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Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the confusion surrounding the actions of the current administration and the potential consequences of their actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting family members and following rules of Islam, as it is linked to being responsible for one's actions and actions in their own lives. The segment also touches on the use of negative language and the importance of knowing and following rules of Islam to avoid confusion and fear. The segment concludes with a reminder to instill the dams on one's perception of complaints and position.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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in an hamdulillah Hina moto homina Stein wanna stop Pharaoh? When are all to be layman surely unforeseen. Amin say Dr. Molina Maja de la Vela moody la mejor del further had the other word shadow

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ilaha illallah wa de la sharika where I shadow Mohammed Abdul humara sudo I'm about to fire in nos

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knucklehead DC kita Bula hiral Buddha Buddha Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam was Shara Lu Morimoto de wakulla de 13 VEDA wakulla bidet in Bala Latina, Wakanda de la Latina rubbish Sara Lee sorry, Cindy Emery. Well hello kurata melissani of Coco Lee of the pricing of loss of Hannah Diana and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey looking at a cluster of ahaadeeth talking about the giving of sidecar giving of charity, or spending in the way of Allah Subhana Allah,

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we find that in general, a person either face poverty, or person fears the losing of the wealth, or the wealth being taken away from them. And that's in a specific headache today be the later either. In the macadam introduction begins to talk

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about what the companions feared, or what people complain about. Jarrod Giuliani yesco in our solar he sallallahu sallam, to individuals, they came and they complained to the prophets, Allah La Jolla send them. And as we find that sometimes, complaints that we may make today, equally, the same type of question or complaints that were asked many centuries ago, by the companions, what they were worried about. And the role model of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is to engage or entertain those concerns and advise them, and to encourage them strengthen their Eman. And then to remind them about the real worry that should be on everybody's mind and in everybody's heart. And that is how the

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concluding part of the headache begins to discuss about how to save or to rescue oneself. From what these calamities we perceive to be upon this dunya about being worried about poverty, and worried about the losing of our wealth.

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Before we begin that, we need to understand the concept of wealth, of just giving wealth away, or thinking that all of our wealth should be just spent in the way of Allah Subhana Allah.

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And we're not the first ones to think like that. As you mentioned, the companions they also thought about this dunya they thought about the wealth that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon them. That what should be done with that wealth?

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Thomasina refined Abu talhah around the local area and when he heard the verse lengthen Allah has a commitment to a boon. You're never going to attain piety

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until you don't spend

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from those things that you love those things that you treasure, those things which are important to you. What am I doing FICO min height min che in for in the lobby arleen whatever you spend Allah Subhana Allah is all knowing regarding that. Unlike was when you had another verse from the Quran. Yeah, you're letting me know I'm coming back at marriage

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Are you believe spend from the good things, the good provision that we've provided to you. So he interpretated that these verses, these are yet encouraging us to spend our wealth in a freelance manner give all of our wealth give all of our property away. Well, Mr. mufa, serene, in Nicosia, in south east of scene was talking about this verse lanterna, Luca tatanka, caminata a boon you're never going to attain pietila you don't spend the things that you love. he narrates the case of Abu talhah the story of this companion, when you heard these verses, he narrates and he mentions, we discussed it took place between Abu Talib and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam What can I have? Um,

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well, he by raha

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the most beloved thing to him was this garden called by raha, you find it is God who counted mostakbal Atul, Merci de la Sol, La salatu salam, and this garden was facing the mercies of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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he had shabu minha for Rasool Allah salatu salam used to enter into this garden and would eat from the dates eat from the orchard, drink from the water, free of mean Maria fee her pay him from the good water the stream that was flowing inside. This is a depiction of the goddess Abu talhah to help us to understand that how beloved this God must have been. And likewise how beloved It must have been that the prophet Elijah used to enter into this garden and used to eat and drink from his garden for the year rasulillah hi to my Hazel Arakawa. He said to the Prophet

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Not to sell them, take it and place it wherever you want to place it wherever lots of Canada has told you to place the wealth and to use the wealth.

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This is how the emotional feeling of Abu talha was when he heard these verses from the Quran that everyone knows about his garden. Just give it all away, in a way of Allah subhanaw taala

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maybe we're thinking that giving away of wealth, it means that their wealth decreased.

