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Tafseer of Juz Amma – Surah Al Layl, the Two Paths
Ramadhan (2017/1438) Lecture Series by Sheikh Muhammad West, Imam of Al-Awwal Masjid, Cape Town, South Africa


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The transcript discusses the importance of showing one's true values and weaknesses in order to achieve good results in Islam's actions during Surah, where the male and female were different. The transcript uses a stopwatch as an example and emphasizes the importance of showing one's true values and weaknesses in order to achieve good results. The transcript also touches on the use of shims and the shift from male to female's views of the sky. The transcript provides guidance on purifying one's body, sharing blessings, giving charity, and using the Sunlight to purify one's body.

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We live in a she's on rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mine, our beloved brothers in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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are y'all doing?

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Nice number five, and vanilla. This is, you could say a half, almost half of that first 10 days of Ramadan is almost done and dusted is panela. How much have we made, if we done enough in these 10 days, have mercy upon us the strength to continue and other monks get the full benefit mean, before I begin just a short announcement, our brother Abdullah, from Saudi all the way from Saudi us, leading thoroughly with us, he is fortunate that he'll be going back to Saudi to spend the rest of Ramadan in the Holy Land. And we'd like to as a small token of our appreciation for leading us in Salah just those gifts from the law. We hope that he will return soon.

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We say that yes, obviously the holy lands are the best places to be during Ramadan, but I think in Cape Town is a close second inshallah.

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We hope to see him soon again. I mean, he personally to us, and we wish him all the best inshallah

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we continue with our series of the last few surahs of just a map. And last night sort of sort of shrimps is very closely linked to tonight, Surah Surah, to Lail, this chapter of the night, chapter number 92. And just some themes not to go too much into detail as to what we discussed last night, a lot introduced and the central theme of sweatshops is that you and I are consisted of this thing called Linux, which is balanced and successful for the Abrahamic zakka. That successful is the one who purifies his naps, or the harbor man does. And the failure the loser is the one who ignores his naps, buries his naps doesn't listen to that conscience that Allah has built in him. And he is lost

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through that. A more lifted like that. And then Allah we said mentioned a people who went against the naps, and Allah destroy them because of the sun. And Allah says he's not afraid to level out the playing field when injustice prevails. So based on that, this surah will give further details as to the naps and how to purify. And in fact, these two suitors, you could say a couple of they come together, and they follow the similar theme and flow. Allah begins the suit on once again with those vows those costumes as we said, while lelee either yaksha by the night as it covers 100, either natural law and by the day when it appears in its radiance. Interesting point here, the first verse

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while lelee Russia is increasing things as the knife continues to cover, whereas the day is already injured abusers the past tense is already in its brightness in the past. And orlimar asked, Why does Allah use that.

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And the insert of shims, we see the sun was synonymous with guidance and goodness. And the theme continues here that the night not that the knife is evil. But in this context, it's as if the darkness and Cooper and misguidance creeps up slowly, slowly, slowly, until it develops completely, whereas guidance when it comes, it completely wipes out the misguidance meaning we should watch how misguidance slowly creeps in. Then Allah continues another vow, wha maharlika zakharova. And by him who created both male and female. So far, all these things are vows. Interesting. In the last surah, if you draw parallel to the last surah, when Allah when from speaking about the day and the nights

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in the sun, in the moon, Allah they spoke about the heaven and the earth. And the parallel between male and female is very similar to heavens and the earth, that the sky impregnates the earth and from the vegetation and life grows that together these balance and similarly Allah saying that the male and the female, all of us come from one origin. So we said that when Allah gives these vows, these costumes, I swear, I swear, I swear, I was in a gift, something important afterwards and then the sinful ayah we could say about the surah is almost as innocent accumulation. Verily, indeed, your efforts, your pursuits are different. Allah also shifts the dialogue from being a third person,

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the night the sky, the the night and the day, the male and the female to you your pursuits are different, all of you here, some of you on one direction and the others are in a different direction in asset accumulation. You have all you have come from one origin, but your pursuits and your destinations will be different now

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goes into further discuss what are these two pursuits? What are these different paths that we take? And you know the naps we see they can go either way. So almost is for mmm and alpha what stuck off was SOC? Dr. Bill Krishna. As for the person that gives and has taqwa protects and fears what's up Dr. Bill Krishna and he believes in the base. Center yes suhu person we have siru who will Yusra then we will facilitate for him ease. So Allah says the person who gives not alpha isn't just for money, it is a gives of himself, his time he gives up the things he loves. And he has taqwa. And he believes in that which is base base could mean the Quran, it could mean the accuracy. It could mean

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he invests his time and his money believing the return will be the base. Then Allah says we will make easy for him that which is easy. So we pose with these Ayah quickly. Our first is the one who spins in a stopwatch. Usually you would think the one who has stuck was spinning, over showing the opposite. But if you spin you will get the one that you might not have Taqwa just give and give and eventually, you will attain taqwa. And then you will believe fully you know first now, as we said the base could mean the agenda. And it could mean the Quran. And if you do that, Allah says if you do these things you spend and give of yourself and you were saying taqwa and you believe truly in

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the base, where we will make it easy for you The road to what is easy, is could mean the agenda. So Allah shows you this is how color and color works. You make a choice, and Allah will make easy for you that choice into goodness, meaning Allah will make it easy for you. It also means Allah will make you badder and further, doing good, more and more easy for you. So Allah says your paths are different. This is the one path you could take when you spend at a stopwatch. And Allah will make easy for you. Well, I'm Buffy Allah was governor. But as for the one who is behaving, who is stingy, who hoards and keeps his wealth and withholds

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was Savannah and he thinks himself free of need, he feels that he's a independence and he's in control. And this wealth is mine, because that'll be the personnel and through that he denies that which is based, he's denying gender, he's denying the Quran. Personally. Yes, sir, who knows Basra, this is a very scary punishment, Allah saying, He will make easy for you difficulty, meaning one, he will make easy for such a person, the path to Jannah. So Allah will put things in his way where it's easier and easier for him to commit sin. Another interpretation is that Allah will make easy for him hardship in the dunya level sin calamity on him, sadness on him, that the things he spins on, will

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ultimately bring him hardship in the future. he spins on his kids and his kids will be the cause of his misery in the future. he spins on his businesses in himself and that will be the cause of his heart ache, the difficulty in the future. Well, the almost is warmer up and Humala who is a karada and even even if the dounia he doesn't see the outcome of being stingy. Allah says what will benefit him that wealth, when he is in his grave, the person who spins and the person who holds both will come to them come to the janazah and both will into that same cupboard. Whether you give a don't give, you're going to end up at the same point. So this is what's the point. And what's going to

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save you what's going to help you when you go to the public. Your wealth is not going to benefit you at all.

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Allah says so now we know these two paths, but Allah says in that Elena like Buddha, that upon us, compulsory on us, is the guidance for everyone that we guide everyone was in Elena and earth hirasawa oola. And to us belongs the end and the beginning. The wealth that you give and don't give is going to come back to Allah in any case, you came into the dunya was nothing you're going to leave the dunya with nothing. So it belongs to Allah the end and the beginning. It's up to you. Now all of us I said was third person I imagine a narrator talking about the story that he's talking about something and then he looks to you and punched us online out turns back to us and he says but

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under to come narrow Nicaragua. I warn you about a fire that is raging and is sparking and he's angry. A lot also change the teams or all the changes from we we lead to I I am wanting you ohama I am wanting you oh sorry about the fire that is screaming and raging la yes La La Ashkar none we'll get to it. That this fire will not reach anyone except the Ashkar. Remember last last night we said about the Ashok who was the Ashkar in last night. We said chef our is to be miserable and Richard and unhappy. Who was the chef

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The Sharpie, the one who was Ashkar last night surah price

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he was from commodious, the one who killed the camel right? Allah says even that as a spa when the most wretched Person of the mood he went and killed the camel. So Allah says none will reach this fire in Lashkar except the miserable rich in one elderly cansada waterwell who belies and turns away, I was interesting parallel to Bishop the Ashkar the Richard one in Surah. In surah, two Shams What did he do to the camera? Did he go towards it away from it? He was supposed to stay away but he went to it is embarrassing. He went to it and he went against this. Allah says the ashcan the Sharpie now for us is the one who turns away. So our sign is not a camel. It's not a sea opening our

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sign is what the Quran says the miserable Richard one is the one who turns away from the Quran. It's equal when you turn away and ignore the Quran and don't look at it. It's like that guy who killed the camel of Allah subhana wa tada the same attitude. So Allah says Nana will enter the spire except the Ashkar, the one who belies and turns away from the Quran was the Eugen Naboo.

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And we will avoid and avert this fire from the the most pious one. And who is this person? And Larry, you team Allah who yes as aka the one who spends his money and purifies doesn't say that he the money purifies him. It says Allah will purify him. So again, it shows you that we use spin. We call that usually when we spend recording soccer, and people will say soccer does that come in security purify? Remember in so two, chumps called a flow Harmon zakka successful is the one who purifies his naps. I was showing you your How do I put your purify my nuptse Allah, the One who spends his money gives his money, and it's not your money, that you're purifying it yourself. Every

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time you spend your nuts is being washed and cleans Allah saying, not spending his money and then he'll be purified. He's immediately being purified. As he spins of his wealth.

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Family I had in India, a woman named Martin teaches in Liberty Hall, I was a hero, Bill Allah, Allah showing you now how to spin. He doesn't spin, hoping to receive a favor or to repay a favor. He only does so to seek the face of Allah. What do we mean by seek the face of Allah, that he spends this money hoping that one day I will see Allah. It's like you buying a ticket, a ticket for what? To see a law one day, that's what you're spending on. What so firewall and our ins the suit are amazingly, he says and he's going to be satisfied. Allah spoke about the Acura you spend and you get in return, you see Allah, but in the dunya, you will be happy. Allah says if you give and give of yourself, it

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will purify you, and it will bring you happiness in the dunya. But if you withhold and you are stingy, it will give you misery in the dunya and the punishment of the Fire in the earth. So Allah is giving us a guidance on how to purify our knifes. And the route to happiness is to give and share your blessings in the dunya share things with people and we can feed into the normal bond when we give and we shave and people sit at our table and we put what else is not a lot, give a little bit. It will bring you happiness, it will bring you contentment it will take you out of misery and wretchedness in the dunya and in the afternoon to ask Allah Spanner to bless us in ourselves, Allah

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purify our food ourselves, our hearts, Allah put barakah in our wealth and grant us the ability to spend the night which is based so that we may see a lot on the day of piano. And tomorrow we continue with our series in Doha. And we have last night's question the quiz. As we hand up the cards last night, the question was, what is the number of Sudoku champs which surah number is it? It's Surah 91? The sun? Right surah of the sun.

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Are we ready for our first tonight's?

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Look out for the sisters. Well, we'll go We'll do the question and then inshallah we can get the answer.

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So tonight's question Zakah

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zakka. Literally, what does it come from? Does it mean to be successful? Does it mean to increase in money? Does it mean to give charity or does it mean to purify literally the word zaca? Where does it come from? To be successful? to have more money to increase in money to give more charity or to purify? Where does the word zakka come from? insha Allah, you circle the answer.

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Write your name and in sha Allah and in the white be applied into the weekend show was that last eight or seven last said no Muhammad Ali he was abusive and Melissa Nene. Well hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh