Murtaza Khan – Remain Free From Shirk

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the historical and political agenda of Islam, including the Day of Judgment and the importance of rectifying actions to avoid negative consequences. They also touch on the use of shirials to encourage actions and avoid false assumptions, and the need for individuals to be aware of their actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding false assumptions and being aware of one's actions.
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In Alhambra Linda Hina Meadow monastery and when istockphoto when our auto belay Manchurian fujinami and say tiama Lena mania de la vida Medina one a little fella her dealer wash How do I

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wash the hula sharika? Why should I do an AMA Hamadan, Abdul humara pseudo

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I'm about to fall in North Dakota DC kita Bula wahi Raja Buddha Buddha Mohammed bin Salman Allahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon Morimoto to her wakulla mo de tin Bader wakulla with Arjun Bala that in wakulla Bala Latina from beshara hurry sorry, while you're silly I'm very well hello OData melissani Yahoo only after praising Allah Subhana Allah and continuing our journey with a hadith and portsea looking at a hadith as mentioned about na Subhana Allah, and then displayed upon the blessing tongue of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the first few Hadees and continuing the theme is about rejecting of loss of Canada Allah or denying the Creator, today's Hadees between later on and

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looking at staying away, free from shirk, of not associating any partners with Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that, unfortunately, some individuals may think that there is a political agenda in what we may preach, or there is a political motive, and what we want to muster up people or stir people towards the greatest political agenda is calling to Allah Subhana Allah, wa Manasa Nicole amendment, Dara Illa, Allah who I mean I saw her or call her in any mineral muslimeen that is the political agenda you can use that word linguistically, which is our agenda is to call a loss of Hannah who utter Allah, not to as some people may try to attribute the toppling of regimes and

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countries and nations or taking them by force, the intent of the Muslim Allah or the upon this earth. And even before there were a book on FISMA a, that Allah panda decreed inside the heavens, that he is the only one to be worshipped. And that is the what every individual should call to, the rest should be left, as they say to Allah Subhana Allah to take care of our affairs. If we exert our efforts in reminding ourselves about this agenda of only calling to Allah Subhana. Allah will see great success once again for this Muslim oma. And even if we look at political agendas, we take it in the modern world that we find that people when they have a vision, when they have a view, they're

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willing to die for that view. They're willing to sacrifice their lives. We find some a third in chef Mohammed Abdel Wahab will have GitHub, GitHub with the head, talking about never commit ship with a muscle calendar either way.

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Whether you are burned alive, or whether you're tortured or you're killed, never commit shit with Allah Subhana Allah. So as we began with this is the political agenda, that a person goes, spreads their life or spreads moments of their life throughout their life, reminding Allah that Allah Subhana Allah, and you find that many of the NBA, they were tortured, they were persecuted, and they couldn't find a Sahaba what are the main what was the whole battle that they were facing? baniel Emanuel Cofer was nothing less. But they were calling to Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah Masha, Kunal Arab, and those polytheists Arabs that we find what about the rest of the earth that we

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find to this day that we find don't want to accept that worship belongs only to Allah Subhana Allah amin he did Attica horrible because of that was began to take place because they wanted to reject Allah Subhana Allah, what do you know Islam? Islam isn't a way of life that begins to step down, begin to turn away as a Christian say that you're slapped in one cheek or for the other cheek? Do you know Islam gives every battle at the root Islam is a Deen that begins to fight back equally because the biggest atrocity biggest boom RB and to Shrek build a Subhana. Allah is to begin to associate partners with Allah Subhana Allah. This is the agenda that every single Muslim should be

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exerting their efforts to remind people about Allah Subhana Allah do not taint their belief with any element of shared, you have a pure orthodox belief towards and regarding Allah Subhana Allah because this is the element by an agenda to one now. This is the element between a person going into paradise, or going into the Hellfire being an email and you will prefer between email and disbelief. Allah Subhana Allah created the heavens and for that purpose, for the intent to worship Him. The rest is all secondary, the rest is all tertiary or the affairs the prime reason of being placed upon this earth is a barrier to bar is to single out Allah subhanaw taala for worship, when we're called

