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Asim Khan
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala MB mursaleen Nabina. Muhammad Anwar, earlier Sammy has made a bad Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And welcome to gems from Surah Yusuf.

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So the use of is an amazing story. And I'm sure everyone who's watching has not only read it, but has a connection with the surah. One of the amazing things about this story, as it's told in the Koran, is that it's actually the only story told in the Quran in chronological order, as if to say the beginning, middle and end is in that sequence. And also, it's the only surah that tells you the entire story for the extent of the surah, as if to say the sort of begins with the story and ends with it as well. And in the order that it happens, which makes it very unique. I mean, the close second to that is sort of Baja, which tells us a story about mortality. But it's not the complete

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story. And again, the whole surah is not dedicated telling the story of Mossad. So now, I want to say a few things about storytelling before we try to dive in and find the first gem from this sort of

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storytelling has been part of our existence, from the very beginning. I mean, if you think about his stories were told, they were carved into the sides of caves back in back a long time ago. And then afterwards, you had Greek mythology. And then afterwards you had these great stories from the Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, and then Shakespeare with the comedy and the drama. And even in our times, I mean, people are really truly addicted to stories know, if you think about it, people may not read as much as they do, but they will watch a lot of things on TV, movies, Netflix, and what are movies, what are films except stories, they're stories, right? They've been directed. And what

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they're showing people is a story. And people love them, and they're part of their life just as they must just as much as they were a long time ago. And that's why I find fascinating about the Quran that it tells us loads of stories and human beings are hardwired to appreciate them and to find them quite compelling. However, lots of has to say something about the stories you find in the Koran, and that's where I want to begin the Sharla

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national now Pasquale Agha Khan saucy Bhima hyena, Elijah ha

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terming Cabell de la mina law feeling lost father says we we tell the very best stories and the revelation of this Koran we what does that mean that we tell the best stories, the scholars they explain that stories, they can be found all over the place they can be found in the Quran and outside the Koran. How when Allah tells you a story, number one is told to you in the most accurate way, literally the word basis, which means stories comes from the root of Asa, and Asa means footprints. So it's the idea of traveling back in time and discovering the story as if you were going by the footprints. The other thing about the way a lot of the story is that not only is it

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accurate, but it is told in the best way. Now you see, there could be a story, which is fantastic. But if it's not told in an emotional way, in a way that captures all the nuances and all of the emotional turbulence in the story, then a person may not find the story that attractive ally think National nakasu Alec as an apostle, we told the best of stories, as if to say, not only are they the best stories, but they're told in the best way as well. But the real tragedy is that we don't really appreciate that that much. We don't really read the stories in the Koran and find them as let's say entertaining or impactful or emotionally touching as the stuff that we may watch on TV, which really

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is a tragedy because unlike saying oh these stories are more worthy of your time than those other things. So one of those stories is a story of use of a restaurant. And a love begins the story at a scene at the very beginning when use of is just a young child. I'm going to read the verses and I want us to think deeply about what is it that Allah wants us to learn from hearing about when use have told his father about the dream.

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If color you so fully be here

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in Niala to Sharon conecuh Bella, Sham San Juan Panama a totally

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Use gd. And remember when use have said to his father Oh my dear father, I've seen meaning I've seen in a dream 11 stars or planets and the sun of the moon all prostrating to me.

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All Bona Yella, taco sauce or

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a hottie cafe Kido lancair came

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in and shame on

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me his father responded, Oh my dear son, don't tell your brothers about this dream because they will plot and scheme against you. And no doubt about it. The devil Siobhan is an open enemy to human beings.

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Now look at this, this is a conversation between a father and son. And the sun described a tone as a hula, which means the child has not yet reached puberty, he's going to tell his father something pretty crazy, something that is almost unbelievable. But as he tells his father, the first thing Alo wants us to appreciate is the way he spoke to his father. That he said, Yeah, everything. Now in Arabic, you can say, yeah, Abby, which means my father. Or you can say yeah, Betty, which means my dear father, notice the difference between the two, the one that use of used was a more infection, endearing way of speaking to his father, he respected his father, he loved his father, and when you

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spoke to him, was in a very beautiful way. And then he told him the dream. And we all know what the dream means, right? The dream is a sign about something amazing that's going to happen in the future, the 11 stars or planets, they refer to his brothers, and the son of the moon to his mother and father, that one day they will be prostrating to him. As if to say use of one day in the future, you're going to be someone great, they're going to be someone with power and authority, and your family are going to respect you to the point that they will even prostrate to you. Now, as a young child seeing a dream like that, who would be the first person that you would like to tell? I mean,

