Murtaza Khan – Morals Series – Episode 35 – Giving Gifts

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the practice of greetings in Islam, with some countries not allowed to greet each other in a certain manner. They also discuss cultural aspects of certain cultures and the practice of greetings in certain ways may be allowed. The speakers emphasize the importance of knowing all narrations and rectifying them, and stress the importance of giving gifts and not giving them back. They also discuss the use of narratives in testing records and the importance of giving gifts and not giving them back. The conversation turns to the potential for swaying in Islam, with some speakers suggesting that it is a decision made based on desire to build a house and the potential for conflict among Muslims. They also discuss the potential for gender roles and reconciling sex roles.
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After praising colossal Canada, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey looking at good moral values of practices, whereby many of these practices

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have been encouraged or mentioned, to encourage brotherhood and relationship amongst one another, to forgive and to pardon and to overlook the previous heavy, we looked at a solid reconsideration reconciliation, rectifying amongst our own selves, was so difficult

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to reconcile with one another is better. Whether it be between family members, husband, wife, whether it be even against enemies, you find that Islam encourages to find a middle ground of understanding. And as many of us, we fail to understand.

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The intent of this law is to create love, to create peace and harmony, not to distract and to destroy, and especially amongst our own Muslims, there should be even more of a focus in encouraging ourselves to be united, as one party has been on the front benches in numerous passages inside the earth, and

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indeed, is formed by one nation, one people, one community, and on the Lord worship only me. Then again, I'm not mentioned in such sort of men when speaking about the believing individuals, and the time your Lord, why not are broken,

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and fair only Allah Subhana Dinah, live qualifying quantum hydro,

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Venus moon

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era best people ever raised up, you ordered a God and you forbid the evil. And that was a prophet Allah is not to mention a corner at

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all You should be brothers towards one another. Now your demo,

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doesn't forsake him does it lay against him doesn't

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doesn't forsake Him, doesn't let him down? How can Muslim our Muslim council

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you find the right to one Muslim with another Muslim or five rights that belong to another Muslim, another nation mentioned six. And as we find that it's incumbent upon us Muslims, to encourage amongst our own selves, to be unified, to unite ourselves to overlook certain mistakes or issues that we may have developed inside our lives inside our community. And that's one way to have a receptive feeling towards one another, or reconciling against one another. And rectifying ourselves, is to gift to encourage gifting of gifts towards one another creates love and affection between the two parties. To hurdle to humble, give gifts to one another equates love and affection amongst

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yourselves. As to the health of today that we find the how to handle

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that he will suddenly give gifts to one another because they give him gifts takes away the bad feelings inside the heart of the human being when

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chick fil a city Shelton and then no one despise their neighbor in the neighbor gives you maybe some flesh of the meat, or the bones of the meat, or the trotters of a sheep, the hooves of a sheep, give it to you don't despise and don't look down upon the other individual. Because for them, it may be the only gift that they have. It's the thought as they say that counts that they're trying to bring towards you being enabled towards you, even though some of them have begun to question. The authenticity is Habiba numerous other hobbies we mentioned, strengthen this interpretation of giving gifts and not looking down upon other individuals, we find a hesitancy a Muslim or Muslim women or

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women a woman to look down upon a gift given by another name by her neighbor. Eve happens to be the meat from a sheep's hoof that goes by meeting greeting and gifting one another. And it had eaten before as collected by

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my fault means that this is something that goes bad attribute into the profit

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that positive companions heard or saw him carrying out his action. He then mentioned if you shake hands with one another, your dislike of one another will disappear. And he would give gifts to one another, then the man is the hatred and disappeared from you. And as you find the importance of even a simple thing of greeting one another, the standard greeting that we have the way that a Muslim meets another Muslim, to remind ourselves the virtues The Forgotten of cetera, of greeting one another as Muslims, we find pulled to the account of himself to be as heavier sold in Delhi, Southern Barcelona. I said I understand. The question was there Mustafa was there Greetings, the

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shaking of hands amongst the companions.

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following is a form of greeting that it will greet one another when mommy muslimeen me for you to serve attorney now to Muslim they meet one another and they greet one another in the cobbler and your 34 no two Muslim meet one and greet one another except for that you find that their sins are washed away from both of these individuals had the inside the sort of

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an aneurysm called Roger Yasuda law. A man came to the population up to cinnamon answer his question out of Illumina years

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ago, a man amongst us he meets his friend or meets a brother of his

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uncanny level. Should he bow down for him? Should he lower his bathroom corner? Because it shouldn't bow down? A customer may exist amongst other individual doesn't bow down for another Muslim? He said, should he greet him hug him? Actually kitchen hakala shouldn't greet him in that manner.

