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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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we completed we looked at sort of Homer's whereby speaks about punishment inside an author and the hereafter, because some of these actions that we find that possibly inside is dunya that cannot be exposed. When a person slime does or back bites against another individual, not always the punishment is enacted upon the individual, or a person is brought forth to justice, for this sort of speaks about inside a mirror will happen to those individuals who carry out this action, or those individuals who think yes or no or Florida will think that their money will make them live for eternity or protect them that in the end in Florida begin to find out. And there's a general theme

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inside the Quran that Allah Subhana Allah gives two people this dunya because sometimes as Muslims we may think that Allah panda withholds wealth and property in his dunya from non Muslims, but indeed is the opposite. Allah, Allah gives them the dunya gives them wealth, gives them prestige, gives them beauty, give them things of this dunya but then the last kind of mentions, he takes them Burton, which occurs numerous places inside the Quran, all of a sudden, fader home mobily soon that will become an estate of regret. So Allah Subhana Allah for Allah him, but Academy Konishi opens up the blessings of everything for these individuals, for them to rejoice to live good life and

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whatever they want to have. But then all of a sudden, Allah will take them back to turn, he will just snatch them take them away. So that we need to understand that giving of this dunya Allah kind of gives it to whomever he wants, at Taki offered you to a pious individual implies individual is not a benchmark to judge that this is a blessing of Allah, to Allah upon that individual. The only difference is that believer Amina Madeira Baker had this, that the believer who's blessed with the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah had this he begins to enumerate them begins to make mention them and begin to display and show them that if I mean Bab show corneum from amongst the showing of Name

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of Allah, that Allah is to express those blessings, or kubla valic is to show pa is to show obedience to Allah and Allah with the blessings that is bestowed upon all of us. And this surah I'll feel it begins to talk about the opposite. And now begin to speak about whereby Allah founder wants to destroy a nation wants to destroy a people because of the oppression and a transgression that they do. He will wipe out people, he will destroy people, because this is also another lesson for us Muslims that we always go towards the last time that I will have for Rahim, he's autoweb Alpha dude, the one who affirm who forgives who pardons who overlooks the loving the kind and merciful. That's

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what we need to study names. Allah was the thought of Allah and the other. There's some Gula mentioned just as there's equal names to speak about the mercy and the blessings of Allah. There are the attributes of Allah panda upon mankind is also while we're shadowed a pub, that last panda is surveyed in punishment in torment, bringing people to retribution. So sometimes we need to understand this as well. There are laws that will punish people will punish nations will wipe out nations what these people make speak about the anger of God, the wrath of God as they they just play with with terms or or semantics or theatrical displays. This is the act of God, for us is really the

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act of God. It is really a Habibullah It is really the anger of Allah. Al Fateh begins by speaking about not those individuals, we have an urn of idol must do by Allah in one of ba Lin, who is alma looby alum study inside the Quran, who ends the anger of Allah who earns the Wrath of Allah, yuck to loot and the been a bit it will help us to slay the prophets without any justification. You have reformed and tell him Oh, well literally he they change the words of Allah Subhana Allah, they change them over make the Hurry, make that we'll have the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah, some of us may think this is buried far away from us. But why does Allah speak about this inside the Quran

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because we as Muslims, we will not make the ultimate reef altar we'll have Kalam Allah, but we make our own interpretation. We make our own mindset, this verse, it means such and such, it is a real really mean that what the verse is trying to imply, Allah is pumped out will wipe out people will bring out new nation, or new group of people who are going to praise him we're going to remember him, we're going to call out to Him, we're going to live true to the tenets of the belief of conviction is laid out inside the Quran. And at the same time we need to read the Quran see history, historically what happened to fear around what color when in road look at these great entities.

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existed before, what they, what they possessed, what they owned, what they control what they dominated, and look at a lot of kind of destroyed them for fear out America home. A lot of times, he drowned for own waku and his jaw load, and all of his army, a lot of men inside the car when Maria alemu Rebecca Illa Hua, no one knows who the troops of ally except for him, sometimes he can wipe out whomever he wants, however he wants, they say about Nimrod inside works of tifosi. That just is great king. That's an early marker, if they mentioned to Kings ruler most of this earth. Amongst it was Nimrod, just a fly entered his nose, and caused him to die and figure out drowned in the same

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river that he was boasting about. He said, Look at my castle on the edge of of the river, or the edge of the sea, what I own what possessed, I lost, and that caused him to drown inside the same ocean. That's where earlier I mentioned that the way that came after the new today and the way that you live is the way that you're going to be oppressed or the way you're going to be wiped out. In today's time we find people like Hitler that we find psychologically, what he done in society, what led him to do what, what was the end of his life, he committed suicide, because when you oppress you transgress, there's a physical workup inside the body of the human being. Any human being is a

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technical name for the soldiers who've gone to press people, they suffer from it today. They have this mental disorder within themselves. Because when you take innocent lives, you transgress you oppress, the body can't bear it, the mind cannot dissolve it. So you find it has a repercussion on any human being. That they can you face trauma inside their life or doing something without any justification and loss and are wiped out these people before for a brand lesson to show us that whoever begins to transgress and have definitely transgression oppression is the ultimate sin. The ultimate level of oppression is a shift. In the ship catalog Full Moon azeem shift is the ultimate

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oppression that a person can commit on the face of this earth is not to worship Allah and Allah not to recognize Allah Subhan Allah is the highest level of boom. to harm people is at a high level. But far beyond that, is when you don't recognize Allah Subhana. Dianna, you don't recognize he's the Creator. You can see such cliches on words inside our society. They don't recognize God. They don't recognize Allah Subhana Allah, they say it's so my own mental state, my own ability, my own skill, my own education, or nature has been kind to me, life has been kind to me. This is all the Coover biLlahi Subhana Ghana, the believer is the one that everything inside your life. For who Amina Allah

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is from Allah, a woman What am I becoming netinfo Amina law, there is no nygma that you you enjoy that you live inside your life. For me, Allah is from Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah, Allah wiped out these nations. And there's various forms of wiping out even today's language we find pandemics, epidemics, plagues, diseases, some of us may find that strange, but some of them after phocoena mentioned they speak about that i mean be ageratum in CG, that these adorable these birds that they came, some have gone through review even though it's not accurate, but just to help us to understand the psyche in today's world. In today's language, they said it was microbes it was diseases that

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spread inside society that caused what we can oh they can all agree on cause them to destroy these people. So Allah can send epidemics, pandemics, diseases, viruses that will wipe out people that destroy people. Why do we think it's something far away? Why do you think is medically medically something that's been created by some people that possibly could be true that initially they do something but in a lot I can release the vise let it spread. Firstly, for what purpose to awaken people and to even destroy people unfortunately, and even is Surah azim I'm sad inside etc dimension is a prelude is a prelude for what is a prelude for the Prophet Mohammed Salah sermon the year 570.

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The Christian era that we find was known as arm will feel the heat of the field because after this date, the Arabs the courage began to document certain things and how Salah

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Amalfi will be our main this happened two years of the amyl field or the year of field or 10 years after it became the calendar. Because this was such a great occasion for the Quraysh for him what they what they visualize in that day. As a mom Sadie mentioned that the prelude of this, it shows the rank of the Prophet even before he enters this dunya. And this way, exaggeration is plausible, that the world is preparing accidental Hulk for the best of creation where after all Hulk, the world is prepared for the best of creation is the prophet and a sinner to

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Silla, who was born some 50 days after, this incident was known as, as horrible feel the companions of the field a makansutra Bella Philip Hmm, a Chopin in sunny tafsir. He mentions who are as haberfield mm a property inside his tafsir also a more a historian because he, he said he said site is albida our new hire the beginning and the end, Magnus works of DFS of theory, speak about who is this individual as how will feel was individual named abraha. And he had a second name of he was deformed. And it's a long historical discussion about how these deformities took place when he fought against a rival individual to control the land of Yemen. And he wrote to Niger Sheena Jackie,

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the title for any of the leaders of Abyssinia and say that we want to build a great big shrine or great big church, that people stop going to the Kaaba. Remember, the Kaaba had this had this feeling of people still went to the Kaaba, even the mu shikun. Were there, and none of the other faiths. They're like this or wanting people to come back to walk around their sanctuaries, to show respect today, religious buildings. So he wrote to an agency that sent me some money so I can build this great big building. Even Kathy mentioned police or police. We should the police be minor, when you look at your site is taken away the high altitude of this building, how grand his building is going

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to be. So he guarded the wealth and he built his building. But people still didn't attract themselves. It's been a while Do you find that some of either from amongst the courage, some Bedouin Arabs who went past the sanctuary, that they they disrespected his building and is enraged abraha that they disrespected my building. So now he decided now we're going to go and then to demolish the Kaaba. So once again, he wrote to Anna Joshi and adjust he said, Send him either a and an elephant, or a group of me Kathy mentioned 12 elephants. Mr. bokka decides if he mentions six elephants. And suddenly we will call it a name that because he said the name is eloquent Mahmood. So imagine the

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Quraysh, who've never seen

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an elephant inside their life and it's a troop of elephants, which is coming towards them to destroy them. So Abraham when he sends his his army forward, to capture the carbon capture of the limbs, capture his cameras, his 100 camels, and then he enters and he meets Abdulmutallab, and he sees him as a as a beautiful a strong, a courageous person would take my wisdom there and he begins to engage in speak with him. abraha he descends from his made throne, he descends and he sits with Abdulmutallab, they chose the sheriff. The honor thing because people are Amarah people are kings and lead is Emperor's, they never descend their thrones, they expect people to bow in front of them

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to show respect in front of them. But when he saw Abdulmutallab, he saw something different about him. And so he descended in he sat with him, he began to speak with him. And he saw that there were some elements of wisdom, but then Abdulmutallab said to him, because I'm gonna ask him, is there anything that you want from us before we destroy your car by destroy you? He said, Yes, I bought my camels back. That's an opera. I was taken aback. He said, I thought he was an intellectual individual, an intelligent individual. You're worried about your 100 camels. You're worried about them you're not asking me to discuss with me how to protect the car but to leave the car to

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negotiate maybe some money, some exchange, some form of worship for our building and in your building. You worried about your 100 camels? So now you have they said in the Arabic language for sakata and I know he he dropped from his site, that what type of person are you? Abdulmutallab responded to him? Hon even I am the master logo and I'm the master the say the one who controls controls these cameras. Felipe Beatty Rob banja me Oh, come on. There's a master a lord who controls the house and will protect it.

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He will protect it I'm only my as a human I'm worried about my cameras. I'm a shepherd I just worried about my cameras. Look at his aka his belly if he still believes in kana Moo shaken. He's a moose shake their worship idols 300 and so idol stored inside the cabin? As a professor me entered waka JAL. How cool is that in that bottle of Cana, the hoop Ah, when you enter the Smash these idols that were placed inside there, inside the Kaaba, but yet the moose record, he recognized that the one who's going to protect this house is Allah Subhana Allah. So he took his people and went up to the mountain and said, leave it to Allah Subhana Allah. And you find that when the elephant came

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forward, that's where some of the random I mentioned in a place called Elmo hummus. That is whereby you find that the the elephants are able to go forward, they pushed it, they shoved it, he wouldn't go forward. When it turned around, it went towards the opposite direction.

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wouldn't move. As I said, I had eaten Sierra, if I have this, I'll feel that the camera never went forward. we're presented with the location, this location way and feel where the elephant stopped in sooner who they be I succeeded that we find. So this elephant was going forward, that all of a sudden we find the clouds. Darkness is that we find that termi behavior admin CGL was a lie in Tehran, about being we said upon them by Iran, about being about being Gemma had, we sent upon them, bird flocks of birds, we said upon these individuals. And when they struck these individuals, you find that their flesh should either burn, or you find that that the rocks the stones, it went

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through their body, and Abra was stoned and his army stone that went by before even return, they were destroyed.

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This shows that the strength and the power of Allah subhanaw taala to destroy people, how he wants the people who turn away from the signs of a loss and the some of the elements of diversity begin to discuss, how is it plausible, that machinery Kuhn, people or policies, who are in charge of the Kaaba, at that time, are able to have victory over Al Khattab, our people of the book, because people in the book are more closer to the concept of tawheed and the oneness of Allah. How if we can use such words? How did Allah allow that? How did Allah allow Mu shikun to be victorious? You know, sometimes our color intellect is very limited. Our perception as human beings, we only see certain

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things through certain lenses and certain frames, we can't see the vast map of Allah Subhana Allah, that people look at how many people who've come from loins or from a lineage of a people been mostly Kuhn, whether it be the land of India and Hynde, people who, who sent you the big machinery could look at many of us culture, what is our background, but what what changed those people what changed him is an Islam. So a person who said a person shouldn't be making effort person to make every effort inside their life, that wherever they go, wherever they rest, wherever they pause, wherever they live. Our main goal and purpose is to speak about Allah Subhana Allah is not to amalgamate

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ourselves inside society. That's what Ranima of history have mentioned, wherever Muslims they when they're left behind a legacy, wherever they must invent they're left behind a legacy, you find ourselves at home, that night names of places, languages, culture, food, clothing, you find it still remains there, only a few places is totally been uprooted like inside Al Andalus. whereby you find that attack was so ferocious upon Muslim that totally to uproot any element, but even then you still find buildings that are their shrines or they will show the symbolic gesture of Islam, you find the palaces, you find the masjid corner product, we find how relevant the first syllable hi yellowkorner

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p cybil. Barrel Mohave and Andalusian scholar that existed from there, you still find it yet of Allah written across these places, they can't remove them, it becomes a heritage. This is this is what a tsunami is. That destruction with our own destruction, we began to amalgamate ourselves and destroy ourselves in going so deep inside society in trying to become part of society of forgetting our role inside society. Our role is to preach the deen of Allah to Allah and those individuals who plot and plan against the deen of Allah. This surah is a lesson to show that Allah Subhana Allah will take care of them. Allah will take care of them in a way that befits His Majesty he will wipe

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them out. He will take them out of this world leave only remnants of them to just for us to ponder and to reflect just a key as we mentioned, destroyed through our own and a common loot that people lose as well as we see the similarities that we envisage our admin CGL read about inside the Quran Allah also use these brim stones, these same similar stabber stones upon Tomi lewd upon these people, rained upon these people. Why? Because oppression, oppression of the physical body the body has been trained, has been programmed a certain way. Allah has made women my woman Cooney, Shane hallak nuzzo j de la comme karoun Allah make everything in pairs. Lana, compare the crew up this

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appears in everything in this dunya and when you go against the natural son of Allah Subhana Allah, they will be abroad, there will be diseases, there will be repercussions. There will be harms upon the person upon society as well. Or salary employment adverbial termination behavior it means in jail

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or lost

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understand these birds flock of birds upon these individuals, and he threw down upon them on each one of these birds were carrying three stones to inside is one in each claw and one inside his beak and destroyed and wiped out these individuals. Here we find him shank eight inside interfered one by one, he begins to discuss the use of an akal the rational because this is another, if I can use such words sickness inside our society about how we comprehend, we use our mind over an outcome over a knuckle, an apple and an apple. We use our mind over the knuckle over that the actual text the new force, there's something inside our society when we we can't seem to comprehend something we begin

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to as we began to make, that we're that's what those movers city, Imam Razi, Muhammad Abdul Rashid river, that's the thought will remain inside the frca a mistake that they made that these are not actually physical birds. They're not actually physical but these are microbes are diseases that Allah has unleashed upon upon this nation and destroyed them. In we mentioned there's an element of truth that could be there. But inside his context, we take it on our forehead, that Allah Subhana physically sent these birds as well as some movers sitting begin to discuss the type of birds the size of the bed. This is all l mal mela and fat is knowledge that doesn't benefit the individual.

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Because Allah Khurana mentioned that anything that needs to benefit the Muslim is oma Allah, I will mention it inside the Quran. We lay out the specifics to help us. So when people begin to delve deeper into the type of bird the type of dog inside us Hubble calve, which also has have the companion to the cave, that type of dog it was the breed it was the size that was the name of the dog, etc. All it is is a lion, which doesn't benefit and affords you some random activity they do go begin to describe an enter into such signs the Imam Razi is on intercede, the third level of aim at the zero cabbies they call it begin to dissect and speak about this, when we're honest, is

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knowledge. There's a benefit by Hey, am I'm shocked at begin to speak about the use of this intellect that some of us give over preference overtake that we begin to ask these questions. How is it plausible? How is it plausible? This took place? How is it plausible that Allah took the she camel out of the rock? How is that plausible? How is it plausible that the Prophet I arrived sort of rubbed his fingers and water came out of his fingertips? We find because the secular world is a world that wants to place this inside our mind. It wants to take away the concept more a desert. Because for them when they don't believe in karma. They don't believe in miracles. They try to

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divert it away that this is a figment of the mind the understanding of the mind or this is something rare that occurred just for a specific occasion. They still don't want to accept certain things. That's why we wanted them. The scientists or these doctors we mentioned about fasting on Yom Yom will homies. He said it's good to foster Monday and Thursday. And non Muslim doctor but look at the arrogance. He said I know there's some no fools. I know. There's some texts that this prophet Muhammad fasted on Monday and Thursday. But it's got nothing to do with that. Look at the arrogance still can't accept the fact that this could be something spiritual. This is divine intervention and

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revelation that the fasting of the Prophet of Islam is something which is not just a sadhana is spiritually there. How many of us would flock we will listen to the words of this doctor. He said it's beneficial to fast Monday and Thursday. Because he's an academic. He's a person that we can visualize. Now we trust these words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, where his words from centuries ago, why don't we trust these words, in the beginning, as we mentioned, in the beginning arm will feel a how the world prepared that you find some even some exaggerated in the ratio of suffering, even accepted how the world was in preparation, even when when he was born, there's a new

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light that penetrated that earth or penetrate the skies. It is some of these may sound strange, but this is real understanding of who this individual was. Because we don't have that power when we don't have that adapt the ordinary respect. That grand Joe that belongs to the prophet Elijah, who was this individual who came by the permission of Allah, you're

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in a new who came to take us out from the realm of darkness to the light of Allah. If Allah Allah never said the prophet Elijah some where would we be? Where would we be today? Well, my Ursula K le Rahmatullah Allah mean, we don't send you except for the mercy to the whole all of the world's women Ursula K. Le cavatelli, nasci Bashir and one a V ra y la tindak. Sara nesina Yana moon, we send us a as a want to give glad tidings and warning to everybody. Well, I can axon se la Yeah, most people don't seem to comprehend and understand this, that you find the for one eight of this surah as I mentioned, is Tesla to refuse service to D strengthen him, as we mentioned to carry on giving that

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one speak about tauheed remind people, Allah Subhana Allah

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will protect you will know your similkameen and nurse, Allah will protect you and Allah will protect this Muslim oma. Allah will protect the Kava. Allah will take care of that the sanctity of this caliber. And as you mentioned, the reason why Moshe Kula given preference is because Al Kitab can urato and you don't know, but they want you to destroy.

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They want you to destroy the car. So they weren't just being machine, the machine akula given preference, because I have not get up under Sora went beyond the limits. They came to destroy physically, the house of Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah gave the moon at that moment in time preference over and Asara because these people are now trying to wipe out the carbon is you mentioned a second view with him, I'm sorry, he mentioned is to show the preference of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he's going to come inside his book to mu Baraka, he's going to come inside this prestigious area. That's where the surah begins. I mentioned and I'm Tara kafer. And I'm Tara,

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and I'm Tara Antonia. rasulillah. Don't you see your suit? Allah Anisha? Don't you see physically, physically Don't you see the Assad don't even know Allah? Torah? Bhima Allah to bear Have you not been informed? And I'm done. I'm Don't you know, there's people still living amongst you right now today, amongst the correct amount of time in the profession who are living who visualize this more jeiza just like we are people maybe living today, the final moment in life of World War Two, they visualize this these atrocities. They've seen it, they stand as witnesses towards what took place of 70 odd million people being destroyed. 70 million people being destroyed. In total from World War

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One and World War Two that we find destroyed by humanity's oppression, transgression, we don't know we don't see this. That's what we call oppression, is wiping out people for what purpose for control, domination, greed for power to believe that you're a super power super entity, a super race, a super people. People are empowered over other individuals.

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Mass Incarceration that we find today on the face of this earth is upon whom people downtrodden people, people that they feel are medieval, backwards, who are an educated people.

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No one knows the full novel. Those are the backward and educated medieval people. Allah. As I say, flip the coin, that even as Muslims that we find something we can't swallow inside our lives.

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Because why we don't understand the outcome is limited. Our rationale is limited we work and live according rationalities according rational Korea mindset what we see what we observe what we filter what the people around us tell us and what we swallow. So becomes difficult to understand the book of Allah subhanaw taala that's why we should exert ourselves in reading the signs of Allah and inside the Quran. The Quran is divided in three broad categories. About a towhead. About I can walk processes, sir, between and stories of the past. Read about the stories of the past, which take a large portion of Quran read it nikka thieves Castle ambia. Read the stories of the prophets read his

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Elpida one Nehemiah, the beginning and the end, the beginning of the world and the end of the world we the sections that speak about the beginning of the Arab lineage, the beginning of the Quraysh, the respect of the apologist were often this event as we entered this sort of operation. And our next meeting in later Allah we find is a twin surah that because of us herbal feel courageous, you're given the superpower, no one messed about with courage because when people heard about how they were protected, even a mu shikun you find an honor and dignity was given to these individuals. Because this is what happens when a person begins to live amongst the sanctity is the house of Allah

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Subhana Allah And after I read him I mentioned the more a person lives inside that precinct, the more the punishment would be for the individual if they break the sanctity of a harem, the more the because you find kulula can have further little McCann, the more there is a virtue for place, the more it becomes retrospective of respect for that area. person shouldn't belittle and horrible nucky shouldn't belittle it shouldn't find it trivial, have no no respect towards it. This is that the sanctity the house of Allah subhanaw taala all these sanctities whether it be al haram al Madani, the sanctity of the prophets of the his Masjid that we find omission Aqsa, we should we should study

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the sanctities we should be of knowledge about why these places are blessed by Allah Subhana Allah and those who try to demolish these areas, what will happen to such individuals may last 100 years all the tofik inability to show respect and reverence to the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah and to show respect and reverence

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And on obedience to the final prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam