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The importance of achieving a good deed in order to be recognized as a good Islamist is emphasized, along with the importance of following the Hadith and bringing it into one's life. The importance of mercy and compassion in achieving Islam's ultimate goal is also emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding false accusations and not being too afraid of one's anger. The shaping of behavior is also emphasized, and the importance of learning and reexamining one's behavior is emphasized. The segment also touches on the negative impact of actions that do not belong to Islamist and the importance of bringing back the anger of Islamists to their hearts.

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Alhamdulillah Hina muda monastery in one istockphoto when our older below him in shiratori and fusina men say Dr. Molina, Mayor de la

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mejor del further had Jada wash

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Isla elog bajo de la sharika wash

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Mohammedan abdomen rasuna I'm about to fall in the cul de sac kita La La highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wasallam was Shara Morimoto to her wakulla Desert in VEDA wakulla Bala Latin wakulla Bala Latin pinner, rubbish Rashi sodbury all your silly Amri was Luca Tammy Lisa Nia Coco Lee, after praising Allah Subhana Allah, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam completing the previous journey, and beginning a new journey of a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But before we begin, that, we find that is the way of the believer after completing one good deed is trying to equip and to

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prepare oneself for the following good deed. And like some of us that we find that whether it be after completing his month of Ramadan, or completing your module, or completing a prayer that we think that that is my portion, that is my shelf Islam that I have fulfilled. The belief is the one yes, the mirror the bed, the tiller, continues in the worship of Allah Subhana Allah, and that is a sign of hate and goodness, that after one good deed, Allah Subhana de andere opens up many doors, to follow it up with other good deeds, and a sign of rejection. One good deed that I've concluded is that a person begins to squander their time, begin to waste your time begin to return back what was

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previously doing, possibly before Ramadan is a sign that that action or the event of Ramadan has been wasted away.

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has not been accepted by law Subhana Allah, sort of believer after one every bird finds the path to another form of a birder when a person completes the citation of the Quran, the recited look for an Nirmal Rahel. The best journey or the best traveler is the one who comes to the end of the destination and begins the journey once again. alladhina turmel cranfill Ramadan, those who completed reciting the Quran inside Ramadan, they begin a journey again of the reciting of the Quran. Because that is Shatner Minh, that is a way of the believer to begin once again, with the words of Allah Subhana Allah and we begin with a hadith of cozzia. Allah had decent ILA here are

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Rabbani Yeah, these are Hadith, which are female your way under B he had this revelation from Allah Subhana Allah, just like the Quran, except for with the exception that we find that these are words which are narrated upon or by the blessed tongue of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, female are we under be familiar we under be that which he narrates from his Lord, Allah Subhana Allah spoke to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave him various forms of revelation that we find primarily being the Quran. And likewise the I had these. So these are Hadith directly from Allah Subhana Allah. The only difference being between the Quran and the hadith of portsea is the Quran has to be recited in his

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pure form, in his accurate form. In the right wording. There has to be no change in any concept of word doesn't really matter. I mentioned that a person recites the Quran and makes a mistake, then it becomes incumbent worship Allah Jimmy ns and you say who to correct that individual in the Hajj Akira tala ye subhana wa ala. These are the words of Allah Subhana Allah murfin ahadith konnyaku wakatsuki aka grewia is be narrated has been said if the Lyford attorno World kalimat Jia is in the Hadith person may use different wordings, but different concepts or may even forget a wording is all allowed in narration, or narrating a Hadith, where even though it's more accurately person narrate

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exactly identically the words, these are words of Allah Subhana Allah either narrated upon the blessing tongue of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the previous 40 to a Hadith, whereby their prophetic traditions going back directly to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. These following collection will be a hadith and cozzia divine revelation from Allah Subhana Allah. And we find that earlier, though ruler lemma, which many of us we fail to understand, the role of the realm of Hadith isn't just to collect a hadith to codify them to put them together. The key element of irlam of Hadith is implementation that you find some strange remarks or strange concept of sera some of these

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elements, that every time they presented a hadith they refer to regard to units of prayer. If when at times 200,000 ahaadeeth been penciled in? For us it may sound very mystical, very strange that we find but this was their way of showing reverence, respect to a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and it is something that many of us we fail to understand. The key element of ahadith is implementation is not just to codify them. a tad Ivana hasn't had the thought dive outside he is rejected or accepted, or weak, or not to be practiced upon many of the young Shabaab. They fluster upon this to know certain academic ahaadeeth Rasul Hadith that people who the essence of Hadith is