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To do what should he greet in which cellar, shake his hands?

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He should give the salon

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in a cinema Timothy, what have you done, that qualified that the greeting with the two hands that some people may carry out inside their culture or after greeting the individual face to hands upon upon their chest. All these may be cultural aspects or lowering themselves maybe cultural aspects that people that they practice. But this is not the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, maybe sometimes we may overlook it. But we have to teach our people that country and musataha lipu be a day to greet the person isn't with two hands to grasp their hands to close their hands and to bring your hands to your heart to show love and affection. Likewise to law one oneself to greet another

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individual and the Muslim in general is not allowed by the it is forbidden for a person to lower their their neck to lower their back for any human being is not allowed initially on Allah Subhana Allah to lower oneself, no matter who the individual happens to be. Some animal may have discussed a range of appearance a certain degree that may existed, but even their own arogya person that should have been done that you find on 40 some of our cultures that we find when people when they get married, you find that they expect their wife to bow down in front of their mother.

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This is not allowed for person to do this, to bow down to a woman for a woman to bow down for her as shown a sign of reverence and respect. reverence and respect comes by the Quran and the Sunnah that teach you the proper answers from hackers who can

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who despise that anyone who stood up for him? If he came together he would not like that that people stand up for him. These are the some of the activities that we should follow inside that life. What are

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the best creations appropriate is that 70 despised by the finally make it up any person who wants people to stand up for him when he comes into gathering and he wishes and he finds it that he gets upset that people don't stand up for him

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that a person take the place inside their head file. Linda no one will ever assign an arrogance that people should stand up for me when I'm making entrances you may wait for that individual that we encourage ourselves to make that the slim make this salon in Florida animal movement, an encyclopedia of etiquettes and behavior that we find a book that all of us should go back and learn and if many of the books are sold on the headin have chapters speak about the devil Kitab and Adam will speak about etiquette and manners and how we conduct ourselves that you find you mumble Buhari in his collection of fees and other other movement is different from a sale Buhari, which is a sound

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good to me is the most authentic book is a book it

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is a Bukhari, who begins to make some comments about his body for what

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it is questionable about them being a person.

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Because I had been authentic. There may be some scholarly discussion that exists for all of them to discuss certain races that existed, but even then, they've been authenticated in mamma Bukhari just to give us a glimpse of his virtues. But happy the observance of he had he had members more than 70,000 hourly, some retirement you mentioned far beyond that. And he never just memorize a hadith. He mentioned all of the narrators of Hadith. So in this numerous narrators, he knew all about their history, their lineage, their names, everything about them when he had the number self-regulated both of them. Mmm, Daddy, Daddy, when he traveled to them, they want you to test the memory of a

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marble behind. So it took me a hadith that took 100 narrations and then mixed up these narrations and even took it I mixed up the chain of narration

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Who are the people who write these handy and listen to all 100 narration that no puto has no books, he has no text with him. He listened to all of the narration. And then he rectified every single one of them. Every single one and he rectified them. This is the correct direction. This is the correct region. And this is the correct word. And that's it existed. This was a kurama, a miracle that was given to a man behind a blessing that was given to him so that when people begin to question I had the inside body begin to question if I had the ability to ask about our IRA, or the law, or begin to speak about our Asia, the whole Green Belt inside our mind. These are people who are trying to

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dismantle the Sharia. This is the entrance of our people begin to question authenticity of Islam. First of all question,

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then question generations of Ohara because more

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more Judea has Have you been arrested? So when you begin to push Abu huraira

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then you begin to question narration, then most of the personal affairs of the foster be narrated by Alisha, on what meaning? So you begin to question her

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to be very careful, shouldn't take it lightly when people begin to say this questioning about a member of a party, but it has it doesn't mean they'll settle why he mentioned this, this will lead a path to weekly and Islam had a dole mustache repeating the role of the Orientals. That's what they attack upon. And of course, when people fall apart from modernism, they begin to make these attacks so called Islamic thinkers who begin to highlight and say bodies

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that have been decided should be questioned. Today, the copper bill is a major issue that people make these statements and begin to dismantle the narrations. Mr. McCarney, I had a moment Buhari

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begins generating numerous

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numerous ad speaking about for my salon that we find that

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the person will not enter into Jenna had to have until you do that to me until you don't believe what

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the * and you're never going to believe until you don't love one another should guide you to make you love one another.

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guide us which would make us love one or the individual call center.

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spread this around amongst yourselves. A member hiding beneath the great news

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about whether to surrender a fine is the beginning of Adam Madison. Allah said go to the agents go and give them a greeting Gumtree a bit sooner and see the response of them. This is the beginning of a seller a seller boom in a smart way to handle data. A seller is amongst the names of Allah Subhana Allah pusilla Lemma to sell demolitions. When you give Salaam to a person, that person is safe from your homes, from any harm your word in your speech, as a Muslim, a Muslim, a Muslim una melissani de la salatu salam, a Muslim is one another Muslim is safe from your hand is a saint from your tongue when you engage with him. Like as you mentioned, humans are how they speak about the reward. That is

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multiplied many times our personal life or the duty of responding to Islam is a person Salah give some person has to respond to that Salaam Salaam, Allah

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to give sanabria when you know when you don't know when I shot this it can assign minus sign the day judgment is a sentimental love

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to give something only to the person that you know. You find somebody that you remember cardi mentioned who loved

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him she

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would come to the marketplace is

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when you don't speak you don't engage you don't bond, you don't buy anything.

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Why do you go to the marketplace,

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for reward

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for for what reward

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to just give Salaam to the people and to hear the setup. This is how the compound is understood in order

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to get set up the people like was the person who's walking to get set up to the to the city, the larger group to the smaller group, the young to the old way

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of how we should greet one another that we find enough to stay away from one another.

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The person delivers gifts to the following individual. And likewise you find some narrative to speak about not to get set up to sinful individuals. People with the progress of digital

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away from certain individuals who made second statement and said certain things he took away from them, they didn't greet them, for what purpose to teach to people in society. Teach him such as people who have his own volume, people open their centers.

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When Islam is powerful and strong, a person needs to turn away from him to teach them a lesson. To show them maybe in today's climate, it doesn't really apply that you turn away from an individual, because they may choose to move further away from the path, like or different people.

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People are full of innovation. We're not living the climate to turn away from people because these people they think we made we're carrying carrying out our innovations. Just breakaways. We began we already living as a minority in a society that we live in. Right now. We have to take people by their hand, instill love within them, remind them was up to be a winner, remind them about the days of a loss and remind them

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love of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so not to not to express the the magnificence of the son of the Prophet and express the love to encourage him but this is more closer to the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam not to push people away as defined by the Shabaab apply rules and regulations failed to understand them now.

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We live in the west to decision another individual, to block another individual turn away from another individual, the idea for purpose, one, more than one

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majority of the room, I would say that living inside the heart, the person should show more love, more affection, more Greetings, more unity, more support, more encouragement. Not every individual breaks away from one another can do his

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own. Every party dispenses themselves rejoicing with their own self, without entity, very own selves. As we began with encourage one another to come closer to one another, to the bond of love and relationship with one another. We find also strange narration that we find and is used to own these hand sent he sent his place on his hands. And when you're going green and for shaking the hands of his fellow Muslims, God

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we marveled at this, they would all send their hands and instead of sending hands that when you go and meet another Muslim, give them salami the fragrance will remain remain on their hand.

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The progress of the last person individually to move his hand away from another individual would hold on to the personality drift his hand away. But we step away quickly. We don't we don't feel encouragement, we find the giving of Salaam drops, the sins of the individual minus in just like the tree begins to shed knees, the knees begin to drop upon the ground. That's how a person should be in a greeting towards another Muslim that we find like other who should not hold back and giving the salon should not become selfish. Become miserly. So many times before even

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beginning people not practicing the recognize another Muslim.

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Native Salaam does this create a good feeling inside the heart? Because you don't know whether this Muslim is a Muslim or non Muslim, but they recognize you

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and they greeted you position and shun them and think that this person doesn't look like a Muslim doesn't feel like a Muslim. Maybe they stay away from them inside their heart that they recognize another Muslim feel the love of Islam leave a feeling of reception. So a person should respond back to them.

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When you when you would meet people smile, smile fellow fellow Muslim, McKenna Robinson wasn't wretched wasn't upset when he had many affairs that worried him inside his life. Many things that worried by never delivered in his subjects around always showing the light fades, always showing an element of happiness that we find. As we mentioned, never we never reject the seller. And never reject again, as we went through previously,

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reject even the concept of perfume for your

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And even say Muslim, don't reject perfume. It needed something like to carry and a beautiful fragrance it is for anything a person offers to another individual, as they say shouldn't break the heart of the individual and think they dispensable they give it a it has no value or how amazing he is. Sometimes the smallest of things the smallest of words that would soon be

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the smallest of words can enter happiness into the heart of another individual alleviate their suffering and the difficulties that they may have. Like or define from giving of gifts, is a constituent take back their gifts. And then the hero does he but he can can be your hero. He had the Moto con la, a person who gives the give them time to take the gift back. Is that a dog that woman's and goes back and eats the woman a harsh word. If it doesn't give something

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To another individual that the person is gifted in. And another in the ratio French speaking

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in South Korea Muslim he gifted a writing beastie Sabina gave it away. As a form of Southern Gaza give the person who's in charge is hosting them took care of it. So he wants you to take this horse back. Take it back, give him I want to take it back. So he disclosed this the profit

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a third featured article, we're in our pocket.

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Once you give it in charity given as a gift, don't try to take it back. Even if it happened to just one dinner one coin don't take it back for either are either free so the party can earn a fee. The person takes back the gift face back Miss sadaqa is not a person who takes back the old woman eat from the old woman. And as I mentioned about staying away, or give you a gift and making mention of it. Oh no more often.

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Hiram in Santa Barbara de gallo, honey and honey a good word and good speech and forgiveness is better than the person give some form of charity gives a gift yet other than follows it with harm What does that mean? That I gave you this? I helped you I gave you this gift Don't you remember this thing? Do you remember this time Do you remember this gift? Don't you remember this support the remember this money do you remember this? Do you remember that?

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Pizza such people there's no there's not goodness there's no kindness that you hope another individual and and throughout their lives you keep on mentioning it. Well no honey and honey.

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Allah Allah, Allah Yoshi,

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the Elijah honey allies rich, Allah has no need for you to give a gift to another individual and think you've done something good. And I was highly forbearing they listen to what other people are doing what the people are saying overlook say Oh,

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and that's how Muslims should be.

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Their Muslims should be overlooking, not when a person because a person helps another individual and then the second one comes to the heart, the mind of the individual. And when it's mentioned time and time again. And the following was strange enough for some highlights the giving of gifts for showing off getting

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them to pollution.

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What are you

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to do?

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Well Lola Coleman, Catherine

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you believe don't destroy don't destroy your good deeds.

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Don't destroy the giving of charity by making me chosen another individual. Then those are the big this parable.

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mean, as a person you notice when you focus upon the parable, or the Quran

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when it's versus verse number 264 There are numerous

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numerous parable

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lays out

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for people to interpret karoon carone tacky loon Yes, her moon moon.

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Allah later, numerous passages numerous parables inside the fire right in the beginning, Allah speak to the moon. How these are the hypocrites.

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They find that lightning is all around them. And they trust the fingers inside the ears to try to conceive to cover themselves because they feel that every attack is against them. Hey Allah mentions that a person gives charity to wait a long time to enter for mother Luca Matheny suffering was suffered or no.

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Support is a is a type of rock upon this rock is like a smooth rock with some dust.

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You find that one heavy rain falls down what is heavy rain due to smooth rock and elements of dust upon it, washes it away,

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wipes it away.

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Nothing is left sort of present gives this charity is just like specks of dust in a rock begins to make mention of it towards another individual. So the person with their own hand washes away their goodies. It's all taken away but lots of data that goes into detail that we find sanella to let you know

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what are you the key him

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person who has a heavy

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focus on Allah mentioned Salah to lay you can leave him alone.

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numerous alimenti will speak to three types of individuals.

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What are your

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What are you the team will purify them. One of them,

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for them will be a survey just as a punishment. First we find a nun Biba APA

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person always mentioned what they've given to another person. So they was perfect, you'll find it trivial. It's not just a normal Heidi, whenever I mentioned he doesn't look at those people, they will speak to individual doesn't purify those individual person shouldn't take it in a trivial manner.

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To be worried about this was funny, when most men is

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a person who lower government drugs below the anchors,

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people may begin to have discussions about it. It would surprise us that such awakeness there's no need to go to technical discussions.

00:26:09 --> 00:26:15

To think that maybe on the Day of Judgment alone, we don't look at the individual will speak to the individual. What

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the Confederate soldiers that he

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was after the McCarthy era

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referring to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, where was he?

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Where was his no government?

00:26:35 --> 00:26:48

Before we go to technical discussion, where do we live in the Western world? What type of environment are these? Are they rejected? Or they do do they really apply? Was the minister had a word from Carrie is a folk cafe?

