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He's holding his own daughter's in his hands and he opens the eyelid and begin to look into it. He's gone. He knows that but he kisses any parts of her the last time was strength of iman is that And the strange thing is that he plays a day. That's what you called Iman no strength, no power, except with Allah, all these 1000s of children don't abandon them as a sign of weakness that a person thinks is never going to be successful, that person who believes that the most have been destroyed for who Hanako he's destroyed them, don't lose hope, because when we lose hope, then they will lose hope they don't want anything from us after praising Allah subhanaw taala and remaining with the

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book of Allah subhanaw taala. And specifically, this application side the Quran. And those applications are used by the prophets, that in their trials and difficulties and tribulations, that they employed a call out to Allah Subhana Allah, which shows the timeless concept of the Quran for every generation and time that remains relevant to all of us. Because some of us we think that the Quran is maybe only that time and it spoke about those individuals and failed to see the prophecies of the Quran, or the promise of the Quran. What delights subhanaw taala The Promise of Allah Subhana Allah never he fails his promise. At the same time Allah Subhana Allah, Allah dasa and Allahu COVID,

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and Yakima Valley mourn, don't ever perceive or think that Allah subhanaw taala is unaware heedless, or doesn't know what the volume window presses are doing. These are only moments that Allah has planned our lives give these individuals respite upon this earth, and that's the Quran it gives us strength. You mentioned every few previous weeks read the Quran specifically read the MK Consor does that speak about victory for the believers? read surah Tarun the 13th chapter the Quran given his prophecy, about the conquering of the ruling of the Muslim specifically Adam Kitab, over the Persian that time but in there we find a seer. A hidden message a victory is going to be for the believers,

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the Muslims, what can happen Allah in a nostril? Momineen as Allah mentioned inside the same Surah it is a fact a promise that Allah Subhana Allah will give victory to the believers read the sword and uncovered another makan surah the 29th chapter Quran Allah begins or if mean, how has he been nursing you trakone Amanda formula you've done? Well occurred Fernanda didn't copy him. Follow ya lemon Allahu La Nina Sadako. Allah Allah Manuel Kathy been. The people perceive to think that they say that we believe in Allah Subhana Allah they won't be tested. We're looking for tundla Dinniman cobbling him indeed we did test those people that came before for what purpose? Why does Allah test

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these human beings as test us specifically as Muslims? So Allah may decipher and establish those who are truthful individuals and those who are the liars and assorted continues to mention those who are the hypocritical individuals. And Eman lays a bit Tammany Eman isn't just false aspirations hopes, quality, the Munna, the Arabs, they said that we believe in Allah Subhana Allah Allah negates that you don't believe you don't really understand what the concept of belief is. It's not the Shah just symbols that I believe in Allah subhanaw taala belief in Allah Subhana Allah is devotion. That's why even when people speak about it, the master hemo they don't understand what our key there is a key

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that it comes from act a strong bond, tying a knot, the knot which is difficult to to a knot. That's what you have a key that is wrapped inside your heart. Your belief is strong and firm inside your heart and your mind. It doesn't waver. It doesn't move around as the world moves around as many people waver inside the faith, but people are on Quran because two people the Quran specific people engage with the Quran. They see this world crystal clear. They see the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah how it describes the believers. He describes the disbelievers, how it is described, even the hypocrites that many of us failed that is to pretend that there is no hypocrites amongst us Muslims,

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Allah will decipher and establish that there's going to be hypocritical individuals inside our society. Even the blessed sedans that we find to the end of time, when the shaking will take places or the blessing land in the city, the Prophet and the hypocrites will be expelled will be thrown out. That sounds something harsh and difficult to imagine. Can they be hypocrites in the city of the Prophet? alayhi salatu salam yes, they can be they can read every because that meaning the deep manual hypocrites are those individuals who display Islam, who display Islam and deep down within their own trades inside their heart and their mind. They do everything to dismantle Islam, to

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discourage Islam, to demean Islam to take away the shy the symbols of Islam. So you don't need to go into a deep theology of discussion. Symbols become apparent from people's speeches and they actually what they think of Islam, Allah subhana dismantles all of that. breaks it all down, that all these isms is 236 isms that you believe in, and the world that you believe in. It's all a bubble or by

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US, wherever we might end up comedian for whatever you do perish you will not end the labor. Whatever you love honey remains for eternity because ALLAH SubhanA sent down a purpose for a human being and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, who Allah the Salah, Sula, Bill Houda, were Dean in Huck, he said his messenger with the truth with the guidance with the only way of life to prevail over all humanities, of all humanities all at the end. One thing will remain there for time it will be al Islam, tell him Atala Hill earlier, the word of Allah is part of the writing lofty and supreme Forever, forever, it remains supreme. As you mentioned, these are the typical AI muda will obey the

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nurse. These are just alternate days we alternate between human beings a few days that people may think, how long will it be? 50 years, 100 years. It won't be like the power of Islam, whereby the power is up for centuries, centuries a land of Philistine centuries, we rule over them and everyone live in a state of peace and contentment. They testify that to themselves, that the only time we were in a state of peace was under the Muslim rule

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that Muslims treated us with great respect, must should access the rubble. It was a trash sight. Rubbish is thrown in mushroom access only when the Muslims came over the cop came in he cleaned it all up, that he said some of the rubbish so he could even see the brickwork of mushroom OXA and he began to take it apart. This is the way he showed respect to the shower and the symbols of Allah subhanaw taala and as we find it the Quran Bucha use the Quran, the language of the Quran, the dirt inside the Quran are powerful, that we spoke about a youth and they said I'm going to call that to Allah Anthony Messenia doru Antara camera him in his suffering and his hardship. He's imploring and

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calling to Allah subhanaw taala. That's why the prophets are the examples living examples for us. What rasuluh ficam? The messenger is amongst us today. He's living amongst us. What does it mean? He's living amongst us today? He sunnah, his teachings, his practical examples are living in front of us. You can pick up any book of Hadith, any book of sunnah, and you can begin it from the beginning to the end. You find every single descriptive nature

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of the prophet Elijah, as we mentioned, even though he defecated, he urinated the way with his family members. The way he ate, he drank, he slept, he wept, he lived. It's all there. It's all there, how he fought, how he battled, he made peace, how he liberated how he conquered how you ruled, how he forgave how he pardoned. That's whom that's the Prophet alayhi salatu salam look at lockdown on a computer so to lay off certain Hashanah. In Him you find the greatest example, the moral fiber that we mustn't revolve around. That's what we revolve around. We're beginning to lose hope with the world around us at the moment, but we will never lose hope with a Prophet alayhi

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salatu salam and only sunnah remains, his teachings remain. That's what he prophesied. You spoke about, there'll be a Ba, ba, ba, he Rinella Huck, there'll be a group of people who always be on the truth. And our people try to make that Wila these are people of knowledge and people of understanding that's a false claim. By real hacker, those individuals who are going to protect the precincts of everything that comes after this, many of us we still fail to understand why didn't replace most of the profits inside that region. Why do certain narrations mentioned is not a hand span or foot span that we find in law that you find an angel has prayed dear, or prophet has stepped

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there? Why did Allah had to take the prophet at some before the Night Journey to the heavens, take him to Masjid Al Aqsa, and made him make him meet all the prophets to lead him inside the prayer for what purpose? What purpose to show the dominant force of this region that we find the whole of Sham is a blessing region. Out there, mocha dasa mu Baraka, a breast salon, the best avenue, a blessed state is always going to be or lemme speak about the baraka of this land. You can use fro few seeds and you find it begins to fruits begin to grow inside this environment. That's our blessing this ladies and spiritually as well, Allah and the spirit spirituality. That's what you find, because it

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can mean likewise, we're going to rescue the believing individuals. We understand the supplication inside the Quran. Today supplications looking Yunus and a Salam, which is a timeless supplication, that that dua that he made calling upon Allah subhanaw taala is for every single Muslim even today that will be oppressed ourselves. When we've driven ourselves away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala we may start striving we're struggling with difficulties in hardship, when sins when the norm

