Nouman Ali Khan – Souls in the Sacred Land #03 – The Man Who Begged Allah

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © A woman describes how she stopped by a man who was crying and begging Allah for help. She listened to him and eventually discovered that the man was praying for everyone, but he kept on praying and kept on crying until he finally exclaimed of his frustration and lost his focus. The woman is reminded of the struggles of the man and how his actions are reflected in the world.
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after fajr, on our way down from Jebel in northern Mountain of Light, I noticed a man that was kind of sitting by himself in a clearing, praying and so emotionally crying to Allah, and I just couldn't help myself but stop in the middle of my track down and just listen to him pray. I could barely make out the words he was saying because he was so overwhelmed in tears. And that lasted about 15 minutes I'd say that he continuously just pleaded with Allah and it moved me so much that someone can make dua with that much passion and I just wanted to just get to know him just want to hear from him so I let him finish and then when he was wrapping up I had this conversation with him because it

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What fascinated me about this incredible person is that he's gone through so much difficulty. He's from Kashmir, his kids were just unjustifiably thrown into a prison cell for so long the torment that he must have gone through. And he comes out of that and he's spending so much of his time praying not just for his kids, but for everyone. He's just thinking about everybody who's coming in. Yeah, Allah give them a chance to come here. Let's give them a chance to come to your house is their difficulties what a giant heart and made me realize just you never know the gems that Allah has. All over this world. They may not be famous, they may not be known by the people, but the angels know

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them. Allah knows them and their doors are something to be jealous of. May Allah grant all of us a big heart that we make to offer people the way this incredible man did and that He gives us the generosity inside of our hearts. That is truly worthy of the dollars being accepted and Allah is Rama to shower on all of us.

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