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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the importance of creating trusting relationships and creating a fly in a culture. It also touches on the historical and political changes that have occurred in the United States, including the shift from Arabic to Arabic language, the dismantling of a nation, and the rise of "married" and "married" behavior among men and women. The importance of privacy and keeping good relationships with family members is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to have a strong bond with their parents and family members to gain the pleasure of entering Islam.
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After praising Canada, and then sending him his preaching and salutations, upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi, WA early we're sending them

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continuing the theme of keeping good ties or to avoid severe ties of kinship and relationship.

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And maybe some of us may be thinking that why are so many topics or themes, repeated time and time again inside the Quran, or upon the blessing tongue, of the prophets of the law

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because of mere autocratic

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repetitious behavior inside the

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repetitious words of the Prophet halation of the center point towards something being very, very important.

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The severity

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or the severity of cutting of ties of relationship one's family members, entails a severe reward, or severe punishment

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that a person wouldn't be exposed to.

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So people need to be reminded,

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day in and day out. You said the Quran reminds us about establishing the friend giving the soccer Audrina good and forbidding the evil, doing good deeds stay away from bad deeds. The Quran also entails a holds about taking care of other individuals taking care of kith and kin as they say. And as we find amongst the most predominant verses in the Quran, which speak about keeping ties between family members decide the beginning of the fourth chapter plan. That's number one that we find.

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JOHN and Kathy,

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Adobe will in turn are adding graphene,

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which is part of

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the contract, of marriage of ceremony that we find repeated by the prophet sallallahu Sallam likewise, in a portable jumada we find the praise as well.

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And here we find that before we look at the relationship of concepts, while our hand

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here we find all within

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the speech of Allah Subhana Allah addressing him because many times we begin to home in when the colon begins to speak towards a believer that rightfully we should. But sometimes the Quran is generic, as to say that take this message to the whole of humanity

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does hear the Quran begins by mentioning Yeah, you had NES, where the many other caporale mentions yongala vena cava haka Ducati, oh, you benefit a lot from paradigma they should be fair. But if moment in time, Allah addresses the whole of mankind, because this is something that the whole world shares, that people will break relationship with their family members, people need to be reminded about fearing the loss of Canada other people need to be reminded about only obeying Allah Subhana Allah that you find over and over and over again. In the beginning of sort of Baccarat verse 21, define your

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daddy cola Coca Cola didn't mean

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that upon you and ness, Allah doesn't say open even individuals or Muslims address yet you had ness. Jimmy and

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all of creation all of mankind, all of human beings, that all of you just take a look at that created all of you, that you exist at the moment have existed before to worship. Only Allah Subhana Allah like California goodness, to remember.

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At the end of suited heads that we find again, a lot speaks about the heat.

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Oh, mankind paying attention towards this this periban while not creeping up thermadata Manny I'm 30

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more than 80 parabens inside the Quran is relevant for our collected patient good person should go and read. Understand the report and read the parabens inside the Quran. Why does throw certain parabens inside?

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What is the lesson to be extracted from these parabens inside the photon? So look out all of mankind.

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Pay close attention to this parable again to display amongst you this parable of a fly

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in the living room and do Neela those who call besides Allah Subhana Allah lainnya cuckoo Baba and are able to even create a fly

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and in the flames to take something away from them, they cannot prevent the fine fly and it's been proven scientifically tried to take something away the fly will die will not be removed. Baraka Polly boo, boo.

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We is the one who is seeking and that which has been sought,

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only speaking to him, the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah that is the message of the Quran like California

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with a lot of my own view is the state of poverty while low who will honey will Hamid click on the Jimmy ns and do it for Cora all you in impoverished state all you need. All you need to turn to to Allah Subhana Allah and I probably find yet you

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have become what she felt only Murphy so do what you don't want to limit meaning again, it's so sad that we find Yeah, you are nurse,

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Shiva RG. Allah according to all of mankind discover a more River.

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admonition from your Lord in the admonition that we find what she felt when the Murphy's so do a removal of the ailments or sicknesses inside your heart.