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But you find indeed the opposite. In

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Murli la Malou aboubaker the most beloved wealth to be the wealth of Abu Bakar or the Allahu Allah and who can attach urine I merchant as you find the the competition between him and Roma, rhodiola and Houma always competing with one another in giving a wealth giving their time giving their property

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find on from not mistaken back to the taboo that Roma taught he now outstripped outdone, Abu Bakr Rahman outdone him giving his half of his wealth and he began to boast about that linguistically that today of of Excel abubaker Sydney currently a lot and

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so he's asked aboubaker What did you What did you bring? What have you done? What have you left behind? Well, I shaved about the left Armani's messenger behind that home. That's what I've left behind. So Omar, he concluded that there's no way I can ever accept this individual because all all the familiar with all the eight doors again, that will call out to Abu Bakr Siddiq from whichever gate that he wants, will call out to when to enter when inactive Aiden Allah and Abby buckler Omar de la jolla and Houma because we find these days of Muharram How old is she? I rafidah. Moon is now Sharia Yella. numa they curse these two men aka to him. There's no holding back. Because some people

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say no Sunni or Shia. There's no difference in us. And then the difference between the night and the day between the heavens and the earth because they curse and they revile

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olaru see him the leaders Yuka furuno Jimmy a Sahaba in the debate, they reject all of this and they make the fear of them except for a little bit aggravate.

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All of us a habit to them are treacherous. are hypocrites or deceptive individuals. That's why you find there's no new posh that's between me and he in his words mean how dishonor Dada he deeply about the creed and the belief when people say that why are we so emotional about them? They come to the grave of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they come to the grave of Abu Bakar Omar, and then they curse and they reviled them.

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allanon they curse everyone openly. We're happy to show that you've lined up this center sefa to Salah in the home, you find that they inside the Tisha hood. They curse aboubaker they call a sudden, they call him Trey humored. They call him the two ideas. The two corrupt individuals made the curse of Allah be upon these two individually what they what their Salah is,

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when I know Allah suniti This is the one the most clearest distinction as a sadhana as a medic highlights. A symbol of Arizona is your head buena Jimmy are Sahaba they love all of the Sahaba Villa if listener, all the Sahaba they love them. And as you've already met me and he's lucky that it was Sophia. He completes his book by speaking about love, love towards the companion love towards the family members of Prophet Elijah to serve as a magnet that is a symbol. You will recognize who person is sadhana is a person whose sadhana he loves the Sahaba love the companions, they will recognize who the people deviant and corrupt individuals are they always those individuals yet are

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known as the Sahaba who is begin to revile and curse and begin to question asked about the companions placed doubt in the minds of people about the companions Nakamura below and in many in his new value Natasha Lima nappy pulumi him. Allah Subhana Allah mentioned locka Dora diello and in many different situations can alpha male alpha come Samia 1400 1500 in number approximately Nakamura, the meaning of life pleased with those individuals who have taken the pledge underneath the tree. And here comes the element of Osceola home for Allah Murthy. kulu be him. Allah says Subhana Allah He knows what's inside their hearts. Allah doesn't talk about anybody else knows about

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their judgment in that manner. But Allah purifies them that for the rest of time that these individual purified individuals. Likewise you find in such sorta Toba is Houma. fincar is the akula Swahili, a desert in Nevada, Nana

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inside his head peloton, linguistically, it all points to two individuals.

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It Huma mutanda they both are inside the cave, who is the prophet Elijah as I'm speaking to unanimous of Allah mouth Sierra, they conclude it's talking about Abu Bakr Siddiq. But how are you oh we lose. They say this was the Prophet as I'm speaking to Allah. Allah Allah Allah who is speaking to him. You testified inside the works that the proceed, you find moon karate, even narrations that you find evil elements that you find that we that that a person can never accept. In the law Yamanaka Baccarat Allah Subhana beginner suited Baccarat title suited banker is named after specifically after this verse. Allah commanded Bani Israel to sacrifice the heifer the cow will feed

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the facility him

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Tbilisi weed seeds see that because you read it FRC yakou in de la Yamato commented under Baccarat Isha

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that a buck right Arusha meaning Amada, Allah telling to sacrifice our Isha. This is like to be him inside they works for when people say that there's no difference between us and them. They are p that is clear to a listener, full of Takia deception of treachery of betraying that you find inside the head on at the moment.

