Mohammed Hijab – Joe Rogan’s Take on the Palestine-Israel Conflict with Hazem El Seddiq

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of reacting to hate speech in the context of the situation in the United States and the lack of approval from the people living there. They also talk about the return of famous man named Joe Rogan and the return of famous woman named Ben Shapiro. The speakers emphasize the importance of "slack" and the negative consequences of giving people too much incentive for afraid of failure, and encourage people to say their own truth. They also mention the potential for hate speech to affect groups like the Muslim community and encourage people to say their own truth.
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Salam Alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing? I'm doing with a very special guest, who's very famous in the Arab world. And he's also getting involved in things in the English world. As brother hasn't how're you doing? I'm good. I think Shala brother hasn't is a Muslim filmmaker and YouTuber podcaster. Very, very well respected in the Arab world. What we're gonna be doing today is I want you to meet a new.

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We're both from Egypt from the Arab world. And we're both Muslim people reacting to this situation in Palestine. And we're both very affected by it. But I saw something of Joe Rogan, you know who Joe Rogan? Definitely,

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I suppose something which made me respect him a little bit, a little bit more. Okay, and I want us to show it to you and that we can react to it together. Let's do it. So if you're a Palestinian and you live in Gaza, you're just you're just stuck. You're stuck forever. And that's why these people are like people from America. They're like, why that, you know, that's why you have this mantra like, oh, they want to die, they raised their kids to be suicide bombers know, when you're in Gaza, you are born dead.

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You don't have a life. So that's why these people are giving up their lives to send a message to us. That's why they're doing this, that's the only reason they're doing this is to send a message to us, help us. That's all they can do is use their bodies.

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It's just terrifying to me forget about whether it's Israel or Palestine, forget about what it is the idea that people could be stuck, born stuck in this spot and really have no recourse and not know where to go. And just be thought of by people that live just a few miles away from you. You're a sub human. And that the fact that someone can make that T shirt with one bullet two kills and show a pregnant woman with crosshairs on her belly. That scares the shit out of me.

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So what do you what do you think of that?

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I don't know, man, I'm used to asking questions. So like, what happened to you, for example, on Piers Morgan and stuff, and you talking about Ben Shapiro, and you're like you, you've talked to Jordan Peterson and stuff. So I think the issue is, we we get caught up on what these people say. And we're almost kind of looking for them to give us kind of approval, or yes, you know, yeah. So I know what he says, is kind of like it. Yeah, I mean, it does make sense. Yeah. But it's, it's kind of sugar coated a little bit. Yes. You know, like Ben Shapiro is like, Okay, we listened to him. It makes sense. When he talks about LGBT and all that stuff. It's like, okay, this guy says what I want

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to say, Yeah, but at the same time, he's like, killed these, you know, we have to kill as much and stuff. So I'm trying to figure out what the balance should be of listening to these people. Like, for example, Jordan Peterson, I was with a good friend of mine. And he started listening to him. And the series that he makes about the Bible, the Biblical stuff. And he's now a Christian, because of him, right? So

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I don't know, it's,

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I'm not waiting for this kind of approval. Although I am happy that I'm happy for him. But it doesn't affect me. Like it doesn't, it shouldn't even make me happy. Do you know one thing is, there's a famous saying, I don't know who said it. But it's a very famous thing. It says that if you want to know who rules over you, look at who you can't criticize. And we've seen a lot of people in the right wing we've seen, obviously, Ben Shapiro has invested. Jordan Peterson you mentioned who has recently just been coming out and attacking the cause and cooling effectively, personally, I had to give them * or whatever it is, which entails the killing of civilians effectively. And we've

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seen other people from Piers Morgan, who had been on the show have a very strong bias towards Palestine, against Palestine and for Israel. We've seen these kinds of things. And in this in the context of all that this sounds much, much, much better. Like for example, you mentioned subhuman. So he's he's, he is alluding to the fact that there's dehumanization going on in Israel. He is alluding to the fact that what's going there is not favorable conditions. He isn't taking a strong pro Israeli style us stance, which in my view, is so much better than his compatriots. However, as you mentioned, is sugar coated a bit and I agree fully with your sentiment. It's a really it's an

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excellent point. But it shows us who's controlled and who's not. And this is not just for the Muslim community. But as people I've seen, even with Piers Morgan and Jordan Peterson, well, I've been analyzing the comment section I've been analyzing everything. What I found is that it seems to me that it's not just within the Muslim community, people outside of the Muslim community are now consider them to be hypocrites, and people that are effectively being paid to say what they're saying. And that is so dishonorable for them. It's so it's the worst thing that could potentially be marred with I think, because

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If you think about what they preach, truth, journalism, honesty, transparency, 12 rules, whatever it may be speak the truth, even if it's not expedient or whatever, maybe this flies in the face of all of that, doesn't it? And so I like the idea that it's a sugarcoating that we're not waiting for the approval.

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But do you think that sometimes giving these people a little bit of incentive for being brave effectively for saying something which they know that it's gonna get them? Backlash with certain members of the community? is something we Muslims could do? strategically?

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I think so. I think,

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like, I told you, I could be like, Good for him. Yeah. But at the same time, when he was speaking, he's like, like, regardless of it being like, like, he tried to distance it from being yes, that kind of issue yesterday. And so it again, it's, it's not what I'm trying, it's not the same thing. Yep. Right. For us. It's not even about land, right? For us, it's a religious cause. It's not just about like, these are, you know, invaders or anything, right. And like so. So I know what you're trying to say is, and the part about him being being able to say what he wants, like, that's what I wanted to ask you, maybe about.

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You come from Egypt. So you kind of think that, well, I'm going to Canada, or UK or whatever. So I can say what I want. Right? But then you come here and then during big events, like, you know, the the parades of the against the LGBT and stuff that happened here in Canada, like the very big organizations here in Canada weren't, you know, we're in pushing for it weren't promoting it? Right. So the question of, is freedom of speech actually a thing? That's a beautiful question. And that's something someone like Joe Rogan, has been speaking about it for very many years. And people in the right wing, they should be answering this question, because a lot of them have been jumping on the

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bandwagon. And saying that the waving of Palestinian flags and protests should be illegal. We're seeing people now have been communicating people here in Canada, and people in UK, and all over the West, saying that they're finding problems at work. They're finding problems at work in different places. Because they've, they've been noticed by their employers to be pro Palestinian. And they're connecting that with terrorism, all kinds of things. It's the first time in history, my life I've ever seen such difficulties and complications that people are facing, because of activism of a pro Palestinian kind. So much so that we're considering starting some kind of name and shame

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organization to see which organizations are actually attacking Muslim people or pro Palestinian people in this way. And for us to name and shame them. And this might be an action that we take. But the point is, there's a huge hypocrisy here. The right wing, which is whole mantra is freedom of speech and expression is effectively but large swathes of it telling us no you can't do this kind of protest can't wait that kind of lag. You should stop this and it's unbelievable who it's coming from.

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But because time is of the essence, I really have enjoyed your your contribution, and otherwise, your YouTube channel for someone who wants to join, you could just type in hasm HS at em, Sadiq, beautiful. English and Arabic, you got stuff in both languages. Yeah. I'm sure people will want to hear you insights. And you've got some fantastic and also a podcast called Why? Why? Yeah, it's an Arabic, myself and two other brothers, we talk about religion in a very casual manner. 100 That's one of the best. Not best, but what it's, you know, it's kind of

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it's kind of big in the Middle East Shore. Sure. Perfect. Well, thank you so much for the opportunity. And it's I'm sure guys that you subscribe to this channel, and you keep at it with the PR war, because we have a public opinion perspective right now are in an unprecedented place where we're pushing and the people are seeing the fake news. People are saying this is nonsense. We also people are being paid to support Zionism and the voice of the Muslims. Now everyone's watching us we collectively have a massive responsibility. Please, let's take this opportunity to spread our message and to strengthen our ranks and to be united as Muslims, what our Albery will tackle and

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come together on goodness and righteousness. Well, Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa

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