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to do an insert allele a boon and never created a gene and the human being except for to worship me. well in advance you're cool Do ya do

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that we find liova Hey, dude, to single out only Allah Subhana Allah for worship. That was the intent that Allah Subhana Allah created the heavens and the earth and placed us upon this earth that you've had our armor filled Quran, the first commandment inside the Quran that we find. There are lots of places the first injunction he doesn't address the believing individuals. He did.

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address the Muslims. Yeah, you have nurse or mudaraba qumola The hola como la de Remy? publikum la quinta taco. Yeah, you hiddenness I'll keep up the Jimmy Ines for the whole of humanity for the whole of mankind. every type of individual or Buddha Allah worship only Allah Subhana Allah. This is the first commandment inside the Quran that we find. Li Subhan Allah Subhana Allah place words inside the Quran, Lisa Arbus and not just for trivialities that it happens to be a verse happens to be the word happens today that even many of them exerted their life efforts. To begin to understand every single word are up to pain, it was sore. I link between every single word every single surah

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why there's a lot of time to move from one verse to another verse, one topic to another theme, one word to another word, everything is decayed. Everything is accurate inside the Quran, because who are minimized Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Subhana Allah. So in almost conduct began with the first commandment inside the Quran is to remind us that the intent of being on the face of this earth, for mankind for human beings, is to only worship Allah Subhana Allah, this was the advice legacy given to the people existed before, right from the beginning, in a yo minahasa. To this day that we find that every single individual should be reminding people about Allah Subhana Allah. And likewise we

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mentioned the clear distinction between a genuine not between a person ultimately residing inside paradise for eternity, or May Allah forbid residing inside jahannam for eternity that we find is absolute or hate, the people of the heat finding that even though a person may carry out mercy may disobey Allah Subhana Allah, that is something which is written for the son of Adam, that we find we will make mistakes, but you find me for a while when Sameera to towhead from the virtues and the fruits of tawheed that we find that there is more chances of people who are a people of oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, that those mishaps those sins, those mistakes, those discrepancies can be wiped

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out by Allah Subhana Allah because there are people of tawheed that is something virtuous, that we need to understand person shouldn't think that it's trivial. At the same time, we should all be worried about the sins that we commit. But if we begin to exert our efforts becoming people have to hate them more or more the person becomes under the umbrella of the forgiveness and the pardoning of Allah subhanho wa Taala and thus we find that they are the factors which are detrimental as well. Please Muslim oma, after committing shit, whether it be a Turkish Salah, the abandoning of the prayer that we find, as a prophet Elijah Tommy mentioned, Allah hability bainer manana obey no a

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Sala from an terracotta casa, the covenant between us and the rest of this world and the individual, the distinction that we hold is a seller fermenter aka pocket cover, who believes the seller pocket cover has committed disbelief, numerous earlimart take it on his face value, that whoever leaves a prayer for capital has a Salah wahida some menu that we find even one seller with a maiden undone, who have at least one seller intentionally for coverage left the fold of Islam, harsh statements that we find that women have deduced from the Quran to send home the message that after tawheed the essence of the Muslim a salah and for buying an albino home the distinction between us and these

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individuals is a seller whoever leaves it at this believed in Allah Subhana Allah knows you take it trivial, reminding another Muslim by our Salah, coming to the masjid praying inside Gemma that we find praying in the houses of Allah Subhana Allah yes we all sin we all we all make mistakes. That's a normality for many of us human beings, if not all of us human beings. But Turku Salah persons you know that shape and come over them, Toby's a believer in New Jersey hero in his famous magnimous work shape. One wants to deceive the individual and thou sin, your person who disobey the law, you commit sin, you do this, you do that. Why are you coming to the cellar, leave the prayer don't offer

