Nouman Ali Khan – Fight the Qaroon Inside – Part 2

Nouman Ali Khan
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Al Hamdulillah holla kill Buju demon Adam

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le new Remi Nakula from Aqua Sabri mineral alum, omocha Toba TL, another Finnish guru who alleged Messiah he became an ash guru who Allah.

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Allah rasulillah from the shadowfell shama noodle atom, will kitabi maka, maka Molina Bina will hartham say the Villa de Adam. Allah The Bashara be here a sub numidian whether it be 30 Ebrahimi, alayhis Salam hayner Kenya Furukawa debate Allah Hill Muharram for Salalah alayhi wa sallam, he hide in Oman levena barakallahu li him catheter nurse of Birmingham

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Al Hamdulillah lomita his wallet and Columbia cola who said he can fill milk cola cola Julio Minato Li kabiru tequila, well hamdulillah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Al Hamdulillah Latina who wants to know who want to stop Pharaoh when he went to LA when rubella Himanshu the unforeseen a woman say it emelina man Yes The Hello fellow mobila woman you believe fella howdy Allah. When? Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah when a shadow Mohammed Abdullah he was a pseudo Allahu Allahu taala will Hoda Medina Huck Leo Hara who Allah de Nicola he worker fabula he shahida for some Allahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira casilla my bad for in the US Dr. Heidi t

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tabula. Hydra Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We're in Nashville, moody Martha to her in Nicola modesetting with a Bakula Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah azza wa jal Kitab al Karim Banda and akula rubella Humana shaytani r rajim.

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In La coruna karna Minh Tomi Mustafa bajo la him Latina who mean algunos MA in Nevada who will attend Oh Bella Rosa de Lille over is God Allah Hu como la de fora in Allah Allah you will follow him

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till he FEMA attack Allahu Hara 10 Sano ceiba kameena dunia will action camera action Allahu la lake. When I attempt to heal facade I fill out in Allah Allah you have will move siddim Ravi Shastri sorry, we are silly Emery Hello Dr. Tammy lissoni of poco de la Homa submit now in the low TB La ilaha illallah wa la Medina Amina Latina, Amina Amina salekhard whatever So Bill happy whatever so beside me I mean, today I'd like to continue the some of the reminders and reflections that we started talking about last week when we were talking about PowToon and the advice that his people had given him a quick recap and some of the things I didn't cover last time that I think are

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important to review a lot of the first advice that a lot of recorded of these people is don't be overjoyed meaning don't go from one thrill to the next to the next cycle I think people are having trouble hearing in the back if you can adjust the volume for them. Charla fixed the mic up okay. So he says law in the law, you have willfully hain Don't be overjoyed, meaning don't go from one thrill to the next to the next to the next and the the point of that. The idea behind that was, as I mentioned to you yesterday, some people are last week, some people they go from one party to the next one game to the next. Like, we do this with our kids, they're just watching one episode of

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something, then they want the next episode, and they want the next episode in the next episode. And to become junkies in front of a TV station, or TV channel, or whatever show or a video game or online gaming or social media. It's just one hi after the next after the next, oh, this is going to make me momentarily happy. Some people can watch useless videos of I don't know, cats playing the piano or something for eight hours. And their day will go by this is actually in a lot of trouble for him. When people have no concerns left, they're wealthy, or their needs are met. They don't have to go out and earn a living. They don't have to take care of responsibilities, they got a lot of

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free time. And when they get a lot of free time they start getting spoiled and will start wasting their time. So what are young people do sometimes when their parents aren't providing the the income and they're taking care of the household and they're doing all the responsibilities? Well, then they got a lot of free time. So they're just moving from one, you know, entertaining experience to the next to the next to the next. You have kids in this calling out the youth as important just as it is calling out the elders, whoever does wrong should be called out myself included. So you have you know, parents paying their children's college tuition. And your parents are paying your tuition,

