Murtaza Khan – Ramadan – A Time to Change

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the misunderstandings of Islam and the importance of finding a way to change one's condition and become a better individual. The segment also touches on the negative impact of Islam on people's mental health and the importance of finding one's actions as a means of transformation and achieving success in life. The segment emphasizes the need for skillful practices and intention to achieve success and finding one's actions as a means of transformation and achieving success in life.
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People do not use to take notes.

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We are back again.

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And I make dua for us and just allow us to give some relief some of you might need a place for a pasta.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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in Al Hamdulillah Hina

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When our auto Bild, I mean Sheree and fusina and say Dr. Molina mania de la Vela moody. One a little further ahead Jada washa

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Isla De La Hoya de hula Sheree Keller wear eyeshadow namaha Mohammed Abdullah who are a solo another in Dhaka DC kita Baba hiral Buddha Buddha Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara Morimoto to her wakulla Masha 13 bidder wakulla bid at in Bala Latin wakulla Bala let him finish.

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Rubbish roughly sorry, for your silly I'm sorry, we're located at a melissani of o Li.

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of the praising Allah Subhana. Allah, sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom

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we find that the Muslim

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is always seeking an opportunity,

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or time to amend to change themselves.

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And even before Muslim that we find even non Muslims the wider society around us, they all seek a moment inside their life, whether it be after they get married, or they gain a new job, or to gain certain achievements that they want

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for them to begin to reflect about their life, to amend their ways, whether it be the beginning of a new year

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in a Gregorian calendar that we find, they make these resolutions about changing themselves and becoming better individuals. And you study the resolutions of non Muslims. The top 10 resolution that you find, you think that these are Muslims, Islamic individuals, wanting to give up drink, smoking, to be good to family members, to take care of one's children, one's neighbors, to be honest, to be trustworthy, to give up smoking, the list is endless, is a list of non Muslims. So it shows a key element that the human being all of us we share a yearning desire to become better individuals.

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to amend ourselves,

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the only difference that could exist is that our amendment is for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to become better individuals in front of the Creator, to submit to Allah Subhana Allah. And as some of us may choose, after performance of Hajj, to become better individuals,

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or maybe some of us have that are in

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the age of wisdom of 40.

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Or some of us beyond that, maybe at the age of 50, or 60 think that maybe I've enjoyed my life. I've done everything I've wanted to do inside my life. And now it's time to worship Allah Subhana Allah to rectify myself, to become a better individual.

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And unfortunately for masses of our youth,

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some of them don't even have that aspiration. Some of them continue inside their life. Thinking that forever, I'll be young, that def will never catch up to me, life will never catch up to me. I do whatever I want to do. And at some moment in my life, I will then repent, when I think it's befitting, when I think it's right to repent to Allah Subhana Allah. This man had this methodology, as we documented inside the Quran, of doing the evil that we want to do. And then after that, we begin begin to repent, or begin to reflect inside so the use of our a salami 12 Chapter The Quran, speaking about the brethren of use of treasuring to deceive him or trying to harm him. Then they

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said what the kuno mean by de Omen Sala hain, we're going to do this evil action. First, the suggestion may be to kill him or to put him inside the well. Then after this evil action, but the cool human body Coleman Sala hain, then after this action will become pious individuals will become righteous individuals. This work shows the uniqueness of the Quran, there is hinting that this is the man has a methodology of human beings that let me enjoy my life. Let me do whatever I want to do. And then at some moment I then become a righteous individual

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walk to Dublin, Aberdeen a time of change, or the thought of change exists in all of us. And there is obviously a prime opportunity. That prime opportunity is this blessing month of Ramadan

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if there is an opportunity of trying to change oneself, or trying to become a better individual, than it is this

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month. Allah Subhana Allah does not change the state of this Muslim Ummah doesn't change the state of the affair that we live in. As some of us who may dream about that, even that dream is an accurate dream but it's only a dream. Because Allah is laid out a sadhana is a student of Allah subhana wa konia sooner that exists in the heavens, around the Earth, of how the rain comes into existence, life, death, plants, vegetation, animals, human beings, the wind, the thunder, that is suiting the cornea, that has certain causes certain reasons that bring about certain effect that exist upon this earth. Then it shouldn't have Allah Subhana Allah placed upon this earth,

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that things just don't change with a blinking of an eye person needs to do something. Yeah, you let me know in terms of law, young circum with a bit of Dharma calm. Allah mentions Are you believe in tuncer law?

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If you aid you give victory you help Allah Allah doesn't need our help.

