What Doesn’t Break the Fast

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The speakers discuss the importance of missing the fast and the difficulty of fasting during the first few days of the day. They also touch on the health benefits of using ear drops, nasal sprays, and asthma pumps during the day, and the potential health risks of hijama. Additionally, they touch on the topic of eating habits and how they affect one's health, including the use of tablets, blood tests, and evenivate events.

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Sato salam ala Rasulillah hot early yo Sofia drain will be in the name of Allah Allah Praise and Glory be to Allah nice finds peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his family in his companions and all those that are his back, we ask Allah azza wa jal to teach us that which will benefit us and benefit us, which he has taught us and to increase the soil and knowledge among them I mean,

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so we continue with discussing the rulings on cm the rulings on fasting yesterday, we discussed what breaks the fast tonight, just some common, I guess, misconceptions about what breaks the fast. So if we're going to phrase it as a question, what does not break the fast that many people may fear breaks the first, I would say the number one in my very limited experience.

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misconception about what breaks the fast that I always get is that missing so called breaks the best. Many people think that if you don't have the pre Dawn meal, you can't fast. And this is absolutely not true. The scholars are actually in agreement. There's a dramatic that's the whole reason was to have that's the whole is recommended meaning you are awarded and there is great Baraka blessing and having support the Free Dawn meals, snack, whatever you call it. But there is no sin and no effect on your fast for missing this whole Saturday meal.

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Have you guys ever met people that think support is required for the first thing I remember clearly, I mean, the first time I was caught off guard by it was a very good friend of mine in college. He had a coffee in his head in the middle of the daytime and Ramadan. And I knew I mean, he wouldn't just not fat shot later, okay. I thought he was sick or something. I said, Nah, man, I missed the whole I'm like, and he said, Yeah, you can't fast if you missed the poll. I said, Who in the world told you this. And so just be clear that if you

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just you know, power through and you know, Soho didn't really about nutrition, it is really about the baraka. There are some people that can even say that when they have circled, they may even feel a little bit hungry because their juices are flowing from the food that they just had. So it is about the blessing found in this blessed meal. The Prophet SAW said I said do not give up some old friend of a sorority Baraka, there is great blessing and support. But that's it. So if you're missing, it does not break the fast.

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The next thing that what person they wonder if it breaks the fast or not is

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throwing up. We discussed this yesterday already that the Hadith differentiates between inducing vomit, you making yourself throw up and you're throwing up involuntary. So if you throw up involuntarily, you're fine. You don't you're fast and not broken by that. If you're sick, and you throw up and you're exhausted after growing up, and you need to break your fast Feel free, right? We'll talk about that on later nights. But it by itself doesn't automatically break your fast. Also a common one. People ask about if I sleep through the daytime and Ramadan? Does my fast still count?

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For sure you shouldn't be sleeping through the daytime in Ramadan with this question, the scholars did speak about it. Because there could be someone who was in a coma for an entire day or several days. So did it count cuz I was fasting because I before I went into womb, I had needed to fast. And technically I didn't eat for those days. So those counts are not. They said that if you're sleeping for the majority of the day, but you still are awake, meaning you You've acted on your intention to fast for a part of the day your past is valid. Whereas if you were unconscious for the entire day, then you never actually restrained from anything during your day. And in that case, you would make

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up to date. So sleeping a long time during the daytime will not be breaking your fast either.

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The next one that comes to mind, I mean, people ask a lot about like ear drops and eyedrops and, you know, nasal sprays and asthma pumps and otherwise.

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This is a little bit controversial, but so many of them are subtle, and the contemporary scholars hold that these don't break fast, because many of the scholars that discuss this in the past and they believe they break the fast, they would clearly say it is because they believe according to the science of their time that these reached the stomach, they reach them either right the the stomach and so they're somewhat nutritional, in a sense, they take the space of food or reach the same destination as food. But we know now that you know the nicotine patch, for example where the ear drops or even that was sprayed for an asthma pump. It is supposed to clear your lungs may be some

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you know insignificant amount may go down your food track. But that is not intended and that is not the majority of where it goes. Especially if you know how to use a pump, which most people do who have to use it. And so basically the ear drop the eye drop the nasal,

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the patches, the creams, the injections, all of these injections, that if they're not nutritional, then you're fine you

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Even brother both yesterday asked me about tablets. We said if you ingest something orally you swallow something if you need to have a tablet because you're sick, fine, but fine and make up the date, you know, but the tablet the scholars even said as an example of what doesn't break the fast it was a sublingual tablet, the tablet that melts under your tongue and is absorbed by your gums when you don't actually ingest it. Once again, it's not going to your stomach that was not orally ingested. And so therefore, it would not break the fast. Again, controversial, but what that is what it is.

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The last thing would be blood tests. Blood tests do blood tests break the fast no blood test don't break the fast. The scholars debate on hijama hijama is blood cupping, you know, when you we basically you release some blood, it's a medical procedure been known for 1000s of years, the province often approved of it, and recommend it. But that removes a lot of blood. Number one. And so if you believe hijama breaks your fast, the scholars will say blood tests don't match, blood tests don't match the blood does a very little amount of blood. So of course, if you go to a dentist and you bleed even less than a blood test, that also is manually breaking your fast, light bleeding and

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not break your fast.

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And even if you

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do hijama a JAMA is controversial meaning. There are reports of medicine pneumatic and others that suggest that this was the Prophet SAW Selim said after and how Jim will, June, this was in the beginning of Islam and people are getting used to fasting and so he said, If you do this, you can't fast basically your past is invalid. Whereas later on in Islam, it was permitted to fast and docudrama at the same time. But unless there's a necessity to perform this hijama is blood cupping, there's no reason for you to go into that gray area. But in general blood tests and like little bleeding here and there. This will not break your fast according to any scholar.

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The last thing I want to say because I've already gone to seven minutes. All the things that I said to you yesterday, break your fast, will still not break your fast.

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If they were done out of ignorance, or accidentally, like out of ignorance, you didn't know broken fast, or forgetfulness, you forgot that it broke your fast and you forgot that you were fasting or that sort of thing, or coercion which is being forced. These three according to the majority of Americans wouldn't accept forgetfulness, anyway, but these three according to the majority, if they're there, then you're alright, you're still fasting, your eating would not break your fast. Your marital relations will not break your fast if you happen out of ignorance, or out of forgetfulness, or out of coercion, collusion, compulsion, and this is because these three were

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combined in a very famous Hadith, multiple, a hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said rofan multicultural oneness. Jana was the critical ally. My alma has been pardoned, forgiven for mistakes mean things you did by accident,

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and forgetfulness, and whatever they were forced to do. So those are the things that don't break your fast we discussed them today. And the things that do break your fast and yesterday, it was out of mistake in this ignorance or forgetfulness or under compulsion. Those wouldn't break your fast either. Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah kind of VNM $100 earnings like visionary Exactly.