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smilla rahmanir rahim

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in Alhamdulillah Hina muda who want to start you don't want to stop fiddle. When our auto belay Manchurian fusina amin say here Dr. Molina maniac de la Vela moody Lana. One a little further her Deanna wash hadwen

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in la bomba de hula Cherie Keller shadow, Mohammed Abu rasuluh I'm about to find nos da Cunha DC kita Baba hiral Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara Lu Mori Masha to her work coup d'etat in VEDA wakulla bidet in Bala that in waka, La Jolla, Latina,

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also praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom the previous ahaadeeth we look at the concept of the mercy of human beings towards one another, of being compassionate, and taking care of the needs of one another, that we find various narrations and let them be a moral muslimeen whoever it is and take care from regarding the affairs of the Muslims, has got nothing to do with them. I mean, the Muslims should have great concern for the Muslim brethren. And likewise for the wider world at large, in the state of misguidance, and deviancy of being far away from Allah Subhana Allah and

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that's the main element of mercy, it stems from Allah Subhana Allah, that is the concept of mercy, that is placed upon this earth, that Allah Subhana Allah has placed 100 elements of mercy 99 of them they remain with him Subhana Allah and one small segment element of that mercy descends upon this earth and by that small element element of mercy, you find that the animals begin to show companion compassionate behavior towards the young children or the young found or the type of animals that they may have. That is a natural mercy that a lot of guys placed had to fill him fill an iron inside cattles in animals. Likewise find amongst human beings that the mother the mercy that a mother has

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towards her child. As you find out the narrations would you see that a mother who is suckling her baby, take that baby and throw it into the fire? Allah subhanaw taala is more merciful, whose creation that mother is towards her child. Allah Subhana Allah Allah is the Most Merciful place that mercy upon this dunya that people begin to understand and comprehend the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, after the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, which has been placed upon this dunya is the mercy the companion or the compassionate behavior of the prophets of Allah, how do you sell them? And as the Quran describes him, in the end of salted ambia when Seneca indorama Allah, Allah mean, we do

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not send you to all of the words except what to be a mercy to mankind. He delivers the message of mercy delivers the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah upon this creation, and that's the last Candela described him in the end of SOTA tober naka de Kumara Solomon and forsaken Aziza nada Hema I need to hurry sooner la mina Rahim indeed has come from amongst your own self, a messenger. it grieves him it troubles me becomes upset that you don't respond to the message of Islam respond to his call. And he's rove and Rahim to titles that belong to the Prophet sallallahu I need to sell them and as you find that even he's better he's sending as a Quran describes what up

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when many other famous salamin and forced me to use a key mu Allah will kita would hikma When can we include a federal Alamo beam? Indeed, we've conferred a great favor upon the believing individuals, that we sent a message amongst their own selves, to recite the verses of Allah and Allah, to purify them to teach him the book to teach them the Scripture. And before that they were in clear state of manifest misguidance in a state of loss. That is the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and mercy to this world. And as we find the Most Merciful

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of this creation is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam towards the people around him. That says the Quran mentions what are called the fallen colleagues called beeline for human Holic. If you had been harsh and stern towards the people around you, they would have split away from you would have walked away from you. And as you find it after the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that his companions are the Most Merciful individuals that you find our humble Hulk,

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the Most Merciful of creation is the Sahaba. It is Omar the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then more specifically find our humbleness. nursey, whom I assume that he will gemera the most merciful and compassionate people to the rest of the Muslims, is Allah sadhana, because mainman Haji him because from amongst the methodology is to encourage people by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah to take them out of the blue mat. Take them out the darkness is, of course a card of the art of horror effort of innovations and misguidance to encourage them to come towards the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and as we find even his build up towards Ramadan that we find so many weak and

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fabricated narrations, whether it be about the month of Rajab OSHA ban, or the coming of 14 for shadow ban that we find that people begin to make a statement and evidence is to carry out certain actions or practices. doing them in the form of congregation is all deviancy in corruption, going into sadhana the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, some people who understood their most merciful trying to help mankind try to encourage them to come closer and closer to sadhana and a life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam returning back to the beginning of of mercy is Allah Subhana Allah. Lisa cometh Lee she was semi Obasi. Nothing is like until Allah Subhana Allah, he's all

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hearing the old seeing all these elements of mercy that we see upon this dunya and nothing in comparison to a rough man, to our Rahim to Allah Subhana Allah cutterbar a book of Allah and FC Rama. Allah has written it down upon himself, to be merciful, to show mercy. Now had it consider we find, indeed My Mercy overcomes my anger, as you find at the mercy of a lost hunter I take preference becomes, firstly in the life of the Muslim, that the life of the believer is always turning towards the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, what kind of alayka outremer in Sarasota Nyssa Al Kitab Rasool Allah to salam

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alayka azima indeed the virtue the blessings of Allah and Allah upon you, yeah, your soul, our dream is something manifest so sublime, so great, it is. And this a in the Quran becomes an intermediate muslimeen for all of us, Muslims will kind of follow Malaika ottima at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, the compassion of a lot of Dalai the virtue, the blessings of so many upon every single one of us were in Terra dunya Matala he not to sue her. If you try to enumerate count the mercies of Allah panda Anna, you could not count them. That is the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah likewise Alexander I mentioned inside the same Surah Now if I love you or that Deacon, what does it look like

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on a game in via punishing you? If you become those individuals who believe in ML Toma Shaka Shaka Tom McKenna, lo Shakira and Halima, if you come those individuals who believe and show gratitude towards Allah Subhana Allah. Indeed, Allah is the one that accepts the gratitude, and he's the old knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we find that all of us can begin to understand the various blessings of Allah and Allah upon us, at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah and us in this hadith could see that we find reflecting upon the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, what is prescribed and laid down upon the believing individuals in the Maha cuttable has entered was set, indeed, almost 20 has

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written down the good deeds and bad deeds that all of us that we carry out from maybe you know, delic, then almost trying to Allah begins to explain what are these good deeds and his bad deeds, and Firstly, nakina, about good days and bad days, you know, who knows about goodness, some people don't care about whether they're good deeds, or bad deeds. Life just carries on revolving for them, whatever deeds or whatever they carry on inside their life, it doesn't begin to travel number game to worry them and are going to find badness, certain people, the only thing that worries them is maybe the minor deeds, the minor sins or minor deeds that we find over some individuals only major

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deeds or major sins, but really should be the concept for Muslims should be everything, major or minor, whether it be good deeds, or bad deeds, whatever it may be, the Muslim is the one is always vigilant because of the judgement. Melly huddle kitabi now you heard eurosai Ratan wanna be written in? I saw her Well, what do you do marami Lu, how did I What are your dimora buka had

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As we say that he has been What is the matter with his record with his book never leaves something small, something trivial, something minute or something great in saw her, except for it's been accounted for is documented and stored inside his record. And in a lot of dimensions. Your law does not oppress any individual. Every single one of us will find whatever we presented in this dunya will be presented for us inside the Acura, give it to each and every single one of us. A must be held to Allah. It does not oppress any of his servants. Each one of us suffices to stand as a record for our own self. Each one of us can stand as a record for our own self, of the action, the life

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that we live upon this dunya and we see the return of that dunya inside the Hara by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah from an hammarby haseltine philomela Mela catabolite endo hesson attend camellia 10 min hammarby haseltine look at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, whoever thinks about I'm going to explain what it means to think about as a desire to do a good deed. Well, I'm your dummy Amanda doesn't carry out that good deed. Allah subhanaw taala writes out one complete good deed for the individual. And here we find Adham lacunae and Sacra as the realm of Hades have described it's not just a thought that comes into your mind as some of us we may may think, and

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hamana me man as a person is focused in try to do something. Well, I can take your Salah, okay, I know Nick said, something prevented individuals, some element of laziness came into life for the individual, to prevent them from doing that good deed. For muscle in the past is going out to do a good deed, maybe the bad weather derail them from coming to the machine, or sickness or something that happened that prevented them. So they were taking the physical steps in doing that good deed. But something prevented us from completing that good deed of lost contact still writes down a good deed for that individual. Likewise in Cana saphira, Musa Fira, a person is traveling or person is

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sick, kanamori one. Then the last one that writes down every single thing the person would normally do in a state of fitness or in a state of not traveling. Every person is praying or robotic. As soon as Can I assume was fasting, giving sadaqa doing good deeds in their normal life and certain Prevention's came inside their life. Allah Subhana Allah still allows good deeds to be written for an individual, even though they don't physically carry out those good deeds. This is the Rama of Allah Subhana Allah, whoever intentionally good deed Allah gives that and no yes, abs bibbia while our kin lamb you drink her purse, okay? That all the means and the ways of trying to do a good deed,

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but does not make the end result is not able to fulfill that allows or gives that individual one good deed is given to that individual. Likewise, if I'm letting him be ascertained in him Maybe her family doesn't intend to do a good deed and now physically carries out that good deed catabolite who as the origin in the who Asha has entered, in a separate me,

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Ella and Kathy raw, Alanna writes that person, there's one good deed times eight by 10 gives the individual 10 good deeds to 700 times too many times over. In an era many times over is multiplied by law. So Canada, this is the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, one good deed is multiplied by 10 times and multiplied many times over. And this is a student of the Quran, Ninja a bit has an 80 fellow who actually unfairly her, whoever comes with one good deed will have 10 likewise, good deeds given to that individual, anybody who fulfills one good deed will have 10 good deeds given the individual. And likewise you find a lot of me in tesira to 700 times over too many times over. And as you find

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in this build up towards Ramadan, the multiplying of reward, the multiplying of the mercy of Allah and Allah is far more open, that you find the first night of Ramadan that we find all of the doors of Ghana open and the doors of jahannam are sealed. A cooler cools out. Your belly will hide bill, seeker goodness come hasten towards that goodness. And as you can add generations that we find wretched is that individual. wretched is the individual who comes in the month of Ramadan and does not have the sins forgiven. wretched is that individ very rarely you find such kelemen Allah Allah Lisa never sued Allah salatu salam of if we can use the word linguistically cursing a person making

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an oath against a person. Richard is the individual comes to the month of Ramadan and his sins are not forgiven, because all opportunities being created are placed inside Ramadan for a person to get gained forgiveness to gain more reward from a loss of Hannah Diana. And as we rented this month for Siobhan Shaban that we find that many individuals become feeling heedless.

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Shaban many elements, it is just a synonymous term of Ramadan. Because the prophet Elijah would fast as much as he would, as he would fast as it can, can. Ramadan as it was Ramadan is excessively fast in his buildup in his preparation for Ramadan, like many of us, who have been forced to throughout the year, as soon as Ramadan enters, we find that fatigue, we find that difficulty, we find a hardship peddler, the Muslim enters into Ramadan, with a refreshment of the man, a refreshment of the of the man of their life. Once again, another month of Ramadan is approaching upon the individual or a chance for them to wipe out their mistakes, and to return back to Allah Subhana

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Allah, that we find where interco has certain has certain you die with her when you do adjourn alvina in Audacity tesira. Allah takes a good deed, and he multiplies it as many times as he wants. And likewise in a lot of talks about Mandela de la cordon Hashanah, whoever gives a good liloan Allah Subhana Allah does not need the wealth of mankind of people. When I can tell he bidness to encourage people you give money for the sake of Allah and to the houses of Allah, Allah Misaki. While Pokhara was Darfur, while you get term I give it to these individuals, then that will begin to multiply the reward of this small action that you do. Like what do you find will allow you a fully

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mania share? alarm multiplies the reward and whoever whomever he wants, that is, of course, the panatela. Now Muslims should now come and try to make their own equations to make their own accountability that I've done this and I've done that or this person does this and this person gains this will gain that parameter, why he was the mercy of Allah is vast, open, no one can codify it. Now we can select and choose, personally try to work out that maybe if I do this, this will be given to me and this will be given to me. In essence, as early may have concluded, it's only the mercy of a loss of parent that I would enter us into gender.

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Or give us the app gave us the avenues and the ways to try to fulfill those avenues upon this dunya. The end result of how Allah multiplies the life of an individual the reward of an individual is only with Allah Subhana Allah and no one can question that. You are the woman yourself or your family man Yeshua, he punishes whomever he wants, he forgives whomever he wants, that is Allah Subhana Allah camellia Li, Li Li su panna with Anna, and that will fit his majesty that he will take certain individuals and begin to multiply their reward by His mercy and give them immense reward. And that's also we find inside the Quran in NEMA. You have a sabi Runa. Jerome behind a sir patient

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individuals, Allah Subhan Allah will multiply the reward behind a sap. There is no numeric format. There is no estaba there's no way that you can understand the the numerical format how much other would Allah give to the people who are a saw biru people are full of patients Leanna a sober summer is the key element of email in essence, would it be a suburb, and in other suburb of people, statements or home, affliction, adversities difficulties sobre la sobre upon obeying a lot of data so but I need to see a suburb to stay away from disobeying Allah condemning Adam Emmanuel submitted hubs to control oneself, to fortify oneself, to place oneself in solitary confinement, controlling

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the limbs, controlling one's life, delay he Subhana Allah

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Subhanallah he Subhana Allah and does refine how his reward multiplied of an individual only first we do exactly the same action. So how does one's reward becomes multiplied.

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Overland and

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Unreal a colossal delay Subhana Allah, the Most highest format of having your deeds to be multiplied many times over? Is purity. And and in a dental college. To Allah Spanner belongs the pure Deen, pure sincerity inside your eBay de la Subhana Allah does he find me at the end of a class wholeness, to be pure, just like you find that the honey is purified. From the impure moments around it is purified, something becomes pure. That's why you're a bear that becomes pure, pure devotion and focus towards Allah Subhana Allah is the highest element of having your reward multiplied many times by Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, second define, who will Amen. Amen inside Pico lubicon inside your

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heart of devotion and commitment helps to multiply that reward when you have to imagine within inside your heart inside your mind inside your obedience. put that together with a class then that becomes multiplied inside your reward towards the loss and the other when your Eman is berries. Then everything about your life becomes Dave. What are your tuna salata Illa

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Boom. husana euro una nasarah yet Karuna La la la, la la, la g

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I'm gonna hit a condom Anil Muna clean about the hypocrites, robot hypocrites. They don't come to pray except for the state of laziness. And even when they do stand inside prayer, they don't remember a lot and to enter much your own a nurse that people may witness and testify they came to the prayer. What is kurunegala illa? calida? Are you remember Allah, Allah, a small amount for Indiana the handle Manasa clean? This is state of the hypocrites. This is state of hypocrites. So at least who come to the prayer to show that they're praying? How about a person who leaves a prayer and Lady yet Rocco Salah leaves the prayer for Matt Hello. What's the state of the individual? When

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it comes to some of us becomes trivial Rasul Islam Islam me who was Salah, the whole pillar of Islam is a Salah fermenter aka pocket cover. Whoever leaves a Salah has committed despite the carnage and Minda left the fold of Islam, the anatomy of Sahaba all of them in consensus that they are, they never saw anything as being leaving a fall of Islam in the Turkish Salah, except for leaving the prayer. And today that we begin to debate about it. And as we find that the Muslim shouldn't find it, it's something trivial about our Salah quwata Amen. Leave that person to respond to hire an Asana to respond to come to the prayer come to success calls the individual Jaco you know the region

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codes the men of this Muslim unbecoming Shabbat dinner you shall Luna fee boo Tim abled Allah him pray inside their home like women pray inside their homes, ie Buddha lay him great big blame is upon them under regional use. aluna Pisa fufill muslimeen feet massage delay Subhana Allah, men pray inside the house of Allah and Allah respond to the code when a blind companion, he said to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam gave me permission to pray inside my home. Leanna fit pulak inside the power of this obstacle, this hardships Wanaka faith. I'm a blind individual, I'm not able to find a way for us

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to sell them. The Prophet Allah allowed him to pray in his home. Then he stopped and he paused and he called him back a testament leader. Do you hear the call of prayer? Call an

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answer the call had

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a blind companion. Blind companion says Do you hear the call of prayer? He says yes. They respond to that call. We don't want to enter into a debate. We don't live in a moist environment. We don't hear the call of prayer. Come massaged and we hyena how many masajid inside our community that we have now. what's preventing you from coming and praying inside the house of Allah, Allah darphin Amen. pillar to a man weakness of a man have responded to the call of Allah and coming into the house of Allah Subhana Allah that you find miasmatic Baraka, Baraka, you find not just blessing, blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, who respond to the call, who takes care of establishing their prayer, Linda, he

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Subhana Allah, likewise define as a man to increase your good deeds, we find a share of the ledger varamaan set amongst that we find that you find the reward is multiplied as you mentioned, the first 10 days of the ledger, the month of Ramadan, the last 10 nights of Ramadan, all multiplies the reward of that individual. Likewise, you find an account the location of a place of the person, the person who can have baited heroin, inside mocha that we find, then the reward is multiplied many times over. One seller behind the man is equivalent to reward of 100,000 rewards 100,000 rewards for praying inside the harem praying behind the Imam then imagine that in some realm of disgust that

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about where to praying in Jamaica praying behind the Imam How would you be multiplied many times over inside Ramadan? All of this is encouragement of increasing our good deeds. Likewise we find al MOBA alpha beta we feel that your reward is multiplied many times over. You give a coin charity to a miskeen to a poor person, that poor person splits that charity gives it to another poor person gives another poor person this because multiplying reward for our individual,

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just one small coin to one poor individual. He shares that food he shares that drink does he find a day judgment is going to be people on a day judgment where mountains of good deeds

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and you're going to say that is this a form of mockery upon us. Where there is mountains of good deeds come from

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Where did it come from? Small action that you find have immense reward and delay Subhana Allah does you find that we feed you for the sake of Allah? We don't ask you any just what I show Cora. No reward or No thanks. That's what a Muslim should be. That's why a person should keep their soccer give the charity that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is given. For the integer on the day judgment is multiplied many times over in front of Allah Subhana Allah. And then we find in Hama bc at philomela portabello. endo Hasson attend can be Latin, every person intends to do a bad deed and doesn't carry it out. Look again at the mercy of Allah.

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Allah so apparently it writes it down as one complete good deed. in Hama BC, a thin person intended to do a bad deed. Allah writes it down as one full good deed for leaving it. And as we find that owner, alum that desire has to be there. Know that a person is going to lose her arm and some obstacle came they the inner intent of the individual is there to leave it as if I'm in a court and he talks about him talks about a desire talks about electricity, the passion will aka the helmet be Warhammer beha Lola

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bernera be indeed she had the hum of, of the wife of of albizia.

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She added desire a passionate desire to use it as a transitory user that we find we look at the helmet v doesn't really matter for see the ride that she prepared herself, beautified herself to present herself in front of us of La La setup. Well, how can that be here? Well, we know we can't attribute this to use of nslm because I'm BIA I'm assume they're infallible. But what really might describe that may be a glimmer of some thought perception came into his mind. Look at the whole scenario. A beautiful woman who's the wife of the of the wizard in the palace. Wealth property. Everything is there The doors are locked. No one is there. by use of La Silla. He saw Bro Han

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Han and my wife Subhana Allah what he's borhan he's in mafia boss apparently Allah he's evidence are no semi assault.

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mullet you heard an angel or the picture image of his father Yahoo came in front of him or the child's but hoonah Aqua mutata very statements about what it is that he had. He was he's a man. He's a man that established him inside inside. That's why a lot of damage and same sort of ignominy a tequila spill for inala ud Roger grassini. Whoever face Allah Subhana Allah never lets the good deeds of the pious individus go to waste. Eman strength of Eman protected use of a Salaam and as we find even towards the end of that page that we find when they start began to blame this woman look good and that is smooth Azoulay ha that is the name of the of this woman Oh *ufta as a lemma

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written, based upon a verse in the Quran

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that she that she made this immense love called Chaga for her

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immense love was penetrated deep down into a hot

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in the narrow her feet Bala Lim mobian

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quran quran shavon ajeeb Al Quran

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the Quran he mentioned that he is in severe state of manifest loss immense love entered into penetrated inside the hot Koran discard the cheese stick clear manifest loss while actually use of La Salam. How does the Quran describe use of La Salaam in stateside the same surah no superficie in naraka mina merci Nene, we see you use of La Silla from amongst a pious individuals. The good individuals pious individuals are those individual is encouraging towards higher always towards high that's why you said la salami the work of the use of user so when he enters into prison, these Mooji moon these criminals maluca Manoj CJ How come to inside this prison with us in northern Iraq. I mean

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I'm assuming we see you monks do is have good isolation and our G lipsy kalami. Allahu lopi. Everything about him is unique, especially how you here with these moves to the moon without criminals. The impact of use of La Silla being seen in begins to think about their life. Shana g chacun. Hola Sonia in Toronto, can you just begin to think about your life. That's what happens if I impact you be by the visual of such an impact that even amongst Empire's people, they begin to reflect upon the life think about themselves.

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Not thought that feeling inside the heart of change of Pepperdine and as opposed to make steps to leave and

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So even under rewire is such a Muslim taraka Lee, you left that scene not because of an obstacle of people or somebody saw you, you left it for the sake of a bar. So pastor leaves that same will have one good deed for Lucic Anisha for in no sadaqa and even sorry Hey, now and when I saw DACA people who think that sadaqa is giving of wealth of charity from you for your sick Anisha prevent yourself from evil for doing something wrong in

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the sadaqa for yourself, charity for yourself. Baku, Korea that was tough.

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When he gave me they mostly mean of a stock photo we know one of our four Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi human Temasek vicinity la median and about the final part of the Hadith it mentioned when hammarby her family her ketubah lo lo si attend Wahid attend, a person intends to do a bad deed. And then May Allah forbid, carries out that bad deed alone he writes down one bad deed for individual. Only one bad deed for person intends that bad deed then carries it out physically, is only written down as one bad deed for individual woman, J, A, B, C or D fella, you just follow us in there Mr. Whoever comes with one bad deed, we only have the reward of that one bad deed war whom you've Ramune. And

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Allah does not oppress any individual. Allah doesn't take that one bad deed and multiply it. But even though there are certain moments that Allah can multiply bad deeds, just like we mentioned, the opposite the person since in a beta hat on outside the turbines or the precinct, in the scene of the individuals multiplied likewise a person the more knowledge that they possess, and understanding that a person becomes more responsible for a statement and for the actions because people may see it as a coda. See, as a symbol, see the person as some form of individual we need to follow inside our lives. So the slip ups of people inside a position or inside authority with him that we find is

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something totally different from what the masses may do. And it's just taken from the Quran, when a lot kind of speaks about the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Yeah, and he said to be mean, yeah, to be fair, I mean, couldn't be fair. He shuttin whoever amongst your wife is a master comes with a Fantasia

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comes with an evil sin, we're going to multiply that sin, as he probably as well Gina B. La Salatu. Salam. They addressing is the wives of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, if any of you come with a sin with him that you'd carry out, then your sin will be multiplied, because your wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is a lesson for many of us, that a person has set a location or a certain place should also be wary, that if I disobey Allah Subhana Allah, then that sin could be multiplied and severe punishment could be exposed to the individual. And that says, we began with the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is the ultimate focus. And as we find other UI that we

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find, that if a person carries out a sin, then we find he said do not write down this action is a sin.

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Some had he took about a span of six hours, every person repents, that is wiped out for that individual is once again shows the mercy of Allah and Allah, why terminal Hadith. So inside this hadith is of lm of Hadith that mentioned Can you share a points to the fact that a person who repents even after doing that one sin, it will be wiped out cuttable alone. Now who attend why Hadith and Mafalda Lhasa panda Allah militant, Allah never mentioned a complete sin yakun A Shara and Sophia, a hidden sign inside the Hadith, that if a person repents, that even that one sin has been written down, will be wiped out by Allah Subhana Allah, this is the mercy of Allah Subhana

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Allah. And likewise you find even inside the coroner finding evidence for this in sanity, you'd hate to see it there. Lika decra Liza Corinne, indeed the good deeds they blot out, they wipe out the bad deeds. Indeed, that is a reminder for the people who pay heed to that reminder. I read it up see on the these AR t we do remember we mentioned that there was a young individual that he done a cobra, he kissed a strange woman. And he came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and he asked them what is the recompense What should I do? And then in these ayat was sent down establish the prayer in the beginning of the day at the end of the day.

00:39:50--> 00:40:00

And likewise in the lesson at YouTube Delica deepcrawl is there carry his carry out good deeds and he could these wipe out the bad deeds for

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

And of Serato cazzola He also another person asked her the hustler who only Jimmy and NASA. Is this specifically for him, or is it for everyone, but for every individual in personality, you'd hipness he add in the good deeds, they wipe out, they rub out the bad deeds. And likewise the end of Soto for conda refine for Ola aka de la Sierra team has an add on to talk about Olivia is about to recommend the various vices and sins that they stay away from. And if they did carry out those actions, then amongst their minions Bakula aka de lo se team has been working on a logo for rahima I'm not gonna lie to you but the changes changes the bad deeds of individual to good deeds. So a

00:40:47--> 00:41:19

person could come with mountains of bad deeds a lot kind of a change them over, change them into good deeds. And as you find that Islam udupa Pablo Islam wipes out whatever existed before. wipes it all out as long as a person is returned back to a person makes a Toba you Latina amaroo tubo in Hawaii. Tolbert Anna suha. Repent back to lost contact with sincerity. Hazara buco Manuka Franco, Chico, perhaps none myoko Nanda Hakan nazeem and Hackman, indeed your load will wipe out your sins

00:41:21--> 00:42:05

give you immense reward. Yes, the person should approach Allah Subhana Allah that He does forgive not Laszlo, Yamani, or young Fulani. Now, perhaps you may forgive me, perhaps you may pardon me, come to Allah Subhana Allah that He does forgive, and he will forgive me will forgive you. And as you find Baba Toba or Raja returning back to love and honor the great lesson for this Muslim Ummah, as well to buena Illa. Allah He, why don't they repent back to law and seek His forgiveness. That's the biggest downfall is at the moment as well. We don't make it stiffer. We don't make Toba I'll forward it what I did is differ so much benefits that we find because we're not first banished for

00:42:05--> 00:42:33

Toba Toba person commits a sin which differed among all the time the under a suit la Salatu Salam fionn conda now do we used to count Moroccan is takfiri la survey Nora mi amor Rafi battery 70 times in a day from LA to LA a stock for lava tube la whenever you gonna come Yo, camera yo mommy time to we do repeat a stock photo Lovato boo de la mcfeely zombie was an OB

00:42:34--> 00:43:14

coup de la comunidad de once a year at Amazon we repent back to last panda Allah do We ask Allah to forgive us to pardon us? Now the shuttle movement that's right in the way of the believer every single day, every single day repenting making the effort to strengthen the man Why bother Salah do bourassa after Salah passes through la stock through la stock through la sala what sin is the inside of solder because a person may have been heedless, coughing, not paying attention. So person asking for the forgiveness of a loss panda may have lost contact us on the topic and ability and his build up towards Ramadan to be able to encourage us to begin to carry out more hassle not to stay away

00:43:14--> 00:43:52

from a car to walk away from car to wash away. To change us a set in Alaska not to change our bad deeds into good deeds for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to come hastening and rushing towards this month of Ramadan because none of us knows if we're going to live to this month of Ramadan lived through this month of Ramadan to the end of Ramadan to the next of Ramadan could be the final end of any one of us the closing of our good deeds. So person makes that effort that is they're trying to change it is build up Ramadan and inside Ramadan then Allah Subhana Allah will take that on board and change your life and the act of that individual to immense hacer net inside the Hara in de la wa

00:43:52--> 00:44:37

salam ala nebby your Latina Manasa to have a was a was a limo Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad kanessa later libre Hema ellebra he Monica hamidou Majeed Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad Kamara Abdullah Ibrahim Ibrahim Anika hamidou Maggie cabana Tina Fey, Tanya Hasina, Warfield, Clara de hacer una wappinger other than an lm nanfu Santa Fe lambda fildena waterhemp, an akuna milcah serene cabana filled and only one el de Dena sipapu nahi man while Teddy Alfie ko lubaina Hilda Linda Dena Manu robina in Nakuru for Rahim, Ramadan, Africa, Elena sobre was a bit awkward amount sooner call me caffeine, complain lsdj Palutena de de de de tener una Mila Doom

00:44:37--> 00:44:42

kurama in Antigua herb from Ghana habla de Muniz, Virginia huria. Tina kurata.

00:44:43--> 00:44:58

Tina mm rubbernecker coppermine nine nexenta semua Halim watauga La Nina content the web over here, Rahim so cannot be corrupted is that the phone was lm are almost allinone hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen como de Sala Tacoma Hama, como la

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