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Or a Masjid in kobu. There is no mustard in Tehran, except for tombs, gravestones. That's what you find there. That's all the Aki there is that we find it infants that as soon as well. The debates that we have with people have deviated. If you study historically, you find this corruption comes from Shia, influencing a coup, influencing the soul of a Sufi Yoon, that the influence of a Shia comes into the Accord and they believe and they begin to hide underneath the ban of Allah sadhana, that these individuals are treacherous individuals towards Allah sadhana, corrupt individuals that who will slay the sadhana. And they have done so. And they will do so until the end of time. Because

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they know that to silence Allah sadhana is a great benefit for them. And that's a nice month of Muharram we should understand that don't fall prey to the deception what they try to preach to people that we are the real individuals who love the family members of the pocket la salatu salam. We are the real individuals who show reverence and respect to Allison while crusade to Fatima to the rest of the companions of the rest of their family members with a real individual. This will treasure your deception. And even when they quote from from our sources, their intent is corrupt because they don't believe in Sahih Bukhari they don't believe in it. So when they quote from it,

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don't accept it from them because they don't believe in such an arrangement.

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So we should be very wary about their their creed and their belief and what they want to instill inside our society. Abu Bakr, Omar, Abdullah tala and Houma a blessing individuals, a precious individuals towards and assume that he will Gemma and as the Muslim should look into their life into the Syrah to see the contribution of these individually carried out inside their life. Why he held that we find that is sacrifices that we find from the other angle. Another lesson that we find that hammers zeal and passion has its position inside Islam, but it cannot overcome principles of the Sharia. The Sharia is based upon mocassin the Wahhabi shadowed principles are the opposite, you know

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override them because a person feels like doing something or feels that this will benefit society, this will help society everything is co defined in a way that we conduct and we do certain things. So I will tell her in his passion in his in his zeal. He wanted to do something, but the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he advised him, he advised him until the ark will occur Robin will occur will occur Robin to place it amongst your close family members don't give all of your wealth away will keep some of it behind to give to your family members. Because in the long run is going to be detrimental to you. And as we find one mountain to maintain for what your lipo whatever you spend

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for your Cliff will be magnet limited proceed as described for your lipo, you bury cuckoo increases whatever you give inside the cancer charity is multiplied many times over is increased. And as the best soccer that you find for Bill Murray in number, it's been

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it's been annuity.

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Sufficient is one individual to carry out this sin of not taking care of the subjects underneath them, that they are responsible for them leaving them to stop to be hungry to not fulfill the needs. Does you find that Africa does you find chapters a saga on Africa

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To spend upon one's family members of the losada

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Saga PCB dealer, oh, a sadhaka Allah Alec, what is the greatest sadaqa as to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, a dinner, I coined that you spend in the fighting in a wave Allah Subhana Allah or a coin that you spend upon your family, while

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sadaqa is a sadhaka you spend upon your own family members. Likewise, you find Kapha Bill Murray is a man among Yemeni kokuto sufficient is for an individual to hold back from whoever they have responsibility upon to take be taken care upon that individual either amphicar Raja Nina fuckathon yes Cebu hefa Hello sadaqa if a person spends upon their family members with intention This is a giving of sadaqa for that person will be a joy to spend in one's family is saga quite idea that we find and that we find that even to place a morsel of food inside one one spouses mouth is sadaqa. They say chef aka Rama that we find what Yalla they know Mama Mama, Mama Mama in the feeder luckily

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it de comida karoon is a pseudo room that we find a lot of places love and emotion and devotion and feeling between the two spouses. So you will find this is sadhaka. To whether to take it literally to place a morsel of food inside her mouth. Or to take it the deeper meaning of spending and taking care upon her is the ultimate form of sadaqa that we find that we want dinner I'm Sophie Sabina as we mentioned dinner spent in the way of Allah or spent upon one's family which is the better dinner that we find what the amendments are all in the Hadith in Bukhari that we find begin with whoever you're responsible for. Begin with that that's what we find that sometimes his Muslim priorities are

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very mixed up. very mixed up, our priorities are towards what we need to carry out upon our life. As the Quran mentions rbj Luca Muna Allah Nisa, beema

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beema and focu Allah means so to nissa nissa the fourth chapter Quran what is masura aneesa the whole team is about women, about their Haku they write about the matter about divorce, about inheritance, about general conduct, it's all day. Hey Allah mentioned earlier Luca Muna Allah Nisa Bhima

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rpgr comun.