00:26:49 --> 00:26:57

acconci the proper answer is no government always above his ankles. There was a prophet alayhi salatu salam wa sallam that we find

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to be

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the person who sells a commodity via swearing by the name of Allah to Allah and he's lying, although he was what is the best commodity This is cheap, this is the best thing you can buy this is the best deal

00:27:14 --> 00:27:17

of people involved in business transaction should be should be wary.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:19

If a

00:27:20 --> 00:27:22

person is making a trade taking the next

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line, just to encourage a saint just encourage a prophet is under severe warning, under the punishment of loss of person may not accept gifts, if it leads to hatred, when an original man from fissara, he came to the prophet and somebody she came in, and he gives it to him. And he and the progress of gave him something back in return. This anger the individual

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dimension and this person, he expected to give a gift and expected something far better to be given back to him. besucher give a gift with the Intel the iron now gifted something or something more beyond that should be given to me. Another type of gifting that Muslims should be wary of, is a giving of gifts to sway a person's decision, or some form of bribery that we find. A person should be vigilant regarding that. The Quran begins to discuss this element of the giving of gifts to try to be impossibly sweet a decision or to stop something taking place when you move to the alien up for now, to be

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alone in a story of the peace. And so they might add a certain sort of number that we find the 27 chapters upon when will feast the Queen of Sheba may be classified as a modern day, the land of a young man that we find. She said, I'm going to send me her deity, I'm going to send this gift because she was a queen. So before that maybe I send these gifts to Solomon and Elisa to maybe to persuade him to show him that my honor and my glory and my prestige to slave away for what he what he intends to do. So the man and a salon that he had mentioned, only two kings ruled over all of this earth to amongst them was similar to amongst a non Muslim route our Moses amongst it was silly

00:29:12 --> 00:29:22

man. Well done. Buddhahood la mesilla added to Hulu over near now all of this earth ruling when cinema returned, this comes back to filament for them

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to meet the man in yellow,

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but to be here at CU.

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He said What is this? You're trying to entice me when you tried to give me gifts to sway me away, that I'm going to bring an army that you find it the beginning or the end is going to be in the beginning is going to be with you. Because you are people that would have chumps your people who worship the sun, and we have to come down and we have to dismantle this. We have people who don't eat. We have to establish the heat upon them. We're not going to be swayed.

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Because indeed what Allah has given me far more than what's been given to you, you may rejoice inside the gifts that you may think that'd be given to you. But what Allah bestowed upon me is far more. And the discussion continues. whereby I mentioned as Solomon early Salaam, then he asked, because Solomon has given, given the control, not just of

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speech with the word of the birds and the animals in control animals, while I can add a virgin was given control of the gene was given to set the man at the center. So he asked who will be who will bring the throne to me. Remember, Sera, they mentioned about the beauty of the throne of babies, who will bring the throne, everything I'll bring it before you stand up from your place.

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But what we've been given knowledge of the Book more powerful, said I'll give it before even the blinking of an eye. And just as he closes it open is that there was a thrown in front of him, called

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a screw up for

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illustrating my

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call and

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he didn't say I'm powerful, I'm showing a mighty Khan has I mean,

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this is nothing but the the blessing of Allah spandana Leah Bruni, a screw up for that. So all this dunya is to see what are you going to be grateful for? Are you going to be ungrateful when even Allah bestows blessings upon a person, the blessings have been placed there for person for not to change the individual. And so the person should be very wary about a concept people in positions of power and authority

00:31:43 --> 00:32:09

that we find the word politics at the moment is a well known silence. People in power at the moment they pay money, they influence campaigns to influence people. Because money buys votes, money buys people campaign millions know billions are spent to sway people to decisions. And that's why even Don't, don't be saddened, don't be taken by even the most simple there are there are people who will be saved.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:14

And we should mention this, but sometimes a person needs to mention.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:27

Or Nima will be swayed by certain gifts or the prestige and honor certain dignity to sway them away. He believes this is a deception of devil as well. But

00:32:29 --> 00:32:32

there's some renumber that you find that a virtue direct is well known.

00:32:35 --> 00:33:00

There's a scholar, well known, passed away 10 years ago, had the virtue of meeting this individual that when he met one of the rules, they came to his house, his mud house can be smaller house. And it's hard to offer, what can we do for you? Is there something that we can do for you so we can build this up? We can encourage you when he said I'm fine. I'm building my house, in a certain precinct in certain area.

00:33:01 --> 00:33:05

Students who are they're sitting there thought that what is the house that you are building?