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you're taking three or four or five classes in college. And you're not really putting any effort into it. You haven't even decided what major to do yet. You're in between classes, you're hanging out skipping homework, assignments and all of it. That's an Amana your parents paid for this. This is on you. You have to take care of it but

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You feel like you can just, you know, toss it away because you don't feel any sense of responsibility. All of your needs are taken care of, you know, a young man who you give them a car, you just hand them a new car because they graduated, the way they're going to treat that car is garbage. As opposed to that same young man, if you worked hard and saved a little bit of money and bought an old busted old car, that you wouldn't even look at twice, he's gonna treat it like a queen. Why? Because it came with a sense of responsibility. Sometimes Allah gives wealth and luxury, and that instead of becoming a blessing, it becomes a poison. And so the advice that people are

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giving Corollas, he's got a lot of money. But now it seems he's just going from one joyous thing to the other. He's happy about what he's got. There's no real gratitude left. And that's a real fear we have to have for our children and ourselves also, are we becoming those kinds of people. And it's not just about, you know, movies and video games and parties and all those things. Sometimes people think that they're doing something religious, and it's shallow also, they go from one, you know, halaqa setting to another Holocaust setting to her in the name of Islam, but it's not really Islam. It's just sitting there backbiting, and say they're judging people, what kind of food people because

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this was a social event and nothing more, but it's feels Islamic. You know, Allah knows the difference between what's genuinely building somebody zacchara and what we're doing that's actually got poison mixed in with it. So let's not delude ourselves. You know, sometimes people assume that they are righteous, and Allah says not to Zaku and forsaken, don't declare yourselves righteous. Don't think that yourselves are pure, who are aluminium Taka, he knows better, who has stuck or not. So this first advice is a quick review. And then the logical progression of this advice is pretty powerful. There are five items here, and I hope to cover all five today in quick succession, he

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says, or they say to him, till he FEMA attack Allahu Allah Hara simple, whatever Allah has given you put it to use and pursue the next life with it. What in the world does that mean? That means everything you and I do in our waking moments, we have an opportunity to get something for this life and the next life at the same time, you're gonna go get halaal work, not only are you making money for paying the bills, but you're also doing an act of worship. So you're actually building your next life while you're building this life. So any free time You and I have, if we can start investing that time in a way that think to ourselves, what can I do that benefits me here, but also benefits

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me in the next life? Well, the leafy matakohe, la de la Sera, many scholars looked at this idea and said, This also means from whatever Allah has given you think about what more and more and more you can give to Allah for your ocular account. Some of you may have heard me talk about this before, everybody here knows the concept of a bank account, when you put things in a bank account. And sometimes you have different kinds of accounts, like a retirement account, when you put money in a retirement account, you can't just take it out, you got to wait 10 years, 15 years, or 20 years, whatever long it is. So that money is it's yours, but you can't touch it, it's yours, but you can't

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touch it. Spending for your next life is exactly like that. When you when you give something in charity. When you help somebody with a loan, when you help somebody who's you know, a widow, or an orphan or when you take care of a family anonymous when you do these kinds of things. When you help build a machine or you help support some, you know, some good cause when you do these kinds of things, you're actually not giving to anybody else. You just transfer funds, you know how you do transfer between accounts, it's all it is you transfer from your dunya account into your pocket account. That's all that is still your account. It's nobody else's account. You didn't lose any

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money. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam used to say manaka sama, lumen sadaqa, money doesn't go down because of charity. First of all, Allah will give you more in this life. But on top of that, what you give has actually not been lost at all, that was your own deposit for yourself. That was for your retirement account in the IRA. And every everything you spend gets multiplied at least 700 times at least the Quran is guarantee, you know, frequently some will attend me to haba. So the advice being given to him as Allah has given you a lot. But this a lot that Allah has given us in this world is basically going to be worthless in a few years. Think about that for a moment.

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Whatever Allah has given, has given you a beautiful house, if you have amazing clothes, if you have great savings, if you have a great education, great job, great social status. If you have the best of the best of this life. How long do you have it? How long before it's gone. And if it's not gone, you're gone. The house will still be there, you'll be in the in the backyard buried. The house is still there, the bedrooms still really nice. The living rooms are still really beautiful. The car is still there, we're not there anymore. So Allah wants us to build something truly for the future, truly, truly for the future. So he says yes, have good things in this life. But make sure that it's

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a double investment. It benefits you here and it

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benefit you in the next life. And if you and I start asking ourselves that question, what I'm doing right now? Is it something that's giving me some kind of happiness here? But it's maybe hurting my next life? Or is it something that's good here and good there at the same time? That changes our course of behavior quite a bit. It changes our actions quite a bit. The choices you make start changing. That's the second advice he's been given. But how is it connected to the first advice? The first advice was, don't just be overjoyed, looking for one thrill to the next to the next. Because when people just want to entertain themselves, they don't think about the long term. They're only

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thinking about having fun right now. They just want to feel happy

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in the law, hello, you have been funny Hey, hain, someone who just wants to be happy, doesn't want to think about tomorrow, or next week, or next year or 10 years from now they don't want to think about that. They're thinking about right now, man, I just want to have a good weekend. It's Friday night, what do you want me to do? That's all they're thinking about. And so Allah gives us through this advice, the ability to think ahead, when you think ahead, and you make good choices, then you get better here, get better things here. And in the next life. This is actually the Dow all of you know, really well. robina Tina Fey dounia Hashanah, karate Hassan joaquina. Governor give us the

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best in this life and the next life. That doesn't mean give me Jenna here and Jana there, it means Give me the ability of doing good things here, the good things that will build my next life there. So those two things become one, they're not two separate things. You're building your Hara, and building your dunya are not two separate things. They become one thing. They're not separated at all. And that's the beauty of our religion, we don't have to separate them. And so that's the second item that they they advise him to let's move on to the third.

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Now, when you talk about the afterlife and building the afterlife, somebody starts thinking, well, you don't want me to have what should I have for this life. And the balancing portion of this ayah is what I tend to see becoming a doula and I talked to you very little about that last time. Don't forget your portion, from worldly life from this life. Allah in this ayah not only should you build your healer, you should take care of yourself. Now what is your portion? There's a portion that what that means is you should take care of your health. You should eat right? You shouldn't just be you know, sacrificing yourself and thinking you're doing something for the sake of Allah. No, you there

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are some rights that allow you this body is not yours. Just like your money isn't yours, his body isn't yours. So taking care of it is a responsibility Allah gave you so if you're eating unhealthy food, and you're eating processed sugars day in and day out, and then you say Allah has tested me with diabetes. It ain't Allah who tested you, bro. You're testing allows the Amana Allah gave you with poison, you fed it poison, and then you're surprised that you have clogged arteries after 20 years of video knee, you know, and then and and you're going for heart problems and all all of these things. Why? Because we're forgetting our portion in this dunya just the same way. Physically, our

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body has rights over us the same way emotionally, there's rights that you have. You know, it's remarkable. Allah does not want us to be miserable for his sake. Allah says about his laws. Listen to this carefully. He says about his laws, you need a law Julio huffy. funcom. Allah wants to lighten your burden for you. Every law Allah gave you is to make your life easier. He didn't make any laws that benefit him. He only made laws of halal and haram and for you better do this, you better stay away from this you are allowed to do this. All of those laws, the only benefit who you to make your life easier. And Allah does not want anyone to be miserable. No one should be

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miserable. No one should feel like they're sacrificing their happiness, or what they need, or you know, you know themselves a part of themselves for the sake of Allah. That's not our religion. Allah wants us to have the best of this life and the next life. I say this, because what I'm about to say you have to listen to carefully. Sometimes people sacrifice their happiness, or their rights, or their dignity, and they live a miserable life. Because they do it not even for Allah, they do it for someone else. They do it for someone else. They sacrifice their dignity for someone else. And they tell themselves, they're doing it for a law. So here you have someone being humiliated by a spouse.

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It could be a wife, humiliating a husband, it could be a husband, humiliating a wife, it could be parents, humiliating children, humiliating parents, and each of them is thinking I should be patient for the sake of Allah. That's not for the sake of Allah. Allah never allowed for you to be humiliated, alone, never allow for your rights to be taken. And nobody gets to tell you, you should just have suffer, because that's what Allah wants. Allah doesn't want to tolerate abuse for you. Allah doesn't want you to feel miserable, even for his own sake, who's you? Who are you going to put above a law that you should tolerate that for? So the advice says Don't forget your portion in this

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life? There are things that you have the right to do. You know, sometimes I

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Hear these things that are part of so many Muslim cultures that my head goes for a spin like what religion is this that we we say we believe in? And what do we actually do? But the other day I was talking to, you know, talking about a young couple they got they have an issue, this is a Pakistani thing. other cultures may not be able to relate, but I want to tell you some some of the things we do we crazy. So I'll tell you some of the stuff we do. They get they get their their son and daughter, or they get this this boy married because he wants to marry this girl. And they want to make sure they're, you know, on the halaal side of things. So they get the nikka done, okay, don't

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do the guy has done, but we're not gonna let our daughter leave the house. The guy has done, but she still lives with the Father. And the husband says, hey, let's go out to dinner. No, no, no, you're not going with him.

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You live in my house? What kind of insanity is this? And then the daughter is crying and saying, I feel like I'm disobeying my father. And this, the straight answer to that is, by the way, the straight answer is, when nikka happens, the rights belong to the husband and the wife. Nobody has a say in that you're putting the even a father getting to say that he's putting himself above above the law. Who are you to tell people what to do when the law has given them that right? That you know, and so we come up with these laws that superimpose and make things difficult. And people say no, no, no, but I should respect my parents. Yeah, you should. But you shouldn't violate your own

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rights. You shouldn't do that. Because once you do that, once you start messing with Allah's laws, when you start twisting them to your preferences, or your cultural preferences, or your own priorities, when you start bending Allah's laws, that is when chatbot comes in, that is when horrible things happen inside families, because then the lightness of the burden goes away, and we put heavier and heavier and heavier burdens on ourselves. When I saw him when I learned that he cannot lay him, Allah gave us this law to remove from us the burdens and the chains and the feathers that used to be honest. Sometimes our own minds, our own culture, our own society, it puts burdens

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on us and Allah removes those burdens. Don't forget your portion in this life. If Allah has made something helpful for you, nobody can make you feel guilty about it.

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If Allah has given you certain rights, nobody else can take them away. And for law has not given somebody certain rights, they cannot assume that they have those rights. This the religion doesn't work that way. La and San Jose back Amina dunia take care of your portion in this I be respectful about it. I'm not saying you listen to this and go back home and start fights. I'm not saying that. But understand something if you don't take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of anything else? If you start breaking on the inside for the sake of Allah like you tell yourself human beings weren't wired that way. Allah has a certain nature and everything if you take a plant

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and you want it to grow, you have to give it water you stopped giving it water and you say I made so much it's still not growing. Though I was not gonna grow that plant it needs water. Allah made human beings with a certain kind of nature certain kinds of needs, when those needs are not taken care of. They're going to break they're gonna do messed up things they're gonna fall apart and then they're no good to themselves. And they're no good to anybody else. So that on sada Ciba camino dunya. But if you do take care of your portion, if you are able to stand up for your rights, if you are able to stand up for your dignity, if you're able to do that, and if you can, if you can do that, then the

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next portion of the advice comes, which is what accent about accent Allah, like, it's such powerful advice. He says, do your very best, and do beautifully. One of the ways to translate accent is do beautifully, the way Allah did beautifully towards you.

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Do your very best, like Allah did his best towards you. What in the world does that mean? That means that you develop a positive attitude. First, in simple terms, you are constantly thinking about the gifts that Allah has given you. I am thinking about the opportunities that Allah has given me the chance that Allah has given me that health that Allah has given me the strength that he's given me the mind that has given me the money that he's given me the opportunity and the society in which I'm living, the times in which he decided that I shouldn't be born. You know, some people say silly things. Like, I feel like I was born for a different era. And I'm living in the wrong No, you're

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less pretty sure you belong in this era. You can feel like it because you've been watching a lot of old TV shows, and you feel like you belong in the 12th century. But maybe you should start watching TV and live in this era. Because a lot created you for this time. And you should be grateful for the time and the environment and the situation you live in. Maybe you're surrounded by darkness, and you say why am I surrounded by darkness? Why am I in such a bad environment? Maybe because you were supposed to be the light that came in that environment. Maybe you're you were put in darkness because you're supposed to be that light after all the believers called a lamp and a lamp is only

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beneficial at nighttime when there's darkness you know, the believers hardest called a lamp right? And so there's maybe there's a reason you're in this situation, because you're supposed to be a sort of good you know, source of good

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First you take care of yourself, then you start doing good to all around Mr. Foster Dena Razi, when talking about this ayah said, Allah did not just limit doing good as in charity. Do good with your tongue say the best thing that things to people. Think about how you talk to people. Think about the tone you're going to take. Avoid sarcasm, say beautiful things, not ugly things. Don't Don't mock people. Don't look at people with ugly faces. You know, don't scoff at people don't talk behind people's back. When people see you. They have beautiful thoughts. They have a beautiful experience, even if they saw you for two seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds. Nobody's miserable because of you.

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You're not a source of misery, you're a source of joy. And why are you a source of joy for yourself and others because Allah has been good to you. Come on X and Allah who you like, as if Allah is telling us, we have to become better human beings in everything that we do. You're the best at your work. You're the best in your studies. You're the best and the way you carry yourself, you're the best in the choice of words you use. You're the best at controlling your temper you're doing, you're doing the best on every single front. Why? Because you keep thinking a lot has been pretty good to me. Alas, taken quite a bit of care of me. What does your body want you to do? shaitaan wants you to

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think about all your problems and blame them on Allah. Why don't you do this to me? Why is my brother taller than I am? Why is this happening to me? Why did that happen to me? I can't forget that one time somebody said this one thing. Yep, that happened. But all the good that's happened in between, he wants you to be blind to Allah wants you to think about how Allah is good to you. Think about us. And Allah, we like in a life still good to you, no matter how hard your life and my life is. There is someone who has much harder. And I've seen people that have a much harder life, and they are happy. They are happy, because they recognize that life is good to them. I'm reminded that

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still images imprinted in my mind. I was in Chiapas, in Mexico, and I was in a village, the whole village had become Muslim. The entire village took Shahada, and it took like, after a you know, a flight from Mexico City, it was about a two hour drive on a road that's not a road. So the car was like this for two hours. And then we get to this village and this village, everybody became Muslim. So hon Allah and so I'm and those people don't even speak Spanish. So they have their own language. And they had to have an interpreter. What I was saying was in English, then the interpreter was translating into Spanish, and then another interpreter was translating it into their language.

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That's how I would be able to speak to them. And some of these people, they invited me into their home, and I want you to just think about what I saw. They invite me into their home, their home was, you know, have you seen like in Home Depot out here, and some of these backyards, they have those sheds. Their home was the size of a shed, maybe eight foot by eight foot that is their house. And the outside of it is literally planks of wood of different sizes that they gathered. That's the walls of the house. The roof of the house was tin foil. The floor of the house was dirt. It was dirt. The kitchen was a propane tank, that's all it was a propane tank, and they twisted and a fire

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comes out and they cook on top of that there is no stove, the tank is the stove. And he's giving me a tour of his house. And he's so happy. And he says this is where we sit. And this and he moves some curtains and behind it is a bunch of newspapers on the wall. And this is where my children sleep. How many children do you have? I have three children. This is about maybe two thirds the size of a single bed. And this is where my three children sleep. And then he moves the curtain again. And this is where I sleep.

