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Hina muda who want to study and want to stock photo want to build a Manchurian fujinami say Dr. Medina mania Hello fellow moody woman, little fella had Yella

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Illa Illa ma Hua, the hula Sherry Keller

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and Mohammed Abdullah solo. I'm about to fire in a cul de sac kita Bula highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam was Sharon ohmori Masha said to her wakulla Desert in beta were cooled a bit at in Bala Latin wakulla Bala Latin Finn

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rubbishy roughly surgery was Sidley Emery, we're headed to determine Lisa and E. coli. After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the previous quarter. Before the dicen Hana tada we highlighted the importance of Ramadan, being worked to tub de la walk to Turkey, for Ramadan being the ideal opportunity to change ourselves to move away from the actions of possibly of disobedience of morality what the norm, disobeying Allah subhanaw taala

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To Life of obedience to maybe a life of

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falling trivial pursuits as they say, or laziness or stagnation inside our morale and focusing ourselves more, exerting ourselves more in his blessing month of Ramadan, whereby we mentioned that the reward is multiplied many times over to such a degree that some of the folk are discussed, even unaware feel that these actions are multiplied many times over person who carries them out in his blessing month of Ramadan. This intent of change should not just be an intention because we find that many of us are some of our just focus upon I intend to change but we don't make the positive steps. That's why sometimes you find that people make passing comments may be going to the messages

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or doing a good action that a person would say pray for me. ask Allah to guide me ask a lot to help me.

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I had the higher McColl It doesn't make sense. What is preventing you from coming to the machine? What is preventing you from doing a good deed? The stagnation is mentality that we find then pass my actions to another individual, that someone else pray for me that someone else asked for my guidance that someone else helped me and the psychological development that we find that we touched upon last week, needs to continue in today's hookah as well. That psychologically we don't accept anything less

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in this dunya upon this dunya that's the quran quran I mentioned. While laserline insanity in the mersa what unnecessary yo sofa euro man will only have whatever he strives for. Obviously some of us can interpret it that regarding our Deen in a phase of obedience to Allah Subhana Allah, when not in follow how to go to law Hutton, there is no harm in taking it linguistically. Because how the suit Natalia while laserline insanity Illa Massa, man will have whatever he strives for whatever you put in general. So not only that, whatever you exert to do upon this dunya in general Allah will granted if a person is doing haram Allah will grant that haram doesn't mean that Allah is happy with that

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Haram, but he allows it to take place for that person to get indulgent Hara person strives for this dunya to get a month sub a position or Yes, sir. some form of authority, wealth, power, dignity, Allah grants it to the individual. Because this is not to live up in January we give it to those people who strive for something is given to them. So this concept of Mujahidin of striving and struggling with this dunya we all follow that pattern. None of us would ever want to fall short in this dunya will always have a contingency plan, a backup plan. If this doesn't become right in my life of this doesn't work out I would go and go to plan B or Plan C. This is what the psychological

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development of many of us if not all of us. But the sad factor is when it comes to Dean Bahama, she had no no no effort. just rely upon Allah. Just leave it at that there is no backup plan. There is no contingency, there is nothing becoming over worried that maybe I am ill prepared. None of us are ill prepared for this dunya in genuine most of us are not ill prepared, always worried about some fun, some wealth, some property, and one person has children, their grandchildren, their parents, their loved ones, all of us is phobia to shocks phobia to an insane person is worried. Even the companions were very they asked the progress on how much wealth should we give? Should we give it

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all away and charity half in charity. He said don't leave your own family members to be going around asking the people. This is all of us. But when it comes to an earth era, you find a clear distinction between those people who clearly believe inside the earth era. And as the average Muslim on the face of this earth at the moment that we believe Da Vinci is crept in some of us the actions are not from even the Allies all forgiving, will pardon will forgive. The actions have no impact. Whether you pray or you don't pray, Allah will posit and forgive the individual there is no need for me to exert it in any extra actions. Or if Allah has destined, all actions to take place, and

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whatever I do inside my life will be sufficient. Allah will accept that from me. This is a mentality that is fast growing and pushing inside our society. This overreliant mentality of not doing much or just doing the bare minimum, as long as somehow I creep into journals they say then that will be enough for me or we find another mentality today. At least I'm doing something. At least I just prayed my Juma at least I just wore mela extra

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Use me for such words, a skimpy hijab on my head.

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I just drew a little facial hair and say this is my bed in Ramadan, at least I'm doing something. This mentality is a lost mentality. You may as well not do anything not to diminish the reward these people will judge them. But this is if this is the psyche of the person. This is the mentality, the person is fluid. It's a fluid vision towards an era along with judge these people, but it's mentality at least I'm doing something. Look at the people around us. We shouldn't be worried about the people around us. We all know what we need to do. There's selfishness as we began with about the dunya. Do we look at the people around us? Do we see a person squandering their wealth, wasting

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their wealth, losing their wealth? Do we say well, I may as well just do the bare minimum, or is the person outsmart that person or outsmart their own self defeat, you know, I shouldn't be making those mistakes. I shouldn't be investing my money that manner. That's what a smart person does. And for the occasional person become even more smart person doesn't look down at those individuals lost inside their one's heart to guide these individuals to bless these individuals. But intelligent individual is the one who sees the mistakes of society sees the mistakes of people, what are the C's, mistakes,

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mistakes of the loved ones around them? Maybe some of our parents, their loved ones around us that they fell short in certain things person thinks that in my life, my parents never got to perform hajj, why should I delete one should have stagnated? Maybe my parents never used to offer so rigidly the five daily prayers inside their life. Why should I become have that approach? Just like in the approach that most of us we see our parents made certain mistakes, living inside this environment in terms of investment and wealth, whatever it may be, and a person thinks that now more intelligent than them. But in an era most of us failed to become intelligent and working towards Earth era. And

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as we find that why do we find such statements inside the Quran about a man inside the Hatter Elijah Adam will not honor a big rune, the only solid female corrupt How will it be when death comes to an individual? And we find studies is so to speak about the believers will definitely come to the individual per se are a bit giroud, lolly, masala and C matter. So I can come back and do some actions in this world. Why is this person lamenting? Why this person saying no at this moment in time? Give me respect. Give me the opportunity to come down to this world. Ali Abdullah Saleh and FEMA Tara Keller in Kalamata de la Ilaha. Mengele in berzon, Hatha Yoga when you find that these are

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only empty words, empty words, these are vain words they have no meaning now, and between them and the arrow between them and returning to this dunya is a person that existed and they will not be, they will be in that state until the Day of Resurrection. So this is the person is crying out, is asking a lot let me give me the opportunity to come back to this earth. Another passage in the Quran that we find speaking about something very similar to this main company at a document note for a cool way cooler B. Lola cottony illa ajilon Karim for a sadaqa akumina solea in Vallejo hero Nuff said Elijah willowherb it'll be much

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similar verse that we find person will say oh my lord when death comes to the individual this person for a cooler up be no law her attorney in a hurry. Give me some

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some more time. Give me some more time and it's done. Yeah. For a sadhaka give some charity and become amongst a pious individuals.

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Well, I you know, Nuff said either do her. Allah will never give respect. Never delay an individual. Allah never takes another psyche concept refine Allah never takes anybody too early or too late in their life.

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keytab Agila everything is destined for every single individual. No one dies too young no one dies too late. It's all destined by Allah Subhana Allah. So this person wants to come back. Allah will never give respond. Never delay a person and never bring forth a person's death whatever is destined will fall upon the individual. Also what you want to extract from these are yet these are yet at the end of Soto Luna code, the 63rd chapter ajeeb something strange, a lot of places inside Surah tomonaga Poon I sutra speaks about the hypocrites, you know just sitepoint the Quran it begins by speaking about first the first three or four is about the believers. The next one or two is speaking

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about the kafir. The next 1112 is a page in the soul. Yet I had this animal and he

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doesn't even claim oh god Ah, holy Salah based upon this if she felt a pain. You heard the una la Latina Manu, una in the ampersand Mama. Yes, Sharon ficolo

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Be madder than pasado malo Maraba. Some 1112 is also speaking about the effect of hypocrites. Why is the Quran beginning by speaking about hypocrites? Why is the Quran speaking that neater way away as soon as you're born? Because you find that this oma will follow the effect of those people that came before you will follow them footstep by footstep. And likewise this quarter in the huddle Quran Yakutia Allah Bani Israel, Uppsala de telefoon. Moses Quran narrates about whom, about Bani Israel in their hypocrisy, their breaking of the covenant. They're breaking the agreements with Allah, the turning away from Allah, there blaspheming against Allah, the slaying of the MBR cuckoo ambia clay,

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slaying the messengers, the prophets decapitating their heads, harming them, torturing them punishing them, speaking ill of them, speaking ill of the Sharia crushing the Sharia, creating doubts about the study.

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You know, if you think about this, you find this to some degree, you find this amongst us Muslims today. Maybe not in that scale, and that scale, but you find that mentality is there. That mentality of hypocrisy, and a strange thing to extract here from these hypocrites, as you find out boy here and the most strangest thing if you read about supercooled munaf up, they never left external actions. That is the strangest thing about these individuals. You know what I'm referring to Senato fudger I munaf it will ever miss it behind the prophets of the Lord SLM. I munaf would not miss it behind the Prophet sallallahu because right now you'll be exposed. Look at our mentality today. Our

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mentality is that if I miss fudger, in JAMA, I missed a behind the email.

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There is no harm. It's not that important is not a great big affair. Those munaf yakun they knew that if we missed it will be caught out. And if companions missed, it may be delayed overslept, they will hide in the crevices of the walls. No one can see them that I've missed Gemma will feel ashamed, feel upset, get overwhelmed. We look at our mentality today. This is the mentality we have we think nothing less often. We don't think we're not worried about it. And our mail off of it. Our policy has become a psychological hypocrisy and mental illness.

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Because at least their illnesses, one inside their heart, they have to conceal it, that you externally display certain actions. We don't want to display actions. We don't want to display actions of a Muslim. We get shy of being a Muslim. We get deterred for being a Muslim. We went to cave in or being a Muslim. That's like day in and day out. We find I don't want to use a trigger question. Do I have to pray in front of a non Muslim? Amen. Heather, what kind of email is this? You don't even have that power within your own self. What to center, making 101 excuses, feeling petty, feeling small, feeling mesmerized feeling over worried.

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You're Muslim. You're a believer, you have over your Amen. You have faith in Allah. What's so wrong about standing to offer your prayer, to break away from your prayer, to show your faith to show your conviction. This is what the outer world wants around us. That religion faith becomes a personal identity becomes a personal concept that nothing about your faith is to display in the wider world. And the strange thing is coming in as how many people how many people just visualizing the prayer, just visually visualizing the prayer have become Muslims. On a shaxi and right I saw with my own eyes, and one of the messages the Muslim country we entered into Salah we enter late Asia.

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And we began to offer the prayer. And is the person next to us was offering their prayer or was trying to offer the prayer. Or firstly they were standing at a distance. This is a Muslim country, secluded Muslim environment. We all felt strange that this person is standing there. Why did you stand in all types of thoughts went into all of our minds. Eventually the person joined the prayer. We obviously stood up we completed the prayer. This passage is sat there. So this made us feel even more strange. First, he's not joining into prayer. Secondly joins in the prayer life 30 days to complete his prayer. Who is this strange, individually secluded Muslim environment in a small

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village you can say all 110% Muslim who is this individual? So we turned to this individual. Why didn't you join us in a price if I'm not a Muslim? What canopy canopy was weeping, weeping, saying that just me visualizing your prayer shows your devotion, wonderful Godfrey nuptse. And I fought him out of coming home of he had the Salah how many of us in the center were devoted to Allah and he just saw our cancer. We just saw the movement of Santa and it drove him to weep drove him to without thinking any us

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A Catholic by faith from Italy drove him to think that what is this is real faith. This is a real devotion. This is a real commitment and where is our commitment? Where's, where's our actions to show the commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala. And likewise, define life is a simple life. You know, we don't need to get bogged down in so much of detail dogma and theory and theology that we find it's important to know that there's no doubt. But can the madness and our country apulian speak to people the average person wants to know inside their life? their world, the masses of the people? What do they want to know? What do they want to hear? What do they want to learn? What do they want

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to be awakened up with? Was the academy a Miller? wake them up with the days of a lot of returning back to LA? What Taku Yeoman to Girona de la la, una una una casa Bahama usila Moon, awaken them with a final iron inside the converse 280 sort of Baccarat as humans you mentioned, awaken them. What Taku Yeoman to get Runa fee in Allah fear that you go back to Allah, you meet Allah. Islam is a simple life. A simple message, a simple pattern, you find yet the battery may fill acetone, you find three things, they go with a dead individual, blue, one Malou

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simple life it is to a believer. Free things traveled with you. When you enter into the grave. You're your family members, your wealth, and your actions. So you know, we have our head on two of them, which are beloved to all of us as you began one's wealth, and one's children they return. They walk away. What remains with the person. Well, your karma Lou, the only thing that remains it all of us inside our grave. And a day of standing is what our actions. And that's why this blessing brother, Allah has to mention his brother, a lot of Allah will give you to Alabama who passed away years of suffering, you know, this we call intelligent individual. That's what you call an

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intelligent individual. And maybe this we call a secret blessing that he knows he's going to leave this dunya we don't know when we're going to leave this dunya but possibly he's outsmarted all of us that he knows that I'm leaving this dunya so let me get prepared. Equip myself to meet Allah Subhana Allah, there's nothing to be sad about for him in the nature No, there's nothing to be sad about. Because Allah gave him the opportunity to know what he's doing. We should be sad. I don't know what's going to happen to me with my life. You don't know what's going to happen to yourself with your lives. None of us know. But at least that we could do is awaken ourselves and begin to plan our

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life towards those action that would benefit us while you're

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the only thing that remains with a person would be the action is Anna Maria is a hadith in Sahih Muslim Sikh hastin rush, preserve do things haste to do things now Yun Falco that which will benefit you, but it'll be a man never had if you find race in doing good action, a passing car faster people highroad challenge one another race with one another, compete with one another in doing good deeds coming towards Allah Subhana Allah I don't become reliant on as we mentioned about the mercy of Allah or people trying to use this hadith you know that's why I said we have an intellectual sickness we Muslims we know most of us we know this we know Quran that's what you find these that we

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let that we let interpretation existed before. We're deivid interpretations with possibly no real intent. They would possibly no real intent, maybe just reading through as they say Greek logic and other texts and books they made they made certain fallacies made certain mistakes. But you know, some of us our mistakes are intentful we make we make that we let we try to didn't hide behind them. Is sickness in the mind that we find? You know, if I listen to music, it doesn't really affect me. If I take drugs it doesn't affect me. If I sit with a straight woman, it doesn't affect me there's not really Xena. If I take Riba I'm not being Riba, what the world is doing, it's a different form

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of Riba. I'm trying to take care of business. I'm trying to help Muslims, they find another deeper intellectual sickness, that if I if I steal, if I run from the comfort of my home, then then I'm trying to do a good cause I'm helping the Muslims out there in the Muslim world. In the law, you can have a Jeeva pure, only accepts that which is pure, and like you find incredible so we'll fix that we find that the end does not justify the means. Just because you do head on and say at the end or give it to people to help them or give it to such people. That doesn't justify it. What is haram is haram, that's it. You can't do it. But we find this intellectual sickness that we find developing

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more and more inside our mind that Allah Subhana Allah knows what's inside my heart of love is judgment. Yes, that's right. Allah we judge all of us if I didn't have it

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In the Mullah jambu illa Illa at semicon, Walla Walla

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Walla tiene Jambo Illa illa kulu Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah doesn't look at your bodies your external display so some people hide behind Allah looks at your hearts they stop there. But it's under added that we find a checkbox.

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And highlighted by Allah is Allah looks at we're lucky enough to become wider American. Allah doesn't just look at your heart. Allah looks at your actions. When you stop hiding behind Allah knows what's inside my Allah knows that my heart is pure. The Sharia isn't designed for a single pure heart. You can't have a single pure heart saying that if I sit with a strange woman, then there's no affection there's no feeling or if I strange shake hands with a strange woman that's not really touching your hand because there's no shadow within myself. The Sharia is not based upon individuals is not based upon personalities. The Sharia is based upon upon our upon masses that we

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find that you find McCarthy to study I read about the intent of the Islamic law, we do in great detail what they stomach more intense for people. It's not designed that people can bypass the law is not designed that some people escape the law, that some people become special identities or entities, that the law doesn't apply to them. The blade of the Sharia is one. It's one for everyone. That is every one person cheers, that everyone falls underneath it and tries their best to exert it. There may be some minor exceptions. For a woman has come to an old age, to maybe display some element of a beauty but even in the Koran encourages for her to, to hide the beauty is better for

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her. So there may be some exceptions that exist there, which can be used. But you can read into the parameters, why they exist, a woman has gone beyond the age of married, an elderly woman, etc, that we find are men gone beyond vigor. We are beyond any passion that some things could be there that could be allowed for the person. But even then we find a person needs to be vigilant, vigilant inside the light, vigilant of the actions and observers towards Allah subhanaw taala and as we've been hiding behind this Hadith, that is your your actions. They mean nothing to Allah and Allah paraphrasing the Hadith, but rather is the mercy of Allah. And none none of you actually get get you

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to paradise, where even you You are a pseudo love, we actually don't get you to paradise said no, not even you. unless Allah Subhana Allah and shows me with his mercy. So people tried to hide behind this hadith and say that the mercy of Allah will cover us within shroud us. We don't need to do these actions, or the mass hadith of dissected is handy. And it may explain this hadith in various forms. Amongst those forms that come to mind is firstly, that the concept of mercy and means, if used to take your actions and to compare it to the mercy of Allah, then your actions

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have no value at all. No matter how many years of service you've done to Allah, if you take it and compare it to the mercy of Allah, it has no value. You can't rely on your actions in that sense, to think that your actions in in barter and exchange are valuable to the mercy of Allah away but for you to be given something but Allah Subhana died because they're not because the mercy of Allah far encompasses actions. When turned to net Mata la de la de Souza used to count the mercy of Allah you cannot enumerate and count them, and some of them are mentioned when you go to tell them ugly Kulina. Every time you breathe, it's another blessing. So you can count the blessings of Allah

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Subhana Allah for me Allah Arabic Kuma to cut the burn inside sutra Sudan and the 55th chapter quarrelsome 86 or so that we find how many times it's a repeat, for ba Allah era bukhoma to cut the band more than 30 times more than 30 times which of the Blessings of your Lord can you reject? Which of them can you reject? Yeah, you will, with Jin, not just this world, the world of the jinn. What can you reject some Anima tuffa see that I mentioned that every time this was mentioned, that gene began to affirm it, that we don't reject the blessings of Allah, but we in the insana, lack of food, but man is rejecting man is ungrateful man thinks he has some right that's what most of us we think.

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And not the mentality that we have. We think we deserve paradise. That's what we think we think that what we do inside our life, by default, we should be given paradise. You find a birder, the prophet Elijah was the if there is any individual, and there is only one individual, after all, the rest of the message that profit from our oma is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the seal of the prophets of prophethood is guaranteed Paradise

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is guaranteed paradise. Those agenda will open up when he comes down doors you can actually open before when he traveled to the Night Journey, when he asked who was there, and he said, we only been told to open the custodian for the prophets of Allah and he said them but you know, if you read through his

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Life. Tara, Lisa,

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if you don't find a strange thing, you find many strange things. Why Buddha baccata yet

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and the sutra aged 15 chapter on why Buddha Baca had to karaoke. worship your Lord until eliakim comes to you, and you're in wannabe manner and

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they say addressing the Prophet so listen that carry on.

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Look as I prayed, throw away. Let me rest. I prayed frigid. Let me rest. I prayed my doom. That's good for me. I've done my heart just good for me. This is a capacity. And then we then we dream about lofty aspirations. We dream about the best place the highest place, the best reward. The highest the best reward is given to exertion. One lesson is any in the Messer the more the person exerts towards alpha towards Allah subhanaw taala was Krishna Rebecca button la tiburtina remember your Lord and be focused and be committed to what your Lord a complete devotion.

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So not just any any form of worship, by complete devotion here in Saudi Arabia in Soto Muzammil? Camila Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Mata sera mentioned that pm Elaine was what was for the Prophet sallallahu taala was an obligation every night he would pray look at us. Excuse the words linguistically moaning and groaning about Scylla to throw away complaining about it. Why is it so lengthy? Why is it so long? Do we have to read a joke? Yeah, you will echo Sinatra yes there's no doubt it's a pseudonym aka the highly recommended by Roland I mentioned there should be a justified excuse for you to miss it that you possibly traveling we have some genuine work commitments the

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following day or sometime the commitment person shouldn't avoid it. That shows once again a mentality that we find the frivolous of excuses that we have. Yeah, I can't come up with that. today. I'm just feeling slightly tired. I just want to rest whatever excuse it may be I have to do this the following day. will let you find

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that you find that the nice shot the activity of the night prayer it gives you strength that masala Hina female Can

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you find a way of the pious people before was this pm Elaine? You know some of them are young we don't pay we don't look at we don't understand it. What you find is the more the person travels inside their life and their journey towards Allah Subhana Allah, you find that power and strength comes by spirituality. You know, that's what some of us fail to understand. besuchen physically may be trained their body is something good. There's no doubt. But real strength is spirituality. real strength is spiritual within the heart, the mind the devotion. That's why we find that some of the companion may have a bodily structure that people may look at them. When a competitor's skinny carbs

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in somebody's companion wanted to make a joke about his car that made the weight of these causes by T. On the day judgment of actually this individual that we find below. From the local annual read he suffered his characteristic wasn't the most beautiful of people. But what do you find below the law and what do we find about him? Every time we perform will do what would he do? He will be to record units of prayer. The Prophet as I mentioned, said I heard your footsteps in general. How can the prophets I'm hearing his footsteps in Jenna? What's so special that you're doing your beloved? What's special that you're doing? That I heard your footsteps inside? Jenna there's nothing special

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that I do in my life. Except that every time I perform Do I have a two units of prayer? Where are we from this? Where's our life from this day in and day out? It's only sooner this Cohen will find partners to give an hour outside between Maghrib and Isha. No sooner prayed after Margaret no sooner pray after Isha even if I do sadhanas before fidelity find out what in the lineup you find strong kalimat and the fuqaha him even a mom is praying if you have to miss one miss one record make sure you pray to sooner even though it's not the quarter rod yet but it shows the emphasis based upon what had if it's such a Muslim the two units should not before fudger is better than the dunya woman

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la Oh mafia better in the world and whatever it contains. That's how person should feel about sooner or further. Like as soon as the rest of the day as well that we find pleasure to be focused about the inside the ladies man action that increase the height of the individual wakulla call he had our stuff Ramallah wanted me and Muslim manifesto Pharaoh in November for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman Temasek Avi Sonata yo meeting ameba returning

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Back to the best example for all of us. And without a doubt is the Prophet sallallahu earlier send them Lockard canon a Confederate soldier he was certain Hasina. Indeed for you to follow him emulate his character's behavior is the best thing that a believer can do. And likewise, you find the end of sort of MBI that we find ourselves in naramata did Allah mean we not send you except for mercy to all of the world? Look at the mercy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they find that all he is if you can use the word sins linguistically even though and I'm not discuss it, it doesn't mean since. It means choices, minor choices and judgments that he made, that all of these parts in

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his future sins have been wiped out by Allah Subhana Allah and that's the hadith of Asia. The Allah tala Anna, she said that if I lost count I've mentioned this about you. Then why is it that you're inside this night vigilant prayer? And what did he say? I follow Kunal abdun Chakra shall not become a grateful servant of Allah Subhana Allah mailloux Allah del Buda chakra wacol Illumina Abadi, a shocker, our family of Dawood, Manu Emmylou actions, not belief in men who do carry out actions of a burden of power of obedience, because only a few of my servants do the servants of Allah Subhana Allah show gratitude or gratefulness towards Allah Subhana Allah will lead enoggera delphina dnm dnm

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su bolena y in Allah, Allah man masini those who strive in our paths, we will guide them to our paths, the paths of what the paths have to go higher. The paths of goodness, why Allah Allah, Allah Subhan, Allah is with the doers of good, Allah loves the duties of God is with those individuals who exert themselves and thus you find what is and what sin what is sin. Go and study, the most basic interpretation in a hadith of gibreel, a solemn woman as an simple interpretation by the prophet alayhi salatu salam and taboo de la under Katara have a lot of control over no Iraq. Simple we don't need text. We don't need deep discussions. It's simple, what is sn you know, definitely find some

00:37:08--> 00:37:22

data but find some of the average people you know, they devoted a lot of thought excels us, for excels us. When they entered into the machine, he said that I read Matsuura kind of started reading some data within a minute or one

00:37:24--> 00:37:28

minute hour for the average person can a surgeon or in

00:37:30--> 00:37:38

14 minutes what's inside so dude, 14 minutes, but that dude no *ing began to think that maybe he's passed away Is everything okay?

00:37:39--> 00:37:41

Then after some food, Tim is

00:37:42--> 00:37:46

weeping, crying, I mean an hour for the masses of average people.

00:37:47--> 00:37:51

They have this devotion to Allah, they want to awaken them so they want to remind themselves

00:37:52--> 00:38:33

in the denominator, shakalaka boom, Lizzie krill, a woman as a nominal Hawk has all the time comfortable leaving individuals, the hearts become subservient, become Lydian open up with a vicar of Allah will remembrance of Allah with a fear of Allah *ala fear of Allah, it needs magnitudes. And that's why when a person has fear of Allah COVID law, that a person doesn't oppress any one person doesn't harm anyone does not take anyone's right. This is the one of the solutions to the world that we're facing when a person doesn't fit a lot. There's a faded day of reckoning, isn't saying returning back to Allah, then a person does whatever they want to do. And that's a reflection

00:38:33--> 00:39:15

of many of us as well. We don't fit a line inside our hearts. What will now come in America tumalo Bhima Dharma Luna. Basia will be my tamariu Allah is watching over what you do. Whether it be hate or would it be shut I'm like watching over it. Unless vigilant no sees documents, everything that we're doing inside our lives. And that's refined broccoli. Pasta low I'm gonna come in fine here. Do the actions. And you see actually let me show you actions. And like write the message it would be good to visualize your actions that you carry out. Does you want other passages or the Quran from a man with Paula rotten Hira euro whoever doesn't atoms, atoms weight of goodness will see on that

00:39:15--> 00:39:34

day. Where does an atom the amount of evil see on that day? And likewise, we find Melia the keytab law yoga guru Savita and voila Kabira that inner saw her. Well, what do you do my Emmylou? How do you not what are your buka ahead? You find on that day pass you say what is the matter with this book?

00:39:36--> 00:39:44

What is the matter with this record? What's the matter with this book? let you hear it and voila, Kabira Illa I saw

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

any small minute thing I've done in my life. And it made you think I've done in my life has been documented, has been documented that is written down. And your Lord does not oppress any individual and thus we find and follow

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

In conclusion, before we look at some of these bigger actions, we have to speak openly many of us speak about these bigger actions, these bigger phenomenons that we find phenomenon that we find, we're going to achieve this, we're going to do that.

00:40:12--> 00:40:14

Let us build on grass roots,

00:40:15--> 00:40:18

as you mentioned, that worry about what will take place immediately around us.

00:40:19--> 00:40:31

With a mentality of worrying about the world around us is a good mentality, largely daily, but to become over worried about that your life just revolves around that. Your life just revolves about the greater world

00:40:32--> 00:41:15

and you forget about yourself. You think that maybe that those greater objectives, I need to achieve them, you know, possibly 2030 years ago, maybe I felt the same way as well. That I will make that objective in my life. But Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala held out that he shows certain things inside the life of the person shows him certain things, display certain things, that this is the pattern, this is the methodology that will lead on to the ultimate success of this Muslim oma. And as those actually that many would we think that they're trivial. Or maybe it remains about praying five times a day. And for that we find obligatory action that we find. These are things that bring a

00:41:15--> 00:42:02

person close to a loss of amygdala and likewise if I take the appropriate relevant steps, Fina Hadid, hyenas, man, palamu Emmylou, if I'm the best person is the one who's been given a long life, to do what? To do good actions. That's a sign of a blessing of a person, or being given to a person. They've been given a long life to obey Allah to obedience. That's why some of us we may find it strange or mystical persons died at 4050 Hajj inside their life. How did they do that? Well, the first so many years of Ramadan, you find Baraka minima in general, that you find a person for dinner Yeah, finska preserved a lot lower preserve, you know, some of their already mentioned come to the

00:42:02--> 00:42:42

age of 1890 that you find their faculties are still in place. And some of the students asked that why at this age, how come this age older people around you, your your age your peers, passed away or finding some object we're not saying this is the old end rule, but in general that we find there was Baraka for them. They said that when we were young individuals, we guarded the rights of Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah guarded us now in this old age. We used to lower our gaze when we're young men, young individuals, we never went behind for hush between sinning disobedience, guarded our is guarded our tongues, guarded our speech guided ourselves, but so possibly Allah unreturned has

00:42:42--> 00:43:01

guarded our bodies, preserved our bodies given us this goodness, not to say this is the old end rule. But as a symbol of of goodness, that the way combat to do today in the way that you conduct yourself is the way that you'd be given to the end of your life or whatever is just destined for the individual. And thus we find that gender and

00:43:02--> 00:43:50

gender is surrounded by obstacles. Now how did he Musina if I could you but if I didn't as you find out different narrations that we find gender has been surrounded bill mercury by obstacles and has been surrounded by a shadow work, desires. obstacles, mm unknowing is explained, it's handy to say most of the obstacles a person needs to overcome obstacles to get into gender. Don't get any of us think that didn't they just to be walked into? And her symptom and that whole agenda Do you think you just had to walk into Jenna, this could open up for all of us. There's a path there's actions, this objective this aims these actions person needs to do to become the people of Ghana. And as we

00:43:50--> 00:44:28

find amongst these actually the struggling like right is a center. The prayer that we find a Sunnah by the Salah that we find shows your devotion shows your commitment shows you breaking your sleep shows you breaking away from the dunya shows you breaking away from your commitments. That's even, even isn't as we began to say, I believe in Allah I know I have to pray, I'll pray for me. May Allah guide me know that's even to lift yourself up, to awaken your soul, to drag yourself to drag your soul. Then eventually his soul becomes habitual, that you know what it sounds strange. Your soul awakens you. Your soul awakens you and says it's time to go and pray. It's time for you to serve

00:44:28--> 00:45:00

Allah that's a level of Sun nanosilver that's a level of sun that maybe not someone will never reach in our life. But when a soul awakens that's that soul that we find. We said to the soul that returned back yeah yeah to enough so not my inner energy healer of the automobile for the holy theory. Betty what Holly gender t shown in contentment in peace. You know, our souls within ourselves are broken. A fractured and lost vein a dunya will arrive here.

00:45:01--> 00:45:20

Between sweetness of this dunya between temptation is dungeon Ashura person is to break the soul. Break it within themselves it has sold only becomes a yearning desire of an era. That's what a soul wants to achieve. And it begins to drag our bodily structures towards the Acura and as we find like was an honorable man

00:45:22--> 00:46:00

nobody wants to order a good and forbid the evil you really think that you find him I want to come out and order good and forbid the evil you really think that we want to go and say to another individual do this and don't do that? Do you think I better find some passion in doing that? The only reason why person does that quantum hydro Metin nurse You're the best people ever raised up you already have good and you forbid even what a soul karaoke Allah Almighty used to we used to wait for his mama my mama almost a week for them. That you find a parable is given a honey that say Buhari, the fire is ignited you find the flies in a must go into that fire is it is the parable of mankind.

00:46:00--> 00:46:39

Most of my mankind for mosquito in a nutshell. Most people are going to the nerd or going to the fire. I'm trying to stop them. I'm trying to prevent them. I'm trying to grab them by the overcoming enter into the fire. That's all that drive the person. That's what the Quran inspires the person to come not to sacrifice their life, sacrifice their time, sacrifice their family members. For that purpose, that you find the ultimate sacrifice. You think some people want to go and spill blood for the sake of spilling blood? Why do you think they have to have a conviction inside their heart, they have a belief in a lower place that inside certain individuals heart, you place it inside their

00:46:39--> 00:47:18

hearts that there will be always parameters of the faith will be protected. It has to be a physical action. It can't be just a momentary speech that we find somebody has to physically protect parameters that exists is that Islam has existed. We shouldn't shy away from that fact. Because that's what our Deen teaches us a life of action that we find. And if you find that in conclusion, all of us are close to Jenna. And all of us are close to the Hellfire that you find every single one of us that we find is as close to the headphones like his right shoe or his shoe lace. And he has it close to the Hellfire like his left shoe left shoe lace. What Toluca Hydra many paths of goodness

00:47:18--> 00:47:18

are many

00:47:20--> 00:48:02

opens up many parts of the believers that are Muslim. And as we began this blessed month Ramadan opened up many paths for all of us to return back to Allah Subhana Allah and as we find Mr. Patil say Allah as much as you can throughout your life to develop that fear of Allah and Allah in the open in a hidden factor and likewise refinement Amina saga and for enough see woman I said earlier to my inner beacon, whoever it is goodness, funnily enough, see he, you do some goodness now in this world. It's for your own benefit. And nothing if nothing when it helps you inside this world. And likewise, you leave something behind sadaqa jariya ongoing charity? What are the sila here the ruler

00:48:02--> 00:48:18

who a righteous son that prays for you? You know, we should be worried about the education worry about their life. There's no doubt about that. But what's the best thing that person can leave behind? The best thing they can leave you and his wife his children? Does he find him so UT mentioned in the dorms at the end is suited for God?

00:48:19--> 00:48:21

mean as well? You know, Rena kurata

00:48:23--> 00:48:26

tokina email you mentioned Cora to overland fit dunya

00:48:27--> 00:49:11

sweetness, tenderness of the eyes. Forget about the Akira is in this world. How is it in this world? When you see your loved one? your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your son, your daughter, your wife, your nephews, your nieces, obeying Allah. Hi diplomat Nina manda Sawa this, this good feeling is at the heart of the individual. What more can a person asked for parents coming in always complaining, my son is doing this. My daughter's doing that or strange mentality just overwhelmed by the education not saying give up education. But they don't care. They don't pray. They don't care. They don't fast. That doesn't bother them. They don't become over worried about that. And staging is

00:49:11--> 00:49:46

some of our children even do more How am I wrong? And some parents don't care about that. But when they begin to practice their deed, some parents may love dying to become obstacles that why are you praying five times a day? I've read it myself intellectually say to the children, you don't need prayer. your intellect is smart enough to pass your exam to get on with your life. Prayer is just for those people who don't have much of education much of a life. And we're not talking about non Muslims with our own Muslims. And defeated mentality that you find all come from non Muslims of gangs penetrating the psyche of our mind as we began with, we think the substance we use substance

00:49:46--> 00:50:00

of our faith in our Eman, awaken ourselves this month of Ramadan, spiritually waken ourselves mentally physically, that we are we are an oma a nation, which is not a weak nation and weak people are people

00:50:00--> 00:50:37

To be trampled and to be trodden over with a strong nation, a powerful nation, a powerful identity, a powerful personality. That's what we are as a person. You see that within himself. When you defeat your own mentality within yourself. There is no point talking about greater objectives inside your life. There's no point when you're defeated within yourself. When you're stronger than yourself, though even if you defeat the world around you, they defeat you. Then what do you find? There is no loss. There is no loss to you. There's no lost lost your credentials, because your credentials are with who with the loss of Hannah Dinah is with Allah Subhana Allah your faith is one that's driven

00:50:37--> 00:51:16

you to come close to Allah and Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all a topic and ability in his build up to the final 10 days of Ramadan to begin to exert ourselves focus ourselves inside Allah begin to reassess our relationship towards Allah, Allah reassess our prayers, our fasting obedience, our curato Quran our life, amen narrow, but Nana mukha aku a characteristic or behavior. As I mentioned last week, many of us may do external actions, but we find the characteristics we still haven't understood the essence of Islam, of goodness of kindness, of tolerance of patience, or forbearance of overlooking of forgiving, showing goodness, shame, good words. All these elements

00:51:16--> 00:51:59

that we find is the real teachings of the Quran. May Allah kind of give us an envelope as with all these characteristics of the Quran, Allah when Allah katusa Luna Allah nebby yeah you will Edina mn O Allah Allah yourself limitus Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad gamma so later libre Hema while ellebra humana Kavita Majeed Aloma vertica Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim Edna Candido Majeed from Ghana, Tina Fey dunya Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina are not going to fill in only one you know the DNS of lacuna v man, Alfie Lubin of Indonesia Dena Amano from Ghana in Nakuru for Rahim Ramadan, Africa now sobre was a bit of dominance on our common care theory

00:51:59--> 00:52:36

of Daniela to Jackalope, Ana de de de de tener habla Nam and Adam Carolla in La cantera hub rub Donna habla de Minas Virgina autoreactivity Tina kurata even when you're an alien would tokina not burn out a couple Midnight in a contest? Samuel arnim went to gardena in October Rahim. subhanak is that Yamanashi phone was Salah, lol mursaleen al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen como de la que como como la ever take one small step forward and make more space? Nobody's waiting outside is going to be no second Juma second, prayer so make space for the people waiting outside of confited. inshallah.

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Law law

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