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The importance of finding personal and daily prayer is emphasized in the discussion of Islam. It is also highlighted the need for individuals to make contributions to change and not fall short of others. Prayer for the upcoming return of Jesus Christ is also discussed, emphasizing the importance of finding a passionate person and finding a way to find the right person to ask for.

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Said Amati Kumara Matala

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in Alhamdulillah Hina Meadow monastery you know when to stop fiddle when our old will be low you Manchurian fusina amin say Dr. Medina Mayor de la Fela moody Lala. On a little further had Yoda y shadow

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ilaha illallah wa de vous la sharika y shadow, Muhammad and abdomen or sudo I'm about to fire in Stockholm DC kita Bula highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara do more image data to her wakulla Mahesh desert in VEDA wakulla v dot invalidity in wakulla Ebola that infant Frobisher roughly surgery while you're Sidley Emory, we're hydrocodone tambien de Cerny of Coco Lee

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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam living in a world of a lack of accountability, we find that sometimes as Muslims begin to get worried, or focus upon those things that sometimes we're not really accountable for.

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And those things that we're referring to,

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is possibly the world politics of the Muslim Omar that we find

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the hardships, the difficulties, the tribulations, the fit and the turmoil that we find.

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And we find two extremes or two spectrums about world politics that we find

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that Muslims have nothing to do with the world around us, that we shouldn't engage with the world, or shouldn't become over worried about what takes place upon the face of this earth.

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Whether these individuals will find such harsh statements due to their own belief, their corrupt beliefs, their innovative practices, the lack of conviction regarding Allah Subhana Allah, so May Allah forbid they use such words that they deserve these punishments. And here we're talking about Muslims describing other Muslims and other Muslims have a carefree approach, that whatever takes place upon the world, that as long as my life is not affected, it doesn't affect me. Then I can care less about what's taking place in the face of this earth. And his Muslim Ummah, is in between the two extremes. Okay, dedicada under como Moto, Masato, we made it amid a nation that's been moronic.

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I had a sudden that evil Gemma or that you find never to go to extremities, to remain in the middle, what's taking place, whether it be the Muslims in Burma that we find the suffering and the hardships 1000s of years resided in that being punished and tortured, quite simply because they believe in Allah Subhana Allah, that some Muslim return a blind I think is not important, is not relevant. Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala

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makes us Bab makes means makes ways for person to do certain things, that the response of Allah Subhana Allah has given a person who wants to earn the sustenance there is doesn't just remain there inside the masjid. Does it remain there praying, the person has to make some contribution, some physical effort, that's even the Quran speaks inside so to Jumeirah, the after fader coup de Sala to fantasy roofing have developed a home in for builder that when you've competed completed the prayer sallahu wa Salatu. Juma contest you fill out, go out in the land, Kenya inside the Arab land, go out and seek search for your sustenance, your risk, to whom in fact Linda, seek from the virtue of the

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blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, poverty is not taken away by continuous praying and remaining a state of prayer. Poverty is taken away by effort. And that's defined al Baraka is in battle fudger in the Muslim world that we find that should exist even today, the day of the believer begins of the selected folder, because inside the early Moon is Baraka that's placed there. And as we find that is stagnation amongst ourselves not to make exert our efforts, not trying to make an effort to change what takes place around us. And even in the worldly affairs that we find, when did you get married or to do certain things a person needs to make the effort but when it comes to the deen of Allah

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Subhana Allah, we find this lexical stagnated approach by not trying to make any effort that Allah Subhana Allah will just resolve the problems. A lot of places, certain problems with a hikma that belongs to him, Subhana Allah, and likewise places the solution and places the solution in the hands and the hearts and the minds of mankind. To use those solutions to get the end result will be given by Allah Subhana Allah. That's the last time that I mentioned inside the Quran Are you believe remain steadfast add Deen of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will aid you. Allah doesn't need that aid and assistance. But as the LM have described, that this is a way that we have to do certain actions

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to gain the blessings or the reward or victory from Allah Subhana Allah. And as this Muslim suffering that we find, we need to make our contribution contributions are numerous that we find that we need to carry out to help this Muslim Ummah, amongst those contributions, after the physical contributions and praying and making an effort is also add personal effort that a person needs to make to encourage or to strengthen this Muslim oma, as you mentioned, as sometimes as we mentioned, people get become over emphasizing the concept of accountability, that we are liable. We're accountable for everything.

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That takes place upon this Muslim Ummah, we are liable if we fall short our own selves, because certain things in a day judgment, we may not be asked about them, because Allah Subhana Allah knows that we don't have the solution. We don't have the ability to make an effort to change that. But certain other things that we find that begin to fly us by many of us Muslims that we find,

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because sometimes they are very difficult.

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And because we think other things are easy to contribute, we begin to lose focus. And that is the theme of our effort that we've been speaking about in a previous Hadith. In our Luma you have Sybil Abdi Yama, Yama, a Salah, the first thing the person will be asked about accountable for the day judgment will be about a Salah. Once again, some of us we may find it strange again, that the theme is continuing about a Sunnah. And as we mentioned, certain teachings, excuse expression need to be drilled in time and time and time again, to awaken us about the importance about certain things. Because we find in this modernistic world,

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of modernistic advancements that we find and all types of preaching that we find under disguise of Islam, that we find unfortunately, certain times, the minimal emphasis is given regarding a Salah. We had to hear the baton, What a moron. Sometimes you attend functions and gatherings that you find. And you find a lexical approach about a sauna and talking about solutions in the Muslim world and how to rectify people. When I go you find many of the Shabaab talk about many things, but you find day in and day out, you find a lexical approach about the first thing that all of us without any exceptions will be asked about, by Allah subhanaw taala that's you find me Emily Salatu who the

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first thing the person who asked about under their judgment will be about this Salah. And this is the whole message the Quran talks about a salesianum said surah Maria, while Sani michelotti was the karate madam to hi yah. Allah has told me to persevere to carry on with my life, giving me the advice, the legacy will suddenly be solid. He was the karate to carry out the prayer and to give zeca mme to Hagen as long as I live. This is recently said as long as I live remain upon this earth, the most Pinnacle thing that my life should be revolving about throughout my life is about a solar is about the giving of Zakah. And as we mentioned many times time and time again, inside the Quran

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about Turku Salah, about abandoning of the solar pakhala from in battle in California under salata with w 30. For Sofia owners a year remaining. It's that sort of medium that we find. They came a group after them who began to abandon their prayer.

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Whatever oshawott began to follow the lust and the desires for so for your owner here, they're going to end up going into high as we mentioned, where defeat jahannam as I mentioned at sahibabad were mentioned and pages talking about person leaves the prayer for who are carefully left the fold of Islam at de la moutarde de de falla. sadhaka la sala Walla Walla Walla Walla, person never prayed, never accepted the truth rejected the truth. Turn away from Allah Subhana Allah for a little mousseline Allah genome and Sadat himself when you first sit under a careful person leaves the prayer that we find, Matt, they say about the people soccer. We're ending to soccer, soccer and

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soccer and

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then what's the response of these people? It's agenda. Why you inside janam said soccer columna akumina mousseline the response of these people are Johanna miyun. columna akumina. Musa Lee, we never used to pray. We never used to offer the prayer. And I had eatable chemo Josie kita Vitara casilla he talks about a person doesn't pray we reserve resurrected hmm after our man will obey even Aleph Russa tougher it describes person 30 equals Salah mela Mahaffey de la sala Hadees that we find when you have a de la sala doesn't preserve the prayer will be resurrected with such individuals, Rusalka for the leaders of disbelieving individuals. So it's not something trivial that some people

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that they think always talking about a sinner encouraging people that are Sunnah Allah de la dee da know whom we're being a Sunnah from Antartica pocket kufr. The covenant between us and these individuals is a Salah. Whoever breaks the Salah Abaddon is a South Africa cover. The symbol between the distinction between a Muslim and a disbelieving individual is a Sunnah. You find a quality

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person who abandons the prayer. Further you suddenly Ollie whether you sell early is not to be preyed upon

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Not to be buried amongst the Muslims placed outside an empty space in an empty land buried in an empty area is not buried amongst Muslims acquire Lucia Dida, survey staples that we find out. Remember, discard people who study casilla people who don't pray, what the end result of these individuals will be. That's what you find we need to awaken ourselves, remind ourselves, find that the person is under a grave danger under the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah, her person who stays away from a Salah. And that's what we mentioned, life revolves around a prayer all the time the believer is worried. Now you have faith Allah in that moment, the only one who is worried about

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their prayer is the believing individuals. Unlike as we mentioned, this modern world that we find that if there is some time in the day, then a person fits our Salah inside or person is reminded, or there's an opportunity, then a person offers the prayer. How is that possible for the movement? That is not plausible for Muslim, everything should stop for a believer. Everything should stop. Because living in this Western world we have to fit in the prayer somewhere inside our life. And

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the Muslim land even today that you find there's people returned from Hajj the whole world, the whole Muslim Ummah revolves around what a Sunnah is time for Salah everything stops. They don't they don't pay for the sustenance. They don't pay for the risk. They don't pay for their life. Because Allah Subhana den is one that provides that you find numerous other wine can can there is a day a week but some people use them instead learn the main babby risk that Allah provides risk for the person who, who preserves and Gods their prayer. But his authentic narrations that a person who offers the prayer for who Uffizi Mattila is under the protection of law. If a person is under the

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protection of a law, why should a person friend Why should a person display Why should a person worry comes a duck? Five minutes of each prayer of your time is taken on a daily basis and the rest of the day is taken care of by Allah subhanaw taala whoever comes out of Salah

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is under the protection of Allah. Whoever comes in silicon, he is under the protection of Allah. What do you find by the Hadith?

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A strange Hadith that we came across yo Juma yo Juma Weber praise fudger yo mazuma bill Gemma inside the masjid comes under the protection under the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah, stranger Hadith that some of us maybe haven't heard such a deep inside our life, or we don't give it importance. It all shows about the Amir of Salatu, Jemma, were karuma rocky in the beginning sort of Baccarat if I remember, polka is steadily beheaded numerous fuqaha from this view about silica Gemma about Muslim men praying inside the masjid and guarding and preserving the praise that we find. And as we find some of us when I'm when I'm free, when I'm off work, when I'm feeling slightly religious, when it's

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the weekend, then I'll come to the machine, then I'll preserve these prayers. This is not a symbol of the Muslim Ummah is not a symbol of a Muslim, that when you when you feel like the opportunity, when you feel a spiritual need, that then you will come and remember Allah Subhana Allah, as they say, and as we find that the daily integral part of our life, just like we have to fight ourselves to wake up in the morning, to earn a risk to go out to do the family chores to take care of life. As it needs to fight the knifes fight they're not awakened enough that this is this is a success of myself inside the dunya inside the era that we find. And as we find that many people were praying is

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shown to them that we find we want to return back to their prayer. And for some people you will be too late color of the room. The only man who saw the hand female turret the person will say Oh my Lord, let me come back to this world. Let me do righteous actions. At that moment in time that we find inside shoot me noon. This is the end of the life of the individual. Lally Armando Saleh and FEMA Tara Keller in Kalamata Hua elucha these are empty vain words. Hey Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah puntata SMA NIDA used to hear the call used to hear about you, you began to reject it. What do you find? Allah talked about the blind companion, you find that he said that

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over Do you have an excuse? Because when I call I'm a blind individual. For us, Allah Rasool Allah, Masha Allah, Allah gave him an excuse the Berea, Kofi if

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you're blind individual,

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but then after a short while, he said bring him back. Or altice monitor. He said do you hate the other nice Do you hate the other color Nam color again?

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Blind Man blind companion, we are justified excuse. He said, Do you hate the call of the prayer, then respond to it? Yes, people may use the excuse. We live in a non Muslim world, we don't heed the call. But there are so many tools and utensils that we find that people hear the call or hate the reminder, but people fail to respond to their reminders that call and as you find on that day, it will be detrimental for that individual for not responding to that call for in solid pocket as well. As the headache continues. If the person returns that call, respond to that call, then a person we become successful. We become in a state of peace and contentment and success that we find right in

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front of that pocket hasura pocket haba waka sera and a person fooled short then that is the the ultimate loss. The ultimate loss that on the Day of Judgment, that the first thing the person is going to be asked about is about their prayer. If a person is successful, then that is success, I sign up success for the success for that individual. If the person falls short, with a prayer, that's a sign of a loss of that individual inside the era, and that's even inside the Quran does let me know meanwood and Ladino de Sala Team hatia own pseudo Mainu the 23rd Chapter The Quran, Allah described these 10 or so safer meaning for the philharmonie noon indeed successful, other believing

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individuals what is always safer. What is the first characteristic of believing individuals and levena homefree Salatu him Hachi road, those who are submissive in a state of devotion in a state of commitment inside their Salah. That's what is your a boon Asana, they love Asana, they want to come to Asana they're worried they upset that they missed a syllable Gemma overcomes them. And as you find Allah Subhana Allah places this Baraka inside Salah bill Giamatti, because some of us we may not be so well versed inside the Quran, but an email person who's calling or Quran well versed inside the Quran, people when they come and they hear different areas of the Quran from different

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locations, location, different places that we find throughout these few days of the India that we find many of the Quran have been reciting I get from Surah Ibrahim from surat al Hajj. So, so the Dockers talking about the story of Ibrahim awakens the individual reminds the individual that's what the Quran is on is this powerful tool, a powerful tool that awakens the mind and the heart of the individual. Even the person is not so well deeply versed inside the language of the Quran. it awakens the individual a pushes the individual and imagine a person you suddenly feel bate visa home region a workplace doesn't read many items. And what will the impact be? How will that person awaken

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themselves, how will occur and awaken them. So that's the massages are placed in the Pico people can flock there that they can hear the idea of Allah Subhana Allah to awaken themselves and as defined in the Quran. inside the circle Mina will remind the believing individuals and levena whom URI sooner for those. These are individuals. You got to find a Latino woman very soon. These are people going to inherit, inherit genital feitos will be given to these individuals. And once again a lament and these are individuals who got and preserve their prayers. What's the Renu be Sabri was Salah, we're in Allah copywritten illa Allah hace been beginning of sootel mokara Allah Allah mentioned was

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the Renu be Sabri wa salam, seek aid and assistance by a solder, seek and patience. When Allah Kabira Ileana Harsha in worldly politics that we begin to float about and begin to talk about qurani describing as was Terry Newby Sabri was salotti. seek aid and assistance with Asana with patience, we're in LA Kabira Illa Allah Shireen is going to be something difficult, something hard, except for people who have that show. That devotion commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah again inside total Baccarat Yahoo Latina monastery, newbie Sabri was Sana in nulla. Hamas sabreen indeed seek aid and assistance Oh, you believe in prayer and Asana. Allah is with the Siberian wanna Taku Lima yocto

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lofi Serbia really am word then Allah Spanner begins to talk about don't say about those individuals who have been slayed in the way of a lot as dead individuals. That but but they are living near martyrs, then you will end up Luanda can be a minute Kofi will do it be what knocks a minute early. While I'm pushy with Tamara, what machinery sabreen Liana can yet Hello Houghton linguistically Asana that you say once again, three of your your life, your property, your wealth, your children, but give patience, give gratitude to patient individually Nothing is lost. Nothing will be lost of the believer and let them be

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salata a person who worries about the prayer nothing will last for that individual because those individuals will be recompensed Bushra inside this dunya and more so inside the era that we find for those individuals you Latina Ave la Polycom Allah Allah to come and recreate the Quran becomes even more specific how you believe Don't let your your wealth your wealth and your children have to shakiness look at the Quran is

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led to unwelcome wanna Allah to come. Don't let your wealth and your children derail you Carranza and decrease the cre Luna sera Sala. Don't let it derail you from the decra mama, what is the dhikr of Allah is a Salah prayer. So if your wealth if it diverts you away from Allah for what haram haram Alec, if your wealth your property begins to take you away from a law, philosophy that he had he had, he had one, there is no benefit of this wealth. If it derails you if your wealth strengthens your immune to serve it will hedge when it ombre while in a better world power only sadakazu one higher. If your wealth encouraged you, helps you do good things are the new and I know a blessing

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from Allah Subhana Allah but if your wealth takes you away from Allah, let's define roadmap describe the in general wealth, construction, Amal wood enters v columbanus. You see to whom it corrupts them, it corrupts them and it takes them away from the decor of a bar, unlike what you find unfortunate

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in number unwelcome conflict now, there are times you find in Nima and we're looking for our logical fitna in the mean unwelcome, indeed from min Barnea, the media,

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sometimes your children will become a fitna that they don't want to follow the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah, they don't want to go towards that path. For now should a person now should a person no abandon their prayer. And Mr. Dunya via a worldly example that we find just to help us to understand not to say that shopping is heroin, to be with one's family is heroin. But how many times that we find that when a person goes out in the marketplace gets derailed from the machine get derailed subnet, Salah gets derailed from it. This is this is a warning to awaken ourselves, don't let these elements beloved things, take a person away from the decor of Allah Subhana Allah and as

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we find region there to lead him to

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form Salah. There are men that you find that you find the business transactions and this dunya it isn't it isn't affect them. They live externally just like normal people they buy they trade they sell, but these are regional rock these are local to the Quran. When the Quran speaks about men, this is speak about men that we understand it means MENA region sada Kuma de la la for me human cargo Naboo woman, woman, young woman, dilutive dealer in South Sudan, again, meaning region alone, amongst a believer individually or men, what's the effect of these men, these men who are who are focused inside their life

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some of them have been lifted from this dunya and some of them they remain upon this dunya focus that they want to meet Allah will not but De Luca de la, they don't change. Nothing in the heart changes their mind they changes dunya is changing all around them dunya changing all around them. But in the heart and the mind is only one thing, the koala, the meeting of Allah, Allah.

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Allah mentioned regionalen men they are this worldly transaction and buying and selling doesn't derail them. They look good, like just like everybody else in this dunya but inside their hearts and their mind that you find there's only one transaction Yeah, you're Latina Manu lucam Allah t chariton 20 caminada bit and he told me he knew the building was fully what to do he do the feasibility.

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Look at the Quran. Look at when

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you hit put man, you hit pujara you hit a boo Shira? quran quran is deep, profound that many of us we fail Johnson langjokull on Yahoo Latina Manu, hell at the look of Allah t Jatin. Shira show you a business transaction. de comida de la

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rescue for the severe punishment chastisement.

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What will rescue you from Ghana? Don't mean you'd have been labeled a su li believe YAHWAH believe in his messenger. What do you do on a piece of beaten day be unwelcome and forsaken? strive with your wealth and your souls. Kelly man heavy metal and you know some of us we close these if we don't want to hit these around, it's sorry

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to get hit by

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Well, c'mon footsy can strive with your wealth. strive with your soul strive with your lives. Don't just sit there and speak about the world. You have to physically strive to make an impact. That's what the Quran was to awaken. That's what that's what this Muslim Oh my lacks at the moment, it lacks that thriving passion within our hearts and our minds of awakening ourselves. That's what the Quran wants to do. The Quran is a pseudo Toba that we find, once again it talks about, about a transaction about Bayer, about interaction in the lush terminal meaning is Tara, unlike purchase purchased from the believing individuals, what is the law purchase from the believing individual is

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purchased their lives and their souls and everything about them? What does he give them in return, he will give to them in return, he will give to them paradise in return. That's the promise of a law. And that the problem is, without the promise of a law, woman as tahquamenon law he had this woman as the Camino de la, da

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da for him and that's all it boils down to. Who who is more truthful in speech than the law? Who's the most truthful speech and statement than the law of Moses? Subhana Allah spoken the truth and speaks the truth.

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Leanna we are not the and Allahu Allah. Allah is Allah is the truth. Whatever he promised inside the Quran, wherever he mentioned that the Quran will reiterate, will remain there. And then he promises these blessings that many of us will begin to fail or begin to push the blessings away. And as we find out lots of panatela the blessings of Salah that we find, we read our story of Salah how Salah was made obligatory upon this Muslim Ummah, in comparison to all the time that we find all the time that we find many that I can find inside the Medina period that we find in these 10 year period that we find except for a Salah Can you saloon Serbia continues to pray, but the codification prayer came

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inside Medina. Okay, not inside Medina was known as El Mirage, the ascension and the night journey that we find on the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so can you let the extra bit of delay the middle Masjid Haram al Masjid Aqsa? It's a sort of a straw that we find surah Bani Israel. We find that when the prophet Isaiah went to the ascension when he entered in close to paradise, what did Allah Subhana Allah bestow upon him the finality, and I had a suit of Baccarat that we find unlike what a Salah

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50 times a day, when the prophet Isaiah he came down, he met Musa alayhis salam Moses and he said, What is your load? What is your load come on you when he said, he commanded us with 50 prayers musalla Sam said you're not going to be to be able to tolerate that. And I'm sure all of us are familiar with a discussion till he finally comes to Salah what comes up Salawat may come see fi prayers that we find, by reward or 50 once again that we find musallam had this insight that he knew that this Muslim Ummah is not going to be able to bear that. But Allah panda alleviated helped us, gave us five daily prayers that we find it very difficult. Remaining wood moves to LA some other

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majors like soda baja when Musashi May Allah Subhana Allah when Allah spoke to him in nanny and Alola Illa Illa Anna booderee wa Kimmy salata decree, when Allah Subhana Allah met moves to LA sama moussaka went to Mount to meet Allah subhanaw taala.

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Take off, take off your shoes. You're inside a blessed Valley. There's no standard said in any spoke to Moses or Indonesia and Allah, La ilaha illa Allah, it is indeed me, the one and only Allah subhanaw taala known as the right no deity have the right to be worse except for myself.

00:33:59--> 00:34:02

And then commanded Musa La Silla with a Salah.

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I established a Salah to Musa la sala, this is this is the journey of Salah, the MBR that we've learned that some of us fail to understand, from Allah to Allah Moosa. He came upon Musa a semi commanded, what to carry out upon this journey that we find. Then we find the Hadith continues for it in tacos, I'm in Florida one color

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if there's any deficiency inside there for read for the obligatory prayers, this is brahma jedes of Hadith Cozzi unlost understates on guru Holly abdomen taco where

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you come will be Harmon taco, Sameera Farida, look at my servant. Does he have any supererogatory prayers, some nowhere feel that may strengthen or aid this prayer for Maya conocido Emily and adeleke.

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Now we want to focus upon this because unfortunately, some of us that we think that we're practicing sooner inside our life and I hate to say these words

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But we find that for some of us, there's no no waffle. There's no sunon there's no mustafabad because some of us become so technical inside our life. This is just just a sooner prayer. This is something which is encouraged.

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Passover ohada, on the day of judgment. Do you find that in tacos I'm in Florida, Tisha, if you're deficient, Allah will say, I only have been mentored over. This by seven has any supererogatory prayers. Some of us may, Allah forbid, may not have much to present on that day. Because some of us once again, the whole team about worldly politics can come from one seller to another seller to another seller. Just pray afford and to stand for half an hour for 45 minutes for one hour to speak all about everything that takes place on the face of the earth. What did Allah Shaka attain, and you find to two units of prey become difficult for you like a mountain placed upon you upon your head? I

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was an Ender if on Shabbat, I wasn't speaking about everything, come in, out the masjid in an hour, hours at end. And if he's not talking about the world, Paul polish, talk about people talk about a half an hour enough sick and over Luma your hands went up to be Yeovil piano.

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regard your own self preserve your own so we have enough things in our own heads on our own shoulders. You don't want more said we don't want more sense about this and about that taking place. Enough seems that we have wipe out these sins, to be worried about the day of judgment to carry out these Torah. These added hate to use the word trivial, trivial that we find them inside our lives. If national record told units of prayer, the person prays them. What is the response? If you could speak it would be what? bait and switch in a house in paradise. A house in paradise? Don't we have houses in this dunya person carries on working, striving, making something better make him more

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comfortable, reigniting things, doing things inside their home, beautifying their home. Well, I'm not a transgender, Moroccan. once in a week upgraded once in a month I prayed it yo Fini that that's my house in Ghana. But in the world you keep on beautifying your home keep on beautify keep on working at it, but a house in Ghana you don't want to beautify that house. You want to better the house. You don't want to see the beauty of your house that when you enter inside there. Now that you see inside your house inside gender that you find things that you find trees are planted for a frequently colitis me nicoleta Hamid, inside your homes, inside your gardens, ornaments, bracelets,

00:37:46--> 00:38:00

couches, any many things given inside that individually inside their homes? For whom? People who preserve and they got their praise for those individuals who locally had those stock photo buddy welcome when he gave me a Muslim manifesto for winner will go for Rahim

00:38:17--> 00:38:57

al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was a happy human Temasek vicinity to meet in Ahmedabad, as I mentioned that some of us may go to the extremes about spirituality about Islam that we find and what impact do these practices have upon this Muslim Ummah? And, as we've concluded, understood, hopefully be in the later Allah, that spirituality is a great big impact upon this Muslim ummah. And as we find that a prophet alayhi salatu salam continue continuously throughout his life until early math had a dimension amongst his final words that we find our Salah Mr. Malik at amen nukem the prayer the prayer what your life right hand right hand is

00:38:57--> 00:39:39

that what the will your right hand possesses all the appropriate items reminding his companions throughout Ramadan hotdogs in Islam De Lima Abdullah officiality only Salah tea that has no shade of Islam. If they have they have no shade of Salah inside the life that we find are Sahar Bella, your owner at Chez cofrin cottage and Mila in the Salah. The Companions never saw anything leaving the fall of Islam never saw any action even a fall of Islam, except for a Salah as a man, it's temporarily adeleke we work the pokok consensus amongst the Sahaba personal badness the prayer that's the only thing that is so to speak about the person who abandons the prayer is a person who's

00:39:39--> 00:40:00

catabolic disbelieving individual, and as we find that this the impact of Salah, anoxic, and NFC upon oneself upon one's own self upon family members, and likewise allies in his Muslim Ummah that we find as a great big impact of our weaknesses Muslim Omar strengthen his Muslim Ummah we become an oma, who begin to worry about us.

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

sulla jsrv unfortunately worried about the shopping malls in a world that we find around us all the people are worried about that all the time, time and time to excuse that we find that people need to live. People need to have some form of entertainment people need to have this inside. Yes, they may need to have these things. But the biggest thing that people need to have is a dimension is a Salah. They need to have wassa wassa in what ways a means that prayer is facilitated and made easy for this Muslim woman. And as you find the final part is Hadith for every action. There's something that complements it that's what the Islam is a Salah that you find a no effing allege that you find an

00:40:38--> 00:41:01

ombre zakia you find a sadhaka a cm the refinery Ramadan upon cm kar is Ramadan. That's how you find you find coupling actions together that that which is further defined supererogatory actions to supplement them to give you that reward to give you that encouragement, because not everybody can perform Hajj every single year. But a person can perform and ombre.

00:41:03--> 00:41:45

ombre will find whatever just between one or another ombre, it wipes away the sins of the individual, a saga, the giving of charity to see ohada barab takes away the anger of Allah. it repels destiny even though destiny has been tested by Allah Allah, but it may weaken the lesson some hardship or turmoil or calamity that you find cm as a Ramadan. God the person's chastity in honor and dignity and strength is the individual and I qualified In conclusion I am inside what are they called my Akbar bolo Yamato snare on what are the Chroma Akbar? As the Quran describes what are the, what are the upper Sudan Caboose, once again, describe what is the greatest Vicar of Allah is a

00:41:45--> 00:42:26

Salah is the prayer that we find, and likewise outside so to know Allah mentioned, symbols of those individuals who are going to be dominant upon this earth, that people who are given strength upon this earth are those individuals who established a prayer and they give this occur. These are symbols of a Muslim Ummah, of the Muslim identity that we find. As we began in the Muslim Ummah isn't just politics that we've learned, or papers that are written or agendas that are created. The Western world is based upon that about policies, about articles that they write and what they want to do. Islam is based upon spirituality. Just as a Muslim woman for a weekend, you find the strength

00:42:26--> 00:43:03

of dominance and control slips away from this Muslim Ummah, when a Muslim Ummah begins to become more spiritual inside their life, more Orthodox inside their life, then you find that a lot so Canada begins to insert, dominance and power once again, we also count and make us amongst those individuals who God and preserve their prayers raised upon the Day of Judgment, without praise, but isn't it later and a big insight, and without any shortcoming inside I pray that we find that this is an efficient amount of supererogatory action, and even that does not exist, that least a person can stand in front of Allah Subhana Allah and said, I exerted my efforts upon this dunya to try my

00:43:03--> 00:43:37

best to worship you at every moment inside my life. Allah Subhana Allah will wipe out the discrepancies of all of us because in essence, no matter how much we prayed inside this dunya comes in Center City Center that we find some duration to find which are weak in nature that we've been talking about individual prayed for 60 years, thinks they have a right to enter to gender. And you find a narration that mentioned even though they're weak, but just to send home the message, that if I just take away one simple bless you take away your pupil, take away your site, you could do nothing. Whatever you paid is nothing in the current at one blessing. So we need an tool for Cora

00:43:37--> 00:44:03

Illallah. We are all we are all in impoverished state. We are in need of Allah Subhana Allah that we need this Salah. We need to select to strengthen ourselves strengthen this Muslim Ummah, in Allah when Allah equal to soluna Allah nebby you will Edina mn o sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Nima Aloma Sunday Allah Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah tala Rahim Allah Allah Ebrahimi naka de Mogi, Aloma barichara Muhammad Ali Muhammad

00:44:05--> 00:44:12

Ibrahim Ibrahim minakami de magie Ravana Tina Fey Tanya Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina

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robina vollum nanfu Santa Willem de fildena water Hamner, Linda coonan Amina ha serene Roberta filoli one in alladhina sub Hakuna de man, wala geography colo Dino Hilda Linda Dena Manu Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim, Ramadan, Africa, Elena sobre was a bit dominant so natural cow milk a fury from vanilla to de pollo, bonobo de de de tener will have learned Tamil Nadu kurama in canto hub robina habla de mean as well, you know what? Tina kurata even when you're under subpoena Robin at a pub almandine Dinah Contessa mula Halim watauga Elena inna cantata Weber Rahim. So the founder of the carabiner is that the amorosi phone was Salah, Mona Helen more Selena will handle

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Hera Bella alameen como Lisa datacolor hamaca moomba

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