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You don't even have to suffer. They find Hannah with an even in the Quran. They don't know what it is. But somebody when they dismiss it, the recycling of the sweetness, they find tranquility in the verses of Allah Subhana Allah there's many of them have concluded she found him at the saloon

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killing him. Amen sicknesses whether it be external, or internal. You find that the Quran is a great source of cure that you find,

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to read the Quran recite the Quran oneself, to believe in the conviction within oneself that the Quran heals, it cures a purifies don't place your reliance upon a rock upon a person who reads the Quran has become prominent inside our society. Every single individual flees to another individual Coronavirus, Eco, read upon yourself the appropriate advice, read and work with a team. So to follow Susan s VDSL. Read upon your children read upon your family members that

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you don't need anyone to come and recite upon you.

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And well, I don't want to be ugly the father on his children on his family members isn't the same as the person who will come in just recite the Quran. And many of these male excuses for charlatans taking people's wealth and property did the jury

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tricking people taking them away from a lot of times it's common inside a society that says

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Oh your mind people to a trust whatever Allah pays to trust in the Lord. There's nothing goodness, about an individual, there may be a response may not be a response. Trust should be a loss of faith. For wishing. If I fall in full sit, who's the one that fools me? Allah Subhana Allah, Shiva via delete Subhana Allah

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is not in the hands of people or people do certain things. When Allah is infinite mercy and justice wants to release a cure, he released a cure. But he may leave it there.

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In a and in the lives of panda leaves it for sometimes for days, for moms,

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leave either leave

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it alone. So this person may become begin to awaken, come more closer to Allah, no closer towards the people. The more the conviction of belief in Allah Subhana Allah

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he's living the eternal place your trust in Allah Subhana Allah, I like what you find.

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Again, it's so nice again Allah mentioned this comprehensive evidence from your Lord. Yeah, you Ines that the Quran is the God in us

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thing the Quran PJ to to the humanity around us. And likewise against that So to me, sir. Well, acabo de la dee da.

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Law became a legacy advice to you and to all the people that came before you, and Tacoma to feel a lot smarter.

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email, or the essence of email is topology. So panatela is the field of lots of data delivery from everything inside your life. Man have a long history ninja will face a lot faster and secrecy has been rescued and saved because that is a critical element of Canada and what will happen to Malawi Madame aluna, Basim, Allah, wherever you are overseeing over watching all of us to the person inside the heart, the individual will be successful. Omega tequila, Raja

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Amitabha Allah HIPAA High School, through faith, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will take the individual out of every form of difficulty and give the individual provision whereby the individual cannot even proceed, have begun to understand. And as we find returning back to the beginning of suta Nisa that we find the vino Maria and cathinone. Sir, what the coolala deja vu will

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now get into

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the wounds, the type of teacher that we find, sort of the Messiah that we find some approximate 167 Iron Maiden is Sora that we find was a Nisa tender that

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is repeated. So Teresa 18 times doesn't very occur very often it's under the same name is repeated time and time again. There is no Sudoku Sudoku region. It's

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possible to Miss 167 odd verses that we find the main theme of this sutra is about about women, that family about marriage, about writes about disagreement about inheritance is the general theme that we find before the Western world comes in and tries to teach us

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what is the rights of women in society? Are we Oh, before the modernistic movement comes and tries to teach us that these are rights that belong to women and needs to be given to these women that we find, but it has been a long

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time that we find it is some of the aroma of log of Khurana mentioned

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they will feel for Laconia,

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karate Hamza bin castrati, because Roger De Luca

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mentioned was a bit funny, it really allowed him to enter the unknown of what the cola, mocha or ham, just that you should feel a lot to Canada, you should feel breaking the ties, of kinship of kinship services, never severe relationship with your family and will never break it off. What happens I bet some of the relevant mention workman or

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whoever anybody

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would refuse to take their prayer. Because I wouldn't make sense according to them in this context of reading.

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I have a separate bill

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to read.