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another way if something amazing happened at school to let's say, a 10 year old boy or a girl, who would be the first person they would tell, most probably their friend, right? Maybe they would go on social media and posted. The last person they'll tell is their father. But here we're learning that the first person use of toll was his father. What does that teach us? It teaches us brothers sisters that use it was close to his father. And not only that, that his father, jacobellis ROM, he was a father who was close to his son and made time for his son, he was there for his son, and his son thought of his father, like a friend. And that's quite beautiful, isn't it? And you think about the

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traditional kind of image of a father. It's one who's very stern, very strict, and there's a distance between the father and son. And though that may have worked once upon a time, in our times, it doesn't work. Because if your son has something on his mind, and he goes maybe on the internet and searches it, you may find out a lot of misinformation, you may find out the wrong things. And you'd be like, why don't you come to me and tell me, but why? What is it that's going to inspire your son to come to you? If your son feels as though my dad is a friend to me, I can tell him anything. He will listen to me, he'll believe me, he will talk to me. And that takes effort that

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takes investment. We're hearing that Jacobian esalaam. He was a father like that. Now look at the response of Yahoo. What his son tells him that I saw this amazing dream, his reaction isn't one of dismissal. He doesn't say, Come on son. Tell me something. Is that really true? Oh, he doesn't say Son, why don't you go to your mother? I don't really have time right now. I'm watching the game, etc, etc. He listens to his son. And in fact, he says, not only do I believe you, but I'm going to give you a piece of advice based on this stream. He says la casa Surya tala Aquatica, son, don't tell your brothers about this stream. Why is that father? You see, when you tell the child don't do

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this, the first thing that pops into their mind is why? Why are you telling me this? And many times parents they they don't they say something like, you know what? Don't ask me why? Because I'm saying so Because I said so. Here jacobellis. And Allah tells us, he explains the why before his son, even acid. He says for your key do like a Qaeda because your brothers, unfortunately, they're going to plot and scheme against you that his father, he was close to not only use it, but all of his children. So he knew that they don't really like him. They jealous of him. And if they find out that he's had this wonderful dream, and it's going to be someone in the future, it may inspire them to do

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something very mean towards his brother. So he's telling him a piece of advice. And what do we learn from that? Well, a couple of things. Firstly, you know, don't be that old.

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authoritative figure where you dictate to your children do this and don't do that. And you don't provide any explanation. It's fine. So sometimes you can say something small, don't do this. And there's no need to give an explanation. But if it's something important, significant follow it up with. And the reason why I'm telling you this is because it's in your own interest, x y, Zed. Another thing that we're learning from this is that jacobellis ROM he was teaching his son, don't be naive son.

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You see, this is very important. Don't be naive, your brothers, even though they're your brothers, unfortunately, they don't. They're not your well wishes. And so you need to be careful in life, son, even people that are close to you, sometimes they can turn against you. I don't want you to be naive son, I want you to have your wits about you, even if it's about your brothers. And the final thing he says is in the shavon inzone, Otto mubin, something which seems out of place translation, and just know that the devil is an open enemy to human beings. Why is that important? Well, his father, Jaco can tell that if they did do something against use of the use of news to understand that you

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know what, there's always shaped on in the picture as well, that people are responsible for the bad that they do, but who was persuading them, who was pushing them in the background, there was shavon. So by knowing that kind of person begin to understand evil, and also come to forgive others, and Subhanallah 40 years down the line, after they do what they do Tim leaving, leaving him dead in the bottom of a well, Yusuf Ali Salaam finds it in his heart to forgive his brothers. Why is that? Maybe because father told me once upon a time, that you know what people are mean. But don't forget about shaytaan he was the one who was trying to inspire them. And so Pamela, this is how being a great

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father to your children can bear fruit further down the line. Just like use of esalaam he took his advice, and it it kind of came to fruition towards the end of his life. So too, you may say a few things to your children today and they may not listen. But inshallah one day further down, you will find that advice will begin to blossom May Allah subhanaw taala give us righteous children, give us religious children and make us great parents to our children as well. There was a loss in the Mallanna venum hamedan while he was such a drain just for listening

Ustadh Asim Khan dives into a journey into the life of Yusuf (AS) in which he extracts key lessons from which we can learn from and be inspired.

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