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People will just translate that literally stronger, firm Allah, minute manual karma from the meaning of karma our mood is not just physical strength is the ability to take care to be responsible. Well, I'm not an Shabaab owner, and

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we'll only dream about God to the soldiers to polygamy. polygyny to be married more than once. While we're Helen Phoebe dare to sorta Nisa that we find from Gabriel Madhava la comida Nisa, Allah tala robot

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phylum tanjirou for ya Dutton and Mary two three or four that is

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Ola Mata posse.

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Eva Lisa Bhima nano worship Allah azim is something that exists inside the Sharia is permissible for person to do that if they have the need. But your whole life revolves around that. Your whole life just revolves around that Wonder Woman Tara will take care of the immediate family. My mother Nora, what do we see daily?

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una una una una

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vida de la la Subhana Allah divorce when you want marry when you want leave children when you want to leave your family when you want

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to do so Canada alhaja Sharia law is this the Sharia of Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh,

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god I showered

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because rbj Luca wellmune Allah Nisa because able to bear the burden of responsibility of my school, Leah, have responded earlier that we find that's what Islam is, is instilling within our youth inside our society to be responsible individuals inside society, responsible individuals, not individuals who have not been taught in such society that whatever they see, that they dream or they fantasize about, that's what we need to carry out inside our lives.

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dream about becoming a regional becoming real men in the real sense of the meaning of being responsible individuals. And as we find baboons, Africa as well as a dimension, chapters talk about spending on family members that we find to take care of one's family members. I have a laser panatela who are in color

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most beloved to Allah, those small actions, but they're consistent a person is consistent and taking care of one's family takes consistency, regularity, focus and commitment and taking care of them is part of the human being and the development of the human being. And as you find that the statements of the headings that we find Virginia for jo juliani huduma Escuela de la jolla spoke

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to individuals that they came complaining, he says we began with the people will complain people have a right Is it the nature of a human being to complain for speedily purpose to try to channel that complaint to Allah, Masha, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah tala moon in such surah Yusuf that we find complaint only to Allah. But a person sometimes needs to complain and needs to ask needs to alleviate their soul their heart for these two individuals that came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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ala escuela Illa, when they began to complain about Allah has come to the true Toba, who was

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complaining about poverty where we were in a impoverished state.

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The other one Sabine was about worried about the highway robbers the thieves people taking their web distribute began when people are worried about a lack of wealth or the losing of their wealth. So the prophet Elijah to somebody wants to make them feel content. So he dresses them and he says to them, therefore I'm

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I'm a couple Sabine.

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As for the highway robbers,

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or destruction on the pub that we find is only going to be a matter of time

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that this will be revealed the AMA, there'll be peace, there'll be security, you won't be worried about robbers and thieves coming and taking your word. This is another point of Islam that we find. Islam is protection, peace, serenity, tranquility, when can Oh hello Muslim in him, the non Muslims, what do you find you find protection of the sanctity protection of them in environment that they live in, this will shut you up, it upholds. And it teaches in our society, that the only solution to all of these world problems that we find, we have you traveled through procedure to fill out what you find, in seconds that you find seconds that you find blood is lost, blood is taken away. In one

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of the 52 states of the United States of America that we find in Chicago,

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the amount of futile killings that take place in one hour futile killings, they're not even intentional killing, just drive by shooting the innocent individuals just happen to get shot. That's just one state not talking about countries or areas of South Africa that we find in one hour is equivalent to the amount of official executions that take place in Saudi Arabia in one year.

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Which intellectual individual reject that which an intellect individual reject that Dino Amman creating peace tranquility for individuals, the environment that wherever you go, you don't fear a loss of your wealth, you don't fear that somebody would steal your property is taken away. And like what do you find? What I like was when I left in the solder tomahto I had the Kombucha tea, and I will not be established to one will go around are giving tried to give you sadaqa but no one will accept it meaning richness of this Muslim oma, these are prophecies of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that have actually taken place, that mnps richness is there and will continue to take place.