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the prayer. This is the snares of shaytaan. The trap of shaytaan because sins are disobedient sins can be forgiven by lots of panatela. But leaving a cellar could take you hard and make you to leave the fold of Islam. And thus we need to exert our efforts to remind this Muslim Ummah after belief in Allah Subhana Allah, to hold fast to their prayers, to be united upon their prayers. And likewise the other archeon of Islam that we find that begin to get many minimalized inside our society that we find. He had associating partners with Allah Subhana Allah ma who was sick, and I don't really need den wahala pakka is to ascribe a partner to a lots of energy Allah and he's the one who created

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you. Allah Subhana Allah created all of us and he better lilla he supernova Allah and a bird that should be for Allah Subhana our own alone. There are no intermediaries. There are no oversight. There's no toorak there is no chef there is no there is no religious identity individual and a bear the harvest delay Subhana Allah

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Allah Allah Allah He Dean will Hollis Islam is purity, purity towards Allah Subhana Allah as you find that many of the Christian I find a pure Christian, that pure orthodox belief, as the Quran itself mentioned that those individuals here that have lots of hamdallah Torah you don't Tuffy domina them in Morocco middle how you find that the eyes begin to shed case, they begin to showcase because of the truth. Because these are people who love people, a lot of TC seen that you find that their priests amongst them that some of them are searching for Allah Subhana, Ghana, and as you find that they they grasp it, when they see the ayat of the Quran, the purity of the Quran, the purity of

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Islam, they flock into Islam. The problem is that many of us Muslims who have tainted Islam, that we've created intermediaries, sainthood priests, what sorry What took to get to Allah. The Quran doesn't encourage that. The Quran negates that. The Quran says that righteous individuals just look at them as coda, as an example, follow their footsteps. follow the footsteps of these individuals don't begin to worship them. Define Catholicism is full of sainthood. For every single identity, you find a saint existed, and unfortunately inside our way of life, unfortunately, for every sale that we find every shift that you find, you find a Metallica, you find a path of manhood or uncover. You

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find a grave. People try to hide and say we don't worship the grave. We're all similar beliefs are not there anymore.

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An ad of 1000 people 999 would come to that shrine to ask from that shrine. Only one individual may have a sincere intention legions Baraka or just to see the shrine just to see what took place. But most of the people they don't come there for that purpose. They come there to ask, they come to us we had a new ship builder. This is the essence of ship to ascribe a partner with a loss of data that someone can help you someone can sustain you some of them can provide you with a child give you risk give you sustenance keep you happy take away your sadness take away your sorrow take away anxiety take away your depression kulu has anila kulu has a delay soprano Darla when a sudden Bashar no in

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para su la salatu salam. He said to his own daughter Fatima asked me in this dunya asked me whatever you want to ask for. Oh, my aunt Sophia asked me whenever you want a muffin era in Santa Clara, they're not going to give you anything. Asked me now upon this dunya bahagia Rasul Allah salatu salam, if he's saying these family members asked what you want today, but when it comes to the immortal havia of the era, that I have no say, I have no say in what I can say to Allah Subhana Allah except for a lower place that inside his heart, and granted for certain individuals who are people of tawheed I'm shocked that we find the Day of Judgment you find. So console, a hadith in

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Sahih Bukhari that we find people will come and say this is my alma we amongst all of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Jabra In addition, he would prevent them, he will stop them from coming closer the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he will say Almighty Almighty let my nation come Let My People come close to me. jubran Elijah Musa, you don't know what these people have done after you, what they invented after you what they attribute it after you are sued I some will say some concern can be of be of a llama touchy. What is he? What is he referring to? Is he referring to and as soon as you referring to people who preach about the foreigner, is he referring to people who spend their life

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talking about the heat that people want to twist it around that people have? It is talking about them color Russia?