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So today's headings that we find to emphasize is going

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to be learn your lineage,

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your tribe, your family lineage, the lineage of your family members that you may need to me keep ties with your family members they

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may have baton to keep time with your family members is a source of love and affection for me, my friends and family matter to us every quarter it creates a increasing wealth and devotion respect to the increase in one's lifespan. I'll have even sooner or if not, we find likewise, Another handy geek.

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Inside Muslim that we find speaking about piety and keeping good ties that we find with a lot stupider created the creation. And we had finished the wounds stood up

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and said, I seek refuge from those who severe, the types of kith and kin come to break away from their family members. Allah said yes.

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whoever cuts away from you break, sometimes we do our break away from them. And each time we do I will keep ties with those individuals. And then the prophet Elijah, he recited this verse of the Quran, that when I say to interrelate and to see what

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have you forgotten, you're given dominance and power upon the land and control is given to you and

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you begin to create corruption upon the land. Where do

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you begin to survey your own

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ties of kith and kin kin, who can levena and among

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those are the individuals that are not counted as personal individual for someone.

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And I see they eyesight and hearing.

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allies curse those individuals or shield?

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Allah never curse.

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He never cursed in videocon DITA those individuals who hijack commit highway robberies on the streets. Never post them despite the smoke about their punishment by alarm engineer who later levena Lana MOBA those who break the ties of kinship, alone as curse those individuals will learn from

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out the survey, there are lots of individuals who are some

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fly into the bone and open up

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for me strange or up to it when

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those individual have seen their hearts. See there is see the fact that you're seeing and hearing

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Why don't people ponder over the Quran, Allah Akbar Allah Allah shackles, change, price placed upon the hearts don't seek to penetrate, understand, understand the Quran reflect the old source of goodness inside the Quran. People go away from the message or uncarrier for surface

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corruption on the land break away from the family members. What what happens on the earth takes away the peace takes away the stability, we find facilities, corruption is prevented inside our society. Wherever the open corruption, this corruption of breaking away from our family members that you find in the family unit. The structure that we find is broken in a Western society and unfortunately breaking inside that Muslim society as well can become matassa Luna be

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living your family members learn your age, then your grandparents and your lineage of your family. Then you you learn your local learn your language. And this

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culture is the Arabic language. That's what I call Chase. dismantle the language, read through without without a break through the Arab lands.

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of the language, fractured, broken, ripped apart. Spanish, Italian, French, placed into the Arabic language ripped apart this standard white linen

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napkin sofa with the foolish ones. Because we want to dismantle a nation of people target their belief and target a language, a belief system

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that we find a dismantle throughout and be that at the moment, they stand in various shapes and colors. People say that oh he is open now. Breaking up door he's in various colors.

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A bad shadow. What combo is one form of ship beliefs the other ship

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will learn as a German a good see and weapon 11 is old. And

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this is also from the ship that exists inside our society. But people have to brush it aside say no that ship doesn't exist. This should be more dangerous at times. that a person within themselves feels that they are deity they feel good. They feel is so big power, the feeling of the mind and the ability to do whatever they want to do the face of this earth. That type of shaky, dangerous because this person just j individual who carries out this this form of disobedience of a lot on the brink of over a good awakening for me. But when your soul is drunk when the ship come your own self, only Allah knows when you're going to awaken as we can see is no exaggeration. Massive 1000s 1000s of

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butchered 1000 be butchered people are found to be butchered.

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Children have been executed killed slave home torture.

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What is this? What is this? It is just a political climate to turn a blind eye whenever mentioned and move

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in becomes apparent. It's not about being touchy or being mean soft and gentle and nice and soft natured and turning a blind eye.

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It becomes apparent on the land that the punishment of others have recovered.

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For every individual, whoever doesn't stand out against

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one or the other or Asian

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people or their

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these individuals they might get destroyed. If they speak out something may happen to them, so called numerous alania T and n e r t him, everyone will be resurrected according to intention with a punishment will not come they will take everyone

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sorry for tarnish, righteous or Empire take everyone wipe them out. And those who are right to the love and capital individually according to intention. This what we're facing at the moment

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we substance inside out like

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what is the heat due to individual? What does it do to society, it awakens them. It reminds them about a loved

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will double if only people believe had that competed fair a lot. So panda Allah once again, we'll sit down his blessings, and always sit down.