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And so we should we should be rejoicing about the peace of Islam. The central point of Islam the strength of Islam, what it gives, it gave to the individual existed before us that we find because this in essence, in a deeper nature has been forwarded to hate Islam amongst the benefits of tawheed is a common is peace is tranquility, that's what you study is smooth. So that sort of courage for the Buddha. And let the moment you're in an omen Cove.

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So let them worship the Lord of this house, that you find when the muratore that we find it some people that give it may Allah forbid they neglected it, they give it no importance.

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A person throughout their life can read and read and read and it still penetrates their heart

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that we find, read the expedition kita Bhutto hate

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Macondo just read the beginning 1520 pages and you find that zero or yet

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you find the impact of the verse exposures versus about what is ATO hate in a person's life.

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So person shouldn't find it trivial. This is your thing a person's talking about hate again, could

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have handled that either. The whole Quran is near to Allah Subhana Allah. So the whole Quran is an aside point. Don't let it become academia. Don't let it become rhetoric that we find amongst many Shabaab people have deviated

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I'm here and this is the evidence and this is the point to prove against it. Overland. tauheed Samara, Toto eight feet

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and the cabinet, corrupt a law that you use so feel that when you read that you're coming close to Allah and he strengthened you to Allah. If that's not taking place inside your heart for Salam al bitwala hieratic wala Imani one other ascetic, anyways a coup close everything about your life

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because that's what I need you to do to an individual. It pushes them towards Allah. Your Silla belay subhanaw taala how much is your relationship with Allah Subhana Allah, how much is your ebitdar with Allah Subhana Allah, then the things that come afterwards, if I was given the person the ability to rectify people to help people to highlight to people don't become frightened, don't become a person is testing people putting people to trial. We have to express as many of our shabam a few days walking around to Emma walking around to the people creating fit and for what purpose? My man What was your intent to belittle the individual to look down upon the individual to demonize the

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individual well who are in the way

00:31:16 --> 00:31:19

under pressure to be more far more greater in front of a lot than you

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just because they may have don't understand certain things. A person of sunlight person encouraging people reminding them gifting him to do to Habu giving gifts today may remind him that Allah gifts about door heat about the book of Allah explanation or encourage you to read about this, study this look into this. And then if the person is still DVD person can only remind him

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drag them away to the best of their ability. And that's only for people who have experience who have the right to do that now called lumen. How about any individual that we find today day in and day out that we find ima complaining? That is what takes place? What are you teaching the youth What are you teaching them inside your society? What do you encourage them to do? And in the greater picture that you find of tawheed that each of us we live that tawheed inside their own heart? It has a ripple effect upon this booster on my courage and to come out to Liberty returned back to a state of harmony and peace and tranquility that we find what we find as the prophet Elijah he advised these

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individuals in other nations that we won't speak about different affairs but similar to this while I can while I can calm into strategy de Lune you are hasty people that's what we Shabaab are we like hasty instant results and instant quick fix to everything The problem is no one needs to be fixed immediately that we just do this and it will resolve the issue. It doesn't quite work like that. It's a long it's a long journey of Serato stocky man for a beer who is a ripoff of a los padres I totally am that we find. follow that path. And as you ended the feed explanation is this birthday find a beloved Miss brewed. The prophet Elijah, he drew a long line in the sand.

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They said this is this little line of Islam at the end is gender. And these are the shooting lines at the end of these lines. Paraphrasing is nothing by shape ons waiting there. There is no short path to gender. Some people may think it's a long, tedious, difficult path, but almost wonder facilitator and makes it easy. When wherever you want to pan with Diana, when appropriate. He didn't advise them about the role. These things these problems are the world that we're worried about. And what should we really be worried about? Because this is Manhattan Rasul Allah salatu salam, this is his methodology. But this is the way of the Quran the Quran speaks about the world returns back to

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the earth era. So he advises these individuals, that they will come to life and know how to combine a delay. There will come a time where one of you will stand in front of Allah.

