Food with Alcohol and Halal Meat

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There is no struggle. What's wrong with it? I mean, come on in. Well, what's wrong with it is there is nothing right with it and metabolic diseases that are associated with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and liver problems, the strokes, the cancer, humans diseases are being driven by should, I want to honor my body with the very best quality nutrition that is available to me the very best nutrition that God nature have to offer is what God had given us. This is not going to have a nutritional effect. No nutrition in there, it's going to have a drug like effect on your body. Guess what gets in the way of that job, sugar. When you indulge in soft drinks and junk food,

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your brain has a hard time recognizing leptin, so you stay hungry longer and eat more than you should turning children into into addicts for sweets because they project their own food preferences and their own addictions on the children and then, and then the children become addicts for sugar in some form. But now that 60% of the population is overweight or obese, and diabetes rates have tripled as Muslims You know, there's pork we stay totally away for

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the first reason has to do with the digestive system of a pig pigs are the filthiest animals on earth with the most parasites and diseases than any other animal that mankind can choose. I call this nutrition 101. Okay, if you want to be real healthy, then he was 23 sachets of sugar in that single container. When you consider heart disease and liver disease, both of which can be caused by sugar.

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Yeah, sugar

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has more of a drug like effect. It's a stimulant. It is mine. I can respect that. I can I can. I can respect alcohol.

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important part of Hillel and I have a lot of appreciation for that you know about Hello, yes. Oh, all right. Don't forget, as I asked you to do already, if you haven't subscribed right now.