Murtaza Khan – How do I know if Allah has accepted my repentance

Murtaza Khan
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You need a certain will not have a certain sign the person feels contentment inside the heart peace, tranquility and good feeling inside the heart and personal feel that also other blessings may come in the life of the individual person begins to recognize them. But it doesn't mean the person doesn't stop making Toba. A person should always make Toba. That's where you find the companions, over hobbies to mention that, you know, I used to sometimes sit there and I used to laugh and sometimes to read somewhere that Metallica made it weak about it, but in general, we can accept it. He said I used to laugh because we used to go on a journey. This part is true anyhow, that we used

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to because we never had an idea the statue with us. We we just gather the dates together, put them together. Then when we get hungry, we just take the data and eat them. So you see on God, we used to make a weeping cry because how the chorus or the Arabs or the Irish to bury the daughters alive. So that made him laugh, Daddy, because I mentioned they said that but I'm a very new to to live not true. But there was some of the correlation practices, but someone needs to weep about decisions. So that's a sign it's a good time and present sits and thinks about the lifetime. I've done this How could I have done that in my life? You know, why? What made me do that in my life outcome person

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remembers it that will strengthen the amount of individual remember some of the earlier mentioned that even with the profits that when they made that mistake, because you can't call it a sin the mistake they made. They jumped up many steps. says we don't even know Panama Josie wrote a book called medallion to Sally Keane. footsteps of the travelers. Toba our sin bounces you forward

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robatayaki jukola maaseiah perhaps obedience takes you to disobedience, or Obama sia judicata and perhaps disobedience leads you to obedience How? How could obedience lead you to disobedience person as a testament becomes arrogant person must realize praying. Other people don't pray look at them. Arrogant towards them. You see that sometimes or sometimes that's why they blame us. Imagine if you speak to people, you're arrogant towards people, or you speak to them, make them feel bad, whatever it may be. That's my job to make you feel bad.

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But sometimes the way we conduct ourselves is not good. Because arrogance, then it leads to what pride pride leads to the hellfire. So that's why obedience can lead to disobedience. How does disobedience need to obedience? It's clear, isn't it? When you disobey a law, you feed in your heart, you feeding your mind and makes you think, you know, how can I do that in my life? How can I do that inside my life? I don't know why I did that my life I'm much stronger. You are a human being. Not via your strength. You're human by your soul. you conquer your soul. You're not your strong human being. That when temptations come in front of you, you don't crumble so many of our

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youth they're weak. You know, they think they're strong, the biceps, triceps, and tattoo their arm and shoulder bodies and everything that summer.

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That's not strong. Strength is your soul.

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Your soul You are a man by the soul within your body of your soul doesn't crumble to temptation. You've reached a high level of the temptation the day you don't come to them that makes you strong individually. Not like the average Muslim youth that anything that comes in front and they begin to do it. Why? Because everyone's doing it. When I was growing up, there was many things non Muslim, say, why are you not doing this? Because I don't believe in it. And if something is wrong, it will make them think

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never fought become like the crowd be like them do things and in doing so I become I fit into society. They want me to fit into society, but they will begin to think and reflect the Hey, why why are you not doing that? Why don't you do that? Because we have a conviction that you know is haram inside your heart. It's going to harm your life. It's going to lead you towards currency, the many Muslim you've looked at the state of there, you know, it upsets me. You know, in our area, we find people drug addicts, Muslims on this road picking up cigarette butts here, taking out the little bit of tobacco and smoking me. Muslims come from good families

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come from good families hurts me

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come from good families. This what you're doing even non Muslim, it helps me think about what they're doing was happening to them. These are Muslim family members, people in our family, people around the community doing these things, because why not taking care of sins, that everything does, that's why I finished with this you find what's known as the frog experiment. If you put a frog inside, burning hot water, he will just jump out straightaway. You put the frog inside cold water. Obviously this is home, you get a Bunsen burner from underneath. The experiment has been done by the way and you ignite the Bunsen burner and the water begins to get hot. It begins to boil the frog

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does not jump out the frog climatized to the heat and he dies in the water. The example is our environment. When you climatized yourself to the environment, we're gonna die

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we're all gonna die. That's what's happening. We're all climate as we're all getting used to everything around us. So automatically when somebody says salsa was done Xena salsa takes drugs, salsa does this what happens to us? No big deal.

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Isn't it

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That'll be even as no big deal because everyone's doing it. But that's is dangerous. It should be a big deal. It should be a very big deal a person begins to think about the lab and we begin to think that how they move from just being something so small to something which will become so common. So like I said, last time that Allah will show signs give the person Tofig to go for hajikko for ombre come to the prayers you know, bless them with their health, their wealth, give you tranquil The thing is hello to the man sweetness of the man has no price, you find that inside your heart, sweetness of human people are searching for that. non Muslims are searching that every single day

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you own everything inside the life. They want sweetness, women, we have it. We have it, we don't want it. We keep on thinking the grass is greener on the other side. If we do the things that they're doing that will find some no we have email, they're looking for it. You know, in America, one in three American teenagers are contemplating suicide in their life. Every 17 minutes someone actually commit suicide inside America.

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Why? You know, I went to go to America and I was young. Because that's where the American Dream is. That's where the life is. Good old America.

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why they're killing themselves because of

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the Taliban. Why? Why is one in three American teenagers contemplating suicide in real life every 17 minutes some of these take their life. Why? Because not happy with the life.

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They're not happy with their life. There is no great American Dream is the American nightmare. There's no dream is a nightmare. We think that the dream is about do this, I do that if I if I become a rap star, I'd do this our goal, our rap like this, I drive like this, I've got money, I've got this, this knowledge,

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you can get a life, you should get a life, if you fall in that crowd. That's what the problem is that most of that most of us, we don't have an identity, we don't have a role model. Our role model is a prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's our role model. And the companions, we do create as a Muslim can achieve and to achieve. You know, that's why when it comes to religious clerics, I don't want my son to be any man. No way dad, your mom, I don't want to be a mom. What do you mean, I want to be a mom.

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Why don't you want to be an inner? Why do you want to learn the Quran? What do you want him to learn the Quran? Why do you want to learn the stomach sciences? Why? Because we find this inferior.

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We think is inferior, your low cost individual versus your low class individual. You're the highest person in front of who in front of a law. You're the highest person in front of a law because the Day of Judgment alone will say to that person, memorize or learn the Quran read and ascend. Wherever you start reading is your place when in Paradise, if you're like me, sort of COVID sort of a class, you know, again, very high up.

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Okay, you know, again, very high up person is learn to kind of go out and have a journal present, memorize the Quran, he will be crowned on his head and intercede for his family members. We, in average, as we don't think that passion of thinking that the future the youth, what's going to happen to them, like is once again to think about money, education is important not saying is not important. But we need to focus upon it. And that's what will preserve us, that will preserve identity preserve our people amongst the young people. We take the talent individually, and we encourage them to study your dean, we price them, we give them respect, look at other people that

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are wrong, occur at wrong belief. They give them money, they give them everything to take care of the why to feel privileged. What do we care about our religious people? Do we give them that respect that child things you know, I want to be an Imam. I want to be a chef. I want to be a teacher. What's wrong with that? What what's wrong with it something where a person should be should be so happy. Well, like for me if if my son was leading me in prayer, I'm behind him or feel so much peace in my heart. I'd feel so much love not obviously because he's my son naturally but i'd feel it inside my heart. And every time in our most young people lead us in Salah we feel contentment, why?

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giving them an opportunity? Because we don't want to sometimes give the opportunity they feel that no privilege. Nobody cares about them. So where do you find your your privileges from you find it from the street. You find it from the outside society that they give you that respect that law? No, the machine should be the home of love. The machine should be the home of love for the person, the imaginary person of love. Look at the appropriate age some young person came and said to him give me permission to commit Zina. Can you imagine that to the professor I'm say to him, give me

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a check to check in my

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mom, take him in the back room and execute your visit.

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What did a prophet I say to him?

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He said to him. Do you have a mother? He said yes. Would you like someone to do it to your mother? He said no, he said haphazardness. You'd have people in the corner. Do you have an auntie and maternal aunt suggest? Would you like someone to do it with your auntie say no, but that's what people like and that

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you have already

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paternal answer Yes. Would you like someone to do this and No.

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Then the professor places basically on his chest and prayed for him that will love God he's chastity this young boy has never seen looking at strange woman ever again his life

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be taught him in a blessed good way. That's our role is to teach people in a good way. Take them by the hand give them advice remind them whether Kim a Emilia Romagna Allah and His positive results we do that you will see that people young people they want to take their hearts are pure. Their hearts are pure when I was younger I wanted what do you want to do? Just play football? Isn't it just want to be next football star? That's it. So what can the machines do that? work on the machine take everyone out to football. And in that is have a reminder given by them some food to eat? Is it gonna make a machine go bankrupt?

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Otherwise, you can go bankrupt we can spend 50,000 on a new carpet, a new chandelier and this time the other and spend maybe 100 pounds on buying everybody pizza? Once a month, whatever taking them out doing an activity with them. So the youth feed privilege? If not, they're gonna go to the other local youth club. Are they hanging out there with people smoking drones? Get involved with a bad company that I mentioned hanging out with a frog? How many young people are no, we've never touched a cigarette in your life. And as a young boy say, we only caught up with them. The next time I see them, they involve new types of harm. Why? Because moving with those type of people eventually

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catches up with you.

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How many young people used to come to Michigan for don't come normal way, but then move to the right crowd. So now let's give us a little feet and abilities to stop danger with to travel to another destination. But also we're touring. Some of you may know that I'm in Mumbai, one of the new mustards in London the moment is the only mission for these two machines now out of 50 massager that gives the hook by an English and the lecture in English at a 40 year old Mercedes in the area is the only one machine not a second house was the first machine anyhow, getting hooked on English language on one domain imagine computers or machine building cost close to a million pounds those you know

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Greenstreet is the one of the richest areas in East London if you ever come to Green Street and you can come and see Green Street so much I couldn't see even Foxconn is famous because when I go there, people asked me Have you been to Green Street actually live on Green Street right near Green Street. But this machine is a machine that I'm behind myself and obviously we're touring at the moment as well to raise funds for the machine a lot of brothers Mashallah donate to the machine and a lot of them are asking for their for their money back. So we're touring and encouraging people in Java to donate towards a machine. You can set up a standing order see that other brothers who are part of

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this machine will be here all day long. So do donate generously towards any that cause in Shona Baraka mafia.

Recorded Live from JMAH Halifax

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