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to implement the Hadith to live by the Hadith to be known as a terrible Hadith. People have had to live according to a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, not when it suits a person desires or whims, that a person then begins to implement a headache, and that which a person find difficult or

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something which becomes obstacle in front of them, they begin to walk away from that Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the Minda believer throughout their life exerts the effort, that every time they come a couple come across a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when can a man to burn something recommended that at least what motivated me hieratic once inside your life, you carry out that practice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for either kind of work even if it's something obligatory. an obligation that we find, then a person needs to carry out that inside their life. And this is a small point that we find every single commandment in a Hadith, you feel would you obey?

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Every time the prophet Elijah sub commanded us to do something inside the Hadith? Allah wa he for who away Jeep is obligatory in either Cana hoonah de la la cara in unless there's evidence is to prove that this is no longer obligatory every time he commanded us to do something

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We have to do it. And as he told us, He gives something inside that I had to highlight that this is not something obligatory for mustard and for color so de la selection Salute.

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Salute Maghreb pray before senator McRib solu amor you feed your wardrobe is obligatory. Pray you have to pray before Margaret, you have to pray before Muslim. And then he finally mentioned Lehman, Lehman you read whoever wants to from here this commandment becomes just highly recommended, recommended to pray to record two units of prayer before the beginning of the mercury prayer before the Imam begins. But the beginning of the Hadith is there salu our little boy do you have to offer the prayer. But then comes as Kareena comes an exception inside the Hadith, whoever wants to and that's how we should tackle all Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala amor abishai if you

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command us to do something to the bhikkhu let us Alameda okay. Don't ask why, or how how should it be done? That's the safest way of Allah suniti. If afterwards you discover it's only a recommendation or the heading doesn't mean that you haven't lost anything in your life. But if you fail to implement it, because a commandment if a person does not fulfill it becomes sinful, because it does not fulfill a commandment become sin, sinful, and delay Subhana Allah, but he has this is just a Nakajima introduction to help us to understand dorell Hadith, the study of Hadith and the reason why we should be studying Hadith as for the explanation is a hadith that we selected are

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going to be going going through primarily based upon the shot of Mullah Ali Akari and hanafy a famous mufa sin while Mohammed did that we find respected by many earlier that we find in his explanation of these Hadith and Ella here could see that we find and disciple moolah earlier Corey born in Herat, in modern day of one Eastern that we find travel to Mecca, travel there and remain there and died there. I took from the early man and hate him that we find that hate me they find live residing inside mathcad that we find many books that we find famous books written by this famous heirloom that we find a shot of musket,

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mirror cotton and masa Muscat and masabi famous book on Hadees that we find explained by Moulin de Cali that we find out by Sir Timothy that we find and there are many elements of Agila many, many Shabaab they think that really mal Hannah and Hannah Fiamma and Dong in they don't have that they are balloon or johal there are many animal and mineral ohana who are famous inside their in their in that we find I shall

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shall not be around in my booty shall be that whoo that we find famous alum of NASA we find Mm hmm. How are we? And is a bit is that we find to explain sort of how we that we find famous early map ahaadeeth that we find lemmer respected early madora whom Peter Viki should know taffy The sooner well Hadith many of us are unaware of because we live in a climate which is very hostile. Unfortunately to many of the Shabaab that they find that it's in only certain individuals certain polymer and dome and in dome both will Hadees that only certain early men have a role to play in preservation howdy to teaching people that Hadith, Allah Subhana Allah places many earlier, many

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early places upon this earth, and upon their hands upon their tongue, upon their practice upon their life, to service the dean to protect the dean to help the dean, suppose we shouldn't misunderstand or misrepresent certain individuals or certain people who think they have no role in Islam. Of course, the candidate will judge the role of people and efforts delivered in a service Islam that we find. So he had this hadith that we find them called the lol Hulk. When Allah and Allah completed the creation of the heavens and earth cutterbar vikita B. Fi and NFC he wrote in a book which is preserved and kept with him somehow know what they're under. For who am i doing endo, in naramata

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taheebo hobby, and this is preserved and lay down with Allah Subhana Allah in naramata. Abu Dhabi, indeed My Mercy my compassion overrides my anger. This is handed over the first Hadith that we want to dissect. I want to understand that the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah overrides his anger for who are modo and know who subhanho wa Taala Moshe moku and do indicom not written with me or written with you, written with Allah, that he's mercy overrides his anger, that he can forgive whomever he wants.

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Forgive whomever he wants, pardon whoever he wants, show mercy and compassion to whomever he wants. Because this is another fallacy.

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Lies amongst many of us at the moment that we find that we think that Islam belongs to a certain type of individual. And unfortunately, many of us will become judgmental inside our lives. If this is a sickness that we find modern sickness that we become judgmental about people about their lives, and about the ending, Allah Subhana, Allah has written down with himself Subhana Allah, that he will show His mercy, His mercy will override his anger, the anger of Allah Subhana Allah does libuv malatesta Rama as I've explained, cancer to Rama, excessive mercy, the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is what the believer should be getting towards where it was the article lashay for Amati what's the

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sutra that we find? the mercy of Allah has encompassed everything. Everything has been encompassed with the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah will call the loss of panatela what a boo boo Rama indeed your Lord is full of immense compassion, immense mercy, that is Allah Subhana Allah that sometimes some of us may may fail to understand or comprehend, was the kurama Philip Karani aka mental SME Amara Rama fill Quran in Santo Quran is 320 times inside the Quran. One Masada ye 18 occasion inside the Quran,

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Allah Allah, Al Quran, aluminum, Quran, Easter external customer to the coffee shop for an todo lo Allah amiya T, something's repeated again and again shows it shows it's important 320 times a lot talks about his mercy, and he's hot but only 18 times. So what can we judge? What can we account? What can we conclude about Allah Subhana Allah and naramata Allah Sahaba who the conclusion is that the mercy of Allah will overcome the anger of Allah Subhana Allah and as we find a famous Hadith about the mercy of Allah, Allah Subhana Allah has made mercy in 100 parts. 99 parts remain with Allah, and one part comes down upon this earth, that one part that comes upon this earth, you find

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that the animal shows compassion, to its to its crowd, to its child, to its beast, with that compassionate point that Emma shows compassion towards her child. As you find that numerous different ideas that we find that would you ever see that a child, a mother is breastfeeding, her child will throw her child inside the fire? Is that plausible? Is that something that a mother can ever imagine? A loss panda is more merciful, to a person to human being and that mother is to a child. That is a loss of habitat. There's only one Mercy of Allah, He said that upon the face of this earth, that he shed upon this creation that we find, imagine the rest of the mercy that lies

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with Allah Subhana darynda kalama Rama stokey is to Camila Rahim is taken from the word remember him is the womb, the womb of the mother that we that we find of keeping the ties being merciful. The mother showed mercy to the child and Muslim shows mercy towards another individual. In a moment fill out your your hammock man for the summer he show mercy to the earth to the creation and the one in the heavens would show mercy to you. How the Shatner mcminn Watson come at us and the low la show goodness to people Allah shall goodness to you. And mortman your humbleness, I believe believer shows compassion to people shows kindness to people shows mercy to people because why? This is from

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Allah Subhana Allah and that's the point. If you want to live a long life, and have concluded you will deliver a good life. Then complete siliconera him complete the ties of kinship, complete them and Allah will extend your life. Whoever breaks the ties of kinship, that Allah will break their individual ties of kinship may means it immediate relationship into your mother, to your father, to your siblings, to your uncle's your aunts direct relationship that we find. What does it mean to keep ties of kinship? It means that every time they break the ties of kinship with you, you still keep it with them. Not that many of us that we find that they break ties with us, then I don't want

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to speak to my father, to my mother, to my brother to my sister to my aunt to my uncle peddler. Every time they break the ties, you complete the ties. That's what it means to complete a ties. person's life is extended Baraka inside their life. It shows the real concept of being a believer of keeping ties with individual encouraging ties with individuals that they can break away from you. They speak interview, they take away your heart or they take away your right but you complete the rights that belong to them. Leah nakatomi Villa because you believe in Allah, that Allah will complete your rights on the Day of Judgment. And as you find Allah Subhana Allah gains no benefit.

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gave no benefit in US keeping our ties or in showing compassion towards us as the Quran itself they mentioned may have a little bit in shocker to me and to McKenna lo Shakira aneema What does Allah gain in punishing you? I'm not surprised that doesn't gain anything in punishing the believers in punishing Muslims. Every time you show gratitude, and you believe in Allah Subhana, Allah increases you. It benefits only oneself. That's the way that a person should engage with the Quran and the Hadith, that the benefit is from our own self will increase me inside even increased myself inside devotion and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah and as we find that this Rama of Allah Subhana

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Allah, Allah divided, taking away the concept of a mother to a child and amongst our own selves. The other way the meaning of Rama of Allah and I sat down upon this earth is Islam is the new Islam is Rahim Amina Lai Subhana Allah because we never had at least slum we will be like Alba will be like the cattle will be like the last individuals Alhamdulillah Allah he hadn't and he had a woman. Alina Khadija Lola and hidin Allah glorified Praise be to Allah, Allah guided us to Islam. If he never guided us, we would have been amongst the last a straight individuals. Likewise Rama

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Al Quran is a mercy from Allah Subhana Allah teaches us how to live our life, what to do inside our lives and mercy from Allah Subhana Allah and likewise we find a Salah the prayer is at mercy from Allah, wa salam ambia the sending of the messengers and the prophets is another ultimate blessing. laqad Manalo Allah meaning his brother Phaedra Solomon and to see him lachemann Allah Allah meaning, Indeed, Allah conferred a great blessing upon the believers that he sent from amongst the owners of a messenger and if you are kutna Allah, Allah Rasool Allah salatu salam, if we focus upon the messenger, la salatu salam, and look how Allah Allah describes certain area inside the Quran.

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And those kind of talks about the methodology and the sort of ambia women are Seneca Illa Rahmatullah alameen will not send you except for as a mercy to the whole of mankind as a mercy they and also to Toba, la caja Kumara Suleiman and forsake them as each other you may need to hurry soon add a couple more men in a row for him is the end of sort of Toba naka de la cumbre Suleiman and fullcycle there's come a message of amongst your own self, it troubles him he gets upset. He gets over worried over anxious, you don't come towards that guidance. Allah described him as roof Rahim. pitiful merciful. That's how Allah Subhana describes the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and likewise

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we find Fabio Ramadan Meanwhile in tele home 101 hollywell Colby Lanford Domine howling inside Surah Al e Imran, from the mercy of Allah and Allah you show leniency, kindness towards the people around you. If you've been harsh, rude course to the people around you, then for Domine Holic, they would split away from you. The believer is always full of mercy, full of compassion, full of kindness, it attracts people towards Islam, it attracts people towards their hiding, the son of the Prophet arises from an own for sheer harshness, rudeness, a drift and unfortunately most people away from this module many times we find that people unfortunately should not be an excuse for people to drift

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away from Islam or from their hobby, but so and so treated me in such a such a manner so until spoke to me in such a such a manner. It's not an excuse, but is a lesson for many of us.

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That we shouldn't be we shouldn't hear those words. We shouldn't tolerate those words. Literally an error should arise from a number two Luca Mima napowrimo UCLA I've been sent had eaten more like Mr. Malik, and Elia to a P. ec ultra super ultra slim, the only ultimate goal of the messenger is Macquarie UCLA

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is supreme lofty characteristics. Were in Nikola Tesla, Hulu came out in a matter of him terminal Islam. What have you understood from Islam? If you haven't refined your characteristics, your behavior, your conduct your speech, the way you engage with people, then you haven't understood anything from Islam? because Islam, it refines people. It codifies people, it excels people shall outshine other individuals. That is what Islam is. That is the mercy that was given to the Prophet sallallahu Allah you send them likewise with Rama dimension and the Buddha, as the karate mentioned will lower your costs will be rahmati manga will also be Rama TV might not wanna know, Booyah, he

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selects Prophethood to murder he wants a Mustang.

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Anna knows where to place his messengers, where to place the message. That's why those contacts selected these messages selected these prophets selected these individuals who have concluded that and be

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amongst the three things that are specific to them and unique about them once again, for whom the characteristics and the behavior of these messengers are Rama le Dahlia, or Amanda Quran okay the meaning of guidance. What am I to Lila Dina Mr. Newman come in a form of of mercy. men come from amongst you know, this resumes and he Dahlia as we mentioned earlier, Miss hida is guidance Rama, the Allah guide to this guidance, guides to His mercy whomever he wants to partner with Allah. Likewise, if an admin you have collected over Rama or risk that he carries the meaning of sustenance to be given to the believing individuals, and returning back to the reservoir Amati what's the

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article? The Merciful nose mantra encompasses every single individual.