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we call upon Allah Allah Allahu Allah and Allah Subhana Allah in the consuming of volume in first stage Abner know when Ajay no Mila hum me waka Delica meaning he made his implored to Allah

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Subhan Allah Allah calling out to Allah subhanaw taala as we mentioned, this is how the prophets understood their relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. No like us is far away. Their relationship was close to Allah Subhana Allah, what can the mullah Musa to cleaner Allah spoke to Musa alayhis salam look at that love Allah chose to Musa lism mount tool that we find calling Musa listen to that location tell him to come to he says to his family I'm gonna leave you here I see a copper spinner nut I see a flame is stranded the fire on the top of the mountain. Let me go they take a strand from that fire, bring it back and use it as a form of heat. He doesn't know what the customer that what

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the intent is to come to that mountain. When it comes to that mountain, who does he meet? Who speaks to him? In Nany and Allah La ilaha illa Ana Farah Buddha Nuwakot me Salah tell is a curry. He speaks to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah speaks to him. What can the mullah Musa take Lima Allah spoke directly to Musa and a Salam in Nany and Allah La ilaha illa Anna far Buddha and he gave him this message to Musa and a summons me me the one and only Allah subhanaw taala Worship Me established a prayer for my thicker does he find that a Salah is adore her? The whole of our Salah is da Illallah we understood what a Salah was that we wouldn't feel so tired and fatigued and the prolonging of the

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We wouldn't feel so upset about why is the Imam reciting long verses inside the Sunnah. Why is he excessive resuscitation inside the salah? Why is this taking place inside the sauna?

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As he told me you mentioned that you want to speak to Allah subhanaw taala read the Quran and even Allah to speak to the listen to the Quran.

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That's what it should be the shuru that Allah is speaking to me. And as they do have a tube and a sound that we find in South Sudan, Zambia, you mentioned a previous album. A YouTube is also in such sorted Ambia. This Mac can sort of speak in some of the rhythm of the Farsi dimension, that this is a token our list from the old sutras from the old school that Surah Al Anbiya is speaking about the Prophet. Have you mentioned a string of Prophet is mentioned and then we find that units and SM is mentioned inside the Surah Yunus has a whole surah the 10 chapter the Quran a whole series named after units and a Salam like that. So to suffer a discussion begins to take place about Eunice la

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Salam efficacy decided to see it begins to describe who unis unis had been Mata, that is individually he was sent to the the city of Nainoa a village of Korea called Nainoa inside the ladder of Mosul and Iraq at the moment contemporary Iraq. That's where he sent to his people to pitch to his people who give Dawa to his people to call him to the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. In a hadith the prophet Isaiah mentioned don't let one of you say, and Hallo mean Yunus even met difficut tethered by the Hadith sahih al Bukhari know that one of you say that I'm better than Yunus. Eben Mehta I'm better than this individual. Right Am I begin to dissect a speaker by this

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hadith? What is it mean? What is a prophet right? So I'm trying to highlight about this individual. He's saying that he's given preference, because the Prophet was a humble individual, even though everybody knows all the prophets know, whole, the whole of humanity knows that the best individual, the best creation of Allah is Panda is a Prophet alayhi salatu salam Well, acumen Babbitt tawa door from humility, he gives Yunus even this privilege, give him his honor, give this rank to him. That's how the Quran describes the messengers Tilka Rasul.

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Allah bad. These are the message who gave each one a different preference over one another. But the best of them without a shadow of a doubt, is none other than a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with a new neither hubba Mahadevan

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that he went in the suburban route and if and describe in such Surah noon, noon while column Sunday, go to you the new noon harpoon is speak about and hoot is another name of the whale when it goes to the noon goes back to Eunice la salaam, that is sort of the end of the surah is speak about Eunice and a system with a noon isa Maha bourbon when Eunice la somewhat left in a state of anger. So I'm gonna begin to mention he wasn't angry with Allah.

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He was angry with these people. That's why I'm bi prophets don't get frustrated with Allah.

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Unlike some of us Muslims today, even I hate to use that word, this frustration that we have frustration with Allah subhanaw taala prophets Don't think like that. They don't have that, that lexicon inside their mind.

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Unlike many of us that we have this frustration that we have inside our lives, even the way that we implore, we call upon Allah Subhana Allah, he was in a state of anger regarding his people

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call these people to to respond that he made that decision to leave his people and to walk away from it because he that he mentioned and if and Allah mentioned the call, we're in the Unison let me know more saline

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In the Unisystem amongst the prophets is Abu Khaled full killed mushroom he went, he left even fled them and he went to the overloaded ship.

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And because he joined them inside the ship, they said is so much of a burden inside the ship.

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We need to overload the ship, unload the ship, take some people off the ship,

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first fossa hammer for condominium would have been, they began to throw lots

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to who should we throw off out of the ship.

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They placed each individual name names there. And every time the name of Yunus came, but they saw him as a pious, a good individual.

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That he took notes again again and again, then had no choice

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but to throw universalism out of the ship and throw him into the depths of the oceans. And as we find Wanda Allah Nakamura, he,

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he thought that Allah is pantalla is not going to catch me. It's not going to bring me to accountability. All that's gonna keep me inside the belly of the whale, maybe I should go to the View. He thinks he's never going to come out. And that's why he makes that deep supplication because he thinks I'm never going to come out this state I'm in. So I need to make this sincere dua to Allah subhanaw taala for Taco Motoharu to a warm alim,

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the whale it covered him in golf him while we're Muslim, he is blameworthy because he left the Command of Allah. Allah never told him to leave his people.

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He got frustrated with his people and he walked away. Because messages don't have a choice. They can't walk away from anything. They've been programmed by default to preach the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. They can't pick and choose when to be Muslims. As some of us we do. We pick and choose that now I'm going to be a strong Muslim. Now I'm going to be an activist. Now I'm going to do this. Now I'm going to do that. By default, every single day is a struggle. The struggle begins with Sinatra Fajr in the morning, that's where it begins with. That's the beginning of the Muslim. That's the beginning of the strength of the Muslim. He's waking up in the morning. He's remembrance

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of Allah in the morning. He's occurred inside the morning, so give strength to the shabby timea user. This is this is my QRadar This is my food. This is food for my soul. He said that's what gives me the strength when I wake up in the morning when I go out to face all the different challenges. That's what we get to come to don't underestimate. The thicker and the remembrance of Allah subhanahu wata Allah, Allah as we find finer depth with blue mud. He called out to Allah and he's darknesses it'd be our best mentioned the three darkness is the darkness of the night, the darkness of the ocean of darkness of the whale of the belly Fanad, their fifth blue mat. He called out to

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Allah Allah in his State of darkness, his imagery, W mentioned that this one way, entered into another way. That's how much darkness it was. And you can imagine the size of a Wayne, of one world going into another world. And this is a darkness that he he's surrounded by other traditions that we mentioned, just to give us a concept of the state of unity. And they said they mentioned he thought he was dead. And he began to kick his legs inside the belly of the whale and discover that he's alive. He began to prostrate and pray there. He said, Yeah, Allah, I'm praying in a location where no one is possibly ever prayed. I'm praying in the belly of the whale in the depths of the ocean.

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And the underworld went all the way to the bottom of the ocean. Some element of receded he mentioned that he said I could hear the stones. I could hear the sun, the rubble there praising and glorifying Allah subhanaw taala that's how deep I went into the depths of the ocean some minima mentioned Allah Allah subhana indiquant two minute Bali min. Allah ilaha illa Anta the proclamation of Tawheed as every time he and his reseller speaking about this dua decoding these two lists all the certain is picky about the Oneness of Allah Subhana Allah OMA yet Roma Allah Ilan Arthur, whoever called Allah besides Allah Subhana Allah, no success for the individual. When I tell you my Allahu Allahu Akbar,

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don't call others besides Allah Subhana Allah. Allah mentioned inside the Quran or the Rooney a study block him call upon me, and I'll respond to you. Well, yesterday will Latina Herman, who were Amina Solly heard Allah responds to those individuals who believe and carry out righteous actions other if he begins to mention one of the most powerful is inside the Quran what he does

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for me Corrib are deeper dive into dirt either done for yesterday bully will look we will be learning on your show don't worry there salata a buddy, I need you seven asks about me, I'm close by. I'll respond to the individual was of Allah minffordd me ask Allah Subhana Allah from the bounties of Allah. Ask Allah subhana wa Taala does he find the Hadith in our best way? That's the first Adela when he started to foster in belay, Subhana Allah. He said if you ask only ask Allah if you seek aid and assistance

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then only ask it from Allah subhanaw taala and under Hadith or even after of decree La ilaha illa the best decrease La ilaha illallah wa after of the Al Hamdulillah and Sunnah Imam Timothy. The best dhikr is La Ilaha illa Allah to make of Allah subhanahu wa taala Subhanak me tell me is that removing any form of false attribution or not when NACA is ill Allah subhanaw taala any deficiency any evil or wrongdoing, to remove that from Allah subhanaw taala and then he mentioned the importance of this be and Darlene fanola And no can Amina Musa been if you hadn't been previously one of those individuals who praised and remember Allah subhanaw taala does he find that praising

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remember Allah in times of hardship is good. But what's better than that? In times of goodness, in times of goodness, you remember Allah subhanaw taala your voice remains David Allah subhanaw taala Thus, if he had not been one of those people who prays Allah has probably had good times, we have left him inside the belly of the whale, but because he's to praise and make remembrance of Allah has come to enter the lobby that he bucked me in a Yomi ubar throne, he remained inside the belly of the whale, until the Day of Resurrection would have been the status individual

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in the consuming of barley mean.

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He makes acknowledges this, that I'm amongst the wrongdoers What did I do wrong inside my life? I disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. I walked away from the commandments of Allah, I should have stayed there with my people.

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I made my own decision to abandon them, to abandon them. abandon them, don't abandon the Muslims. Don't abandon them. That's a sign of weakness. There have been a person things as he began, but he's never going to be successful. The Muslims, that person who believes that the moose has been destroyed for who hanekom He's destroyed them. A Muslim is an optimistic individual is a fourth fry, thinking individual. That victory is always for the Muslims. Always for his people. Always it will be victory. That's what always the Allah's Palace promise. Don't lose hope. Because when we lose hope, then they will lose hope. They don't want anything from us. They want us to keep our hopes

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alive. because hope is a great success for every single human being that we've ran him I'm called to be mentioned that losing patience abandoning his people without permission is a blame upon units and a Sadam at any time you begin to discuss that a person that when he makes his turn off with you know when he makes the sins inside his life, and then he repent to Allah subhana has a long discussion, that what is the status of this individual and many aroma go to review the person who lived a life of sins and disobedience and he repents becomes a more powerful stronger individual becomes a stronger individual, just as somebody companion used to joke about the days of Jaya Helia speak

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about them about what they used to do inside their lives. What happened inside their lives and what they are now great Mullah Omar kebab look at these individuals personalities who would ever think this individual be guided this you say that I'm gonna cut out this and that is hey, man, he's don't keep it in common wisdom. But we never see almost a cup of ever becoming a muslim. That's how evil they thought he was. He's don't even come with him. He will never become a Muslim. But it was something inside his heart. Khalid bin Walid, the only individual came close to the prophet s and I said up to Salaam and they made that damage on his blessing face, a strike but breaking his tooth. A

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strike hit on his hair on his blessing shoulder. They said that he had two sheets of armor and he felt that pain for over a month caused a professor to fall into a ditch. This is called a bubble lead the only man to do that. To have the ability strategic warfare to come and harm the profile is to sit on and he's the same individual when he enters into Islam. Same individual Allah the progress I'm giving you this title that is safe Allah he's a sort of Allah, that every individual every button, everybody wanted to be under the shade of Khalid bin Walid Kedah knew that when he goes out he's the most ferocious fighter he's the most tactical fighter individualists individual is

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Baramulla kebab either individually, you want to show us what belief is. He wants to show us what belief is. So he told him to remove him from his position, for what purpose, so people don't begin to rely on Holly bullied.