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study? How can the prophet Elijah be talking about people of tawheed people or sooner who encouraged you sooner who remind people about door he he's not referring to such individuals? Because your brain as it is referring to those people talking about those individuals? You don't know what they done after you? What did the prophet Isaiah preached to his people? What it is remind these people about? What did every single message speak to these people about manna coming in? in Cairo? You have no other deity to worship except for Allah worship only Allah Subhana Allah is there? Is there a problem? Is there a problem with a Muslim talking about how hate that people begin to make these

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slogans to make these these cliches and these statements these people have such a such type of individual woman as a new column A man they're in a bar, who's the best individual who calls to Allah. That's what a Muslim is, all of us should be calling to Allah Subhana Allah, reminding people about lots of panel data that we find another shiraki and share key allies free dissolves himself from any any sharee or any partners. Au akubra. What is the greatest sin? The greatest sin is to associate a partner to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah is free from those people who attribute partners to women. I mean, I'm an SRE coffee lady turn up to wash Pacheco, whoever carries out any

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action and associate partners with me and carry out that action.

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I leave that individual and a lead they accidentally whatever they associate partners with me be magnet Allah has rejected the actual individual who are called him Mr. midomi nominee for the unknown Herberman thora people come on the day of judgment and they actually be like scattered dust will have no value. Because why? Unfortunately some of them they committed chick, Bella he said Canada well Lo, who will honey you will Hamid Allah is is all rich, the one who deserves praise? This is as we've heard time and time again. Allah Subhana Allah does not need our a birder does not need our worship. A person should not think that if I worship Allah Subhana Allah that this would

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mean Allah for the benefit of Allah. Or if I disobey your last calendar this will harm Allah Subhana Allah will no hula honey. Firstly, Allah is rich. He has no needs. He is the one that deserves the praise. Now the prices of Quran for a woman tougher in Allah honey you'd help me from uncover whoever wants to disbelieve that unlike all rich, the ones who deserve the praise if people want to disobey Allah Subhana Allah, people want to commit Cofer people do associate partners with him. I'm not surprised at all rich has no need of these individuals and were duly justly punished these individuals for a ship belay Subhana Allah and that's a funny joke, man. It's our 31st Chapter The

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Quran. When Buddha he advised his son law to Shrek builder in a ship cannibal moon Alvin, the greatest oppression that we find the greatest oppression is a shark led to Shrek builder in the sheer volume of them. So just as we began with the nations will have a productive political agenda, they will go vote about what about trivial affairs, about money, about property about land do engage in war, they will engage in seeking a Jew right. But when people can begin to commission are begin to absolve themselves of Allah Subhana Allah, what is our political intervention, then? What is the intervention of our countries then to have them exert their efforts to boycott people to set

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sanctions upon other Muslim countries to warn other Muslim countries? Because this is the greatest atrocity? This is the greatest loss that we Muslims are facing at the moment and we feel fine I think it's something trivial lachemann says it's under two Shrek Bella in the shallow bowl monaldi Oh my son never shared with Allah Subhana Allah, this is the greatest oppression in the series either if I need to see ribnica here, we find that a number deviceid have mentioned that when the companions are heard this verse, or be practiced here, this verse is I saw that a verse inside of Allah Dena amanu, while Ameobi so a man whom we will mean, Allah, economic dawn in South Sudan, and

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that we find those individuals who don't oppress themselves, they will be in a state of Amman, and there'll be righted godly individuals, when the companions heard this verse, and levena Amman will Ameobi sue a man who have been wounded men, those who believe and never tainted the man with wool, because wool, according to them was sins was transgression. So they thought that none of us is going to be forgiven. All of us we believe, and we commit oppressions upon our own self with the sins that we commit. When I heard this verse, the Prophet rsmb explained it made the fear of this ayah that even the best deceit to see the Quranic tafsir was sold to somebody sooner t allatheena. And o m e

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lb so a man or woman called a nobuna be mana shake, Minh Kohli lace apana Darla in the Yamuna Allah to shake Bella in the Shinobu Alvin volnay, inside his verse, does that mean since it means a shift, whoever believes and doesn't have precedence or by committing ship, hula calomel. Among these are the individuals who are going to be in a state of tranquility, and a state of success. And they're going to be the right guide the individuals. So this is the first lesson of shift that we want, or the first warning or ship, that if a person has shipped inside their life, there'll be no peace. There'll be no armor and there'll be no tranquility for that individual throughout their life.

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Likewise, you find that his concept of Amman has been documented inside the Quran time and time again. Even in a small surah of surah koresh that we find, we find him Allah, Allah mentions for the Buddha debate, and let the economy do in a manner whom men have a simple message for Quraysh for Yahoo to debate, let them worship the Lord of this house. The one who gives them food was in a state of hunger, and the one under the Amazon midhope the one who takes away their fear from them, removes the expensive from them, this is for by virtue of 30 that we find that when people worship Allah Subhana Allah, then Allah Subhana Allah will take away their hunger will provide a risk. When a

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tequila jello, Maharajah will face a loss and they will provide a way for the individual while you're in a zoo.

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Woman to walk and ally for whoever has boo. Whoever fits Allah Subhana Allah He will provide

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provision for that individual, and give them sustenance whereby they can never imagine omega tawakkol Allah He for who has boo, who replaces the trust in upon Allah Subhana Allah and that would suffice the individual. So these are the virtues of tawheed of worshipping only Allah Subhana Allah that He will provide sustenance. And likewise you place a state of comfort for those individuals in such so to do that we find where the low ladina Ave Alaska made a promise for those individuals who believe Ramadan saw the head, lay asleep and don't fill up Camus de la de la macabre him. Allah give dominance and control upon the earth, just like he gave it those people who existed who came before

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and legitimate him and those who came before them. What Are you mocking alone Dino malaria, todo la home to give them come clean with a right Dean that he's given to the previous nations that came before providing a Do what? What is it that people need to do to gain comfort in an RV to gain comfort upon the earth to contract could gain dominance upon Earth? Well, you bet the land known by the unnamed kofa but the whole thing to change the state of affair into a state of comfort in a state of peace for those individuals. yagoona nila akula bisha. Worship only Allah Subhana Allah and associate no partners with him. This is a key of success that a person would

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have the n n upon an Islam what dual Alicia me at the moment upon the Muslim lands at the moment this is a solution. A simple solution is to only worship Allah Subhana Allah and associate no partners with Allah Subhana Allah menara mila ameron Ashoka, Director of Toshiko and as we find we don't want to enter into the academic discussion that we find out there which we do without without, without a shadow of doubt. I have no shame. No Holds Barred because the sermon is not what to enter into to dissect of the heat that we find what not to share. But I just want to point to this factor, the unknown of badness under salah and God him May Allah guide certain individuals, they don't

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understand the importance to hate your kulu Nikita, Buta amea books have author he'd have no importance. They have no important

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issue had the most explained books after the book of lots of $100 books of tawheed. Why, for what intent what I've read enough throughout centuries, I've been explaining books or even a Makita * of Sheikh Mohammed Abdul Wahab

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that we have an explanation that we find another element expeditionary find shallaki diversity. Maria, Maria Kitab Eman Koto, akuto that we find talking about al Qaeda of Alison nativa Gemma spent their whole life for what purpose was that? Well, yeah, the shocks person comes and say, Oh, he

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has no important

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definition. And this person has lost understanding of the book of Allah Subhana deiner book of Isaiah, no person should ever should ever minimize a muted tawheed inside their life. No one should minimize it. person. Cora Tula hayati read throughout their life read throughout their life. And you find this for a binder for why they are no who are in a villa who are Eman belies a man with Allah Subhana Allah, the thing that we need to extract is because maybe some of us we take it as a dry science is to take the spirituality as many elements to take for it to be an element of spirituality. Spirituality does even call him Josie also highlights about tawheed as well. He has a

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psycho psychological impact upon the individual a great big psychological impact as upon the individual show he do Islam is emergency scheidel Islam is an emergency if you go outside to think your family's outside the shadow Islam, the brother can go outside his family's waiting from outside as an emergency inshallah.

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So, we find that psychological able to pay more jizya that we find you highlights that even psychologically person commits should then you find that that their mind becomes derailed, their life becomes derailed. And as we find that whoever commits ship with a loss and the other woman you should be late for Kandahar, Romina center for the whole time we be re mcaninch

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in such pseudo Hajj that we find the 22nd chapter of the Quran. Once again refer to Allah placed inside surah to Hajj, Al Hajj, what is Hajj is pure tawheed no individual can come in the plane of alpha on the on the plains of alpha upon any element inside Hajj that we find to find any individual to save them to rescue them. And I'm not trying to boast about a servant, that why have they come on this day? Why have they come to this pain of out of a loss of kindness purified that land, no matter what anybody can say what they may think inside their life, that their plane of alpha is left open to call upon whom? Only Allah and Allah both, as I said, and you look at the service, why have they

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come here in additional state in a bad state? Why have they come here and unless Kamala beach, Allah Subhana Allah descends in a way that

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befits His Majesty. And he and he says oh these individuals I will forgive these individuals. There is no there's no there's nothing there. But this is the essence Alhaji is the essence of tawheed love bake Aloma bake luxury Kala Kala bake in Alhambra, one near Metallica will milk definitely is a call to go to only Allah only to Allah because Allah wants to make it dominant, to show everybody that at this moment in time, everything is only for law that you find that everybody's hot, everybody's mind is there for Allah. May Allah guide those individual companies that don't pray behind him I don't pray behind the Imams don't pray behind the Imam they they're not people of

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one solar, one solar in southern Harriman, lucky that we find or throw can do to me whoever the Imam is. One Salah is equivalent to 100,000 prayers.

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Which individual is a loser? Who's Who has that belief that if I pray beyond that email, he's praised or accepted. I can't pray behind him. That person is a clear loser. That one Sunnah is according to 100,000 prayers.

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Oh, how can we how can we how can this enter into our mind and our hearts? How can people preach such teachings to the people that don't pray behind the Imam they don't follow them inside the prayer they don't do what those people are doing. It isn't cool. Does that make sense? Like purify that environment? For centuries, cobbler no Buddha, before the coming of the prophet Elijah, some of that land was purified and purified certain areas that you find it to be purified for only the call of Allah Subhana Allah so that's refined woman you shake Billy to Kandahar, Romina sama as if that person is fooling from the heavens from the sky. And a bird statue the individual or the wind takes

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the individual to a faraway place in New Jersey inside these tafsir he mentioned that ashiq la Yukari mukha a llama ship doesn't bring you close to Allah. She will never bring you close to light it drifts you away further and further and further away from Allah Subhana Allah likewise inside the Quran that we find in No Man's Villa faqad Hara mundo la Jana well not well known Romani Ballymena, mean unsought in such sutra Ada Allah says no menu Shrek Billa Machina cool i'm not saying no shame is saying no person is saying no book he's saying it almost apparently says inside shoot America in no mean you Shrek Billa takahara mohalla agenda, whoever dies with committing ship with Allah for

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kaadhal Rama lo la Jana has made her arm her arm individual to ever go into gender pay more to make tauira of this ayah say this is such sooner. The sooner talking about the Christians. So this is costly nesara this is specific for the Christians. And this is incorrect. Al Quran the movement of the Navajo system, the Quran is general inside this commandment, they remain unless this specification that this is specific to certain individual Yes As we mentioned Surah corrigible Yeah, Buddha didn't a surah correct it for whom, according this logic is only for the Quran. So only the Quran should do this worship no one else should do it. But the Quran is generic as we began with

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Yeah, you are not

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worship only Allah Subhana Allah. So this is for every single individual, and is even more super specific Ayah inside the Quran that we find it's a suit and he said that we find that people who commit share with Allah subhanaw taala as he described these individuals about what will happen when you should build a taco This is men or women who have associate partners that have lost their allies attribute a great big atrocity lie to Allah Subhana Allah, another similar verse, even the ending a lot of men to women you should believe. dolla dolla Merida whoever coming ship with a loss and Allah has drifted away from a faraway place the beginning of both of these verses I sorta Nisa that we

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find that a lot harder mentioned in the law layer through and you shirakami while Medina Delica remains Russia twice a lot of dimensions identical. The ending is different, unless the panda will forgive every single sin. Every single sin that we commit on the face of this earth you will forgive it except for a ship builder and ship for ship He will forgive everything. This should make our hair stand on end. That worried about our lives worried about our family members, worried about our loved ones worried about the wider community. That is not trivial. In exerting assets we began with to remind people about a loss of Hannah Diana wakulla Polly had our stock photo Molly welcome, Jamie

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muslimeen of a stock photo in Nova photo, Rahim.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi human Temasek episode Mattila Yami. Dean, I'm about the final part of the editor. If I'm an AMA ama, national coffee lady syrup to sherco, we have associates, any partners reduce any action and is tainted with any form of shape element of shape towards me, I'll leave the individual and the action that they've committed some of the elements of taking this on its face value, and say that any element of Schick any Aria assume as well, Roger, that we find a showing off, or the action to please people or to be startled or to be marveled at it or rejected by Allah. And this is my new

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view. But we mentioned just to show the severity of the affair, that how some random after he'd have taken it literally, there any element of shift that a person may do as we know as shiraki.

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Cosima Allah is made divided into two broad categories that you find, I shall call up but I find a shackle, a skirt, or shell coffee or a jelly that we find the hidden chick and the apparent chick that we find a major ship and the mind is sharing some aroma go through any element of ship, the person's actions are going to be rejected but Allah Subhana Allah, but we mentioned that is a minor view, but just to warn us, by the greater view that we find that any major ship that a person commits inside there, a better than this will be rejected by lots of panda not accepted by lots of Hannah Diana, and that we find a various format a ship that we find that we need to remind ourselves

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with that many of us may not be committing the major ship, but the minor ship that we find that we should be wary of. Because the prophet Elijah time he warned about this, he said that, I should call it coffee. The hidden shake is like a black and on a black rock on a moonless night.

00:36:41 --> 00:37:19

Meaning you cannot see it, it creeps up upon the individual. And every Muslim should be worried about that inside their life, or we're doing actions for showing off for the sake of the people that we find. Unfortunately, fine, has become a practice inside our society that we do only actions for the sake of the people to be known of the people for the praise of the people, for the reward from the people who had no Midshipman assured this element of shift that a person should cleanse the hardest one many remember the highlight the most hardest thing inside my life? hardest thing inside my life is what is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is to rectify my nerves to rectify my intention, but

00:37:19 --> 00:37:32

don't call arbaeen Center, Fukuyama Ma Ma aka demonaco I don't take a step forward or step back, except for why am I doing this action in my life? Or by instead of 40? And I'm thinking why am I going to do this actually my

00:37:33 --> 00:37:43

mama going to speak? Why am I going to do this? Why? Because to rectify the soul, because the most important element in delay Subhana Allah Islam

00:37:44 --> 00:37:57

is the rectification of the heart. As we find the Day of Judgment, the first free to be judged, the first free to be judged in a day judgment. And I'm sure all of us are familiar with this headed over a woman yet to move to

00:37:59 --> 00:38:16

Korea, the shear, the reciter, the league scholar that we've bought on the Day of Judgment, and we say to this individual man, that matter of fact, what did you do with the knowledge that you had? What do you do with the Quran has given to you it would say that I taught people that knowledge, I recited the Quran for your sake.