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So this problem has been resolved about the world. What you should be really worried about inside your life and we should all be worried about they'll come a day to come a time you have to stand in front of Allah Subhana Allah laser, they know what they know he job when I tell you man, there'll be no no barrier between him and Allah Subhana Allah there'll be no one to translate or no way to intercede and no one to speak on behalf of the individual Utah, Utah Jimena, who, familia Kula nella who then will be sent to this individual and a boutique in Maryland.

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We said to this individual do we not bestow wealth upon you was not well given to you for your coolant?

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password will affirm that indeed Yes. Well first given to me for monacolin Allah morcilla la karasuma there will be no Send a messenger to you.

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So giving of wealth is che I'm giving a wealth

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but something more specific is the messenger

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that once you have the wealth that you find inside inside the Quran, you find a systematic low protein you find certain area inside the Quran.

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Yeah pollun yet at that

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karoun then yet chacun because first comes an apple, of comprehensive being able to see then comes reflection then comes the element tuckaway penetrates into your heart. It is a general theme inside the Quran a certain if you follow the pattern inside them, talk about various topics that we find a lot concludes in such a manner. So I'm not sure anatella inside this hadith that we find is that now comes the role of the messenger is immoral or Hara. The messenger has been sent to you, and the person will affirm that what is our response to the messenger?

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Will it be what color of who you are have been called Mr. Khurana Majora. It's a subtle Furqan that we find whereby the message I Oh my Lord, indeed my people they abandon this Quran

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Are we going to be the one who's going to be able to say, inside the grave? that I that I know the message I follow the messenger I follow the sooner we going to be the ones and the Day of Judgment. The whole nikasha sooner will be that we find the whole nicos it just revolved around this who will drink from the fountain of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam will it be Allah so no people will be that will Who will it be? There will be people of sooner people will love the sooner people attribute themselves so now people defended the sooner people preach to some no no people dismantled the sooner no people who come in mode to add fabricated narration

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false lies and claims and shallow claims of love to the prophets on the low value sell them then comes the third the third question was that station is individual for younger one Yemeni for Euro Ilana

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as we look to the right and only see what the fire for younger una Chemin de la Elena look to the left and find what only the fire that's all

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there is as we as we get mesmerized with everything around us.

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All of us will there's only one there's only two stations it's pretty much mentioned

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and not all agenda What are often called pseudo coup de una for

00:37:06 --> 00:37:12

that we find her oh my god what is an hour off is actually a middle station.

00:37:13 --> 00:37:31

But I have concluded the end result is only not agenda and a person needs to exit and find the end result where they want to be going towards towards the fire or going towards the paradise wakulla Cody had our stock photo Molly welcome when he gave me a misdemeanor for stock photo in Nevada for Rahim.

00:37:49 --> 00:37:57

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah he was asked to be human, Temasek episode Mattila, yo, Medina bad.

00:37:58 --> 00:38:38

As we mentioned that the role of the prophets of the law, how do you sell them is to give solutions to that time and station, and to give the prophecies and encouragement about the coming of the conclusion of Islam and the completion of Islam. And even more so as we mentioned, to talk about the spiritual factor and the reminding, the preparation of the last day, because plausibly Some of us may be, they may not be there, in seeing the success of Islam on the face of this on this earth, or the end result of Islam to the end of time. But what will be a defining factor for all of us, is as soon as we leave this dunya, then you find the hereafter begins with an individual. And that's the

00:38:38 --> 00:38:58

person needs to equip and prepare themselves. Not to say that we shouldn't be worried about the political climate around us, but at the same time, one should not go become overzealous and then begin to lose focus upon their own self and those subjects directly underneath them. Because those are the subjects in oneself that one will be asked about on the day. So does we find that one of you for a

00:38:59 --> 00:39:13

while OBC kitamura so that one of you save themselves, even with half a date. And a president of a Lamia did for me Kelly Martin Paiva in his had eaten Buhari, so save yourself even with half a date.