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And that'll be fine.

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Learn your family lineage in your family members that we find inside the society that we live in the moment we find a niche society tries to preach to us tries to tell our kids as many good good things about the society that we learn from these people, there's no doubt but look at a society. Look at the family members

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don't know who their fathers are. That's a fact. They don't know who their father is. The percentage of children born out of wedlock is far increasing inside the society. born out of wedlock, a freedom to do whatever they want to do. Insist that's why you find to learn your limits. You know who you're engaging, who you marry when you're doing inside your life. It may sound strange, but when proven is that in society, people that are members familiar with marrying one another. And I thought islamically that we might need to remind ourselves that a woman keeps our identity keeps our name keeps our wealth

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is only invented inside Islam. Before these people begin to begin to tell us what to do inheritance. inheritance is there for what a woman deserves inside a life. A life issue by men and women that we find inside the Quran is crystal clear. What a man and woman play when

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the man is not like the woman we teach your children to fathers to mothers. This one is teaching our children at the moment of when classes were silent. This what they wanted to incorporate into their children is tomorrow it will become a norm in society law is not a norm. Biologically

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cathinone ser

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una, the Quran is explicitly spread from them,

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from Adam and however men and a woman spread, spread from them. genealogy lineage children is the biological relationship that exists inside the shell, you know, from what they tried to cheat inside society, we become a tacit approval towards it. Even

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the rules inside the salon is quite explicit and quite clear how we engage inside a society.

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These are people live in medieval life, you know, just as just as 4030 4050 in this country. And the pushy woman and a divorcee, man, according to the Church of England, and allowed to get married. That was the law of this country. In the 40s 50s. Coming up the end of the 15th the Church of England refused to marry a woman who'd been divorced and a man who'd been divorced. That's just a No, that was it. Obviously, the change in our today to accept whatever society made me but Dean like that the

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the change will remain constant. They remain the same for the benefit of society is concept of a free independent life, that I'm free to do whatever I want to do inside my life that you find inside the society, they decide to live as communion partners, to have children out of wedlock to get married at a later stage. These are the ethics that they have the ethics that they follow inside their life. And that shouldn't be something that that Islam or Muslim should indulge in the bond of marriage that we find the bond of life, the point of keeping of kith and kin and family relationships in a society is to break away from wherever you want, engage with whoever you want.

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These are Western traits that are spreading among some of us, most of them we begin to dissolve as all men have

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Had to improve my own parents. And that's

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the highest element is about one's parents to keep the body

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even if they are disbelieving individuals

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still make good contact with them.

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remain good companions towards them in the disobey disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah person still keeps good ties with a family with a family specifically their parents that you find that the the blessings that the Quran speaks about, via the matrimonial relationship by family members that we find Willow gala coming up, as well as Maple amongst your own spouses, as well as your company now what have forgotten, Allah made from your spouse, his children and grandchildren. This is what Islam is. a family unit that we find was a couple minutes after will balcony you may never be in a matinee yet. That's what these people are doing. They believe in Barton falsework, and they reject the

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blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, for them, children, grandchildren, is a fitna for them, for them to have 1.1 children is sufficient for them. The ideal family that we find

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a happy,

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married a loving and the third time because they just went on to boost increase the lineage of the Prophet tells about the founding members of the followers of the center, and then the head is expanding even more about keeping good, tight and narrow. Kala Yasuda man came to the Prophet

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Allah in an economy

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I think good ties with them, they break away the ties from from me, once in a while you will see on a layer and be good towards them. And they'll be evil towards me, we're human.

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And so literally I shall sweetness towards them, or be kind towards them and ignorant of the devotee to reject me having such a motion that we find for con men.