00:38:19 --> 00:38:47

lied. You're liar. You done it so people will say untidily Mantashe, your reciter your your great share your greatness, Joaquin This was said about you. Because in the back of your mind you want this and what would happen is individual may Allah forbid this person be dragged on their face and thrown into jahannam the second individual Jawad generous individuals spending their wealth Why did you give your wealth to help the poor to help the people?

00:38:48 --> 00:39:01

You like? You? People may say unto jawwad Yo Yo, yo, yo yo generous person. Kareem your noble person, you feed people you give people wealth. That's the reason why you've done it. Dragon is face 32 john

00:39:02 --> 00:39:48

is the person Shuja brave individual. I have fought and I struggled inside your path. I made Jihad inside your pup because of you like you've done it so people will say you're brave. You're courageous. What is it about you? Dragon is face folding. Jana are women you have your multi ama first feet up of individuals resurrected bow for the Day of Judgment people a day. Allah forbid you find in the intestines would be thrown out in intestine be thrown out. I'll be walking around like a donkey walks around the mill around the world. People say man antishock salia your righteous person. You're a good person you think go up. We've got this. What is this? This happened to you got to come

00:39:48 --> 00:39:53

to America. What i t i used to command you with certain things. I never used to do them myself.

00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

I used to prevent you pay you to stay away from certain things, but I carried them out inside my own life.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

So Allah will throw out the intestines of these individual exposures individual day judgment. Yeah, you live in Amman, Lima. takuna malata falloon Dr. andonian Takuma de Lune gravy is in front of Allah Subhana Allah that you say certain things to individuals you don't do it yourself how the assassin Islam Allah close one near that we find that person should be worried inside their life that any take away any element and I like what the same time don't become overwhelmed about the people. If a person inside a bird is a bird to take remain in your a bird or inside your Salah inside of a nation the Quran only shall come and trap you and think I shouldn't do this. Maybe

00:40:38 --> 00:40:46

people are looking at me people are doing that. But you persevere inside the devotion commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find,

00:40:47 --> 00:41:21

we can conclude this the severity of the affair, whether it be the major ship or the minus ship, that a major shake seals a coffin or individual from ever going into paradise, and a minus share could prevent that individual from going into paradise immediately. And that is a path that we all should be searching for the quickest path the swiftest path that takes us straight into general wellness gives all the tofik and ability to stay away from schilke Melba Amina mama Papa any form of shape that we find that apparently hidden or may not be true, we will now see will for why HTML bah bah bah, whatever apparent sitting in disobedience that we find whether it be apparently hidden,

00:41:21 --> 00:41:30

give us the tofik and ability to become amongst each righteous servant. Those individual you find that a lot harder to meet those individuals, jambalaya,

00:41:31 --> 00:42:10

a lemon elimin Atala bepaalde bin Salim the data person comes with a pure heart, a pure sound art meets a loss of energy are trying to the best of their ability and any shortcomings that we have that kind of washes them away. wipes them out from being amongst the people of tawheed in number a woman eco Teresa lunada nebby Yeah, you're Latina. I'm going to do something with a steamer Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad Yunus la la barra Hema Allah ellebra human Academy de Majeed Aloma barichara Muhammad wa ala Muhammad gamma Baroque era Ibrahim al ebrahimian Academy de magie Tina Fey dunya Hashanah waffle, Kira Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin Robin

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Avraham nanfu salloway lamb Tao fitline our Hamner Len akuna Minal Casa de and Robin are filled and only one in Edina sub Hakuna de man mala alfei Co Op now Hilda Linda Dena Manu Roberta in Nakuru for Rahim para la na sobre was a bit awkward around so not uncommon Catherine from Canada to a port open about Ada de tener will have Blenheim in Dedham. kurama in a cantilever hub. Rob Donna habla nominates Virginia huria Tina Parata Yun

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tokina Rob Donna kopelman Niner Contessa Muna Halim watauga ballet nine Nikita taba Rahim subhanak vichara Bella is that the analyse phone was Mona Marcelino and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen como la sala de como como la like more space for buzzer may be waiting outside in Charlotte squeeze together

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