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And he's happy. And his kid runs in one of them has pants on and no shirt. The other one has a shirt and no pants. Because that's all the clothes they have. But they looked happy. Man, they look happy. And then you come back. And then you see kids and you go into the room. And you cannot step two steps without stepping on a toy. or books flying around. Alright, I want to do my homework. Or what's for lunch? Oh God, do we have this? We only have orange juice. I want apple juice. We have those and they're miserable. No, and then you can I go to the party on the weekend. No You can. You never let me do anything

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I have so I'm the worst life.

00:24:14 --> 00:24:20

This this is, you know this is axiom compassion, Allah like those people can see that Allah is good to them.

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And Allah has given us more many of us more than most people dream of, than most people would dream of, and miserable, miserable. He says what I sent my son in law who he like, be good to people, be good to others. Take care of yourself, take care of your needs, but become one who cares for others. And that in spite that should be inspired by how Allah Allah, Allah has been good to you and to me, if we can do that, then we can save ourselves from being paranoid.

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And we can stop ourselves from being entitled, you know, it's, you know, last thing I'll share with you about this individual. It's terrifying. It's terrifying endocrinological

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About terrible nations. Yes, initiative around the nation of loot the nation of solid, those nations, and the whole nation was evil and the Lord destroyed those nations didn't he? And he destroyed them in this life. And then they have punishment in the next life two times. qarun is not a nation, our own is one man. And his attitude, you know what his attitude is, I have everything because I'm pretty knowledgeable in the multi, nd. And you know what Allah did with him. He's not a nation, he's one man, and a lot buried him into the ground.

00:25:36 --> 00:25:54

Along with his house, he buried him in the ground, a lot punished him not in the next life and not punished him in this life. The story is being told to us because this is advice that's being given. If this advice is not followed, then we become like our own. And if we become like, qarun, we're not that much safer than qarun.

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We're not that much safer. If qarun can be buried into the earth in this life. And then in the next life, then we don't have an insurance policy against that. We don't have any way that we'll know that Allah will not bring us to our knees, and destroy us because of our arrogance, because of our ingratitude in this life before we even see anything in the next. And I pray Allah protects us from becoming a cartoon on the inside. These are not these are not just people who came and they died. These people had a disease, and that disease lives on until Judgment Day. That's why Allah describe this virus. So you read about it, I read about it, I think about it, I hear about it. And I say to

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myself, man, I better not be infected with this virus. Because that's scary stuff. I don't want it for myself. I don't want my kids to have it. And what can we do to get it out of our system? If we see some of this inside of ourselves? If I see some of this inside of me, what can I do? What can I How can I make choices that benefit me in this life? And the next life? What does he mean? I talk a lot?

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How can I become a person that stops just entertaining themselves and getting lost in social media and video games and movies and all this nonsense? Yeah, have some fun sometimes, but if that's all your life has become, which way are you headed? Which way am I headed? May Allah azzawajal protect us And may Allah azza wa jal protect our next generation and realize that we can keep our eyes open and never let us believe that this world is all there is that there is a much bigger reality ahead and allies always watching barakallahu li walakum filco Hakeem, when finally we are coming at with Hakeem

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smilo salatu salam ala alihi wa sahbihi Jain.

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Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin inika hamidah, Majid Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad

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Ibrahim, Ibrahim al al amin in the middle aged about Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah Akbar, Allahu

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Allah, in the salata, Canada limini Nikita makuta

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan continues his lecture on the topic of fighting the Qaroon within us and provides us with reminders and reflections on the topic of Qaroon.

One should not be overjoyed in one’s lifetime. Whatever Allah has given you in this life should be used to build up your next life. What benefits me in this life should also benefit me in the Akhirah – that should be the motto of one’s life. Don’t forget to take care of the portion which is your present life; it is our foremost responsibility – we should take care of our health, our bodies, etc. Allah wants us to have the best of this life and the Hereafter.

Allah has also asked us to be good with our tongues, speak kindly and not be a source of misery and trouble for others.

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