00:39:14 --> 00:39:58

And here you find that the similarity of the use of a date even in the Quran that we find, I'm not gonna mention it to me, but to me, as Logan described, is the thread the thread of that remains on the date seed that a person spits out that there are people that you make sure they cannot even benefit you to that degree. And as I already mentioned it using such similarities that the Quran and Hadith is because this is the language that these people that they understood, to care about subjects that they understand they can relate to so they can begin to comprehend. Well be shaky, Palmyra, even half a date. Save your soul from the hellfire. What is the value of half a day

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59

in essence

00:40:00 --> 00:40:42

has no value. But if a person gives it we would sincerity that this is to protect themselves as we find the whole of Islam is Touka taqwa is protection is replaced by being a Govinda Lee, or being or dabbling with Korea, you place a barrier between yourself and the punishment of a lot. So as I've discovered, taqwa is defined as so much, you know, fasting is a shield. That's what you find this fasting in the days of Mahatma, whether it be the ninth and the 10th, or the 10th and 11th, or the 10th, ninth, 10th and 11th or just a 10th. Well, I can Acropolis sooner the ninth and the 10th because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when he came to Medina, he saw the Allahu the fasting on

00:40:42 --> 00:41:07

that day. And he said, this is a this is a day that Elijah was rescued. He said, we have more rights to these individuals, we have more right to them to move to LA Santa Monica Valley for the following year, I'll foster nine as well. So to foster ninth of Muharram and a 10th of Muharram are just to foster one day that we find exploits the previous one year minus Sins of the individual wipes them out. This is all a cm

00:41:08 --> 00:41:17

SOHCAHTOA for that we went excessive first try to cleanse the individual to help the individual that we find. And then we find if a person is able to do that.

00:41:19 --> 00:42:10

If a person cannot do that, for me carry mutton pie but when they do speak a good word. The good word has a great impact can have a greater impact than even money. There's one surah Ibrahim in the fourth chapter the Quran when Allah gives the parable of Shakira to the giver of Kalamata Eva is like a good tree as to how far between 140 happy summer to cooler cooler it needs to be her there Kalamata mmm sad insanity dementia, crema de vida como la la la la. So just record people to LA LA LA LA is a great charity is a great blessing. To remind people about Allah. remind them about Allah was the pyramid a Miller This is an emotional uplifting that we should be instilling inside our

00:42:10 --> 00:42:30

society remind them about Allah. For Pharaoh Illa Allah flee back to Allah for to Elijah me and your McMinnville Allah come to free road, repair all of you back to Allah, you'll be become successful individuals. This is what Islam is encouraging us individually these are the good words. And as we point out, if a person is good words, that we probably cannot fulfill them,

00:42:32 --> 00:42:36

fulfill these good words and a person should at least remain silent, now become an obstacle.

00:42:37 --> 00:42:56

And in conclusion that we find a lot of speaks about different speaks about this dunya and in speaks about absolute kita. about their perception about complaints in the way they understand certain things is at the end of sort of Alan brown that we find. Allah mentions kulu nefs in the Eco mode in three places or the Quran is not suited ambia while Anca booth

00:42:57 --> 00:43:10

and like was saying the beginning and the end of surah Allah Emraan every single living soul, entity will will taste death hatherleigh zemun all of us will taste death.

00:43:11 --> 00:43:26

This is the reminder to instill within ourselves the dunya wealth, poverty, position all of it comes in it goes is given it may not be given. But the real cause of why number two a phoner oduro kameyama piano ended up giving you full recompense on the Day of Judgment.

00:43:27 --> 00:43:49

from A to Z or an interview what would you feel a janitor pocket first? Whoever is rescued from the Hellfire who's plucked out the Hellfire never thrown into the Hellfire gone straight into rocket faza that is the ultimate success. And then look at the Quran legato Quran. Woman higher to dunya Illa metalcore.

00:43:50 --> 00:43:52

This This word is nothing but deception.

00:43:53 --> 00:43:59

That's all it is. It would begin to deceive the individual. Then I'm not what I mentioned.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:11

The Tableau nafi Mr. Li Kumasi unfussy calm. You're going to be tested within your own cells in your world and your own cells. Well if this man and my laptop van de Manila de novo to kita woman

00:44:12 --> 00:44:23

you're going to be hearing a lot of issues for the people that came before you Amina Latina Shaku as an kathira they're going to try to harm you and make complaints and to say things

00:44:24 --> 00:44:26

this is the world at the moment that we find

00:44:27 --> 00:44:41

yoga you're going to be tested in your life and your wealth and your property videos of Islam is a test net No, no no individual fool you that you think that Islam is an open right to gender. There's going to be obstacles inside the person needs to know what their faith is what they believe is