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First October Harley Lady nittaku, tuna cerca de la de Don't be a Latina, you know, I write it down for these specific individuals. These are specific individuals who will end the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, Linda Dina yakun for those individuals who are pious individuals, that is the path to Allah Subhana Allah, if a person wants the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, then a person becomes a Motoki tries to become a pious individual mcmoneagle Alma Taki

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amor with our attorney could a woman I know where he to stick to the commandments and to avoid the prohibitions. By default, you become a moutoku you become a pious individual. There is no special qualification, stick to the halal avoid the heroine by default, you come close to Allah Subhana Allah, so that opens up the doors of the mercy of Allah upon such an individual and like what do you find at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is close to what type of individuals alignment in the Rama tala curry boomin and mercy Nene, the Merciful los padres close to the doers of God, anybody that do have good the merciful not comes close to the individual while a son who Allah no minute Amen. The

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highest element of Eman that we find is a son and taboo de la haka, Anna Katara, who have a lot of control over in Iraq, had the Fuji braid and a sudden you worship Allah Subhana Allah as though you see Allah Subhana Allah, even though no one could see Allah upon this dunya upon this earth, but that's how a person stands in front of Allah wakulla e carnitine. Stand in front of Allah and Allah, observant, obedient, focus committed in front of Allah Subhana, Ghana, whoever is obedient, observing the mercy of Allah comes closer to that type of individual, while de la rasulillah. Come to Hamood, obey Allah and obey His Messenger, that you may gain the mercy.

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As you began with this is what I'll put on and sooner is to gain the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is implementation, obey Allah obey His Messenger, that you may gain the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, and as we find, if a person does not gain the mercy of Allah, then the person comes under the Wrath of Allah Subhana Allah khulumani they do not

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do anything you don't implement inside your life, it becomes opposite. If you're not trying to gain the mercy of Allah. Then you come underneath, Sato blah, blah, blah, LA, you come under the Wrath of Allah, the curse of Allah. And we as Muslims need to awaken ourselves. Because as we began with, yes, we should go to the mercy of Allah. But it's such an action that we Muslims are doing, unfortunately, which have exposed us to the angle of law. And we need to go back and assess ourselves. Because many of us we always think I know how old I am under firewall Yahuwah Sora. Was she or her Allah, you had a Buddha, all these entities are fighting against us, etc. These are all

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these are all elements. These are all tests from Allah Subhana Allah. The ultimate war is the war that Allah declares upon the people upon a nation. There will never succeed. They'll never be uplifted from these actions that we find when Shira allimand Islamia, yo archlord Reba The devouring the eating of Riba that we find latera bait and navy Rahmatullah for any house, except for the engagement of rebar of usury of interest that we find what does the Quran say? What is the Quran highlight only one sin inside the Quran, if you don't abstain from it, then know that Allah Subhana Allah, His Messenger, have declared war upon the individual war upon the individual, what the

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salvado Allah did

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upon this massive unfortunate mo

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And then we find out by Luke arriba via Mutasa. lm Islami, with one Islamic so called Islamic banks. Usually banks that we find spread out across the across the Islamic Earth. It is all earning the Wrath of Allah Subhana Allah like what if I allow see what what boob sinning that we find ends the anger of Allah. I'll confer disobedience staying away from the powerful woman out of that and decree for in Aloma a certain Dunker wanna shuru Yama Yama de amor opa turns away from a BA from the dhikr of Allah will that person have a comfortable life whenever mercy for life unless it's that sort of Baja. We will give him a dunk at them. over an attempt will cover inside the grave the person's life

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will become restricted field cover will close in upon the individual. Oh wouldn't fit nearly Jimmy and what meaning? Oh will fit the LEA welcome. He will cover who will cover first fit that we will have to face is our cover our manners in our month in Menagerie Akira, the first stage for the rest of the stage that Akira whoever succeeds inside the grave will succeed. Whatever takes place 50,000 years later. 100,000 years tell them a bursary Oh crap, blinking of an eye. All that rescued in the person is saved and another cover wallhack who will happen as a professor inside Patricia hood.

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Mr. Ruby, I know where to paddle fuqaha insert the Shahada find the final fish out to seek refuge for the punishment of the grave to seek refuge because every individual will face that. So this is the first dunk. The other dunk that we find earlier mentioned and a junior person upon this dunya there'll be no compassion. There'll be no contentment for the individual. When I show your monkey Amati Cathy's raised that interview Day of Judgment blind Allah mini Masha tinian aku basura Kanaka Delica Yo, Kai Luca della Taka Tina Sita waka Delica Yama

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Yama Why am I blind today? contumacy Ron Antonia could see everything on this journey I could I could walk I could visualize live my life Why am I blind today?

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The responsibility given you are blind on this day because our signs came to you. And you rejected them. You walked away from them. So this day, to this day you forget forgotten by us. There is no mercy no mercy for that individual forgotten but Allah whoever's forgotten but Allah, then that is the ultimate doom.

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Don't worry about if people have forgotten you. worry about if allies forgotten you, because that's the ultimate Doom for that individual and our

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co Lumina, Lumina play Bertie naraku, la comunidad Co. P for Hindu Alec Mercado de these if they continue inside sort of strange soda that we find that moves at a salon, whoever turns away rebelled, then that person exposed themselves

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to the angle of a bar.

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And we shouldn't think that we are free from the angle of law. Therefore many of us Muslims that we think that we're free from the anger of a man, we should always be worried that in our disobedience, it could open up the wrath and the punishment of loss of Hannah Diana Whaley law firm Lehman turba, where our men are Amina silent for madder than Allah mentioned, whoever repents back to a loss of pandem for and becomes rightly guided, then the press will be guided by Allah Subhana Allah mean the person has to make that effort to come out of the anger of Allah to enter into the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah for Dr. Musa komiya Cockburn asifa Sutra continues talk about God musasa he returned

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back to his people, his state of anger that we find.

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And he said to me, what is the matter with you? Why have you drifted away from from the commandments of Allah Subhana Allah? Why have you made it upon yourself and yet, God who become why you turn away from the commandments given to me? Do you want the anger of Allah to come down upon you? And that's what the message is. They warned that if you don't follow the teachings, then you expose yourself to the anger of Allah Subhana Allah wakulla Kali had asked for lolly welcome when he gave me a Muslim enough istockphoto in Dominica for him

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was a human Temasek Episode neterra Yomi Deen focusing upon those

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which talk about the punishment or the anger of Allah Subhana Allah, if I'm various wordings or various changes or wordings that we find were about lots of hunter gatherer talks about

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certain groups or certain types of individuals who have entered the anger of Allah Subhana Allah have been disgraced. What do we what Allah Matilda will miss Ghana will be heard of him in a bar, disgrace has been shattered and been placed upon upon these individuals, wherever they happen to reside wherever they happen to live. And they've, they've purchased the anger of Allah. That's a doctor and in numerous passages, and that we find that certain individuals, they purchased the anger of Allah Subhana Allah, and even aside, but what we recite at least 17 times a day or higher in Mahabharata, a Mullah Pauline read the Tafseer visit of sea of Surah Al Fatiha about who these

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individuals are what exposes individuals we're praying, we're asking lots of hands to make us not to become amongst those individuals who've earned their wrath who've earned the anger of Allah and those individuals who have gone astray. Or you find out those individuals have and anger Baba, Allah Dena Lum. Baku Elma home, those individuals never implemented the knowledge that was given to them. What Babu whom will you hell? Massa Baku is what I say. Oh, Emilio Bella and you have a great new dog Luna, those individuals practice editing, without any delete without any evidence that we find. So Allah warns us and we we asked him to look under at least 17 times a day. Don't send us up on

00:36:23--> 00:37:08

that path, who've earned your RAF who've earned your anger and it remains upon those individuals like was alimentaria Yola, dynamin la la comunidad de bello Allah him. Don't turn to those individuals who've earned the anger of Allah Subhana Allah, Katya a Sumerian era, they despair. They've lost hope inside the Hara Kamiya itself confirming obor just like if I disbelieving individuals, for them is nothing but returning back to the grave and nothing for them. Because their whole life. They don't believe inside an era XAML Latina kifaru la uberto Bella warabi mamaku Farah young, they don't believe inside an era they don't believe in and he said, Yamaha bone a desire

00:37:08--> 00:37:45

comes inside they don't believe in a return a day of accountability. So they the last old concept. Don't become like those individuals with the Wrath of Allah and those who despair those who lost hope or those who have no vision that they're going to return back to Allah Subhana Allah is a warning that we find find inside the Koran and the final conclusion that we find. Yeah you'll Edina mn la takuna tomura Matilda in a la que todo Nova Jamia oh you believe don't despair of the mercy of Allah. What are the bane and meanwhile caffeine is different with a Muslim, a believer in individual disbelieving individual

00:37:46--> 00:37:47

and careful

00:37:48--> 00:38:00

he had the corner. Well, I mean, I'm not a burden. To be crystal clear inside our heart, no matter how nice and non Muslim may have been to us to society to people around us.

00:38:01--> 00:38:05

And let the metal copper layer who's gonna abandon

00:38:06--> 00:38:13

who dies a disbeliever will never ever enter Paradise has I mean Babel, aka a belief

00:38:14--> 00:38:27

don't have any doubt about that. But more and more we find this weakness engaging inside our heart. This person is a good person president this could be this person spoke well, he's better than that. Allahu madonia for them is the dunya give it to them. An

00:38:29--> 00:39:13

era there's nothing for them inside the era. What is the opposite for Muslim, Muslim could have been a wicked Muslim, bad Muslim, bad action, anything could have done inside their life, that Muslim eventually will go to Paradise. That's how every Muslim should visualize every Muslim around them. Now as we as we began with that becoming sending people to gender and sending people to jahannam is not our role is not our task. Our task is only to encourage people to remind them about Allah. And then it's the mercy of God, that He will judge and do what he wants to do to people color either B or C will be even a shirt or a hammock he was he had called a my anger. My punishment will befall

00:39:13--> 00:39:52

upon whoever whomever I want it to be fought upon. But then a lot computer mentioned where it was a shame. But indeed My Mercy has encompassed everything. So even though when Allah and Allah may be angry with a Muslim, but towards the end, or at the end, they could be Mercy of Allah for the individual. And as we find some strange ahaadeeth then after the Prophet Muhammad interceded, and and, and the Shahada intercede, everybody's interceded the right for intercession has been documented. And the sadhana a tawassul albir innovated that was so that we weren't intermediate intercessory that we find that some people like to preach about Allah Subhana Allah will then take

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

certain individuals will take these individuals take the remaining part of these individuals and

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

them inside the river of life

00:40:03--> 00:40:05

and resurrect them once again and throw them into Jenna

00:40:07--> 00:40:47

matoba no one should aspire to be that individuals no one wants to be inside Gangnam but this is the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, that he will select certain individuals and take them out of that punishment and put them inside paradise. May Allah Subhana Allah give us all your tofik inability to make amongst those individuals who find the swiftest, the quickest path to Jannah to Paradise by doing it yourself without any accountability to overlook our shortcomings and mistakes, our sins or discrepancies of lost count as enshrouded and cover them upon us inside this dunya to cover them and shade them inside the era. They don't visualize that any other individual we almost have to

00:40:47--> 00:41:22

continuously shower us with these mercy upon this Muslim Ummah to alleviate the hardship and the difficulties Muslim Oh my spacing for a gnome Abbey doc. They're your servants who call upon you Who asked you for delivery to ask you for help. And this is a wisdom that lies with Allah Subhana Allah, that he delays a certain responsible wisdom, that possibly to awaken the rest of this Muslim Ummah, to awaken the rest of us to become compassionate, to become kind hearted, to become merciful to the 1000s of individuals who are destitute, who are downtrodden, when a state of need that we become the ones that we become the ways we can become the means by the efficient permission of Allah, Allah to

00:41:22--> 00:41:40

show leniency to show mercy towards these individuals. In number one mela ecodiesel Luna and nebby, Edina Manu solo la voz de limiters Lima Allahumma salli, ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim el cambio de Mogi allama Bertie ganda Muhammad Ali Mohammed

00:41:41--> 00:41:47

Ibrahim Ibrahim Mohammed de Mogi Ravana Tina Fey Tanya has Santa Clara de hacer una walking

00:41:48--> 00:42:30

up Donna Willem danfoss center williamtown fildena with an akuna Minal ha serene from gonna fill in only one in a Latina sub una de man. What are you alpha Rubina, Hilda Linda Deena Emma no prob Donna in Nakuru for him from Ghana Africa la now sobre was a bit awkward amount so narrow como cafe de cabana to de pollo ba ba Nevada Daytona hablan Amelia kurama in ntaganda, hub Ravana habla namanas Virginia with Maria Tina kurata Yun tokina Emma Ravana sakagami Niner Contessa Muna Halim watauga de Nakata tabo Rahim. subhanak decarbing is that the amount of a phone once Allah, Allah Allah Allah hamdulillah europeaid our enemy como la sala de como como como la