Ronaldo Not Happy

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Documentary about Ronaldo. He says I can't trust anyone, except for what three or four people that shows what managers do. And he is I'm sure some of you guys watching. He was weeping. What was he weeping about? What was he crying about? He's like, he goes, I can't go out in public. I've never taken my children to the park as a normal individual. And my father never got to see what I achieved inside my life. He never got to see what he achieved. So he's achieved everything but yet deep down you can see there's something that's missing inside his life. And guess what? No, no. Rhodos but we have the money. We have the money of a man in our hearts, but we wouldn't see that we want to go

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towards the life that we want to prepare have to go towards that life and ruin our image and ruin our hero. Chasing after this dunya that we lose the dunya and lose the hereafter.