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AI: Summary © The importance of preparing for fear and knowing the Huck's method is emphasized in these segments. The use of past and present examples to prove the existence of certain practices and the importance of praying five times a day and not falling into the trap of criticism is emphasized. The end of the "medianian War" and the negative consequences of it on the world are also discussed. The segment ends with a discussion of the implementation of Islam as a culture and the negative consequences of it.
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So Mr. Li Kumara to luggie wa Barakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Hobart. Alrighty everyone. Now musala he said them and fit around are about to square off. So let's see what happened after Allah subhanho wa Taala, strengthen musala he said, strengthen his muscle, his power, his resilience. Now it was time for him to confront fit our own. Now just keep in mind, one lesson from that is, every time you go into battle, not we're not talking about just physical battle, spiritual, emotional battle, when you confront fears, you've got to be prepared. You've got to mentally and physically as part of that you've got to physically prepare yourself, you've got to go

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through the train, you've got to go through the knowledge, you've got to learn and understand you've got to do all the things. Don't just jump into a problem and confront it and not have a path or a method of how I'm going to resolve this issue. What am I going to do? So take some time to really think things through talk to people seek out solutions, seek out advice, talk to people who have experienced similar issues, and then you gather yourself to the point where, okay, this is what I'm going to do. This is how I'm going to approach this issue. And you take it from there. That's what mozzarella he says he does. And that's what a Muslim should do. Even for our Prophet Ali's subtle

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Salaam, he never just jumped into a problem without thinking it through without at least talking to a low or a lot inspired him or he talked to other companions. So for example, for the Battle of boyhood, the prophet Allah saw to someone he heard that the missionary Kuhn had been mobilizing themselves and making their way to Medina, he went to the Senior Companions, he went to the youth and he asked all of them, what should I do? How should I approach this when they arrive to Medina? What are we going to do? Are we just going to jump into battle? Are we going to sit down, try to work out a treaty, what are we going to do? So even our messenger IE his salatu wa sallam sought

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that kind of advice and prepared himself. So now that all is said and done, let's see what happens. for them. Naja who Mousavi a Tina so when most I came to all of them not just fit our own home all of them so fit around and his followers be a Tina with our a yet. Baby nuttin. And they weren't just any a these were a yet that was special. It was clear. It was going to be a profound moment in human history, called Luma haza. This is all they could have said. They responded and they said What is this a lesson from North Dakota? Except it's a magic and it's all blatant fabricated lies. It makes no sense. What you're doing Moosa, it makes no sense. It's all lies. That's all he could say. just

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deny, deny, deny, and try to humiliate, and try to just sort of sweep under the floor. What is this garbage you're bringing here? It's all lies. It's all it's nothing. That's what's around. It's one of his tactics, by the way, just to trivialize and brush things to the side. Like, as if it was nothing. And maybe deep down inside, he knows it's the complete opposite.

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Well, my seminar Natalie has a BA in a wedding, we never heard anything like that like this from our ancestors. So what is he saying? This is the first time anybody has ever talked to us this way, has ever said to us that, okay, we shouldn't worship this, we shouldn't devote ourselves in our entire history in our heritage. We've never seen that. Here's the lesson brothers and sisters.

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You know, elderly people in general, are they set in their ways?

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They're set in their ways. Just that's how it is. And especially when it comes to Islamic tradition.

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Try talking to an elder about Islam. And tell them that, you know, there's been new research, there are the men have come up with this. These are the new verdicts. Now, this is the way that things these are some of the exceptions, and see how far you get with that cut with that conversation as particularly with elders. Because why they're set in a certain tradition and culture, something that they were taught, their grandfathers taught, their great grandfather's taught. So they literally say it. I mean, don't ask me how I notice, okay, but they'll literally say to you, I've been doing it the same way all this time. All of a sudden, you're gonna tell me it was wrong. All of a sudden,

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you're gonna say to me, it's it's not correct, or there's a different way of doing this. I've traveled all over the world and I've never seen people do it the way you're talking about. So what are you saying? So fit around is using a similar tactic. And he's basically saying we've always been this way. What's your problem Moosa? What's your problem that you're going to come with us with all these new teachings?

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In one creator, and etc, etc, we've never heard anything like this. Now, there's a side point here that I want to share with all of you. And that is, when you're talking and trying to have conversations about Islam, and convince somebody that there has always been one true creator, they might ask you, how do you know that? My parents or my great grandparents, and all my ancestor, everybody, we've been worshipping, you know, Jesus, or we've been worshipping this idol, or we bowing down to this or that it's been our tradition forever. All of a sudden, you're going to negate all of that and say that all of this was wrong. What's your proof? How do you know that? Why should

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I believe you? Well, here's the thing, there are two components to this conversation that you always always stick to. Number one, is something similar to what Phil is saying, but not exactly the same. So you're basically saying, number one, go back to all of the authentic traditions of the past, the people who came with clear and explicit bayonet proofs. And secondly, with respect to that methodology of worshiping one creator, we can prove it.

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We have lineage that goes back all the way to the Prophet Mohammed Ali saw it was stolen, and profits before him. We have biographies of every single person in that lineage. So it's not just one name, we're not going to just tell you the first name of so and so narrator, we're going to give you their entire biography. We're also going to tell you what kind of person they were, if they were honest, if they were respected, who knew that individual who lived with them, and we're going to share with you all these details, to add strength that this had been the path of all of the religious and righteous men and women of the past, they all worship one true creator. And here's how

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we prove it. It's an incredibly, incredibly profound and a strong method to use when you're trying to prove that this tradition is the Huck is the truth. So just keep that in mind. So fit around one of his tactic is, is trying to say the same thing, but the problem is, is that he's just relying on tradition and culture. This is what they did. So this is what we're gonna do. That's not the point. The point is, is we're looking at hardcore evidence. We want proof we want to show show me something in the books in the scriptures that says, This is the method I should live. And this is what our own couldn't do. So he's relying on past heritage and culture. So Moosa response, he said them

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we'll call them Musab B. We'll call him Musab be lm will be manager, a B Ludo millenarian D woman Taku la hora de musala. Hassan keeps it so simple. It says Moosa, Robbie, says my master samosa Allison says different my master lm will be manager, a bill Buddha, he has the knowledge of who was given guidance, he is the one that will tell not you fit our own. You don't have a clue. You've got your own agenda, your own political agenda. But our master Robbie, he knows exactly who is upon this guidance, the true authentic guidance. And secondly, woman Taku Allahu Akbar to doubt and who is going to have the final abode like their destination, who's going to have the final conclusion in

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this conversation who is going to have the final verdict in the hula, you flare of volume on hell never give success to those that deceived the losers, the ones who misguide, you'll never find your way. You know what I love about this conclusion? Every tyrant in the history of mankind, until the day of judgment, will get their form their Recompense. Allah will never let injustices just slide under the carpet. Anybody who commits any level of injustice has never gotten away. They've never been able to get away with that type of injustice. Everything has been accounted for. And so when Allah says, No, hula, you flick her volume on, he's saying that they'll never get away with things

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like this. The fit arounds of this world will never get away with this. Their time of accountability will come. It's very reassuring, especially when you live in this world and you suffer at the hands of tyrants and leadership and people in general, who are responsible for in justices who are responsible for causing pain and struggle

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And torture to people to civilizations and you think to yourself men, they did all of that damage and they just they died they left their legacies and whatever behind and that was the end of that. No unless is though don't you worry, they will never find that kind of success. They will never say haha I got away with it all No, it's not gonna happen. It's reassuring well calling a theater owner via a URL mela or Sophiatown says okay, all of you kings miralem to lock him. All of you kings and followers. I never taught you Manila in the lady to be obedient or subservient to any Illa any deity other than me. Keep in mind, ILA here doesn't just mean God. He's not just saying I never taught you

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to. I never taught you about any other God except myself. But he's also saying ILA here also means I never taught you guys to obey anyone except me. Okay to obey anyone except me. I never gave you that. I never taught you anything like that. So pheromones getting desperate now he's turning to everybody's like, Guys, we What are you saying? What are you doing? I never taught you this. I didn't tell you about this stuff. For op ed. Man, so he turns to his sidekick ham n.

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So he says to him build me a fire out of clay. I don't think any of these sort helali and build it so high and some kind of tower up to the sky so that I could climb halali AppFolio Illa illa humu server in Nila, although normal mean I'll get the mean. So I can go up and check about this god of Moosa that he's talking about because I know he's lying. This is sarcasm. showdown is basically saying Well, okay, he went up to some mountain, you see what he does. He uses the same tactics or the he uses the story of anyone that challenges them against them. Musa alayhis salaam, when he descended from Mount Tule, he told us people what happened. He told the Israelites, you know, I met

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a lot there was this tree and it had a fire in the middle, etc, etc. So he's like, okay, we'll find let's build me some kind of fire out of this clay and build it so high and I'll climb up to the sky and I'll check. I'll check for you guys. Okay, about this God or this ally that Moosa keeps talking about? I'll go check and see. And I'll make sure and I'll show you it's not he's not telling the truth. He's just a liar. There's not there's not going to be anything up. There he goes, I'll check for you guys. So panela that's sarcasm. He's making fun of Musa alayhis. Salaam, Muslims.

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Doesn't that sound familiar? For the hijab? He's out there. Don't you hear it all the time? Why are you dressed like that? It's wrong with you people. Why can't you just be like normal? Why do you have to act like though? pray five times a day? Are you kidding me? That's crazy. Five. I understand if it's like once a week, but five times in one day? No way. Fast for an entire month in the middle of the summer. You guys are crazy. So the same tactics, the same sarcasm poking fun act that fit around was using against his own people against Musashi, Selim. That's the same thing that believers are subject to till this day.

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So this has never ended. And it happens day after day after day. And you know, what's the tragedy, the poking fun of towards Muslims or towards minorities or what have you is one thing. But it's the response is where the problem comes. Because not everyone has the strength to stand up to that form of sarcasm, or criticism. Not everyone has it. So you know what happens? Especially a lot of youth and anybody who isn't who's uneducated about their Deen, nobody, like you know what? You're right. I don't know why the heck I'm wearing this thing on my head. In the middle of the summer at 30 degrees. Yeah, you're right. Yeah, forget, I'll just take it off. Yeah, you know what, praying five

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times a day, you know, somebody will come to be like, Yeah, what's it done for you? You praying five times a day, but you're still got cancer, you're still sick. You're still upset, you're still unhappy. You still didn't get into the school you applied at three times in a row. still didn't get the job that you were hoping for? So what's all this prayer and all this bowing down and prostration? Well, what's it doing for you? Nothing. Just forget about it.

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Why you got to do all of that. And some of them fall into the trap.

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They fall into the rounds. There was there was a fit our owns the whispers the criticism and the sarcasm. they volunteered. Why? Because their foundation has was weak to begin with. And then it takes it gets even more complex. Then you'll see like these reform groups calling to reform our religion, change it up, change some of its basic fundamentals because it

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Doesn't fit into 2020. So it's like Microsoft or your phone, you just need to update it somehow, so that it can fit and mesh into our culture and society in this day and age, people fall into this stuff. And you actually have Muslim reform groups that that call for this. May Allah protect us, so that I don't Sophiatown. He's making fun of musar Listen, what's wrong with you? You know what, I'll go check and see Where's his love yours you're talking about?

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And then continues was stuck about a hula julu, who fell out of Allah says, they were arrogant, their ego, their pride him who wore a less singled outfit, our own first event said, what you knew him and his army and his people. You know, what alleges did some kind of law fit around his attitude is so disgusting in the sight of Allah, Allah singled him out and says, you fit around, and the rest of your people, men, that level of arrogance, that level of pride.

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You found you're in a separate category all by yourself. So you and the rest of your followers. So a less singles out in terms of just the level of disgust that He has for fat around and number to fit around. You're the leader here. So you're going to be responsible for all of them. So you meaning you the leader, and everyone else, you know, when a company goes down the drain or it suffers at a tremendous loss? Who does everyone point fingers at? The CEO and the President? When a team loses? Who does the fingers get pointed out? The captain? You didn't motivate everyone or the coach? Right? So the same idea, you figure out you're the master you're the leader of all of this. So you and

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everyone else meaning you're gonna be exceptionally responsible for a lot of what's happening here.

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Fill out the ability to have a will of unknown unknown Elena Allah yo Jeroen la YOLO gerawan Allah azza wa jal says, you know you and your people and your followers on this land will continue without any form of truth. You continue believing in no truth whatsoever you think that you'll never return back to us upon Allah you think that you actually think that you can just live and you're not going to come back and be accountable you see what Allah did again, a lot spells it out to him. You actually think you're just gonna live on earth forever and never be accountable for the stuff you're doing and saying?

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Now who would you knew who Fenner Bednar? Oh my goodness, look what Allah does. Allah snatches him and his army phenibut. Now mebazaa nabasa is like if you have a bunch of marbles in your hand and you just stash it away. Alice says he took fit our own and his army and just pelted and dashed him into the ocean. Remember when musar li Sam split the split the ocean so LS says you know when they all drowned and they were all destroyed, including fit around? What it LSA he dumped them in there, like they were nothing they were all useless creation to him. They had no worthy to Allah subhanho wa Taala How do we know this? Look what happens phenibut now phillium what was yem students? Em was

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a river that had waves that could get you know, that would take you away that would that would flush you away, push you away.

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We learnt about em when who was thrown into the water musalla he sent him except mozzarella he sent them survived and made it to the palace. When he fell around in his people are being thrown into the gym. They all died. It's It's unbelievable. You know, on the one hand, Musa alayhis salaam survives. And he's in a basket, and he's alone. There's no army to like, keep him afloat to support him. He's by himself. And he's a tiny babies. I'm an adult. He's not like okay, I'll learn how to swim. Since I'm in this ocean since I'm in this river. I'll try to figure out how to float. He's a baby. You know, that was a sign of pheromones destruction. The fact that musala he still makes it to the

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palace. alive and well. is a sign that fit around is destroyed. His legacy is over. Because fit around gets thrown into the same problem. same predicament except he is flushed out he's done.

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From 4k for can our output to volume in profit, our lease. What

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cinemas being taught Look, look what was the ending for those who disbelieved and transgressed against the laws laws which are unknown imitate their own Ilana we made them all m&ms but all they did meaning fit our own and these people we made them leaders would look what they ended up doing yet their own 11 now they called everybody to a less punishment the fire

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Wait, oh man oh pm at 11 00 but on the Day of Judgment, there is no aid. no help. Because that's when it's all gonna come together. Allah is gonna bring fit around and all of his army and instead that that's when the reality kicks in. Hey, you Oh, Allah, you you are real. You are here. You are the one that's in charge. I'm sorry. Oh, luck. Could you could you save me live in southern? No, no, no. There's no help for you today. Your time was up a long time ago.

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Well, it's better now. houfy has he done? Yeah, Latin and those who had followed him in this world, they were cursed. Well, monkey, the monkey whom you know, bohemian. And finally, on the day of judgment. He is going to be amongst the people who are disgusting and filthy. hobby is something that's pathetic and filthy, disgusting, wretched. You don't even want to be around. You didn't want to say their names. You don't even be around people that are when they're filthy in their tongue, in their appearance in their presence you ever meet you ever see somebody like that? Like, as soon as you hear their name, you're like, ooh, I don't even want to hear that person's name. That's Let's

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call B. So Alice says that fit around and his followers are gonna be amongst the mockable hain. They're so filthy and wretched. You don't even want to hear their names. You're so disgusted by their presence. That's my pain. So the punishment begins.

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Now tomorrow in sha Allah hota aloha switch. And now turn attention. A bit towards the Prophet Ali's thought was said What did he learn out of all of this, it's really important. So that because that would now shift more attention to you and I who are followers of the messenger on the southwest Sonam So would you learn from all of this? Was this like an awesome story? And that's it? Or did they do something to you? Did it uplift you in some way? There are some secrets and pseudo puzzles, it'll blow your mind. It'll blow your mind. And tomorrow, there's going to be a phrase I'll share with you. Football Paul Weller, ie more euro model. I'm not even going to tell you the translation.

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But when we get to this a inshallah tomorrow. It's actually a hint to something of how this sort of concludes it's remarkable. There's going to be something that you're just going to be like, ah, wow, only a core and could do that and you're just gonna be like, Oh my god, I love this. That's what this will do. That's what the story of Moosa either he said, um, does for all of us, they just your eyes just pop open every single area. But tomorrow, that tension is now on you and I, what's this all about? And what do you do with all this information about Musashi, some all this detail, that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us what do you do with the stuff? That's what we're going to talk

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about tomorrow and shall not lie so which will bless you all may Allah subhana wa Taala protect you and keep you healthy. I love them and you just come a level higher than the alarm. So Joe bless you all. And we meet again tomorrow Bismillah hytera salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh