your own, every single person will die. And we will test you with bad with evil and with good fit nathon as a test to see your reaction to see what you're made of what not to do your own and to us will be your ultimate return. So a lot of people are saying that good things that happened to us are attests, and the bad thing that bad things that happened to us are also a testament last patata if something good happens to someone, that does not necessarily mean that Allah loves them. If something evil happens to someone, that does not necessarily mean that Allah subhanaw taala hates them or dislikes them. For example, if a person cannot have a child, that does

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not mean that Allah subhanaw taala hates them does not mean that at all does not mean that that person is evil or any lore, or something's wrong with them. No, no, no, that person, that situation is a test. And that's it. If a person has a child, that does not mean that Allah loves them more or they're more in God's favor and they're enjoying, you know, they're somehow chosen by God. No, no, that's not the case. They are chosen for our tests. That's what it is. That situation is a test as well. So everything bad or good is a test from a loss. Patel The key is fitness. To see the test the test is to see our reaction to see what we're made of. It's going to take us maybe to our breaking

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point to see how is it that we react to those situations. If our reaction to something that's good, like having a child like having a job, like having opportunity, like having health, like having family, if all these great things that our last one has given us and the reaction to that good is taking a loss patola well hamdulillah we're on our way to passing the test. If our reaction to bad something happens losing a family member losing a job losing health, losing wealth, anything that's bad getting into a car accident, anything from the smallest to the

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Biggest, if I reaction to that is patience, then suparna love you've also passed the test or were on our way to passing the test. What is patience here by the way, this is important because the provinces alum, that Dora that he taught or the door that he would make to console the person, he will at the end say for this video was that does he have patience, and expect a lost battle to reward you for your patience? What is in fact, what is patience in the face of blue in the face of a loss? If a person is able to hold their tongue, keep their emotions in check. That is patience in absolute terms, the reaction to to to something that's bad is the patient and that situation is us

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holding our tongues us keeping our emotions in check. The prophets of Saddam, he lost his son, his son passed away. In fact, six of his seven kids passed away before he's also long died. And when his sixth child passed away, he brought him really low on who he hid his eyes swelled up with tears. And

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when that happened, I'm the one in the Oval, the low one who said oh untire rasulillah you're gonna be crying like this Hello Sula. For cola you have now in her Rama. He said, Oh, man under oath. This is mercy. I can control this. This is you know, from my heart, okay, the eyes are crying. But then he says in line with the eye, Christ will call by the end the heart is grieved. It's pain. It's in pain. It's hurt. When our Nakul Illa yo Barbuda supanova. He says we will we won't say anything that displeases our master, we will only say things that will please a loss patata. And he said when Debbie Farrah Abraham Lama Hassan says overall, he was so saddened by your loss upon Allah. So this

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is how we deal with the most painful situation keeping our tongues in check, seeing only what pleases Allah. So those who lost their lives at Hodge, we're not being punished, their families were not being punished, their time was up. They were tested, and now their families are being tested. So we asked a lot smarter to help their families, and that he resurrects those people who lost their lives at Hodge in the high end as wearing the arm and reciting that Elvia and then he accepts them as martyrs and then he gives them the highest level in Jana Baraka Luffy calm or Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh