Murtaza Khan – Shaytan our enemy VS Dua of Adam Alayhis Salaam

Murtaza Khan
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The Quranic diocese applications are comprehensive, what is known in the Arabic language Jomo Kelim concise words. As you mentioned, even a simple dua even though is not simple, but simple in terms of to be able to recite it have been identified dunya hacer una Warfield, ferati Hasina. Joaquina are the Abner that these two are encompasses everything. Every form of goodness that a person wants inside the dunya is entailed inside this application and everything good that you want inside an Acura is contained inside this application that you find out between the Yemeni corner and the corner of hudgell us what is the sadhana to recite this dua excessively until you begin the next

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show the next circumambulation around the Canada. You say I've been a TNF in dunya Hasina, fulfill, it has been our Kenya governor, that is the possible set up behind it. That those words that we're trying to search into ask Allah subhanaw taala for is contained inside these applications. And as many of these applications we mentioned, upon the tongues of the prophets are in the situation, that Allah Subhana Allah gives them this revelation, you have an aim to say certain kalimat or certain certain words, to come out of the calamity or to ask Allah Subhana Allah for steadfastness or for victory. So many this application goes back to the way of the prophets

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going back to the way of the prophets certain Ambia the 21st chapter the Quran was a long description of all different prophets and messengers, and the tasks and the difficulties they have to overcome. They will eventually come to whether Nguni

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when the known side will route Yunus and Islam when he went left in a state of anger. disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala Anna

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left the commandment of Allah and then his frustration just like today many forgiving the people don't listen to the message of Allah people don't respond. It's not for us to have response from people in alayka Elden Bella upon us only to convey the message further hubba wha Dibben he left in a state of of anger, frustration with his people. Fernanda fibula, Murthy Allah in the interest of Hanukkah in the consuming of body mean. First Egypt never Minakami look at the only Kanoon didn't mean. So this great supplications Epitome writes a whole research based upon the supplicate supplication of relief from distress into Subhanallah in the consuming of body mean.

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Indeed you are the only one Allah subhanaw taala in the anticipation of glorified Are you free from any imperfection in the consuming of barley mean indeed, I pressed my own self in disobeying you. Thus you find that that is that the human being the nature of the human being is a boon and an FC to oppress oneself. We move along to Adam and A salaam when he makes us a similar as well inside the Quran. The Quran, Quranic girls are powerful. Would it make sense application of Bernard Willamina and fusina while limped out filled and outer Hamner then Hakuna naman, ha serene. Both of them made his daughter Adam and Hauer, le mas Salam, Rabbana, Willamina and fusina. We refreshed our own

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selves. While I'm Doug filling out the hammer you don't pardon and forgive us. We're going to be amongst the losing individuals. And as we're going to look at the SIOP the context of this application of of Adam Allison, help us to understand these powerful words the powerful nature of the Quran. That's your karate moves mountains. It shouldn't move people it should move hearts. That's what the Quran does it move hearts and minds of people. That's why even just $1 one supplication, one verse can click in a mind of an individual and awaken them rather than the other things that we begin to speak about inside society. You speak about Allah subhanaw taala awakens

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people, you speak about the prophet Isaiah and it gives him that the icon that beacon of light that this is the ideal personality, the ideal individual. That's what we should instill inside our society hope Allah, love for Allah Subhana Allah Allah, then the love towards the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam. So the story of Adam and Eve as we find the first story inside the Quran, oh will this suffering Quran? The first story is that the Quran is a story of Adam and a Salah.

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If we go back to the words for Tanaka, do Mira be Calumet infertile but Allah He know who AutoWeb Rahim right in the beginning of sootel Bacara refine. Prior to that Allah speaks about the angels and speaks about a bliss that we're going to come to. But these words for tilaka Adam O'Meara be Kalimantan for turba Allah you know what to weldwood Rahim Adam learned certain words of inspiration. And he repented back to Allah subhanaw taala. What took place with Adam Ali salaam that to be

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based inside gender to be brought down upon this dunya that nah that's why we reside in this dunya our real home is a Jana that's the real home of the bed Eva, this is a temporal life. Welcome to Abu Musa Koran what material Illa hain. As Allah continues to mention the only Musa are a short temporal life upon this dunya then you're going to come back to the real about the real life that will higher when the life of eternal bliss and living inside these ayat Allah describes mentioned what took place between the ayat suited Iraq and

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Al Baqarah. Because we mentioned this powerful places inside the Quran, whether it be the end of Soto Zuma that we find describing the people of paradise and people of hellfire, or inside Ambia as we mentioned, and here it's a sutra on the seventh chapter the Quran, Psalm 200 Plus odd verses that we find

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speaking about either the people of paradise or the people hellfire, those people may be in between that's a read the sea of the context of the Quran the nature of the Quran, the description of Quran what is between being a Jannetty were known by the Hockey World balkwill Manetho, he was shit. That's your Quran is in between these two things, establishing the truth over falsehood. Establishing paradise over Hellfire encourage us to go towards the paradise and to avoid the hellfire. So in the ultimate creation of Adam and A salaam do you find there exists a bliss whereby inside sort of buckle Allah commands a bliss to prostrate in front of all the angels to prostrate in

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front of Adam

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by bliss we find about what's the borrower can middle caffeine in other words stuck Bara what can I mean a carefree he refused.

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He refused to prostrate

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hola todos. This is a sense of the srif a subject of honor of dignity. This is an a set of a badass of worship that's right inside the Sharia of the Prophet is up there is no bowing down to anything. There is no bending your back

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in the dilla he subhanaw taala no combat sports no respect, no king, no quid no authority back of a believer never goes down and is forced or compelled. A life or death situation as at the back of the believer only bows delay Subhana beneficiary attina either prior to that he was allowed such a shift for honor use of Ali salaam, his father, his mother, his 11 brothers, they will prostrate it for him that such Doctor srif Of Honor dignity. That's why when Islam came out to compete Islam, to what are any element of thought,

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of reverence of anything, any icon any anything, any symbol, any human being,

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no reverence, there's a limit to how how we show respect to human beings. We should never go beyond that limit. Because mu dzambhala that we find beautification of people and things around us inside the world. That's what we're full of, are the excessive praise or excessive defame. That's a bit Tamia mentioned the inside your life remaining an equilibrium inside your heart. People praise you or defame you later how you recall back, your heart doesn't change. You're still in the same identity, your same person. That's what Muslims should be at and the person may need some elements of praise or encouragement to get on with their life, but their life is based upon that. It's not

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the end of their life. Because the seer inside their life is the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah a nama can wherever the person is, that's the objective inside their life to seek the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala So Iblees he refused to prostrate Karlova Monica and let the student is amor took. So Allah mentioned described inside to Clara because even these these verses for Tanaka, Mira be what is the words that he led I inside shoot out off, call out a burn out alumna and Fusa we oppressed herself. So Allah Oskins had sorted out of what has prevented you from prostate prostrating is a month to go I commanded you to prostate. Why are you refusing to prostrate inside

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superheater Malika and let Hakuna messaggi Dean, what is the matter with you? You don't want to be amongst the prostrating individuals in such Surah Saad as well. discussion between Adam and Iblees between Allah Subhana Allah and commanding Emily's and the student EMA Haluk to be a danger. Why don't you Why don't you want to prostrate without which are created by our two hands. That's what Mohammed Sidique Asad Han and he's tafsir if I missed up see that he wrote a revivalist inside the subcontinent

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influenced by Imam show Can you watch the tipsy and he begins to discuss all these different elements these various about why these words are used by Allah Subhana Allah, why they use in different contexts he begins to discuss inside these tafsir by held that we find the inside that we find color and assuming this is the clear response of Emily's color and Minoo Calacatta Neiman Noreen McAuliffe domine

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This is month this is logic

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that we find our gerima the first sin, the first sin is it on the earth. The first sin is in the heavens.

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What is the first sin and Kippur? Arrogance. Color Anna Jairo antihero men who are better than him? How many times do we hear that inside our society today? I'm better than this individual. And even his pretext of practicing Islam is common. It's common that people scoff and look down upon another individual. And then they try to pretend it's fake ficaram him in his speech with the Haruka team in their hand actions in a bodily movement. You are clearly demonizing another individual ridiculing another Muslim because you feel like you're superior. You feel you're better than another individual. This is a way of iblees this waveshape on an aside woman who then he gives his month

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that his logic Halekulani me Noreen wahala Octoman theme, You created me from fire. So fire is more powerful than clay. Why be Tamia yada yada yada? Me Tamia gives five logical explanation to defuse this argument of a belief

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that fire is not more powerful than clay. And you don't have the right to make that statement. So this is the way of a bliss that we find. And what happens now, just like in the modern world, that we find when people don't want to accept your words, as we began with not everyone's going to listen, what is the bliss do? He declared all out war?

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He asked respite, and he declared full war upon mankind.

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Full war he declares, forget about War of the Worlds and a world wars that took place and the third world war, whatever it may be, this is this is war from the beginning.

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From the beginning, an enemy that studied us right from the beginning, the essence of our creation. That's why he went through Adam, as some of us he met you went through Adam came out and said, This is insane. Jeff, is a hollow substance.

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I'm going to easily overcome this individual with whims and desires. Allah determine whom will Maha sin, except for the pious, strong, sincere individuals, he's not going to have control over them by the masses of people. He's going to derail them easily. Take them away from the path of Allah. Tolman at Unum min benei ad, when women call FIM one a man named well I'm sure many will tell you to XM Sharecare in

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he's going to come from every angle doesn't really matter if as he mentioned from the right from the left, from in front from the back doesn't really matter. This is strategic warfare.

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That's our army comes from every single angle comes in bombards a person that's what shape Ah, he made that promise that that's what I'm going to do upon the human beings. And as we find that because he decides to see the benches Renee writing a Hadith from the Sunnah Imam Nisei check Malik Sheikh Nasser did and Bernie, they want to shape on do when a person decides to come into Islam, or decide to practice Islam? Or more specifically person leaves? Another religion, shape on campuses? Do you want to give up the wave your forefathers? The religion of Tibet? What are you doing inside your life? A Muslim then decides to make a change? Or would it be the big idea of leaving one land

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go to another land moving from one community to another community to preserve the faith? Ship on comes again? What is the matter with you? Why are you leaving your friends, your peers, your homeland? He decides to do that. They actually decides to strive and struggle the way of Allah subhana wa shaytaan comes in which we said why do you want to do that it will do will be orphans. Your wife will be remarried, your wealth will be taken away from you.

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That's what shaytan does every angle

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trying to impose himself upon the human being to disobey Allah subhanaw taala will have seen them will bow to them I'm sorry dimensioned and beautify Bolton for them.

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I'll beautify evil will look alluring towards people. That's when the major suited made Akula you start with Sabetha we're playing well. Oh, yeah. Buka to certain hobbies guna you still will hobbies What do you say that the good things the pure things and impure things are not equal.

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Well, oh, Jabba Casterton hubbies even though the cubbies impure things will start to your eyes will mesmerize you. Even for us as most of that mess. When you look at something, it creates some form of attraction. So imagine just a normal person, how they allow even make you look something which is good in life, a form of entertainment, a form of goodness, bring people towards that. That's what the whole media industry is based upon millions, millions to click your brain cells that don't think every single movement just happens to be a movement. Every movement is every frame of an address. Every frame is designed to pick up on certain things certain nerves inside the heart and the mind of

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the end.

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A vision to entice them to come towards that or to brainwash their mind that when you see something for the next time inside you like you're attracted towards that. That's millions that they spend to indoctrinate people to come to what they want people to fancy or to desire inside their lives.

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Allah mentioned that the Quran was tough says Minister Amin be so ticker

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come and derail them wherever you want via this voice of your use of your voice. We're actually buried behind it our agenda and bring out your space and your launchers and your weaponry. And your soldiers go to the shadowy company and where we will learn what I do when I do my shape on in the hurrah so I sorted a straw

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come from every angle was Shari completely unwell he will learn participate inside the children and inside the family members.

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What we find the sooner the professional person who is intimate with their family members doesn't read the dura, then shaytaan participates inside that matrimonial relationship

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that when people say Oh, this this child it behaves like shape on him these these columns are wrong.

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Because the essence the foundation in every single thing that a person is doing inside their lives,

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is protecting themselves was the reader to when his progeny and his genealogy for muscle shape are touching of shape on because that's what shaytan wants. When he's given any opportunity, he will find that crevice he will move into that straight away to try to derail all of us from the Path of Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah mentioned or you mentioned that speak about your beliefs while they learn them. Well, oh man, yeah, no, I will misguide them. I'll create false aspirations and hopes we didn't want to Amaura him. I'll give them these commandments following but they could not add another m. Well, I'm random for you. Are you gonna help Allah, I'll make him slip the age of the

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cattle deform them. What that means in the form of taking them to become a form of worship or to just to deform them. And I'm going to command them for yoga, you know, Hulk, Allah, I'm going to make people change the creation of Allah. What do they move for city mentioned? What does that mean change, changing the creation of Allah.

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Shaving one's beard

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is changing the natural creation of a man. Tattooing oneself. In modern society. Changing one skill is a different discussion with the relevant speaker about plastic surgery, where person is going through an injury. But just to not to be happy with your structure, with your cheeks, with your nose with your head, just to change yourself. Follow Yoga, you don't always Shayateen of the devil there we look at somebody people will have plastered themselves with tattoos. You don't find it attractive.

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You don't find it attractive. And even many of the symbols, look at the symbols what the symbols are symbols of devil worship of the devil, praising the devil.

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So this is all the devil and that's what you find. You don't need us when people say show me symbols of Allah, you don't need to see symbols of Allah. Because when the devil is around, it automatically shows the force of good and a force of evil. That everywhere around us in such society, the devil is open. It's open in front of us, the way of the devil and the way of the shayateen that we find inside of society. And then Allah said to Adam and Hawa, simple commandment, what are the crowbar had the shadow data for the Konami? Nobody mean? Further Sakuraba don't go near this tree. Allah didn't say what I tell Kulu

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look at the language the Quran Allah didn't say don't eat from the tree. That is what is plausible, and a natural way of the human being. That you say to present don't eat from this tree. And this is what I'm talking about. Don't go near it. Because the language of Quran is a very deep language. Allah says Allah Taku Mallya team, don't go close to the property the wealth of the orphans

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that protect their wealth don't go closer to Vigna maybe I can Dibble and dabble and take something from the property of the orphans. Take that which belongs to you for looking after them. And even more strongly inside the Quran wala Takara boo Zina in Canada he returned was says Sabina Allah didn't say what I did.

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Or didn't say don't do Zina. There's no Allah said inside the Quran. Allah said what Takara boo.

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Don't go anything close that leads to Zina.

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Anything that leads to Zina any Shabbat any doubt enters into a man's heart. You don't need no ship to give you a fatwa. You don't need no one to say to you. The unit Ignasi from Warszawa T men are necessary because the Quran speaks bluntly to the human being the most alluring thing to a man inside his life Allah begins there we'll speak about gold silver branded horse's tail property this dunya Allah says zoo yearly Nassif abou shouty Mina Nisa one man love these women

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So if you feel that enticement inside your heart and your mind, you don't need to ask anybody. You just need to get up and walk away.

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You need to walk away. That's it simple. What are the caribou? Because it's not about the end result. How many people do the end result or whether it happens or it doesn't happen? There's no way Islam speaks about Islam right from the grass roots.

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Before the seed even sprout, it destroys any form of weed or corruption around it. No, like inside the society that tastes your life. Enjoy your life. Do what you want to do until you're free. Assign the dead judgement. People phony Kate openly on the streets, don't see how people are they behave, how they dress, how they are. That's all symbols of the last day.

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When you have no shame, do whatever you want to do. They don't see no shame. They don't feel no shame in what they're doing. They feel it's an honor. It's a form of dignity for them what they're doing. But Islam lays out instructions as to preserve ourselves. So let's see what Takara had Isha. Don't go close to the street. Let him because he begins to have a mild discussion what type of tree what type of fruit is even the Imam Sadie goes to review, there's no need to discuss. What type of trade is the only thing that we can say is sheduled to hold? Let's call it that Europa, the eternal tree. Or some call it the forbidden tree. But it's no need to delve excessively. What type of plant

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it was, what type of tree it was, what was the nature of the fruit? How do they cover themselves what types of leaves it was it was a pretty much discussed answer they worked with the posse it's a lesson that we to extract that don't go near something which is haram or forbidden that Allah has told us to stay away from it. And as we find out what Switzerland was shaped on.

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So shaytaan came in whispered to them Imam Shafi to go to the View is not it's not whispering in the mind.

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It's not whispering in the chest and in the mind that we may face. He says it's a literal whispering and literal speaking.

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That shape on spoke basically the verses are so powerful what's really shape on call a year, dumb shape on wisdom and said and said call a year dumb. We said Oh, Adam has a De Luca, Allah shall

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shall not take to show you a tree of eternity. We're moluccana Yabla and a kingdom that will not diminish.

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So shake computing is defeated goes to the view. There's worse worse that comes in a person's mind. And a heart is plausible at times. But it's going to be human beings.

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Human beings who are devils.

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They're devils in disguise.

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They're not going to whisper to you. They're going to say yeah,

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try this. Taste this. Come with us. Enjoy your life. Do this. What's wrong with it participate in this? Coming Shabbat dinner? How do Valuev? How many of our youth have just become lost from being good individuals from being good individuals hold some individuals for what why? How did he get lost? How did he get lost inside their lives?

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Bad Company, evil people, people around them. We opened the doors pastor, why don't you try this? Why don't you do this in your life? Why don't you practice this? These are also devils in disguise. That they're not content with their own life. They want everybody to be doing what they're doing, to make it look as a normal way of life. So be aware sheltering will Genie will insert Devils of the human being and a devil of the genie will come. You have to give up become to inspire people to derail people away from the power of Allah Subhana Allah inlanta Hakuna Molokini otaku naman Holly Deen. So he's giving him his promise that you may become living for eternity. You become like the

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angels, you may live for eternity. Because something was there that was missing in Adam that shaytan is trying to play on Adam.

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Adam is in Ghana. How can you be missing anything inside Paradise has everything that he wants.

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But a bliss wants to find that avenue

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to try to inspire within him. There's something that you're missing inside your life. Then comes the ultimate word that he says to them what cause some of whom are he makes an oath in Nila coma? Let me know now see when he swears but Allah subhanaw taala he gives him this promise. There's some work that the facility manager Allah said to Adam you know Allah, Allah we are Adam, why do you disobey me? He said, I never ever thought that someone will take your name. Make an oath by your name and then lie. Look at the simplicity of Adam. I never thought that this person or this identity would swear by the name of Allah didn't lie to me. Look at this. Dunya today how many people you see Munna

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Billa Wallah he believed to lie by Allah I'm telling the truth. I'm not lying.

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And live by the name of Allah. Does we find that if you swear by the name of Allah subhanaw taala is the last thing that you do. It's not trivial

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It's not true that every word that you say Wallahi these I'm speaking the truth, I'm saying the truth is the last thing because it's the name of Allah subhanaw taala. And it shows you truthfulness, that you have to resort them to take the name of Allah panda that you're speaking the truth. So Adam couldn't comprehend that,

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that this individual is lying to me, using the name of Allah subhanaw taala. And then we find the rest of us I'm sure most of us are familiar with the aid from the tree, and what happened but no muss so, to whom

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you find that there? There * appeared, there ours was exposed.

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Adam Alayhis Salam felt that shame. In some words, such as he mentioned, he went and hid behind a tree felt ashamed. And I love rebutia That you Why are you doing this now, when a command is given you to obey Allah subhana to obey me, that as you find that the order the nature of the human being, as we, as we mentioned, is to cover ourselves. He felt a shame, somebody mentioned that the complete odor was was disclosed to these individuals. And he felt ashamed about themselves and um, subunits and etc, to begin to speak about the removal of the aura that people think that the removal of the hijab,

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or the way of its advancement is liberation of the woman.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:23

Now, even some Muslims that they think that even if a woman dress attire says appropriately, if we use these words linguistic and male love with this garb,

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this garment, if they're tied themselves, they're backward women.

00:26:30 --> 00:26:43

They're backward in such society, liberation of women, is to expose your body, expose yourself, to express yourself. That's feminism, that's liberation, that's rights of women.

00:26:45 --> 00:26:46

Khatib, Allah, Kevin,

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lie upon lie, does that liberate you? That you believe that it liberates you from the shackles of men, it makes you more slave makes you more slave on the society around you. Because the society is telling you how to dress, how to conduct how to obey what to do inside your life, so that when you're trying to free, liberate yourself, you're still falling back inside your life. And I'm Razi insight into three dimensions Cashville aura, the exposure the aura, mineral Moon Kara Buddha Ankara to reveal you already the beginning of Moon Kurata of evil,

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that it leads to so many other things around things inside a person's life. And then eventually comes to Karla Rabanal, alumna and fusina Welcome to fildena hamdulillah Codenomicon. City in color is the jewel Muthana wasn't just Adam, Adam, and how are they most of both of them, because inside the Bible that you find they go to the view that they initial sin.

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The initial sin is a fault of Eve of Hawa. She's the one that told Adam, thou to eat from the tree. So he Aveda obeyed her. And as we find in the Bible, according to Christianity, if you don't believe me read into Christianity. They believe that because of that, the menstrual cycle that a woman goes through is a punishment for eternity for her to eat from her eating from the tree, that child labor and birth is a punishment for her is what Christianity speaks about what they claim to be rights of women who had their rights of women, that's how they demonize them, they should place them inside barrels, throw them in the river. If the barrel went down, it was a witch if it didn't go down to

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die anyway, that's how they used to ascertain whether a woman is a witch or not. There are discussions, patriarchs, clergymen, whether a woman is classified as a human being. That's the discussion we had at 14 and 45 years ago, the prophets spoke about the Quran speaks about that each individual what's their role and what their task is inside this dunya that we find was the mudra Bopha, rather many relevant go to the view based on his visit Surah Baha, the Adam was Adam or Bopha. Adam was the one who disobeyed Allah, he's a man of the house. He's He's to blame. Allah is blaming him. You're the one that disobeyed me. And so you've been taken straight away from the path

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of Allah Subhana Allah Rabbana, alumna and fusina We've oppressed our own selves. That's what we began with every sin is an oppression upon oneself. As a mocha image, Josie speaks about

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a bliss. He became arrogant. He didn't recognize his mistake. He didn't recognize his words. So he was punished for that reason. We blame the same upon destiny, as many some Muslims do today. They blame destiny. Allah is destined for me to be a bad wicked person. Allah destined for me to do this inside my life. So I may or may as well do it. Destiny plays no role inside what you're trying to say towards people. You're just trying to fool your own self. That's the way of Chapin that's Kamal Josie. I mentioned this way of the devil that he blames his sin towards Destiny one the other Melissa for unanswerable Marcia either Nazi

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So Adam, he blamed himself.

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He blamed that distributor. That's why everyone as human beings, if you could take one lesson from today,

00:30:12 --> 00:30:45

every single one of us are responsible for our own cells. That's it simple. If you can instill that inside your mind, no matter what you do we all we all make mistakes. We may even commit major sins inside our life. But turn off be the know. The person acknowledges your have. I've done this for my own self. This is my own mistake. And makes that Donna Willa man fusina While lumped up filled and outer Hamner, then Hakuna Milcah city. I've oppressed myself, I've got nowhere to turn in my life.

00:30:46 --> 00:30:53

I've got nowhere to turn. And as people who come and narrated stories and stories among Karatbars, Karatbars and monka rod,

00:30:54 --> 00:30:55

and if they despair,

00:30:57 --> 00:30:59

we say to him, don't despair inside your life.

00:31:01 --> 00:31:29

No one should despair. As long as you're breathing, you're living inside your life. Just turn to Allah. Just turn to Allah call. Ramona alumna and fusina William tuck filled hamdulillah Coonamble Kasuri, that's what there's no, there's no cardinal sin. There's no discussion with a Pope or priests to sit in a box. And then to reveal your sins to the person and person signs you call they call it sin Dooku fraud, the certificate of forgiveness.

00:31:30 --> 00:31:48

That gives you significant you've been forgiven by God. Tala are playing with the deed. You don't need to make a turn off of any individual is called to Allah. Forgive me for my sins, if I become Yoda speaks about even his prophets and his judgments. Or we could use what these mistakes they made. They were boosted many times over inside their life.

00:31:50 --> 00:32:06

The the wisdom is that's why the human being that when a person even is sin inside their life. Some people that do so much inside their life, they go forward so much inside their life, they excel from not just going from blue mat, a life of total darkness is

00:32:07 --> 00:32:13

total darkness is as we began with the known total darkness and the light they come to the ultimate nor

00:32:14 --> 00:32:34

they find the ultimate node. Because inside the heart is that desire to return back to Allah subhanaw taala so much the Baraboo for Tibet, Allah yada, he turned to Allah. Allah then selected him except he's Toba and guided. Adam alayhis salam for Manitoba who there your father Your Louella your sha Allah doesn't leave us like that.

00:32:36 --> 00:32:57

Allah says a Weber follows My Guidance follow your Billu What are ya Shah? You will you follow the guidance of Allah you never been misguided. While I Yashka you might be poor, downtrodden to Chevron, bad state. No one knows about you no one respects you. What are your scars inside your heart? Your content,

00:32:58 --> 00:33:43

your content? Because I believe a deep down inside your inside the heart failure do you what are your scars never misguided away when he sees the guidance of Allah subhana wa Yasha never becomes wretched. That's what Allah then continues to warn woman at RADA and decree for in Aloma Asia and Dunker when I show Yo Ma Pa Marathi I'ma call her up the Lima Hashem Tatiana quintuple sera on a cadaveric tuna for aceto academica Yama tune sir Luca Allah concludes the journey of Adam and a Sarah gives us the opportunity. Then Allah says woman Allah and decree whoever turns away from my remembrance. Whoever turns away I show you this guidance woman ironically for enumeration Dunker,

00:33:43 --> 00:33:48

this person will have a restricted life. The first restriction holder must be outside the grave.

00:33:49 --> 00:33:57

But the more the more close we're clear meanings that is dunya Marisha. And Dunker Baek no contentment inside their life.

00:33:58 --> 00:34:07

No contentment. That's one individual just walked into the mysteries went into the Masjid. He said I I've I've literally ever built into my exposure.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:24

I can go into every haram I've done in my life. I've even yachts on boats, on islands on preys on the sea on the land. I've got cars, I've got Bugatti, I've got cars. I've got McLaren. I've got everything. I can walk anywhere by what I want to buy, do whatever I want to do.

00:34:26 --> 00:34:33

But when I walked into the masjid, I just walked into the machine, and I knew that I was missing something inside my life.

00:34:34 --> 00:34:37

I'm missing something inside my life. I'm missing Allah.

00:34:39 --> 00:34:59

That's what I'm missing my life. That's when we think Do you think I want to aspire to be this inside my life? I want to be the best in the top individual. It never happens. Because top individuals, they just fluster away. Life just comes to an end. No containment, no peace inside their life, whatever industry whatever works.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:18

Whatever it may be greed, for money, for power, for lust for desires, promotion, the dunya whatever it may be, artistry, whatever it may be. There's always going to be cavity. woman out there and decree for Enola marriage and dunk gonna shoot your Machiya Mati. toughies.

00:35:19 --> 00:35:21

Alright, raise him up to date judgment blind.

00:35:23 --> 00:35:41

Versus a color era btw Maha Shipton Asha attorney Amma yalla Why are you making me blind? Why am I blind? I could see inside this dunya I could see why you made me blind me this dunya inside of Akira. You know why you're blind? Because inside this dunya the science came to you

00:35:42 --> 00:35:51

and you forgot them. You moved away from them? What Kedah Anika yo mama toon son today Allah will forget you. I forgot to knew.

00:35:52 --> 00:36:30

When Allah forgets a person that means ALLAH turns away from that person. That person now is doomed is the end of the individual. Now we can understand these Callamard from sootel Bhakra Fatah la dama Mira we can imagine for turbina in our toe Weber Rahim. Now we can understand our context of what these words were. And what the impact these words were up on Adam Ali Salam and what it should be inside our daily lives as well. While I'm talk fildena Tarhana then Hakuna in the middle ha serene that Yola, you don't forgive and pardon us, we're going to be amongst the losing individuals. That's when Bakr Siddiq, he asked the Prophet and somebody to teach him give him a supplication to say

00:36:30 --> 00:36:40

inside the final Tisha hood. Aloma in New Orleans Nuptse woman Cassie era while you're here with Luba in the fog, Fridley Mugford Amin Indic What harmony in the country before Rahim

00:36:41 --> 00:37:08

that's what Abu Bakr is taught by the prophet so I'm gonna switch will be supplication towards the end of our prayer as well. Allahumma inni Welcome to Nuptse Gouldman Cassie Robba, press my own self excessively gone beyond the limits. And you don't pause it and forgive me mantra tambien en de that for some reason I speak about that it is from Allah. The Mk Farah, the person is asking ALLAH from that if you don't forgive me, you don't pardon me, then indeed, I'm going to be amongst the losing individuals. And as we find that some of the

00:37:09 --> 00:37:15

some of the brief lessons I've learned from these ideas from his application, or his context that we find is firstly, not to be arrogant.

00:37:16 --> 00:37:24

Before we become arrogant towards the people is a subject in itself, as we touched upon, but don't be arrogant in front of Allah subhanaw taala.

00:37:25 --> 00:37:44

Don't sit there and try to use destiny. That is what destiny has done to me or this what Allah has destined for me that I should just accept it inside my life. Don't blame Allah Subhana Allah, Allah may accept one's wrongdoing in front of Allah Subhana Allah wrongdoing doesn't mean you have to have carried out major sins. It could be just the general

00:37:45 --> 00:38:13

things inside our life that we have discrepancies inside our life of devotion and commitment, and even at a higher level of sugar and obedience, of thanking Allah subhanaw taala for the things he's bestowed upon us, because one who persists and uses destiny as an excuse is like a bliss. And one who repents is that your father Adam has been Tamia, he mentioned some of his works. And secondly, find that curiosity that you find in nature, the human being is wanting more something better.

00:38:14 --> 00:38:36

Adam and Adam is inside Jana. So that curiosity is played on his mind that maybe this tree is a life of eternity, maybe I'm not going to live for eternity. Maybe I'm not going to be I want to be like the angels. I want something more so that curiosity plays upon a person's mind. Figure it could be something more and better. And 30 Conclusion find out one snip one mistake.

00:38:37 --> 00:38:45

May Allah is trying to protect all of us. By some element of danger, one slip one mistake could take away so many blessings of a person.

00:38:46 --> 00:38:52

That one mistake of Adam La Silla took away the older blessing of paradise and bought into this dunya.

00:38:53 --> 00:39:27

So a person should be wary inside their life that sometimes when blessing are being taken away from the person it could be that one sin, that one mistake I've done inside my life that now Allah has prompted is taking away these blessings. So we should be vigilant inside our lives. May Allah give us all the Tofik and ability to repent back to Allah Subhana Allah to ask Allah to forgive us and to pardon us and to encourage all of ourselves, that all of us are the sons or children of Adam upon this dunya to repent and return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and not to judge any individual inside our lives to become individuals. We think that we're some superiority over other individuals.

00:39:27 --> 00:39:39

We're just all human beings on a journey that are together to return back to our initial home the home of paradox whereby we may recline and rejoice and be with one another for eternity. May Allah facilitate that for all of us.

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