00:44:42 --> 00:44:49

because Al Kitab that we've learned when the Quran says when I'm taught the uncle Yehuda anisotropy I mean the tone

00:44:50 --> 00:44:57

and I feel like Theresa Milwaukee will lie saying one per bar is a bad idea. See for

00:44:59 --> 00:45:00

a few interviews

00:45:00 --> 00:45:19

Don't get up can be content can be peace can we arrest but in general that we find that there will be no rest will never be content has to be amelita home. What is the meaning of that Mila is the whole symbolic everything that exists. There's to such a degree that somebody may even go to law, law, a language,

00:45:20 --> 00:45:45

the language the impact of the language if you find that there's four elements have concluded that they have dissected this mustard oma four main themes. Amongst them is locker is language. Aloha could be a dismantling it dismantling the Arabic language inside the Muslim world. Totally dismantling it fun fact. It's structured at the moment. La la la Kalima nurse who speak the Arabic language a minute.

00:45:46 --> 00:45:50

We're gonna talk about skillful individuals and teachers to cater to about a minute or one

00:45:52 --> 00:46:30

intermediary. A medium of speech and relationship is the language dismantle that we dismantle everything, dismantle everything about this Muslim ummah. So peasant needs to return back to the to the symbols of Islam, and not fall into these orientalist attacks that we find colonialism that we find control in Atlanta, by all instilling that to this day that we find them and I hate to say, could not have been or could not be we were slaves at that time, we still slave today, mentally, maybe physically, we don't have the shackles of slavery or not towards the state and the society. But mentally many parts have a slave mentality.

00:46:31 --> 00:46:40

We have a slave mentality that no matter whatever the herd, whatever the West does, its revelation. Whatever I'm Muslim does

00:46:41 --> 00:46:54

is treacherous, is questionable. Whatever a Muslim does, he always needs to be highlighted. But whatever the Western world does, and whatever it has done and will do and carry on doing,

00:46:55 --> 00:46:57

then that is no need to discuss that.

00:46:58 --> 00:47:30

But the Quran describes us that these individuals will always be harming towards Islam always tried to dismantle Islam. And as I'm not gonna conclude to enter spear with a takua in the danika Minh has been more you say Allah, you'd be patient, and that is from the stronghold. The strong resolution is strong commitment. We only complain to Allah Subhana Allah, we're not trying to create a revival or try to rebel against people or whatever it may be revival within our own souls, within our own hearts and our own mind,

00:47:31 --> 00:48:09

that I want to be a good Muslim. I want to worship Allah Subhana Allah. I want to encourage people around me to remember Allah called people to Allah, if all of us make the effort towards Allah Kitab. To awaken them to remind them about Allah Subhana Allah, there will be, as they say, an enemy within themselves, they're not able to counteract and that is what's taking place inside the society that they don't know how to counteract it. They can only demonize Islam, day in and day out. But Allah Subhana Allah I take care of the affairs of the dean, we may only become a tools or may words that sometimes Allah may use them, but unless there's no need of us, we also lost or give us a

00:48:09 --> 00:48:48

trophy in ability to remain true and sincere to the words of Allah Subhana Allah strive to the best ability to live true to these words, to implement these words will be raised and resurrected upon the implementation of these words in the law one molar equal to soluna Allah nebby Yola, Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima, Allah Allah Allah Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad can also later libre hemara ebrahimian Academy dama de Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad Ibrahim Ibrahim el cambio Majeed from Tina Fey Tanya has Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin Robin Avalon nanfu Santa will talk fildena tarhana an akuna nominal ha city in Philadelphia Nina Latina

00:48:48 --> 00:49:05

Saba Puna v man, Alfie called Obinna, Hilda Linda Tina Manu Roberta in Nakuru for Rahim, Robin Africa, Elena sabratha, Dr. Amnon nanocarbon, Kashmiri from Canada to jQuery una vida de tener la Villa dome kurama encanta la hub robina hablando de novo Ria Tina kurata

00:49:07 --> 00:49:20

tokina Emma rubbernecker kopelman Dinah Contessa mula Halim watauga la Nakata Weber Rahim subhanak vichara believes that young is a phone was Salah Manuel mo salah and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen como de sola to come. yahama como de

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