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So people don't begin to rely upon him to take away any concept of any type of shape or belief inside people told him to remove him from his location and accountability. He's given that instruction.

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He doesn't he doesn't begin to take it personally. Because their intention is for the sake of Allah Subhanallah makes no difference to them. That's why I call him a lead. He said that he was weeping at the end of his life. He said Look at me, every part of my body struggling by warfare, and here I'm dying like an old camel in my bed. First a job No, no

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When a day no one will come me, responded to Eunice and a Saddam and we took him out this calamity fund has now been a theme. We took him out, cost him on the show and it is state of sickness one But now He shuddered at the media clean and we got this plan. Sevilla mentioned this this that a plant the squash plant, the top Elisa began to protect him because he came out the belly of the whale. So the saliva and insides of the whale upon his skin are harming his skin.

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So when you throw that on the shore, this plant is wrapped around him to heal him. Because why he's praising and remembering Allah subhanaw taala because Alika non GMO quinine and that's what we use this.

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They're like God, we give him victory. Today alcohol, non GMO meaning strange is that Allah says inside Surah Yunus. Allah says exactly the same thing is upon us, incumbent upon us to give victory to the believers. That's what we began with the Quran is strange. We're certain it had certain words, certain characteristics are placed inside the Quran. It's old, miraculous, it's old miraculous of the Quran, the nature of the Quran, the person who pondered over the verses of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's what find the prophet Isaiah we mentioned, that the noon if there are who have a button in route, that the data or the call of units and Islam and is in the belly of the

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whale, the director of la ilaha illa Anta Subhanak in the consuming of Bali mean, whoever makes that data that is upon Allah subhanaw taala any individual, except for the Allah's pantalla will respond to the individual. And as we began with that is the power of the verses of Allah subhanaw taala and that's why the journey continues, because Allah Mendoza created no doubt a bow that he felt done once the Hydra were received and Zakaria makes it as well. Calling out to Allah subhanaw taala I'm a person who has no children, no lineage no progeny. They blessed me with with children lineage to come after me. So we mentioned that the herbs are Korea alayhi salam is a point of us at the falling

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the other we're going to look at Robina habla naman as well as you know, the RIA Tina Kurata and Jana Linwood, Tokina Eema. That to make for monks, our children, and especially those will be a coolness of our eyes, that we find that as we mentioned, many times that the suffering that we can all see, that's taking place at any individual is a father in individuals, children can see this hardship going through, and here should be highlighted, tender for what the benefits of these ayat is, dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah is to make dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, remain steadfast and make the Dhikr of Allah is Panda you may be successful individuals. And again, I don't want to downplay

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these individual many people are chanting these slogans and whatever it may be, how much of that time effort we make you remembering Allah Subhana Allah, not to undermine them they efforts by how much effort we make in remembering Allah Subhana Allah making the smear making Hamid because he really believed that we know that this is a sort of success, we make dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala. And also this claim that people say that Islam of Philistine that these people that they have, they are away from Allah subhanaw taala time and time again, it pops up again and again. Maybe a couple of Salah teen center maybe 30 years ago, but look 30 years later,

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as our Muslim lands, where are they going? What are they called? And what are their symbols? What's the outlook? What is the outlook compared to that land at the moment? What are the symbols of those people? Symbols are those people are what La Ilaha illa Allah La hawla wala Quwata illa Billah haspin Allah Winnington Moroccan Nirmal Mola when atman no see, that's the symbols of those people. That's the symbols of people you can see you can head them, that they're clearly saying them. So when people are saying this fallacy that these people that they have some corruption inside they believe corruption inside their lives. That could be partially true. As we mentioned, a blessed land

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is a blessing and a blessing environment. These are the symbols they move towards the symbols of Allah subhana Dannah that you hear Allahu Akbar being chanted. You hear Allahu Akbar being said, you hear La ilaha illallah being said in unison, that's what you hear them saying, you see the symbols of Allah subhanaw taala you see a young child standing there, praising Allah subhana Dona saying I want to go and meet my parents, meet my father, meet my brother, meet my mother. Symbols, five year old boys, six year old boys. That symbol that's the heat. That's believe in Allah subhana Dyana you can spend your life reading books, you can spend your life reading books, you have to live Tawheed

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you have to live it inside your day leaving it at the moment that living inside the law. They're showing the world putting the whole world to shame. This is what belief in Allah is. This is what conviction is this what hardships is, but yet we still praise Allah Subhana Allah. We don't need anything from this world. That's what they're trying to say. Saying it all the people around us and he said many times that the aid the problem is upon us Muslims.

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is upon us Muslims, we don't seem to see the cause and the concerns of the Muslims around us and likewise the importance of their aid the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. This what unites people, they believe that conviction, that chant of la ilaha illa, Allah will rally people together that we find and also find that for widen, accepting or negligence as sins or disobedience. They obviously sounds harsh that this has led to some of these problems in the world at the moment and negligence, that will be negligent to the Muslim ummah will be negligent towards one another. And as we find out in our negatives, what begin to take take place, some benefit of the dunya that we sell are our own

00:30:41--> 00:30:41


00:30:43--> 00:31:18

And most of them never, never betrays another Muslim now Yeah, who never harmed them, never betrays him, never mistrust him, never oppresses him. And Muslim alcohol Muslim law you have women who a Muslim is a Muslim to another Muslim. It's always there, that we said time and time again read in history, that we had so many corrupt individuals that our society we had so many corrupt individual people think that people are corrupt today. We are people that were there who were known for carrying out did Mohammed haram things inside their personal lives. But when Islam was tarnished or harm

00:31:19--> 00:31:31

when Islam was tarnished or harm, they said we're going to bring it on one person stepped on a scarf of Muslim woman and unveiled her and she called her Yom Yom Tov Seema, Seema

00:31:32--> 00:31:36

where you toss him the leader of the muscle where you

00:31:37--> 00:31:51

thus bought back to him, his book back to him and he painted he said, I'm gonna send an army that the beginning of is going to be at you and the end of his going to be with me, because you stepped on one scarf a Muslim woman. You unveiled her in public,

00:31:53--> 00:32:36

Yamato Seema, Yamato Seema, calling out. And that's what we call out to ourselves, about our own selves, our own state that we find to give up these sins, that are taking a corroding away, alive, corroding away, I believe, Claudia relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. And likewise, a patience with our people. Don't lose hope with people, even a person who's astray, huge loss to misguided sins, innovations, don't lose hope. Persevere, that's what we need to persevere inside our lives. And in finding the benefit that we find is look at the end of a man. Look at the end of the individual look at the end of unis and A salaam that we should look at every single human look at

00:32:36--> 00:32:37

the end life.

00:32:38--> 00:33:04

Don't look at the beginning or the middle of the personal look at what the end symbols are. What the end of that person is. And that's where Allah Allah has honored those individuals to make their and slogans that they end life. That they find the words to be there in our head Allah, may Allah Allah grant them and give them that courage that these people have a strong courage to give us. Give us many lessons inside our life. Many nurses that you see that a father is holding his child.

00:33:05--> 00:33:23

Child is Shaheed in the light inshallah is a martyr. If I'm choosing a martyrs in front of Allah Subhana Allah and he's holding his child and he opened the eyelid and begin to look into it is gone. He knows that but he kisses any parts of the last time. What was strength of iman is that

00:33:25--> 00:33:28

that's what you call ima. Does he call strength

00:33:29--> 00:33:43

that he's holding his own daughter seven I don't do tiny in his hands. And he's placing a day. And a strange thing is even stranger the place a dead right next to her is his son.

00:33:44--> 00:34:17

That's what you call Iman. That's what Iman is Lola hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah no strength, no power, except with Allah subhanaw taala they're all only 1000s of children, all these innocent children, they will become guardians of predators to drag their parents into paradise. As we begin to just weep about this, just begin to imagine this inside their lives. They've lived a life of Jannah alive for paradise that Allah has come to cooling them to paradise to make this a source of success for these individuals.