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But the key element here is one of telling us to do something to gain something from Allah, in terms Rola young Sir, can you help the deen of Allah Subhana Allah Allah will give you victory will aid you make you victorious. Will you submit academic calm and make your feet to become firm grounded on the earth or grounded inside your belief your conviction? This is Suna inside the Quran sunnah of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah mentioned in Allah lair you have a euro, maybe a year maybe and fusi him. Allah will never change the condition of a people until they don't change their own condition their own state. That's how simple life is. That's how simple the victory but lots of pound Allah

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is. We don't need dissertations and doctrines and texts and long researches around long speeches. Just one eye inside the Quran in Allah Allah uma be comin, Hatha Yoga you may be unforeseen inside Soto rod, the 13th chapter, the suit of thunder lightning, in the beginning is Sora. If we don't change our own condition, we as Muslims we can. We can conclude ourselves, what our life is, what our actions are, what we're doing. From a small mini scale to a maximum scale, we can visualize it. We don't need to worry about the rest of the world. We can just worry about our own self math myself. My own commitment, my own life, my own discrepancies, my own downfalls, my own sins, my own

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mistakes, my own weaknesses, because it's a ripple effect is just a reflection of everything around us. Why this Muslim oma is suffering. And other passages are the Quran Allah Mencia Delica be an alum Yakumo urine meten an AMA holla amin Hatha Yoga yiruma be and to see him and Allah will never change the Nirvana the blessings He bestows upon a nation upon a people he doesn't remove them he doesn't take them away he doesn't lift them The only time a lot takes him away is had the Euro maybe and Fukushima and the lotsa Muna on him. When we change our own state. We change our commitment to Allah Subhana Allah that Allah lifts up the knee

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lifts up the blessings takes takes them away, blessings of peace, tranquility, *, control, power, authority or an sadhana what happens begins to diminish. Because why we turn away from Allah Subhana Allah. So don't become like those individuals who have forgotten Allah Subhana Allah Anselm and fusa home then they forget their own cells. Those are the first couple and rebellious individuals that you find throughout the Quran speaking about forgetting Allah subhanaw taala losing devotion commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah is the downfall of this blessing Muslim Ummah that we find like oh you find the effort to change when Takara by Elijah Bishop or in the corrupt to

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Allah is Iran when Takara by la duranta corrupted a burn when attorney um she I say to her Wollaton, every person comes to a lot of context one small step Allah state takes a larger step towards that individual person comes in arm's length. A lot come with both hands stretched out towards the individual. When attorney um, she at a to her wallet and he comes to me walking, I come to my great speed. What is hedis mean? They had these just in small, easy terms, his steps of change, you become positive inside you like to go towards Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will facilitate your life. Allah will make it easy for you to do the things that you're doing inside your life a lot makes a bad dad

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worship to be easy just like drinking sips of water that refer to some people, somebody becomes difficult

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Hello again, again, again, Tara we again, see him again fasting again, eat again, five Juma is possibly in Ramadan. That's what some of us mentality is a complaining mentality. For some of us unfortunately, but for the believing the believers, they find tranquility, they find peace, they find another moment, another opportunity for them to worship Allah and strengthen the image to come close to Allah and Allah. Allah mentioned signs of Ramadan being blessed for an individual, that a bird that becomes tranquil, becomes easy becomes lenient. And also after Ramadan, the person continues, maybe not reaching the same levels inside Ramadan, but maybe doing something equivalent

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to that, that persistence in obeying the laws. And that is why some of us we say that, at least read a juice, a juice of the Quran one chapter, the Quran, that equals to 3029 days, competed the whole Quran. That's the least. But many the LMR said that should be normal practice. There should be a daily if I can use a daily ritual, a daily practice every single day you will just have the Quran and in Ramadan, it goes beyond that three

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free chapters in five years. 10 years. So you read some of the works of the dilemma the setup that you find, so we can't comprehend it. How did an album How did the scholar complete the whole Quran in one night? That doesn't make sense? How did you read it in two nights in three nights? How did if I'm not mistaken my family complete 60 colons in the month of Ramadan How did you do that? Oh well and you find Baraka blessings inside their time. You've had the some of the element you find even in the priests previous years before your Muslim or before the Imam the Hopi will come to give the hotma they would come early and they would sit there by the time that Imam stepped on the first step

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they would have completed not sort of the gaff, they would have completed the whole Quran Sadhguru had the whole Quran sitting there while you're waiting for the Imam to come. They have completed reading the whole Quran. I want to share she said while he's flying to someplace maybe New York so in America, he said that on that flight, where many of us may be doing what frivolous wasting our time, whatever it may be completed the whole we citation to Quran. The whole Quran competed on the journey by the time he landed, he competed recited the Quran, Allah increases, the burqa increase increases the mean doing good actions that we can't imagine, that we think is a dream world how the

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person managed to do that inside their life. How did they manage to do all these things, is Baraka fie okatie him blessings inside their time, because of the commitment and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. And as we find that what will change bring? Because psychologically, that's what we need to understand many Muslims today living in this in this world of psychology that we find that we're brainwashed by certain things, it has a great impact. All the western elements around it had a great impact on our youth and that many of us Muslims, that elephant becomes the use of the mind the intellect, that psychologically what is the benefit of me changing in my life? What is the benefit

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of me becoming a good Muslim? I can't physically see that in my life. I can physically see that. When I exert myself in my work in my career, in my family, with the people around me, I can see a benefit. I can see some worldly benefits given to me. So what do you promise? What is the Quran promised that's going to be given? Well, let us let it enter into the Quran psychologically. What is the Quran promise for people who change for people who believe for people who say Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah, Pura Manu, taco la putana Allah him Baraka two minute semi without lacking caribou. Allah mentions I suited our off, if only the people our village they believed and they had the fear

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of Allah Subhana Allah left la Baraka demeanor semi equal or we would rip open the heavens and the earth for them. That's the first thing, blessings of Allah Subhana diapason changes, Allah expands, opens up the heavens and the earth for that individual that we find. Second we find peace and tranquility. While you but the unknown member the whole thing Amina, you find such so to note, a verse which which emphasizes the role of Islamic healer for dominance and control highlights inside the what is a key ingredient. That what will Allah do? That Allah will change the key word is change. Well, you bet the law means the whole thing

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will change the state of fear into a piece of tranquil state of peace and tranquility. He will take suit operation, this small surah for Dr. Moody raba. Her debate and Lady have a moment during man or woman have pseudo Quraysh speak about the tribe of courage simple message

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The Buddha debate, let them worship rabuka let them worship the Lord of this house, let them worship only Allah Subhana Allah what will be given in return. And Larry apollomon during who see Germany's state of hunger, poverty, barren land, muck has always been a barren land. But look at the wealth. Look at a wealth of blessing with Abraham La Silla, he prayed he stood there, then I'm standing in this empty, barren, destitute land, in the bicycle Muharram in your sacred precinct, standing there, what what is the response? The response that what we find today, billions, all the time have been coming to that location, millions of transaction billions of wealth and commodity that we find some

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of the relevant dimensions, you find fruits and products here that you will find no way in the world. But you find them there in the land of Makkah during the season of hygiene. So you find peace, tranquility, will be given to those individuals who change themselves. Likewise, you find an assertion, a positive outlook to live look at many of the non Muslim maybe they've excelled, they've achieved things in their life. But seafood in general, you find the lost individuals, they don't really know what to do with themselves. They may be a few skillful individuals, but the message they don't really know. And Muslim who begins to change has a positive outlook of their life has a

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positive commitment inside their life. They know what they're doing inside their life, they vigilant about their life, and that's a lot that gives them the dunya and akhira. That's all of us we pray Rabbana attina Petunia escena de hacer una joaquina Davina Ola kolomna shibumi Makka Sabu la serie Sir, give us good in this world and give us good in the hereafter. And say rescue us from the punishment of Hellfire Allah gives the good gives the world gives goodness to these individuals. Likewise, it's at the end of sootel passes. Allah mentions will attend Santa ceiba kameena dunya was in coma Santa la la. When attend Santa ceiba camino dunya Don't forget your share of this dunya

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really must have a serum. I've dissected this verse to discuss what is what attend senesi becoming at dunya allameh saleha which has a deeper meaning Don't forget to obey Allah and Allah and then you find the genuine meaning because the discussion here is regarding qarun that the friend, the family relative of musasa, the wealth they've been given, and he's boasting about his wealth. Mr Masuda sera mentions about the behold, about the donkeys that the man of donkeys are just carrying the treasures had the appeal submarine 70 don't don't donkeys are carrying the treasures. But the Quran hints towards this. If when asked by roseburn the Arabic language means merfolk Ashura, above 12 is

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the use of and his brothers that we find here as well. He Allah mentions us by the keys of the treasures that belong to qarun.

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By carried by 1010, strong individuals, that's just the keys. The solo imagine the treasure given to our own. So this is a context of pseudo answers that we find the end. So hey, Allah mentioned the end well, attention acebo coming at dunya Don't forget your fair share of the world, taking the things of the dunya that you need. And then comes a reminder for the believer, well as income as an ultra elite, show goodness to people, like Allah showed goodness to you. This is the wealth of Allah Subhana Allah He gives to whomever he wants, I want you to

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spread that wealth. Give that wealth to other individuals to show the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Likewise, you find it makes you mentioned a better individual, and all of us, we have a feeling for change. Maybe it may be to adorn ourselves more with the sadhana. Maybe we need to dress more like a Muslim to behave more like a Muslim, for Muslims is the way a job. Only things external things, we don't hold out Islam on them. We don't pinpoint on a person that you know, you don't have a great beard, you're not a good Muslim. But these are good symbols that I'm sure all of us as Muslims in our love and our devotion to the Prophet Salas. And we want to do that now can configure

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sooner or later lado satune escena. We will want to do that when we read about his live read about your sera we want to emulate you want to copy him. We don't say that's the old end. And we just judge people upon that. We encourage ourselves to encourage them but the deeper element of our life. Maybe it might be I need to learn more.

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I need to be more vigilant on my prayers. I need to be more sun, moon warfare, or maybe even more deeper than that in the elements within our heart and I might maybe I need to remove the anger for myself. The frustration, my bad characteristics or bad behavior, but bad speech. That's what some of us we lose that. You know, some of us we can adorn ourselves to be the right person at the right individual. But when we engage with people, that's what they say.

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Most times, so if you want to know about a person, ask their family members, ask them how they behave, how they conduct themselves, they're in the home, do they swear? The foul mouth? Do they back by they get angry? Do they blame that is slander, do they curse? If that's us, then we need to question ourselves that we need to change. Because this is also the pinnacle element of the shooting of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that many of us are beginning to forget, that we home in. And it's quite sad that we have to mention this. There's something even officiality that even as we're worried about the person next to us, we're worried about where did they place their hands? How do

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they pray? How did they move? How do they do this? And we've lost vision. We lost vision of our own center, our own focus, and as soon as we finished solid, the first thing that we went to do is we went to rectify them. I'm not saying we shouldn't rectify them. But it's become it's become the main theme. That's what a life becomes a theme just becomes other people. another person's a better they could be immense a class inside their heart and their devotion that may have slipped, they may have heard, they may have forgotten, there may be no one's taught them to sadhana. It may be that a person needs to use some wisdom to make but to remind them and encourage them. That may be another

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moment to build a relationship that you know you come early for Salah you do everything. But maybe you miss this, maybe you need to do that. This is how we how we encourage ourselves a love of change. Not a love of pushing people away. It's sad that there are people who get pushed away. They get pushed away from Islam that this person is sad to say this, but I've heard this with my own ears. I don't want to see this person. I don't want to meet this person in the masjid. How can that be? How can a person express that about another Muslim I don't want to meet them in the masjid. I don't want to see them in the masjid. They put me off coming to the machine. Even though that's not

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a genuine excuse. No one should put you off. I'm coming from the masjid. But let that not be an excuse for them to use that. That shaytaan comes into the heart and their mind and they get pushed away. That's why this month of Ramadan what to do encouragement, encouraging ourselves and people around us to change themselves to become better individuals. And now is the time to carry out those resolutions. In his blessing month of Ramadan. Wherever we find that the dose of Jenna footage, the doors have been open, the doors of jahannam been closed and the sharpener been chained have been locked away. So as we began, we want to change this to the ideal opportunity, Imam of mercy of

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forgiveness. Some people do want to mention this narration that in the beginning that you find is Rama. In the end, you find his mark Farah, and the end in the middle is mellifera. And you find is delivered from the fire. This narration his wording is not a Hadith of the Prophet. So let's apply a week narrations they're not authentic. The meaning may be true to this in actually the meaning is more opposite to that. The whole month is Rama the whole month is for the whole month is it could mean the whole month is delivering from the fire. The whole month is that and so we need to worry about our life. Just like the world. We make we make sure that we do an accurate deal. We make sure

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you do everything exactly. We wouldn't want to do it. But when it comes to Islam, that whatever goes mushy, whatever people do, let us just do that. It's a cultural practice, people are doing that. Let me just do that now. Don't become cultural, in your mind. Become as a single identity individual. I strive in everything in this world. Let me strive to learn my Deen. Let me strive to better myself. Let me strive to become closer to Allah this excuse that I can't change. You know, as we began with as a human being psychologically, we're always changing. We're all we always revolving, we're always moving one step to another step. We move home to home, country, to country family, to family

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education, to education, work, to work, job to job, what do we do? We take it in stride, we take it as part of our life. But when it's Islam, we drag our feet, we drag our feet out, no, maybe it is not the time to perform it. Maybe it's not the time to become a better Muslim, maybe it's not time to do this inside my life. Why? When life has always been a change for the human being right from the beginning of inception, the buruma the darkness of the womb of the mother, we make that change to come out to the north of this dunya then the opposite. The Darkness is of the grave, to the newer of the horizon will change. If you study the change of the human being.

00:29:42 --> 00:29:50

At War we created you in stages. Look at the beginning of so to lodge the 22nd chapter and through through minuchin speak about a human being.

00:29:51 --> 00:29:52

Then being

00:29:53 --> 00:29:57

neutral and being a warmer than being covered in blood,

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

of flesh of blood that we find

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That'd be a lump of flesh, a government. Then we cover it with bones, we cover the flesh and veins from

00:30:07 --> 00:30:18

her vertebra Kala pin. Then we make him into a complete mode, a complete human being, lack of incentive fee as any

00:30:19 --> 00:30:32

human being is the best thing that Allah subhanaw taala created. The best creation of Allah is the human being. That's Allah mentioned woollacott Corona Benny Adam Wareham alone is very well

00:30:34 --> 00:30:35

known under Casa

00:30:37 --> 00:31:28

de la Lila. Wanaka Rhonda Penny Adam, he gave so much dignity around prestige, nobility honor to the children of Adam. We took them over the oceans, we take them over the land, and we gave them a monk preference. This human being us al Bashir insane, but at the same time, we created a human a best form for murder known as Fela sassy lead, then how can the human being become the lowest of the low? How can a human being being the best creation of Allah Subhana Allah become the lowest of the low via almasi A Zulu disobedience, rejection sins, vices leads the individual to be removed from becoming the best of the creation of Allah and Allah to becoming the worst of the creation of Allah

00:31:28 --> 00:32:06

subhanaw taala and as we find that this concept of change that we find that we need to encourage ourselves and the Muslim brothers and sisters around us, that the benefits of change in this month of Ramadan is a month of mercy. You find inside the Quran katiba Allah nuptse here Rama, Allah has written it down upon himself to be merciful. You know, this is the month where you by you you swing towards the mercy of Allah. There's a person who dies in a month of Ramadan in January is a good sign. It's a good sign because you find that the person is leaving is doing in the month of Ramadan, Allah will judge them, but it's a good sign just like passing away on the night of your Majumdar

00:32:06 --> 00:32:46

doesn't mean it doesn't guarantee paradise. Let us be clear about that. Because some people think that dying on a Friday night is definite paradise for the individual, it's a good sign to die in Ramadan is a good sign. Because the person is trying to focus towards Allah Subhana Allah to die in a state of Hades is an even greater sign. Because people will die in hajj, they buried in a harem, and they'll be resurrected and a judgment making the trivia so everyone will visualize them in a state of hygiene state of Iran, praising Allah Subhana Allah. So these are signs, symbols that Allah places on the earth, when people are trying to change themselves. And the same surah looks like I

00:32:46 --> 00:33:13

mentioned cutterbar bukem, Allah nuptse Rama, your Lord has written it down upon himself, to be merciful, in other places of Quran in the Rahmatullahi coreboot Minar masini Indeed, the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is close, not to the believers, not to the Muslims, to towards whom I've seen in the dues of good people who are excelling, that you find that Islam is just a basic element.

00:33:14 --> 00:33:55

And be deeper is the mortmain the believer. deep inner is a motion, as defined by default, every single motion is a movement is a Muslim, but not every Muslim becomes a pure movement and never becomes a pure motion. So you have to come into the inner circle. Most of us want to be in the outer circle. I'm just a Muslim. I'm just a Muslim by default I just Muslim what everybody does. Everybody knows fasting a month of Ramadan. Everybody's doing it so amazing. Go with the status quo, whatever everybody's doing. I just participate with them. So I don't feel strange. I don't look out of place. No, that's not the reason of Ramadan. The reason Ramadan isn't just to lose weight, or to just for

00:33:55 --> 00:34:44

health purposes, that had these is very weak, that it's too fast. Fasting is good for your health. It's very weak. No color, no birth is false. But there is an element of truth that fasting is good for the body good for the individual. Fasting isn't just about remembering the poor people as well. There is an element of fasting. The core element of fasting is Naloxone. You may gain piety, devotion, commitment to Allah subhanaw taala. Color other BOC Cebu, Cebu, even a show where Amati was the Aquila Shay. My punishment will come upon whomever I decree it to come upon. There's the punishment of Allah that exists, first of all short, could be punished by Allah Subhana Allah and

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likewise you find what it was the ethical lashay and my mercy as encompass everything in our heads could see that we find them Mercado de la when Allah decreed the creation, Allah Subhana Allah cutter Buffy kitabi piccata B and NFC

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Under Amati Yakubu hada b o comma Paul sobre la Selim wrote in a book that it kept with him for our mobile and in the home, that indeed My Mercy would overcome my anger. Allah Subhana Allah is merciful, merciful to whom

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merciful towards the believers. Mercy is a genuine merciful love for all of creation, the mercy that exists as a matter even you find the animals for the capitalism, mercy existed. But the real Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is for the Muslims, is for his Muslim oma, that's it for us. And we should be snatching it at Mercy. We should be hastening towards that mercy, rushing to gain the mercy, that forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah. And likewise, you find that in that change, what does Allah do to these individuals? For Allah aka you, but they will say yes, say a team has an ad, working on a logo for rahima when people are making the study, this is a render so to talk about all the scenes

00:36:04 --> 00:36:48

that these people have carried out, or the scenes that they shouldn't be carrying out inside their lives. And what's special about these rebels man and even if they do fall short for all aka up low so your team has entered that in that change. What will happen you bet the key word a deal. Allah will change their bad deeds, their sins into good deeds. Likewise, you find in and sanity, you'd hipness, see, their Lika decorah is their career inside Surah Hood. Indeed, good deeds they blot out they wipe out they wipe out good deeds. Indeed in that is a reminder for the people take heed from that reminder is read it up. See this is a Doberman photo of him so UT, he says that you find a man

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an individual a companion, he kissed a woman and he came to the Prophet some of the Lord's haven't asked him that how do I told myself What should I do to atone myself if when these ayat was sent down established a prayer at the beginning of the day at the end of the day

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and a part of the of the night look at the way you rectify yourself is its focus is a Salah

00:37:12 --> 00:37:58

in masala Tottenham, Basha evil monk of Salah takes you away from from even your Salah doesn't take you away from even alfalfa. What is loosely translated English language is sexual promiscuity, lewdness, wickedness, sexual misconduct, bad behavior, bad conduct, bad speech, filth. That's what it is. So if your Salah doesn't drag you away, every time you come from Salah you return back from doing exactly the same thing. Then there's something deficient about you within yourself and your center. Because in a salata, tenha annual fashion you will incur. it drags you away. Every time that you You may even think about some evil or doing something wrong. The cooler prayer reminds you to

00:37:58 --> 00:38:39

come in front of a law. They're standing in front of Allah, you hear second is inside a sauna. So becomes incumbent upon him that not just in the month of Ramadan outside the month of Ramadan, many of them they are skillful in the Quran. But why don't they use that skill of the Quran outside of Ramadan to awaken people. This is what when you first that we let you find that certain in we may look at moment how we change ourselves. Maybe some of us look at a calamity. I struggle a hardship and that's what made me change my life. Maybe for some of us we love a bit prison, maybe death of a loved individual, maybe loss of this then I changed myself. You know some people who studying them,

00:38:40 --> 00:38:53

and they asked what made you change in your life. And it's quite amazing. They said the things that changed me in my life. This is the difference between us and the Quran. This is what changed my life is I heard a verse of the Quran.

00:38:54 --> 00:39:15

I had a vessel for an in Arabic persons obviously the fluent Arabic speaking individuals. This is impactful Quran they heard a verse of the Quran, and he awoke them that's what the Quran should do. The Quran should awaken as when you hear the Quran, he is such a of punishment of torture, other chastisement, that this will happen you hate those if

00:39:17 --> 00:39:29

you hate the man, why do you think some of that? I mean, why do you think they're crying? Why do you think they weeping? Why do you think before that the Prophet Alex um, you find that instead of hiding the wood, when you stand in prayer, you could hit the boiling of a cauldron I thought

00:39:31 --> 00:39:59

emanating from his chest. He's hot would be weeping. He's hot will be crying. That's the Quran, the professor was the most strongest personality he find when he went to war. You find the Sahaba said that when the war became so fierce, so ferocious. When blood was spilling everywhere, people being slayed have been killed. We felt weakness. You know what we would do? We'd go behind the Prophet. Some of the lies tell him because he's the most strongest individual and a smile of mine.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00


00:40:01 --> 00:40:04

you find I had to go to philosophy in Chicago?

00:40:05 --> 00:40:10

I the strength of 30 men going all the way up to 100 men that was a prophet Allah,

00:40:11 --> 00:40:25

the Quran due to him around to break his chest breaking from within himself. When he said to have been living with Ruby, the Quran he said how can I read the Quran? Allah Allah, Allah Quran when said upon you are a nice man.

00:40:26 --> 00:40:50

I want to hear from other than myself. I want to recite the Quran and the Quran. When he hears the Quran, he comes in the verse inside Certainly, sir, how would it be on that day we bring you as a witness and bring your witness stand over the whole of humanity. He find that is in progress. I'm making a shout at him that stop if the stop there for either another language He

00:40:51 --> 00:40:52

looked at his face

00:40:54 --> 00:41:20

and he's weeping. He's weeping because you understand the magnitude adversity score and how will it be the icon on that day of judgment and a stand as a witness over the whole of humanity? That's what the Quran should do to us should awaken us awaken and if that's what you change as the key element is the Quran, Koran will change the individual. Does these individual hedges pass it heard a verse of the Quran it moves them away from their life? And that's what it should do to us.