00:27:13--> 00:27:18

This is precisely what you're saying this is true. we've expressed about your family members

00:27:20--> 00:27:39

as if you're throwing hot ashes into their faces, when are you coming along on the other day, and you find everyone from a look at you in exists, assisting you as long as you're carrying out your part of keeping good ties with these individuals. We find Jenna

00:27:41--> 00:27:45

had in such a Muslim law your full agenda on

00:27:46--> 00:28:02

the one breaks the ties of the family members law your gender, the individual will enter to gender big man or woman culture in this manner if Lacan and unburdened by MySQL gender,

00:28:05--> 00:28:18

bias for gender, the beginnings person will be among those first individuals are going to paradise because after the disability will Gemma every single Muslim, every single Muslim, in a matter of shape

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00:28:21--> 00:28:23

we enter into paradise.

00:28:27--> 00:28:32

Sydney hyah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah somewhere along the line,

00:28:34--> 00:28:50

when that individual will go to jail, unless they died upon pure clear she died upon that, and they express that to something else. But in general, you find every single Muslim will eventually go to Jana

00:28:52--> 00:28:53

Kufa leg,

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00:28:57--> 00:29:09

Alberta, preferred will never ever enter into paradise, no matter what they've done in their lives. Don't fall prey to what the world teaches that everything is going

00:29:11--> 00:29:56

to shape who imagined winner. That's the essence. A good person recognizes Allah is convicted in their belief in a bar, to above returns to Allah find above that's a good person. That's a sign of goodness, that a person wants to come close to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah guides the individual and for the madness that we find most of the people around us. The unfortunate that the non Muslims, we find a man came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and said, Tell me a deed if I do it will bring me closer to paradise and take me away from the head fire. He advised the worship only a loss of power and associated no clock has been him, suddenly said to establish the prayer and give this

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

occur. Then fine, he said to uphold the ties of kings.

00:30:01--> 00:30:02

Keep good time with your family members.

00:30:04--> 00:30:37

The progress of Elijah mentioned his Haddington boy, if he adheres to this, to what is enjoyed upon Him, He will attend to paradise. If it is true to this, this individual will enter into paradise. Likewise upon whoever has a desires, that he wants his sustenance to be increased, and he's wants his life to be increased, that are in keep good ties, was getting rid of management, what does it mean to increase your life, increase your wealth, everyone needs to be destined but lost and the other. One meaning is

00:30:39--> 00:30:42

of America, you can good time with your family member you find

00:30:44--> 00:30:49

you find blessing, if you have a short life, you have blessing if you have a short amount of wealth.

00:30:50--> 00:31:09

That's what that's what it means. Present good time with a family member. Even some of these individuals they leave alone and they die alone. Where do they where do they mirror where does inheritance go? goes to animals cause all sorts of society that goes to them, they don't even trust their own family members don't want to give it to them.

00:31:10--> 00:31:21

Islam, a person the person rejoices, doesn't rejoice and leave something behind for the family member leave something for Islamic Society around them. And that's defined when levena

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B and

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Elisa said it's a suitor that we find those who keep the ties a bunch of these individuals were shown a bond a lot of love from Ghana

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and the NFA and even accountability for the sins of the may have done Allah mentions with these individuals will be what will the paradise then mentioned the opposite will Latina a and

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those who break the covenant after they begin the agreement where

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a user will use to do nothing.

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And they break the ties severe the ties of kinship and kinship

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to these individual once again is the curse of above average individual will be an even about chastisement but individually. So that's what we began with it is very severe.

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A very severe fear that a person should be worried about breaking away from their family members, especially from their parents, and their siblings, and their close family members. And and moving down again, whoever it may be, give every individual that you write for purpose, for the purpose of trying to gain the pleasure of Allah Allah to enter into paradise. Lost 100 give us all a topic inability to keep good ties with our parents, and our family members and the people around us for the sole purpose of this becomes a form of increasing inside our wealth and inside our life and inside our world, and a source of richness and peace and contentment inside our heart, and even more

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so inside the appearance of having a pure heart, pure belief and pure conviction.