Can One Pray More After Performing Witr

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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When he woke up for school he still have time. Can he prays? Yes the answer for this Yes, you can pray. But if you're going to pray, you pray to rock as to like us to walk us because it'd be so solemn said loaded on if you Lena, you cannot pray to Witters in one night. So since you did that first which we should not do another word, there is another hurry the prompts are some of them said, he recommended us that the last prayer we pray in the night it should be within an odd number. So if you know for sure that you will be able to do your work late in the night, when you join the tarawih and the emergency sulamani come from Dhaka for just stand up and make one more worker. So you will

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make the water in the end of the night. Now let's turn it on except from all of us.