00:41:21 --> 00:41:27

Baku, Korea that was tough for lalibela calm What did you mean Muslim enough istockphoto in order for him

00:41:36 --> 00:42:17

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman Temasek camisa, natira Yo, Medina, my bad. We find the beginning of our forest as we mentioned at the beginning of our lives are beginning of everything that we do cool enough salatu wa nozaki, Rama, Rama Murthy layer below let me say our lives in our dying and our sacrifice and our prayers are all dedicated to Allah Subhana Allah, Masha Allah who will be thoroughly committed to one hour, meaning a Muslim man that made a commit myself to Allah Subhana Allah, in everything that I do inside my life, that you find a close sincerity, that you find the first Hadith that we find is

00:42:17 --> 00:43:01

eliminar Malou Binney yet indeed actually, that we judge by the intention, what does the person intend? What do I intend in these 2930 days of fasting? And we mentioned this time and time again, for cohab discuss the if a person made an intention, that I will only be a good Muslim for 2930 days of Ramadan. And as soon as Ramadan is over, not just an average Muslim that we will all sit and make mistakes and go back to what we may be doing, but intentionally makes an intention that I'm only going to be specifically good for these 2930 days, then I'll go back to do what I was doing exactly, or maybe more than what I was doing pre prior to Ramadan. fuqaha mentioned for sia mu bottle. The

00:43:01 --> 00:43:11

fasting has been invalidated, you're wasting your time. You're wasting 2930 days of your life. If that's your double intention within yourself

00:43:12 --> 00:43:51

and you had the intention you to rectify that I want to change it know what will happen after Ramadan. That's all of us. But don't hold that intention. That's what many of us that's the intention what it is, it's visible. It's not even hidden. It's not something that we can make an excuse. And we all are visualizing I mentioned it previously that we're all visually straight off the slaughter throw here. People are smoking outside the masjid. People may be lovely taking drugs, maybe thinking just before I protect my fast doing everything that they're doing, and they just think is some lip service. A cm has a deeper meaning. Some line, some original samaya somatropin

00:43:51 --> 00:44:31

fasting of the eyes Firstly, the hand fasting the limb fasting the body, that's a real fasting if that's real change, that you find some some of the rules and fasting of the is too fast is not to listen to music. They listen to her arm. All of us we know these things. You don't need to be a great scholar to understand all of it in every Muslim note at the end of the month of Ramadan it should abstain from it. But what do we find is becoming common practice. There may be something I'm doing even for Muslim sisters or what is life for them to just adorn themselves Xena topper Raja fine. I just said lip service of Islam that we find. Where's the element changed many maybe men

00:44:31 --> 00:44:59

changes and make opportunities, advise their family members encourage him to come to the mesh encourage him to listen to Quran. encourage him to refrain. We don't need lavish food every day. We don't need lavish food that life just revolves around that. That a woman will complain that all Ramadan is spent cooking. We don't need that. restrain yourself give them an opportunity to rectify their relationship with Allah Subhana Allah for su SMEs to wake up these women folk wake his wife

00:45:00 --> 00:45:36

have encouraged him to get them up for the prayer to remember Allah Subhana Allah finally 10 nights of Ramadan what would he do? tighten his his are tighter is lower government in a state of devotion commitment, committing himself to Allah Subhana Allah. As we began with change will come with breaking the quenches or breaking the desire of desires. Breaking that without suggest that we abstain from food and drink, abstain from the desire they may be valid. But if you want to be lifted Muslim or Muslim or has to sacrifice, make those sacrifices. So this first thing that we find out the various elements that we find some way

00:45:38 --> 00:46:18

to look at something which is haram. A division is something which is haram, forcing the hand not to touch something which is haram, take something which is haram. Likewise, fasting of the tongue, and this way many of us the downfall is we can't control our tongues in Ramadan. We can't control our tongues, always complaining, what are we complaining about the food, the people around us? And may Allah forbid that for some of us complaining about the masjid about the Imam about the people about this about that it's common practice, even walking into Salah that the Imam is like this to me, this is all a lack of understanding of Ramadan even the mommy takes long in fact a Salah

00:46:20 --> 00:46:55

you by you making that comment that Imam takes long In fact, Ravi Sinatra which is a super rogatory prayer, you're supposed to extend the prayer is supposed to be a lengthy prayer. We have a discipline to pray it they under no obligation not that we encourage them to miss it. They are under no obligation in a fun prayer you can complain you can come and say to the Imam look don't love it. It's so much read a shorter surah we have to go back to work we have other things to do. There's no harm in that. That's the first action but this month of Ramadan You have no right. You have no right to talk about the Mmm. You have no right to say about the Imam is taking his time. Why doesn't he

00:46:55 --> 00:47:36

rush inside his camera what is any hurry up and read faster so we can get home? This is all backbiting This is all complaining. This is all being ungrateful, as a symbol that we don't want to enjoy a better. We don't want to be in a state of servitude, of commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala. I like what you find if the person really gains that level of Eman. We find this Hadith, that if almost can't I love the individual, just like we mentioned person coming close to Allah Subhana Allah, if Allah loves indivision, then Allah Subhana Allah becomes what becomes the site by which he visualizes the hand by which he takes the legs by which he walks. And he used to ask me, I will give

00:47:36 --> 00:48:11

it to him. I've used to seek my refuge, then I will give him that refuge. That is a higher level of a believer. You know, many times I've questioned myself, do I see that when I pray to Allah? It's given to me, even though I'm not does give there's no doubt. But do we have that deeper feeling in our heart that if I ask, it's going to be given to me, if I seek refuge and protection, I will be protected, many of us can conclude our own selves die even in the image isn't there? And in conclusion that we find that Heidi in the collection in the hoceima, that we find that a profit is often a very strange action.

00:48:12 --> 00:48:56

He stepped upon the member. And he said I mean, three times. And the companion said that you done the string action. You step in you said I mean, then you step you said I mean, and you step you said I mean, again, they said what is the interpretation is what is this actually that you did? He said indeed jabril so he came to me. And he said to me that indeed whoever reaches the month of Ramadan, and does not have to have his or her sins forgiven, and enters into fire, they may Allah distance that individual, say me, this is a mean of condemnation, of cursing, that you come to the month of Ramadan, you haven't delivered yourself from the fire, you haven't tried to save yourself from the

00:48:56 --> 00:49:35

fire, then you may as well that you find may not distance that individual, meaning that there's going to be no moment of change for you. This is amongst a rare occasion that apothecaries have ever prayed against people against his own Muslim followers. And if you can conclude that linguistically by saying that whoever comes to the month of Ramadan doesn't have his or her sins forgiven, let them only blame their own self, may Allah distance that individual away Take the individual away, say a million he said I mean, so this is change. As you said that Shelton are chained up, even discussion begins to take place what type of shouting but in January or early may have concluded that elements

00:49:35 --> 00:49:59

of haram are weakened, and maybe senior shouting or chain, you can feel that compassion that mercy that goodness is there. If a person doesn't thrive, doesn't take that goodness does it jump on that goodness doesn't encourage yourself to do more goodness, then we can conclude May Allah forbid the hierarchy. There is no goodness in the individual. There is no goodness no matter what state of individual person may be.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:40

repairs can be most sinful individually, a sensible individual will some moment in their life as we began with, on his best month of Ramadan, if we try to create or help place a good environment, the environment at the mercy of people come to make it conducive. When it comes to mercy, they feel Hello or feel tranquility feel peace, they feel empowered. They feel like I want to change, we become a source a tool of encouraging them, so becomes goodness. And that's what we should all be a tool, an instrument of not leading people towards heroin, leading people to is doing something wrong, even do something, something wrong myself as a father, they I want to encourage my children

00:50:40 --> 00:51:15

to do that. It's my own weakness. And that's what we should be as practitioners that we are all our weaknesses, but try to find sources of goodness, that imagine somebody month of Ramadan who never used to pray, who was a function on their prayers. And you encourage them you spoke to them when you reminded them, and they became a Muslim, observe their prays five times a day. Imagine your hazard. Imagine your good deeds on that day. When you meet Allah subhanaw taala. Imagine you encourage another individual to leave this, leave smoking, leave the taking of drugs, leave this harem relationship with this woman, walk away from it. Stay away from Xena stay away from this stay away

00:51:15 --> 00:51:54

from that encouraging good words reminded them. Imagine that higher. Imagine goodness. And these words shouldn't be taken lightly because unfortunately, we find that every other Muslim is involved in these actions, unfortunately, so we need to become a tool of encouraging them to break away from this pattern that this is an average practice. This should not be an average practice. It should not be an average practice for Muslim. The average practice of a Muslim is preserving their tongue, preserving their bodily part, preserving their life, preserving themselves being a good individual. It's a symbol of a Muslim is a symbol of this society, you find people thrive done. They know that

00:51:54 --> 00:52:32

Muslims are trustworthy individuals, good individuals, pious individuals. Don't do this. Don't do that. It's a symbol of us Muslims. We need to uplift once again. Now I'm not under give us all a blessing. Whatever remains of Ramadan, give us all the tofik in ability rectify intentions, rectify our actions, exert ourselves in our actions to come to closer to the final moments of Ramadan in exerting ourselves to become sincere and good individually, as we began with the benefit of our own self, on the day that we stand in front of Allah Subhana Allah in Allah Malaika Luna nebby your Latina amanu sallu alayhi salam o de Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad yamasa

00:52:32 --> 00:52:55

later Abraham Allah ebrahimian Academy Tamati allama Burdick Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad gamma Baroque era Ibrahim Ibrahim A naka de Majeed Ravana Tina Fey Tanya has Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina so paranoid of the Caribbean is that the phone was Madonna Marisa linode hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen como de sala de como como como bah

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