00:33:07 --> 00:33:13

Then when the rule is they walk out the shapes house is a mystery in Scala, even a finger does not suede

00:33:14 --> 00:33:30

is not saying that if you want to build something, build a house and for the students, but there must have been something to benefit. The people don't worry about me. They even acknowledge that this is an individual immediate marine scholar who's not swayed by anything. Then they asked him that what is it that were you building your house?

00:33:31 --> 00:33:33

This village is evidence facing that your building

00:33:34 --> 00:33:37

is a mock Mara. It's a great

00:33:39 --> 00:33:40

workflow for building

00:33:41 --> 00:33:43

and building the house agenda.

00:33:44 --> 00:33:44


00:33:45 --> 00:33:48

why did I just see it had

00:33:50 --> 00:33:56

someone to nominate when you're writing references or speak about individual people present gifts and try to stick them in good words

00:33:57 --> 00:34:06

they rejected, reject their food, reject their worth reading everything. Why? Because the unknown person could be swayed. Well, we'll call the

00:34:09 --> 00:34:11

judge in a state of anger needs to step down.

00:34:13 --> 00:34:52

Islam is the repository and preference to another individual, a personality or whatever it may be a decision doesn't need to reject themselves, because they're going to make the wrong decision, and are in conclusion that we've learned the best gift that we can give to people after the material gifts. And as I mentioned to one family members, one wife, one children, they love what a person should do, should be a norm inside their life. The gifting of Islam to the people around us, the gifting of the Quran, the gifting of the Sunnah is a prime opportunity isn't a gift that we should be sharing, celebrating inside that society and hamdulillah

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

Allah, Praise be to Allah, guide us to Islam

00:35:00 --> 00:35:29

This one we should be sharing inside a community, giving a gift to the poor and how many of us go out of our way. But most of us are stuck in the daily rat race of the world around us. They don't speak about religion don't speak about death don't speak about the Hereafter, even amongst Muslims as well. Don't speak about among don't speak about death don't don't take away the good guys that I'm enjoying. And I call the fact that many of us Shabaab day in and day out what is taking place.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:31

It's a tribute of faith

00:35:32 --> 00:35:35

leads to what the taking of another person's life.

00:35:36 --> 00:35:49

A person should try to reconcile doesn't shouldn't try to inflame many of the things that are taking place many of us Shabaab mistake of babysitting, what do you find? Thank you visit innocent people's life.

00:35:50 --> 00:36:08

Even though most of that we find the range of the amount of stabbings and killings are taking place. And I look at the reaction of people having jelenia this is ignorance. This would be Sonic practices that even amongst Muslim definiteness This is our friend, Cody Allah Melissa Aaron is a community

00:36:11 --> 00:36:12

policy change

00:36:15 --> 00:36:17

his Muslim brothers who fought with other Muslims,

00:36:18 --> 00:36:21

you know for purpose because they don't agree.

00:36:24 --> 00:36:29

They don't agree with certain Islamic ritual practices and in fight with one another.

00:36:31 --> 00:36:36

Some is this. Bob Proctor is Tommy. They should not be able

00:36:37 --> 00:36:45

to create such a hatred among Muslims that they they suspect another Muslim, they hit another Muslim they harm another Muslim. Imam Shafi

00:36:46 --> 00:36:53

who will debate with people used to enter to debate thinking or possibly the person of debating is better than me as the right answer,

00:36:54 --> 00:37:31

then is to enter into debates to despise people look down upon people to make a critique of people to make people feel lonely, to go to harm people, and is built upon that we find what happens the monster monster we don't simply learn the lessons. Ramadan after Ramadan, would it be mousey disobedience that we prepared ourselves for the month of Ramadan inside them up from the outside of Ramadan, or arguing amongst ourselves, or whether the Imam should be April 23 we we spend all of our efforts on this and shunning one another these are scholarly debates that have existed for

00:37:33 --> 00:37:39

more than 1000 years. Suppose you find serenity, peace when you were satisfied.

00:37:45 --> 00:38:21

Don't try to create an evil inside society. Unlike other non Muslims, where they try to reconcile amongst don't inflame things that will lead to another person's life being taken or harm or bloodshed taking place. Not to take away the rent code and feelings inside our heart. Take it away from our snatching away from us and Surefire hearts make us to be the lucky one, to be brothers towards one another to be concerned about one another that we all begin to love one another, even towards one another. We will enter into gender together as one group of individuals that is the ultimate success for the believing individuals.

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